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Universal MightyMounts for Yakima Roof Mounted Accessories

Code: Y03590

45 reviews

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Accessories and Parts

Roof Rack




Universal MightyMounts are a simple and economical way to adapt most Yakima carriers to almost any factory roof-rack crossbars. MightyMounts are specifically designed to fit popular factory racks and install easily with no tools.

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Universal MightyMounts for Yakima Roof Mounted Accessories - Y03590

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (45 Customer Reviews)

Universal MightyMounts are a simple and economical way to adapt most Yakima carriers to almost any factory roof-rack crossbars. MightyMounts are specifically designed to fit popular factory racks and install easily with no tools.

by: Andrew08/13/2022

I had old Yakima Powerhounds mounted on round bars, but need to mount them on the factory bars of my new Crosstrek. These Universal MightyMounts saved me from buying a new ski add-on. Only drawback I can see is the system doesn’t lock to the car like when I had them mounted to my round bars. However, I usually view the rack as a means of transport rather than storage.’s customer service was solid. I made the purchase around April, but due to the part being back ordered, did not revive them until August. emailed me updates about once a month until I received my order.

by: Paul07/19/2022

This product was awesome in allowing me to mount an older tandem bike rack onto the factory Audi Q7 roof rack. Held our road tandem with no issues during 1000 miles at highway speeds (I.e. 80 mph). Slight concern that rubber pads wilm go missing over time.

by: Nicholas 12/25/2022

Product is as presented. Etrailer did great job identifying what I need and getting it to be timely (earlier than expected).

by: AutoJunkie01/07/2023

We decided to try out skiing as a family this year. I haven’t skied in 20 years. These worked perfectly for attaching my circa 2000 era Yakima Powderhounds to Thule Aeroblade cross bars on our minivan. These mounts are pricey, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to buy a new ski rack!

The mounts fit almost flush to the top and bottom of the cross bars and there’s no play when properly tightened down. The mounts come with two bails, I used the A one and clipped it into the lower hinge on the backbone. YMMV but you want the top and bottom hinges to conform to the shape of your cross bar as best as possible.

If you find the adapter hard to install into the powderhound, start towards the middle of the ski rack, twist them into place, then slide towards the end and line up the holes.

Minus one star because these are so ugly (the opening of the clamp facces forward) and definitely not aerodynamic, but roof rack attachments rarely are. Function is more important here and these universal mighty mounts definitely get a 100% there!

Shipping was fast and good communication from the etrailer folks throughout the whole transaction.

by: Sean06/24/2018

Perfect adapters for my 2018 Toyota RAV4! Installed Hullyrollers and Mako Saddles on them. Worked great on the Toyota factory racks.

by: Matt 12/15/2022

It’s truly universal, lots of options are included.

by: Mark 07/19/2021

very good for multiple style crossbars
are plastic but seem well made
i am using them on Hully Rollers and Saddles which required
some ingenuity to make them work but in the end work well

ETrailers were honest about delay is supplu chain
Having said that there time estimate and delivery were spot on
i am ordering a second set for use with my second kayak

by: Mylene12/05/2020

Worked great for attaching my vintage Yakama Lockjaw to the new aero bars on my 2018 Subaru Impreza.

by: Cynthia 07/17/2022

Works well with my Subaru factory cross bars.

by: David07/20/2019

I have oval Rhino cross rails on my car. I have an old Yakima standup bike carrier. This product brings the two together perfectly.

Still working great.
David - 07/21/2020

by: Tom E02/08/2017

I searched the internet trying to understand what I needed to convert my Yakima Hullraisers and Lockjaw to work with my new Subaru Outback. My old set up worked on round Yakima crossbars. The internet was not clear at all about whether there was a workable conversion to the built in crossbars of the Outback. Finally I etrailer and talked to Jordan. He contacted Yakima himself. He identified exactly the parts I needed, and then called me back. Very old school and very effectively. Everything worked as it should.

A quick note, the Hullraiser conversion kit doesn't include any instructions -- Yakima gives me more engineering credit than I deserve. For those who might be doing the same conversion, get the instruction manual for the Hullraiser Aero which shows how it is done.

Thanks Jordan

by: Ron H.06/17/2014

I was amazed at how quick I received my order. The mounts I ordered were exactly what I was looking for to mount some Yakima bicycle roof racks I purchased used on craigslist. I thought I wasted my money on the racks when there was no mounts with them. I went to REI and was told I was going to need a whole different system that would cost over $300. The mounts from etrailer I bought, REI had no idea they were available. I plan on buying another set soon.

by: Bill M10/07/2014

I needed to adapt hundreds of dollars worth of Yakima Kayak and Ski carriers to the Aero Rhino Rack I bought from
Ricky researched the issue, contacted Yakima, confirmed the correct adapters and I had them in less than a week.

Fantastic customer support - these guys came through for me.


by: John 09/22/2018

I just bought a tadpole trike and I wanted to place it on my factory installed roof rack for my 2016 Toyota RAV 4. James A. was fantastic on trying to make this work. He came up with using the Yakima Boa wheel trays and the Yakima Universal Mighty Mounts. Only 2 of each was required due the length of the trike. The optional "B" lower bracket was needed. The set up is working very well. Thanks James

by: Charles L.08/12/2018

The Universal Mighty Mount Y03590 is the only adapter that fits the 2017 Subaru Outback factory crossbars. I learned that after ordering the 39H that was too big. Thank you,Greg, for helping me return the 39H adapters and order the Universal adapters.


by: John06/22/2020

The products I ordered were shipped promptly and were exactly as ordered. One issue pre-shipment was handled perfectly by customer service. Excellent experience, will return when I need similar items. Thank you.

by: Mark 07/29/2021

the universal mounts work well
you need
to adapt them to use them with roller mounts
and saddle mounts but that is not difficult
the direcions do no show doing that but essentiallty you have to reverse the
direction of the bolts to make it work

by: Tom 07/23/2020

Brackets for older Yakima bike rack were needed for a different roof rack on another car. The eTrailer web site was easy to navigate and lead me to exactly what I needed. Received the shipment quickly.

by: Great company to deal with 07/29/2018

I purchase some Yakima universal Mighty mounts to mount my bike rack to my roof rack. I purchased them from etrailer. Great transaction, great communication and emailed me with the mounting instructions when the package was delivered.

by: Dave K.06/21/2016

I was very happy to find adapters which fit my Yakima accessories, specifically in this case a Kayak rack, to a BMW rack which I just picked up. Haven't install them yet but it looks like everything needed is included and her order and delivery were very smooth.

by: Keegan12/17/2012

Great product and wonderful doing business with

After one year of using the Yakima brackets, the product is still great.
Keegan - 06/17/2014

by: Nicholas 09/03/2021

As expected, brand new mighty mounts!

by: Cecelia07/21/2018

It has been hard to find brackets for our square bar equipment to attach to new aero bars. These fit and work great. Thanks also to the product information on the eTrailer we site which allowed us to know these would work.

by: Jack M10/19/2017

Just what I need to mount my Yakima hullrisers on my BMW cross bars. Arrived very quickly.

by: Kyle02/05/2013

I had questions on what i wanted to order. I called up and the people at the call center were very helpful. Later on i ordered the item needed, was updated on the shipping status and delivery was fast. Overall a great e-tailer to work with. Thanks!

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Replacement Mounting Hardware for Yakima PowderHound, Big PowderHound or FreshSesh - Qty 1

Code: Y8860040

77 reviews

Our Price: $14.00


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Ski and Snowboard Racks



This replacement mounting hardware kit includes one universal mounting bracket for the Yakima PowderHound and Big PowderHound. Universal mounting hardware allows carrier to accommodate different-sized crossbars.

Video of Replacement Mounting Hardware for Yakima PowderHound, Big PowderHound or FreshSesh - Qty 1

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Replacement Mounting Hardware for Yakima PowderHound, Big PowderHound or FreshSesh - Qty 1 - Y8860040

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (77 Customer Reviews)

This replacement mounting hardware kit includes one universal mounting bracket for the Yakima PowderHound and Big PowderHound. Universal mounting hardware allows carrier to accommodate different-sized crossbars.

by: Chris10/29/2021

Parts ordered did not fit Yakima aero bars. Customer service expected me to pay for return shipping for their listing mistake. It took 45 minutes and two emails just to get service rep to agree to partial return shipping coverage. Seriously reconsidering any future purchases with etrailer if this is how they treat their customers post sale. Very disappointed.

Thank you for letting us know. Our customer service team should be reaching out to you in the near future.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 10/29/2021

by: Joseph 10/27/2022

Part will work with my ski rack. I need to enlarge the mounting hole slightly to line up with the hole in my rack but it will work.

by: ChrisM02/08/2023

Mount doesn't work with Yakima Jetstream bars, unless you purchase longer bolts! I guess this mount is designed for existing bars on some list of car manufacturers, which is kind of unclear.

The side holes on top of the mount seem to be present to work with the older style thumb wingnuts but there's no way you can tighten them due to the cover plate.

Once I bought some longer bolts and worked out a system to attach my rack to this clip, it performs well enough. Typical Yakima, high quality.

Yakima really needs more choices for T-slot adapters. I spent extra for the Jetstream bars, and I'm stuck with mediocre solutions like these mounts or the mighty mounts.

Etrailer, you guys are always good to work with. Thanks.

by: Linda11/30/2021

I am pleased to find the parts to use to make an older ski rack fit my new car rack. The product arrived quickly and they do work as planned. Unfortunately the racks make more wind noise than I would like. But, I’m able to not buy an entirely new set up.

by: dsp12/20/2022

great service and good prices!

by: JCB12/01/2014

The product is great - just what I expected. Fast shipping and a great price.

What truly sets apart from the rest is top notch customer service, the likes of which i have never experienced with any company. When my local bozo mail clown proved to be too dim, lazy or both to deliver to my workplace, etrailer customer service took up my cause and proactively worked with me to get the package located and shipped back to so that they could ship to my home address (at no additional charge!). These folks (George, Nikki and Vince) were unbelievably helpful and they continued to follow up with me until the issue was resolved and I received my package.

I have honestly NEVER experienced customer service as outstanding as this. Hell, I thought this kind of service was dead! As a result, I will recommend to anyone and everyone who needs products that are distributed through their site. Seriously, etrailer, you guys have scored a life-long customer in me.


by: Bud E.01/30/2016

Factory crossbars on new 4Runner were wider than former car and needed new mounts for a serviceable Yakima ski rack. A local rack dealer only carried the universal mighty mount but that mount was not lockable. Called Yakima and they suggested this one which works well. It took a bit of figuring with no instructions.

Just fine
Bud E - 01/29/2017

by: Travis12/22/2018

Double check that this fits your rack model if you are replacing all four mounts.
You can look up the installation instructions for Powderhound on Yamika's website.
It would be nice if etrailer could attach the instructions.

My rack was an older model which did not have the hole for the top screw. So I had to countersink the plastic for the top bolt head in order to use the cross hole for mounting the rack.

I like this design more than the Mighty Mounts because it seems more secure.

by: Constantin02/18/2014 was the only online shop that carried this small but quite hard to replace part for my ski rack. I'm both impressed and grateful!

Its been a year, indeed, and so far the part I purchased is working just fine.
Constantin - 02/18/2015

by: Todd 07/24/2022

Quick delivery product is what it should be. Very satisfied

by: Marko01/19/2014

This adapter works perfectly with my new Honda CRV roof rack and will enable me to use my existing Yakima ski rack on the new car. I really like the photo display. It helped me make sure this was what I wanted as an earlier purchase from EBay resulted in having to return a product that would not fit the cross bars on my roof rack. Easy to install - great product.

by: Mike O12/09/2015

I was able to use an older Yakima Buttondown ski rack to attach to the factory cross bars of a 2014 Subaru Outback. Using the Y8860040 makes the mounting theft proof versus the Y03590 Mighty Mounts. But this makes it so it takes a bit of time to install the racks each time since you have to screw in all the hardware. It seems the mounting bolts seem a little too short to have it clamp around the Suburu cross bars. I will probably will purchase longer stainless steel mounting bolts to use to make it easier to install next time. No instruction sheet was available. The product shipped within 1 week.

by: Juan01/08/2017

My teenage boys lost one of the mounting clamps for our Yakima Powerhound roof ski rack! Got online and quickly ordered a replacement one, came in the mail with plenty of time for them not to lose any time on the slopes. Very happy with Etrailer!

by: Dave C01/24/2015

Had to buy new hardware to make this product work. Anti-theft portion of ski rack has been voided because of needing new hardware to attach rack to roof.

great all the way around.
Dave C - 01/24/2016

by: Brian M12/25/2015

Could not find Yakima mount for older button down ski rack to fit an after market oval bar anywhere local from Yakima dealers? They said it could be ordered but would most likely take 7-10 days. Not at etrailer, Incredibly quick service. Order placed on busiest shipping week, Sunday before Christmas, and was delivered by Thursday. Great follow up and attention to the customer. Excellent job. I just hope I need to order something else! Thanks

by: Smitty01/20/2017

Because I have two vehicle with different rack cross bars these were great. The only drawback is they cannot be locked on the vehicle.

Thanks for your review. I am glad you brought this up. Although the replacement hardware cannot be locked, the Yakima SKS locks are available on the carriers themselves. I hope this helps!
-- Etrailer Expert Laura E - 01/30/2017

by: Brian01/01/2018

I bought this Replacement Mounting Hardware for my Yakima PowderHound. I previously had Mighty Mounts which come as a set. I thought this product would come as a set as well. I asked to return the product, but have been told that the shipping would be more than my refund. Disappointed.

by: Brian09/12/2015

The replacement bar mount for my Yakima Big Powderhound rack fit perfectly. It was easy to install and all the necessary parts were included. The package arrived quickly. You really can't beat the value that offers.

by: John01/06/2018

This mount worked great to attach our older Yakima ski rack to our 2008 Toyota Sequoia. Seems like they will do the job and at a lower cost than the other universal mighty mounts from Yak.

by: Richard11/21/2017

I've now purchased multiple replacement parts for car racks from In every case, they had a better selection, better pricing (by far), and better service than any other local or online option I could find. This company is a gem!

by: Dan11/16/2018

Not truely universal. I had to counter sinc that top screw because it was slightly too tall for my 25 year old Yakama ski racks.

by: Micheal 12/01/2020

Exactly what I needed. Thank you for helping track down this order with UPS. etrailer is always there to help, and will continue to use them. Keep up the great work. Mike

by: Dan01/28/2016

Order processing and shipping was FAST.

Product was exactly what I needed for my Yakima Powderhound as one of the pieces on my original mount went missing. All the necessary bolts were included.

by: Abe12/20/2017

I'm glad I could even find spare parts for my car rack. Product ordering was seamless with no issues. Product delivery was on time with any hiccups. I had prior experience with other products and they were all satisfactory with no issues. Overall I'm very happy with the quality of service. Thumbs up!!

by: Tall Stacey12/27/2017

Rhese are slick. Just what I needed to fit my 05 Subaru Baja and my -6 Subaru Outback. These work slick and are secure.

Still happy !
Tall S - 12/27/2018

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