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Trailer Valet 5X Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover - Topwind - 15" Lift - 5,000 lbs

Code: STC-V211

487 reviews

Our Price: $449.00


Product Specs:

Trailer Dolly

Manual Dolly

Silver Powder Coat


5000 lbs Capacity

15 Inch Tall

Trailer Valet

Heavy-duty jack with integrated drive function replaces your ordinary trailer jack and takes the hassle out of hooking up and moving your trailer. Simply turn the crank that powers the drive system and direct your trailer with the steering handle.

Video of Trailer Valet 5X Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover - Topwind - 15" Lift - 5,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Trailer Valet 5X Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover - Topwind - 15" Lift - 5,000 lbs - STC-V211

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (487 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty jack with integrated drive function replaces your ordinary trailer jack and takes the hassle out of hooking up and moving your trailer. Simply turn the crank that powers the drive system and direct your trailer with the steering handle.

by: Tom W.12/18/2022

The Trailer Valet 5X arrived with all required parts in a very timely manner. The installation on my boat trailer went smooth and took about 30 minutes. The Trailer Valet 5X allowed me to put my 21’ Cobia Bay boat into my 23’ garage with minimal effort.

by: Bernard12/09/2022

Had to move my existing jack to the opposite side of the trailer
Had to adjust the height a few times but it moves my 2022 18 foot Bass Buggy loaded great

by: Larry G.10/03/2017

I am 70 years old and needed an easier way to back my Bass Tracker Pro Team 175 boat into it's parking space on the side of my home. Backing the boat in using my vehicle was difficult. Sometimes I could do it on one try and other times I needed several tries to get it in position.

I decided to buy the Trailer Valet and see if I could use it to maneuver my boat the last 20 feet into it's parking space. My boat parking area is paved and level. My boat is about 17 foot long and weighs about 2300 pounds with the trailer and gear. The Trailer Valet works very well with my boat. I also now use the Trailer Valet to position the trailer hitch over the ball when I am connecting the boat to my vehicle.

I have used both the manual crank handle and a 14.4 volt cordless drill to move my boat. They both work well, but you have to be careful when using a cordless drill that you don't twist your wrist.

You need a fairly level paved surface for the Trailer Valet to work well. I once tried using it on a rough dirt parking area and the drive wheels would just spin in the dirt.

The Trailer Valet is well made and I have not had any problems with the equipment. When my boat is stored, I use a jack under tongue of the boat trailer so that there is no weight on the Trailer Valet wheels.

The Trailer Valet works great with my boat. Very well built.
Larry G - 10/04/2018

by: Pete D.12/04/2014

I recently purchased a dual axle 16 foot trailer to haul 2 quads and 4 dirt bikes. My hope was that the trailer will be stored in my backyard without paying storage fees at some storage lot. Unfortunately, my alley is quite narrow, my gate is not too wide, my backyard is grass, and there is a hill down to where I need to store the trailer. Trying to drag the trailer with a quad was scary at best. There is no way that I can drag the trailer around with some powerless trailer dolly at my age. The Trailer Valet came to the rescue!

Installation was fairly quick and simple. I did follow the directions and placed the mounting bracket low on the trailer tongue and the mount clamp connector on it low as well. I did make a quick trip to the neighborhood hardware store for proper length bolts and nylon lock nuts. The provided bolts were too long for my specific needs. They should be fine for a full size RV trailer.

The high gear is good for going downhill. The automatic brake works well as I soon found out. The low gear gets the trailer back up and out of the yard, even over grass. I did have to crank the trailer tongue up higher to get better traction in the grass, but was expected with a dual axle.

Simply put, there is no way that I could get that trailer in and out of my backyard in a safe and easy manner without the Trailer Valet. I do the job all by myself, and I did not spend a pile more for some powered unit to do the job. I will be getting another mounting bracket to use the Trailer Valet on my RV Trailer. In my opinion, there is no better solution at that price level.

Pete, I am looking at purchasing a trailer valet. You stated in your reviews that it worked on a grassey incline is that true?. I dont want to purchase it if it doesnt. I have about a 125 foot strecth between front and back of house. I have a 14 aluminum boat and trailer
-- comment by: Larry J - 10/24/2015
Yes, I have a fairly aggressive grassy incline in my yard that I must go up or down due to irrigation. I have found that when going up, I crank the tongue up to put more pressure on the Trailer Valet tires, then they get traction. Check the tire pressure when you are going to use it, and check the tires on the trailer, too. Please note that the valet tires may not work well in mud, but reasonably dry grass is fine. My trailer comes in at around 900 lbs, so I have to use the lower gear most of the time when going uphill, and for manipulation around the truck. Take the Valet off when not in use, or it will rust a bit outside. Use your trailer tongue jack instead of the Valet when not in use. I take the rig off while driving. I want the better clearance, and I do not want to donate it when I go for gas or a meal on the road. Biggest issue I have is that the trailer tires start to sink in the grass and soft dirt during storage outside. Getting it going at first can be an issue due to the trailer sinking down a bit from irrigation and weight, but that is not the valets fault. Hope this helps.
-- comment by: Pete D - 10/26/2015

by: Happy boater06/20/2016

Yes I'm happy. A product that does what it advertises.
Hesitant to spend the money, video's found on Etrailer and youtube convinced us.
Chronic back, knee and shoulder issues from 30 years of fire department work slowed our boating down due to the issues with hand pushing the trailer. No more! I understand the theory behind step-down gear advantage but was still shocked at how non-stressful and smooth it is to use the Valet up our slope to re-park in the garage.

We opt to keep the regular tongue jack installed and remove the Valet (the trailer bracket stays in place of course) to reduce envious eyes when the trailer is parked at busy marina's...glad the option is built in, attaching it to the bracket when we return home is a snap. Its a solid unit, construction and welds show quality workmanship.

Changes? A bit of an expanded instruction manual with a larger is pretty tough on old eyes.
Would I buy it again now that we've used it a few times? YES.

No changes to the reviewed offered a year ago, it works as well as I had hoped and has given me confidence to do what had been a daunting job of garaging. A shot of lube to the chain has been the only maintenance required over the past 12 months.
Happy b - 06/20/2017

by: David07/12/2019

I received the Trailer Valet in a heavy duty oversized box that protected the product box extremely well. Everything was well packed.

The mounting bracket didn’t match up with the original 1992 Four Winns factory bracket, of course, but turning it sideways, it fit right over the original mounting plate. This presented the proper height and clearances. I used shorter bolts(10 mm) for the mounting. It is a perfect fit!

The Valet works very. It is strong and very well built. Moving the 19’ boat is so easy to move!

Fantastic problem solving device! I have no more than 2 inches of “slop” to place my boat in my garage. The Valet allows a very unforgiving fit with little work.
David - 07/14/2020

by: Mark 03/15/2023

If you need to move a 5K pound dual axle trailer into a Service elevator at a Convention center, this is exactly what you need. It easily moved across the carpeted hallways too.

by: Michael P.04/11/2019

I have an extremely narrow area that I cannot back up my boat between the side of my house and fence. My truck cannot make the turn required and it is slightly uphill. With the drill attachment and my 18 volt brush less drill moving the boat into place using the Trailer Valet is an easy task that I could not do without this device. It was the deciding factor that allowed me to purchase the boat.

Still works perfectly. Very happy with my purchase.
Michael P - 04/13/2020

by: Joshua F11/10/2014

The trailer mover works but with my 20' Tige is significantly harder to move than the video reviews I saw before ordering it. The tires didn't move well at all in dirt and gravel but that should be expected by looking at the tire tread. I definitely worked up a sweat moving my boat but this works so much better than just pushing the boat around on the flimsy wheeled jack stand that was on the trailer.

Funny, i have the exact same DHM boat trailer as you and was doing research on what to replace it with. I ran across this thing and it seems like a great idea. Thanks a ton for posting those pictures! Im pushing the published limits as my boat is a 23 and total weight is 5,000lbs. Hopefully there is engineering safety factors built in!
-- comment by: Steve T - 03/15/2015

by: Stephen11/03/2018

2 year review:

I purchased the
Trailer Valet 5X from etrailer two years ago. I have been pleased with the product and use it several times a week to move my 3500# double axle bass boat in and out of my garage. I believe it is one of the safest ways to move a trailer of this type. I only use it on a concrete surface with minimal grade. I do have to turn my trailer at some pretty sharp angles which requires the use of a thick mil plastic sheet on the garage floor.
I always use the drill attachment and the low gear driveshaft. Unfortunately, this has led to a problem that I believe has resulted from a design flaw. I suspect anyone that uses there Trailer Valet as much as I do with the drill attachment will eventually have the same issue. The issue is that the bushings on the driveshafts are made of soft brass and the surface they rest on in the bearing housing is steel. As the bushings spin, they eventually are cut by the sharp steel edge of the housing. With enough use, the steel cuts completely through the bushings and the driveshaft begins to wear the bearing housing. I hope the folks that make the Trailer Valet fix this design flaw because it really is a great product otherwise.

by: Ann 01/12/2023

I turn my trailer around in the driveway using the valet. No more backing down a long steep driveway! This is an excellent product, and etrailer does a great job with their website, customer service and stocking quality products.

by: CB09/27/2015

First had a steel plate welded to [email protected] trailer frame to close 3 sided channel into full rectangular box and strengthen frame to prevent distortion from weight of jack. Attaching mount to frame really needed 3 hands, particularly to ensure level mounting, but nothing too difficult to accomplish. Blocked up frame and removed old worn wheel jack. Put mount on frame side closest to old wheel jack. Trailer Valet provides good support and mobility on pavement. Have not tested on gravel or dirt yet. Only downside is that built-in braking mechanism does not have a lock for release. You must apply force to steering handle at same time. This actually makes it more difficult for one person to guide and move [email protected] for fine maneuvering/clearance because you cannot see around the trailer while turning the crank. This is a small inconvenience which requires pauses and checking clearance. The clips and cotter pin security are convenient and secure - very good design. Because my [email protected] has a recommended tongue height of only 16 inches, had to place jack mount "upside-down" on frame to get good clearance for jack wheels but with light tongue weight, this is not a problem. With reinforced trailer frame mod, there is no deflection or distortion. Finally, used a utility knife to trim the plastic trailer jack/brake cover to fit around new jack mount and set it back in place for the sake of appearance.

by: Jerry04/27/2018

Excellent add-on to my travel trailer. No longer do I need to back up my trailer into my driveway (I pull right in and turn it around using the trailer valet). No longer backing my car up multiple times to line up the hitch to the trailer ( I use the trailer valet to move the trailer to the hitch and even to nudge the trailer to secure the ball to the trailer tongue). I have also used it to move the trailer tire onto a leveling block at the campground. My trailer is ~3000 lbs with a tongue weight of ~300 lbs. Have no trouble moving it on my concrete apron, however at the campground, I had to use a board under the tires to get the required traction the on gravel/sand. Before each use, I confirmed 85 lbs pressure in the tires by connecting a small 12V compressor with an integral pressure gauge and it works fine. While towing it stores fine on the trailer without interfering with the weight distribution bars, however, I do have to remove the bar support bracket in order to mount the Trailer Valet in the configuration required to move the trailer (the support bracket has 2 nuts that need to be removed), a small inconvenience compared to all of the above benefits.

by: Derek W02/21/2023

I am able to move a 22 foot pontoon boat and trailer with ease, this is the perfect option for small driveways and tight parking situations, I would recommend it to everyone.

by: Dan V.08/05/2017

It is a little early for a product review as I have only owned it for 2 days. Initial thoughts: Install was VERY easy and only took 10 minutes start to finish. I had our 2011 Z-8 in the back which is loose gravel, the twin wheels hold the weight with ease without sinking in. However, when I tried it for the first time the wheels dug themselves into a small hole and would not move the boat. Pretty sure it was all on me and where I had last parked the boat but it was getting dark and I did not feel the need to hook up and move it to solid ground because I am pretty confident it will perform as advertised once I do. I will at that point follow up with a more accurate review........

After a year I am still impressed! I read the reviews before purchase and the only flaw was moving with the jack extended there was a tendency to bend the jack. I always lower it which only takes a few moments before moving it and have never had a problem. I does however lack traction in gravel if you have it mounted on a heavy trailer like I do, Blacktop and concrete is where it shines. Simply back up in the vicinity of the hitch and finish the hookup with the jack. No more in and out of the truck until the ball is lined up! Definitely worth the money and would buy another without hesitation!
Dan V - 08/06/2018

by: Chris11/18/2017

I've recently installed the STC-V211 Trailer Valet on my bass boat trailer. I ordered this to ease moving my bass boat into and out of the rear corner of my shop. To say the fit is tight is an understatement, there is 2 inches clearance for the prop and a scant 1 inch between the ball mount and the front bumper of a fully restored classic car. For years I pulled it in and out by hand, but I'm not as young as I used to be. The Trailer Valet gives me so much more control, I can pass within 3/4 inch of the car bumper without fear of collision. It does the work of moving the trailer that my back used to do. I did fabricate a mount for my trailer that is smaller than the supplied mount purely to satisfy my own sense of aesthetics. That's the good, now for the not so good, the crank handle socket split on the corner on its very first use. (see photo) I was a bit disappointed as the rest of the unit seems to be well built. I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come. Overall a bit spendy but does a good job.

by: M05/25/2016

Pros: Mechanical advantage, relatively easy maneuverability.

- Tire sidewalls tend to fold over some when turning (see picture). Increasing tire pressure helps.
- Squeals like the brakes on a city bus. Even though always stored indoors. No good way to lubricate without taking the whole thing apart.

Overall: Works as advertised. I move around a dual axle boat trailer with a total weight of just under 4400 pounds.

by: David 02/11/2023

The 5x appears to be of high quality constuction. The instruction manuel was clearly written and easy to follow, with several "optional" directions in case adjustments are needed for your trailer. Package was delivered on the day promised. Great experience working with Etrailer : also the lowest price I could find for this model.

by: Robert06/25/2020

The Trailer Valet was installed and works perfectly for my needs. Since my car hauler is a Featherlite aluminum trailer with a deck that covers the frame, I had to attach the unit by drilling holes in the frame and installing the mount with nuts and bolts. I did make measurements to make sure of proper placement of the mount so that the unit could be stowed when not in use. So far it works great. I have not tried to use the Valet with a car loaded on the trailer but I have no reason to believe it would not work as advertised.

by: Sean04/27/2021

Worked for a heavy Airstream(28’) on a hill. I was impressed. Also was impressed with Paula, who I spoke with on the phone. She helped me zero in on exactly the right product. I highly recommend etrailer and if you need to move around heavy trailers in tight spots, this wheeled jack should do the trick. I used it on a driveway though, so I’m not positive on the off-road capabilities.

by: Donald02/14/2018

I use this product on a 21’ bass boat trailer with tandem axle. Unfortunately the boat will not fit Square in my 2 car garage. I checked some alternatives and found this product in an issue of a fishing magazine. After 1 year, I’m very pleased with how well it moves the load in and out. The previous owner pushed this boat into his garage due to a basement garage with no access of backing it in with his truck. He now has neck and back problems and that’s probably why. Most people are unaware of this product, but they’re always curious of how it works. I always recommend it to anyone that asks about it. Just check it regularly and make sure everything is tight and lube the chain annually. Great product and I’m glad I made the investment.

by: Jorge A.05/30/2019

I like the functionality quite a bit, but I'm not sure this is a great choice for boat trailers. Especially of exposed to Salt water. The chain is pretty rusty already and getting harder to crank. Also the powder coating is flaking off pretty badly and rust is creeping in at a fairly rapid rate. Could just be a salt water exposure issue so if you don't intend to use it in salt water, you might fair better. If it wasn't for the rusting issues, I'd give it a 4 star for sure.

by: Nathan 11/16/2022

The product works well and as advertised. Installation is easy. Having enough tongue-weight is critical for your application. I use my Valet to get a large boat into a barn with a very narrow door. My transition from gravel to the concrete apron at the door is not perfectly smooth. I add a little tongue-weight for traction at that point in the move (having someone stand on the tongue does the trick).

by: Robert04/05/2018

Appears to well built and works great as advertised, You can see I was able to place the trailer in a very tight spot so as not to take up any more room than needed. With a double axel I need to use the top wind on the trailer mover to lift the front axel high enough off the ground, almost free wheeling, to make tight turns, otherwise the tires on the front axel grab the ground and wont let you do any sharp turns, but lifting is easy with the trailer mover. I did have to mount the hardware far enough forward so that the front trailer door
could swing open. When Im not using the trailer, I just pull the stow pin and remove the trailer mover to indoor storage! Also the product was shipped promptly and received incredibly fast as if I ordered it from [other online retailer], so watch out [other online retailer] you have some competition!

by: Troy06/17/2020

With a tight fit in my garage I was looking for an easier way to move the boat in and out. The trailer valet solved my problem! Quick install and easy to use, you can rotate and leave on the trailer for travel however I will just pull the pin and toss it in the truck. Product is heavier than I expected around 40 lbs so it's not light when you remove it, but not terrible. Easily moves my 17' boat and trailer with minimal effort cranking!!

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  • Comparing the Old V211 Trailer Valet with the New TV5X Trailer Valet
  • The part number we use for the Trailer Valet is # STC-V211 but it is the TV5X model. This is the newest version that includes some material upgrades for better corrosion resistance. So our part # STC-V211 is in fact the TV5X; the newest version of the Trailer Valet.
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  • Difference Between Trailer Valet Trailer Dolly 5X and XL Versions
  • The Trailer Valet 5X # STC-V211 has a silver/grey powder-coat finish that in some light and on certain screens can appear darker. The appearance will vary depending on how the photography was done and on the size and type of viewing device (PC screen vs. Smartphone). The 5X is rated for 500-lbs Trailer Valet also offers higher-rated versions, parts # TVXL2 and # TVXL25, each of which has a 1000-lb tongue weight rating. These units are indeed finished in black powder coat.
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Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs

Code: TVXL2

359 reviews

Our Price: $749.00


Product Specs:

Trailer Dolly

Manual Dolly

Black Powder Coat

2 Inch Ball


10000 lbs Capacity

19 Inch Tall
20 Inch Tall

Trailer Valet

Heavy-duty dolly with integrated drive takes the hassle out of moving your trailer. Simply connect your trailer, turn the crank, and guide the trailer with the steering handle. The drill attachment lets you use your power drill instead of cranking.

Video of Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs - TVXL2

Average Customer Rating:  4.2 out of 5 stars   (359 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty dolly with integrated drive takes the hassle out of moving your trailer. Simply connect your trailer, turn the crank, and guide the trailer with the steering handle. The drill attachment lets you use your power drill instead of cranking.

by: Paul06/01/2022

I am disappointed by the trailer valet XL dolly. It probably works on a very smooth surface, but on my concrete driveway it simply doesn't. Even though my driveway is level, the dolly keeps sliding and I cannot move my boat, even though it is "only" around 6,000 pounds. Unfortunately, the dolly has no use for me.

Adding some weight to your tongue weight is recommended. If your trailer is too light, the trailer dolly wont work properly. Does your drive way have an incline?
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 06/06/2022
Thanks for the follow up and for reading my review. You guys sure do have good customer service. My driveway is completely level, yes, and the surface is concrete and should be very “grippy”. My sense actually was that the trailer may be too heavy rather than the tongue weight being too light. Maybe I was wrong. It’s a boat trailer and the weight distribution is not something I can manipulate a lot, unfortunately. Next time I will try adding some weight to the tongue somehow and then see what it does.
-- comment by: Paolo - 06/07/2022

by: Robert10/10/2022

The Trailer Valet Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly works well but has a couple of drawbacks.

• Moves a 2500 lb. trailer with ease on a level surface or gentle incline.
• A power drill moves the trailer, using the low gear, at a low walking speed. It would be impossible for a reasonably strong man to move this trailer at all.

• When using an electric drill to move the trailer, you must make sure that the brake lever is kept fully raised. If you let the lever drop, the brake will engage and the drill will spin out of your hand, twisting your wrist.
• Even with the collar fully tightened with the supplied wrench, if the trailer speeds up(coming off a bump) or slows down suddenly (applying the brake), the ball tries to cam itself out of the hitch. It hasn’t done any apparent damage, but it makes me nervous.
• If you try to power the trailer up a moderate grade, like the apron of a garage entrance, the drive wheels will slip. I defeat this problem by approaching the apron at an angle so only one wheel goes over the rise at a time.

Despite the cons, this is the only way for me to get my trailer into the shed, so I am glad to have it. I wish Trailer Valet would make their drive wheels more “grippy” somehow and use a larger locking plate over the locking collar.

by: Randall01/11/2023

If a buyer will be using this exclusively on a paved/concrete surface, there is minimal slope to that surface, and the user is not tall, this would likely be a very functional trailer mover. For a tall user to move a trailer or trailers often or far, usage is a serious pain in the back. Also, much actual maneuvering of trailers with this device is tricky at best.

by: Roderick10/04/2022

Complete waste of money. Cannot get traction on my 5000 lb boat and tandem trailer. Wheels just spin. Junk for me.

This valet should only be used on concreteasphalt and not on gravel or dirt applications.
Katrina B - 10/14/2022

by: Gizmo10/06/2022

Reliable and easy to use. The dolly is small enough to carry in the SUV, which makes it useful at our destinations as well as at home. You do have to be pretty strong to use it, but I am very happy with the purchase.

by: Gary02/15/2022

It just didn't work right for me. The wheel would spin but not move the trailer much. I also couldn't seem to get the valet to stay upright as it simply wanted to wander out from under the trailer rather than move it. It was a waste of money for me. My trailer is only 3200 lbs.

I wanted to reach out to you in regards to your review on the trailer valet. When you were moving the trailer were you on a flat surface like pavement or was it on gravel or dirt? Was there an incline or a decline at all? I know that this may seem like a basic question however what size ball does your trailer coupler use?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/23/2022
I used it a couple times. Once it was wet concrete and the other on dirtgrass. Terrain was flat. The hitch is 2”. It seemed like there wasn’t enough weight on the tongue. The wheel just spun and the device was running out from underneath the hitch. I had tightened it up as far as I could.
-- comment by: Gary - 02/23/2022
I did hear back from the manufacturer about the Valet. The tongue weight of the trailer does factor into the use of it. The typical load that this Valet handles is 1000 pounds and to allow it to work better for you, you would need to add weight to the tongue weight of the trailer. A Valet option that would be more suited for your trailer would be part # STC-V211
Trailer Valet 5X Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover - Topwind - 15" Lift - 5,000 lbs
which has a capacity of 5000 lbs and 500 lbs of tongue weight.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/23/2022

by: Fred 10/27/2022

This trailer dolly is great! We use it at the end of every trip. It allows me to position our 3000lb camper in a tight space beside the external garage. The maneuverability and brakes are amazing and safe.

by: Angelo10/04/2022

It works, but not without a lot of effort. Our trailer is light (1,500 lbs) and is on a very slight grade. It takes two people to move it safely. Surface is pavers. Wheels don't grip well at all. Softer, better gripping tires would be better. Would not recommend for use on any grade.

by: Bruce 08/27/2021

Perfect for the task of backing my 3000 lb popup Chalet into the gravel side yard. What used to be a real chore for my wife and me is now almost trivial. An expensive little tool but worth it on the long run. Tried it with the cordless drill attachment but for this little trailer it’s not necessary.

The trailer dolly works great! Parking my 2500 lb trailer in a narrow side yard is almost a non-event now.
Bruce - 08/28/2022

by: Chris C08/14/2017

I didn't have high hopes for this (maybe that's more because I've been burned by too many products in the past), but WOW! It works!

About my trailer: it's 20' long, ~3100# but is heavy on the tongue (600#)

My trailer is stored at a storage facility between two much larger RVs and a post that's attracted to trailers. Without a lot of room to maneuver, I've always dreaded the return trip when it's time to tuck the trailer back into its home.

Yesterday I returned and one of the RVs was gone, but rather than celebrate - I decided to try the Trailer Valet to see how it works. I thought if something went haywire, at least i would only damage one other RV.

My concern with the Trailer Valet XL vs the other systems I looked at was its braking ability. I have to climb a small hill (1 - 2 degrees) into my slot, and my worst fear was a run-away trailer - so I placed my wife on 'Full Chock Alert' and hooked it up.

I turned the crank, it moved. I turned the crank and moved the handle and it shifted directions. Over the course of about 10 minutes I moved it about 40 feet; up a hill and between the lines. My wife was so impressed that I rolled the trailer into it's spot using just my arms she brought me some water and offered to take me to lunch. I'm not going to tell her she could probably do it too. :)

The secret is making sure it is TIGHT to the coupler. Use the wrench to tighten it, tighten it some more, and then one more time. When you hit your knuckles you're getting there.

Highly recommended and I'm just sorry I didn't know about this years ago.

by: Seth M.06/01/2019

I have an awkward parking situation. The narrow alleyway behind my home is a dead end. Barely room to maneuver my 14’ cargo trailer and even more of a challenge with our new 26’ travel trailer. Last year I removed all of the broken concrete and put down crushed rock and compacted really tight so it’s almost like concrete. I read just about every review out there on this unit and was worried with my surface. It’s pretty flat but not perfect so I went ahead and purchased the Trailer Dolly XL. In order for me to fit my trailer it has to be parallel to the alley and fence. I was pretty surprised at just how well this unit worked. I was able to maneuver the trailer into place, not without a challenge but what is a little challenge in life right?! The unit works amazingly well for my situation and yes it can dig holes, it is a challenge but thinking through the process and using wood and maybe even a little helpful push and it will do the job. Definitely a challenge but it works exactly as it is designed and I am happy I purchased this unit. If your on the fence I can recommend this unit and if you have a challenging area like mine it will take some brain power to make it work but it does what it is supposed to do and fairly easy to use with a drill motor which is the only way I have used it so far. Also the coupler needs to be tight as possible with this kind of weight. Others that have listed negatives I can see the complaints and it takes some brain power to overcome the challenges so if your that person I believe it can work for you!

by: Scott V.04/23/2021

Really a great and easy to use trailer mover. My new boat only had 2 inches on each side and 3 inches in height to clear the garage opening. With my truck it was a tedious and stressful to get the boat inside. The trailer valet made it easy and stress free to get the boat inside the garage. I did have one issue. When I released the valet from the the hitch, I didn’t have a good grip and the handle dropped and chipped the grip. I don’t think it would have chipped if it was completely on the handle. I called customer service and Mellisa T. listened to my concern, contacted someone in that area, called me back in about an hour and has a replacement part shipping. Thank you Melissa T.!

Great! It works perfect for putting my Ranger 622, about 5,000 lbs. with trailer, in and out of the garage. My driveway has an incline into the garage. Even if the concrete is wet from rain it goes right up the grade, no traction issue. Great product! People who have trouble on inclines need to raise the trailer wheel off the ground so the valet has all the weight.
Scott V - 04/25/2022

by: Dwight08/23/2022

This thing is a joke!! I have a lot of different trailers small to large and this only worked on a 2500 lb or lighter trailer and struggled if it was dual axle. Absolute Trash and will never buy another again. E trailer is a great site , the trailer Valet is garbage. IF you want to try one just search online for someone mad selling it for nothing

by: John M09/06/2018

Within 5 minutes of unboxing my new Trailer Valet XL, I moved my Aliner Camper from out of a very narrow carport, 30 feet down a slight sloped driveway and then back in the carport. There was no installation and the instructions were very easy to follow. I had no problems moving and maneuvering the trailer with the hand crank, much easier than I had thought it would be. We will be camping this week end and would hope to update this review after our trip. The XL is a great product and very well made.

by: Tyler12/17/2022

etrailer had a great price and fast shipping

I had high hopes for this product and honestly this is the biggest waste of money I have ever encountered. I find it difficult to use and even with help and videos it took me too long to figure out how to use it. The hardest part is how unstable it is while you have to hold it up at the right angle while you lower the trailer onto it. Its far to heavy to lift into the ball and latch, tried and failed at that. I bought this to try and prevent back injuries instead of just using a dolly with the ball. Using it you are hunched over cranking 100,000,000 times to move it, or if you use a drill, be careful you dont lower the brake handle just slightly so it locks up and the drill nearly breaks your wrist with all the torque suddenly stopping. Honestly it moved my 3,000lb boat easier than a 900lb trailer, unless you need to turn at all, good luck with that. I have rarely seen a product that seemed so well engineered be so cumbersome to use and disappoint. Im not sure if I should sell it and have someone else mad they spent money on this or give it away so it sits gathering dust in the corner of shame.

I am sorry to hear that this is not working for your application. Our customer service department will be getting in touch with you about a return label.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 12/27/2022

by: Mark 07/05/2022

Product works well on fairly level hard surfaces. A high quality chain lube stopped my unit from creaking and clicking. Quality silicone spray on the axle bushings also helped. Can’t imagine moving my boat around without it. Trailer valet jack mounting bracket makes using my valet much easier and safer.

by: Larry08/08/2022

I often times try to economize, figured I paid quite a bit for the trailer valet. OMG, one of my best purchases ever. This thing lets me safely and relatively easily put my rather large RV trailer into the garage single handedly. Way better than with a spotter and pushing with the tow vehicle. Wish I had purchased one sooner. I really love how well it works and the quality of the unit is superb.

by: Mark 02/19/2021

Works well moving my Runaway Camper. Grippier tires would help on grass. I lay out pieces of plywood that helps on my gravel strip and grass.

Good. More aggressive tire tread would be sn improvement when using on grass or plywood sheets used over grass areas.
Mark - 02/20/2022

by: Cary08/29/2022

On my amputee and it’s too hard to bend over and hold the handle and try to crank it it will not work

Another Trailer Valet that may serve you better is part # TVRVR9
Trailer Valet RVR9 Remote-Controlled Trailer Dolly - Wireless Remote - 9,000 lbs
. It is expensive but it is remote controlled and the controller is small enough to be operated with one hand, if need be.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 09/15/2022

by: John08/07/2022

The TVXL2 works great, Once I called TV instead of trying to deal with your techs and was told there by TV was a thicker spacer plate being incorporated in the process, the new plate solved my issues. With all due apologies If your techs are not up to speed with products you offer possibly you should suggest a customer contact the manufacture directly instead of never returning my messages. You offer good prices but honestly knowledgeable tech support on some products. Will I purchase more products, absolutely, I purchased the Longview mirrors from you this spring and they are great. Not trying to be negative, you're a great company to purchase from but possibly not very dedicated to customer support with tech support.

by: Mike04/18/2020

Works as advertised. Without this product trying to get my boat in a very specific place in my garage was very difficult and physically too much. I bought a 3/8 right angle drill attachment to utilize the drill adapter but the crank handle was so easy I just used the handle. I am on pavement and not much downward slope in driveway. Very cool.

by: George02/07/2021

It was Well Worth the Money for Me! I have a Single Axle Rangertrail Trailer with a Ranger Z518 Boat that is Very Heavy. I have to maneuver it at a 90* turn with a Slight UP Hill Grade. I’m 66 and it is a little more than I wanted to Shove Around, So I saw a video of the Trailer Valet XL and Purchased it! I use it a lot and I’m VERY Pleased with its Performance. Use the Drill Attachment and it’s a Breeze. It takes a few Extra minutes to hook it up, but it’s so much easier to move my Bass Rig!

It continues to be a Great Investment
George - 02/08/2022

by: Roland05/23/2022

OK, first of all, it works. There is definitely a learning curve is using the Trailer Valet, especially with a drill. The main issue I've found is that if you let up on the steering/braking handle at all while you are moving your trailer, the brake will engage. When this occurs, the torque from the drill will transfer to your hand/wrist. Ouch. Otherwise, the unit works as advertised.

by: William01/10/2023

Tried everything to try and make the trailer valet xl work. I tried communicating with the company representative but ran into dead ends. etrailer tried to help but they didn’t manufacture the unit. This was supposed to move up to 10k pounds but not even close. Every time a boat and trailer was tried to be moved on flat concrete the torque would just pull the unit up under the trailer or just pull out of the trailer tongue. I was able to move one boat , it weighed 1500, far from the advertised weight. I now just takes up space

by: Greg03/04/2021

Super easy set up used on a curved driveway that was impossible to back my Skeeter Fiberglass Walleye boat into the garage stall with a vehicle. The valet XL worked way beyond my expectations i should also add that the driveway has a 10% grade. A+ for the valet xl.

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