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Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class V XD - 2"

Code: c15409

37 reviews

Our Price: $369.31


Product Specs:

Trailer Hitch

Custom Fit Hitch

Class V

Visible Cross Tube

2550 lbs WD TW

2 Inch Hitch

2550 lbs TW

17000 lbs GTW

17000 lbs WD GTW


Specially designed for heavy-duty towing, this fully welded trailer hitch receiver bolts onto your vehicle's frame with no welding required. Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant.

Video of Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class V XD - 2"

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class V XD - 2" - C15409

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (37 Customer Reviews)

Specially designed for heavy-duty towing, this fully welded trailer hitch receiver bolts onto your vehicle's frame with no welding required. Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant.

by: Andrew 12/12/2022

Its a beast.
It hangs a little low
(to accommodate not having to remove the factory hitch) but that is fine in my situation since I am not doing any dedicated off roading with the truck. This hitch is a beast (which is why I choose this capacity): I've had our tandem axle dump trailer behind it with 4 yards of rock which is roughly about 14K or 15K lbs all in on the hitch and no sweat even though the truck and diesel for sure know its there. At that weight I run a solid hitch insert and maximum capacity ball. But it feels great knowing that now the truck has all the right capacities to haul that much.
I just didn't have the energy in me or time, to lift the truck bed to remove the original hitch or the desire to spend more for the torklift hitch which is much more tidy and tight. If function and price is more important than tidy and tight, then this hitch is a beast and a good buy.

by: Mark01/05/2023

Thank you for the fast free shipping. Orders need to be packaged better against damage ,my hitch is scraped up end to end so bad ill have to paint it again!

by: Robert12/16/2021

I bought the hitch knowing it sat below the stock hitch. Going off the video it looked good. Don't know if I'm going to like it because of all the ground clearance lost because my pickup doesn't sit as high as the one on the video, even though they are both dodge pickups. Otherwise I think I would of given it a 5 star. Best advice measure your vehicle don't go off of their video. To see if you can live with that much ground clearance lost. If not find a stock replacement.

You are right. The measurement of clearance for your 2008 Dodge Ram Pickup will vary depending on what size tires are being used and the different years depicted in the videos. For example, in the video of the 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup, the clearance from the top of the receiver tube to level ground is approximately 19 inches. In the 2014 year video the clearance is approximately 20.25 inches. So it is good to be aware of this if you have an unlevel driveway or you are constantly on uneven terrain. A hitch that fits your 2008 Dodge Ram with factory hitch is the Item # BWHDRH25211
B&W Heavy-Duty Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class V - 2"
and this one does not sit beneath the stock hitch, however, it may require some drilling. Please note that this B&W hitch is designed for vehicles with a standard factory bumper and will only fit 8 foot bed models.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 12/17/2021

by: Boris11/10/2014
2008 Dodge Ram-Pickup

Took me about 25 or so minutes to install on my 08 Dodge 4x4. Except for the mounting bracket from the stock hitch receiver getting in the way of feeding the mounting bolts inside of the frame the install went smooth. The construction of this receiver makes it look like it belongs on a tank. I'm sure the bolts or truck frame will break before this thing does.

I can't believe how fast this thing shipped. It had to go across the country and still got to my house in 3 days !

by: John03/21/2018
2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

This hitch sits far too low on my truck to be usable. It's only 11.5 inches from the ground and sits a whole 7" below the bumper, significantly reducing ground clearance and requiring use of an inverted drop hitch to tow any trailer sitting higher than 11.5 inches - basically all my heavy duty trailers. It's low enough to look ridiculous on a 2500 and my neighbors agree. I spoke with etrailer and they refused to return this hitch even though I had never towed with with. They consider a loosely bolted up hitch "used." They also refused to offer a discount on ordering a replacement hitch. On top of it all, the exact same hitch is $66 cheaper on other sites where returns would be no issue at all! Exceptionally disappointed!

John,Thank you for your review. This hitch is designed to install below the OEM hitch on your Ram truck. The hitch does sit lower because it is under the factory hitch. According to Curt it is not a good idea to remove the factory hitch because it is welded to a cross member that is an important part of the vehicles frame structure.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 03/22/2018

by: Ken L.04/18/2017
2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

This ball mount has served it purpose well. I purchased a new travel trailer that is heavy enough to require a weight distribution hitch when using the factory installed Class III hitch on our Dodge RAM 2500. I decided to upgrade to a Class V hitch combined with this ball mount to take delivery of the TT in order to defer decisions about a WD hitch until the actual load conditions were known. The hour trip home with this setup worked very well. Once the trailer was outfitted I was able to determine the actual tongue weight of the loaded trailer and I decided to purchase an appropriately sized Reese Straight Line WD hitch. However, this ball mount comes in handy for moving the trailer short distances without hassling with the WD system. The purchase experience through was first rate.

by: James B09/02/2017
2005 Dodge Ram Pickup

I ordered a Curt trailer hitch for my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel with a factory installed Class IV hitch. Everything was as advertised. I did find the instructions lacking in detail. In particular, the instructions did not mention the the bumper bracket nuts and bolts on both sides interfered with the installation. These bolts, which could not be removed due to the nuts being welded in place, required that the hitch be positioned about 3 inches to the rear and 1/2 inch below the truck frame and then slid forward to align the mounting bolts. other than that. the installation was pretty straight forward. The hitch itself is substantial and well built.

by: Waldemar12/06/2021

Tyra was very helpful and did a great job. I received my hitch today, a couple of days ahead of the projected date. I'm waiting for warmer weather to install it. I won't know about the hitch installation until then. I've ordered here before and the other products were top notch as was the customer service.

by: Craig C.10/11/2017
2003 Dodge Ram Pickup

Hitch arrived in a timely fashion. The box was damaged in shipping which is not unusual for things shipped to Alaska. Product was undamaged and all contents were accounted for.

Installation required the removal of some unused camper tie down brackets.It also required the removal of the after market receiver because of clearance issues. If it had been the factory receiver it would have not required removal.

Because if clearance issues at the rear of the frame rails the bolt heads would not fit through the openings. It required using a additional piece of wire in conjunction with the one provided to fish the rear most bolts through from the forward openings in the frame rails. After all of the bolts and washers were installed I lassoed the bolts with a piece of safety wire to keep them from inadvertantly being pushed back up into the frame rails during installation of the hitch since I was working alone and using a forklift to position the hitch. I did remove the spare tire prior to starting just to make access to everything easier. Fit and finish of the receiver are good.

It works great! Ive been using it for over a year now, and it works perfectly for my needs.
Craig C - 11/10/2018

by: Larry C06/17/2015

This is mounted on my 2003 Dodge/Cummins, 3/4 ton truck. The truck now has 107,000 miles, and 95,000 of them or more have been pulling heavy travel trailers. The factory hitch was showing sign of wear, so I bought the Curt.
The Curt class 5 hitch is much heavier and is going to work much better than the class 4 hitch that came with the truck when I ordered it new.
The only thing I don't like, is that because of the factory installed original hitch, which is actually the rear cross member of the Dodge truck, the Curt is designed to fit under the factory hitch, and you have to leave the factory hitch in place. It's not a big problem, it just look's sort of odd.
The tolerances on the Curt a much tighter fit, and a lot less slop than the factory hitch.

Thanks for the follow up.....The Curt hitch is working just fine....its a lot stronger than the original factory hitch. Ive towed about 10,000 miles with it so far, and no problems.
Larry C - 07/08/2016

by: Lee03/25/2018
2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

I’ve had this hitch on my ram 2500 for a year now. My truck is lifted with big tires. This hitch keeps me from needing such a long drop hitch.

by: Richard01/17/2017
2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

I put this on under my Dodge Ram stock class 3 hitch, although now after doing it, I wish I had removed the stock hitch which after I started I noticed it wouldnt have been hard, I heard it was part of the cross member but it is bolted in, so the new hitch would take it place, someone posted a picture of what both hitches together look like, you lose 4 inches by mounting this under the stock hitch,, I had to buy a new distribution hitch but after messing with new taller hitch I should have turned my old one over and tried that first,, problem is my driveway is dirt and not level all around I have to go to a parking lot to mess with it,, ( Shank I think the part is called),, so before you buy look at your dodge and see if your hitch is removable, if not this is a great hitch,,

by: Carl H.05/30/2016
2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

I bought the the Curt hitch for my 2004 dodge 2500. It was delivered quickly. The install was quite easy. My truck was not on a hoist. The bolts were fished through the holes with ease and I had a friend help steady the hitch while I jacked it up underneath the truck and with a little jimmying around the OEM hitch, it slid into place perfectly. All the bolt holes lined up, thereby easing a major fear of mine. One piece of advice. I had a rolling jack. Made it very easy. Also, it may seem like it won't fit, but lift the back,( as in closest to cab) into place first and then jack up the front and slide into place. It took me about an hour. Very happy with Etrailer and Curt and would recommend either to anyone.

by: Larry 02/26/2020

Solo installer, took about two hours total to install using floor jack and cribbing. Had minor alignment problems and the rear spacers (item no. 6) had to be turned 90 degrees from the way indicated on installation diagram to align with rear holes on bottom of frame rail. So had to fish both spacers out of frame rail over top of bumper beam and reinstall. This hitch will allow me to safely tow my toy hauler that has a hitch weight of 1450 pounds. OEM hitch rating was only 1200 pounds.

by: jay cee12/12/2016
2011 Dodge Ram Pickup

this product is a HD hitch. i tow big boats, cars and trailers and this hitch has been great. so tough and solid. and the installation was soooo easy. took 1/2 hour in the driveway.
etrailer website had a great video to show how its done. they have been a great vendor!!

by: Scott M05/21/2014

Can't say enough good about how fast it got here and the fit was great, all holes lined up, the wires supplied worked to get hidden bolts in place. It did take me a little longer than the chart said but finding tools was a part of that. The very next day I took my trailer on a 350 mile round trip to the Mulberry river in northern
Arkansas, sharp turns ruff roads and it worked great.

Still doing great, I also put a hitch on the front and it works great as well.
Scott M - 05/25/2015

by: Christopher 10/02/2021

Ordered on phone from Courtney B, to check model number and in stock. Great service , delivered in only 4 days to Washington State. Installed it this morning , fit was perfect and easy to install. Thx

by: Lawrence05/11/2022

by: Mark01/26/2018

Product came in a timely matter. One hole needed to be drilled out(passenger side farthest to the rear bumper)??????. Not fun. Fishwire system is great. Almost lovely. Thankfully had a drill bit to fix manufacturing problem.

by: Herple03/20/2022

Fast shipping and great product.

by: Mike C.06/15/2017
2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

The product looks great and the shipping was very fast. I hope to get it installed this weekend. good price and made int he USA!! Website was easy to use also.

by: Dan 09/19/2020

Fast shipping. Did not realize it mounted underneath the existing hitch but it works and was very easy to install

by: Steve11/14/2014
2010 Dodge Ram Pickup

Perfect fit...the fish wire made the installation very easy.

by: Philip07/04/2019
2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

Very good seller. I am pleased with my hitch and will deal with etrailer again.

by: josh w04/27/2017
2003 Dodge Ram Pickup

This is a awesome hitch it's taken everything I've thrown at it without a problem. Very impressed with this item.

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Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class IV - 2"

Code: 41929

26 reviews

Our Price: $235.09


Product Specs:

Trailer Hitch

Custom Fit Hitch

Class IV

Concealed Cross Tube

1500 lbs WD TW

2 Inch Hitch

1200 lbs TW

12000 lbs GTW

15000 lbs WD GTW


Specially designed to meet your heavy-duty towing needs, this fully welded, corrosion-resistant vehicle trailer hitch receiver features Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee, ensuring performance that exceeds industry standards.

Video of Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class IV - 2"

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class IV - 2" - 41929

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (26 Customer Reviews)

Specially designed to meet your heavy-duty towing needs, this fully welded, corrosion-resistant vehicle trailer hitch receiver features Draw-Tite's Tested Tough guarantee, ensuring performance that exceeds industry standards.

by: John10/16/2021

I was pleased with the shipping time, with in the week I placed my order.
The reason for a 3 star is that the packaging ( clear plastic) was torn open ,and multiple chips in the black powder coating.

Sorry to say, but it did not work out at all. It the description it only tells customer that it fits under the stock hitch at the bottom of page. I did not want to see two recivers on the back of my truck. And etrailer only offered to send a can of paint to fix the chips from poor packaging. It now has a dusty home in the did not work section of the shop.
John - 10/17/2022

by: Hiten08/03/2018
2003 Dodge Ram Pickup

Excellent customer service by Troy H. at etrailer. Installed hitch on 2003 dodge ram 1500 SLT crew cab, 4.7L V8, bed size was 78". Instructions stated no drilling required for my truck, however, I had to drill 4 holes. It wasn't difficult, but, was challenging because I didn't have any help to install. UPS also damaged hitch during delivery, but, I had to move forward with the install.

Hitch is working perfectly and am very satisfied with the purchase from etrailer.
Hiten - 08/04/2019

by: Justin01/27/2023
2005 Dodge Ram Pickup

Looks good not shipped the greatest was wrapped not in box during shipping got wrapping ripped and some of the paint in now missing on hitch had to make sure bolts and nut were still there due to the plastic being ripped

by: David 03/09/2023

Solid hitch and very easy to install

by: Ryan O08/18/2017

This was easy to install! I will feel alot better when pulling my camper with this hitch! Great product!

by: Todd10/05/2022

Did not fit was told by etrail I would have to pay $[XX] in freight to return it. I don't shop at etrailer anymore

by: Stephen11/16/2017

Very durable hitch at a very good price, very fast shipping too

by: Seth03/12/2022
2005 Dodge Ram Pickup

Install went fairly smoothly. I did have to widen the holes on my existing trailer hitch cross bar to fit the two 9/16 bolts through. I assume my hitch could be slightly tweaked from years of towing causing them not to line up well. I like how this hitch cross bar sits higher than other brands on here.

by: Randy 01/31/2023

Great item & great customer service, Nicole R

by: Evan S04/24/2017
2008 Dodge Ram Pickup

Product excellent and built very well and it fit perfect under my factory hitch on my 2008 dodge ram the only reason it only got 4 stars cause it was a little tricky getting the bolts in the truck frame to mount the hitch and it took a little time but there probably is no cure for that problem just a little patience.

by: Lloyd11/20/2017
2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

Great customer service, Great product, Quick delivery, Good reference videos available. Only issue was video shows NO drilling required.... use existing holes in frame! 07 Dodge Ram has to have holes drilled in frame!!! NO biggie, just sayin!!!

Lloyd W - 11/20/2018

by: JT03/27/2019

I have had this hitch for a year now. I have pulled campers, car trailers and dump trailers as much as 10,000 lbs with no issues. It was easy to install only took about an hour. I am very happy with this purchase.

by: Luke07/06/2022

Holds up really well! Was able to pull a car across the country with this bad boy! Only note would be that the box it came in was torn to shreds when it got to me. But no damage to the frame so I’m happy. Tanks.

by: Ed Weeks02/01/2017
2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

Great hitch. The only thing that I had an issue was installing the rear most bolts, right at the read bumper mounts, once I loosened those bolts the hitch lined up just fine. Be for warmed the rear bumper can drop down. We feel much better towing our travel trailer now. The truck looks good with it there, other than having two 2" receiver tubes there. One of the best upgrades we done.

by: April09/11/2021

Customer service was excellent. Like many others mentioned the packing job was pretty bad . Lots of paint missing and pretty beat up when I received it . My pickup is a farm truck so that didn’t bother me but if you have a super nice pickup it would bother some people. I plan on spraying some paint over those areas to keep from rusting. I have bought a few things from etrailer and I will continue to do business with them . Overall I am happy

by: Andy M.05/15/2019

This is heavy duty. It has worked for everything I need it for.
Install was pretty easy and instructions were straight forward.
The only complaint is that after being installed I noticed the receiver was welded a little at an angle which puts the ball a little of center. Not noticeable when towing but aesthetically annoying if your looking at it.

by: Travis04/01/2018
2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

I have always purchased towing and accessories from etrailer. This is the third truck I have put a hitch on. The product was great however the quality assurance of the packaging was lacking as I was given the incorrect nuts. Two of the four nuts were fine threaded instead of national coarse. This led to an issue mid-way through my install. The nuts only costed$ 2.00, but the time it consumed to retrieve them was frustrating .

by: Bruce H05/18/2019

Put on my 05 dodge power wagon for piece of mind for a long trip from ohio to wyoming pulling 26 foot travel trailer. Checked bolts a few times. Everything seem good. Help putting it would be a plus!

by: Douglas12/02/2019

The hitch worked well (5 stars) the packaging was poor so a lot of the paint was knocked off of the edges, so I had to buy paint to touch it up. etrailer offered to send a touch-up kit but I needed to install it the next day.

by: Bob S12/01/2019

excellent product, installation was easy. If there were more fish wires added to kit it would have made it easier.

by: Michael08/07/2018
2005 Dodge Ram Pickup

On time and right product.

by: c.clark05/02/2012

got what i ordered quickly. everything fit. good instructions.draw tite makes a nice product.

by: Deon08/06/2020

The package was delivered in a reasonable amount of time and I'm having it installed this morning. I was surprised that they got an item that big delivered to me in good time.

by: Peter S09/17/2020

It is a well designed piece of metal with good support behind the product. Fair price

by: Jeremy 12/21/2019

Received product as ordered easy to install glad I purchased

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Customers compare 41929 to these similar products

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Do you have a question about this Trailer Hitch?

  • Difference In Draw-Tite Class IV Hitch Compared To Lower Priced Class IV Hitch
  • When comparing the Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Class IV, part # 41929, to the Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver - Class IV, part # 14361, they are similar, but the new version of the Draw-Tite # 41929 is rated higher. The Draw-Tite Class IV Hitch has a tongue weight capacity of 1,200 pounds and towing capacity of 12,000 pounds. The Curt Class IV Hitch has a tongue weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, and towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. Both part # 41929, and part # 14361 have...
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