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Yakima FullTilt Bike Rack for 5 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Code: Y02463

53 reviews

Our Price: $398.95
After Instant Rebate


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Hanging Rack

Tilt-Away Rack
Fold-Up Rack

Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
Fits 2 Inch Hitch
Fits 1-1/4 and 2 Inch Hitch

Class 2 - 3 Compatible

Frame Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

5 Bikes


This rack is great for a family with bikes of different styles. Adjustable cradles slide along the arms to best fit each bike. Removable ZipStrips let you easily load bikes without bulky straps getting in your way.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima FullTilt Bike Rack for 5 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting - Y02463

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (53 Customer Reviews)

This rack is great for a family with bikes of different styles. Adjustable cradles slide along the arms to best fit each bike. Removable ZipStrips let you easily load bikes without bulky straps getting in your way.

by: John04/18/2020

So far so good. Easy to install on my 2in hitch, looks great and feels secure. I will need to but a few adapter bars for the family bikes but I'd recommend this one for sure. The adjustable locks are very convenient and the removable straps make it easy to slide bikes on and off the rack.

by: Keith 10/27/2021

It is super stable. It holds 4 adult and one child bike with ease. The car sits lower because of the weight, but the rack is not stressed at all.

by: PedalPusher06/28/2019

Now, let's be honest... squeezing 5 bikes onto a hitch rack is not for the faint of heart. However, this rack does a pretty good job of it. I had to spend some time figuring out which bike needed to go where because the different frame geometries and handle bar types made things more complicated. Once I figured that out I wrote down the order of operations on a sheet of paper and tucked it in the glove box. That has made subsequent loadings easier. The rack is solid when installed and the bikes really don't jostle around much at all. Drawbacks? The integrated cable lock is useless with 5 bikes - it just isn't long enough. It works well for three bikes on the rack. This rack is a beast weight-wise, but given the load it'll carry, I guess that is to be expected.

by: Jimmy W.06/20/2016

This is my second purchase from, first one being a set of crossbars for my SUV. I came back because of the level of service and professionalism in the reps that I worked with. They provide quick, knowledgeable and friendly service. The Yakima FullTilt 5 arrived within a week of my order placement and everything was pretty much assembled and ready to go! It took me about 10-15 minutes to install, but only because I spent about 10 minutes reading the instructions to make sure I didn't miss anything. The bike rack literally just needs to be unpackaged, and connected to your hitch. I installed it easily and was on the road.

Depending on your bike, you may need to buy a tube adaptor (which I did) in order for your bike to fit properly on the rack. I purchased the Yakima Top tube adapter.

I forgot to take pictures but will need to do that next time and update this post.

You can't go wrong with the rack and!

by: Steven 05/10/2020

The Y02463 is a great bike rack. I was pleasantly surprised that the rack was already put together and ready to use straight out of the box. After trying a couple of different loading configurations, I was able to easily fit all five of our bikes on the rack. The rack is sturdy even when fully loaded. No wobbling whatsoever.

The only thing I would change is make the bike locking cable longer. It is barely long enough to lockdown the bikes putting stress on the cable and locking mechanism.

by: Robert 01/05/2022

Rack is holding up well after a year of use. No issues to report

by: Kyle 06/03/2021

Excellent piece of equipment. Easy to install and remove.

by: Scott 09/13/2022

by: Geovani08/29/2022

by: Donna 01/09/2021

by: John09/29/2022

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

After fooling around with low quality bike racks for years, this one is finally up to the tasks for which I need it.

by: Jeff04/20/2022

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

This is an awesome rack. It is very easy to use and comes completely assembled. It is very secure in the hitch and has a cable lock to secure bikes to the rack. Also, etrailers price was $100 less than everywhere else I looked, plus free shipping. I highly recommend.

by: John09/11/2022

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

Heavy and doesn't go deep enough into the hitch receiver so it flops up and down a lot....I now have to use straps to go around my roof rack to stabilize it. MAYbe I don't have it installed correctly, but I took 100lbs of bikes over 400miles so I must've done it well enough. I DO like the tilting feature (absolutely necessary!)

by: Rhonda09/19/2022

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

I am an athletic, muscular, petite female and this carrier is heavy, awkward and difficult to install and remove. My husband (5'11" with a muscular build)also had difficulty installing in the receiver.

by: Chris05/27/2022

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

Delivered with no Keys! When I called representative didn't know the product well and had me on hold for a while. I hung up and called Yakima instead

Customer Service will reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 05/31/2022

by: Craig09/19/2022

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

Abysmal customer service. Took over ten emails to get a refund. I will always go with [online vendor] over etrailer.

by: Ronald11/30/2021

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

Do not buy. This rack is very heavy and the hitch pin is like a finger nail. It will not stop the rack from falling out in the event the lock fails.

This bike rack does weight approximately 47 pounds and does use an auto pin feature to eliminate the use of a hitch pin. It will hold the bike rack in place along with the speed know that tightens rack inside your hitch to reduce noise and movement. I do have an alternate bike rack to offer. It is part # SA884
Saris Bones Hitch Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting - Steel
and it only weights 20 pounds. It also utilizes an anti rattle hitch pin that reduces movement of rack in hitch receiver.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 12/01/2021

by: Rick05/30/2016

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

If you have a new OUTBACK, Subaru has gone out of their way making your job easy carrying equipment, The roof rack is poorly designed and the OEM etrailer receiver is very shallow... MOST bike carriers DO NO fit. I had a Swagman , from etrailer from our RAV4. IT did not fit the shallow receiver. This is the only one I know of that will fit the shallow receivers. Madison was very helpful in the selection of the bike rack and the rack arrived quickly. It fits well as it has an expansion fitting to tighten the fitting in the receiver. etrailer is always helpful and I purchase all car/trailer/sport products fro from for their knowledge and customer service.

Still working well
Rick - 05/30/2017

by: Carlos05/06/2022

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

My new Yakima bike rack just came in, the packaging was damaged, though the rack was intact on the inside, which is good! I had tested it in my truck and is perfect for my family and I to transport our bikes, get new adventures, etc., it does exactly how Yakima presents it. The support and timeliness from etrailer were exactly as they promises, so no complains; and by the way they had the best price around!

by: Nick F.06/25/2019

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

The installation pin and wedge are pretty inconvenient and the rack is very heavy. However, the aesthetics and overall mechanics are great.

by: Thomas11/22/2021

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

I like it. The new trek mountain bikes are wide and my old rack did not work. This one is heavy But well built. Only complaint was the sticker was pealing off right out of the box. Called the company and they are sending new stickers. Great customer service

by: Cynthia07/26/2018

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

This took a little bit of time to set up but once done, it carries well - little to no sway. I did under estimate the height once it was on my Expedition since I am only 5 foot tall! I can literally walk under it! Regardless I can easily lift onto and off of the rack. I don't leave it on my truck all the time and so having a second person to help reinstall it on the hitch is helpful but not a requirement. I can do it by myself. I am a 60 year old female in average shape. Highly recommend this carrier.

I have had this bike carrier for a year now and I still LOVE it! It is easy to take on and off my vehicle as well as getting bikes on and off the carrier. Since I drive an Expedition, it is still a bit high for 5 ft 2 of me, but manageable! You just have to learn how to lift the bike over your head safely. I have also learned faster ways to install by myself and have it down to less than 5 minutes start to finish. There is still little to no sway of the bike once on. Highly recommend for any one!
Cyndi - 07/29/2019

by: Keith11/16/2021

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

Price and shipping time very good. Final review pending resolution of damage and missing keys. Box came with lots of holes and non manufacturer cardboard patch on box. Missing keys. Broken plastic piece. Metal braided but that doesn’t affect function.

Customer Service will reach out to you as soon as possible.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/18/2021

by: Andrew11/27/2018

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

So I am someone who really likes to look at products and compare and compare some more, before I make a purchase. So, I really put some effort into finding the right product for our family. And I can say that this is one of those that hit a home run with us! This rack is incredibly easy to use and the fold flat ability for storage was the tipping point for the perfect rack for our family. The ease of use is incredible, I think that hardest part is holding the weight of it up while inserting into the trailer hitch hole and that's really not hard at all. You can load/unload bikes fast and easy, the rubber coated arms help keep your bikes from getting scratched. The quick click clamps work great and are adjustable on a slider to accommodate bikes of varying widths. Only thing I think that could use improvement with this is, I would like the integrated/included bike lock cable to be a bit longer and a little thicker but that's just nit picking. It's really a great bike rack that is extremely easy to use, install, remove, and store almost flat when not in use.

by: Berris03/25/2022

Review from a similar FullTilt in Hitch Bike Racks

Really solid and bulletproof. Works perfectly with the ski carrier/rack.

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Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Swing Away

Code: Y02465

47 reviews

Our Price: $558.95
After Instant Rebate


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Hanging Rack

Swing-Away Rack
Fold-Up Rack

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Frame Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

4 Bikes


This rack swings away from the rear of your vehicle with bikes loaded for full cargo area access. Adjustable cradles slide along the arms to best fit each bike. Removable ZipStrips let you load bikes without bulky straps interfering.

Video of Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Swing Away

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima FullSwing Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Swing Away - Y02465

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (47 Customer Reviews)

This rack swings away from the rear of your vehicle with bikes loaded for full cargo area access. Adjustable cradles slide along the arms to best fit each bike. Removable ZipStrips let you load bikes without bulky straps interfering.

by: Kristen D08/02/2016

Installation today was pretty straight forward. We had no problems. It may require two people to install the bike rack onto the hitch because it is pretty heavy. But, as a 41 yo woman I was able to attach the bike rack to the hitch by myself. We haven't used it yet to transport our bikes, but I imagine that will be seamless too.

by: JD12/27/2021

This is an excellent rack. The hinge and locking mechanisms work very well under heavy loads, allowing the opening of the car's rear door without having to unload or even adjust the bikes on the rack.

by: Shelby 10/16/2021

This is a great bike rack. It’s amazing how much weight it can hold while swinging out of the way of the lift gate. Because of that, though, it has to be quite heavy, so keep in mind that it is a little bit of a beast to handle. It can be a little tricky to fit four bikes on it, and my small kids’ bikes required Tube Tops to fit, but this might be similar for most racks.

by: Charles07/10/2020

Product is great. Would not recommend using etrailer however. It took over 6 weeks to get my rack. I was not told when I purchased the rack that they did not have it in stock and it would take this long. After about 2 weeks, I called etrailer and they said it would be another week or so, which was clearly inaccurate.

Aftr a year, I cant say I am a big fan of this rack. It is very difficult to get 4 bikes on it and the swing function has some give in it and makes for a challenging closure at times.
Charles - 07/11/2021

by: ENTMD08/31/2018

I bought this hitch carrier to bring 4 bikes on a 1200 mile round trip for a 2 week vacation. I used to spend more to rent bikes than the cost of the hitch. I purchased this during a Labor Day sale last year thinking if I used it once it would pay for itself. I spent the xtra $$ on the swing feature and am glad I did as it allowed me to load bikes whenever I needed and get to the rear of our SUV at any time. Works flawlessly! I have a THULE roof carrier (love it) but when I went to Dicks to check out the THULE ‘s securing rubber ties, I realized they were pretty hard to secure whereas the Yakima zip ties are easy. Hitch lock was easy and built in bike lock made made everything secure. Would buy again, recommend to anyone!

A year later hitch is working great. Very happy with product.
ENTMD - 08/31/2019

by: JDA08/24/2015

I drive a 2009 Toyota Sienna. I did a lot of research online and even called around to U-Haul and a few of the car dealerships to price installation for a hitch receiver and wiring harness. If you are even semi-handy then do it yourself!! I had to clean out the holes on the frame for the bolts for a while but once they were clean the hitch went on without a "hitch" :) The wiring harness was super easy to install as well. Communication and shipping through etrailer was flawless.

We just came back from a road trip with the Yakima bike trailer. It worked awesome! I fit 4 bikes on with ease. The securing straps are heavy duty. I would also recommend this product. The price through etrailer was the same as anywhere else I could find it online.

We love it
JDA - 08/23/2016

by: Clifton06/24/2019

Don't Buy, purchase a tilt version.

and time consuming. You must unscrew the swing arm every time you enter your rear car door. Difficult to close the swing arm with bikes attached (2x adult and 2x kids), due to weight. Love the attachment clips, integrated wire bike lock and hitch lock. DO NOT USE ON TRAVEL TRAILER!!! I had to use on my fifth wheel traveling from Bad Lands to the Smokey Mtns due to a van issue and the receiver bent destroying the bike rack.

As mentioned in our product description and in the manufacturers instructions, this rack is not intended for use on an RV, camper or a towed trailer.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 06/26/2019

by: Robert04/29/2021

This bike rack works great. It is beefy, and takes some strength to install or remove, but is rock solid and holds my bikes firmly without damage. The feature I like most is the swing away arm that lets me lower the gate of my truck to access the bed. I have a tonneau cover that keeps the contents of the bed safe while I'm out riding.

by: Tom03/17/2022

Very versatile bike rack. I love the way it swings away from the hatch for easy accessibility into the back of the vehicle.
Would definitely buy more accessories from etrailer.

by: Matt E07/02/2015

The product (FullSwing) is rock solid. My favorite feature beside the stability is the integrated lock. I'm not sure when I'll use the beer opener but that is cool also. I can't say enough about eTrailer. I considered a purchase through anazon of course, but the product was not in stock. Using eTrailer was a great decision. I received the product in two days with normal shipping, just in time for a trip the next day.

Matt E - 07/04/2016

by: Dave04/27/2016

The Good: Solid and well-engineered, swing mechanism works as advertised, easy to strap on bikes, full 2" tongue insert, holds 4 bikes when needed.

The Bad: Too heavy/cumbersome to conveniently install, remove on a regular basis. Mast is 6-8" too tall so that it blocks your view out the back window. Bikes are not safe from theft when parked because entire mast is easily removable, bikes & all, by 2 average guys (I had a ring welded to the mast so I can cable the mast to my hitch -- Yakima should have done this).

Overall: etrailer was a good outfit to work with. However, while this rack is technically functional, it is a beast. I would not buy the swing mechanism again -- I have seen tilt-down and other styles that also allow rear SUV door access, but aren't nearly as bulky/heavy. I needed a 3 bike solution, but I also need something less clunky to deal with on a regular basis since I don't leave my rack on all the time. I regret buying this model.

by: Chris M.09/08/2016

Seems like a great product based on the specs and the positive reviews definitely swayed me. But, my experience was only 3 stars. Here's what I found. I have a 2" hitch provided and installed by U-Haul on our 2007 Odyssey, so no flimsy 1" adapter. This thing still moves around a great deal. No failures, but just be prepared when you first mount bikes, go over bumps, etc. LOTS of surface rust after just a year of use where the connecting rod fits into the hitch; took 30+ minutes to work it free last time I took it off the car. We tend to leave it on because we use it often and it is heavy and beastly to put on. Consider some sort of release agent before installation or removal. Operation was fairly straight forward once I got the hang of it. However, over time, certain functions started to fail or become difficult. The key lock is a bit tricky to engage even out of the box, but became very difficult to turn the longer it has been in use. After 10 years, OK. After 1 year, not so much. The locking pin on the arm also started to come out of alignment with the hole in the arm (not much, but enough, has me wondering about the years to come) and required quite a bit of additional manipulation to get it to engage. But, my largest criticism is bike management. We have two adult comfort / mtn bikes, one kid bike and a tag-along. We bought two of the cross bar attacher thingies. No dice. My own men's bike was easy to get on and always went on first per instructions. Next was my wife's, a Trek with a pretty standard triangular frame. TIGHT, TIGHT fit to get that thing on and not the ideal placement to make it work. Our oldest son's bike, another Trek, wouldn't go; could only get one arm through. The cross bar adapter was NO help. What a waste of money, those. Can't use them on anything. They are very limited in their range of use. To get it on, I had to have the bike cocked at about 60 degrees. The crazy fit of bikes #2 and #3 eliminated any chance of getting that tag-along on it even though it is much smaller than a bike. Into the trunk it went, defeating the whole point of a 4-bike carrier. The detachable tie-downs seem like a great idea, but they sure are easy to drop when wrestling a bike, or lose OR STEAL. Where are you going to put them, or the extras, when not in use? Something else to figure out and deal with. The sliding lock downs? Again, another seeming good idea, but after a year, they become very difficult to slide back and forth. I have really had to wrench on them in certain cases to get them to move at all. Can't be good long term and very aggravating since it is supposed to be a slick feature. Why not just leave them in place once you figure out the best spot? Well, there's the principle of it, but there is also this thing called my kids' friends! Yeah, play dates or whatever. Requires a total rework. Not fun. Two adult bikes was very workable even if you couldn't move lock downs...just used the next ones over. And the swing out feature was, in general, very useful. Maybe it's an impossible task, a great 4-bike rack, I dunno. Maybe it's me. But, maybe it's the rack. If you can, try YOUR bikes before buying. Maybe a friend has one already? Maybe it requires some kind of care and feeding not mentioned anywhere. I wouldn't say don't buy it, but just be aware of what you're getting into. Talk to owners of this and other types and brands to see what their use issues might be.

by: Alex T.08/07/2020

This bike rack is very sturdy and good looking. The swing arm works great. I love the hitch and bike lock that comes with the rack. for the high price of this rack, I expect it to be near perfect but it disappointed me on day one and I almost wanted to return it. I think the engineer tested the arms with standard adult bikes (triangle frame) only because I had a really tough time trying to install 2 kids bike and a non standard adult bike frame on the rack. The problem is that the arms are too thick which excludes many bikes, like mines from fitting. The ties are cool but once I remove the bikes, I don't know where I should put them. I actually like ties that are attached to the rack. Maybe it is just a personal preference. if these issues are corrected, it will make this rack even better.

by: Marcel 12/01/2020

A quality product with heavy construction. Locks to the tow hitch and also has a cable lock for the bikes. Heavy to install but does allow full access to side opening door on my Land Rover defender; should also work well on a Jeep Wrangler or similar. I also needed a 2 inch trailer hitch extender to provide another 9 inches of clearance from the back of the vehicle to clear the door-mounted spare wheel. Bikes without a crossbar need a Yakima Tube Top Adapter or similar to use the device. It obscures the rear license plate, so I also ended up ordering a Yakima License Plate Holder. Also straps to stop wheel spinning during travel are a good idea. So accessories are needed to use the rack but I'm impressed by the quality.

by: Lawrence 07/07/2022

Heavy duty rack, fit very nicely on my Highlander

by: Sean 01/17/2022

This is the best rack I’ve seen or used for being able to have full access to the trunk / back hatch of the vehicle. That said, it is very heavy and an awkward shape so storing it when not in use is no treat if you’re short on space. All in all, probably the best rack I’ve seen.

by: Laurent09/07/2021

We love our new bike rack and are very happy with our choice. It's super easy to gets biked on and off, the bikes do not bounce or shake when on the rack, and the swing rack allows us to open the back with ease whether the bikes are already loaded up or not. Our only issue with our bike rack is that it's not very easy to remove and reinstall, and thus we leave it on all winter.

by: Jay J08/03/2016

Bike rack is extremely sturdy. Comes assembled and took less than 5 minutes to install. Works and looks great on the pickup truck. Unit swings aside to allow bed to be fully accessed even with 4 bikes mounted. Lock into the trailer hitch prevents removal which was the main reason for purchase over competitive Thule unit which lacks such a locking mechanism. Very pleased with purchase.

etrailer was a breeze to do business with. Unit arrived within 2 days. I did place order over phone, rather than internet. Was told that this would expedite shipping.

by: Jorgen12/07/2020

The Yakima FullSwing arrived on time. Took a little while to assemble - cold weather does not help. That said, the rack fit perfectly in my Subaru 2020 Outback (factory installed) 2" hitch. Very little wobble and felt very, very solid with 2 bikes attached. Better (but also much heavier) than my old Thule. Service from etrailer was excellent!

by: TQN06/02/2016

A really nice looking bike rack. It is a bit of a beast in terms of size, but my wife was itching to use it and was able to get it on the truck no problem without me. Used it a couple times now and all features work nicely. It does appear that the rubber arms scuff pretty easily and have the potential to wear down eventually... something I will watch for. The locking cable is nice, but not that big a deterrent if someone really wants your bikes. I've had bikes stolen with larger cables that were cut. That said, probably less likely to happen during the day. Got a sweet deal from etrailer.

by: John07/09/2015

Sturdy bike rack, performed as advertised. It is heavy, but otherwise easy to install an operate. We use it for 3 kid's bikes, which are a challenge because of their size & configuration, but were able to make it work, even without adapter bars. It would be a challenge to mount 4 bikes.

by: Travis 01/06/2021

I didn’t know anything about this company until a few days ago. I’d been waiting for the Yakima bike rack to come back in stock on the Yakima website for months now and it never did. I finally started searching for this specific rack on google shopping and found it at eTrailer. I was hesitant to purchase from an unknown third party distributor online but very glad I did. The price was fair, the acceptance of the order was quick, and the shipping and delivery of the item blew me away - crazy fast. I’ve had multiple emails come to me from them thanking me for my order and letting me know to notify them immediately if I had any issues. I still haven’t had a chance to open the box and review the product. But from all accounts thus far, this company is the real deal with superb customer service. Highly recommend.

by: Rob C12/07/2019

Great Product. Fits all 4 bikes well and sits securely in hitch.
It is a little heavy so I'd be inclined to buy a single bike carrier for when my wife wants to mount it on the truck by herseld

by: George B.08/02/2017

It is a great bike rack.

It is
very heavy so taking it off and putting it on is a bit difficult, but that is Ok, since it is such a well built, sturdy product.

It is also a bit of a challenge to actually get 4 bikes on as designed, but you can make it work with a bit of adjusting.

by: Kim S.06/11/2017

It fits my minivan well (after have an aftermarket hitch installed) and permits us to put all camping gear for our family of 4 and bikes (& 4 people) in one vehicle. That is awesome!
It does NOT permit easy access to the "trunk" which is the reason we paid more for this model. In retrospect, I would save money and get the model without rear access as we don't have it now.

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  • Comparing the Yakima FullSwing Y02465 and Thule Apex Swing XT TH9027XT
  • The Yakima FullSwing 4 Bike Rack part # Y02465 and Thule Apex Swing XT 4 Bike Rack part # TH9027XT are essentially two different manufactures version of the same bike rack. I personally prefer the FullSwing a bit more as it has a higher weight capacity of 40 lbs per bike and the spacing between the bike can be adjusted. That said, if you need something a bit lighter than the Apex Swing XT is a perfect alternative at only 42 lbs.
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  • Comparing the Yakima FullSwing with the Thule Apex Swing
  • The Thule Apex Swing 4 Bike Rack (discontinued), and the Yakima FullSwing 4 Bike Rack - 2" Hitches - Swinging, # Y02465, are both very nice bike racks. I haven't heard any issues with either one regarding a snug fit. Both have quick install pins and anti-rattle integrated with a knob. The systems work differently, but we haven't had any issues with any of our test fits including the road handling tests. Both systems have provided a secure connection at the hitch receiver. If I were...
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  • Which Bike Rack Is Easier To Install Between Thule Apex Swing XT and Yakima FullSwing
  • The Yakima FullSwing 4 Bike Rack part # Y02465 and Thule Apex Swing XT Bike Rack part # TH9027XT are both equally as easy to install since they both feature an integrated hitch pin with tool free installation. Simply insert the shank into the receiver tube, align the integrated hitch pin, then turn the knob to tighten and lock in place. I recommend the Thule Apex since it's physically lighter and the arms are longer so you'll have more spacing between the bikes.
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