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Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack - Trunk Mount - Adjustable Arms

Code: SA805BL

260 reviews

Our Price: $166.38


Product Specs:

Trunk Bike Racks

Frame Mount - Anti-Sway

2 Bikes

Hanging Rack

Adjustable Arms

6 Straps


Locks Not Included

Does Not Fit Spoilers


This sleek and sturdy, trunk-mounted rack lets you carry 2 bikes on your sedan, hatchback, or van. It has adjustable arms and anti-sway straps that keep your bikes stable during transport.

Video of Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack - Trunk Mount - Adjustable Arms

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack - Trunk Mount - Adjustable Arms - SA805BL

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (260 Customer Reviews)

This sleek and sturdy, trunk-mounted rack lets you carry 2 bikes on your sedan, hatchback, or van. It has adjustable arms and anti-sway straps that keep your bikes stable during transport.

by: Wayne 07/29/2021

It has been pretty stable when using the Saris Bones 2. A little bit of a learning curve to use, but once you understand, it is very easy to use. It is very well made and I am very happy with the quality of service from

Thank you Patrick, It is still working well. Bought a new car and it fits on it nicely. It is still rugged and sturdy. Thank you for your quality service!
Josh - 12/02/2022

by: William 08/24/2021

It is well designed, relatively intuitive (the installation videos on their webs site are a great help), and very stable when mounted on our car (We have a Volvo station wagon). I wish it had better strap management. When mounted on our car, there are four long lengths of unused strap that need to be coiled and stored so that don't flap around. I don't want to cut off the spare strap lengths because that would preclude using it mounted on a conventional trunk.

Yes. It is simpler and easier to use than the roof rack I had been using. However, my grandson’s mountain bike has a curved down tube, leaving a very narrow space between the top tube and the down tube at the steering tube, making it difficult to get onto my Saris carrier.
William - 08/25/2022

by: Morrris10/23/2021

This product works very well and is solid. The first couple of times I used it, especially the first, it was complicated to figure out. But now I really enjoy how it folds up pretty small to fit in my trunk. I recommend it.

Still good!
Morrris - 10/24/2022

by: Adam08/26/2019

While getting a bike rack for a sports car isn't ideal, I really wanted to transfer my bike with my own car instead of borrowing my friend's pickup truck. After hours of trying to find a bike rack that would be good for my 07 Mustang, I decided to give this one a try and I gotta say, it has been pretty good so far. It fits very well over the factory spoiler. One of my biggest concerns I was worried about when ordering a rack for my Mustang was ruining the paint, but the feet on the legs haven't left one scratch. I have used this to transfer my bike at freeway speeds (up to 80 mph) on car rides that typically last an hour and my bike was perfectly secure throughout each ride. For extra security, I wrapped both bike wheels with a ratchet strap so the wheels and pedals wouldn't shift in transit. So far, I am very pleased with this bike rack for the price and quality. I would highly recommend this if you want a rack that is affordable and durable.

Still holds on to my bike and stays on my car just as well as it did the day I bought it. Would still recommend today.
Adam - 08/27/2020

by: Albert 08/19/2018

Clears the spoiler and keeps the bikes away from the car. I am totally thrilled that I bought this bike carrier.

The rack has not faded and is working perfectly. Im very pleased with this unit!
Albert Y - 08/19/2019

by: Salomeh07/15/2022

Not a secure bike rack for an Audi A5. The first was too loose to use.

This should fit the Convertible and Coupe 2018 Audi A5. The straps are made to tighten up against your trunk and the rubberize metal clips, clip into the trunk jam.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 07/19/2022

by: Garry 03/14/2021

Perfect for my needs. I haul two bikes.
i use velcro straps to keep the bike from swinging. I recommend this rack. I would buy again

Still performing like new.
Garry - 03/15/2022

by: JoAnn F10/14/2021

Disappointed in this bikerack. I got it specifically for my Prius, as the curved frame fits over the spoiler. Unfortunately there is no where on the trunk or frame of the card where the side straps can attach. The top strap and bottom ones fit tightly but without the tension of these side straps the bike rack will not stay evenly on the car. Almost lost my bike on several occasions After lots of gerryrigging, I discovered if I quickly slammed the trunk with the side straps hanging loosely in the trunk, I should catch the straps and tighten them. This seems to work. Also no matter how hard I tighten it, the center arm (which lies against the rear window) does not stay in place, but slides off center. The rack works fine, with lots of gerryrigging. But should be easier to use given the price. Also be aware, that if your Prius has a rear view camera, this will have to be disengaged eveeytime you back up with the bike rack and bike in place, or your car will automatically brake if you try to backup.

I reached out to Saris who advised that the Saris Bones EX part # SAR83FR
Saris Bones EX 2 Bike Rack - Adjustable Arms - Trunk Mount
would be a better fit on your 2018 Toyota Prius with the factory spoiler. It has a greater curved design that allows more room to accommodate the spoiler.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 10/21/2021

by: Leland02/28/2019
2019 Toyota Camry

Fits well on my 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Nice, well protected strap clamps for my mountain bike. I really like the two additional stabilizing clamps for the bike to prevent swaying. Light and strong rack. No rust possibility either. Bike holder extensions swing out of the way easily allowing garage door closure without removing rack.

by: Leahne05/10/2021

The bike rack is sturdy~ to reduce “sway”, be sure to secure all of the clamps as securely as possible~

It’s been WONDERFUL AND NO ISSUES AT ALL!! I was nervous at first putting in 2 bikes and driving down the highway, but this rack is SOLID and I still love it- even after owning it for a year!!
Leahne - 05/15/2022

by: Caryn04/26/2022

I have been using the Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack Trunk Mount for a year now. It is so easy to use. It takes just minutes to put in on my car and load the bikes on. I'm very happy with this purchase.

by: Traci S.06/24/2017
2015 Dodge Journey

It took a little while to get the arms where they needed to be and straps for the first time to make sure it was secure. But now that we have it set we just put it on tighten the straps and off we go! It's amazing and sturdy a little pricey but it's worth the money, I don't feel like our 2 bikes will fall off. I love It! Just make sure u get a bar adjuster for women's bikes or kids. Etrailer is the way to go, free shipping and it was here in 3 days!

by: Joe07/02/2020

Bike rack fits just right on my 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback. Took a little longer for shipment with COVID but the staff at etrailer stayed in touch with updates on shipment and let me know of its status. I would recommend the rack and etrailer.

by: Lauren 11/04/2022

this is a very easy to use, solid bike rack. Up to this point I've only used it for one bike, but I'm sure it provides good support for two if needed.

by: Anna08/02/2022

I like it because it fits my car (2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid), which my old one didn't. However, in using it several times, I do have a few suggestions for a version two. I wish it were a bit lighter and folded up more easily for storage in my car trunk. I also wish that the pads resting on the bumper were a bit narrower because they get caught against the trunk and then the trunk won't close. Finally, the straps are a bit long. If they could somehow be made retractable, that would be better.

by: David M.12/13/2020

Just a follow-up message to an earlier review. Beautiful, warm December day; finally had a chance to take the bikes to a county park. The rack worked great!

by: Sigrid11/04/2021

I have used the Saris Bone 2 Bike Rack - Trunk Mount - Adjustable Arms a few times. It was a little confusing initially to figure out where the arms and straps attach but, like anything else, the more I used it, the easier it got. The bike fits securely and I don't have to through the expense of getting a bike rack.

by: Michael 12/06/2022
2019 Ford Ranger

easy to put on/off car and mount bikes, sturdy, reliable

by: hgheiss01/16/2016
2015 Honda CR-V

The item was shipped within minutes after the order was placed online. (Thanks etrailer.) When the bike carrier arrived and I took it out of the box, admittedly I was a little intimidated by all the straps, etc. But after looking it over and reading the instructions, it was a snap to assemble, mostly because of the large and clear-to-understand images. The Saris Bones 2 bike rack with optional hatch hugger straps fits my 2016 Honda CR-V snugly and exactly as advertised. I'm very satisfied and ready to ride.

Could not be more pleased with it.
hgheiss - 01/15/2017

by: Joan 07/31/2020
2018 Ford Edge

I like the light weight and manageable size of this rack. It was a little confusing right out of the box but I had it figured out in a few minutes.
I have a 2018 Honda CRV and was concerned that the bumper is not as deep as most other vehicles - the rack legs stuck out over the edge. Also the "hooks" on the side straps kept sliding up and coming off. I used a 1/2" cork squeezed into the hatch "seam" on each side above the hooks to keep them from sliding. (therefore no 5th star)
I drove 60 miles day one and everything worked out fine!

The Saris bones 2 bike rack is working great on my 2018 Honda CRV. It fits snugly to the car with no bumps or rattles. Easy to attach and is light weight.
Joan - 08/02/2021

by: Thai09/15/2021

Backup sensors alert. Otherwise, This Saris Bone rack mount securely and keeps our bikes secure with two straps for each bikes. We travel around 1700 miles through rain, winds and shine. Secure.

by: James03/03/2022

The illustrated only instructions were a bit vague. Was resent same instructions when asked for technical assistance with detailed questions and photos. Item was shipped with 3 side straps and 1 bottom strap versus 2 of each. I am working on a solution to resolve this with distributor, but now under a time crunch due to need for a trip

by: Ryder06/21/2019
Honda Civic

Arrived super fast & took only minutes to install.
It works great on our Honda Civic Hatchback
Sturdy enough to support two large treks.
Saris came recommended by a local bike dealer - looking for a good price and quality bike adjustable bike rack.?
Look no further. Can’t wait to hit the open road this summer.

by: B08/12/2021

The rack doesn’t seem as a stable as it should be. I only use it locally as I’m concerned about what would happen when driving at highway speed. Every time after driving the bottom strap comes off even though I’ve tightened everything several times beforehand. It’s unfortunate bc this was the only rack I can find that’s “compatible” with my truck. I also don’t like that there’s no lock feature. I often wonder if it’ll be stolen after my bike ride.

Thank you for the review! I reached out to the manufacturer and they suggested trying to tighten up that strap that keeps giving you trouble after you have loaded up your bike or bikes as the weight from the bikes may create some slack and cause the strap to slip. I hope this helps!
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 08/24/2021

by: Viviana09/28/2020

I ordered this bike rack considering that I have a new BMW sedan so I decided to go with a high quality product and I don't regret it. Excellent material, easy to use and won't damage your vehicle. Great choice!

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Ask the Experts about this Saris Trunk Bike Racks
Do you have a question about this Trunk Bike Racks?

  • What are the Differences Between the Malone Hanger and the Saris Bones?
  • One of the largest differences between the Malone Hanger # MPG2139 and the Saris Bones #SA805BL is that the Hanger can carry up to 3 bikes versus the 2 bike capacity of the bones. The Hanger also includes CAM buckle straps that are better quality than the nylon straps on the Bones. Lastly, the Hanger also comes with a security cable lock that is missing from the Bones. In light of these differences, you made a great choice with choosing the Hanger over the Bones for a bike rack for...
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  • Comparing Saris Bones VS Saris Bones EX For Use On a 2015 Kia Sedan
  • I recommend using the Saris Bones EX 2 Bike Rack # SAR83FR on your 2015 Kia Sedan. It has the 4 leg points versus only 3 on the Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack # SA805BL for added stability on your Kia. The upper legs have an expanded, arched base with dog leg which fits over most sedan, hatchback, and SUV spoilers. Both racks will allow for 2 bikes up to 35lbs each.
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  • Saris Bones 2 vs Saris Sentinel 2 for Honda Civic 2011 or 2012
  • The Saris Bones bike rack part # SA805BL that you referenced is the top of the line trunk mounted bike rack that Saris makes. The Saris Guardian part # SAR93FR that you referenced is the economical option that Saris offers. Either would work very well and are confirmed to fit your vehicles, but the Bones offers a little more flexibility in how it can mount and is designed to fit better on vehicles with spoilers. The arms of the Bones are adjustable and can let you set them so that your...
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  • Good Bike Rack Needed to Carry 2 Expensive Bikes with a 2015 Audi A3
  • The Saris Bones bike racks, like part # SA805BL, are confirmed to fit your 2015 Audi A3 and are decent bike racks if you are looking for something affordable. If you are wanting a really good bike rack for expensive bikes then I recommend installing a trailer hitch on your newer 2015 Audi A3 and using a hitch mount bike rack to avoid bike rack to vehicle contact, plus most of the hitch mount bike racks have more to offer. If you were to go with the Saris Bones then you would likely need...
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Thule Passage Trunk Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Hanging Style

Code: TH910XT

881 reviews

Our Price: $179.95


Product Specs:

Trunk Bike Racks

Frame Mount - Anti-Sway

2 Bikes

Hanging Rack

Adjustable Arms

6 Straps


Locks Not Included


This trunk bike rack safely transports 2 bikes to your favorite spot. Securely mounts to the rear of your vehicle using the Fit Dial adjustment system and multiple straps. Anti-sway cradles hold bikes by the frame and reduce movement while driving.

Video of Thule Passage Trunk Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Hanging Style

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Thule Passage Trunk Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Hanging Style - TH910XT

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (881 Customer Reviews)

This trunk bike rack safely transports 2 bikes to your favorite spot. Securely mounts to the rear of your vehicle using the Fit Dial adjustment system and multiple straps. Anti-sway cradles hold bikes by the frame and reduce movement while driving.

by: Craig 07/28/2021

The carrier works fine on larger (adult) sized bikes, but 20" kids bikes barely fit on the forks due to their spacing and their large plastic saddles and straps, and they only fit on the outermost saddles. This is probably true of most fork-type carriers, but customers need to be aware that the carrier won't fit more than one 20" bike on it. In general, I 'm happy with the carrier. One other note, after mounting it on the car and loading the bikes on it, retighten the straps holding it to the vehicle, and stop and do so again after driving a few miles, as they stretch a little under initial load.

Still very satisfied! I have several different vehicles and it is easily adjusted to mount on each of them as needed.
Craig - 07/30/2022

by: Jennifer06/14/2020

Excellent and prompt customer service!
I first ordered my product it wasn’t in stock— staff were quick to let me know and offered me comparable products.
I ended up waiting for my original order and shipping quick and they stayed in touch with ideas!
Thule: The instructions
could be a little more detailed. I ended up watching YouTube videos to help me instal.
Overall it was easy, and this was the first rack I’ve ever installed and I did it by myself!
I was surprised to learn the bike rack is in no way secured inside your vehicle, so.. I store it in my garage when it’s on.

I wish that the bar that secures “female” bikes was included. I also ended up spraying the metal clips with rubberized spray because it will scratch where it contacts. I transport a very heavy e-bike mostly, I’ve been extraordinarily happy with its performance, price, and it’s easy on, easy off style. Often recommend.
Jennifer - 06/15/2021

by: Jean 03/16/2023
Ford Taurus

I purchased this for my son to be able to transport his bicycle to and from college with his Ford Taurus sedan. It was just what we needed and provided safe and durable transport. This email is in response to etrailer's follow-up one year after purchase. I really appreciate the concern their customer support puts forth in making sure the customer is pleased and well cared for. I would highly recommend this product!

by: Alexandra07/28/2021

My Thule bike rack has worked well over the past year mounted on my Hyundai Elantra GT. Pretty easy to mount whenever I need it, and I do appreciate how the carry arms can be folded down. I will say, however, that as a woman rider it is extremely annoying how bike racks are only made for grown men. So women and children are left struggling. I only use my rack for me and my kid, and it is super challenging to load the bikes onto the arms (and an adapter works for my bike but not for a kid's bike).

by: Michael J06/17/2020

The product is well thought
out and works for a wide range of automotive vehicles. It comes with interesting dampers that i think work.
Instructions seem to be translated from another language, but are quite good, accompanying pictures make installation straightforward.
A test drive over speed bumps shows that the rack will support the bike for all travel needs. It can be disassembled , collapsed and stored in the trunk.
The rack is made for the classic triangular shaped frame: horizontal cross bar, "male" bike. For bikes without the horizontal bar, mounting is a little less satisfactory. Such a bike can only be mounted on the outside mounts. Cannot use the damper on one side. Picture shows the mounting.

as to a design solution, maybe brackets could be replaced with smaller profile, some adjustability? however, as it is, vibration control is good and adjustability with smaller profile would have vibration concerns.

Hanging style bike racks like the Thule Passage 2 Bike Carrier and others like them do require the use of an adapter bar like part 64005 to properly hang bikes with slanted cross tubes. The adapter bar gives the bike a horizontal surface to hang from.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 06/24/2020

by: Tom B02/11/2015
2015 Ford Edge

Ordered online, it shipped the same day. Received it 3 days later. There is a little assembly, but, pretty simple. It took me less than 15 minutes to install and no tools were needed. It is adjustable to be used on many different auto types, but, the instructions were very clear about how to adjust it to fit my 2011 Ford Edge.

I have used it twice so far to transport my bike. There are a couple of items that are inherent in the design, not a flaw, but, you need to be aware of them. First, you can't use rear window wipers. Second, the back-up alarm goes nuts because it registers a bike less than 6 inches behind you (I tolerate it for the few seconds it takes to back out of my driveway or out of a parking lot). Third, there is a little flexibility, it is held on with straps and clamps, not bolts, so, it bounces a little when you go over bumps or make sharp turns, however, it holds the bike fast to the frame and stays on the car. I use mine to transport my bike on short trips around town to bike trails. On a long trip I would suggest checking that the straps remain tight from time to time during the drive.

I have a 2013 Edge. Have you had any problems with the rear spoiler. I am scared it might crack or get damaged. Any problems or concerns since you have been using the rack? Thanks,Bryan
-- comment by: bryan - 05/09/2015

by: Kristin07/02/2020

I am thoroughly impressed. My chosen product was out of stock when I ordered it. Someone immediately contacted me with options, with a no pressure option of just waiting for my chosen rack. I just received it yesterday and it's great. I got the Thule Passage II and it's a perfect fit for my Buick Encore. It took 10 or 15 minutes to install and it's very stable.

One year update! Still loving this. Its super stable on my trips from long island up to the adirondacks and hasnt failed me yet. The straps hooks are still practically new and the rubber clampy strap things are still super tight. I never worry that my bike is going to be loose. Well put it this way- if I had to buy another bike rack, Id buy the exact same one and Id Def purchase again from etrailer.
Kristin A - 07/03/2021

by: James06/29/2021

Excellent product!! Solid and well made The anti-sway bar will keep my bikes from moving around while traveling.
I brought it too transfer my bikes too different walking and bike trails here and around Nashville, Tn. It’s definitely better than trying too put my bike in my car. I’ve installed the Thule Passage 2 bike carrier- trunk mount on my 2005 infinit G35, I’ve taken some pictures of my installation can you tell me if it’s correct? Thanks

by: Chuck10/26/2022

This bike rack fits well on my 2016 Nissan Altima. It is very difficult to fit two my two mountain bikes on it at the same time. The bike mounts on the rack are to close together making it a struggle to get both bikes mounted securely.

I recommend looking into using a bike adapter bar as it can allow the bikes to hang more evenly giving more room between the bikes.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/02/2022

by: Cassy N09/25/2016
2013 Ford Explorer

When we bought our 2013 Explorer, there was no bike rack available that would fit it. We were thrilled to find this rack for our car. The instructions were easy to follow and the rack performed as expected. During the 100 miles from home to college, we could see our child's bike out that back window sitting solidly in place.

Still loving it!
Cassandra - 09/25/2017

by: Michael03/03/2023

Unfortunately, this device does not fit my vehicle. The description did not rule out my vehicle so I took a chance. Therefore, I cannot review this product as it is still in the box it was shipped in.

For trunk style bike racks you will need to use our fit guide to find the bike rack for your vehicle. For a 2020 Ford Escape I recommend part # TH45JV
Thule OutWay Trunk Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - Adjustable Arms
. Once installed it will allow the trunk to be opened without having to take it off.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/03/2023

by: Melony08/03/2013
Honda Fit

The e-trailer video helped me easily install my new rack -- my first time handling a bike rack. Elegant success! And your order/shipping/delivery/follow-up service is excellent -- above par. Thank you!

Will the Thule TH910XT for the 2011 Camry accommodate a womens bike?
-- comment by: Sandy - 09/02/2013

As a business person, Im impressed by your follow-up as I was immediately after my purchase. My bike rack is working out well.Thank you, thank you. And keep up your excellent approach to relationship building.
Melony - 02/02/2015

by: Diana W06/14/2018
2017 Buick Encore

After a bad experience with a previous bike rack in high winds (not a Thule), we were very leery about bike racks. This one passes every test! We live in a state with high winds- this rack weathered 50+ mile wind gusts with ease. It was easily installed on our Buick Encore-VERY pleased with this rack! I have no qualms about taking this bike anywhere we go! Thanks!

by: Sebastian S.09/04/2017

Outstanding bike rack for the price. Clear setup manual, parts do not feel cheap, works exactly like it is supposed to. Put my bike on it, did not even hear a sound of parts struggling keep up the weight. No squealing, no scratching noise at all. One thing to look for is when you tighten the straps with no bike on, make sure you tighten the side and bottom ones again after you place the bike on, as they will come loose as top straps will be holding all the weight. And be ready to sacrifice using your rear wiper since you will not be able to. One thing I wish it came with would be some kind of small Velcro fasteners to secure the loose ends of the straps with. But I just did with duck tape, works just fine, too. Also, outstanding customer service from etrailer folks!

by: Doug04/07/2022

Excellent quality. Easy assembly with clear instructions. Stable attachment to vehicle. The bike(s) are secure on the rack. I do have to remove the front wheel of my bike for transport because it rests too low to the ground. I purchased this bike rack so I can take my bike to different areas of town for my daily ride. I am very pleased with the price, processing and delivery of my purchase from

by: PM08/27/2022

The Thule Trunk Bike Rack installs like a charm. Being a solo, senior woman, the installation was challenging the first time, but isn't everything the first time. This bike rack gives me more options to enjoy nature and the outdoors in my area.

by: Melissa09/04/2022

Out of the box, this rack looks and feels very sturdy. Assembly is pretty straightforward and the instructions are clear. The buttons you depress to swing the arms down for storage can be a little tough to manage, but the process is quick and simple. Unfortunately, this rack did not work for the geometry of my XS road bike. The arms are fixed and my frame could not fit over the cradle that supports the bike near the head tube. Adding a top tube adapter would not have resolved the issue (it would have resulted in an even tighter angle than the original frame). This seems like a solid product, but probably only suited for 'average' and larger size bikes. Ended up going with another brand rack that was adjustable and offered more versatility for smaller framed bikes.

by: Andrew 08/13/2021

Easy to set up. Works perfectly. I chose this model because the design of my car only allows this "trunk" type of rack. I worried that it wouldn't be as sturdy or secure, but it's great. Even with two bikes, visibility out the rear is still fine. I have no complaints at all!

It’s about a year later and my Thule bike rack is still in perfect condition, perfect working order. I have no hesitation in recommending it. Again!
Andrew - 08/14/2022

by: Jeff 08/17/2022
2014 Toyota Prius

Fits my 2014 Prius well. I used an e-bike for it and it handled the weight well. I took the battery off to help. The one thing that bothered me is the rubber straps seem to come off a little too easy. Other than that it's great and holding on to it for regular bikes.

by: Lauren 09/06/2022

Easy to put on and off the car after you assemble it and put it on the car the first time. Easy to fit two bikes at a time and the straps fit snuggly, which makes me feel confident that they'll stay attached and not bounce around unecessarily.

by: db09/02/2022

Fits my 2018gti well. Extra care with the straps is always wise with these types of carriers, but I've not had any problems. I do take the rear wiper off just in case. I've only used it with 1 bike. I'm not sure how I'd feel about two on it, but that's just me.

by: Phil L.05/17/2016

I had no problem with the installation as the instructions were clear and easy to folow. After simple bike loading and quiet road testing at speed with the bike installed, I am happy with the carreir. The Thule is a quality product. Thank you for your prompt service.

by: Dmitri08/02/2022

I love this bike rack!! It fits perfectly on my Jeep Liberty and is able to transport two bikes. We have used it many times and it works great! It is very easy to set up and strap the bikes to the bike rack. I recommend this rack!!

by: John01/19/2022

I used once and I had to install it incorrectly to make it work. In order to hold the rack in place there are hooks that must be inserted on both sides of the trunk in the opening between the car body and the trunk lid. There was sufficient space on the left side, but not the right. By not able to insert the right hook, the rack could fall off. The rack design is good if there is a space on both sides of the trunk lid.

You mentioned that there was not room on the right side of the trunk for the hooks. I wanted to see if you would be willing to send pictures?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 01/26/2022
I even tried to grind down the hook to fit the right side. I still could not it on the right side.
-- comment by: John - 01/26/2022
I did tentatively reach out to Thule about the bike rack. My contact there wanted to make sure that you do have the dial set to # 8 for your 2011 Infiniti M37. Also, a suggestion that was given was to open the trunk just a little bit to get that extra clearance to get the hook on. It may require two people to do this though. I wanted to see if you had already given this a try?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 01/26/2022
I double checked and my setting is in #8. Not sure what that has to do with ing the side hooks. Opening the trunk was first thing I tried. Again the narrow space on the right side did not allow me to close the trunk with the hook in place.
-- comment by: John - 01/26/2022
I did reach out again to Thule and they had one more tip: You only want to have the lip of the hook to grab the edge of the trunk. If this not helpful, then they would like to see a short video of trying to the hooks into the trunk.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 01/26/2022

by: Brittany08/24/2022

Works great for our 2 bikes on short and long trips. We have had no issues with this bike rack! It is secure and doesn't cause any damage to our vehicles.

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  • Thule Passage vs. Thule Gateway Pro Trunk-Mount Bike Rack for 2011 Subaru Forester
  • I checked with Thule and verified that both the Thule Passage # TH910XT and Thule Gateway Pro # TH88VR will fit your daughter's 2011 Subaru Forester. These are both solid options for a trunk-mounted bike rack but between the two I recommend the Thule Gateway Pro # TH88VR. The Gateway Pro has a more robust strap system to anchor the rack than the Passage, has cradles which are more cushioned and conforming to bikes, and has an integrated cable lock to secure the bike to the rack, which...
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  • What is the Difference Between theThule Passage 2 Bike Carrier and Thule Speedway 2 Bike Carrier
  • Basically the difference is that the Thule Speedway 2 Bike Trunk Mounted Bike Rack had upgraded cradles. Otherwise the Thule Passage 2 Bike Carrier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack, item # TH910XT, is a great bike rack for the money spent, and now includes anti sway cradles.
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  • Comparison Between Thule # TH910XT Passage and # TH9009XT Trunk Mount Bike Racks
  • There are four upgrades you'll find on the Thule # TH45JV Outway that you won't find on the # TH910XT Passage. The OutWay provides an upgraded cradling system that are padded a bit heavier for better protection for your bike. The OutWay also includes an integrated cable lock and a for both the bikes and the rack to deter theft. Next, it attaches to the vehicle with retractable straps so you do not have extra strap flying around. And finally, The OutWay uses only 2 straps instead of...
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  • Comparing Trunk Mount and Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Carriers for a 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid
  • Starting with the last question, a hitch mounted bike rack is generally going to cost more when you factor in the cost of the trailer hitch. Trunk mount racks can be used on your 2014 Ford C-Max. I have included a link to the options that fit for you. The benefits of a trunk mount are lower cost, no additional mount is needed, and they can store easier size they take up less space than many trailer hitch mount racks. Trunk mount bike racks are limited to 2 or 3 bike models, they...
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  • Comparing the Thule Gateway Pro and Thule Passage Bike Racks
  • The Thule Passage, # TH910XT, and Thule Gateway Pro, # TH88VR, are similar in many ways, with the main difference being that the Gateway Pro features independently adjustable arms, which will allow you to keep bikes level on the rack as opposed to any odd angles. Each of these racks has a weight capacity of 35 lbs per bike with a six-strap attachment system that keep it mounted safely to your vehicle. Each also has the FitDial system, so you can adjust the body of the rack to fit your...
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