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Thule Canyon XT Roof Cargo Basket - Steel - 49" x 40" x 6" - 150 lbs

Code: TH859XT

84 reviews

Our Price: $499.95


Product Specs:

Roof Basket

Cargo Basket

Square Bars
Round Bars
Factory Bars
Aero Bars
Elliptical Bars


Medium Capacity

Short Length



This sturdy cargo basket lets you transport gear on your vehicle's roof. The tubular steel basket has a built-in fairing to reduce drag and wind noise. Universal mounting hardware fits most crossbar spreads and configurations.

Video of Thule Canyon XT Roof Cargo Basket - Steel - 49" x 40" x 6" - 150 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Thule Canyon XT Roof Cargo Basket - Steel - 49" x 40" x 6" - 150 lbs - TH859XT

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (84 Customer Reviews)

This sturdy cargo basket lets you transport gear on your vehicle's roof. The tubular steel basket has a built-in fairing to reduce drag and wind noise. Universal mounting hardware fits most crossbar spreads and configurations.

by: TrieU07/31/2022

Love my new Thule canyon xt roof cargo basket!! Fits on my 2022 Toyota Prius Nightshade, it was easy to assemble!! Shipping was awesome came in quicker then I expected!!

by: Len06/26/2022

Nice balance of quality, fitment, style, and weight. One year and it has held up well. Fits 2019 Toyota RAV4 perfectly.

by: Peter05/06/2022

Perfect fit. Looks very slim and low enough to clear my garage door. Always love Thule products. Make the vehicle looks more rugged with its new curves.

by: P V06/05/2020

We were very happy with our Thule roof rack. The low profile design works well and does not have too much wind noise compared to others I’ve had. It’s held up very well also through the seasons.

Still in great shape. No rust. No rattles. Great cargo rack
P V - 06/06/2021

by: Zach06/24/2021

The Canyon XT installed with ease & also provides multiple mounting brackets for attaching to crossbars.

It will definitely give us more interior room or additional cargo capacity!

I highly suggest reading the directions a few times before you start & during assembly. Some parts are in the same bag for a step while other steps need parts from different bags.

Depending on your vehicle, all parts may not be used. So make sure the parts you have left over are the right ones!

by: Henrik10/31/2020

Ordered the Thule Canyon XT Roof Cargo Basket from etrailer. It came within days of oredering and is as advertised. Ordering from etrailer was an excellent experience. They followed kept me informed of the status as we went along and sent me warranty information after receipt George and Carol were great to work with. PS - the installation was a breeze and we used it to haul roof top items on our camping trip last weekend. Thank You - I will certainly not hesitate to order from etrailer again!!

by: Karl07/02/2021

Just finished installing my roof basket this morning. No problems doing it by myself. Good, solid product!

Thanks to the team at etrailer for exceptional service, and especially to Michael B. for his help with changing my shipment from my home address to my work address!

by: Paul12/04/2020

Great product and absolutely awesome service. I originally order the Thule Canyon XT basket from a VERY well know online entity. I wasn't able to get a ship date (they said a would be notified via email when a firm date had been established. After two days of waiting for the message, I cancelled the order and checked They had the same Thule basket at the same price, so I ordered it. It wasn't 10 minutes later that I received an email thanking me for the order and further stating that the product had shipped!!!!!! A UPS tracking number came early the next day!!!! Great product, great price and great service!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks - etrailer..........

by: Josh M.12/29/2018

Received and installed just in time for a family trip to a cabin. This rack was perfect for storing coolers and bags to free up space in the back of the car. The only difficult step in the installation was getting it as close to centered as possible on the roof rails.

by: Cheryl06/20/2020

Very happy with product and time frame of delivery and the tracking info is always a great asset. Easy to assemble. My only problem was i needed help getting in on the roof of the truck. Also liked the how to and information about the product videos . Thank you . Next item is the cargo bag. :)

by: Eric10/19/2022

I absolutely love this basket. It really helped with the trip out to Big Bend national park. I had a ton of stuff up there with several coolers and tents without an issue. Wanted to take the rack off the car once I return from the trip, but my wife like the appearance of it so much, we just left it up there.

by: Marlon07/17/2020

i love it!! Somewhat easy to install. Very sturdy and looks very nice on my ride.

I still love it!! 1 minor thing though...the plastic piece creates a lot of wind noise. Other than that, its an awesome product. I also bought an extension which made it look so much better.
Marlon G - 08/04/2021

by: James05/17/2022

Fast shipping, no shipping damage, and great service. Will be using etrailer in the future if I need anymore gear for my vehicle.

by: AG12/13/2022

My Thule cargo basket has a real slick yet sturdy design. Strong, loads of space, good finish, and more tie down points than I have ratchet straps. Takes my Outback from being a boring family wagon to a cool trekking machine. While I did encounter initial issues with parts fit, etrailer was immediately responsive and took care to ensure it all worked out. Genuine five stars for service, thank you etrailer!

by: Sandra08/18/2021

Others stated directions were hard to follow but my husband had it installed on my 2007 Subaru Outback Wagon in less than an hour by himself the only thing I helped with was lifting it up and off the roof of the car. I chose Thule because they stand behind their product. Thule is the best cargo roof basket available on the market and they back it up with a Lifetime Warranty! I have not had any cargo in it yet but have had it up to 75 miles an hour with no wind drag empty. There is a speed rating on this basket of 80 miles an hour so I wonder if the wind complaint reviewers are driving in excess of 80 miles an hour. No matter what vehicle you put it on it has a nice, sleek, sturdy appearance. From what I have researched the less expensive roof cargo baskets only have up to a 2 year warranty and are plagued by rust issues.

by: Fletcher05/27/2020

I’d been looking at this product for a while. No oversize shipping fee. Fairly straightforward directions— IKEA experience a plus. Looks great on the Outback. Feels solid, and is ready to go.

by: Jody03/10/2022

Works good, nice and sturdy. Make sure you check the nuts on the deflector shield every once and a while. I had one come off.

by: Timm08/18/2022

Right size to mount on my tonneau cover. While assembling had to force bolt into place which created a preload condition. So far no problems

by: Lorena06/04/2022

Very satisfied with the product! I have used it several times for road trips and camping. I found the best price through

by: Larry06/09/2016

Looks good,functions even better.very sturdy,low profile(getting into garages empty,no problem)

by: Chris12/05/2022

If it's like a champ. It's OEM quality tool. I recommend it and would buy it again

by: Rh12/12/2019

Basket is sturdy and wasn't bad to install. I've used it several times and it's great to have with a new car because stuff I don't want in car goes up there. I ride bikes and basket is great for weekend bike trips for extra space as well as whatever I need to haul and construction makes it easy to hook load straps and secure load. Basket does make some noise but it's worth it. Overall great purchase that I plan to get lots of use out of.

Working well used this basket on bunch of mtb camping trips. Holds gear Im using Thule bag with it works very well keeps things dry and secure. Highly recommend these products.
Ronald A - 12/12/2020

by: Geoffrey05/07/2022

Do not buy unless you like wind noise. They will not do a return no matter how unhappy you are.

Here is our returns policy:
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 05/09/2022

by: Arthur 12/11/2021

The Thule Canyon XT Roof Cargo Basket was a great addition to our Jeep Grand Cherokee. Works great with a rooftop bag to haul additional gear on long trips.

by: Michael12/06/2020

Nice cargo rack, easy install.

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Ask the Experts about this Thule Roof Basket
Do you have a question about this Roof Basket?

  • Comparing Yakima OffGrid and Thule Canyon XT Baskets for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Both the Yakima OffGrid # Y07138 and the Thule Canyon XT # TH859XT roof baskets are compatible with round, square, aero, elliptical, and most factory crossbars and both feature comparable weight capacities: 165 lbs for the OffGrid and 150 lbs for the Atlas. That being said, the quick installation and huge versatility make the Yakima OffGrid the clear choice. When it comes to space, the Yakima OffGrid Roof Cargo Basket is 44 inches long by 40 inches wide but there is an 18 inch extension...
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  • Rooftop Cargo Basket Recommendation for Use on 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan
  • The Thule MOAB cargo basket is no longer offered but their Canyon roof basket # TH859XT measures 49- x 40-inches and has a 150-lb weight rating. The Yakima Load Warrior # Y07070 measures 44- x 39-inches and has a 140-lb weight capacity. The Thule Canyon is slightly heavier at 29-lbs versus the Load Warrior's 25-lb weight. Both of these cargo baskets are designed to fit a range of crossbar shapes, including most factory-installed bars, but the key is to note the center-to-center spread...
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Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket - Steel - 44" Long x 39" Wide

Code: Y07070

96 reviews

Our Price: $498.95


Product Specs:

Roof Basket

Cargo Basket

Round Bars
Square Bars
Factory Bars


Small Capacity

Short Length



LoadWarrior allows you to carry large loads on your roof-rack crossbars. Add other Yakima bike and boat mounts to the basket crossbars to haul your gear. Basket has a custom fairing to reduce wind noise.

Video of Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket - Steel - 44" Long x 39" Wide

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket - Steel - 44" Long x 39" Wide - Y07070

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (96 Customer Reviews)

LoadWarrior allows you to carry large loads on your roof-rack crossbars. Add other Yakima bike and boat mounts to the basket crossbars to haul your gear. Basket has a custom fairing to reduce wind noise.

by: Robert06/06/2020

Well done Yakima and etrailer. Great product and great service. The product is well made (in Taiwan....not China) and the parts and instruction video made it relatively" easy to install. Two people helps to install it more readily. The wind diffuser in the front greatly reduces wind noise. All in all very happy and glad I bought through etrailer. Service was excellent and delivery prompt.

Great product!! Went through the winter with no hiccups. Recommended.
Robert - 06/06/2021

by: pdsnavely307/25/2021

Ordered Yakima Load Warrior Roof Rack Cargo Carrier and Cargo Net for my 2021 Telluride. Both products received as described. Roof rack instructions were clear and assembly straightforward. Had to slightly adjust recommended spacing between OEM crossbars to accommodate Yakima requirements - 30" vs 33". Thinness of OEM crossbars result in the threaded ends of the bolts that hold on support brackets sitting a little too high, potentially presenting a cargo scratching hazard. All in all, however, very pleased with product.

by: Joshua10/13/2022

One year of driving with this thing on the roof of our 2016 toyota sienna in Washington state - Some background: Our van is awd and didn't come with a spare, so we bought one off another van, and we carry it on the roof since there is nowhere to mount it in the undercarriage. We haven't used it to carry anything else. Our van is kept in our garage, but it still sees plenty of rain.

We haven't had any rust problems that the cheaper carriers have, despite the fact that I didn't do any of the custom caulking/sealing that others have done. We haven't had any rattling at high speeds, or screws coming loose, or anything like that so far. Other than the occasional tightness check, it's been a set it and forget it type of situation.

Downside #1: It hurts gas mileage. Went from 20+ mpg to 19 consistently.
Downside #2: Wind can be both heard and felt at speeds exceeding around 55 mph. I can feel the drag. It's like a sail that picks up every gust of wind and transmits it to your steering wheel. I tried removing the front flat piece but it got even louder and sailier somehow. Having said all that, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's there, but it's not like it's trying to pull you off the road or anything. You get used to it and it doesn't have to constantly be at the front of your mind when driving.

These downsides are not unique to this carrier. I have no experience with other carriers, so I can't say the downsides are better or worse than with others, but my guess it they aren't any worse.

I went with this carrier despite it being much more expensive than cheaper alternatives because I just didn't want the hassle of the rust and other problems that they bring. After a year of no problems (aside from the ones I listed that all carriers have), I do think it was worth the extra cost. I hope this helps you decide.

by: Alex R.11/16/2013

Looks and fits well on my '13 Crosstrek. Overall build quality and ease of installation met my expectations. The folks at "exceeded" my expectations! Prompt service and excellent follow-up! Keep up the great work!

Happy with the product and your company. Will buy again from your company for my next product and vehicle related need.
Alex R - 11/17/2014

by: Marion06/15/2021

Great rack. We will enjoy using it for travels.

Great! We traveled to beach last summer. The roof rack was a good storage place for our gear!
Marion - 06/16/2022

by: Cyndy_Roo06/17/2018

I’m really impressed with the Load Warrior. The instructions were clear and assembling it was straightforward. The hardest part for me was putting the fairing on, but after that it was smooth sailing. I put it together and installed it by myself. Having a second person probably would have made it easier when it came to putting it on the car, but it wasn’t bad.

The basket is really sturdy and I love how it looks. The fairing can fold forward / lay flat in case you’re carrying long skinny cargo. I purchased the locking brackets for added security.

by: Paul M.12/12/2014

I am very happy with both the initial quality of the Load Warrior and how nice the eTrailer people are to deal with...
The product seems well thought out and there are a bunch of accessories to mount most anything...

Excellent! ive used it and the bike mount many times...
Paul M - 12/12/2015

by: Rick08/09/2021

Excellent product, well made and easy to install. etrailer shipped promptly, tracking provided with follow up emails. Highly recommended!

by: Mike H.04/17/2011

I like the design of the basket. It' sturdy, but not built too heavy. I attached it to a Thule roof rack system. Installation was easy, and it makes for a very solid cargo carrying assembly.

by: Mel P.06/09/2020

Excellent Product! Went together easily, and after adjusting my Yakima round bars to the correct distance apart, the LoadWarrior mounted perfectly.

by: Margaret07/24/2022

I found the directions confusing, and it was impossible to get though the customer support phone line. When you put the two halves of the cage together, on one side the holes did not line up very well. I tried to screw the screw in anyway and it stripped. The directions were just plain wrong in how far apart the cross bars should be. Mainly, I felt alone in this effect-- there really is no phone customer support with Yakima. Expect to use the chat instead.

You mentioned that when the two halves of the basket were put together that it stripped and that the directions were incorrect in how far apart the cross bars needed to be. I wanted to see if you would be able to send pictures? How far apart are your cross bars, center to center.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 08/02/2022

by: Mike12/09/2012

The etrailer website was easy to navigate. The prices were good. The rack shipped almost instantly and was at my door before I knew it. The rack arrived in perfect condition and installed easily on my JSW. This was an excellent on-line purchasing experience. Thanks etrailer!

by: Kevyn12/09/2019

Easy to install andd mount . Great addition for my subaru forester.

by: Adam05/22/2013

Top notch quality compared to cheaper brands. I ordered on Sunday and had product delivered on Tuesday. Thanks for going above and beyond

by: Martin R.07/19/2017

Installation picture

by: Jen F.11/18/2016

The whole system is awesome! I couldn't be happier. The guys at etrailer were so helpful with everything. Thank you!

by: SCOTT T11/30/2020


by: Johnny L.11/05/2016

Received roof basket quick and in great condition, save for missing one of the tube fastener screws. It was easy to put together and install, although it took me just over an hour to do, but that's mostly because I'm anal. I really like this basket as it seems to sit lower on my factory roof rack than other brands I've seen on the same vehicle (2015 Subaru XTrek), and that makes it look much better (IMHO). It also comes with a wind deflector which was easy to install and Adds to it's appearance. I would highly recommend this product and etrailer to friends and family. Etrailer, please keep up the great work and service your provide, as I find it to be very useful and very much appreciated. Btw: This was not my first order with etrailer, so my experience with them is also based on previous orders, and no I have affiliation with etrailer, I'm just a very happy customer.

The roof rack is holding up as expected. Thanks for the follow up and take care.
Johnny L - 11/17/2017

by: Tyler 06/17/2021

Great rack, easy to assemble and install. Very happy with the purchase. Just be aware that there will be significant wind noise increase noticeable from inside the vehicle. Not a product fault but a byproduct to consider.

by: Patrick 02/20/2021

Looks good, great quality, easy to inst all.

Patrick - 02/21/2022

by: Kenneth 07/30/2021

Customer service was great and answered my questions about quickly. Fits my Acura 2020 RDX with factory roof rails and crossbars, although installation instructions made it appear you had to move your crossbars to 30” apart. You don’t have to move them, just need to make sure basket brackets align with crossbars. Have not driven with it loaded up yet, but so far fits well and looks good.

by: Bob L03/19/2015

I have a Subaru Forester w/o factory racks. I am using a Yakima rack and towers that attach to the factory mounting holes on the roof, so it cannot be moved or adjusted. The LoadWarrior basket does not fit this particular width of the bars. It is at the only possible mounting position and with one clamp centered, the other clamp is not centered on the bar, making it impossible to secure the clamp (the basket to the rack).
I have ordered the extension for the basket to hopefully provide more end to end adjustment so it can be secured to the rack.

by: Justin07/31/2020

Super easy install and quality is great

by: Thomas 05/11/2020

Arrived quickly in the mail. Well packaged, hight quality product with instructions. Rack will be used on my new tear drop camper. Would buy again!

by: Keaton08/09/2020

Great basket. So versatile and full of utility. Also looks great on my Subaru! You can also mount other Yakima accessories right to the basket, so it's not a "one or the other" situation. I would recommend getting the extension as well, to increase the capacity. Highly satisfied.

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Ask the Experts about this Yakima Roof Basket
Do you have a question about this Roof Basket?

  • Yakima Y07070 LoadWarrior Versus Thule TH859XT Canyon XT Cargo Basket on 2015 Subaru Outback
  • Given the choice, I'd recommend the Thule Canyon XT, part # TH859XT for several reasons. -The Canyon basket at 49 x 40 is larger than 44 x 39 the # Y07070 LoadWarrior. -The Canyon's fairing on it's leading edge is at a sharper angle than that of the LoadWarrior for better aerodynamics and less wind noise. -The curved sides of the Canyon provide a more modern, refined look. -The mounts for the Canyon will slide fore and aft on rails, allowing it to fit crossbar spreads from 20-37 inches,...
    view full answer...