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Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System for Motor Homes with Air Brakes - Proportional

Code: SM99243

264 reviews

Our Price: $1,329.00


Product Specs:

Tow Bar Braking Systems

Brake Systems

Proportional System

Air Brakes

Power Assist Brake Compatible

One Time Set-Up

Fixed System


This truly proportional braking system uses the air pressure from your RV's brakes to apply the brakes in your towed car in the same manner. Low-profile design installs out of your way and is always at the ready.

Video of Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System for Motor Homes with Air Brakes - Proportional

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Demco Air Force One Supplemental Braking System for Motor Homes with Air Brakes - Proportional - SM99243

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (264 Customer Reviews)

This truly proportional braking system uses the air pressure from your RV's brakes to apply the brakes in your towed car in the same manner. Low-profile design installs out of your way and is always at the ready.

by: Bill12/23/2022

I wouldn't use anything else! Once this system is installed it's literally plug-and-play. Nothing to move or install into the car, each time you tow. Just plug it into the coach's air break system and you're done. Install video from etrailer made it even easier to complete.

You do need a bit of mechanical guidance/assistance as you're connecting to both your vehicles and coaches breaking system but it has worked flawlessly for over 11,000 miles and in some pretty intense traffic.

by: Bruce P.12/13/2020

I believe the AFO is the best supplemental braking system for air brakes on the market today. Probably the most expensive also. A lot of work to install but a good system that is truly proportional and safe to use with an air brake system.

We have used our AFO for over 12,000 miles towing a 2018 Chevrolet Colorado. It seems to be working fine but is really hard to know for sure. It is difficult to see the LED light strip in the camera during bright daylight. When I installed the AFO, etrailer was very helpful even returning my call on a Sunday. I also added a plastic stub next to the connectors on both the RV and toad that very conveniently stores the plastic cover when the brakes are not connected so they do not get lost. I tried to contact etrailer with my simple improvement but no one seemed interested.
Bruce P - 12/14/2021

by: Darryl W07/27/2020
2014 Honda CR-V

AF1 is amazing so far. I did the installation by myself. I have a 2014 Honda CR-V and bought it for towing. Watching the video helped me through it. The car installation portion was pretty straight forward. The video is better than the instructions overall, but I read through the entire instructions before beginning. I was able to install the RV tank without putting the rig on a lift. Depending on how big you are and flexibility, it can be done with the RV on the just takes longer. Also, I would recommend knowing where you are going to mount your RV tank. I mounted the tank near the rear and didn’t have enough brake tube after doing the car. Picked up an extra 20 ft at Autozone or order the tube with etrailer.

The customer service center is very helpful too. Many thanks to Mariah for the outstanding assistance. Finally, I would say that if you order the brackets to mount the emergency brake away for your car, you may have to cut them down with a grinder. It is so much nicer not putting the brake buddy in the car now. Looking forward to enjoying it on trips. I drove the rig about 20 miles yesterday, and the light came on and I honestly couldn’t tell the car was back there other than looking in the video and seeing the light on the car during braking. Highly recommend this unit.

5.0 Product is working great! No issues. Minor adjustment to brake cable after a year. It took 5 mins.
Darryl W - 07/28/2021

by: Chris 03/20/2023

This braking system has been nearly flawless for me since installation.
Only tow coomplaints to speak of, as follows:
1. During install of the firewall screw for the acutator, the screw ended up causing a short in my vehicle. I had to spend many hours troubleshooting and Demco support was adamant it was not their products fault.
2. The actuator has gotten sticky over time and does not reset to the correct location after braking, causing the light to stay on longer than it should.

by: Jay 07/22/2021

I installed it myself, followed the eTrailer installation video. I have used it a year, works great, have put over 3000 miles on it. No issues. Struggled with using a portable brake system and decided to do it right. It was the right choice.

Perfect, way better that the portable device
Jay - 07/23/2022

by: Dave01/17/2019
2012 Saturn Relay

"Out of sight, out of mind" would be the best description I could offer for the Air Force One supplemental braking system! When properly installed, it's effective as well as quick and easy to hook up. Connect the tow bar, safety cables, safety switch cable, tow plug and air line, you're done! Five minutes at most.

I did add a couple of features to my towing system:

1. Using a relay and the extra wire in the connector to the coach, I installed the LED indicator strip on the dash of the coach; no need to rely on the back-up camera to verify operation of the brake cylinder. Coaches that have a tow connector are usually equipped with a power wire to the cab for electric brakes - this wire is a good way to get the indicator signal to the front of the motorhome.

2. I used the 12 V power connection from the coach to connect a charging wire to the car battery to ensure it would not discharge; I used an auto-resetting breaker with a rating below the glass fuse in the 12 V circuit to prevent a fuse from blowing if the charge current gets to high.

In all, a great investment! I have an article I wrote on the install if anyone is interested.

by: Don K.04/23/2017
2016 GMC Canyon

Vehicle 2016 GMC Canyon Diesel.
of the SMI Air Force One supplementary braking system was not too difficult. The instructions from SMI were good as was the video from etrailer. The only reason that I didn't give it a 5 star is because the air cylinder installation on the brake pedal was complicated by an unusual shape of the brake pedal arm. I eventually found a solution.
Tapping into the truck's vacuum line was a little difficult but the kit included everything I needed to T into the vacuum line and install the check valves.
All in all not a bad installation, this summer we'll see how it holds up.

by: Dennis 12/15/2022

It would be nice if the instructions told how the AFO was designed to work in detail. Most installers have an opinion but to have it explained would be a plus. Like the small air tank in the control box etc.

by: Mark 07/14/2022
Jeep Grand Cherokee

I could not find anyone in Georgia that had installed the AF1 on a Jeep Grand Cherokee and eTrailer had several videos of their installs so we drove 700 miles to get it installed by these pros. They did a fantastic job and the system is great! The main unit is in the engine bay and you have to get on your knees to see the connection to the pedal. The Grand Cherokee is heavy but I don't feel any difference when towing and it has no effect on driving the the car. I'd give it and eTrailer 6 stars if I could!

by: Del 09/26/2022
2017 Chevrolet Equinox

My installer said it was straight forward to install. I really appreciate not having to disconnect anything in the car and then find a place for it until ready to use again. It is out of sight and always ready to use.

I highly recommend this for your braking system!

by: Carleton B01/31/2019
2004 Chevrolet Avalanche

Pulled entire length of route 66 and then some. We had absolutely no issues with all of our etrailer equipment. Thanks for all of your help.

by: Steve10/09/2022
2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

I am missing several components.....good response in getting me what's missing. For example I had 13ft of 1/4 hose instead of 50ft. Missing the led mirror kit and connecting blue hose kits all together. I was mailed a collection of some of the parts - not a kit.

by: Stan 09/16/2021

I ordered an Air Force One breaking system one year ago, for my 2019 Allegro Bus 45OPP, and my 2012 Honda CR-V.
I paid $1080.00 with free shipping from E-Trailer. The unit arrived in perfect condition. I installed the system myself, in about three hours on the Motorhome. I had previously ordered a special hose/ tube cutter. The only part of the installation that was a little intimidating was cutting the correct air lines on the coach, however after viewing the installation video everything was made clear.
The install on the Honda took about two hours, I did have to call the people at E-Trailer , but they cleared up my questions.

by: Keith 09/15/2022

Love the fact that I don't have to wrestle with a bulky brake controler

by: Joe T05/17/2019
2014 Jeep Wrangler

Just finished a 10,000 mile trip trailering a 2014 Jeep Wrangler with Air Force One braking system and we are very satisfied with the product. No issues or failures and once installed, it is very easy to use. We can connect and disconnect from the Air Force One and our Blue Ox towing system in 2-3 minutes.

After a year, we are still happy with the AF One. We had one issue where it didn’t work and it turned out we let a little grime get into the air fitting. Took some time to figure it out but we cleaned with compressed air and the problem went away. Lessen learned it to keep rubber covers on the air fittings when not in use.
Joe T - 05/17/2020

by: Pam A10/30/2019

We love our Air Force One braking system. The confidence it was done right by etrailer allows us to tow our 4x4 van without worrying about it!

by: Richard02/12/2023

Gwen was extremely helpful and pleasant and I am sure I'll be back next time I need something for the RV.

by: Ronald 02/16/2023

Owned these in the past and have always been very satisfied with them.

by: FJ4001/18/2021
2017 Jeep Wrangler

Very nice unit, very easy install on a 2017 Jeep wrangler Rubicon Recon and and Great Support eTrailer !! Super Fast Shipping !!!

The Air Force One unit has been great. Very easy to use and hook-up is a snap.
FJ40 - 01/19/2022

by: Jon 08/13/2022

Came with everything I needed to install it. Great quality and works fantastic!

by: Thomas02/15/2022
Jeep Cherokee

We have towed a car over 150,000 miles behind our motor home. Most of that time we used another system and always had small problems. When we bought our 2021 Jeep Cherokee we wanted to upgrade our breaking system. Our old system was also inconvenient to setup. This system is so easy to use and works great!!

by: C. Martin06/12/2017
2016 Jeep Wrangler

SMI Air Force One was the choice I made when we outfitted our 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited last year. I can honestly say, without any hesitation,...this was the best choice ever. The installation was very straight forward. I was reluctant to cut my coaches brake lines...but the technicians at SMI were very helpful. I emailed them a picture of the brake lines that I had identified per the instructions, and wrapped a piece of colored electrical tape around the lines to identify them. The SMI techs wrote back within 20 minutes and confirmed that I had correctly chosen the correct air lines for splicing into. The fittings where a breeze to install. The system has performed flawlessly...and it works so well ---- if it weren't for a video camera view on my dash...I wouldn't even know the Jeep was back there.

When I go to hook and unhook the Jeep. I keep my components in a canvas bag. It contains my Safety cables for the tow bar, lighting umbilical, and the two SMI parts...a coiled quick connect air line, and a safety breakaway cable. The other components of the system stay in lugging them around. They are totally out of sight.

If you have a coach with Air Brakes...this, in my opinion, is the best thing going. Proportional braking...directly metered by your coaches signal line. The system is robust...and includes it's own ping tank, and D.O.T. approved metering valve. I feel it's the safest...and best performing braking system built for a towed vehicle PERIOD.

by: Ron09/16/2021

Product works good. No longer have to put the old box between the seat and the brake pedal and hook up to brake petal. So easy to hook up. Be sure your air hose connections are are secure. Unit does not work when one end of air hose is on the ground. I know from experience. Would suggest ordering an additional air hose just in case you need it

by: Sam 12/21/2021

Air force one there’s a very best braking system you can get for your tow car if your motorhome has air brakes. The etrailer did a fantastic job installing the system both on my motorhome and tow vehicle. I would highly recommend Air Force One and etrailer

by: Randal03/12/2022

Installation was easy, compact and out of the way. Had a little problem finding controller location due to clearance. Ended up using velcro on top of the fuse box to hold the controller in place.

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  • The main benefit of tapping into the RV air brakes for a toad braking setup is that there is a direct connection between the motorhome braking and the towed vehicle's braking. There is no time delay and there are no sensors that need to react to changes to the vehicle's inertia before they do anything. In short, there is synchronization between the two braking systems. As you noted, installation of such systems is a lot more intrusive and complicated. Since you have intentions to trade...
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Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System

Code: RM-8700

179 reviews

Our Price: $1,002.44


Product Specs:

Tow Bar Braking Systems

Brake Systems

Pre-Set System

Hydraulic Brakes
Air Brakes

Power Assist Brake Compatible

One Time Set-Up

Fixed System


Get automatic, real-time braking in your towed vehicle with the InvisiBrake. Actuator box installs permanently so that you never have to remove, adjust or reactivate. System connects to RV and engages car brakes when the RV brake lights illuminate.

Video of Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System - RM-8700

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (179 Customer Reviews)

Get automatic, real-time braking in your towed vehicle with the InvisiBrake. Actuator box installs permanently so that you never have to remove, adjust or reactivate. System connects to RV and engages car brakes when the RV brake lights illuminate.

by: Steve08/18/2022

The installation went as planned. All parts fit and worked the first time.

by: Chuck11/05/2022

Purchased this braking system and installed on 2005 Jeep Wrangler and towed for over 3000 miles with no issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled on a 2016 Jeep Wrangler this fall. By far, the best supplemental braking system we’ve ever used.

by: Scott09/27/2022

2021 Ford Ranger. The installation is not really technically challenging, but there are a lot of steps and you need to twist yourself under the dash for quite a bit of it. The main installation comment I would have is assume you are going to drill a hole in the firewall for the wires/air hose. Using the existing grommets is more work/risk than it is worth. There were several videos, but none specifically for my vehicle and I would have liked the specific detail on the air connection. We have about 800 miles towing with it so far and it definitely it helps with stopping, plus the break-away safety is good peace of mind.

by: Boyd10/03/2022

Happy so far. I wouldn’t say installation is difficult but it did take me some time. Unit just barely fits under the drivers seat of my ‘03 TJ so it is out of the way. Does take away leg room from the rear passenger but who rides in the back of a TJ right? I did have to fab up some spacers for the clip that holds the brake cable due to the fact that the firewall of my TJ has a ridge right where it needed to be mounted.

by: Dwight02/11/2023

The ordering process was easy and convenient. The free shipping was awesome, and the product was delivered in less than a week. I am sure the product is great but am in the process of installing the base plates and tow bar. The Invisibrake and wiring will come later. Great job Etrailer!

by: Triplewide12/31/2015
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Good quality materials.
Fast delivery
Complicated install. 16 hours labor for me to install toad portion, including bulb kit. 8 hours to install indicator light/warning beeper in RV. Worth the one time effort for me to not have to set and remove floor mounted brake system each time I want to drive the toad.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with electric drivers seat. Controller would not fit under drivers seat, installed in cargo area behind rear seat. Good instructions for install.

Kit included everything I needed. Due to controller placement, the controller power leads were not long enough. Air line to air cylinder connection was difficult to get right. Was not as "sure" as air line to controller. Took 3 attempts to get it to not leak.

Overall a good product, I expect it will last a long time and be very reliable.

by: Edwin 01/27/2023

Works great after I finally got it installed (see review on wiring harness)

by: Les07/01/2022
2009 Subaru Forester

I would highly NOT recommend the Invisibrake system if you are installing it yourself unless you are young and have a minimum of a Masters Degree in Automotive Engineering.

by: Andy08/03/2022
Jeep Grand Cherokee

Permanent installation looks and works great. Simply connect to the tow vehicle and ready to go…every time! The only issue I see is the Jeeps brakes seem to lose vacuum as the brake pedal is “hard” to push after sitting overnight.

by: Todd 09/23/2022

The unit does make noise when you get on the brakes while driving the tow get used to it after a while.

by: Matt 01/25/2023

Works well and installation went well but if not familiar with electrical wiring and general vehicle knowledge I would suggest having someone install for you.

by: Russell06/01/2022

A little more difficult than others to install but definitely worth the money. The only thing I noticed is every couple of hookup’s you need to pump the brakes once to activate the system

by: Ken K.08/28/2017
2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

The product arrived within a reasonable amount of time. Instruction for installation was pretty good between both what came with the kit and the video etrailer web site. For the most part the installation went well but there are a few things I would like to comment on, and they are:
1) The self tapping screws to install the control unit to the floor of my towed vehicle were too short to get through the carpeting and into the sheet metal with enough bite to hold. Instead I used longer 1/4 - 20 bolts.
2) The vacuum check valve came apart while I was pushing it into the brake vacuum line. I was able to not lose the rubber membrane inside and used super glue to put it back together. I tested it and is working fine but I did order another check valve to the tune of [a few extra] more dollars.
3) It would have been nice to have the etrailer video show something on where to hook up the "Monitor System" from the towed vehicle. It took some doing but I was able to locate the brake switch and tap into the cold side for the signal.

Although I haven't put any miles on this system yet my test of it went well.

Thanks for the feedback and review Ken. I wanted to let you know that I have included a link to one of our installation videos and at about the 15 minute mark there are some details about installing the monitoring system in the RV.
-- Etrailer Expert Rachael H - 09/01/2017
A year later and Im still in love with the Roadmaster tow bar & base plate and InvisiBrake braking system. We just got back from a road trip that started around Seattle down to Bryce canyon and back. The tow bar and brake system worked flawlessly, I could not be more pleased. Also, recently I traded in the first Jeep that I installed this system on for a newer Jeep. Knowing that I would be towing the new Jeep as well, I wanted to uninstall the base plate and brake system from my old Jeep and reinstall them on the new. The process went very well, actually faster than the first time I installed it. So, bottom line is that Im very pleased with this set up and would recommend it highly.
Ken K - 09/01/2018

by: Robert03/22/2023
2016 Jeep Wrangler

I have not used it yet but the mechanic who installed said it is the best system avaible.

by: Juan09/15/2021
2013 Subaru Forester

Great product. Only used for small sub-50 mile trips so far, but working as advertised.

Take the installation slowly, watch the video for your car several times. The hardest parts for me were running the wires through my Subaru's firewall and into the engine compartment (I used the firewall on the side that comes out inside the driver's wheel well), and screwing the pulley pivot point to my car because of the tight space.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and guy purchase some good lath self-drilling screws 3/4" and 1" should be long enough. The wimpy dinky screws that came with the package weren't good enough to driving into my Subaru's flooring. Spent several frustrating hours trying to get them in, before giving up and purchasing these other screws and being done in minutes.

by: G.D.08/23/2015
2014 Honda CR-V

Installed in a 2014 CRV. Worst part was getting all the wiring and under the door sill trim panel and routed up through the firewall into the engine compartment, and getting the cable and pulley installed up to the brake pedal. Pretty crowded under the dash in a CRV (my ribs are still sore)! had to use a different clamp on the vacuum cylinder because I had to move it forward of where the video showed in order for the cable to reach the mounting location under the dash. Had to clamp it around the larger end of the cylinder and the supplied clamp would not fit around the larger diameter end. Maybe Roadmaster has shortened the cable? Haven't tested yet but have high hopes! I used the videos extensively, and couldn't have done it myself without them! Not bad for a 72 year old!

Excellent! Have used it towing my CRV on two 2,ooo mile trips since installation. Works very well
G.D. - 08/23/2016

by: Gary01/30/2020

Nice product and simple to install should be easy to use. I installed under the seat of my 99 jeep wrangler

by: Michael 02/18/2023

good problems

by: Karen 09/23/2022

Works great! Just the wireless extra piece separate from this had to be reset.

by: Guy08/09/2019

This review is more for eTrailer than the product RM-8700, which is a great product as well. I will be submitting further reviews as I install the device.
If you want to work with a knowledgeable staff, one that actually listens to your needs and not a company that simply sells a product just to get numbers. Deal with eTrailer.
If your RV has any need these guys know or will find out (as long as its in their area of expertise) and get back to you. They carry great products, they ship as promised and they stand behind what they sell. I highly recommend eTrailer.

Most excellent products and customer service. I had purchased a few different items from eTrailer and found that there were a couple of missing items. Without question or hesitation, they were in shipping and satisfying my problem. After I got into the project, I found the missing items and notified eTrailer of my error. I cannot say enough good things which describes the excellent customer service, product knowledge and assistance they offer their customers and potential customers.
Guy L - 08/10/2020

by: Doug S.04/20/2019
2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

It was not too difficult to install if you have basic mechanical and electrical knowledge. After a year owning it and using, I can while heartedly say this is an EXCELLENT PRODUCT. I never had a breakaway to really test it, thank God, but the peace of mind knowing it’s there is tremendous!

Perfect operation still to this day!
Doug S - 04/21/2020

by: David 11/25/2021

Install was fairly reasonable and the videos were spot on. After 1 year, it is still going strong and the system sits under the seat and out of the way. Hook the car up to the RV and it works without worry.

by: David 10/19/2021
2022 Ford Maverick

Very quick order response.

Still works great
David - 10/20/2022

by: Steve T.12/30/2015
2014 Honda CR-V

This was part of many Roadmaster components I ordered from to set up my 2014 Honda CRV as a toad. Etrailer's website is excellent and their review videos and installation videos are very helpful. Their tech service department is excellent as well.

Regarding the Roadmaster Invisibrake, I chose this unit because I did not want anything visible nor any connections to make when setting up to tow or disconnecting. The control unit is hidden under the driver's seat and hardware under the door trim panels. I varied slightly from the etrailer's video in where I mounted the locking clamp and pulley (I did not put the clamp on the raised emergency brake bracket because it was slightly out of line to the pulley that was mounted flush on the floor). Because I choose to route the separate lighting kit wiring on the inside of the vehicle... along the same trim panels and rear trim panels, this made a very convenient place to splice into the wiring next to the Invisibrake control box...nice and protected. The alternative locations of splicing into the lighting wiring harness is under the vehicle....not an ideal place because of road salt, grime and pinch points. I also used the lighting kit with separate bulbs to not interfere with the already installed trailer harness kit for the Honda trailer hitch, nor having to deal with diodes.

The Invisibrake works well. I used the extra blue wire in the connecting tow bar wiring harness (7 pin to 6 pin), and the unused brake controller wire in the motorhome that runs to the dash of the motorhome, to operate the signal light. Works great and looks neat.

I would recommend that Roadmaster provide some sort of adjustment of the cable at the air cylinder in future generations of this product if possible. This would help on shortening the distance between the mounting clamp and pulley in cases where there is not much room (like in this Honda). Because the only way of taking up the slack now is the combination of the clamp and pulley locations, it somewhat restricts the options on mounting locations and may make some extra work. Regardless of this suggestion, I like the design and initial quality of the Invisibrake and would recommend this unit to anyone wishing to install a supplemental braking system. This does take some pretty good mechanical skills and body contortions to install but if you have that ability...I recommend this unit to the serious do it yourselfer. Otherwise, have a pro install it.

by: Randy S10/01/2015
Jeep Wrangler

I do virtually all my own maintenance on all 7 of my vehicles. This installation is not conceptually difficult, but working under the dash of a Jeep Wrangler is literally painful. The hardest part is figuring out where to mount the controller and route the brake cable. My Jeep is not the same as the video and I needed to install it a little differently. Take your time here and get it right the first time.

I made several modifications to the standard installation - including hooking all the signals (including the Monitor) from my truck camper to my towed Jeep through a 7-Pin RV connector and hooking the power to the Invisibrake through a switch to the battery so I don't have to run my Parking Lights to power the controller. I had a couple questions that the folks at Roadmaster answered cheerfully and professionally.

BTW Etrailer is a pleasure to do business with.

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  • Can I Monitor The Braking System In The Motorhome When Using The Roadmaster InvisiBrake System?
  • Although the Roadmaster InvisiBrake Supplemental Braking System # RM-8700 doesn't have a fancy transmitter/ receiver like the RoadMaster Even Brake System # RM-9430, the InvisiBrake system does have a LED monitor that illuminates when your towed vehicle's brakes have been activated. It lets you know if the brakes have been on for too long with an audible alert. at that point the system will automatically begin to release pressure after 15 seconds of continuous braking. The InvisiBrake system...
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