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Yakima CoreBar Crossbars - Steel - Black - 60" Long - Qty 2

Code: Y00422

195 reviews

Our Price: $199.95


Product Specs:

Roof Rack


Aero Bars




60 In Bar Space

2 Bars


These crossbars combine the strength of steel with an aerodynamic shape to create a heavy-duty yet quiet roof rack for your vehicle. Full-length bars maximize cargo carrying capacity and work with most clamp-on accessories.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima CoreBar Crossbars - Steel - Black - 60" Long - Qty 2 - Y00422

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (195 Customer Reviews)

These crossbars combine the strength of steel with an aerodynamic shape to create a heavy-duty yet quiet roof rack for your vehicle. Full-length bars maximize cargo carrying capacity and work with most clamp-on accessories.

by: Floyd 07/30/2022
2019 Toyota Tacoma

The 60" CoreBar Crossbars will be much more useful to us than the original 50" bars placed on our shell at the factory. The only issue I had was that there were no instructions with the bars. It took a little while for me to figure out how the old bars came off and how to put the new ones on but I'll consider that a learning experience.

by: Patrick06/26/2022

George J.
Like to say thank you .
The roof rack for my 2022 trail boss looks great. And Yakima roof racks has a VERY good product .
I would have given you guys more stars if I could.
Shipping Time , boxing of the product and the way everything went together was
A #1. Easy and fast.
Also, removal just as fast.
Thanks again.

by: Judith04/13/2021
2020 Subaru Impreza

Product was packaged well, arrived in perfect condition.
Instructions easy to follow. Installation took less than (1) hour. I did it alone & I’m 76 yrs. old.
Is very sturdy. Looks good on my 5 door Subaru.
The feature that impressed me the most in dealing with your company was how I was able to track my package inside your facility with the name of the employee handling the item before it even shipped. Very organized. Would definitely recommend you to others & purchase from you again.

I still love my Yakima Roof Rack. Have not had any negative issues. Am getting ready to put it on my Subaru Impreza for the SpringSummer season. Would definitely purchase it again and recommend it to my kayaking friends.
Judith - 04/14/2022

by: David P08/12/2017
2011 Honda Element

Was skeptical at first because I needed the posts as well for my 2011 Honda Element. The Honda crossbars were not adequately weight rated and is why I opted for Yakima. Couldn't be happier with my choice as this assembly has served me well throughout the year.

Functionally solid after one year of use. I couldn’t be happier with the product.
David P - 08/12/2018

by: Sean04/06/2022

Had all parts in stock. This is the number 1 reason purchased from I was given tracking info the entire way to destination. Order shipped same day. Definitely a 5 star company. Thanks

by: Karen06/06/2020

Perfect. Perfect. Easy to install and high quality. Confident in this product. Excellent instructions. Used with towers of course! Towers and crossbars have demonstrated to be strong and durable with several trips with kayaks.

by: David05/09/2018
Ford Flex

We purchased the Yakima Skyline Towers roof rack with the Jet Stream crossbars. Took about 2 hours to install on the naked roof of our Flex. I drilled through the roof strip for the mounting bolts and they fit tighter than the factory rails. Very happy with our choice.

by: Eileen 07/28/2022

Holding up our large cargo basket for a year without any issues! Love these

by: Susan09/28/2022

Paint getting scratched off from sliding kayaks up onto the bars. I hope they don't rust. Otherwise, I love how quiet they are.

by: Benjamin06/21/2020

I ordered the wrong set up for my car, but the excellent customer service specialist set me up and expedited my roof rack that fit perfectly. I highly recommend calling and speaking with the knowledgeable staff about your needs. I'm super happy with the experience overall!

by: David08/28/2020
2019 Toyota Highlander

I have not bought car roof racks for decades--back when there were those very useful rain gutters. So I was shocked with the high prices. But what you get today is much more carefully engineered with a complicated construction. This Yakima version even comes with a manual 3.5 mm hex driver which turns out to be a torque wrench too. You use it 16 times, torquing to its limit, in installing the two cross rails on the four towers. Years ago you installed the towers where you wanted them on the rain gutters and adjusted the cross rails by sight. No more. You must go on line to Yakima. You must get the precisely engineered dimensions for your exact vehicle. You even adjust the towers for the roof slope and any toe-in of the roof line. Pay attention to the precise instructions. The result is very solid. I wish that I had more space between the cross rails. There is room for another 6 or 8 inches given where the door openings on my 2019 Toyota Highlander are spaced. But then the rear base clips would be different and that logistics would add yet more to the price. I am confident that I can secure a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood on the cross rails. And I will find my vehicle in the mall parking lot easier with those good looking rails. While I am happy with the end product, I wish the vendors had given more explanation of the fixed dimensions of today's installations. That would have helped make my on-line shopping less frustrating. Part of the problem is that Yakima and Thule do not provide cross rails for my LE Highlander's existing tower bases. And I could not get 60 inch cross rails on any of the versions that fit my LE's bases.

by: Cami03/10/2018

The roof rack has been awesome! It has been really handy to be able to attach our bike rack attachment, kayak bars or traveling cargo carrier. My only complaint is that the end caps fell off somewhere along one of our many adventures and looks a bit disheveled. Other than the appearance it has been very versatile and we love it!

by: Bill12/13/2016

I want to thank the staff at eTrailer for their outstanding support. After my roof rack order got off to a shaky start the customer service staff stepped in and made it right; 100% RIGHT. I cannot thank them, and eTrailer, enough. Regarding the roof rack itself, I have now installed it and can vouch that the installation was a breeze. All parts fit and the instructions were correct. For the record, this is not my first purchase from eTrailer (I've bought hitch items from them before) and it won't be my last. They have ALWAYS given great service, their web site works, their products and descriptions are good, etc., etc. Thank you!

by: Steve02/08/2022

Solid bars but a little noisy when nothing is on them.

I recommend adding a fairing such as part # Y05019
Yakima WindShield Fairing for Roof Racks - 52" Long
for 60 inch bars. It helps to minimize the air noise.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/11/2022

by: Heather 08/22/2017
2013 Volkswagen GTI

I did a lot of research before purchasing my roof rack. I came across this website and liked the prices, and after much thought, decided to get the Yakima CoreBar crossbars. I received my roof rack within a couple days of ordering! It's extremely sturdy and doesn't make hardly any wind noise. I love it and it looks great on my car, couldn't be happier with my purchase!!

by: Lee09/06/2020

The instructions were different for another set of bars. Was a pain to get right...all the measurements on Yakima were off...I figured it out on my own...should have got Thule or nicer bars ..end caps were not good either...flawed fit... otherwise will do just not happy with the product perse or good...will see how they do.

by: Keith08/24/2021

I have truly enjoyed this system. It allows our family of five plus our dog to stretch out in the car while our gear is secured on the roof. It takes a bit to mount it but I want it secure and it does fine with a roof box at interstate speeds. I absolutely recommend this system.

by: Richard03/08/2022

Functional, still excellent appearance after one year. Install was relatively easy….I’m very pleased.

by: Brandon06/28/2021

These crossbars have held-up well across for a year now on multiple road trips across some major climate swings - so far, so good!

by: David07/07/2018
2017 Kia Sedona

This Yakima rack system for my 2017 Kia Sedona works great and are rock solid. I have two Kayaks I take to the lake, river, and beach house for vacations. Dena was extremely helpful and kept me up to date on everything. It’s very seldom to find a company with reps that actually care about the customer!!!! Please keep this going! The shipping was fast and easy and I had them installed within an hour in this Georgia heat! The only thing missing was the etrailer stickers......... ;p I would definitely recommend this product from etrailer for any of you rack needs!!!

by: mattlo05/22/2017
2016 Acura RDX

One year later and everything works well. I had a problem early on where the rubber protection for one of the j clips from the base towers came off. Contacted etrailer and they sent me a whole new assembly direct from Yakima. Thanks for the prompt response and service!

by: David S.09/10/2017

Great price and quality. The instructions are a little tricky, even for those who are mechanically inclined. But that's partly because of the several adjustable features (like pitch of the cross bar and toe-in adjustment of the foot of the tower). But those adjustable features are also what makes the Yakima superior to some other brands. Even Thule, I think.

by: Aaron06/07/2017

Awesome price! Shipped to me fast and it's an amazing product. Customer service helped me through some ordering confusion and got everything figured out very smoothly. Love the roof rack!

by: Shelli06/24/2020

The legs are a perfect length to go across our 2019 F250 Super Duty truck and hold the weight of our canoe nicely

by: Amy S10/08/2017
2012 Toyota Tundra

These rails for my Yakama Skybox were shipped super fast and were a perfect fit! Thank you!! Great company to work with.

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  • Quality, Cost-Effective Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2016 Ford Edge
  • The Yakima round crossbar system is decent but sometimes it can be hard to mount accessories and get them to stay still, plus they don't help with wind noise and drag. For your application I recommend checking out the Yakima CoreBar roof rack because it has the nice aero-style crossbars but sits at a lower price-point since these aren't the high-end aluminum bars. Here are the parts you'll need for the naked roof of your 2016 Ford Edge: 60" CoreBar Crossbars - # Y00422 BaseLine Towers...
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Yakima RoundBar Crossbars - Steel - Black - 58" Long - Qty 2

Code: Y00409

300 reviews

Our Price: $132.39


Product Specs:

Roof Rack


Round Bars




58 In Bar Space

2 Bars


These multipurpose, galvanized steel crossbars supply the backbone for your aftermarket roof rack system. Works with accessories that clamp around the bars. Pair with Yakima towers, fit kit, and RoundBar SL Adapter to create a complete roof rack.

Video of Yakima RoundBar Crossbars - Steel - Black - 58" Long - Qty 2

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima RoundBar Crossbars - Steel - Black - 58" Long - Qty 2 - Y00409

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (300 Customer Reviews)

These multipurpose, galvanized steel crossbars supply the backbone for your aftermarket roof rack system. Works with accessories that clamp around the bars. Pair with Yakima towers, fit kit, and RoundBar SL Adapter to create a complete roof rack.

by: Lee11/22/2021

The roof rack is great. Solid.

Solid. No complaints.
Lee - 12/02/2022

by: John K08/17/2012
Honda Element

Free delivery that showed up in 3 days!!! Can't beat it. The crossbars with the Control Towers and LandingPad 9 fit perfectly on my Honda Element. Had them installed in about 30 mins. Don't have my cargo box yet and wanted to test strength, so I had my 110lb wife standing on them with no issues (yes, the car was parked). Plan to take a long camping trip next week with a cargo box on top...wife will be in the vehicle:-)

Do you have a video to see how it looks while you install that rail track roof device.
-- comment by: Teodoro G - 08/25/2013

by: Paul D.08/19/2012

A great company to do business with, and lots of merchandise in stock. I orderd a roof rack for my truck on Tuesday morning and it was on the porch when I returned from work on Thursday. I will deffinitely order more from

by: Tom03/19/2023

I haven't abused these too much but have been pleased with how well they have held up for a year or so now.

by: Patricia Douglas02/14/2022

Went Over and beyond on helping me solve a difficult problem on
how to fine and put a roof rack on a very difficult car...
Best Customer Service of any company I have ever worked with.
Great service before and after the sale to make sure everything
went smoothly. Can’t thank them enough. Very happy customer.

by: Stephen F.07/23/2019

Yakima Crossbars were as you would expect - steel bars coated in a soft black coating (be mindful when you are utilizing these with the top mounts as the clamp will eat through the soft coating when you tighten them down). I had issues with my yakima round bar setup as the brackets and tower system were allowing water to leak in. This is in no way reflective of what youll experience but Yakima has superb support. I spoke with them twice on my issue and out of their kindness they shipped me an entire setup to replace my existing one for free.

Replacement product has served me well. I still have these roundbars in storage but plan on selling them soon. Use the measure twice cut once mantra when you get the bars tightened down after evening them out after measuring because the towers will dig into the black coating. Be careful with the end caps as well. They are a little tough to push in but apply some sort of lubricant to help it go in otherwise you risk cracking the end caps.
Stephen F - 07/24/2020

by: Haydn07/13/2022

Exactly what I needed to fit my older RailGrabs on my newer VW Atlas for the best price!

by: Paul11/23/2021

Added a bike and ski racks and all performed well

by: Lawrence B08/17/2017
Toyota Prius

I ordered a Yakima Roof Rack for my Toyota Prius from Part of the reason for purchasing from was the promise that the racks were made specifically for the car and would not dent the roof.

I received the rack on July 31, and installed the racks on my Prius according to instructions included with the racks. Our tandem kayak is 65 lbs . The towers were placed on the outer most part of the roof as indicated by the instructions. Yakima saddles were attached to the crossbars to hold the kayak. Nothing was close or touching the top of the roof. We transported the kayak to a nearby lake, 6 miles, and back. The next day we removed the racks from the roof and noticed 4 dents on the top of the roof. It was obvious that transporting the kayak on the rack caused the dents.

We had to pay $100 to have the dents removed from the Prius roof.

I cannot continue to use this rack that puts dents in the car's roof. I was extremely disappointed in the racks. In reading the Toyota manual and contacting them by phone, there is no mention of using or not using roof racks.

I was shocked to learn from Rachel at that your company takes absolutely no responsibility for this Yakima product they sell. The best they can do is to pass the buck and refer us to Yakima.

Very disappointed, and out a lot of money for a product that damages your car. Will not recommend or buy here again. does not even deserve one star in this review.

by: John04/13/2019

Typical Yakima cross bars. Coating is a little too easy to cut or gouge, but probably needs to be that way to get the grip it provides. Good enough solution for me, and allows me to continue to use all the attachments I've accumulated over the years that require a round bar

by: Pat G08/29/2013

Great first experience dealing with you guys! Shipped fast, and was a faster install. You gave me the right parts and it went together in a flash.

Will definitely be doing business with you all again.

by: Shane 04/17/2020
2012 Toyota Tundra

This is the second thing that I've ordered from etrailer.
Was looking for 58" Yakima round bars.
Excellent website,prices and shipping.
Product was exactly like it was described.
Perfect transaction, service all around, Next time I'm looking for something I'm searching etrailer first!

by: Ramon01/11/2019
2018 Jeep Renegade

The bars were prefect and allowed me to use my old Yakima low rider towers. I just had to cut the bars from 58 inches to 53 inches so I wouldn't have to much over hang. I used a hack saw, tape and a car hose camp. Old trick I learned, you use the hose camp as a guide for straight clean cut.

by: Joshua06/21/2019

website was extremely user friendly and customer service was even friendlier. Carol went out of her way to help me size my roof rack and make sure the specs were correct before shipping. Shipping was also very timely.

by: David K.07/23/2017

The roof mounts were fairly easy to install with the help of the well written installation instructions. I am looking forward to using my new Yakima roof rack for hauling my ladders or a rooftop clamshell cargo bin that I have.

by: Gerald07/02/2018
Ford F-250 Super Duty

This was my second large order from and my wife I are VERY pleased! Our first order was a Curt 5th wheel hitch which performed as advertised - so easy to use.
Now we haul our 5th wheel camper and that takes up my entire full sized F250 truck bed which in turn messed up hauling the kayaks back there. I was leaning toward rigging something up on the back of the camper, saw lots of posts on how to many looked very sketchy. Rather than risk dumping our two $$$ fishing kayaks onto the highway.... somewhere..... we bought this GREAT Yakima roof rack system for the TOP of my truck cab. You see, it made me uneasy that I wouldn't be able to keep an eye on our boats if strapped to the back AND we read about many horror stories not limited to the rear bumper falling off from fatigue. Yakima Install; I'm a General Contractor and fancy myself a pretty handy guy so mounting the towers, the rack bars, and all of the accessories onto those took a total three hours. [on-line] videos very useful and follow the easy to read instructions that come with each part and you'll have NO trouble. I have to add, etrailer said it would take one week but I received the complete order within four days. Thank you etrailer for making the ordering through delivery experience so very streamlined!

by: Carlos M.12/26/2018
2016 Ford F-150

Bought the Yakima 58" round cross bars to use on a Leer Camper shell on my 2016 F150. The bars are a perfect width for my shell and work great with my existing Control towers. Great quality as to be expected with Yakima.

by: Michael 05/16/2020

This is an excellent product; however, if you've never assembled one before, the included instructions are totally "pictographs" without any written explanations; for the cost of this product (expensive), YAKIMA could afford to hire a technical writer. Really, there should be some written instructions included.

by: Rick U.07/24/2012
2007 Ford F-150

Thank you for the quick shipment of my new Yakima Q tower roof rack for my 2007 F150 King Ranch. Following the simple instructions it went together easily and works and looks great. The follow up after purchase has been great from etrailer and I felt like if there had been a problem they would have been there to help me through it.

Thank you!

by: Joe C12/30/2012

The only reason I am not giving it an excellent rating is the considerable wind noise that occurs. While we had our luggage carrier atop our car it seemingly imperceptible, however after driving around for a week while on vacation with simply the bars breaking the wind it was quite loud. With that being said they were a breeze to install, aside from having to use allen tool tighten down the fittings. I later discovered that a wratcheting screwdriver with the correct bit size provided for much faster installation and removal. I would definitely recommend for purchase.

by: Gary08/11/2019

I just finished installing the Yakima Roof rack - easy to follow instruction and great support via etrailer web site !
I did have one small issue with a missing piece BUT the tech/support staff at took care of the problem immediately and were very helpful - the missing piece arrived in about 2 days !
Super job to your great customer service !
Thank you !

by: Mike S.09/03/2016
2009 Nissan Cube

Yakima roof rack on a 2009 Nissan Cube. It was very easy to assemble and install. Although I haven't carried anything on it as of yet I'm pleased with the fit. It makes a little wind noise but not terrible. Can't wait to try it out with my kayak mounted on it.

by: Richard J11/22/2011

Roof rack kit worked perfectly. I tried to find out what kit I needed from the Yakima website but their fit my car function would not load. I was relieved to see that etrailer had their own kit to fit my car. I didn't have to worry that I ordered incompatible parts. Installation took less than an hour and the rack works great.

by: Zachary12/23/2017
2007 Honda Civic

Bars are great. etrailer had a great price. Shipping was free and efficient.

Still on my car going strong. I use them to haul my kayak and rods.
Zachary - 12/23/2018

by: Dana 07/30/2022

Fast shipping, thanks

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