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Swagman Straddler Trailer-Mounted Bike Rack Carrier for A-Frame Trailers - 2" - 100 lbs

Code: S80503

17 reviews

Our Price: $229.00


Product Specs:

RV and Camper Bike Racks

Hanging Rack
Platform Rack

Tongue Mount Hitch Rack

Travel Trailer

Electric Bikes
Fat Bikes
Mountain Bikes

2 Bikes


This carrier clamps to your A-frame trailer to provide an elevated hitch for transporting any bike rack with a 2" shank. Powder coated steel rack adjusts to provide maximum clearance for your propane tanks.

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Customer Reviews

Swagman Straddler Trailer-Mounted Bike Rack Carrier for A-Frame Trailers - 2" - 100 lbs - S80503

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

This carrier clamps to your A-frame trailer to provide an elevated hitch for transporting any bike rack with a 2" shank. Powder coated steel rack adjusts to provide maximum clearance for your propane tanks.

by: Jeff 11/18/2021

Mount looks great and was easy to install. I hope this works for me but I think it may be a little light for my application. I will be mounting one big wheel electric bike on this. Still waiting for bike mount to come. I will be maxing out the 100 lb weight limit as my bike is 80 lbs and don't have the mount yet but I am sure it will be over 20 lbs. We shall see.

Still working great, I did add a brace to it just because my bike weighed so much and I didnt want it to fail. I have not had any problems with it.
Jeff - 11/19/2022

by: Kyle11/28/2021

This rack puts the bikes up front, keeps the weight off the flimsy rv trailer bumper, and as a bonus keeps the bikes within. Ire of my rear view mirror
With my truck, the bike rack is over the tailgate so it's perfect. When pulling with an SUV, I have to be careful because a tight turn can cause the extreme front end of the bike rack to contact the rear window. This mostly affect u-turns and backing into a campsite.

by: Swampy08/22/2020

I returned this item due to clearance issues. Although it may work well with a pickup it did not offer enough room between vehicles for 2 adult bikes. Etrailer being the great company they are agreed to return this and although one person I spoke to wasn't helpful his supervisor was able to help. I purchased 2 Thule roof mount racks and am satisfied. This has been the only time I've experienced any problem with Etrailer and it was handled quickly and effectively.

by: Ron08/10/2022

This rack works perfectly as expected. Have it on a 32 ft. TT now, previously on a 21 ft. TT.

by: Terrall08/12/2021

First thing is we received the rack quicker than was expected. Thank you etrailer. Every where we looked showed it was out of stock. After calling etrailer thanks Robert, it was to us a couple days after it was ordered. The rack looks to be well built. Set up was simple. I rate this product a 5 so far on those 2 points. The only thing that needs to be change out is the 6” carriage bolts are to short. Most “A” frames are at least 2”X6” so after a trip to the hardware store for some 8” bolts the frame was buttoned up on the trailer. Now we wait a bit to load up for our next trip.

by: Turtlesauce04/02/2020

Installed on a Grand design Imagine. It was fairly easy to install and it looks good. The bolts were sub standard after breaking two had to replace with stronger and one inch longer and I used thread lock nuts. The weight limit is low and is a factor when trying to find a bike rack. I found the lightest three bike rack I could find but when I installed it and put one cruiser bike on it I was within twenty pounds of the weight limit so only one bike could be carried and one lawn chair. I have a suggestion I know weight is always a factor but if the legs/post were a slightly thicker sturdier metal the weight limit could be increased to accommodate two cruiser style bikes.

by: Wayne04/17/2022

Works great with bike rack.

by: Victor05/27/2022

This worked great for us
Easy install
and since we travel a great deal, this worked well with the bikes

by: Anthony 03/02/2021

Works perfectly for what I need, I have a TAB400 with very little tongue room, and zero capability for a rear receiver hitch, this is PERFECT and works great!

by: Thomas 02/20/2021

Easy to install and very secure. Works well with my Swagman two bike carrier.

by: Douglas 08/24/2021


by: John06/01/2018

Does not fit far enough back on the trailer frame. Our existing bike carrier fits way to far forward and can't be used. We're going to try a different carrier bout as of now it's useless.

by: Keith 08/19/2021 is my #1 go to source for my RV and trailer needs. Once again I received great customer assistance (from Sal) in identifying the high quality product that would best fit my need at a great price. Shipping was FAST (arrived in 2 days). Excellent product, excellent customer assistance, excellent company!

by: Richard 03/02/2020

Fit like a glove to my trailer Excellent product.

by: James 11/11/2021

by: Jared 05/07/2021

by: Anthony 03/01/2023

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Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk Trailer-Mounted Bike Rack Carrier for A-Frame Trailers - 2"-100 lbs

Code: CC-275

122 reviews

Our Price: $270.02


Product Specs:

RV and Camper Bike Racks

Hanging Rack
Platform Rack

Tongue Mount Hitch Rack

Travel Trailer

Fat Bikes
Mountain Bikes

2 Bikes

Stromberg Carlson

Want to carry your bike rack with bikes while towing your trailer? No problem! The Bike Bunk mounts on your A-frame trailer tongue. It is designed for bike racks that fit 2" hitches and are approved for use behind an RV. Capacity is 100 lbs.

Video of Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk Trailer-Mounted Bike Rack Carrier for A-Frame Trailers - 2"-100 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk Trailer-Mounted Bike Rack Carrier for A-Frame Trailers - 2"-100 lbs - CC-275

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (122 Customer Reviews)

Want to carry your bike rack with bikes while towing your trailer? No problem! The Bike Bunk mounts on your A-frame trailer tongue. It is designed for bike racks that fit 2" hitches and are approved for use behind an RV. Capacity is 100 lbs.

by: James03/22/2022

I ordered one of these a year ago and it arrived with critical welds missing. I contacted the manufacturer directly and they sent me a brand new unit.

Mounting was easy (with the right tools). I did swap out the crummy fasteners that they supply for attaching to the trailer tongue with grade 8 yellow zinc plated fasteners from [online]. It is holding up great and makes bike carrying super easy. I like that I can see them in the rear view mirror and see if anything is coming loose.

I used a cheap bike rack on this and flipped the arms of the rack around rearward to keep the bikes close to the front of the travel trailer. This also allows me to fully open the hatch of my tow vehicle when the bikes are mounted.

So overall this is a nice addition that avoids trying to mount anything to the flimsy rear bumper of the travel trailer, although it does add some tongue weight. I am super happy with it so far and it looks nice a year later despite having sat outside 100% of the time.

by: Ray04/03/2022

I bought the Stromberg because I wanted to bring bikes and my golf cart to Vintage Trailer Rallies. The Rack is stout. It is easy to install. I do not mind it visually when not in use either as I believe it offers some protection to my propane tanks. 1977 Silver Streak, 1972 Golf Cart, 2021 Stromberg Rack!

by: RonMLB10/30/2018

I was looking for a way to mount a bike carrier on my 2016 Flagstaff Superlite TT. Due to the low ground clearance (14" rims) I couldn't relocate the rear bumper mounted spare underneath travel trailer. Tow vehicle is 2015 Ram 1500 4x2. Settled on the SC Bike Bunk plus Let's Go Aero BikeWing2 mounted as far back on front frame as possible so the bike bunk clears the propane bottle cover and maximizes distance between back of truck and bikes when turning. Success! I also made spacers ( bar stock from Home Depot cut down & painted black. see pic) which raised Bike Bunk up another 3/4" (every little bit helps!). My 26" wheeled bikes have 5.5" clearance above tailgate top. 29er will only have 2.5". No issues on flat ground whatsoever; concern may be up & over curb turning into gas stations with 29ers (not tested yet); 26" bikes no clearance issues experienced at all. Hint: GoAero rack tilts forward so I use trailer electric front jack to lower the whole front of trailer down when loading & unloading bikes. Easy peasy no step ladder. required!

Half dozen trips since purchasing Bike Bunk & GoAero combo. Works great. No clearance issues even with one 29er + one 26 bike.
RonMLB - 10/31/2019

by: Gary M09/18/2015

Great fit on my travel trailer. Took experts advice and purchased a Let's Go Aero Veeme V2 bike rack. Very pleased with both products. A safe way to carry our bikes while rv ing.
Thanks etrailer experts for this solution. Both items easy to install and are very strong. The bike rack is easily moved to the receiver on my truck.

I have a 2015 Wolf Pup. It is very similar to your trailer! I am towing with a Silverado. Are you having any issues with turning radius with bikes hitting tailgate.
-- comment by: Peter G - 11/01/2015
No problems with turning radius interference, also towing with a Silverado.
-- comment by: Gary M - 11/04/2015

by: Al T05/12/2019

Easy to assemble. Because we have a toy hauler for motorcycles, we didn’t have a back bumper on the camper to place a bicycle rack. This was a great alternative. Little different with loading and unloading but they don’t interfere with turning and they ride really nice.

Great. Having a toy hauler and not having a bumper on the back due to the ramp door, it was a great alternative. Even though it is a little high, it is not that bad getting up on your tailgate to put the bikes in place.
Al T - 05/13/2020

by: Mark J07/07/2017

Great sturdy product. Just returned from a camping trip. 300 miles each way. Not a worry about bikes. Can now open cargo door on tow vehicle. Pic showing frame and 2 bike rack.

Absolutely love the bike rack. Made a few modifications to fit the tongue of our [email protected] Sending a pic. Your customer service and products are top notch. Thanks again
Mark J - 07/09/2018

by: Paul03/08/2018

This product has been a great way to carry our 2 bikes (1 mine, one my wife's). The install was fairly easy (it helps
If you have 2 people to line things up, hold while drilling, etc).

The best thing about this rack is being able to easily keep an eye on the bikes while traveling, whether driving or parked. I considered those bracket braces for the rear trailer bumper, but at the end of the day: (1). My trailer bumper doesn't look like it will handle torsion well, even with supplemental bracing; (2). The spare tire (already on the trailer bumper) got in the way; and (3). My bikes aren't cheap and I like being able to keep an eye on them.

Thanks etrailer for your excellent videos and online advice!

by: Joey05/23/2018

I bought this because I couldn't figure a good way to bring my bikes with us on vacations when we also brought our jet ski trailer. I looked at all sorts of different ways to try and get a bike rack and a trailer on my truck at the same time, and finally came across this. While it's not on a travel trailer like it was intended, it works perfectly for our needs. It fits right above the storage box holding our life jackets and other stuff, but gives enough room for the hatch to open up and let us retrieve the items. I paired this with a Lets Go Aero BikeWing and now I can bring the bikes, the jet skis, and still keep the truck bed free for our mattress and camping gear. If you are trying to find a way to bring your boat and bikes to the lake at the same time, and are towing with an SUV or a truck with a full bed, this is the perfect fit.

by: Larry09/06/2017

Getting to try out the Stromberg Carlson bike bunk that I installed on the trailer hitch frame.
Using it with a Go Aero V2 bike rack that I can use on the trailer or the truck. It works great!
The bike rack is easy to transfer weighing only 12 pounds and no movement of bikes at all during travel.
Very happy with this combo from

by: Gary06/10/2016

Perfect setup for what we needed. Installation issue - need longer bolts.
Used the Swagman XP 3-bike hitch mount rack and carried 2 bikes. Drove close to 1,300 miles last year with the bikes on and had no issues. On-loading and off-loading bikes is very easy with a pickup truck - dropped tailgate is just the right height.

by: Steve M04/19/2015

Okay, shy of taking it out on the road (trip upcoming in a couple of weeks) I like it. Well built and sturdy. The install was a bit more complicated on one side that the other as there were some electrical issues and lines I had to deal with but that doesn't detract from the product. The one issue I had was one that has been written up by others that have installed it and that is that there are 2 bolts included that are just too short for their intended purpose by about 1/4 to 1/2 inch, so I had to run to re hardware store to replace. Other than that the install went smooth and the results I'm quite happy with. Oh yeah the tube sitting in on channel fit a bit tight but a spray of WD-40 fixed that right away. Bottom line, as it stands today without testing it on the road, it appears to be an excellent product. Road test will be the telling tale.

by: Shawn05/30/2020

Quickly shipped, arrived on time, watched the how-to video on the product page, and then installed it in under an hour. Sturdy is an understatement for this product. The rack itself does not interfere with access to anything on the A frame. The bike rack interferes with the propane tank cover but not the top access on the cover so I can still turn on/off the tanks and such. I couldn't be happier at this point and will update after the test drive.

by: Michael05/30/2020

Prompt service and delivery. Product was exactly what I expected. Installed easy and is very adjustable to fit different angles. Really neat design to accommodate different positions. Note that you will have to drill 4 holes but it makes sense that this is necessary to make it so adjustable/customizable. I would definitely recommend this product. This allowed us to keep spare tire on rear bumper and free up trunk camper space.

by: Mark02/11/2018

I bought this bike bunk to mount on the tongue of my R-pod camper. I carry 2 bikes on it, and I love having them right in my view as I drive along. I have very little bounce with this unit. Oh, BTW the bikes sit just high enough that they go over the tailgate on sharp turns.

by: Gale M06/08/2016

The delivery was very quick and both items arrived at the same time and in excellent condition. We were able to put it on our travel trailer with no problem and it went together very easy! The bike rack was also very easy to put together and once we figured out the best way to put our bikes on it we were really pleased! We are looking forward to using it this weekend! Thank You, this really helpedus solve our problem of taking our bikes.

by: Margaret07/08/2016

This has been fantastic. It's high up to get bikes on and off but I like them there better then on the back of camper. Everyone we talked to at E trailer was awesome!!! Thank you.

by: SUP06/18/2018

Just mounted the rack today. It was very easy to assemble. Tried a couple of places to get the best fit so I can get to my propane tanks. Only took about 45 min to mount. Put the bikes on but have not pulled the trailer with the bikes in place.

by: Rob05/31/2022

We just took our first trip and the bike rack worked just as we had hoped. It is a little difficult and takes two people to keep it mounted straight and then drill the holes when installing. A few things I realized is that the holes are not drilled into the camper but into the posts to keep the arms from spinning. Also make sure you know you’ll need a bike rack as well, this is just the mount for that. Overall worked well and kept the bikes high and away from camper in my tailgate.

by: Joseph 02/25/2021

This worked well on the tounge of my Salem 31KQBTS. It fits good and the bike rack when installed is very stable. Not bad at all to install. It's fully adjustable, so you have to drill the final mounting holes after it is in position, but that's not bad at all.

did a lot of camping in 2021 and used it everytime formy bike rack. very strong and stable unit.
Joseph - 02/28/2022

by: Bill03/03/2022

The product appears very sturdy and capable to hold my two bikes. It fit well on our Surveyor. I will use my Swagman XC bike rack to hold the bikes. The bunk affords easy access to the propane bottles and batteries. There is no interference with the WD bars. I can’t comment on how it will do on the road or affect my turning capabilities. As some reviewers commented on bolt quality, I used all grade 8 bolts on the assembly, which cost <$10. I left off a star since I haven’t road tested it yet.

by: Jeff09/03/2022

Good product but would not fit my 2018Lance 1985 RV travel trailer

by: Charlie C.08/09/2017

Fits perfectly at the front of my Living Lite Camplite 14DBS. I have dual
battery boxes and dual propane tanks (with a plastic cover over the tanks) and the
curvature of the supports cleared these items with no problem. I will comment that
although it is possible for 1 person to load bikes on a bike carrier attached to this rack, it is much easier and I highly recommend that 2 people do the loading.

Exactly perfect
Charlie C - 08/09/2018

by: Steve M05/01/2018

Just installed it today. Relatively easy and the unit is made of good solid materials with legible and easy to follow instructions. Only downside is how high the bikes will ride but that is unavoidable. I like that we can transfer the bike rack to the Jeep once we get where we are headed and in effect have 2 racks, one for travel and one to use on the towing vehicle. Good price when I ordered it and great customer service.

Worked out well for us for the last year. We love you can move your bike rack from the TT to the Tow Vehicle once you are at a destination. No complaints other than the bike do ride high and a step is needed to get them on and off. We went with a longer than stock shank to allow for clearance in making tight turns, backing and such so the bikes would not hit the T.V. Way better solution than the Jack It IMO. In short we are pleased with it
STEVEN M - 05/01/2019

by: Patrick11/17/2018

Works OK on our Rpod. It was a little difficult drilling the 1/2 inch bolt holes with a hand drill but that's all I had. These guys could have provided some corrosion resistant fasteners. The provided bolts started to rust right away.

Works OK. The comment about the fasteners still stands.
Patrick - 11/18/2019

by: Mike P.09/14/2019

It is difficult to use a center punch to mark the spots for drilling. The instructions say to mount it close to the trailer body. So, you will have little room to get a center punch in. Next, you will have little room to get a drill squared up to where you want to drill. You need several drill bits of increasing sizes to keep enlarging the holes. Expect to break several drill bits. BEWARE HYBRID trailer owners who have a bunk that opens and extends from the front of the trailer. You must unbolt ALL OF the brackets from the A-frame and remove ALL OF THE bike rack every time you camp. This rack stands too high to lower the front bunk out. Very time consuming to remove. Then reinstall when breaking camp. Otherwise, this rack is strong and does the job. Good rack ONLY IF you do not own a hybrid trailer.

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  • Best RV Bike Rack With 100 Lb. Weight Limitation
  • The Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk part # CC-275 will need to have one of three specific points on the a-frame free in order for it to work. The measurements will need to be taken from the outside edge on each frame rail. As long as you have space at the 12" wide apart, 32" wide apart, or the 52" wide apart positions on the a-frame the bike bunk will work well for you. I have attached a photo to better illustrate the above measurements. I would be more than happy to provide a comparison...
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