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Yakima HighRoad Roof Bike Rack - Wheel Mount - Clamp On

Code: Y02114

39 reviews

Our Price: $238.95
After Instant Rebate


Product Specs:

Roof Bike Racks

Wheel Mount

5mm Fork
9mm Fork
15mm Fork
9mm Thru-Axle
15mm Thru-Axle
20mm Thru-Axle


Clamp On - Standard

Disc Brake Compatible

Locks Not Included

Aero Bars
Factory Bars
Round Bars
Square Bars
Elliptical Bars


This wheel-mount carrier lets you transport 1 bike on your roof rack crossbars. Pivoting wheel hoops hold bike by the front wheel, and TorqueRight knob prevents over-tightening. Rear-wheel cradle adjusts to hold bikes of different lengths.

Video of Yakima HighRoad Roof Bike Rack - Wheel Mount - Clamp On

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima HighRoad Roof Bike Rack - Wheel Mount - Clamp On - Y02114

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (39 Customer Reviews)

This wheel-mount carrier lets you transport 1 bike on your roof rack crossbars. Pivoting wheel hoops hold bike by the front wheel, and TorqueRight knob prevents over-tightening. Rear-wheel cradle adjusts to hold bikes of different lengths.

by: Zachary 09/12/2022

If one must use a rooftop bike carrier, these are hard to beat. Easy loading and unloading mechanism. Locks to the crossbars and has a cable to deter theft of the bike. The selling point for me was the ease of moving from one vehicle to another. Literally 2-3 minutes each with no tools except a key required. Highly recommend/Expensive but a good value.

by: David04/27/2017

1. One star ding for price. Fairly expensive for a single bike, especially after adding a lock core.
2. The rack works exceptionally well and I'm not disappointed with the purchase.

Installation is fairly simple. It does take a bit of fiddling to get the tension down on the rack clamps (connecting it to car) but it is a simple affair, and I'm able to move it between an aero rack and a round rack with out adjusting the tension.

The sliding tray in the rear is a bit sticky, so if you carry bikes of different wheelbases, you may need to add some lubrication to the tract.

Front wheel locks into place (I've used 700x25 and 29x2.3) simply, and the clutch in the tension wheel is a nice addition. It would be nice if there was a quick release button (like in times past) but it spins fairly quickly to unload.

The locking whip is a nice addition. I have been able to rout it over the chainstay on both bikes. However, it is too short to route around chainstay and wheel. I'd prefer to include my rear wheel inside the lock.

Overall, I'm very happy with the product.

After a year on the car and some 50 uses, everything is fine and I have no regrets. Regardless of the bike in use, it performs flawlessly.
David - 05/01/2018

by: Mitch08/21/2022

Very well made, and easy to use. I was extremely happy with this product. However, I'm 67 years old, and having my bike on top of my vehicle was not working for me. I just don't have the upper body strength I use to, so I sold this rack. The good news is that I was able to get almost what I paid for it. Holding their value indicates it's a good product

by: Rich 04/15/2021

Excellent bike carrier and great service

Works great...high quality rooftop bike carrier.
Rich - 05/14/2022

by: Ian04/24/2017

Fantastic rack. Extremely smooth lines when carrying a bike or not. I stuck 3 of them on the roof of my Subaru Outback and couldn't be happier with how secure everything is. I am still able to open the hatch to store our gear unlike a hitch mount and haven't ruined the departure angle on an already long wagon. Easy to install and fit very snugly on the OEM Subaru crossbars with rubber straps. The integrated bike locks are awesome! Had them on the car in 20 minutes. etrailer was extremely helpful throughout the process of ordering and delivered a great bunch of products on time.

by: Kevin10/11/2018

The new Highroad is amazingly easy to use and very secure. I have them mounted on a retrax tonneau with rails. I love this system for when I am towing our travel trailer. The Highroad has been improved so much from earlier models. Easy to load and secure multiple bike sizes. My plus totes and skinny tires both fit great.

by: Robert Northrup05/09/2020

It works great. If I was their engineer I’d do some minor things differently - lateral stability is so-so, some parts could be of stronger materials - but it’s good. I’m 6’ 5” and drive an Outback, you may need to be tall like me, or drive a clown car!

by: Oliver H.05/30/2021

2011 BMW 335. Works great for my mountain bike with 29" wheels. Has some room to spare so even thicker tires than my 2.5" would fit. After loading and unloading a few times it's quite simple to operate. The knob will click when you get to the maximum tightness. Having all the bikes on definitely affects fuel mileage but they hold steady. Both outside carriers in the photo.

by: Alfredo 12/31/2021

Once mounted to my bed of my truck, it has proven a stable and secure carrier for my stable of bikes

by: Omar 11/28/2021

Super sturdy wheel on bike rack. I enjoyed it so much I ended up buying another shortly after because it was so easy to install and uninstall if I were to go biking with my siblings.

by: Rex F.09/07/2017

The (2) Yakima HighRoad racks get a 5 Stars rating it was first class well made and easy to install on my 2017 Subaru Outback. What I really like is the bikes face forward and I can open the hatch without hitting the rack or bike.

I also give etrailer 5 Stars rating too, perfect online ordering, free shipping was available when I make my purchase, and I received the racks when stated. etrailer communications on my order during and after was outstanding. The etrailer Yakima HighRoad install video made the installation easy.

I would like to say thank you to all the etrailer staff that handled my order.

by: Gary03/03/2021

Great experience with this company. Pat C. did an amazing job handling my order mistake and going above and beyond. The bike mount itself feels really great quality wise, and we purchased the additional locks with I definitely reccomend. Overall will be returning for future purchases and will reccomend this this site.

by: Pam C06/02/2017

Thanks etrailer! Not only were my bike racks delivered incredibly fast, they were the best price I could find online or in brick and mortar stores. I can't show you pictures yet...still waiting for the roof rack to be delivered. I was sold on your store and this particular product because of the helpful videos. Keep up the great work!

by: Mark W.07/16/2019

I like this roof rack. It holds the bike very securely and feels solid and well built. I have used this rack for one year now and am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. It is great to be able to leave the front wheel on the bike as well.

by: Nate07/17/2017

Everything we expected. Took some research to decide on a bike carrier for our new Subaru, but etrailer was very helpful. Great shipping and good service. We purchased two and are pleased with how easy they are to set up and use. No complaints so far.

by: Hilmar10/22/2020

Awesome product...with easy installation, and very simple (and secure) bike rack, with loading and unloading made easy. Thanks to etrailer for helping me through the process (as Covid19 delayed the product), and expediting the delivery of my two racks.

by: Alvin04/22/2021


by: Amida09/16/2021

Fast shipping and great product looks fantastic on my 2021 hrv

by: Mark 10/17/2019

It took only two days from order to delivery. And it only took me 20 minutes to unbox and install the rack on the roof of my 2020 Subaru Outback. Installation is simple and intuitive.

eTrailer is super responsive and a reliable source of car/trailer related products. My experience with them has always been great.

by: Edwin10/17/2020

Very solid construction and a cinch to install, securing and removing the bike is even easier and the retractable cable lock is a very nice feature.

by: Scott 10/12/2021

Great rack, easy to use, but a little annoying to have to crank out the had screw each time

by: Kent07/04/2019

Product is great. Easy to install and seems to be of good quality. Took about 5 minutes to install on my Audi factory rails and the fit was perfect. Holds bike really securely. My only complaint is that the the box was wide open when delivered. Looks like it was opened deliberately by someone. Nothing was missing so I have no complaints.

by: Christian05/27/2020

Very easy to use. The t-slot kit make mounting a snap.

by: Joseph 05/17/2021

Works amazing with the rhino rails

by: Dan B04/13/2021

Watched the YouTube video, read instructions. Lickedy Split installed and damn solid on my Outback

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Ask the Experts about this Yakima Roof Bike Racks
Do you have a question about this Roof Bike Racks?

  • Comparing Yakima HighRoad and Thule UpRide Roof Bike Carriers for Carbon Fiber Bicycle
  • Between the Yakima HighRoad # Y02114 and Thule UpRide # TH599000 wheel-mount roof bike carriers I give the nod to the Yakima because it has two complete wheel hoops rather than one hoop and a clamp. This mounting method means more support the entire front wheel/tire. I would give the advantage to the Thule only if your tires are smaller than the 26-inch recommended minimum for the HighRoad; the UpRide accepts tires from 20- to 29-inches. In terms of clamping force you can control this...
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  • How are the Yakima HighRoad and FrontLoader Roof Bike Racks Different
  • Both the Yakima FrontLoader, Y02103, and the Yakima HighRoad, # Y02114, will fit your 2018 Subaru Impreza 5-door with roof rack E361SFL200. The FrontLoader is actually being phased out and replaced with the HighRoad so if it were me I would take the HighRoad! The HighRoad is an updated design that is compatible with more bikes than the FrontLoader. They hold the bikes in the same way and both have locking capabilities. The HighRoad is a little heavier at 18 pounds compared to the FrontLoader...
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  • Best Roof Bike Rack for 2015 Nissan Murano for Carbon Fiber Bikes
  • I suggest the Yakima HighRoad, part # Y02114 for your 2015 Nissan Murano. The wheel mount is much easier to load than the fork mount and will definitely be compatible with your road bikes. To connect the High Roller to your factory Nissan crossbars you will need MightyMounts # Y03590 as well. If you're interested in securing your bikes to the rack you may be interested in the Yakima Same Key System Lock Cores # Y07202. I've attached a video review of the lock cores for you to take...
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Yakima FrontLoader Wheel Mount Bike Carrier - Roof Mount

Code: Y02103

82 reviews

Our Price: $198.95
After Instant Rebate


Product Specs:

Roof Bike Racks

Wheel Mount

5mm Fork
9mm Fork
15mm Fork
9mm Thru-Axle
15mm Thru-Axle
20mm Thru-Axle


Clamp On - Quick

Disc Brake Compatible

Bike Lock

Aero Bars
Factory Bars
Round Bars
Square Bars


Roof-mounted bike carrier holds almost any size bike and attaches to aero, round, square or factory crossbars - no adapter needed. Wheel-mount design ensures that your bikes are easy to load, and the bike rack is lockable with Same Key System cores.

Video of Yakima FrontLoader Wheel Mount Bike Carrier - Roof Mount

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima FrontLoader Wheel Mount Bike Carrier - Roof Mount - Y02103

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (82 Customer Reviews)

Roof-mounted bike carrier holds almost any size bike and attaches to aero, round, square or factory crossbars - no adapter needed. Wheel-mount design ensures that your bikes are easy to load, and the bike rack is lockable with Same Key System cores.

by: James04/25/2022

I'm very happy with my bike rack. I worked for etrailer for 3 years during college so I knew of the hard work the company puts into provide great product testing, education on use and amazing fast shipping to its customers. I received my Bike rack within 2 days of ordering with standard shipping. I'm very happy with my purchase. I have used my rack once now in town and at highway speeds with no complications and this was on a really windy day!

by: Cynthia09/06/2022

This rack has worked well for me and is fairly simple to mount and use. The only two issues I have had with it is that I have had the front mount come loose in transit before, and an end cap fell off at some point. I use these on the Swagman Roamer LT Roof Rack on top of a Viking Epic. I do travel bumpy rural roads and gravel campground roads but do not take it onto any forestry roads or off-roading trails.

by: Christopher07/13/2021

My first roof top bike rack, very convenient for me due to my back up camera using a tow hitch carrier. Easy to load and unload.

I ended up returning it due to getting Ebikes
Christopher I - 07/14/2022

by: Karey08/08/2018

Very good product. It holds the bike securely on the roof without contacting the frame. It is easy to adjust from my road bike to my 29er mountain bike. Our drives are all relatively short, so I like that I do not need to remove the front wheel to lock in the bike. It's also nice that the SKS locking system allows me to use the same key for this rack that I use for my Yakima roof box and hitch rack. This is my first roof rack and I chose this route for a couple reasons. Some of the roads we travel to get to our trail heads are a bit rough and with a roof rack I don't have to worry about bottoming out a hitch rack hanging off the back of the vehicle. Also, it takes up less room in the garage. Our vehicle is a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with an additional 4 inches of ground clearance. That makes it a bit of a reach for my 5'4" wife, so we take our two-step along to help her.
This is my third time purchasing from etrailer, and each experience has been very good. They are a very customer service oriented company. I really appreciate all the additional information they provide on their products, especially all the videos they produce to aid in reviews, assembly, and use.

by: Tom10/04/2022

Great bike carrier!! Easy to use with any size bike I have tried, including a 29r mtn bike, E-Bikes. I bought two and am about to buy a third.

by: Andrew 01/18/2022

Exceptional. I mounted up to FIVE of these frontloader racks on the Yakima OverHaul HD Truck Rack with HD bars. 1st off, the Overhaul rack was easy to mount and adjust. The Frontloader bike racks also easy to install and very adjustable - forward, backward to clear truck cabin - for each rack/bike. Some forward, some backward to sardine fit 5 various sized bikes - large child to adult. Once racks tightened down and bikes loaded, they took up to 3,500 + mile round trip journeys from Wisconsin to Arizona, and all manner of trips round the midwest. They held firm every. single. trip. Actually amazed that they held so steady flying down the Interstate at 90. Whoops, I meant 70. Also had the SKS locks so just one key for all bikes and racks. This configuration allowed me to use the hitch to tow, and the full bed with tonneau cover to load things securely. Would buy again. Highly recommend.

by: Joshua07/26/2019

First, the folks at ETrailer are on their game! The product videos are great and customer service emailed me when they saw my roof racks were delivered! That’s awesome!!
I decided to go with the Yakima front loader wheel mount bike rack. I did not want to be bothered with removing the front tires every time I put my bikes on the roof. These were more than a snap to install. Do yourself a favor look up your vehicle and I can almost guarantee you there’s a video or five for it LOL. The material these are made out of feel good and strong like they will last a long time. Again they were super easy to set up the hardest part is actually getting the bikes up on the roof of my suburban as I am not that tall LOL. I highly recommend this if you’re going to be an occasional bike transporter.

by: Josh 09/11/2022

Great bicycle rack. It accommodates my 29" x 3" mountain bike, as well as my other bicycles. The 29" x 3" tire is usually difficult to fit in racks.

by: Fernando04/30/2019

I finally put my Yakima front loader bike rack to use after I purchased it like 2 weeks ago. I like it very much.. Easy to hook up and held the bike very securely. I’ll be getting another as soon as my wife is ready to ride again....

by: Erwin06/24/2020

The product Yakima front loader is really sturdy, that I don't need to worry on my way to mountain MB looks pretty aggressive because I mounted the rack on top of the bed liner level.

by: Steven 11/02/2021

I've dealt with etrailer on several purchases and have always been satisfied with their product line, prices and prompt response. On one occasion a wheel bearing on my PWC trailer went sideways and I had to replace the disc/rotor along with races and bearings and for the life of me I could find ANY numbers or product badges on the unit. I sent them a photo and they identified the rotor system, made a product recommendations and we were good to go.

by: Bill 08/31/2021

Solid, intelligently designed. It adjusts perfectly to fit the large diameter cross bars on my camper's roof rack. My only beef is that you have to spend more money for keys to the locking system even though the lock and the cable are already part of the rack. I hate it when a stellar company like Yakima cheaps out like this.

by: Val07/19/2022

Ready for the road!!

by: Debbie A.09/18/2014

The rails on our 2012 Honda Odyssey are slightly curved but the bike rack seems very secure

The rails (installed by Honda) on our Honda Odyssey are slightly curved so the bikes are very slightly angled. But, the bike rack seems very secure. We are looking forward to taking our first trip pulling our popup camper and carrying the bikes on top of the van. I read the other reviews before buying this product and I am anticipating no problems. The sales rep from etrailer was very helpful and the racks arrived in just a couple of days and packed very securely.

We love the rack! Once we get the bikes up and on the rack it is super secure. It was a great purchase!
Debbie A - 09/19/2015

by: txdroneman01/24/2021

Extremely well made and packaged with care. I have one of the earlier versions of this which are over15years old and still work great. So, I am looking to get long life and usage out of this newer model.

After 1year and 10,000 miles the rack has performed flawlessly. Solid, steady and easy to use.
txdroneman - 01/24/2022

by: Joe L11/14/2012

A great product. shipped early and arrived in a short amount of time. the rack goes on a standard rack in minutes, really ! It is a reach to get to the top of the roof, but all roof racks are. holds the bike super secure and with wheel adjustments will fit all different bikes. Great Rack !

super great rack. goes on easy to any rack, and adjusts to any bike with ease. holds secure. friends borrow it because it is so good so quick, and so easy. Great Rack !
Joe L - 06/03/2014

by: Anthony 08/12/2021

Pretty good rack, a bit hard to load unless you have a very light bike. I really wish it would have come with locks. Holds the bikes on very well.

by: Heidi06/05/2021

etrailer, specifically Matthew K - helped our family secure everything needed for wonderful camping trips. The task was difficult because of supply chain issues last spring! Thank you Matthew!!

by: Rob B.07/12/2015

This rack is the shiznit!!! So easy to install and very stable once it's on your roof. My only initial struggle was to have he strength to carry my bike over my head, lift myself into the bottom of my door ledge with one leg, and then continue to lift and position my bike in the bike rack. If you don't have strong upper body strength, I would recommend the trunk rack as an alternative. I will say that I found a good alternate method to what I described above. First, place the side of the tires on your roof and hold your bike horizontally over your head. Then, while you're holding the bike, lift yourself on to your door ledge. This takes off a lot of the weight of the bike and makes it a heck of a lot easier to climb into my car. Then once you've positioned yourself, simply lift the bike and place it into the tire spacing a of the bike rack. Thanks, etrailer and thanks to Yakima for the delivery of a kickass product.

by: Yakima Frontloader Bike Rack06/26/2017

Great rack! Easy to install--it took me only a few minutes to install the rack onto the factory bars of my old Honda CR-V. The installation instructions were great and easy to follow. I also loaded my gravel grinder bike onto the rack with no problem, though it is significantly easier with a ladder or step stool. Took the bike on rack on a 8 hour roundtrip and it worked great, feels stable. So great that this rack fits on factory bars as well as Yakima's proprietary rook rack system.

My only minor issues are that on factory bars are curved, so the bike rack leans a bit, but it didn't affect the stability. Also, given how important the locks are to keeping the bike secure, it seems silly that they are sold separately. Other than those two issues, the rack is terrific. I might even buy a second one.

by: Mike F.04/13/2012

Well built and solid. Installs in minutes. Bike does sway while driving but stays in the rack with no worries of it falling out. One complaint is that for the money you spend on this rack it should come with the locks instead of having to buy them separately.
If you are considering purchasing this rack, one thing to consider is the type of car you own verses the amount of energy you have after your ride. I own an SUV type vehicle and after an 80 mile ride I just don't have the energy to get my bike up on the roof of my car. It can be a challenge.

by: Chan H.06/15/2012

The Yakima Y02103 roof mounted bike rack is well-engineered to perform. It is easy to install, and easy to get a bike on and off the rack. I drive a 2008 Ford Escape and am 5' 6" tall, so I need to use a small step ladder which I keep in the back of my vehicle. My downhill mtb weighs about 40 pounds and feels very secure on the roof of my SUV. With the wind resistance there is a noticeable dip in fuel economy, however--the biggest downside about having a roof mounted bike rack.

by: Benjamin07/21/2019

Ordering, shipping, and conversations with sales team were fast, convientnent, and reliable.

I had asked the sales chat lady if I would need the lock housing for this particular rack and she said I would. Ultimately the housing won't work, but there are two spots for the sks lock cores so the two pack that I purchased also works great. If you purchase this rack don't buy the lock cores.

The rack is very easy to use and keeps the bike quite secure without having to take the front wheel off. On a 16 hour drive I rechecked everything around four hour stops (gas) and it was still nice and snug at each contact point. Highly recommend.

by: Steve11/20/2021

These work great. The only problem I had was one of the back straps broke soon after I received it.

We have replacement straps for this rack item # Y8880229
Replacement Wheel Strap for Yakima Roof or Hitch Bike Racks - 12-1/4" Long
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/22/2021

by: Dan T.07/26/2015

I had a terrible time attempting to find a bike rack system that would connect to my Nissan Frontier (with utili-track) that would enable me to keep my front wheel mounted (which was a must). etrailer was awesome. Melinda (my rep) made sure the rack system would work with my truck before I purchased it. The Yakima BedRock cargo rack fit perfectly, and the FrontLoader Bike Carrier holds the bike snugly. This is a perfect solution for anyone with a pickup.

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Ask the Experts about this Yakima Roof Bike Racks
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  • Thule vs Yakima Roof-Mounted Bike Rack for 2018 Subaru Outback With Factory Roof Rack
  • Thanks for the nice words, and let's start with fit; I did check with the manufacturers and can confirm that all three roof-mounted bike racks you mentioned - the Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack # TH599000, Yakima HighRoad Roof Bike Rack # Y02114, and Yakima FrontLoader Wheel Mount Bike Rack # Y02103 are each a confirmed fit for the factory roof rack on your 2018 Subaru Outback. Let's start with the Yakima, and the difference is that the HighRoad is the newest version of the FrontLoader...
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