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Thule SnowPack Ski and Snowboard Carrier - Locking - 6 Pairs of Skis or 4 Boards - Silver

Code: TH7326

84 reviews

Our Price: $379.95


Product Specs:

Ski and Snowboard Racks

Roof Rack

Clamp On

Round Bars
Square Bars
Aero Bars
Elliptical Bars
Factory Bars

30-1/2 Inch Long

Adjustable Height

Ski and Rack Locks

4 Snowboards
6 Pairs of Skis


This low profile carrier transports up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Vertical spring system accommodates thick snowboards, and raisers protect your roof from skis with tall bindings. Includes universal mounting hardware and integrated locks.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Thule SnowPack Ski and Snowboard Carrier - Locking - 6 Pairs of Skis or 4 Boards - Silver - TH7326

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (84 Customer Reviews)

This low profile carrier transports up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Vertical spring system accommodates thick snowboards, and raisers protect your roof from skis with tall bindings. Includes universal mounting hardware and integrated locks.

by: Raul01/03/2021

So easy to install onto Thule AeroBlade. Quality materials and convenient design. No significant noise noticeable from wind resistance when driving. etrailer provided great shipment/notification support and was great resource for how-to videos, commentary.

by: Scott01/12/2021

Better than I expected. Only comes with four core locks so be aware of that if you want six like I did. Bought two more locks from Thule with the same key #. Mounted this carrier on my Rhino Rack. Perfect fit and looks great. Would highly recommend.

by: MK12/02/2018

I purchased these ski racks (Thule SnowPack 6) a year ago (November 2017) and they been excellent.

I live in CO and I make regular trips up to the mountains during the winter and these racks made a big difference with the ease of getting to the ski resorts. The SpeedLink system allows me to install or remove the racks on in just a few minutes, which has been nice because I took them off for the summer (and am about to put them on again in a few days).

The racks seem to be well built and feel very sturdy, and don't show any signs of wear after one season (driving the entire winter with the racks on). They also securely hold your skis and snowboards in place and you will not have to worry about losing them on the highway (I've shook/rocked my snowboard with most of my weight while in was in the rack and it didn't budge).

If you are a skier/snowboarder that makes multiple trips up to the resorts in the winter, I'd highly recommend these ski racks.

The ski racks have been working very well. The SpeedLink system has been great as it allows me to take the racks off easily 5 min during the summer and back on again for winter. Looking forward to more snowboarding seasons with these racks!
MK - 12/06/2019

by: Albert 03/16/2023

Awesome. Easy to install. Great quality.

by: Darrell 02/17/2023

Works just like it is supposed to. Can't ask for more.

by: Justin11/10/2021

Good communication & selection for etrailer plus quick shipping & arrival, however, the Thule packing box should have been placed inside another box for addtl protection. Mine arrived beat-up, taped together and was likely a return from another customer. I confirmed all parts were there so I went ahead & installed on my 2019 Toyota Highlander XLE-AWD.

by: John 02/24/2023

Stellar product, super fast delivery. This company earned a repeat customer last time, this time a lifetime customer!

by: Matthew01/23/2017

Install was straightforward. Instructions were clear. The only thing you actually have to think about is measuring the cuts on the rubber strip that covers the channel on the top of the bar.

I got this setup to carry skis up to the snow without having to fold down seats and listen to them rattling around for the whole ride. The carrier looks great on the car and does its job well. Had a few pairs of skis up there last weekend to test it out. The rack functioned perfectly and I didn't even notice any additional noise due to the rack or the skis.

The carrier is very easy to operate even with thick gloves on. It has a very positive click when fully closed so you know it's all the way shut. Then, once you lock it, you're confident that the skis aren't going anywhere.

by: Chad12/17/2017

etrailer shipped this product out to me nearly instantly and it arrived during the busy holiday season ahead a schedule a few days later. Very dependable and easy to use. This is the second time I have purchased through eTrailer and I will certainly come back again!

by: Dale01/31/2019

The ski rack system was for our daughter. A Christmas present. And the Christmas present to me was the instructional videos that etrailer has produced to help guide a person through the installation. Great job all !!

by: John12/24/2017

Product was great as I expected.
service was above and beyond. My unit was missing a small spacer that wasn't needed for my car but could have been needed for the next car. I contacted etrailer and they immediately contacted the manufacturer for replacement and the spacer was received quickly.

by: Laura N01/05/2021

We love this carrier. It is so easy to just put our skis on top, lock them and head to the slopes or the XC course. They have help up wonderfully and we expect to use them for many years.

by: Wayne01/08/2019

Easy to use web site. Delivery was prompt. Product was exactly as ordered and easy to install. I was very pleased and would definitely use to order again.

by: LaBrown James02/24/2017

Easy to put together and to put on my car. Shipped and arrived on time. etrailer did a great job of keeping me updated via email about my order. Very happy!

by: M L02/08/2018

This roof rack for skis/snowboards was very easy to install and use. We put one board and two pairs of skis quite easily.

by: Adrienne09/12/2018

Arrived quickly and easily. Easy ordering.

by: Henry 01/25/2021

Easy to use and install. Product works great.

by: Ronald01/16/2019

The product was easy to order and the price was fair. The delivery was sooner than promised! Very happy with my order.

by: Tamara 01/06/2021

Very prompt and caring service!! Thank u

by: Bryan 10/04/2022

by: Dante01/06/2021

by: Howard 11/11/2021

by: Paul 10/16/2021

by: John02/19/2022

Review from a similar SnowPack in Ski and Snowboard Racks

Love it!!!!!! Great ski rack replacement for older rack. The extended slide is incredible. The eTrailer support helped me pick the model that worked for my car and crossbars. Another wonderful purchase from my go to source for bike/ski or other related products!

Awesome. Perfect for travelling with my skis. I use this with 3 pairs of skis and poles.
John C - 02/20/2023

by: Rob 10/26/2022

Review from a similar SnowPack in Ski and Snowboard Racks

Used this last season for the first time. Found it lightweight and very easy to install; the main difficulty was getting front and back carriers aligned on the center of the vehicle as the clasps are offset. It was used to hold 4 sets of skis and did this quite easily. I think 5 sets would be no problem, but six sets might be pushing it especially if you are using wider skis. It is very much worth the extra money to get the extender/slide out option if you stand under 6' tall and have an SUV.

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Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier - Locking - 6 Pairs of Skis or 4 Boards

Code: RR576

228 reviews

Our Price: $188.00


Product Specs:

Ski and Snowboard Racks

Roof Rack

Clamp On

Square Bars
Aero Bars
Elliptical Bars
Factory Bars

27-9/16 Inch Long

Fixed Height

Board/Ski Lock

4 Snowboards
6 Pairs of Skis

Rhino Rack

This versatile winter sport carrier lets you carry 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards safely and securely on your roof rack. The carrier includes universal mounting hardware, soft rubber padding to protect your gear, and locks that help deter theft.

Video of Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier - Locking - 6 Pairs of Skis or 4 Boards

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Rhino-Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier - Locking - 6 Pairs of Skis or 4 Boards - RR576

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (228 Customer Reviews)

This versatile winter sport carrier lets you carry 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards safely and securely on your roof rack. The carrier includes universal mounting hardware, soft rubber padding to protect your gear, and locks that help deter theft.

by: Sierra12/16/2022

E trailer

I have a 2019 Mazda6 and
purchased the rhino rack series 2500 parts (fit kit #DK289, foot pack #RRRLKVA, aero crossbars#RRVA126B-2), and the rhino rack snowboard/ski carrier #RR576. My car does have fixed mounting points underneath the strip on the roof so I opted to add them to my roof and not use the clamp for kit that goes in the door jam. Every time I entered the year, make, and model of my car, the parts came up with the clamp fit kit part #DK387 which I did not want. But after some research, I found the correct fixed mounting point fit kit. The site of course told me that this part wouldn’t fit my car but after looking at the customer reviews, I saw them used on Mazdas. All of the rhino rack instructions were not the best. We did have to make some adjustments. One of the instruction packs tells you how long you’re supposed to cut the rubber pieces that go into the crossbars based on your car but unfortunately, the measurements were wrong for my car (picture- front 166mm is wrong). The front bar length was about an inch too short and I had to add more rubber to make it longer to fit the fixed mounting points on my roof. After some time of trying to interpret the instructions, and looking up whatever available instructional videos were online, we finally finished installing them and they do look really nice. At higher speeds on the highway I can definitely hear more noise. The actual snowboard carrier is fine, fits all 4 boards fine. It is a little difficult to close once I have my boards in there because you have to push the top bar all the way down and hold it down to be able to turn the key to lock it. I’m just happy I don’t have to shove the boards in my trunk. I do like that all the parts in this series come with locks and keys. So far no problems. Overall good product.

by: Jen11/01/2022

This rack works great with the four pairs of skis I lugged from Oregon to Alaska. I'm using it on the beef rack cross bars that came with my go fast camper which are very difficult to find mountings for. This one worked great though with a little bit of metal grinding on the bolts that slide into the t-slot of the rack. It locks and unlocks fairly easily (with a little bit of jangling involved), but so far so good!

by: Mateo02/16/2023

Very satisfied with it. Works great to carry my skis/snowboards on my 2022 Rav4 with crossbars.

by: Bob12/22/2022

This is my 1st interaction with any customer service that has gone above and beyond for me in years. After purchasing this ski rack on line and submitting the order I realized I had entered my email address incorrectly. I sent an email explaining my error and asked for someone to make the correction so I could receive a receipt. This was a Saturday but I received a response within 15 minutes and the error had been fixed! I also received updates on shipping dates and an additional email when it actual shipped. I got home late the day it arrived but decided to mount it on my SUV. The install couldn’t have been easier and it looks sharp! I’m anxious to get on the slopes and grateful to know there are still a few companies that actually support their customers. I will look to them in the future for similar needs!!

by: Christopher01/22/2023

The rack is well made and can fit skis of varying thicknesses as well as ski poles. Installation was easy enough, with the brackets provided accommodating the curvature of my OEM cross bars. Some have commented about it being challenging to clamp. I agree, but in my 40+ years of ski rack use do not recall a rack not having some issues aligning with the lock mechanism. In my youth I would have just slammed it together, caveman style, trying to make them align. Those days are gone,and given the lock tabs are made of plastic, I take the mature approach and align the rack prior to gently pressing the top bar down into the bottom bar. I have no opinion as to long term durability, but having run into issues with Yakima racks and Barrecrafter ( yes, I am older), I guess I never expect to get 10+ years out of a rack. Given the price, I am happy with what I bought.

by: Bernard 01/03/2023

I am very happy with my purchase. The Rhino-Rack is very easy to install and simple to use. I like that it comes with a lock and bolts that use a special tool to secure it to your crossbars- all at a great price.

by: Jeremy01/25/2023

Love the inexpensive option this rack provides and works well securing your skis or snowboards. However, if you are looking for a trusted locking mechanism I would consider something else. The only downside is the locking. There have been multiple times where it has taken 10 minutes of trying to lock or unlock it in the cold. Very frustrating. I don’t bother locking it anymore to avoid the frustration.

by: Jacob 12/05/2021

I'm very happy with this product so far. I've used it for skis and fishing poles and everything stays secure without causing any additional noise.

Its still working great and Im looking forward ski season #2! One lesson learned when leaving the ski resort is that the rack is more challenging to close and lock in very cold temperatures. I recommend locking the rack onto the skis inside a garage or another area where temps are above 40 degrees.
Jacob L - 12/06/2022

by: Mark 01/13/2023

Adam was great helping select a ski rack. It has been on a Seinna and Odessey so far and works well with both. It is noisy when there are not skis in it, so the fact it is easy to put on and off is great. If you ever have any trouble getting the lock to engage, press down on the metal part, not the plastic end.

by: Danny01/18/2021

Good locks, secure and tight. I easily fit two snowboards with two pairs of skis. Seems like it would fit on many rack/bar systems. I use them on the rhino aero vortex bars. They are pretty noisy on my f150 trucks roof. I’ve tried moving them around to many different positions, there always seems to be a worse vibrating wind noise around 45-55 mph which is even worse when the boards/skis are off the truck.
I would not recommend this setup for anyone with a pickup truck.

by: Linsey03/01/2020

Bought a Euro Roof rack and Rhino ski rack in October.
I ordered both items incorrectly....
I ordered the wrong fit kit (4 door instead of 5 door)....then I ordered to small of a ski rack. Didn’t start installed them until two months after receiving them so the return option was out of the question.
Etrailer worked with me and got me the correct parts and helped me send back to wrong ones.
They were all so helpful and informative. Kept me updated on the shipments and payment processes. The euro rack and rhino ski rack work amazing. We have a set of skis and one snowboard. Fits perfect. We have extra room for friends that ride up with us.
Easily installed.
Went 80mph and could barely hear them.
Would recommend this company to everyone.

by: Peter11/09/2022

I like the size and ease of mounting the rack, however since unboxing i have had trouble locking one bracket. Almost every snowboard trip it takes an extra 10 minutes getting it just right to lock

by: Rose06/21/2022

The Rhino Rack is temperamental. It doesn't open or close as easily as our old Thule rack. At times we struggled to get it open (locks froze). After that incident,it was difficult to get it to snap closed and lock. For the first time, we took the racks off the car once ski season was over because we were afraid more exposure to the elements would make it worse.

I reached out to Rhino Rack who advised that it can become difficult to lock as the rubber piece slides forward. They recommend making sure that it is not in the way when using the lock.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 06/27/2022

by: Cullen11/14/2019

Did a Google search for ski racks and happened upon this one. Shipping was super fast. Rack was easy to figure out and get mounted on factory crossbars. Locked 1 set of skis in and took it out for trial run. Got speed up to normal interstate speed (65-70 mph). No noticeable change in noise or handling.

I do plan to obtain another Allen wrench with security hole in it in case I happen to misplace the one which came with it.

by: Michael W.12/03/2016

I'm completely satisfied with my purchase from etrailer. First, the company provides terrific support, from installation instructions to responding quickly to questions. Second, the carriers are great. They are easy to install and remove. I am confident they are securely installed and my skis are safe. I wasn't worried about them as I drove down I-80 in Wyoming at 80mph. Having the skis on the roof made it possible for me, my wife, our infant son in his car seat, our dog, our cat in his carrier, and our luggage to fit in our car so we could enjoy a week-long ski trip in Utah. The only reason I held back from giving a 5-star review is the noise. I might be able to reduce it by moving around the rail inserts or adding an air dam. I'll report back if either of those work. Until then, I'll happily and confidently keep using the carriers.

I wouldnt give the racks as high of marks as I did a year ago. The plastic covers for the brackets have become extremely difficult to get back on. The last two times I used the bars, I just left them off. Thankfully no one has stolen the racks, but not having them on makes me nervous.
Michael W - 12/09/2017

by: enzo01/06/2023

Very good quality, easy to install. Work great with Malone Aero bars.

by: Ryan01/28/2021

Shipping was quick! Usually, since quarantine, factory shipments have been getting delayed but not this one. The carrier came already constructed, so all I had to do was lock it into place on the roof rack system. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase!

by: Rommel10/26/2019

Price is good and competitive! EZ installation and looks great on roof rack of Cherokee! Only one complaint, creates wind noise while driving and certain all similar carriers do the same.

by: Thomas W.07/24/2017

Sporting the new rhino “rod” holder along with the hitch to mount my existing carrier too!
The prices were excellent

by: Jennifer02/28/2020

I have a 2016 Ford Edge that had a naked roof. No roof rack of any kind. I purchased this Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Crossbar complete kit(RRVA137B-2, RRRLKVA and DK432) and the Rhino Ski and Snowboard carrier RR576. Once you got all of the pieces laid out and read the easy to follow instructions. We also watched a video on you tube. I say it took my brother and I about 2 hours. We were being extra careful and made sure we were understanding each part of the instructions. Especially when it came to the measuring and cutting of the vortex strips. You don't want to mess up on that. I am very happy with the quality and the ease of the installation. You do feel a little wind resistance when driving. I have been driving around town to get a feel of the car. We are leaving on our snowboarding trip tomorrow. I will try to add an update when I have fully used the product.

by: Garrett12/08/2022

This rack makes an unbearable wind shutter noise when driving over 60 mph, it’s so bad that we aren’t able to use the rack and etrailer will not allow a return for this issue. Would not recommend this product, hopefully further engineering can be done to mitigate this problem

by: Deke08/19/2022

This rack works fine and as I expected. The method of attachment gets the job done but is not super beefy. This is a good value.

by: Jared03/31/2022

Great snowboard rack! Had it out twice already, both times in snow, and it worked beautifully. Easy to operate in the snow, and held 2 boards nicely. I have only one minor complaint: I swap out racks regularly (snowboards and bikes), snd there is no quick release up and down with this rack. It’s not a hard install, just not like my Yakima racks with quick release buckles. Still highly recommend!

by: William 11/07/2022

The rack system works well and I like it. I like the “low-profile look” as well. However, the spacing was to wide. I had to re rivet one side of each bar in order for it to fit the rack of my AWD Toyota Matrix. I have since purchased a Thule cargo box that works and looks awesome. I just hope I don’t overload my little matrix!!

by: James12/24/2019 provided one of the best online buying experiences I have had. The site offered a product that fit our needs with high quality at a very competitive price. The online transaction was flawless, and the product arrived when expected with no damage. The product itself is very sturdy, exceeding my expectations, and installed easily. Very happy customer.

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