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Saris SuperClamp EX Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Tilting

Code: SA4026F

111 reviews

Our Price: $999.99


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Fold-Up Rack
Tilt-Away Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes
Electric Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

4 Bikes


This lightweight, 4-bike rack is perfect for carrying bikes with a carbon frame or custom paint job. The rack tilts down with bikes loaded for cargo area access and folds up for storage. Includes hitch and bike locks.

Video of Saris SuperClamp EX Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Tilting

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Saris SuperClamp EX Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Tilting - SA4026F

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (111 Customer Reviews)

This lightweight, 4-bike rack is perfect for carrying bikes with a carbon frame or custom paint job. The rack tilts down with bikes loaded for cargo area access and folds up for storage. Includes hitch and bike locks.

by: Jeffrey10/03/2022

This bike rack is a tremendous value. Cheaper and just as good as comparable racks that cost twice as much. The rack has performed superbly. One caution: the manufacturer’s packaging is poorly designed, and insufficient to safely ship a 60+ pound bike rack. The steel parts of the rack shifted during transit and broke several molded plastic components. Saris’ customer service folks were excellent, and promptly sent replacements for the components that were broken in transit. The improper packaging was not etrailer’s fault. Saris should reengineer their packaging for this item.

by: Josh 12/02/2022

Rack is very well made. The tilt is very helpful for access to the back of your vehicle. I use an additional stabilizer around my hitch. Just be warned - it is heavy

by: Brad07/01/2022

Delivered as expected with no visible damage to the bike carrier.

We were already aware of this Saris carrier as my wife got a new E-bike. etrailer was $[XX] less than the bike shop. It arrived and within 45 minutes we were on the road going to pick up the new bike. Easy assembly. Taking it out on a long trip tomorrow. Looks like a solid investment.

by: Mikel 01/14/2022

Unusually heavy, but super sturdy. The built in bike lock is game changing, gives some peace of mind when making unexpected stops. Bikes go on easy and come off easy. The only downside is that lifting the rack down and back up with bikes loaded is heavy, a spring aided system would have been nice to have.

by: Hena08/22/2020

This is great bike rack. It arrived fast and just in time for our trip in mid July. My husband and I put it together quickly, we looked at a [online] video for how to put it together and went by the instructions booklets. It took us under an hour to put it together. It is very simple to load and unload bikes on it and the bikes stayed stable throughout our 600 mile trip and back. So overall, I am very satisfied with this bike rack. Will now see how it holds up with time.

A year later - the bike rack is still working great! So glad got this bike rack. We removed put it back in several times since purchasing it, and have used it for shorter trips after our initial 1,200 miles return trip. It proved excellent for the long trip as well as for the short weekend travels.
Hena - 08/23/2021

by: Jason 08/25/2022

Great product. Expensive but well worth the cost. My only complaint would be that it's heavy to fold. Otherwise, I would highly recommend it.

by: David 09/12/2021

Glad to give 5 Stars, however, do have one issue. The fasteners for the tires have a plastic top with a bolt that goes to a nut. Have lost two nuts as they have vibrated off. Shoukd consider gluing the bolts to the underside sleeve so they cannot vibrate and fall off. If you have two of those bolts you could send a brother, that would be awesome.

by: Chuck R.04/23/2018

I throughly researched platform bike racks on I thought I wanted a 4 bike rack that could be reduced to a 2 bike, bike rack. I ended up purchasing a Saris Freedom Superclamp EX 4 rack. This rack doesn't transition to a 2 person but it's so compact that when it's folded up I can't see it through my rearview window. It assembles easy and is very sturdy and easy to use. I never give anything 5 stars but I'm pleased as punch with this bike rack.

A shoutout to etrailer - What a great website, everything you need to evaluate any rack is on this website. WELL DONE...

by: Sean S.04/29/2018

This is a very solid setup. I've taken it on two local trips and one longer 4 hour trip including highways, narrow curvy mountain roads and so on. Never did the setup wobble. Also a comment about the legendary Saris warranty. One of the arms had a ratchet mechanism that wasn't working. I contacted Saris and within a week they shipped out a replacement.

The swing down mechanism works well, but I would make sure to have a second set of hands available if you are planning to lower it out of the way with bikes already loaded. Without bikes loaded it is a snap.

At the end of the day the best review is that my dear wife provided. "I am so happy you won't complain about taking the bikes to the beach now!". It really is so much easier than roof carrying bikes. Honestly in 15 minutes I can have the rack mounted and all four bikes loaded and secured which is so much easier and faster than roof carrying.

by: JeffM07/25/2019

Great rack: This holds the bikes more securely than any other rack out there. Light weight, and folds up small. 4 bikes seem to fit better on this rack, compared to Thule or kuat - with minimal interference. Only issue seems to be that the plastic wheel trays break easily. Keep their bolts tight.

by: Danaya03/04/2019

This is a great bike rack for those who need room for 4 bikes but don't want to stick 10 feet out the back. Really easy assembly, excellent operation, and seamless (and quick!) free delivery. Great experience.

by: Wayne06/07/2022

Great product well built. A little heavy to move around.

by: Nikolas11/01/2020

This is a beefy platform rack. Assembly is easy and the directions are clear and simple. It is a heavy rack but that is expected for a 4 bike setup. The tilt and fold is easy to use.

by: Alex 07/06/2020

It was easy to put together! I've mounted 4 different bikes of all sizes and they fit great. I have not had the chance to drive long distances yet, but everything seems perfect at this point!

by: Karen 01/19/2022

Easy to use! Keeps bikes safe!

by: Jeremy 10/02/2022

by: Daniel 10/01/2022

by: Lina09/12/2021

by: Trevor04/04/2021

by: Michael 03/08/2021

by: Michael11/24/2022

Review from a similar Freedom SuperClamp EX in Hitch Bike Racks

I am happy with the bike rack, especially at the price. I am very very happy with the service I got at etrailer. The trick is to keep asking questions because they got the answers. It did take a couple extra tools to put it together that I had. The big drawback for me is the bar that cinches the wheels sticks out too far because of my fenders. I haven’t decided whether I want to cut the fender down, or figure out different way to secure the bike. I was really impressed with the steel cables to secure the bikes. I was a little leery on whether a thief could just take a couple bolts off and defeat the whole locking security systems? I’m still working on that too.

by: Jennifer 03/03/2023

Review from a similar Freedom SuperClamp EX in Hitch Bike Racks

I am pleased with this bike rack. I bought it for my eBike so I could transport it to trails around my state. It is light weight and easy for me to put on and take off. The clamps must be placed at 10:00 and 2:00 like directions recommend, to avoid bouncing. If placed differently such as 11 and 1, the rack has more bounce.
I transported bikes to FL and back without issues and feel I got a good rack for a good price.

by: Mark 09/21/2022

Review from a similar Freedom SuperClamp EX in Hitch Bike Racks

I love the Saris Superclamp EX bike rack…so quick and easy to transport two bikes without any hassle’s. With a little more added modifications to security (on my part), I made it nearly impossible for my 6,000 dollar bikes to be stolen faster off the Saris bike rack itself and also with the receiver, so a lot of hard work and noise has to be made from Potential bike thieves (like from there cutting tools). It’s mostly for the purpose of when I have to leave my bikes for short time periods like stopping to eat at a restaurant ect. I also love how it folds more compact to my car when stowed till needed again later for my bike rides.

by: Stephanie A07/14/2022

Review from a similar Freedom SuperClamp EX in Hitch Bike Racks

At the age of 70, I needed a “friendlier” mounting and bike access rack. A platform rack seemed to be the solution. I had one caveat. My Subaru Forester had a 1and 1/4” receiver (with a non-standard 3/4” length mounting hole). My Volvo had a tuck away 2” receiver. After some research I gravitated toward Thule only to find out they had no solution for my above conundrum. In fact their customer service offered no interest in solving my problem which others also must have had. More research…enter Saris! An American made company with an innovative solution. I quickly received my SuperClamp EX-2 from ETrailer along with excellent customer service support. The ease of constructing the unit for use and the obvious structural integrity was immediately apparent. My wife couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and to stow away on my garage wall after use. Thank you Saris and ETrailer for a wonderful product and experience. I guess American made is still alive and well. I highly recommend this product and the associated companies.

by: Joseph05/17/2021

Review from a similar Freedom SuperClamp EX in Hitch Bike Racks

I purchased both the Saris bike rack and Eco hitch from Greg and his team. If it wasn't for the great video from etrailer, it would have been a nightmare. But the video was a great help. The hitch installed in about 2 hrs and the assembly of the Saris rack took only about 20 minutes. The Saris rack feels solid and easy to use. The re-trackable safety cords a bit short but they'll do the trick. I'm very happy with the service I was provided, along with the videos that were available. I'm a happy customer.

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  • Comparison of Saris SA4026F SuperClamp EX 4 Bike and SA4414B Freedom 4-Bike Rack
  • The difference between the Saris # SA4026F Saris SuperClamp EX 4 Bike Platform Rack and the Saris # SA4414B Freedom 4 Bike Platform Rack is how the bikes are held to the rack. The # SA4026F holds the bikes by the wheels/tires with no frame contact. This is good for carbon fiber framed bikes that don't do well in a carrier that has direct frame contact. The # SA4414B Freedom holds the bikes from the top tube or down tube. This rack would be a good choice for cruiser-type bikes with fenders,...
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  • Do You Recommend the Saris SuperClamp EX or the Kuat NV 2.0 for My 2016 Lexus GX 460?
  • While both of these racks are great options, the Kuat NV 2.0 # NV22B-NA22B does not provide the weight capacity you need for your 60-pound e-bike when 4 bikes are loaded. This is because the weight capacity reduces to 50 pounds per bike with 3 bikes and 40 pounds per bike for 4 bikes. For this reason, I strongly recommend going with the Saris SuperClamp EX Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches # SA4026F. Not only will you receive the weight capacity you need when your e-bike is mounted...
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  • Saris Freedom Superclamp 4 SA4026 vs SA4026F EX Comparison
  • Biggest difference is the part # SA4026F has redesigned wheel trays and a few different aesthetic changes like noticeably less yellow. The new trays fit tires up to 4-1/2 inches wide whereas the older # SA4026 only fits tire widths up to 3 inch.
    view full answer...


Saris Freedom Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount - Tilting

Code: SA4414B

187 reviews

Our Price: $617.49


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Tilt-Away Rack
Fold-Up Rack

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Frame Mount

Locks Not Included

4 Bikes


This 4-bike rack grips your bikes by the downtube, making it great for carrying bikes with fenders. You can also carry 2 e-bikes on the inner positions. Sliding wheel trays help prevent your bike's handlebars from bumping the saddles.

Video of Saris Freedom Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount - Tilting

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Saris Freedom Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount - Tilting - SA4414B

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (187 Customer Reviews)

This 4-bike rack grips your bikes by the downtube, making it great for carrying bikes with fenders. You can also carry 2 e-bikes on the inner positions. Sliding wheel trays help prevent your bike's handlebars from bumping the saddles.

by: Jeff05/26/2022

Really nice rack, easy to use and adjust. Really does accommodate any size bike and frame size. The only thing I don’t like about it is the bolt and nut that tightens the rack to the hitch is really cheap, it’s an insert instead of being welded to the rack. Because it’s a cheaply made insert it cross threaded on me and ruined it. Now I can’t tighten the rack to the hitch.

Thanks for reaching back out to us. I have sent your information along to our customer service team and they should be reaching out to you as this item does come with a warranty.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 05/30/2022

by: Mark 10/19/2021

Had to buy different wheel cup for a fat tire bike, 2 straps have broken. Awesome product standard issues.

good product no issues
Mark - 10/20/2022

by: Zack C06/09/2019

WOW WOW WOW That is what I just kept saying after installing this Saris bike rack.

I have been looking for a bike rack for almost 3-4 months now. Thule and Yakima didn't have what I was looking for. Their solution for a 4-5 bike rack is too complicated, not efficient, and it would be a nightmare to manage on a regular basis.

So I couldn't get myself to pull a trigger on any of those and I kept searching. Finally, I came to eTrailer and found out about Saris. That is where the love starts :)

We are a family of 5 (3 kids and 2 grown-ups). I needed something that will help me load bikes fast, unload them and still be able to have access to the back of my Toyota Sequoia. Saris delivered in every way.

Assemble of the item is straight forward. Instructions are clear and to the point. They even give you a yellow strip that helps you mark where the hitch needs to be in order to align hole openings for easier installation after you install it the first time ;)

The back-up camera is still usable but not 100%. Tilting down the rack with the bikes on it is simple as 1-2-3. There is plenty of room left between the trunk door and the bike as you can see on the pictures.

One HUGE benefit is that you do not need any extra parts for kids bikes. Not like with other brands. Saris delivers tremendously on this part too.

No shaking, rattling, or anything that would make you notice that you have this amazing product on the back of your SUV/truck.

I can't recommend it more. I am just surprised that this product has not been more advertised and represented compared to other products.

After a year this product is going strong. I have made my life easier by always putting same bikes in the same position heavier adult bikes closer to the car, and lighter kid bikes on the opposite side. This way I dont have to every adjust straps again. It makes everything so much easier. Just do yourself a favor and buy this product. You wont be sorry not for a little bit!
Zack C - 06/10/2020

by: Paul 01/16/2023

We have had this rack for a year and used it 15-20 times. Compared to other 4 bike racks, we chose it due to the lighter weight and ability to accommodate kids bikes (12, 16, 20 inches). Overall it is pretty easy to get it on and off the car, and load the bikes, once it is all set up. The third bike on can be a little tricky to load between the post and the second bike, but the other ones are all really easy to get on and off. The quality seems high, and we have had no issues with any of the plastic parts breaking, as some other reviewers had. We keep the rack in the garage when not in use, so it doesn’t get any extra sun or outdoor aging. Love that it’s made in the USA, and the price and function are just what we were looking for.

by: Eric 03/06/2023

this thing is a beast. while i haven't used it as much as i thought i would, i'm really happy with the quality of the rack. would def recommend to others looking for a 4 bike rack.

by: Aaron10/21/2022

Very solid bike rack that is easy to use. Might not be as fancy as more expensive systems, but this meets our needs perfectly. Straps take some getting used to, but they stay secure.

The hitch bolt that you tighten works well to prevent rattling/ movement of the rack when loaded with bikes. After purchasing we took this on a 1800 road trip with four bikes and had no issues. Great product!

by: Doug R08/11/2014

Bike rack works great for my truck. I was able to load all the bikes and still fold down the tail gate which was real important to me. Folds up easy when not in use.
I would also like to thank etrailer for getting the bike rack shipped out quickly. It arrived the day before I had to leave on vacation which made loading up the truck a lot easier.

by: Jason 07/17/2021

Solid product. Holds four bikes of different sizes well. Depending on where you locate the down tube cradle and tire cradles, it may or may not fold up as tight as it could. It still folds up, but the center support arms may only fit when folded to one side.

Still solid a year in. Pretty quick to readjust when putting other bikes on.
Jason - 07/24/2022

by: Daniel R.08/22/2020

This is a great 4 bike rack. It fits perfectly a 2019 BMW X5. Bikes are very easy to mount and dismount.

by: Pravin10/16/2021

Great heavy duty rack, make sure you have the bikes setup correctly as we have spent a lot of time loading the middle bikes. Not sure how it could have been roomier, but the bikes are solid when finally put on.

The best way to load the bikes is to stagger them so that the handle bars face one way with the first bike and the other way with the second bike etcetera.
Jenny N - 10/20/2021

by: Adam08/11/2022

Fits my Highlander like a glove. Fairly easy installation thanks to the etrailer videos. Local garage was impressed that I did it myself.

by: Michael09/18/2022

Great bike rack and good price!

by: Eric10/29/2020

Bike rack seems perfect for our needs. I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet (weather), but I put it together and tried out our bikes on it. 2 adult hybrids, a 20" kids mountain bike and a 16" kids mountain bike. Everything fit perfectly - way better than I've seen with other racks. I agree with the other reviews that positioning everything is tedious, but if you keep the same bike alignment, it's a one-time annoyance.

Might up to 5 stars after I actually use the thing (or lower), but for now, 4 feels right.

One of the wheel cups did arrive damaged, but I called etrailer while I was putting it together and they mailed me out a replacement that day. Great customer service!

Note: This is one of the lightest 4 bike racks I looked into and I'm glad I did. 50 pounds is a lot to line up with a hitch receiver as is. I'm pretty sure I would need help installing the thing if I went with a heavier rack.

by: Sam12/13/2020

I assembled the Saris Freedom 4 bike and upon mounting the 3rd bike, the tire holder just snapped. I didn't even hit the road (thank goodness), it was a test mount after first assembly. I can't imagine if I was actually driving and I hit a bump and this occurred on the highway. Another reviewer stated the wheel mounts cracked and Saris sent them a set, but this isn't good enough for me. This is a safety issue and this product should be recalled. The plastic is brittle and unacceptable. I'm returning right away.

by: Dan09/23/2021

The rack is very well-built and easy to use. We have a 2002 Honda CR-V. The rear loading door that swings open horizontally The full-size spare tire is mounted on it. With the bike rack on, the door opening is constrained but there is enough room to squeeze in a suitcase or medium size cooler. So we load the back before attaching the rack and then detach it before unloading. We store it in the vehicle at night for security. The customer service from etrailer has been outstanding and we have become loyal customers.

by: Trevor10/20/2019

This is a great platform rack. It is super easy to set up and adjust. It was actually exactly what I was looking for. After mounting it on the truck, I positioned each bike where I wanted it and adjusted it accordingly. When it came time to use it I loaded all 4 bikes in about 5 minutes. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of five is I had one of the tire trays break the first time I used it. I hope this was just a defective part and not an indication of poor quality. etrailer did an amazing job getting the part replaced and quickly sent to me. Overall I would recommend.

by: Michael 08/13/2022

East to assemble and install. Very sturdier and well designed!

by: Avi10/25/2020

The review is about the product and not etrailer. The product does what it says. the directions could have been a bit clearer. tried it out and works fine. I'm not sure that I would pay for a tilting rack the next time as I think that it's just too much.

Etrailer - WOW. talk about customer service. this is a company to do business with if there is a choice. there is so much good information to use for research purposes (eg videos, pictures), easy ordering, follow up emails during ordering process etc.

by: Thomas 03/09/2021

I selected this rack because the mounting points do not interfere with fenders. it is very easy to use and adjust after the initial set up. I typically do not leave the rack on the car went not in use, but the tilting function is useful if it is on without bikes. Easy access to the trunk with bikes attached by using the tilt lever. Working well after 1 year of use, and seems like it will last many more.

by: Sean04/28/2018

Purchasing the product, pricing and speed of delivery were all awesome. Have used etrailer before and they have always been great.

Assembling the bike rack was not too difficult. Their instruction manual could use a little work though. It took some decifering to figure out. But I LOVE the bike rack. Much easier to use than any previous bike rack I have owned. And it can stay on the vehicle for extended periods, without being bothersome. I LOVE IT!

by: Roderick 08/09/2021

Received the unit and installed it on the 2014 Honda Odyssey, no issues with the the install. Test fitted bike's (3) and drove around the neighborhood, so far it seems to be good. Will advise and update the rating on the first trip.
NOTE ** it did take 2 months to get this unit, etrailer did keep me updated with the status. I understand with parts issues as bike parts are hard to find and also on backorder.

by: Luis07/12/2018

Well built, easy to put together, I’ve used it to haul 4 bikes for a few 100 plus mile trips and so far I have no complaints.

I have used this bike rack to transport my bikes over 30 thousand miles in a year with zero issues! Great solid easy to use rack! I love it , definitely recommend it!
Luis - 07/14/2019

by: Adam H06/10/2020

Rack is perfect for all 4 of our mountain bikes. 3 adult and 1 kids (20 inch). Very happy with the sturdy construction and ease of set up.

After a year, construction has held up great with no issues. Still going strong with minor wear and tear but very pleased with this product.
Adam H - 06/11/2021

by: John10/21/2021

I'm very happy with this rack. We've taken it on several long out-of-state trips (Subaru Outback 2014) and it has worked great. Great investment for our family.

by: Nicholas 12/25/2021

Awesome rack! Looks great, easy to assemble, sturdy, and easy to adjust! Awesome customer service! Hands down one of the easiest and best purchases I’ve ever made!

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  • Do You Recommend the Saris Freedom 4 or the Hollywood Racks Destination 4 for My 2018 Atlas?
  • If you are trying to choose between the Saris Freedom 4 Bike Platform Rack # SA4414B and the Hollywood Racks Destination Bike Rack for 4 Bikes # HR4000 for your 2019 Vokswagen Atlas, I recommend the Saris Freedom 4 if you are planning to transport heavier bikes. With the Freedom 4, the front 2 positions of the rack have a per-bike capacity of 60 pounds, which is beneficial for bikes that might outweigh the 35 pound per-bike weight capacity of the Destination. If you want extra rack security...
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  • Comparing the Saris Freedom and Yakima HoldUp 4 Bike Platform Racks
  • Both the Saris Freedom 4, part # SA4414B and the Yakima HoldUp, part # Y02443-2 are great racks and they do have a few differences. In looking at the racks, the distance can vary by quite a bit based on what vehicle the racks are installed from. When we're measuring distances in our videos, we're measuring from the rear point of the vehicle to the furthest point of the rack. The distance that you'll want to compare them at is the distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the...
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  • Saris Freedom 4 Bike vs. Thule Apex XT 4 Bike Rack
  • The size and weight of 4 bikes is normally quite a lot to deal...especially if you want the convenience of a platform rack. The Saris Freedom part # SA4414B however is a great compromise as it is relatively lower weight and not nearly as large. It's only about 10 lbs heavier than the Thule Apex part # TH9025XT and since you want solid support and ease of use overall the Saris is the way to go.
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