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Saris SuperClamp EX Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Code: SA4025F

111 reviews

Our Price: $579.99


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Fold-Up Rack
Tilt-Away Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes
Electric Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
Fits 2 Inch Hitch
Fits 1-1/4 and 2 Inch Hitch

Class 1 - 3 Compatible

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes


This lightweight, platform-style carrier holds 2 bikes by the wheels with ratcheting hooks and sliding wheel trays. The rack tilts down with bikes loaded for cargo area access and folds up for storage. Includes hitch and bike locks.

Video of Saris SuperClamp EX Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Saris SuperClamp EX Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - SA4025F

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (111 Customer Reviews)

This lightweight, platform-style carrier holds 2 bikes by the wheels with ratcheting hooks and sliding wheel trays. The rack tilts down with bikes loaded for cargo area access and folds up for storage. Includes hitch and bike locks.

by: Michael11/24/2022

I am happy with the bike rack, especially at the price. I am very very happy with the service I got at etrailer. The trick is to keep asking questions because they got the answers. It did take a couple extra tools to put it together that I had. The big drawback for me is the bar that cinches the wheels sticks out too far because of my fenders. I haven’t decided whether I want to cut the fender down, or figure out different way to secure the bike. I was really impressed with the steel cables to secure the bikes. I was a little leery on whether a thief could just take a couple bolts off and defeat the whole locking security systems? I’m still working on that too.

by: Jennifer 03/03/2023

I am pleased with this bike rack. I bought it for my eBike so I could transport it to trails around my state. It is light weight and easy for me to put on and take off. The clamps must be placed at 10:00 and 2:00 like directions recommend, to avoid bouncing. If placed differently such as 11 and 1, the rack has more bounce.
I transported bikes to FL and back without issues and feel I got a good rack for a good price.

by: Mark 09/21/2022

I love the Saris Superclamp EX bike rack…so quick and easy to transport two bikes without any hassle’s. With a little more added modifications to security (on my part), I made it nearly impossible for my 6,000 dollar bikes to be stolen faster off the Saris bike rack itself and also with the receiver, so a lot of hard work and noise has to be made from Potential bike thieves (like from there cutting tools). It’s mostly for the purpose of when I have to leave my bikes for short time periods like stopping to eat at a restaurant ect. I also love how it folds more compact to my car when stowed till needed again later for my bike rides.

by: Stephanie A07/14/2022

At the age of 70, I needed a “friendlier” mounting and bike access rack. A platform rack seemed to be the solution. I had one caveat. My Subaru Forester had a 1and 1/4” receiver (with a non-standard 3/4” length mounting hole). My Volvo had a tuck away 2” receiver. After some research I gravitated toward Thule only to find out they had no solution for my above conundrum. In fact their customer service offered no interest in solving my problem which others also must have had. More research…enter Saris! An American made company with an innovative solution. I quickly received my SuperClamp EX-2 from ETrailer along with excellent customer service support. The ease of constructing the unit for use and the obvious structural integrity was immediately apparent. My wife couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and to stow away on my garage wall after use. Thank you Saris and ETrailer for a wonderful product and experience. I guess American made is still alive and well. I highly recommend this product and the associated companies.

by: Joseph05/17/2021

I purchased both the Saris bike rack and Eco hitch from Greg and his team. If it wasn't for the great video from etrailer, it would have been a nightmare. But the video was a great help. The hitch installed in about 2 hrs and the assembly of the Saris rack took only about 20 minutes. The Saris rack feels solid and easy to use. The re-trackable safety cords a bit short but they'll do the trick. I'm very happy with the service I was provided, along with the videos that were available. I'm a happy customer.

by: Paul05/16/2022

Overall, I have been very happy with this rack. I originally bought it for use with a 2018 Honda CRV and have since transferred the rack to a 2021 Toyota 4-Runner. The rack works well with both vehicles. My normal load is one mountain bike and one e-bike and it handles the heavier e-bike quite well. The only complaint I have is the straps used to secure the tires tend to flop over the tire trays and impede the loading of the bikes. One must thread the straps through the lower infrastructure of the bikes before loading the bike. The only other minor issue I have had is the lifting/pealing of the reflective tape placed on the tire trays for the rear bike.

by: Olivia01/19/2022

Product seems to work well, but I have a few issues I would like to note:
The rack, loaded with 1 or 2 bikes has a lot of movement from side to side. It makes me worry about how it will wear over the long run.
Wheel crab does not function with a bike that has a fender.
Doesn't allow two small e-bikes to be mounted.

A stabilizing strap like Item # 18050
Curt Cam Buckle Stabilizing Strap for Hitch-Mounted Accessories - 61" x 1" - Qty 1
will help with the sway. If your e- tires are wider than 4.5 inches then you will need item # SA4419
Fat Tire Adapter Kit for Saris Freedom Bike Racks
adapter. The bikes are pretty close together once on, so make sure that you are facing the front of one bike to the right and the front of the other bike to the left to get the best fit.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 01/21/2022

by: Gordy05/12/2022

An excellent rack. I needed something really robust as I occasionally transport my 65-lb Ebike, and I needed security features for my high end racing and touring bikes. This rack checked both of those boxes. I am very happy with this purchase.

by: LizzyO02/16/2015

Love this bike rack! It is super simple to use and accommodates both mine and my husband's bike. I can easily install it by myself (I'm small, 5' 120lbs) and load the bikes on without any help. The bikes feel very sturdy. I like that I can still open the hatch (with the bikes off). Would highly recommend!

by: Philippe 11/27/2022

very nice product easy to install and perfect for my 44 pounds bike !
it is secured compared to other bike racks.

by: Rich L06/21/2017

Best bike rack I've ever owned. Works perfect with our carbon fiber as the design of this rack is 100% touchless! Secure and sturdy.

by: Sam 01/19/2022

Just what I wanted--a rack that required me to lift my bike just a leeeeetle bit off the ground. I bought this particular one because in a few years I'll need to have an e-bike, and it is one of the few that can carry the extra weight of an e-bike. The straps are easy. The tilt is great. Thrilled with this purchase.

by: Manuel08/09/2020

Love this hitch, easy to use, great quality! The folding option when not in use is very convenient and the tilt away makes its easy to use the truck bed.

by: Ross10/08/2022

This rack doesn't work with Lectric bikes and etrailer won't let us return it. We've tried to sell it but no one wants it so now we're stuck with a $[XX] rack we can't use....

by: George02/07/2022

High quality! Easy assembly

Great! Well made and easy to use. Good value!
George P - 02/08/2023

by: John 01/20/2022

Very happy with the SuperClamp bike rack. Once adjusted to the bikes it holds them securely.

by: Jo05/01/2022

I had a couple issues when I received my trailer, since it had actually been assembled wrong. We were able to make the fix pretty simply, and since, I’ve been loving this trailer. It’s easy to load my ebike, and I’m a short, middle aged woman. And the thing feels super secure. I don’t worry about the bikes flopping or bouncing. It’s not hard to put on and take off, but I pretty much leave it on the car all season. It really makes it more fun to take short trips away for riding when it’s not a hassle to rack the bikes.

by: Brian J.01/03/2019

I've only used the rack once so far, but I really like it. I used it on a 29er carbon mountain bike. Part of the trip was on a dirt road and also on rough and curvy paved roads. There is some play to the rack (from the hinge point of the rack), but it was quiet, and I don't recall ever hearing it. Nor did it look at any time like my bike was getting shaken to death. To be clear, the attachment of the rack to the hitch is rock solid.

One of the things I really like this rack, and why I chose it over others, is that the integrated bike lock is a pretty beefy cable, and more importantly, it allows me to lock up both wheels and the frame. Many of the integrated locks on other racks only lock up the frame or one wheel, maybe a frame and one wheel, but not all three. I haven't tested the locks trying to lock up the frame and both wheels on two bikes, but it definitely works for one bike.

This rack doesn't fold up as flat as other racks that I've seen, but the security was more important to me.

All in all, I'm really happy with the rack so far. It seems well made and everything moves and operates smoothly.

After a year, I still really love this rack. Ive had my bike on it on some pretty rough roads and it worked great. Not too long ago I got rear ended by a semi not hard and the rack got bent up a bit. The guy who hit me ended up paying for a new rack, which gave me the opportunity to get something different but I replaced it with the same one. So yeah, Id buy it again.
Brian J - 01/04/2020

by: Beth H09/07/2022

This is a great bike rack. It is very easy to load my bike and my bike is super secured. It also provides the lock feature so I can park my car with the bike locked and go shopping or dinning. I love it!

by: Don03/02/2019

I purchased this rack because It stated it would support the weight of my 2 electric bikes. The first trip with the rack installed on our motor home it failed after crossing a railroad crossing at 25 mph. The manufacturer told me to read the small print on the rack where it says not for use on any RV. They charged over a $100 for parts to repair it. Using the rack on my jeep or the motor home shouldn't matter. In my opinion the rack is under designed to carry the weight of the bikes as advertised.
In good conscience I can not recommend this rack.

The reason Saris does not recommend using this rack on a motorhome is the extended rear overhang distance between rear axle and rear bumper typically found on motorhomes. This subjects any hitch mounted accessory to greater jarring and bouncing that would be experienced if the rack were used on the rear of a regular passenger vehicle. This extra bouncing exerts forces on the rack that it wasnt designed to withstand. Remember riding in the back seat of the school bus when it went over a big bump when you were a kid? Same principle. We do show in the product description above that the rack is not recommended on motorhomes or towed trailers.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 03/04/2019

by: Lisa 07/04/2022

Great bike rack for a great price

by: Richard05/29/2022

Great fit & went together in less than 30 minutes out of box!
Adjusted ebikes easily. Sturdy, well made in America. etrailer’s comments & information about the product was excellent! Perfect fit for our Prius.

by: Grant09/18/2022

Excellent, easy to use, can hold weight of an ebike, note compatible with some front fender configurations

by: John W04/14/2022

I just bought the bike carrier. It seems to be as advertised. My bikes fit well in the rack. However, the fenders interfere slightly with the clamps.

by: Peter 06/28/2021

Had this Saris Bike rack for a year now. Made two long Highway trips with no problems. Rack is very well made. Bikes seem very secure - more so than the hanging types of racks. Very easy to load bikes on/off. Would recommend getting a garage wall mount so yo have someplace to store it when not in use.

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  • Recommended Hitch Mount Bike Racks to Deter Theft
  • So sorry your bike was stolen! The Saris SuperClamp EX # SA4025F would be my choice because of the integrated stainless steel cable lock. It will secure your bike to the rack to deter theft. The Yakima HoldUp # Y02443 (see Yakima video at the 2:09 mark) and Thule T2 XTR Pro # TH69TX platform bike racks are quite nice too. In addition to any of these bike racks, I recommend getting a cable lock # e98891. The lock can secure the bike and possibly the rack to the safety chain loops...
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Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Gunmetal Gray

Code: NV22G

408 reviews

Our Price: $849.00


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Fold-Up Rack
Tilt-Away Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes
Electric Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes


This premium 2-bike rack is perfect for the serious cyclist who cares as much about style as performance. It holds 2 e-bikes, it's safe for carbon frames, and it includes a work stand that lets you perform on-the-go repairs.

Video of Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Gunmetal Gray

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Gunmetal Gray - NV22G

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (408 Customer Reviews)

This premium 2-bike rack is perfect for the serious cyclist who cares as much about style as performance. It holds 2 e-bikes, it's safe for carbon frames, and it includes a work stand that lets you perform on-the-go repairs.

by: Cheryl08/25/2021

Great service from etrailer and the rack arrived as expected. Fairly easy assembly. OK video on Kuat’s site, but didn’t cover the foot pedal. Really glad we got the 2” hitch. It tightened up and we’re impressed with the quality and the stability of the rack. We haven’t done a road test yet, but look forward to putting it to the test. We have a Ford F-150 and it works great. The bikes were fairly easy to load with the batteries out and two people. We do need the strap extenders for our RadMini Step Thru’s. The tires are too big for the ones that come with. Only one set of extenders came with the bike and one adapter for a smaller tire. It’s okay, but since it’s a two bike unit, would have been nice to have both extenders. Otherwise, we are really liking the look and stability.

awesome! We still love this bike rack. We also use zip ties to secure the front tire. It just helps to decrease any remaining shimmy during travel. An Obsidian cover works well to cover both bikes in transit.
Cheryl - 08/29/2022

by: Douglas08/23/2022

This thing is built like a tank! It is of the best fit and funtion I have seen in a bike rack! Solid as can be, fits my bikes perfectly and looks awesome! Plus it folds completely out of the way to access the rear liftgate on my 2022 Rav4!

by: Katherine02/09/2022

We are just assembling the bike rack. So far easy instructions. We cannot wait till it is nice enough to go biking again. I look forward to using the bike rack so I do not need to load it onto our pickup. I will be a lot more independent with this.

Havent used it yet. Busy year no trips. This year for sure.
Katherine - 02/12/2023

by: Scott 01/13/2023

This is a great product that has always worked very well. I have carried a 55 lb mountain bike and my road bike from a few miles to nearly 2,000 miles from Washington state to Wisconsin and the Kuat NV 2.0 has performed flawlessly. I highly recommend this bike rack.

by: Ival10/03/2022

I have no bike rack envy ever!!!
is the best and well thought out design

by: Marc04/19/2018

Rack arrived today. I will not lie, it is heavy and therefore cumbersome to assemble. Despite that, I was able to assemble and install it in just under one hour. I did this on my own, another person would have cut this time in half. The rack checks all the boxes of wants and needs. That same weight noted before makes it rock solid. The anti-rattle feature to tighten the hitch is wonderful. Handle/pedal to change from upright position to bike holding rack to tilt away from my Subaru 2010 Forester was incredibly simple and smooth. I was all set to buy the Thule T2 Pro XT 2 and a friend told me about this Kuat NV 2.0. I am so happy. I knew it was more expensive, but free shipping and price was discounted at checkout when I purchased it from Great surprise. This rack is well thought out, has superb quality features, and I am convinced that I made the best choice. All things aside, it also really looks nice.

One-year later and still just as satisfied and just as impressed. Need a bike rack, this is the one you need. I am particular and particularly impressed.
Marc - 04/19/2019

by: Roy11/23/2021

The heavy weighted bike rack is what comes with the quality of this rack I have used a simple 4 wheel dolly from [oversupply store] to easily move and store away when not in use.

by: Lance M04/29/2022

Sturdy, great looking, ease of operation, GREAT price all added up to a must have. Rack is great for carbon bikes.

by: Roger01/31/2023

This rack is the best bike rack I’ve owned. It’s build well and designed well. etrailer was a pleasure to deal with. The shipping was fast, communication was great and they had the best online price.

by: David10/27/2021

Overall the bike rack does what it says it does but better, it is much lighter than other bike racks with same features, looks great, and well made. Being able to add extra bikes to the rack, or using the repair stand it comes with is also something you don't see with other racks. You will not be disappointed with this rack.

Outstanding bike rack. This rack may cost a little more but it is worth ever dollar. Nothing compares to it not just for all the features others have listed but it looks great. Only problem I have writing this review is when everyone else knows how good it is is I will not be the only one on the road getting all the attention. Works great for my Jeep Wrangler.
David - 10/28/2022

by: Larry C.05/28/2017

Assembly was not as difficult as I expected. After watching some videos, the instructions do make sense. I also used the box with some of the foam packing to support the frame because, as suggested, it easier to put together"upside down". Once it's together it seems very solid and well made. Installing on my 2017 Hyundai Tucson Eco was simple and easy to do. Putting the bike on the rack was even easier and will make impromptu bike rides no problem when I'm by myself. In the pictures the bike was on the outside rack because I was demonstrating it to my friend who thankfully assisted me with the hitch installation.

Thanks for pointing this out, Larry! Whenever you carry less bikes than the rack calls for, you should start loading your bikes closest to the vehicle and work your way out to avoid stress on the rack and your vehicle frame.
-- Etrailer Expert Laura E - 05/31/2017

by: Dano06/04/2021

I am very pleased with the Kuat NV 2.0 bike rack. It was tough to swallow the price tag. However, looking back after purchasing more expensive bikes, and traveling several thousand miles with no issues, I can attest to the quality and durability of this product. For you Jeepers out there, you may need to extend your receiver hitch for proper clearance, depending upon the size of your tires and bikes. Just a tip.

by: Sean04/23/2021

About the Kuat NV 2.0: Buy a Kuat NV
2.0!!! Then, get the 2 Bike Add-On to carry 4 bikes. This is hands-down THE BEST rack on the market. I chose this rack after researching THULE, Saris, Yakima, and many, many others. The Kuat NV 2.0 has a professional car quality finish, is ROCK SOLID so the bikes do not move at all, has built in locks, a built in mechanic stand, and never touches your bikes. Do your research and you will arrive at the same conclusion: THERE IS NO BETTER RACK ON THE MARKET!!!

by: Geoff06/01/2018

Have used it on a 2015 Audi Q5 with an aftermarket Curt 2" hitch.
LOVE it! We were looking for the longest tongue that we could find so that when stored upright, it wouldn't hit the bumper.
With the advice of the etrailer phone rep...we got 4 place model which is what we ended up with..(we got the add-on)
Avid mountain bikers that love this setup. The model is very solid with 4 bikes! Also like how you can adjust the front wheel cradle so that the bars won't rub on other bars/seats. Heavy when you lower the rack "loaded" to open hatchback, but that's what you'll deal with when going with a setup that doesn't touch the frame which is what we want and need. Much nicer than the Thule/Yakima options that other friends have. A lot better looking too!! It does slightly block the tail lights so added some reflectors for those "distracted drivers" ;-)
Highly recommend and feel price is worth it.

by: 06/24/2022

Very sturdy hitch. I installed it solo on my 2014 Mazda 3 sedan in 1-½ hours. The written instructions were accurate and complete. The crossbar is completely hidden making for an attractive installation. Ground clearance (bottom of receiver to ground) is a bit skinny at 9-½ inches; but that's because of the car's low clearance. The distance from hitch pin to the rear of the bumper is approximately 5 inches.

by: Jon C.09/10/2019

I ordered the Kuat bike rack from because they had the best price. The bike rack came very quickly and it was exactly as described. Their customer service was excellent by keeping me up to date on my order. This is my 2nd purchase from etrailer and I will not hesitate to purchase again. Thanks etrailer!!

My recommendation on putting the rack together: Place the main support into your trailer hitch first, then put on all the trays and accessories. The Kuat instructions could be improved upon, but you can figure it out by looking at a picture of it fully assembled.

by: Dave M10/06/2017

I have a great rack! (actually my wife does) I have 5 or 6 friends that use this rack and grew weary of throwing my bike on top of the Outback. Additionally my wife has become interested in venturing off on her own and cannot put a bike on top her outback.
etrailer shipped promptly, and the product arrived in good shape, note: there were a few spots where the parts had jostled around in the box slightly and you could see some marring of the surface. This polished right out with a microfiber towel and mothers. There are a few minor nicks (I mean really minor) on the rack;but, they were there before being put in the factory packaging. Not enough to whine about just know the finish is great just not perfect.
Speaking of the finish the color matches my Outback perfectly, it actually looks like an OEM Subaru thing. Fit is good using the Hidden/Drawtite hitch clearing the hatch while tilted back easily even with 800mm bars. The locking Hitch pin that comes with the rack is 1/2" diameter instead of the normal 5/8", fortunately the hitch mentioned above has a smaller 1/2" about 12mm aft of the 5/8" hole. The hole in the rack is 5/8" but do to the snugging system on the Küat the mismatch I'd of no consequence.
Assembly is easy and someone with good mechanical aptitude should be able to do it in less than 10, an extra set of hands would be nice but aren't required. I built mine on an elevated bench and it was quick and super easy, admittedly I used power tools because I have them.
I'm looking forward to the convenience of a tray.

by: Bruce11/23/2019

Arrived intact and very quickly with free shipping. Easy to assemble. Feels rock solid.
Despite the warning that you cannot use with front fenders (which we discovered buried in the manual after purchasing) the front wheel retention gadget holds securely to the fork stabilizers on our mountain ebikes.
Cable locks look easy to defeat but would probably slow down a thief long enough to run into a store for 5min.
Nice design. It is clear that they put a lot of thought into the design and construction of this rack and actually tried using it before selling it.
Great upgrade from our hanger-style Yakima rack that the ebikes could barely be loaded on because of their nonstandard frame designs.
First Kuat product for me. Won't be the last.

by: Brad S07/22/2018

I did a lot of research on tray racks and had narrowed it down to Thule, 1up, and Kuat. Then I started looking at what other riders were using. I didn’t see any 1ups where I ride, but I did see a lot of Thules and Kuats. Thule owners are happy with their racks but Kuat owners are FANATICS! Nearly every Kuat owner was a “brand ambassador.” So far this rack had really lived up to the hype....I guess I am now a Kuat brand ambassador too!
(Assembly tip: assemble upside down and use foam or pillows to prop up center piece as you align the arms.)

by: Timothy 08/20/2022

I have had this rack 1 year and I would buy it again. My wife had a hip replacement and it is so easy to get the bikes loaded and going down the road. We have travel probably 5 thousand miles using the Kuat and it is very secure going down the highway. It’s nice to know that a company builds a product that is built like a tank and performs so nice. I have also bought two Curt trailer hitches from trailer and they are top notch as well.

by: Erik04/14/2022

This Rack Rocks! I go from no rack on the car to rack installed, bikes lock and loaded in about 5 min. It’s sturdy, and so far seems very resistant to the elements. I have had the NV2.0 for a year now and love it!

by: Peter 10/25/2021

Rack is everything I needed in a bike rack. A quality product!

This bike rack is the real deal. Were in our 60s and have no problem mounting the rack. And its beefy construction means I dont worry about the bikes on our way to a trailhead. Wish we had found it earlier.
Peter - 10/26/2022

by: Linc05/10/2017

The process has been very easy. From order to on time delivery to assembly. This rack arrived today, I set a half hour aside for assembly. You will need nothing for this easy job. The Allen wrench is included with the rack. Follow the directions and you'll be very happy. As you can see in the two photos, the bikes are on the rack with ease. I have not driven yet, but shook the bikes by hand and rocked them around pretty good. Very little movement, very solid. The rack is a bit more expensive than others, but with its good looks, the ease of operation, and solid construction, I couldn't be happier. Linc

by: Kelly 08/18/2022

I just installed one of's hitches on my MDX and I'm replacing a 4 year old Swagman XTC2 with the Kuat NV 2.0. The Swagman was okay but I really appreciate the build quality and features of the Kuat. The finish is beautiful and the integrated locks and tilt mechanism will come in handy when I need to access my SUV's liftgate with my bikes on the rack. is a great company to do business with. They had the bike rack in stock and their pricing was the best I could find.

by: Randall - 35 year bike enthusiast07/06/2022

I am such a busy person I dont normally fill out requests for review, however I am so impressed with my Kuat NV 2.0 bike rack and with etrailer I wanted to let everyone know. Best bike rack i have ever owned and I have owned a lot of them. Great service, great product!

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  • Difference Between Küat NV22G NV 2.0 and 2.0 Base BA22B Bike Racks
  • The only difference between the Küat NV 2.0 # NV22G and the NV 2.0 Base, part # BA22B is the color and the fact that the # NV22G includes the bike repair stand which is sold separately with the 2.0 Base # BA22B. I didn't understand the measurement you typed, but if the hitch pin hole to furthest part of the rear face of the spare tire is less than 6-5/8 inches, either rack would install just find and be able to fold up into the storage position. The Base model offers a little more clearance,...
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  • Comparing Kuat NV 2.0 and Kuat Sherpa 2.0
  • Both the Kuat NV 2.0 # NV22G and Kuat Sherpa 2.0 # SH22G are wheel-mounted bike racks that grasp the bikes by the front wheels with ratcheting hooks and the rear wheels with ratcheting straps, which makes either a great choice for a bike with a carbon fiber frame. The two racks are similar in many ways but if it were me I'd go with the more economical Kuat Sherpa 2.0 # SH22G which also has the convenience of just twisting a hand knob to tighten the shank in your hitch, which was one...
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  • Comparing the Yakima HoldUp, Kuat NV 2.0 and Thule T2 Classic Platform-Style Bike Racks
  • I've linked you to product demonstration videos of all three bike racks. The best of the three racks will depend on the features you're interested in and which features you find most important. First some similarities. All three racks are capable of folding up against the rear of the vehicle when the bikes are removed, and all three can tilt rearward with the bikes in place, allowing easier access to the rear trunk or liftgate of the vehicle. All three racks include hitch locks of some...
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  • What is the Difference Between the Kuat NV 2.0 and the Older Version of the Rack
  • There were quite a bit of updates for the new NV which Kuat spent three years working on. One of the biggest differences the new Kuat NV 2.0 part # NV22G has over the previous version is that the wheel cradles can now accommodate tires up to 4.8 inches in width. The hitch pin design allows you to install the rack without any tools instead of needing a wrench for the anti-rattle bolt. The foot release lever can now allow the rack to tilt down for more access to the rear cargo area....
    view full answer...

  • How Far From Vehicle is the Kuat NV 2.0 When Folded Down
  • How far a rack sits back from the vehicle depends partially on the vehicle itself. So I can't tell you that exact measurement. However, what I can tell you how far out the rack is from the hitch pin hole, and you can then measure from the hitch pin hole to the outermost point on your vehicle and you'll know how far the rack is from the rear. The Kuat measures 33 inches from the hitch pin hole to the furthest point when folded down and 18-1/2 inches when folded up. Another notable...
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  • How Much Space Does the Kuat NV Bile Rack Take Up While Folded Compared to Thule EasyFold
  • In regards to the Kuat NV 2.0 2-Bike Platform Rack part # NV22G (52 lbs) and the Thule EasyFold XT 2 E-Bike Platform Rack part # TH903202 (45 lbs), the Kuat NV will take up less space than the Thule EasyFold since it folds up flat against the vehicle. The Kuat NV while folded up measures 18-1/2" from the center of the hitch pin hole to the end of the rack.
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  • 2 Bike Trailer Hitch Mount Platform and Spare Tire Bike Racks for a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara
  • For your 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, the concern is the clearance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the furthest point the spare tire sticks out. Other than the Kuat NV 2.0 # NV22G with 7 inches of clearance in the up position, one of the platform bike racks that offers the most distance is the Yakima HoldUp 2 Bike Hitch Mounted Folding Rack with Wheel Mount Cradles, # Y02443. The distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the first bike tray is 12 inches. I have linked you...
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  • Comparing Kuat NV 2.0 and Yakima HoldUp 2 Bike Racks for a 2020 Kia Telluride
  • The Kuat NV 2.0 2-Bike Platform Rack part # NV22G and Yakima HoldUp 2 Bike Rack part # Y02443 are both excellent options for a 2020 Kia Telluride with trailer hitch such as the Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver part # C13420. I recommend the Kuat NV as the finish is much nicer, the best on the market actually and it has some additional features that the HoldUp does not such as the integrated bike repair stand and larger wheel size compatibility.
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