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Thule Bike Adapter Bar for Women's and Alternative Frame Bikes

Code: TH982XT

317 reviews

Our Price: $69.95


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Hitch Bike Racks
Spare Tire Bike Racks
Trunk Bike Racks


16 - 31-1/2 Inch Long

Adapter Bar


Large push buttons on the clamps make it even easier to transport your alternative frame, child's or woman's bike on a hanging-style bike rack. Molded rubber ends protect the bike. Telescoping design works with most size bikes.

Video of Thule Bike Adapter Bar for Women's and Alternative Frame Bikes

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Thule Bike Adapter Bar for Women's and Alternative Frame Bikes - TH982XT

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (317 Customer Reviews)

Large push buttons on the clamps make it even easier to transport your alternative frame, child's or woman's bike on a hanging-style bike rack. Molded rubber ends protect the bike. Telescoping design works with most size bikes.

by: Kevin12/01/2022

Haven’t used it yet but I’m hoping it will allow me to purchase the Aventon Aventure Ebike step over. The Aventon webpage says that my Thule EasyFold will not fit the on this rack, if not it will be returned.

by: John01/21/2022

Received torn-up and taped Thule box with damaged product inside. I choose to give the "little guy" a chance against [online]. I will not shop or recommend etrailer to friends and family.

by: Robert11/19/2021

These Thule crossbars are now holding two heavy e-bikes on wall racks in our garage.

by: Karen 10/08/2022

I bought a bike rack that just wouldn't work for my bike. I gave up on carrying my bike anywhere. Until your company reached out to me again through email. I was told about the adaption bar I could purchase. Thank you so much. It works perfectly. Now my bike and I can travel together.

by: Jim G.07/17/2016

Bought this Thule bike adapter bar for my wife's Mango Longboard fat-tire beach cruiser. We already had the Thule 2-bike carrier, not sure what model number. The bar works fine for hanging the bike on the carrier, but we haven't traveled with it yet; it will get a 1000+ mile trial run soon.

With this bar and this particular bike the bike's front wheel hangs too low to leave it on the bike. It's a quick-release style wheel, so not a big deal to remove, but the wheel takes up extra space inside the vehicle.

I don't like that the weight of the bike is being held by the handle bar post and the seat, but that's just the nature of these adapters and there is really no other way to put this type of bike on this type of carrier without it.

The bar is rated for 50 lbs. and the bike weighs 37 lbs., including the front wheel, so I expect this bar to work fine for us.

by: Lucy P04/29/2015

Kat at etrailer was very specific and knowledgeable as to what I needed for my car. The installation was done by a mechanic but I probably could have figured it out. My husband was grateful that he didn't have to install it but he was super impressed on how it looked and its sturdy strength. Haven't had a nice day in Texas since it was installed so I will report back as to how the bike rides on the rack. Overall, very impressed. Shipping was fast too!

by: Old Biker Going E-bike05/06/2022

I bought this version because it is rated to 50 lbs and so it should work for the heavier electric bike. I have been using the lighter version for several years without any problems on my Thule bike rack.

by: John P07/18/2017

Today I installed the Gateway XT 2 Bike Carrier - Trunk Mount and used the Thule Bike Adapter Bar - Womens & Alt. Frame Bikes to hang two bikes on the back of my 2013 Mustang, 2 dr, with factory spoiler.

I read the instructions over breakfast. It seemed pretty simple, and it was. Of course, being the first time installing the carrier it was a little slow as I figured out what went where but referring back to the instructions made the install go smoothly.

A couple points of note:

1) Not too comfortable that the strap clips won't scratch the paint. They're coated but not padded. I'll probably glue a thin rubber padding to the inside of the top and bottom clips. The side clips just barely slide on and there is no room for any additional padding.

2) Discovered that I needed to secure the inside pedal upward to ensure it did not bang against the bumper. I used a mini-bungee cord but weaving the supplied tie down strap might do the trick. Not sure (yet) which is fastest/easiest method. Definitely need the tie down strap to keep the front wheel of the inside bike from beating against the car.

3) Although the Adapter Bar does hold my wife's bike level, the bar at its shortest position is a few inches too long leaving gaps at the front and back. There did not appear to be a way to lock the bar length and only the ripple straps to keep the bar from vibrating looser. Hopefully not a problem on long drives or bumpy roads.

I'm attaching a couple photos from the install process that you are free to use.


Hanover, PA

by: Adapter for Hybrid11/07/2013

Good sturdy tool. Would not be able to load the women's hybrid on the Thule Raceway 2 Bike Carrier without it. It's somewhat of an awkward fit and that's just because the bike is a bit of a beast.

by: Paul 09/10/2022

Bike cross bar is exactly what we needed to hang our ebikes on our hitch bike rack

by: Nicholas10/26/2017

Very pleased with quality and engineering of Thule bike rack. Assembly was easy and instructions well written and easy to follow. Excellent product!

by: Paula11/08/2013

Thanks for the great service! The Thule converter bar was exactly what I needed to be able to transport and store my new sissy style women's bike.

by: Stanley11/30/2022

Always point on with there products.

by: Richard05/08/2022

I just received my bike adaptor for my full suspension mountain bike which attaches to my Thule bike rack. The adaptor looks very secure which is very important to prevent my bike paint from being scratched. The attachment also allows you to remove the bike from the rack with utmost ease . I highly recommend this product.

by: Dan 09/18/2022

Simple design and works well on a variety of bike frames. Does the job. A bit on the expensive side for what it is though.

by: T.J. McD. 09/02/2016

I'm from a generation that's still very skeptical about making purchases online, sight unseen, without ever putting my hands on it. Yes, I'm that guy. I surfed around looking at different bike carriers for my Jeep with 17" wheels. I mention that because I wanted to use my trailer hitch for the carrier. I even went to a few brick and mortar stores so I could "touch" it. Couldn't find the right one so I went back to the web and found It was the only site that I felt offered the best selection and had enough reviews to back them up. Still being a skeptic and missing that "touch" I put off the purchase for a few more weeks. Gave me time to look a little more at the brick and mortar shops for kicks. Finally I was ready. I came back and phoned in to order. Still wanted to have a human in the process. Times are changing and I'm changing with them, so when a woman answered the phone I had a momentary reaction that made me think that she wouldn't be able to help. Before I took another second to doubt, I just started with questions and she knew all the answers. The reviews were right and that was a pleasant surprise. She gave me some options but we both agreed that for what I wanted, my original selection was the best option. No pressure to upsell me, just the right equipment for the job. I paid for the carrier and she said I'd have it by the end of the week. I doubted that even though it was Monday evening. Thursday of that week my order arrived. Two bolts and it was attached to my Jeep. Just like that I was ready to go. Thanks to all the helpful folks at

Thanks, I’m very happy with them. They work like they’re supposed to and have given me no trouble.
T.J. M - 10/27/2017

by: Donald B.08/17/2018

This adaptor bar works as advertised. Each of the two collars at either end has a push-button release to raise and lower a segment of the collar, enabling you to capture the seat post at one end and your handlebar neck on the other. You can adjust the length of the tube as needed; though, the movement does not work as smoothly as I might like. Once in place on the bike, the adaptor fits loosely on the rack, but gravity, the rack straps, and a bungee cord or two keep everything in place. Don't expect it to fit as snugly as a bike frame that doesn't require an adaptor; this thing is merely a jury-rig to get a step-through bike frame to rest on the rack in a conventional manner. To that end it does a satisfactory job. The price is perhaps a bit high for what is otherwise a two-dollar pipe and some interlocking, plastic collars, but overall construction is sturdy enough for normal wear and tear. Keep it stored out of the weather and it should last for years.

After a year the product operates just as well as it did when purchased. I use it several times a summer and dont have any major complaints. I would likely buy it again.
Donald B - 08/17/2019

by: Gene06/02/2021

The Thule bike rack and security strap work very well. We had to purchase an extra bar for my wife's bicycle. Consequently, her bike doesn't fit as perfectly to the rack's tightening straps as mine. But overall, with some adjustments, we were able to make it work.

by: Greg08/16/2018

I purchased the Thule TH982XT bike adapter. It appears to work as advertised, however, there is no minimum length specification provided. The video claims this model will work on women's, as well as kids bikes; but when the adapter is fully reduced, it is still about 2-3" too long for my wife's bike. This causes the unit to drop down so the bar is not level, nor tight. I suppose it will still perform as intended.

Per the product description, the Thule TH982XT has a span that is adjustable from 16 to 31-12 inches. The bar with the shortest span would be the Yakima TubeTop, part # Y02531
Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar
which is adjustable from 14-12 to 31-12 inches. As long as the clamps on either end are secured and the rack is secured to the adapter bar, the bike wont go anywhere.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 08/16/2018

by: Dave D07/29/2013

Bar works well with the Thule rack. Look at instructions on how to open it up. Wasn't intuitive just looking at it, but pretty easy to use. It was a good buy and would recommend it if you get a Thule rack.

by: Peter04/10/2022

This bike bar is very easy to use. It is strong enough to hold my e-bike without risk of breaking..

by: Ann06/12/2020

This rack is excellent. Easy to install and easy to get the bikes on and off. We bought the adapter bar for my bike (women's). We live in the city and wanted a rack we could easily take on and off and store in the cargo area of our Renegade. This rack fits perfectly! The tilting function is worth spending the extra money so that we can still access our hatch back.

Also etrailer is a great company. The rack came quickly, well packed, and they opened the rack box and put the other parts we ordered inside the rack box to cut down an waste from extra shipping materials. We order all our racks and related gear for toting our skis and bikes from etrailer.

by: Denise K08/06/2012

Now I can transport my mixte frame bike without a problem. The adapter also lets me hang the bike on a standard frame stand in the garage. Wonderful product!

by: Carolyn02/04/2018

Turns out that the adapter bar for women's bikes didn't make it easier for us to put two bikes on the Thule raceway Pro rack. I am returning it.

Carolyn,Thank you for your review. This adapter bar adapts womens, alternative, oversize and some childrens bike frames to fit various bike racks. It does allow the alternative frame bike to hang level which could create more room for a second bike.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 02/06/2018

by: Fred L.08/08/2013

We got the Thule Raceway 2 carrier and a pair of Thule adapter bars. Both seem to be well designed and solidly constructed. The carrier itself is very heavy, and I'm a little worried about the stress that it and the bikes must put on the trunk lid. I'll be interested to see if it has deformed any sheet metal or the plastic bumper covering when I remove it.
I'm using the carrier on a new Dodge Dart, which is listed in the printed instructions, but just with a note to look online for updated new-model information. Unfortunately the Thule website seems to the even more outdated. It doesn't even list the Dart, and the carriers it shows are completely different models from the ones available now. But a phone call to E-trailer got me the information I needed for installation.
In connection with my purchase, I consulted several different E-trailer people via phone and e-mail, and all were very helpful and professional. Delivery was extremely fast. I entered my online order late Monday afternoon, and the shipment arrived shortly after noon on Wednesday.

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  • Comparing Thule Frame Bike Adapter Bar # TH982 and the Newer # TH982XT for Bike Racks
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled a Thule Adapter Bar, # TH982, and the updated version, # TH982XT. There are a few key differences between each product. For the TH982XT, Thule made several upgrades including an easier pushbutton mechanism to open the hooks on each end. Each rubber molded clamp end is the same size in the newer version. And the telescoping feature now has a pushbutton stop. The old design had a round shaft that would allow the smaller end to rotate inside the larger...
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Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar

Code: Y02531

167 reviews

Our Price: $38.95
After Instant Rebate


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Hitch Bike Racks
Spare Tire Bike Racks
Trunk Bike Racks


Adapter Bar


For female or oddly shaped frames, throw on a Tube Top Adapter. The adapter attaches quickly and easily between your handlebars and seat post to form a sturdy, horizontal bar, which makes the bike compatible with most hitch mounted carriers.

Video of Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar - Y02531

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (167 Customer Reviews)

For female or oddly shaped frames, throw on a Tube Top Adapter. The adapter attaches quickly and easily between your handlebars and seat post to form a sturdy, horizontal bar, which makes the bike compatible with most hitch mounted carriers.

by: Sem Tiep06/24/2022

It allow me to secure my step thru Lectric E bikes on the Hollywood Sport bike rack.

by: Dave R08/18/2013

Purchased this unit only after my original adapter bar (from Swagman) was on back order. I called eTrailer after not seeing any activity from my order in 2 days. That's when I was made aware that it was not available for another couple of weeks. Not a big deal but would have liked to be notified sooner and not have the rest of my order delayed because of the adapter bar.
The unit is well built, heavy duty and very sturdy. Locking arms lock in place with a click to let you know they're locked. Doesn't fit my wife's bike that well (a bit long) but I've gotten it to work. Used it over the weekend on a 4hr trip and looked and performed great. Thanks eTrailer

Well, its been over a year now and the Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter still looks great and is holding up well to the rigors Ive put it through. Thanks again
Dave R - 02/23/2015

by: Julie K06/29/2014

Prior to purchasing the bike rack, we loaded our bikes in the back of our CRV. We had not purchased a rack before as we were told that there weren't any racks that would fit a CRV. That's where came in - I went on line and found the site and the rest is history. The bike rack came quickly and with a few adjustments, it was soon on the back of the CRV. Unfortunately, I did not realize that a female bike required an adapter bar so we were unable to use the rack with both bikes until the second order arrived with the adapter enclosed. Friendly and prompt communication from on both orders. I definitely recommend purchasing this product from - just don't forget a Tube Top adapter if one of your two bikes is for a woman!

Hi, is your Honda CRV a 2014 5door?How many stabilizing straps do you have?Thank you!Janet
-- comment by: Janet - 07/08/2014

by: Catherine08/26/2022

The Bike Adapter Bar works as intended. The buttons to release the two ends are recessed and difficult to press open. The bar is heavy and adds additional unecessary weight as I life my bike on my rack.

by: Joe G10/20/2013 not only had the best price for the adapter bar I was looking for, but they did not gouge me on shipping costs. After ordering you get emails at every stage, than the best of all, I received an email stating they bumped my order from standard to priority at no additional charges. I will check in the future for purchases, outstanding customer service and delivery.

by: Gregory05/01/2020

Decent little rack. I mounted this on a 2020 Jeep Renegade 4x4 Limited. It was difficult to get set up and as a ton of slack on the tie downs. I just cut them and burned the nylon since this is the only vehicle that this rack will ever be on. Secured one bike, rode well with little movement. Secured two bikes, a little wiggle. Secured three bikes and I was not comfortable at all!!
The bikes I loaded are a Giant Stance 1 29er Full Suspension, Trek Marlin 5 hardtail and a Liv Bliss 2. The total of weight of these 3 bikes is 92 pounds, shouldn't be that big of an issue... however, when looking at the directions on Yakima site, it says that 90 pounds includes the weight of the rack?!?!?! I mean come on be real as to what people can put on their rack without the weight of the rack. I would not buy this again if I had the choice.

However, etrailer... you guys rock. Super fast shipping and easy check-out!!

by: Jose05/30/2022

Great product. Secure my bicycle easier and make transportation faster.

by: Kevin03/14/2023

Don't like it
part of support loops around
bike seat which could loosen during driving.
my opinion its not safe

I completely understand your concerns about the bike adapter bar. This bike adapter bar will fit loosely on the bike until the bike is placed on the rack. The bike adapter bars have tension pushing on them both ways. At that point gravity pulls the bike down, and the bike rack arms holding the adapter up, will keep it secure. They are tested to make sure that they are safe to use.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/16/2023

by: Jim09/04/2022

Excellent bike rack for my two electric bikes. The guy I talked to on the phone answered all my questions and was very helpful as I ordered the bicycle rack.

by: Seth03/14/2023

Not sure about this product. It works, but it seems to big for the bikes I am using it on. It doesn't sit tightly on the bike or seem to fit. Not quite what I wad hoping for but it did do the job. I like to see a more secure fit for the price.

by: Jen09/11/2016

I placed an order for a Swagman bike rack and and 2 adapter bars with in early August 2016. A week later I received a notice that the adapter bars were on back order, but my order would be sent once they were available. Another several weeks passed and I called to inquire about the status. I spoke with Pat C. who explained that there was no expected date for shipment, but she could replace the adapter bars with another brand. I was happy with the offer and accepted. Then Pat checked the rest of my order and was very happy to tell me that the bike rack was on sale for Labor Day. She cancelled my previous order and started a new one. Pat saved me nearly $50! My order was shipped later that day and I received it two days later. It was a delight to speak with Pat. She was friendly, helpful and showed great interest in making the customer happy. I will definitely use again.

I am still living both products!
Jen - 10/23/2017

by: Teresa R05/08/2014

I received the Yakima bike rack from etrailer for my Jeep. I received it quickly and found it easy to attach. I then determined that since I have a woman's/mountain bike I needed the tube top adapter. I do wish I would have known that so I could have ordered everything at the same time. I now have it all and everything works great!

by: Tom08/28/2020

Worked great on my wife’s bike. Balances her bike while on the rack

Works great!! I have had this for a year now and makes hanging my wife’s 630 beach cruiser easy.
Tom - 08/29/2021

by: Scott07/17/2020

ill give it 2 stars, and only for it's sturdiness. what a bad design. first off, why would you not make the collars adjustable. adjustable collars would allow tightening of bar to seat post and goose neck to eliminate bike movement once mounted. a locking mechanism for telescoping bar itself would do the same thing. this top bar has neither. matter of fact, for some odd reason, most top bar adapters on the market don't. the overly large collar mechanisms also limit mounting points, meaning not much left to right movement on the bike rack itself in order to get bikes out of way of each other. if you ever tried mounting 3 to 4 bikes on a 4-bike rack you know what i'm talking about. needless to say sending them back and will remove bottle mount cages to make bikes fit together.....

by: Perfect09/06/2016

After a consult with an eTrailer rep, I finally settled on the Saris. I used this for a 3 hour trip (6 hours round trip) with 3 bikes on a lexus NX200T. The video does not show that you need to remove a piece for certain tow hitches. Once I figured that out, it was very easy to assemble. The bikes remained stable and did not get scratched. The locking mechanism added greater stability for the bikes and security when we stopped at rest stops. Remember to buy a cross bar add on if the bike does not have one. I had 2 bikes with the add on, and one without. All 3 bikes remained secure for the trip

by: Larry Wildes05/17/2011

The price, and product were great. Delivery was prompt. The bike bar adapter works great, the only issue was when using the front of the bar on the handlebar stem the front wheel was to close to the ground when mounted on the bike rack, but this was resolved by placing the front of the bar on the top of the fork tube of the frame, the extra 1 1/2" gained by doing this leveled ot the bike on the rack, and gave me the clearance needed. The bike is a 1947 Monark Super Deluxe womens bike, with a tank, and dual springer front end. Thanks for a great product !!

Larry Wildes

by: Douglas05/19/2022

Fit both my wife beach cruise and the kids mountain bikes, can't think of a thing i would change.

by: Michael F05/06/2017

Works well, video for use excellent.

by: J Dolphin10/13/2014

Amazingly FAST shipping! Thanks! The products work as described.

by: Frank 10/01/2021

My New E Bike is a Step through, and Bike Carrier is a Fat Tire Rack so I needed a Bar to go from the Handle Bar to the Seat Post. Should work out PERFECT to Transport my E Bike. No Pictures yet.

by: Tamara M. 01/05/2013

The folks at etrailer gave me a recommendation for what type of hitch and bike rack I needed to fit my 2012 Toyota Sienna. I purchased their recommendation including this bike adapter bar and just came back from a wonderful vacation destination to which I transported 2 adult and 2 kids bikes! A local automotive repair shop installed the hitch for under $100.

Will definitely buy from etrailer again in the future.

Note - you need an adapter for each kids/womens bike being carried on the bike rack... somehow, I didn't realize that initially :)

by: Dr Pinnie09/16/2022

Excellent product and customer service.

by: Contracuti08/01/2016

This Yakima bicycle cross bar does not solve my problem when carrying my Quick 4 Cannondale bike on my Honda CRV. The bike still corkscrews counterclockwise during travel. Don't know what to do other than get a different bike carrier. I am using a Yakama "Joe" that carries 2 bikes on a 2" ball trailer hitch. There must be a better way.

by: Roy F.02/24/2017

We've had one for years and needed a second one for another women's bike. This is the best way to transport a men's or women's bike that doesn't have the top cross bar if you are using a hitch mounted bike rack. Sturdy construction and easy to mount on the bike.

by: Katrina K.06/19/2013

The Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar is easy to use and makes transporting my bike and my daughter's very easy. We had to rig it a bit to fit my son's 16 inch bike due to the length (a little too long), but got it to work!

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