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Yakima CoreBar Crossbars - Steel - Black - 50" Long - Qty 3

Code: Y00421-3

195 reviews

Our Price: $246.53


Product Specs:

Roof Rack


Aero Bars




50 In Bar Space

3 Bars


These crossbars combine the strength of steel with an aerodynamic shape to create a heavy-duty yet quiet roof rack for your vehicle. Full-length bars maximize cargo carrying capacity and work with most clamp-on accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Yakima CoreBar Crossbars - Steel - Black - 50" Long - Qty 3 - Y00421-3

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (195 Customer Reviews)

These crossbars combine the strength of steel with an aerodynamic shape to create a heavy-duty yet quiet roof rack for your vehicle. Full-length bars maximize cargo carrying capacity and work with most clamp-on accessories.

by: Axl01/02/2017

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Very good product. The Yakama towers and cross bars feel very solid and appears to be high quality. Very easy install. Others have complained about the instructions, but guess I'm a visual person because the pictures all seemed very clear to me and the install was very easy. They do sit higher than I expected. After adding a Rhino Rack cargo basket, we only have about 4-5" clearance below the garage door.

No questions or comments. They are on my wifes Forester and she loves them.Thanks
Axl - 01/03/2018

by: Steve30001/14/2023

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Very sturdy, well made. The assembly instructions are not too good but if you call Yakima they will provide additional instructions.

by: Desiree05/20/2021

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

The product line for 'Yak and Thule is overwhelming at this point. When I purchased these a year ago they were the highest recommended product for my setup. 'Yak now has crossbar options that allow for t-bolts, which allow for more universal product attachments. I'm sour in regards to feeling that my purchase is dated, nonetheless 'Yak makes solid products that will last as long as the vehicle given proper storage and biannual lubrication.

by: Alfredo07/25/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

THERE'S A PIECE MISSING, A rubber cap on 1 of the crossbars

I wanted to let you know the end caps are replaceable. They are part # 8880640
Replacement Endcaps for Yakima CoreBar Crossbars - Qty 2
on our site.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 08/01/2022

by: David P08/12/2017

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Was skeptical at first because I needed the posts as well for my 2011 Honda Element. The Honda crossbars were not adequately weight rated and is why I opted for Yakima. Couldn't be happier with my choice as this assembly has served me well throughout the year.

Functionally solid after one year of use. I couldn’t be happier with the product.
David P - 08/12/2018

by: Judith04/13/2021

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Product was packaged well, arrived in perfect condition.
Instructions easy to follow. Installation took less than (1) hour. I did it alone & I’m 76 yrs. old.
Is very sturdy. Looks good on my 5 door Subaru.
The feature that impressed me the most in dealing with your company was how I was able to track my package inside your facility with the name of the employee handling the item before it even shipped. Very organized. Would definitely recommend you to others & purchase from you again.

I still love my Yakima Roof Rack. Have not had any negative issues. Am getting ready to put it on my Subaru Impreza for the SpringSummer season. Would definitely purchase it again and recommend it to my kayaking friends.
Judith - 04/14/2022

by: Patrick06/26/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

George J.
Like to say thank you .
The roof rack for my 2022 trail boss looks great. And Yakima roof racks has a VERY good product .
I would have given you guys more stars if I could.
Shipping Time , boxing of the product and the way everything went together was
A #1. Easy and fast.
Also, removal just as fast.
Thanks again.

by: Floyd 07/30/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

The 60" CoreBar Crossbars will be much more useful to us than the original 50" bars placed on our shell at the factory. The only issue I had was that there were no instructions with the bars. It took a little while for me to figure out how the old bars came off and how to put the new ones on but I'll consider that a learning experience.

by: Phil04/27/2018

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Timely delivery of my order, as usual! Easy to install on my 2015 4Runner. After I had the mounts ready and put on both bars, I installed the front one and fine-tuned it, the second took even less time then. I now have the ability to carry up to 3 kayaks, perfect! etrailer is a great company!

by: Lisa04/12/2019

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

These crossbars feel like they are well made and sturdy. It took less than 30 minutes to install with the Ridgeline Towers. I love the look of the bars! Can't wait to load the Kayaks up and get out on the water.

by: Karen06/06/2020

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Perfect. Perfect. Easy to install and high quality. Confident in this product. Excellent instructions. Used with towers of course! Towers and crossbars have demonstrated to be strong and durable with several trips with kayaks.

by: Sean04/06/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Had all parts in stock. This is the number 1 reason purchased from I was given tracking info the entire way to destination. Order shipped same day. Definitely a 5 star company. Thanks

by: Steve 07/19/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

as always with e trailer a great job in getting the things I order a little slow this time and on another order I placed but I think that was because of availability. I recommend them highly.

by: Jeremy06/05/2018

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

My experience with etrailer has been excellent. There was going to be a potential delay in one of the products, but their customer service promptly informed me, half the price of some of their competitors so can't really complain. In the end they got the part ahead of schedule and was able to ship in a timely manner. I will definitely keep them in mind for future purchases.

by: Rick 12/04/2021

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Super easy replacement and perfect fit. Highly recommend. Thanks

Perfect, no issues
Rick - 12/05/2022

by: Benjamin 01/11/2023

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Great communication! Always knowledgeab le.

by: David05/09/2018

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

We purchased the Yakima Skyline Towers roof rack with the Jet Stream crossbars. Took about 2 hours to install on the naked roof of our Flex. I drilled through the roof strip for the mounting bolts and they fit tighter than the factory rails. Very happy with our choice.

by: Christopher03/15/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Very solid roof rack solution but the wind noise is mind-numbing. Ugh.

by: Hung09/27/2021

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

I have a 2004 Toyota Camry, my purpose is to purchase this Yakima Baseline System for Rooftop tent. My 23Zero rooftop tent weighs 130 lb, so far it's super solid. I did some minor adjustments based on the shape and level of the roof when mounting it.

by: Christopher03/15/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Very solid roof rack but the wind noise is insufferable. Ugh.

by: Dan 02/28/2023

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

great service and was kept up to date with process and delivery.

by: Rafael07/03/2020

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Roof rack fits and works as advertised. Over the phone customer support for sales and install directions were very helpful and thorough. Geoff is an excellent brand ambassador who goes above and beyond to fulfill customer expectations. I will definitely be shopping at etrailer for my future vehicle needs. Well done!

by: Benjamin06/21/2020

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

I ordered the wrong set up for my car, but the excellent customer service specialist set me up and expedited my roof rack that fit perfectly. I highly recommend calling and speaking with the knowledgeable staff about your needs. I'm super happy with the experience overall!

by: Eileen 07/28/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Holding up our large cargo basket for a year without any issues! Love these

by: Richard01/05/2022

Review from a similar CoreBar in Roof Rack

Instructions are very unclear,not a happy customer,I may be returning racks

I am happy to help with the installation. Can you explain in more detail the difficulty that you are having. Have you had the chance to view the video installation on a 2016 Honda CR-V.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 01/07/2022
I think I figured it out. Ty
-- comment by: Richard - 01/07/2022

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Customers compare Y00421-3 to these similar products

Do you have a question about this Roof Rack?


Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack - Aero Crossbars - Raised Side Rails - Aluminum - 50" Long - Silver

Code: MPG215

1155 reviews

Our Price: $179.95


Product Specs:

Roof Rack

Complete Roof Systems

Aero Bars


Locks Included


50 In Bar Space

2 Bars


This quiet, aerodynamic roof rack mounts to your vehicle with raised, factory side rails. Crossbars accommodate accessories that mount in the T-slots or clamp around the bars. Full-length aluminum crossbars maximize carrying capacity. Includes locks.

Video of Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack - Aero Crossbars - Raised Side Rails - Aluminum - 50" Long - Silver

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack - Aero Crossbars - Raised Side Rails - Aluminum - 50" Long - Silver - MPG215

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (1155 Customer Reviews)

This quiet, aerodynamic roof rack mounts to your vehicle with raised, factory side rails. Crossbars accommodate accessories that mount in the T-slots or clamp around the bars. Full-length aluminum crossbars maximize carrying capacity. Includes locks.

by: Sharon02/28/2022

I purchased my roof racks last year for my Chevy Equinox. I was not able to install them right away because the delivery was delayed. etrailer was great about getting them to me though and checking on whether I got them or not.
Before installing them my brother and I counted all the parts and thought we were all set. We installed the racks and when we had everything together we put the bar caps on and found three of one size and one of the other instead of two and two. There should have been two fronts and two backs for the caps. I left the missing cap end open all summer and used the racks often. They’re great. The only complaints I have are
1- without the cap on its very noisy when traveling on the highway.
2- when I contacted Malone. the company that manufactures them, to ask for the correct cap( I was willing to trade the wrong one I have for the correct one)
they told me that since I didn’t buy directly from them that it wasn’t their responsibility. They told me that I needed to get in touch with etrailer. When I got in touch with etrailer they told me it wasn’t their responsibility but it was Malone’s responsibility. I think that since Malone packaged them it should be their responsibility. They both told me that I could buy what I had already paid for, and of course they don’t come separately but in a package of four.
As I was going to be traveling soon I put a piece of duct tape on the end and called it a day.
Overall I was
Happy with etrailer, not happy with Malone.

You mentioned that you were missing a cap due to receiving 3 of one side and one of the other. I would like to see if I can assist you and if you could tell me if you need a drivers side cap or a passenger side cap. Also, if you could verify your shipping address as well.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/10/2022
Thanks for reaching out. I am missing the driver’s side front cap. We did count all the parts but we didn’t make sure they were the right ones. I will try to send a picture. It’s covered in duct tape right now to lessen the noise so it looks off but I think you can see which one it is supposed to be. If you held it in front of you with the part that gets ed into the rack facing you the longer pointed end would face forward. Hope that helps.
-- comment by: Sharon - 03/10/2022
I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/10/2022
It’s still working well and I’m happy with it. Etrailer was very helpful with the purchasing and delivery end of the process and I would definitely recommend them.
Sharon - 03/01/2023

by: Heather07/10/2022
2022 Chevrolet Equinox

Disappointed. The clamp covers are poorly designed, they don’t stay in place once the clamps are tightened. Although this product says it fits my vehicle (2022 Chevy Equinox), I was forced to place the front cross bar further back than I wanted to because the clamps wouldn’t secure properly where the side rails attach to the roof. The rubber inserts provided to reduce wind noise just loosely fit into the slot on the underneath of the cross bars; doesn’t seem like they’re going to be any benefit.

I reached out to Malone about the review with the installation. They recommended reevaluating the installation of the outer foot pads. I have attached pictures that they have sent to help show how best to get the foots pads in place. As long as the outer pads are full in place the cover should stay on.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 07/15/2022

by: Joseph04/25/2021

With one exception the roof top carrier worked well. The exception is two rail caps came off. (See photos.) The rack still works fine, but detracts from the appearance of the car.

Thank you for your review. If the roof rack bar caps are lost, I recommend to replace them with part # MPG1012
Replacement Endcaps for Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack Crossbars - Qty 4
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 04/29/2021
My review is the same except all four rail caps have come off. Also, regarding Heather As suggestion to replace the caps, I dont see that as a good solution. Unless Malone has improved the caps, the new ones are likely to come off leading to continued replacements.
Joseph - 04/26/2022

by: Michael. E04/28/2022

I wanted to put these roof bars through their paces before writing this review and I happy to report that these roof bars have worked like a champ. I purchased these roof bars back in May 2021.

The installation was simple and took no time to get them mounted and aligned. My load is a 100lbs rooftop tent. I have had it on 6 camping trips its been up and down the highway countless time in early spring, summer and part of fall. With the rooftop tent mounted I can drive at 65-70MPH comfortably but I usually keep my speed it 65MPH for optimal MPG. I keep the roof bars on year round but I remove the tent when the colder weather returns.

Good product at a good price.

by: David08/12/2022

Overall the rack is great, as was the price, and my only problem was that of the 4 rack locks included, 3 had ids that matched the included keys and the fourth had a different id that didn't work with the key (see photo). Luckily, Malone's HQ is the next town over, so I was able to drive over and they got things straightened out for me. Pretty big oversight in terms of QA though.

by: Jeffrey08/07/2021

These Malone aero crossbars look great, were easy to install, and seem as strong as the much more expensive Thule crossbars I put on my wife's car.

I love that the adjustment tool is included in the tower component, and that locks are included.

I haven't had any trouble with the end caps falling out like some people in these reviews have mentioned. I made sure they snapped in properly when I installed. They're made with a section that flips out so you can access the t-slot along the top of the crossbar in case you use racks that can attach that way.

These do hum a little when I drive, but I don't think any more than the comparable Thules on my wife's car. Certainly it's less than my old round Yakima crossbars. The other difference I've noticed between these and the Thules is that these are horizontally flat, whereas the Thule aero bar crowns a bit in the middle. This ends up making the Thules generally match the slight roundedness of your car's roof, whereas the Malone bars do not. This creates an optical illusion where you think your car's roof is flat and the Malones are sagging. They are not. Your roof is rounded and the Malone aero bars are flat and level.

These are holding up great on my Crosstrek, and I'm really glad I saved several hundred dollars not buying Thule or Yakima again.

Still quite happy with these crossbars. They are much easier to take off for the winter and put back on in the spring than the Thule cross bars I have on my wifes car. Great product, Malone!
Jeffrey - 08/21/2022

by: Alexandru12/12/2022

Good overall. Might want to trim down a bit for a cleaner look for my model at least, 2019 VW Tiguan. But overall 5 stars.

by: Michael12/12/2022

Straightforward installation; solid feel; looks good; very little wind noise at 70mph on my 2021 Forester. Quite impressed!

by: A05/19/2022
2008 Volkswagen Touareg

These Malone Air Flow 2 crossbars were fairly easy to install on my 2007 VW Touareg (facelift version which is more the 2008 Touareg style) Measures were taken many many times to get it right. Took me about an hour total, with the most time spent on the “noise strips” that go under the bars after install is done. The instructions say to cut these and push them into place - well pushing them into place is a challenge because they are fairly thick and do not bend. I found that placing one side and then pushing inward and downward at the same time will get them into correct place - inch by inch. Cutting them to fit required a cutting knife because scissors just wouldn't cut thru.
Tightening the clamps onto the factory raised rails is important, but I am concerned that I may not have them tightened enough, yet tightening too much might break the tool. Hmmm. How tight is correct tightness, and how does one really know they are tight enough.
I plan to drive a few days with the crossbars on and then re-tighten them.
I have them spaced at 29 inches and notice no noise at 35 MPH. Have not driven at hwy speeds yet. Overall, I am very pleased with these crossbars.

by: Karen 03/01/2023

This is a very sturdy rack, I only use it for my kayak and I install it only when needed. The clamps slide around when the rack is not installed and if you don't hold it horizontal they slide to the ends and pop off the plastic end caps. The end caps were VERY hard to install the first time. Now they pop off easily (and pop back on easily) My only concern is loosing or breaking one and not being able to get a replacement, as the ends of the horizontal bars are a very rough cut and could hurt someone. I have adjusted to this issue, and would buy this again. I've been contemplating about some way to keep the end caps more secure. Its still a great rack for the money.

by: Michael06/07/2021

I watched the videos on how to install the Malone Airflow 2 Aero Crossbars and the installation was simple and straightforward. I'm looking forward to putting my new2 Yakima Skybox 16 on my roof and am quite happy to have found the solution for less than half of what a name brand solution would have cost!

Ive had my Malone Airflow 2 Aero on for a year now and am thoroughly pleased and satisfied with this product. I have had zero problems since installation and everything continues to function flawlessly! Thank you for a great product and helpful installation videos.
Michael - 06/08/2022

by: Jeremy08/05/2022

Bars are 48.5" NOT 50". False advertising. I bought this in part to haul lumber. Sheet goods are 48" wide which means I only have 0.25" on each side to clamp. Not sufficient. I was debating about getting the longer bars. I wish I would have. They should publish this spec so people know what they are getting.

I apologize for any confusion. I pulled these bars to get measured and found that, that 50 inch measurement is from end cap to end cap. Without the end caps, they only measure out to 48.5 inches. I have gotten this information added this to our site.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 08/12/2022

by: Craig06/26/2020

The Malone roof rack is simple and secure. It's more substantial than the factory cross pieces. The shipping was a little slow, perhaps due to the COVID-19; but when it arrived I had it installed within a half hour. I'm using the rack to haul kayaks.

Perfect, no issues. Initially I planned on taking the rack off the vehicle during the winter months however, I did not and the rack has held up incredibly well. Its still like new.
Craig D - 06/27/2021

by: H.Lee04/09/2022

Pretty easy and works well with my Thule motion xl

by: Rob 01/25/2023
2000 Volkswagen Passat

Worked great. Very easy to install on factory racks on VW Passat 2000. I took my time making sure on distance between bars, working around the factory support to the roof in the middle, and making sure the longest skis would go on without impeding the back hatch. Just a matter of mounting, putting skis on top and making sure everything works fine. Once I had that lined up, mounting the rails was really easy. Paired with Rhino ski rack and has worked great for last year. Maybe 40 days of driving with skis. No noise issues that I noticed and totally solid.

by: James03/13/2019
2007 Toyota RAV4

I have only test fitted on my Toyota Rav4, so I haven't used yet. I'm impressed with the quality and construction. I like the thickness & strength of the aluminum cross bars. Also like the quality of the rail clamps and built in locks. PLEASE NOTE: Before ordering the 50" cross bars, I did some carefully measuring on the factory roof rack on our 2007 Jeep Liberty Limited before ordering and found the 50" cross bars would also work on our Jeep's roof rack as well. You site recommended the 55" cross bars for our Jeep. I didn't want the extra overhang when using on the RAV4. I have attached photos of the cross sitting on the Jeep. They are not tighten down for use. Just sitting in place for a fitment check.

Worked Great- Used It on vacation last summer to haul beach stuff in soft cargo carrier.
James - 03/14/2020

by: Andrew02/22/2019
2012 Nissan Murano

Really solid bars and equipment, especially for the price compared to the other big names on this site.
Construction/Quality: Solid feeling bars, weather stripping is solid
Fit: These bad boys snapped right into place and took very little effort to get lined up correctly
Usability: Fit my 1UpUsa Bike rack with the flush mount option and my Yakima rack (see pics)
Customer Service: Had a question while installing and customer service was on the line in <1minute
Time: Took me about 2 hours to get everything done (messing with the flush mount rack bolts, adding in weather stripping
Add-On Parts: End caps were hard to get in, had to go in just right, and the weather stripping on the bottom was very difficult to get in once the rack was on (as per directions) and the flush mount channels were a very tight fit with the stripping in there (I had to remove sections and cut them to fit the t-bolts in and then fit sections of rubber back in). The cold weather made these strips much less pliable I think)
Overall: I really like these racks despite the difficulties with the installation (really with my flush mount system). Limited road noise even at 80, no bounce to the racks when loaded. I'd recommend these in a heartbeat (so far)

Fantastic Product Still
Andrew - 02/23/2020

by: Franklin John07/21/2022

The instructions are well explained.I have a 2015 Toyota RAV4 and I had no problem installing these crossbars. I will update this review as soon as I get a roof rack/basket.

by: George06/05/2019
Ford Escape

First a kudos to Katherine B. at for being so helpful and knowledgeable about the roof rack I purchased for my Ford Escape.
Installation took about an hour and is locked tight in place. The solid feel of the product gives me the confidence I was seeking to safely haul my canoe without issue. I'm very pleased with the finished product and it looks great too. The only issue I had was with one rubber cup piece that attaches to the unit. It keeps slipping down and does not fit tightly in place. A little Gorilla glue solved that problem quickly. I would like to recommend before putting the rubber strip on the underside of the rack, you leave it on the roof of the car on a warm sunny day to make it more malleable to fit the groove. With that done, I am very pleased. I will be doing a 500 + mile trip to the Adirondacks later this month with my canoe and grand-nephews for some camping and fishing and am anxious to see how the rack performs on a lengthy trip. Lastly, I must give etrailer a shout-out for the great deal I received. Comparable racks are many dollars more. Thanks etrailer.

Made the trip to the Adirondacks with the nephews without any issues. I will be planning another trip or two this summer and will be hauling the canoe and a kayak. Total weight of the two vessels is not an issue like the first rack I purchased.I recently checked for any movement in the cross-bars and it was as tight as when I installed it. I have great confidence in this item. If you install it right, you too should have smooth sailing. Thanks again etrailer.
George C - 06/06/2020

by: Kellen10/02/2021
2005 Lincoln Aviator

The ease of installation with these crossbars was amazing, they feel solid once tightened down, and they look fantastic and ready for a roof basket! Never used this brand or heard of them but I was looking for affordable crossbars and these have 100% delivered. I also have not added the sound-deadening weather stripping that slots into the bottom of the rail, and I don’t feel a need to as up to 70mph I have not heard any new noise from the bars whatsoever. Fantastic product!

by: Tad12/30/2022
2021 Subaru Crosstrek

Awesome for the price! Highly recommended. Installation was a breeze and looks amazing

by: Greg06/10/2019
2019 Toyota RAV4

Ordered this product for my 2019 Toyota Rav4 Trail with the raised rail from as they were the only site that would confirm a fit on my car. The turnaround time from ordering to delivery is impressively prompt. And the product itself speaks of quality and fitted perfectly on the Rav4. Installation took me less than half an hour and I was able to attach my two old bike racks on it and the bikes for the weekend.
The product performed perfectly and looks just as great compared to the others out there that cost twice more.
Kudos to Mackenzie B. of who answered my questions and addressed my concerns all throughout the process.

Great! It is holding up pretty well. etrailer definitely sells quality products and won’t hesitate doing business with them again.
Greg - 06/18/2020

by: Jason07/23/2018
2017 GMC Acadia

This is a great value product. I was a bit discouraged by the pricing of similar name brand products. I took a chance on this brand, and have been very happy thus far. Assembly was a breeze and fit was perfect thanks to the fit guide offered by etrailer. Would highly recommend this roof rack system, especially for those unwilling to pay double (or more) for other brands that serve the same purpose.

The Malone roof rack has exceeded all my expectations. We have hauled kayaks and roof storage with no issues. All the parts have held up well. Highly recommend this product.
Jason S - 07/23/2019

by: Mike01/08/2023

We love these racks. We never had an issue with install or with the product donde We use it for our roof top tent and we will most likely purchase another pair for another car.

by: David D.04/25/2019

I love my rack!
We use it to haul SUPs
and Kayaks. Been up and down the mountains for hundreds of miles with the racks loaded.
They have held up without any issues. Noise is minimal and I recommend for anyone else.

Racks still work great. Useful and still in fine condition.
David D - 04/26/2020

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Do you have a question about this Roof Rack?

  • Comparing the 50 Inch and 58 Inch Long Malone AirFlow2 Roof Racks for a 2017 Subaru Forester
  • Yes, the Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack part # MPG215 and the Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack part # MPG216 will both fit the raised factory side rails on your 2017 Subaru Forester. The only difference between them is length as you alluded to, 50" long vs 58" long. The 58" long crossbar will have a slight decrease in aerodynamics as it is longer therefore more surface area for the wind to come into contact with but this is not anything that you would be able to notice. The best one for you really...
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  • Comparing Malone and Curt Roof Rack for a 2014 Kia Sedona
  • The Malone AirFlow2 Roof Rack part # MPG215 and Curt Roof Rack for Raised Side Rails part # C18118 are both great options for a 2014 Kia Sedona. The Malone rack has a higher weight capacity, the crossbars are a more standard size so they will work with a greater variety of roof mounted accessories, and Malone is a brand associated almost exclusively with racks and carriers so they are more geared/focused on this particular market. Therefore, the Malone roof rack is what I recommend.
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