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Thule Spare Me 2 Bike Rack - Spare Tire Mount - Folding Dual Arms

Code: TH963PRO

132 reviews

Our Price: $399.95


Product Specs:

Spare Tire Bike Racks

Frame Mount - Anti-Sway

2 Bikes

Hanging Rack


Bike and Rack Lock

Dual Arm


This rack lets you carry 2 bikes of different sizes and styles on your spare tire. It has dual arms with anti-sway cradles, and it adjusts for various tire sizes and for offset spares. Locks secure your bikes to the rack and the rack to your vehicle.

Video of Thule Spare Me 2 Bike Rack - Spare Tire Mount - Folding Dual Arms

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Thule Spare Me 2 Bike Rack - Spare Tire Mount - Folding Dual Arms - TH963PRO

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (132 Customer Reviews)

This rack lets you carry 2 bikes of different sizes and styles on your spare tire. It has dual arms with anti-sway cradles, and it adjusts for various tire sizes and for offset spares. Locks secure your bikes to the rack and the rack to your vehicle.

by: Andre01/03/2018
2011 Toyota RAV4

This bike rack works great. Took my bike on a cross country road trip from Tampa, Florida to Whistler, British Columbia and back with no issues. There was no slipping or excessive shaking with highway speeds up to 80ish mph. Encountered 105 degree heat, rain squalls and snow storms with no issues. No problems with the set up and the fact that the rear spare tire on my 2011 Toyota Rav4 is off center was not an issue as the rack can accommodate for this. It's a well made product from a reputable company. Make sure to read the directions as they advise against opening the rear hatch with the bike on the rack due to weight concerns. Shipping was quick as were replies to questions to customer service. Follow up correspondence from etrailer was also appreciated. Overall great experience, would highly recommend the product as well as etrailer. Thanks!

Thanks for the follow up! The bike rack continues to work great. It survived another cross-country trip this year. Hope you guys had a successful holiday season.
Andre - 01/04/2019

by: Paul 10/12/2022

It's been just shy of one year since we purchased this for our Toyota RAV4's spare tire mount. It's been easy to install, use, and keep our bikes secure for trips both long and short. It has also been convenient that the assembly allows us to easily open and close the horizontal swinging trunk door of the car without straps or other parts getting in the way. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a safe, secure solution to moving two bikes around for compatible vehicles!

by: Don03/31/2018
2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Great product. So glad I chose this one instead of one of the other types I'd seen around town. Didn't like the design of the ones that fit into the trailer hitches or on the roof. Found this one online and called to order. Steve (I think it was Steve) was extremely helpful and suggested the Swagman adapter which is worth its weight also.

Totally satisfied with it and enjoying it every chance we get.

Were still enjoying it very much and very glad I chose this particular Thule model. It is definitely one of the things that is helping keep us young !
Don - 04/02/2019

by: Nathan 09/26/2022

Overall excellent. The only issue was - potentially from user error - a plastic component broke during installation. However, customer support was great and sent me a replacement part. The rack itself is easy to put on and take-off the car, the bikes are easy to stow, and the bikes are secure. Really like the product.

by: Emily Y06/11/2014
Toyota RAV4

I wanted to respond to you to let you know that I had a really good experience ordering from etrailer. I was informed every step of the way, from the moment I ordered it online, all the way up until it was delivered to my doorstep. I was very impressed!! The bike rack itself was easy to install on my car - I have a RAV4 so it was important to me to be able to still be able to open my trunk with the rack on. Haven't gotten to actually use it yet (I've been temporarily deployed with the military), but I can't wait to! I've attached a picture as well - it looks so spiffy, and makes me seem more athletic than I actually am.

Again, great experience, and I would definitely recommend etrailer to others in a second. Have a great day!

by: Jennette09/12/2013
2013 Jeep Wrangler

After a week of comparing, I decided that this Thule Spare Me 2 bike carrier was the perfect choice to haul my bike on my new 2013 Jeep Wrangler. My husband has a Thule Vertex Swing 4 bike carrier on his truck, which we love. I could transfer it to the hitch on my Jeep whenever I need it, but I wanted something that I could leave on my Jeep that also wouldn’t be in the way when I wasn’t using for my bike. When not in use, this Spare Me carrier folds down out of the way and it doesn’t cause me to make any changes when backing up in tight spaces unlike the hitch mounted carrier.

It was easy to install. I am only 5 feet tall and not very handy with tools. I was able to take off the spare tire with the lug wrench that is in my Jeep easily, pop out the center Jeep logo from the tire, put on the mounting plate and reinstall my spare without help. I then installed the carrier, my bike, cleaned up the packing materials, and even had my husband come admire my handiwork- all in less than an hour.

I can easily fold and unfold the arm and secure it in just a few seconds. It is easy to mount my bike to it and all the straps hold my bike securely and are easy to use. It is also easy to open the straps and take down my bike, so I can be off riding and not fussing over how to get my bike off. I have no problems opening the gate of my Jeep when the bike is not mounted. I don’t know if I would recommend opening the gate with the bikes on.

I have already used the Spare Me for my bike and my nephew’s bike. I drove it over 50 miles at interstate speed and the bikes stayed in place securely. You do need to follow the instructions and use the straps provided to keep the bikes from moving too much. I also use some simple inexpensive hardware store hook and loop straps that keep the wheels in place during transport. From previous experience, I don’t care for bungee cords they stretch too much and don’t hold or pull too hard on my wheels and cause problems with alignment. I learned that lesson the hard way.

My only complaint about the carrier is that the integrated lock for securing the bikes to the carrier is not long enough to accommodate a women’s bike. It works perfectly to go over the top bar on the frame of a man’s bike, but since a women’s bike needs to use an adapter bar for this style bike carrier, the lock only secures the adapter bar. Some women’s bike adapter bars on the market have locks, but the one I own does not. For me, this isn’t a huge problem. I have a separate cable bike lock that I will use if I need to leave my bike unattended. The lock that secures the carrier to the vehicle works as described, so no worries there.

I also want to say that etrailer amazed me with the shipping. I could have order this same product from my Jeep dealer, but they said I would take them 10 business days to get it. I didn’t want to wait 2 weeks. The price was nearly the same from etrailer so I took my chances that I would get it faster. I order this Friday afternoon and UPS delivered it to me Monday afternoon. Wow!
I also selected etrailer because they have the clearest videos and instructions. I was truly able to compare the products and feel like I was making informed decisions based on my skill level and needs. If I ever need something like this again I will remember etrailer.

by: MikeW04/07/2017
2014 Jeep Wrangler

Installed this on a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2dr. Install was a snap and the bike rack has worked out very well. Good paint finish and after a year it is holding up like brand new.

Rubber ties are also like brand new.

Very pleased overall.

by: Jack 08/14/2022
2009 Toyota RAV4

I was a little worried about the install, but the instructions are excellent, and the rack is well designed. It lets me carry my bikes with my teardrop camper on my 2009 Rav4. Great, quick, easy purchase and delivery from etrailer! Thanks for the fast free shipping - it saved the rest of my biking summer!

by: Mary06/07/2022

I needed a solution to put a bike rack on my Jeep where I could open the back door. I also have a backup camera. This works with my back-up camera, because mine is mounted not in the center hole, but in the larger tire hole above it with a bracket. This rack hit all my marks including weight as my e-bike is 43 pounds - so I'm carrying one bike, although my mountain bike probably would still keep it under 75lbs. I had my friend's husband help me install and it was pretty straight forward. The only issue we had is that the safety strap which is sewn (attached) to the handle is not long enough. I have 265 tires, so medium size and there are adaptors for bigger tires included. We tried every possible configuration and could get it attached, but only with an inch of strap left so no tie off. The safety strap is needed, but not long enough. I contacted Thule and they are sending me two straps with metal buckles to extend it. Good customer service.

by: Tammy A.06/12/2018
2012 Jeep Wrangler

This bike rack is very high quality. It holds the bike very tight, with no movement after securing the two wheels together. I watched the bike on my first trip and saw very little vibrating. I would recommend this product to others. Excellent quality & customer service!

by: Alli J (TheSoloTraveler50)03/28/2022

I absolutely love my bike rack. It is sturdy and easy to install and to use. Funny enough story, sorta... I was rear-ended at a slow mph speed, and the car not only hit my bumper but hit my bike rack too. My car and rack suffered minor damage, while his took a beating as that steel bar holding the rack through the spare tire, smashed in his bumper and his hood.

I was amazed how sturdy that bike rack was/is. The bike rack itself had some scrapes, with only a slight bend in the still bar, but it still usable!!! Now that is great quality!!!

by: Joec04/23/2020

I Love this bicycle rack...And use it often.
made and easy to use.

still loving my bike rack
Joec - 04/24/2021

by: Shea07/07/2022

This spare tire bike rack has worked awesome! It is easy to put on and off and holds two bikes securely. It's perfect!

by: David H03/17/2015
2014 Jeep Wrangler

Easy to install if you follow the directions that are included. The rack seems very secure and holds my Mountain Bike tightly to the frame.
The shipping was really fast and the communication from the folks at was exceptional. Tracking email and a follow-up email on the day of delivery. WOW, that doesn't happen with most retailers.
I am confident that the Thule TH963PRO Bike Rack will be all that I had hoped it would be and I'd highly recommend

by: John uebelackerg01/17/2015
Jeep Wrangler

This bike rack has been one of the best investment I evermade,for my new Jeep Wrangler. Very easy to put the bike on,and simple to secure with the rubber tie downs. These straps work very well, and simplify everything, especially time

Thank you e~trailer/and George j

by: Greg B.08/21/2012
2002 Toyota RAV4

Great Bike Rack, install was so easy even a CaveMan could do it!
Bought this one for my Toyota 2002 Rav4 because I wasn't crazy about mounting my bike so high on the roof and the biggest thing that sold me was the spare tire hard cover can go back on when you take the rack off without having to take spare tire off to remove the hold down plate between the vehicle and spare tire.

by: Jose V.07/18/2016
2005 Toyota RAV4

I was initially a bit confused by some of the language on the installation instructions. Once I determined that the installation on my 2005 Rav4 was the most basic one, everything went smoothly. I used the rack for the first time this past weekend and was amazed at the sturdiness of the relatively light frame, and was very pleased with the ease of getting my bike on and off the rack. The bike was so securely attached, that it seemed part of the car. The outstanding customer support I received was icing on the cake. I highly recommend this rack as a solid buy.

The rack is still performing very well. I am vey satisfied with the purchase and the buying experience.
Jose V - 01/06/2018

by: Gary H.10/04/2016
2002 Isuzu Trooper

Thule Spare Me 2 Bike Rack - Spare Tire Mount - Folding Dual Arms. Great alternative if you don't have a hitch. Easy installation and nice to have the offset mounting choice. Took test drive and bicycle stayed firm on mounts.

by: Steve D.05/08/2013
2007 Toyota RAV4

My wife and I received our bike rack just in time to take a 900 mile roundtrip to SC to go camping with our family. I am not mechanically inclined but with a little help from my wife we figured out pretty quickly how to get the rack attached to our 2007 Toyota RAV IV. We had no problem carrying our two bikes there and back. We did need the adapter bar for the lady's bike in order to carry it along with my road bike. Now if it will just stop raining!

My husband and I are looking for a new or slightly used vehicle to have for fun camping, biking, hiking trips. Is the Toyota rav 4 great for camping? It sounds like we will need a new bike rack. Thule seems to make stellar gear. BTW, where did your family camp? We are always looking for new places. We live in Cary, NC.
-- comment by: cindi b - 06/25/2013

Hunting Island State Park near Beaufort , SC.
-- comment by: Steve D - 06/27/2013

by: Thom J.01/03/2014

At this point I can only provide comment on the service, as I have not yet had a chance to remove the product from its shipping container. However, I can say that the service has been great. I phoned in the order to a very knowledgable and helpful person at Etrailer. She subsequently sent me three emails to keep me aware of the status of the order. It must have been shipped within 12-24 hours of the ordering phone call and it arrived today, four days later (one of which was New Year's day). I am off to a great start with the Thule rack and with E trailer!

The Thule bike rack spare time mount has been to Florida and back. No problems to report. We are about to leave for Florida again. Again two bikes but this time one is a fat tire bike Sun Crusher 7 with wide handle bars. Will have to see how they fit together. Anticipate having to remove handle bars to get both bikes on. Well see how that goes.As a follow-up to Etrailer, from whom I bought the Thule rack, they were to have gotten back to me about a refund on a part, but I never heard back. It was a small issue, so it has not changed my mind about them being a very good supplier.
Thom J - 01/03/2015

by: Barbara D.04/16/2016
Toyota RAV4

Great product, easy installation and perfect for my RAV4. I highly recommend this product.

by: Phil 09/16/2021
2004 Honda CR-V

This bike rack fit my 2004 Honda CR-V perfectly, even though the support crew at Thule said it would not.

by: Mark 08/29/2020

The Thule Spare Me 2 Bike Rack is amazing! The shipment arrived in it’s original Thule box in great condition. All parts and instructions were intact. If you’ve watched eTrailer’s instructional videos on YouTube, the installation of this bike rack will be a piece of cake. Good shipment time and wonderful customer service. Very happy with my purchase.

by: Doug S06/06/2017
2017 Jeep Wrangler

Product did not fit an oversized tire (P265) on my jeep wrangler. The Safety Strap was not long enough to secure the bracket to the tire. The long and short mounting brackets did not properly fit on the back tire. When I called tech support, the answer was to take the long mounting bracket to a machine shop and get it cut down to the correct size.

Since the mounting bracket was cut to the correct size, I do not have any issues or concerns transporting my road or mtn bikes. The bracket configuration provides flexibility to utilize bungee cords to secure the new mtn bike frame securely.
Doug S - 06/26/2018

by: Tim H01/23/2014
2010 Toyota RAV4

Received the rack yesterday and installed on my wife's 2010 RAV4. Fits perfectly without any of the extenders or extra mounting pads. Will be easy for her to quickly use without my help. Only suggestion to THULE... The locking knob is shipped with a plastic plug in the hole where the lock is to be installed. the directions say to remove with a screwdriver. I quickly stripped the grove with a normal sized screwdriver. You would need a huge screwdriver to fit the grove. I had to wrestle it out with a pair of pliers - it is then discarded and you install the lock. Would have been a lot easier with just a hole. Once I got that out, rack mounts easily and looks good.

I ran into the same problem with the plastic plug on that knob. It is still in there and ran into another problem. I screwed the knob on. It began to get tight and i kept turning it. Now the knob just turns freely and doesnt screw any further. Did I strip the knob somehow? I didnt muscle it too hard, it just popped and now just spins freely. Do I need to buy a new knob now?
-- comment by: DJ - 03/31/2014

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  • What is the Difference Between the Thule Spare Me XTR and PRO Spare Tire Mount Bike Carriers
  • What you have here are different generations of the same bike carrier, in this case the Thule Spare Me. The newest version is going to be the Pro, # TH963PRO. The previous generation was the XTR and it is no longer being made. So by all accounts the PRO is the better one since it is the newest and most up to date. For Thule part numbers start out usually just a number. Then the next generation will get an XT added on, followed by an XTR, and then a PRO as they make minor changes and...
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  • Comparing the Thule Spare Me 963, 963XT, 963XTR, and 963PRO Spare Tire Bike Carriers
  • I haven't seen a TSPRO963 but I can tell you that # TH963PRO is the newest version of the Spare Me bike carrier. The 963XTR was the previous generation. The Thule Spare Me Bike Rack, # TH963PRO, went through 4 generations. The 963 was first. This original design excluded some vehicles because of the size of the spare tire or how it was mounted to the car. The issue was resolved with the new mounting plate, # 753-3532, in the 963XT. So from that point on, all the racks would get the...
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  • Thule Spare Me Spare Tire Mounted Bike Racks for 2014 Jeep Wrangler
  • If I personally had to choose a rack, I would choose the Thule Spare Me, part # TH963PRO. The rack is economical, lightweight, and it includes it includes locks that both secure the rack to the vehicle and the bike to the rack, and it has great ground clearance. The rack is centered on the rear of the vehicle, so the weight of the bike won't apply as much torque to the tube that connects the bike rack to the spare tire mounting plate. The Spare Me will fit vehicle spare tires up to 10 inches...
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Yakima SpareRide 2 Bike Rack - Spare Tire Mount - Folding Arms

Code: Y02599

157 reviews

Our Price: $398.95


Product Specs:

Spare Tire Bike Racks

Frame Mount - Anti-Sway

2 Bikes

Hanging Rack


Bike and Rack Lock

Dual Arm


This spare-tire-mounted rack lets you carry 2 bikes on folding dual arms. SuperCush anti-sway cradles with ratcheting ZipStrip straps offer safe bike transport. Tool-free installation with universal mounting plate. Includes locks for bikes and rack.

Video of Yakima SpareRide 2 Bike Rack - Spare Tire Mount - Folding Arms

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima SpareRide 2 Bike Rack - Spare Tire Mount - Folding Arms - Y02599

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (157 Customer Reviews)

This spare-tire-mounted rack lets you carry 2 bikes on folding dual arms. SuperCush anti-sway cradles with ratcheting ZipStrip straps offer safe bike transport. Tool-free installation with universal mounting plate. Includes locks for bikes and rack.

by: Steve08/08/2022

The quality of the Yakima bike carrier is excellent. When mounted, the spare tire holds it securely to my Jeep - the carrier does not move at all. It is very easy to load and unload bikes. etrailer’s customer support is excellent. The endcap on the bike carrier was scratched when it arrived. etrailer immediately shipped out a replacement. I will definitely be purchasing from etrailer again.

by: Dave R08/19/2013
Jeep Wrangler

After a couple of weeks of researching which type of bike rack I wanted for my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK (hitch mount or spare tire), I decided on the spare tire mount. And after a 4hr (roundtrip) mountain biking weekend escape, I'm very happy with my decision.
What I like about the rack:
well built, very sturdy with bike(s) mounted (no sway or rattle), arms fold down and lock in place when not in use (looks slick), full access to cargo area without needing to remove rack, rack and bike cable locks included, economical, lifetime warranty and of course the dual bottle openers ; )
What I would improve upon or revise in a future model:
arms should be longer (even just an inch because bikes rub slightly so I had to add padding), more use of aluminum rather than plastic (thinking long term durability of the plastic locking teeth and arms)
Thanks eTrailer

Its been a year and Im very pleased with my decision on purchasing the Yakima Spare Tire Bike Rack. Its held up nicely and I get compliments and inquiries often. Ive recommended it and to all. Thanks again
Dave R - 02/23/2015

by: Richard S11/07/2017
2015 Jeep Wrangler

This bike carrier is great!

is very well made and is secured to the vehicle with a keyed lock. It comes with a locking cable for the bike as well. I can open the tailgate and access the trailer hitch while the bike is on the carrier.

I could not be more pleased!

It is working out fantastic! I am very pleased!
Richard S - 11/09/2018

by: Fred O06/02/2019
2012 Jeep Wrangler

1 year of use and I am extremely pleased with the Bike Rack. Installed easy, fits well, holds bikes very securely, easy and quick to put bikes on and off with the U shaped straps that click into place like a snowboard binding. Mounting lock and cable lock work great. I do use an extra bungee cord wrapped around bike frames and hooked onto bike rack to even minimize swinging of bikes more. Both men's frame bikes and women's frames with the add-on cross bar work well. Bikes clear Jeep body when swung open. Only issue was with the 2012 Jeep Wrangler 2 door. The metal arm that controls swinging open of rear door failed twice. It was due to the weight of the rack plus bikes overpowering the cheap little pins at the end of the control bar. Added my own strap from a boat trailer winch strap to limit door swing travel from going too far and breaking the arm again. See picture of strap and metal arm. Overall a great bike rack. -Fred O.

by: Jane G07/14/2018

Easy to put on my 2004 Honda CR-V. I’m 57 yr old woman and did it myself. Very stable. I also bought the adapter bar for my women’s bike. Love it!

Love it. So easy to use. If I were taller, it would be even easier.
Jane G - 07/14/2019

by: Rob H06/12/2014
Toyota FJ Cruiser

1. Awesome rack, and cable locking
2. Great price from e-trailer (-$40 vs. Amazon)
3, Super sturdy and flexioble rubber tiedown straps make securing the bike easy
4. Had it installed on the FJ Cruiser in < 5 mins.
5. Doesn't stick out too far.

1. Wish the felt pads that protect the bike from rubbing against the rack were rubber instead of felt (one had already fallen off)
2. Blocks the back up camera on the FJ (this was called out to me prior to purchase though)
3. The way the bike hangs off the rack, it blocks the rear back up senser so it's always going off if it's activated.

by: JoAnn F09/29/2017
2008 Toyota RAV4

Great bike rack. I had tried several for my Rav4, but none were quite right. This rack is solid, fits nicely on my spare tire. I am now able to access my trunk with my bike rack in place! Relatively easy installation, though had some trouble unscrewing one piece.

by: Mike C.09/13/2011
2007 Jeep Wrangler

Easy to install on my 2007 Jeep Wrangler. I used the short mounting bar. Looks great. Very light weight compared to the hitch mounted racks but, not sure about relative strength or stability with my bikes loaded, especially in off-road conditions. We'll see...

by: RB06/23/2016
2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

These guys are top notch with excellent service! The Yakami tire rack fits my jeep perfect with no rattles, the bike is very secure. I would give etrailer and this rack a solid 10. Nice work guys!

by: Kevin T.03/20/2011

The rack is a quality piece of equipment and I'm very impressed with it's workmanship. I installed it on my 2006 Honda CR-V and it went on without any problems. The entire installation may have taken 15 minutes. Two bikes fit very tightly.
Also, I ordered the rack on a Monday and it was delivered on Thursday. It went UPS ground (no shipping charge). I recommend it to anyone with a CR-V!

by: Derek K.07/30/2014

This is a sturdy bike rack. I like the security feature to lock/unlock the release knob to prevent theft. I have only used the rack for trips of about 10 miles so far but will travel over 200 this weekend (08/14).

Tip: Get something to immobilize the bike's front wheel so it doesn't swing freely.

My only complaint is that the instructions did not mention the need for a hex bolt head (nor the size) for a torque wrench that you will need to attach the rack. Luckily I found a square-shaped head that worked and prevented a trip to Home Depot. Other than this, the directions were very easy to follow.

Im very happy with this bike rack. Whether a short distance or 400 mile round trip, it holds up strong. Ive carried two triathlon bikes with no problem.
Derek K - 08/04/2015

by: John J05/25/2020

Great rack and when set up right, it’s quiet!

John J - 05/25/2021

by: Roger W08/14/2017

The bike carrier Yakima (Y02599) worked great on my jeep with LT 315/75R 16 tires. Easy to install. Looks Great. The customer service I received at etrailer was nothing but awaesome. Tory H is super to work with. Thanks for the greatest customer service I have experience in some time. I have attached a picture.

great product
Roger W - 08/14/2018

by: Richard 07/27/2022

Great Bike Rack. Easy to use.

by: Bruce M06/06/2016
2000 Jeep Wrangler

Ordered Yakima bike rack. Product arrived on time and as promised. Assembly
was simple. Appears to be a quality product.

by: Matt07/24/2019

The product is excellent. Fit my car easily and it has never come loose. I did add Blue Locktite to the threads(just a dot - not too much) and have taken it on and off just twice in the year. The other modification I made was to spread the bike mounts a little further apart on the rails. This meant I had to use a screwdriver to remove a single screw on each and drill new pilot holes about an inch out from the factory ones. This had made it much easier to mount two mountain bikes although I wish I had another 2 inches. Very pleased overall as I don't mind modifying gear a little to meet my needs. Other note - Car Washes such as Mikes won't let you through with this rack. I just go elsewhere.

by: Jeff08/09/2012
2008 Jeep Wrangler

Ordered and it came the very next day, even though I picked standard shipping. Received multiple e-mails from etrailer updating me on the status of my product. Installation would have been really easy except the bolt attached to the short tongue (I needed to use the medium tongue) was screwed in so tight I couldn't get it loose. I ended up taking it to a local hardware store for a very big, burly man to use a bolt-cheater to get it undone after he put in quite an effort (I felt validated that it took him some force to get it off). I called customer service about the tight bolt and they offered to send another if I couldn't get it undone. I have a 2008 Wrangler Unlimited soft top and the attachment plate had to go on upside down compared to what the directions say, but that was no problem. Already used it once and it was a tight fit for both of our hybrid bikes, but we managed to get them secured, using additional straps to help cinch the bikes tight during transport. Seems like a great product so far.

by: Grace04/18/2017
Toyota RAV4

I have no quarrels with the product whatsoever. It is built to withstand The Bomb. My bike rides very steady and seems to withstand all road experiences.

Because of the way my bike is built, I had to buy a cross-piece to make it sit level. This piece is VERY heavy and it is all I can do to lift the bike onto the rack. (I am tiny and old.)

If I had to do it over again, I would continue putting the bike in the back of my RAV4 because the frequency of use doesn't warrant my expense.

by: Suzette Davenport08/07/2016
2012 Jeep Wrangler

It works exactly as described. Fits 2 mountain bikes easily - one of which has a larger frame. Holds everything tight and worry free. We really like the bottle opener accessory too!

by: Rick08/17/2021

I needed a bike rack that won't interfere with towing. This rack is the PERFECT choice! The package arrived in extremely poor condition. I worried parts would be missing but everything was included. I like the locking feature to the tire and they also include a nice locking cable for your bikes.

by: Carl K.03/13/2017

The mountable bike rack works well. Sometimes getting the hold down straps in place is tricky, but overall this is quite a good rack.

by: Bob Zabick09/09/2013
Pontiac Trans Sport Van

I am very satisfied with my Yakima spare tire bike rack. I am able to transport my two bikes without having to install a trailer hitch. The rack is well made, and installed easily.

No complaints. Seems to be a good product
Bob Z - 09/09/2014

by: Franz09/04/2012
Jeep Wrangler

Great rack and pretty easy installation. Secures bikes really well. Very easy to use once you find the ideal configuration for bikes. The directions could definitely use some clarification. A WORD OF ADVICE TO 2007-12 JEEP WRANGLER OWNERS: Based on the stock tire size on the Jeep (P255) the instructions will tell you to use the medium-sized tongue. If you do this, the rack WILL NOT tighten down all the way and will jiggle and rotate on the spare. Use the short tongue that comes pre-installed on the rack system. I had the rack assembled according to the instructions and it was way loose. Had to take it all apart and put back on the short tongue. Other than that setback, assembly was a breeze.

Just got mine today for my 2009 wrangler. It was very loose then I read your post. Thanks for the advice!
-- comment by: kyle - 03/13/2014
Thanks, had the same problem. Good to read your comment prior to disassembling and reassembling...
-- comment by: Kris K - 08/10/2015

by: Jeff R03/25/2016
2015 Jeep Wrangler

The bike rack is great! I mounted it on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler which had the stock Bridgestone tires on it. It was very easy to install. One bike works great. Two bikes are a little more of a challenge to mount but they do fit (both mountain bikes and road bikes). I used product information and installation videos before I purchased the bike rack. I would highly recommend anyone considering buying this rack to do the same. The videos and the tips they provided were very helpful and saved me a lot of time and hassle. Ordering was easy. Shipping was fast. It was a great experience! I highly recommend the product and etrailer!!

by: aka Morgan08/16/2015
2015 Jeep Wrangler

Absolutely Love It !!! I liked it from when I saw it on the website. I paid for the 3 day shipping and it arrived on time. 15 minutes later that baby was on the Jeep Wrangler and ready to rock n roll ! I have 30.50 x 15 tires and required the middle size extension piece. Excellent product! My only advice is Keep the key in the vehicle, don't leave the key w the bike in your garage should you have a flat tire on your Jeep.

Good tip about the KEY!! Thanks . . . The Girlfriend
-- comment by: The G - 08/18/2015

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  • Comparing Thule Spare Me 2 and Yakima SpareRide 2 Bike Racks for 2011 Toyota RAV4
  • The Yakima SpareRide 2 Bike Rack part # Y02599 and Thule Spare Me 2 Bike Rack part # TH963PRO are both great options for a 2011 Toyota RAV4. They both have similar features such as an included locking cables and anti-sway cradles. I recommend the Thule Spare Me because it is made in the USA, is physically lighter at around 15 lbs, and it comes with adapters to fit a wider ranger of applications. They both however are super easy to use but the Thule Spare Me will be easier to get on and...
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  • Yakima SpareRide vs Spare Time Spare Bike Rack Comparison for 2015 Jeep Wrangler
  • The Yakima SpareRide part # Y02599 is basically the next generation of spare tire bike rack from Yakima. They discontinued the SpareTime and replaced it with this. The racks are still pretty similar but the SpareRide got upgraded bike frame cradles that can be adjusted and has zip straps for securing the bikes to the cradles instead of the rubber straps. Also there is an upgraded way fro lowering the arms of the rack that make it a bit easier. I attached a review video for this rack...
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  • Differences Between Yakima SpareRide # Y02599 and Thule Spare Me # TH963PRO Trunk Mounted Bike Rack
  • The arms of the Thule SpareMe spare tire bike rack, part # TH963PRO can indeed be folded down, as you can see in the provided photo. Both the SpareMe and the Yakima Spare Ride, part # Y02599 can carry two bikes, are capable of being locked to the vehicle, provide a cable lock, and have arms that fold down. Both racks can be offset for vehicles whose spare tires aren't centered on the rear of the vehicle. Although the Thule rack is about 10 lbs lighter, I personally prefer the Yakima...
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