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SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Code: SSR-610-47

1784 reviews

Our Price: $299.99


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Jounce-Style Springs

Light Duty

SuperSprings Intl

1,500-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's rear suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation.

Video of SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle - SSR-610-47

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (1784 Customer Reviews)

1,500-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's rear suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation.

by: Luc04/16/2021

I would have give it a 5star but the bolts are 1/4” I think it should be at least minimum of 3/8” or1/2” bolts to hold the sumo springs. I like them toed the camper handles very well. Wishi got these a long time ago worth getting. With out camper can tell that it’s there but rides ok. I wanted the same ride it not quite. I ask what the how high they are said 5” with bracket but it’s actually 6” with bracket see picture. I would recommend getting the sumo springs ssr-610-47.

They are working great in my 12 tundra still would recommend them. I tow 8000lbs camper handles great at times I probably wished I got the next step up but might be to hard when not towing. Will see next time I need to get some for next truck. Wish they have measurements to know how high they are from the lighter ones to the heavier ones.
Luc - 04/18/2022

by: Rick02/11/2022
Nissan Frontier

First of all has shown again they have the best customer service. There's a reason I keep going back for my truck/trailer needs.

The 1500# SumoSprings I ordered (SSR-610-47) for my Frontier installed very easily. The total install took about 20 min. Having an impact gun definitely helped. Getting the U-bolt nuts off without one would be a bear. I opted for the 1500# to assist with squatting when I pull my 5K# camper. I am using an e2 WDH but its still squatting a bit too much for my taste, these should help with that. The ride without a load is stiff but not harsh. There's virtually no body roll like there was before even with new shocks. I'm looking forward to my first camping trip of the year and will update after that trip which will be about 250 miles round trip.

After a year Im still really liking this product. On my tow vehicle 2015 Nissan Frontier I ended up removing the very top section of the spring so that unloaded there was an inch gap between the spring and the frame. Before as stated the ride was stiff but not harsh because the springs made constant contact but werent compressed. That 1 inch airgap allowed for stock ride while unloaded but when a slight load when I stand on the bed for example it would make contact and provide all the benefits. For the Frontier Sumo could shorten it by one pillow and it would be perfect. Still highly suggest these for any mid size Frontier, Tacoma, Colorado, Ford Freaking Ranger or 12 ton truck you are towing with.
Rick - 02/15/2023

by: Michael 12/27/2022
Toyota Tacoma

I installed the black ones on my Tacoma a little more than a year ago. For the most part I am happy with them. They work great when pulling the trailer, keeping everything level. When driving without a load the truck rides as comfortable as it did before installing the Solo Springs as long as the temperatures are above 20 degrees. When temperatures fall below 20 degrees things get noticeably rougher however.

by: Tim G.05/13/2017
2016 Toyota Tundra

Product was for a 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro. I purchased these in preparation to haul a 25ft travel trailer. I was concerned that the installation of the Sumo Springs would affect the unloaded ride, so immediately after install I took the truck for a test drive and purposefully looked for and hit wholes along my drive. I am very pleased to report that the unloaded ride was not affected in the least. I have not picked up my travel trailer as of yet to report on how they did keeping the truck level with the trailer connected, but will provide an update once I have trailer and some additional miles on these. So far very pleased though delivered within the two day requirement I had.

by: David 09/22/2022

The Sumo springs work well for keeping the back end of the truck level, However, the Sumo springs have made the ride stiffer which was unexpected from their descri[tion. Overall I am pleased with my purchase.

by: Steve01/10/2021

The springs do work fine on my 2013 tacoma , really help prevent sway when pulling my 15ft travel trailer . needed to cut some foam off the top to get some clearance for the shocks to work .

After a year or so the sumos are working fine under all of the trailers and loads I have been able to haul or pull
Steve - 01/11/2022

by: Joe D09/04/2018
2016 Toyota Tundra

I had these replaced on my 2016 Tundra SR5 4WD CREWMAX that I tow a 28 ft travel trailer. I had my local mechanic install, hour later, done. Test drove it on country road, WOW. It drove like a sports car. The rear end took the bumps and dips no problem. The new stop basically takes up all the clearance between the frame and the axle. The response of the new urethane stop is progressive; no load, slight interaction and the more up/down action of the truck, the more the reaction. Tundra owners know that the rear leaf spring suspension is soft, car like. I am gearing up for a cross country trip w/trailer this October. I'll update this review later. I chose etrailer over the online big box store, same price, free shipping, delivered a few days later.

Worked great. California to Connecticut and back, all types of terrain and roads, truck n trailer behaved flawlessly. Even with my WDH and sway control adjusted properly, you will find yourself driving thru a dip in the road which could make your trucks rear end bottom out, which is why I opted for the Summo springs I dont need or want a 2500 series truckThis product works as it was designed and Im happy with it.
Joe D - 09/04/2019

by: Richad11/26/2021

I called etrailer and asked which sumo spring I should purchase. I explained my trucks set and which trailer I was going to tow. I was told get the 1500 black sumo springs. Ok I believed that the person I spoke with was knowledgeable. WRONG! My tundra now rides like shit-super stiff rear suspension. I called back, could you please exchange for the 1000 blue springs? I am told no, but maybe I could sell the black sumo’s online? what a load of shit! etrailer wont back the advice they give or the product for a un-happy customer. I am out $250 for the springs and $100 for OEM u-bolts( tundra) I am now stuck driving my Tundra with horrible rear kick and stiff bounce. Goodby etrailer, never again.

I will have our customer service team reach out to you. The Sumo Springs do have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 12/06/2021

by: Dan01/14/2018
2017 Toyota Tundra

100% stock 2017 Tundra SR 4WD V8. Bought these to provide a bit more stability when towing 27' 8600 GVW tag along camper usually running around 8000lb actual weight. Weight distributing hitch w/ sway control. Wasn't horrible before but wanted suspension stiffened up some. Easy to install if you have a torque wrench and the most basic of hand tools. Did exactly what I wanted it to do.

Still working great.
Dan - 01/14/2019

by: Eddie04/30/2021

Worked well to take the front end bounce out while towing. Did very little to help with the rear squat on my 2010 Tundra towing 8k pounds. In the process of removing and installing airbags.

Thank you for your review. To me, it sounds like you need a weight distribution system. This system will distribute the tongue weight of your trailer. To learn more read below: https:www.etrailer.comfaq-weightdistribution.aspx
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 05/04/2021

by: Dave04/02/2018
2012 Toyota Tundra

This was the answer to my rear sag when the trailer was attached. My wife never said a thing about the ride on our trip and I did not notice any difference. It probably took me 45 minutes to bolt the SumoSprings on the truck not bad at all. Good product.

Very satisfied. It is just what I needed.
Dave - 04/02/2019

by: Linda 07/04/2020
Toyota Tundra

No pblm installing them on my '03 tundra. Hv used my truck for hvy loads constantly (alfalfa, firewood, lumber) and they are far superior than the air shocks i had previously. Would buy again.

Awesome! Still doing the job load after overload! Will not hesitate to add them to my next truck.
Linda - 07/06/2021

by: Mark03/16/2022

Great product, easy to install. I use them as back up for my air springs. Work great without air springs too. Thanks.

by: John 06/14/2021
2010 Toyota Tacoma

This product fit my 2010 Toyota Tacoma perfectly. The Sumo Springs were easy to install and I expect them to help support any heavy loads I carry by taking some of the load off of the leaf springs. They will also help keep my truck level regardless of the load I am carrying without making the ride any harsher.

by: John P08/20/2018
Nissan Frontier

These Sumo springs are the real deal! Installed them on my Nissan Frontier that I tow a trailer with and instead of the rear dropping 2 1/2 inches it now only drops less than an inch. Originally tried to buy another big brand name but it said it wasn't compatible with my truck. These Summo springs are second to none. Took about 45 minutes to install. Very happy. Highly reccomend.

by: Robert05/01/2022

I installed the helper springs and they have worked greatly, hauling my 4 wheeler around in the Nissan - thanks.

by: Ken07/21/2016
2016 Toyota Tundra

This was the easiest thing to install i was done in ten minutes and that was only because i had the wrong size socket when i went under the truck and had get go get the other size. they clear very well. I will have my trailer on my truck soon and i know that this will work very well. I have tried many other things in the past i wish i had found this much sooner. this is on a 2016 toyota tundra and i pull a car trailer from time to time,
the trailer is a tilt trailer and is heavy duty so it has some tongue weight, This will solve the problem i have with the truck sagging in the rear

by: David08/10/2020

Pain getting old u bolts off after being on there for ten years but sumo springs went in easy with new u bolts purchased separately. Looks like the sumo springs will work well.

by: Troy 04/03/2020
2005 Toyota Tundra

Easy to install and worked perfectly. The difference in truck bed sag was amazing after installing and hooking up the trailer. Handling and headlight up-tilt were corrected by installing this produce.

by: Mark 05/17/2021

install was simple and they seem to do as expected would definitely recommend

Been a year and I am still very impressed works great.
Mark - 05/17/2022

by: Gary 12/03/2021

Great product. I have Sumo Springs on the front and rear on both of my trucks. Does wonders for daily driving and handeling.

by: TC10/20/2021

These work perfect on my 2017 Tacoma, almost no sag when pulling my cargo trailer conversion. Ride is a little stiffer for everyday use.

by: Mike 07/03/2022
2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty

I have used these several times with great results, great product, great service

by: Ted 12/31/2019
2019 Nissan Titan

Easy to install simple bolt-on upgrade for better heavy load management for my 2008 Nissan Titan. After mounting these on my truck I noticed that my shocks were in need of replacement (i.e. 120,000 miles on the original shocks). The extra support of the Sumos made me more aware of the old age of my shocks.

I installed Sumo Springs on the front and rear of my 2019 sprinter van conversion for noticeable improvement of ride quality. Less sway and more control.

by: Patrick D.12/07/2016
2009 Toyota Tundra

Got the SumoSprings 3 days after placing the order. Installed them on my
2009 Toyota Tundra in about 45 minutes, saved about 2.5" to 2.75" of sag
with my trailer hooked up. Had 3/4" space between frame and spring
when operating without trailer.

I am sorry but I no longer own the Tundra, but I did purchase a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System from Etrailer just over a year for my Tundra replacement.
Patrick D - 12/07/2017

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Ask the Experts about this SuperSprings Intl Vehicle Suspension
Do you have a question about this Vehicle Suspension?


Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle

Code: F2445

1887 reviews

Our Price: $414.21


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Air Springs

Heavy Duty


4,800-lb Capacity. Ride-Rite air springs enhance your factory suspension for safety and stability when you are hauling heavy loads. They reduce strain on your rear axle, keep your vehicle level, and adjust to load size for a consistently smooth ride.

Video of Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle - F2445

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (1887 Customer Reviews)

4,800-lb Capacity. Ride-Rite air springs enhance your factory suspension for safety and stability when you are hauling heavy loads. They reduce strain on your rear axle, keep your vehicle level, and adjust to load size for a consistently smooth ride.

by: Butch02/08/2023

etrailer was very helpful with making sure I ordered the right product. As for the product... I love the addition to my 20201 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO. It made towing my 2021 Lance 2285 Travel Trailer a dream. The truck and trailer sit perfectly level now and the truck handles great. Easy install only took a couple of hours. In my pic... the stabilizer jacks are down because I was doing a quick overnighter and didn't want to unhitch. But the stabilizers aren't lifting the camper or truck.. just kissing the ground to keep the camper from rocking when inside. Its the only pic I had handy.

by: Lloyd08/05/2020
2011 Toyota Tundra

Installed easily, and used them to pull a heavy 24’ trailer across the country with a half ton pickup. The only thing I’d like to see is a manual leveling system with gauges and a compressor on board. I use a hand pump specifically for motorcycle air suspension to make the fine adjustments required to set the pressure. Works well.
They did their job perfectly.

After a year, they are a great aid in hauling a d towing with my half ton. No more sagging rear suspension when loaded. Yes, the rear ride firmed up a little even with only five pounds pressure. That’s a small trade-off.
Lloyd K - 08/05/2021

by: Charles 01/18/2022

It was a nice simple install and gives you the ability to adjust the firmness to the rear of your truck when towing. They take some of the cargo weight away from your rear springs.

After a year of use, I appreciate having the helper air springs. Im able to take some of the load the leaqf springs would have to carry and move it over to the air springs. I know it will help extend the life of the factory leaf springs. I like the way it helps keep a firm suspension and level truck ride. When Im done towing, I just air them down till next time.
Chuck i - 01/19/2023

by: Robert N07/09/2016
2016 Toyota Tundra

It was an easy install and everything fit OK. I removed the spare tire to make it easy. I had to slightly bend the brake hose bracket on both sides and another bracket just slightly to clear the rear spring clamp at the bottom of the spring. I carry my 1,400 pound Honda Pioneer 700 and pull my travel trailer with a 400 pound hitch weight. I have your weight distribution hitch for some of the hitch weight.

Still working great. I have them on my 1999 Ford too and those still work great.
Robert N - 01/06/2018

by: John06/25/2020

Outstanding product!!! Well made and easy to install on my 2010 Tundra TRD. Just basic tools needed so anyone can do it!! Take your time and it is a fun 2 hour project. Made towing my trailer so much nicer. Level ride with comfort and good maneuverability. Think I am going to add these to my other GMC work truck as well.

Outstanding! Towing for a year now and all is fantastic. Level ride makes towing more safe and pleasant!
John T - 06/26/2021

by: Fred 03/04/2023

These work great. No problems after one year. Made a big difference with 1020 lbs. tongue weight. I don't see any difference in ride when unloaded (10 psi on helpers), Really nice to have the boat tow level.

by: Dan 03/02/2023
2010 Toyota Tundra

Install on 2010 Toyota Tundra CrewMax. Took about an hour with basic hand tools. Instructions are straight forward. Now truck doesn’t sag when towing.

by: Michael H03/26/2023

Installed on my 2021 Toyota Tundra, These Firestone Ride Rite are phenomenal. I’m very pleased with the results AAAA++++

by: Antonio04/30/2019

Installation was pretty straight forward. Completed in about 2.5 hours taking my time, in my drive with basic tools. Havent had a chance to test them out.

2008 Toyota Tundra
29' Heartland Sundace travel trailer

Measurements from wheel well to floor.
Pre bags
Unloaded front : 39 - 1/2
Unloaded back : 39 - 3/4
Loaded front : 39 - 3/4
Loaded back : 37 - 3/4


After bag install 5psi
Unloaded front : 39 - 1/2
Unloaded back : 40 - 1/2

Takes 50psi to bring back to level when loaded.

by: Gordon 09/21/2022
2014 Toyota Tundra

Excellent product, and a great solution to our “squat” issues while towing our RV. Two suggestions to buyers. 1) Wash your undercarriage before installation! I looked like Pig Pen before I was done and it took a couple of hours to get the grit out of my teeth! 2) Test fit both upper plates to your frame before pre-assembly of the units. The plates could go on in any of 4 different orientations (up or down, left or right) and it’s much easier to figure this out beforehand than when you’re trying to wiggle the assembly into place and worrying about the alignment stud.

by: Michael01/12/2023
2007 Toyota Tundra

Easy to install with all the right parts. I do wish they would ship it with a hose tee to tie the lines together. Makes airing them up much easier.

by: J. Hernandez01/24/2023

I installed this kit on my Toyota Tundra and it has worked great. Awesome product.

by: Harvey 01/27/2023

Does every thing that it should do love it. Thanks for a great product

It’s not a year yet but they work great and can be filled up with bicycle tire pump and is more precise than an air pump and bike pump is easier to take a long then a compressor just thought you all would like to no thanks for a great product and good people to work with
Harvey - 03/12/2023

by: Monte 07/03/2022

Since I installed this Firestone Ride-rite Helper Springs (airbags), I have had a better ride pulling the Air Stream trailer across this country. This product even works really well without a trailer too. I'd recommend it to any truck owner.

by: Naomi06/07/2022

Straight forward and easy to install even for a girl!! HA! So far so good but haven’t test-driven the Tundra yet hope to do that today.

by: Thomas 03/01/2023
2011 Toyota Tundra

Very straight forward. Had no problems with install!

by: Larry O07/14/2020

Installation was easy. I use the Firestone suspension when I tow my fifth wheel. I can raise the truck back up to level with a load on the hitch, and ride is much improved.

Still working great. I run with about 45 to 50 psi pulling Grand Design with 2019 Tundra, 6 psi unloaded.
Larry R - 08/09/2021

by: JP02/28/2023

Makes all the difference in my 2019 tundra when hauling anything heavy. I haul a 30ft camper maxing my weight out and with these bags my truck doesn’t even squat an inch.

by: Mike L09/23/2016
2015 Toyota Tundra

They work great and easy to install. 2015 Toyota Tundra 5.7 pulling an 8600 lb travel trailer.

by: Erik06/01/2022
Toyota Tundra

These are great for my 2020 Tundra. Had a saggy bum while towing my 30’ travel trailer. Fixed it right up. One thing I’m trying to find out is if I can put the truck on a two-post lift and have the suspension hang the whole way down without stretching the airbags too much. Also, great service!! Needed the parts for a long haul camping trip, they were out of stock. ETrailer got them in and shipped right away!

by: Tyler 03/08/2023
2017 Toyota Tundra

Install was straightforward with some help from Youtube. I haven’t loaded it with the trailer yet, but have pressurized to 70psi with no issue. So far extremely happy with this product.

by: Justin Guiles06/26/2020
2015 Toyota Tundra

They're very nice, easy to install. I did it on a 2015 toyota tundra in about an hour from start to finish. I removed the rear tires to cut the joist off to make it easier for me. Other than that extra step I made for myself their videos for the install is spot on. I recommend them to anyone who is hauling anything of weight to save wear and tear on the suspension,breaks and tires of their vehicle.

by: Jim10/17/2017
Volvo Cross Country

This kit was super easy to install. Matter of fact I did the install in the driveway of my in-laws with a basic tool kit as I found I needed these to provide a more pleasant towing experience when I was moving cross country. The hardware was very nice and the tubing and fittings were very easy push connect type. Instructions are well laid out and straight forward. These also are very beneficial for flexible needs. When I don't have any large load in the bed or when not towing, I keep them at about 7lbs and you basically have factory ride but with less roll in turns. When you are loaded up, just add air to level out and ride comfortably (any truck loaded to full capacity will squat and the steering and driveability is fairly compromised at that stance.)

I like them more the longer I have them. I do my own projects around the house and these are handy for the heavier stuff that you are gonna haul from the point of purchase to the house. Keeps the truck level and helps utilize all of the capability of the truck drivetrain and frame.
Jim - 10/18/2018

by: Chris 08/23/2022

instructions were great and made the job easy. They also work perfectly at keeping the truck level while hauling our travel trailer.

by: Brian 08/17/2020

The parts I ordered got to me very quickly with every single thing I would need to complete the installation. It took me much longer to do the install but that may be because I’m 80. Once done the air bags worked great & noticeably improved our trucks handling.

After a year or so of use I’m convinced they are a big improvement & I’ll also install a set on my next truck
Brian - 08/18/2021

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  • Helper and air springs primarily work with loads on the vehicle itself, while weight distribution will use leverage provided by the spring bars to transfer a portion of a trailers tongue weight from the rear axle to the front axle. Using a weight distribution system is typically called for when the weight of the trailer plus the load on it weighs 50 percent or more of the weight of the tow vehicle. A weight distribution system can improve braking, handling and steering response as well...
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  • Comparing Air Bags and Roadmaster Active Suspension for a 2010 Toyota Tundra
  • I recommend the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs part # F2445 over the Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) for a 2010 Toyota Tundra. The reason for this has to due with adjustability. The RAS is adjustable as well but this is not nearly as easy as the Firestone Airbags and will take much more time. The air bags allow you to adjust the psi to your exact load and get the perfect balance of support/comfort. The air can then be let out when not towing for a factory ride. The Roadmaster...
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  • Comparing the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Springs to the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 on 2014 Toyota Tundra
  • When it comes to quality, the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, # F2445, has a slight edge over the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs, # AL88299. Both systems will get the job done, but I would go with the Firestone kit if it were my truck. Firestone has been an industry leader for a long time. I have attached an installation video of the Firestone kit on a 2013 Toyota Tundra that you will find helpful. The installation will be the same on your 2014 model. A...
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