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Replacement Hinge Insert Kit for Rhino-Rack Batwing and Foxwing Awnings - Qty 2

Code: RRCA1175

94 reviews

Our Price: $18.00


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Car Awning



Rhino Rack

Replaces damaged hinge inserts on your Rhino-Rack Batwing or Foxwing awning. Connects awning poles to the hinge. Includes 2 hinge inserts.

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Customer Reviews

Replacement Hinge Insert Kit for Rhino-Rack Batwing and Foxwing Awnings - Qty 2 - RRCA1175

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (94 Customer Reviews)

Replaces damaged hinge inserts on your Rhino-Rack Batwing or Foxwing awning. Connects awning poles to the hinge. Includes 2 hinge inserts.

by: Chris10/02/2022

Extremely quick shipping and OEM parts which is excellent. The average rating has more to do with the extremely poor design of the Batwing Awning. The design puts way to much undue pressure on the hinge section so this is going to be a constant problem area resulting in failure and breakage.It would be smart to have extra parts for when , not if, it happens. I would definitely recommend not buying a batwing awning because of the design.

by: Jack09/08/2022

Easy replacement part for my Foxwing awning. These are plastic but are designed to be a breakaway point when the wind catches it and it flies up to minimize damage to the rest of the awning. Easy to do with just one set of hands, there are videos showing how to do it.

by: Scott08/09/2020

Our batwing wound up breaking in a wind storm. This was the exact part we needed to fix it and put it back into working order. Super quick shipping as well!

by: Louis 07/26/2021

I ordered these as a precaution as my brother-in-law also has a Rhino-Rack Batwing. His got caught in a gust of wind and broke several of the hinge inserts. Hopefully I will never need to use mine. etrailer has always been helpful and a great company to do business with.

by: Mr.Happy09/14/2021

Work just like the original; fragile and frustrating, the idea of having these be replaceable is really good. But in my experience if one breaks just replace them all. I had one break, replaced it…. Then the next one broke…until all of the originals broke and had to be replaced within the same 2 week trip. I am considering having some machined out of a stronger material for me, I know the idea is to have a “weak” link to protect the rest but these are a bit too weak and have never broken in a situation where any other components would have been damaged if they did not fail but these are a necessity until I find a better way or get a higher quality awning, they work and are easy to replace.

by: Grant 08/13/2022

5e parts showed up quickly & were easy to install

by: Richard06/04/2021

Thank you so much! I couldn't even get these from folks are the best!

by: Michael 08/02/2021

Super fast delivery and great customer service.

Great, still working just fine
Michael - 08/03/2022

by: Carol08/10/2020

Our batwing awning hing broke after high wind and e trailer saved us by getting part to us within same week of order!

by: Jeff 10/05/2022

Easy to order, quick response.

by: David05/31/2019

Typically when a company designs a product to break that's a bad thing, but not so much here. Rhino-Rack beats the competition once again and designed their hinges to break when too much force is applied instead of bending the entire awning. I had my foxwing set up and got distracted (squirrel!) then a huge gust of wind came up over the hill and the entire awning lifted up and flopped over onto my truck! I expected to see bent metal and a ruined awning but instead it was only two hinges that snapped right at the base. Bummer for sure but the rack was unharmed and the new parts were an easy replacement with basic tools. I now keep an extra hinge in the attached pouch on my awning.

Pro-tip, stake down those awnings!

One year later and Ive finally figured out that its a good idea to stake down the awning so I dont need to keep buying these replacement hinges. I still keep extras in my toolbox just in case of emergencies.
El r - 06/01/2020

by: Jeff 06/01/2021

Super fast, got what I needed

Been great, was able to pre-stage the next part casually from wind. These are very easy to keep in glove box etc
Jeff - 06/02/2022

by: Hupp08/11/2021

Tried to order this item locally from a competitor, they were supposed to be in stock and werent.

I then found that etrailer had them in stock for the exact same price. Placed my order and had tracking information for that order within a couple hours. I then received my order 3 days later.

This is how customer service should be. Especially at this current time with the pandemic and companies claiming they can't get in stock or it takes them an extra week or two to ship out an item due to limited staff

by: Leslie 09/25/2021

Got the parts fast! They were packed with care and a perfect fit! Carol wrote us afterwards to make sure we were content with our order. We found this company by searching the internet, but will use etrailer again because of the personalized customer service.

by: Jaxson07/03/2021

So here is the story: Bought a bat wing awning and was super stoked about it. That was until I set it up in the wind and quickly snapped 3 of the 4 hinges. Unfortunately I had to spend a sunny shade less day in the Wyoming sun. After getting home and taking a second look at the awing I realized the hinges are actually a engineered weak link that probably saved me from wrecking the whole awning. Ordered a few replacements from etrailer. The new hinges arrived quickly and worked exactly as described. Hopefully I don’t have to order any more replacements anytime soon but, if I do I know where I will buy them from.

by: Richard10/15/2018

Two of the Delrin hinges for my Rhino Rack Batwing (also purchased from broke after a surprise 40+ mph gust of wind caught all of us by surprise. I believe this is an intentional feature from the manufacturer designed to prevent snapping poles, etc. I used the two extra hinges included with the awning to easily repair the awning. I purchased these extra hinges “just in case” and keep them in the accessory pouch that’s a part of the awning.

by: George06/18/2019

This product was on backorder
from Rhino Rack due to a faulty mfg process. This affected new Batwing units and replacement parts alike and was no fault of eTrailer. Carol kept in contact with updates and made the entire transaction smooth. Will shop again.

by: Michael06/16/2022

No time. No issues.

by: Chris 08/17/2021

Lesson to self… don’t put up your batwing in high winds but if you do buy your replacement hinges from E-Trailer. Fast reliable service at a great price! Thank you E-Trailer!

by: Don 06/10/2020

Worked with no flaws. These break away peices are hard to find so i was glad that the wait was not to long.

Fantastic no fails
don d - 06/10/2021

by: Victor 01/03/2020

These are great spare parts to have as they are design to break if strong winds are present and your awning is not tied down. I learned the hard way to not tie down the awning as the day was calm, but it quickly changed. Always tie down your awning and have spare parts on hand. Etrailer customer service was great in working with me and helping me get some spares quick so I can continue on my road trip through Panamerica.

by: Jeff L04/17/2020

Pretty simple, these replace the plastic bits on the Foxwing or Batwing 270 degree awnings that sometimes break. Mine got caught in a sudden burst of wind right as I was trying to deploy the awning, snapping the plastic bits. Ordered these, they were shipped and delivered very quickly, and I was back in business in short order. And they have performed beautifully so far.

by: Daniel08/25/2020

Wind is the enemy of any awning. My batwing awning has been the best addition to my setup. but 40-60 mph winds flipped it up last month and broke three of the hinges. but the ingenious design of the batwing makes the hinge the "weak point" on purpose. Replace a cheap hinge versus buy an whole new awning for 800? took 10 minutes to swap out three hinges. very easy. Everyone should have some spare hinges in your kit.

by: Conrad08/11/2020

The hinge is quick and easy to install and fits perfectly.

As the hinge is the pivot point for the awning and takes the weight while opening and closing it would be much better if it were made out of a more durable material, even if it were at the expense of a bit of extra weight.

by: Maximilian05/30/2019 is an excellent company to order products from, fast delivery, and product follow ups. I ordered some repair parts and got them back fast. Friendly service and knowledgeable folks.

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Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning - Roof Rack Mount - Bolt On - Passenger's Side - 118 Sq Ft

Code: RR33200

45 reviews

Our Price: $795.95


Product Specs:

Car Awning

Roof Rack Mount


118 Square Feet

8 Feet Wide

8 Foot Extension

Passenger Side

Rhino Rack

Canvas awning swings out and around from the passenger side to the rear of your vehicle, providing 118 sq ft of shade. Easy one-person setup with integrated drop-down poles. Bolts to your Rhino-Rack Pioneer platform or crossbars with top channels.

Video of Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning - Roof Rack Mount - Bolt On - Passenger's Side - 118 Sq Ft

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning - Roof Rack Mount - Bolt On - Passenger's Side - 118 Sq Ft - RR33200

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (45 Customer Reviews)

Canvas awning swings out and around from the passenger side to the rear of your vehicle, providing 118 sq ft of shade. Easy one-person setup with integrated drop-down poles. Bolts to your Rhino-Rack Pioneer platform or crossbars with top channels.

by: Mike10/10/2022

Love this awning! I installed a Batwing awning on a RAM Promaster High Roof van. Had to purchase extended legs for it so they will reach the ground. It is great to be able to be protected from the elements at both the side and the back of the van and while moving between side and back.
Some things to be aware of:
1) At least one ladder is needed for opening and closing the awning in this high-roof situation. And it is best to do it with 2 people.
2. With the crossbars mounted on the vehicle's standard middle and rear mounting posts, the awning does not completely cover the sliding door. The front 24 to 30" or so of the door is exposed. If the crossbars are mounted to the front and middle mounting points, most of the sliding door will be covered, but the awning will not extend as far out on the rear.
3. Rain will come through between the side of the van and the awning. The crossbars need to be shifted as far to the driver's side as possible in order to minimize the gap between the side of the van and the awning.
4. The height of these vans makes the awning even more susceptible to being pulled up by wind gusts. Make sure the awning is secured to the ground. This is another reason why it is best to open the awning with 2 people.

by: Tracey08/28/2021

Fast shipping and great communication. I bought my crossbars from and came back for the awning. They were cheaper than [another company], too.

Item arrived early and well packaged. Got to install it today and everything worked and the awning deployed well. Would recommend and would buy from etrailer again.

Still recommend etrailer but would NEVER recommend the Batwing awning or Rhino Rack again. The awning was cheaply made and did not withstand even a mild breeze without ripping their supplied guy lines and stakes out of the ground and flipping the awning over my car - breaking two arms and scratching my paint. Its a giant, cheap sail attached to your car and The entire design is flawed for exactly that outcome and Rhino Rack knows it. Their customer support was a big finger. They did, however point me to replacement parts that would quickly add up to the cost of the awning. I will NEVER buy Rhino Rack products again and advise anyone reading this to look for alternatives. You are now buying their name and not any kind of quality or support. I sold my awning 2 months after buying it for a loss, but I was very happy to see that POS go. These 270 awnings are a great idea, but shop for a better one. Dont be me. Spend a bit more and get a better product.
Tracey - 08/29/2022

by: Michael04/12/2022

Overall, a great build. Installed easily. Pairs really nicely with the Pioneer Platform. I've read some other concerns about how the back end doesn't seal up tight from water when storing. This is true, but unless you are parked with a forward slant, the water should stay out of the unit or dry out fairly quickly. The ease of setup and overall coverage of the batwing design is superb.

by: Torn04/09/2018

I was looking for an awning that covered the tailgate of my truck bed and I already had an awning that hung of the side of my truck so instead of buying a second small one I sold off my existing side awning and purchased the Batwing. I had read great reviews about the previous model and was confident that the new one would be even better.

When the awning arrived I was very disappointed just by looking at the packaging. It looked like it had been thrown around whenever it was handled and had several punctures in the cardboard box. It also had a ton of extra tape on the ends as if it had been opened before or fell out during shipment. After opening up the box I was relieved that there was not any significant damage to the awning itself.

Ok on to the awning itself...
During initial setup in my driveway I was wowed at how easy everything was to setup by myself. I love how the poles are held in place to the mounting plate with magnets and to deploy it all you have to do is grab the top one, pull it away and the rest of them release on their own. Another thing I love about the Batwing is that the vertical support legs are built into the awning itself. They deploy and pack away very easily. I did not stake it down or guy it out during this test setup. The awning comes with hardware and brackets to mount onto your roof rack though you may need different hardware depending on what rack you have. The coverage this awning provides is just what I wanted and it's features make it well worth the investment.

One thing I would change is I wish the cover was fully zippered instead of 90% zippered with a Velcro closure at the back end. The hinge is exposed and water runs inside and gets the awning wet. I live in the Pacific northwest and a little bit of rain has found it's way to the front of the awning.

by: Bryan Baker09/13/2019

I've had the Rhino Rack Batwing for 1 year now and it has held up to many weather scenarios. From blistering sun to pounding rain and wind, it hasn't failed me yet. Every trip we go on, people are amazed at it's size and simplicity. And they're even more impressed by how affordable it is versus a conventional awning. I have been very impressed with the quality of this product and would promote it to anyone looking for an 8 foot awning.

by: David V.12/02/2019

This is the one piece of camping gear that once it's set up people just come by and say "whoah".
First off, it's huge and the amount of coverage it gives is amazing and makes single panel awnings just look silly in comparison. I love how easy it is to set-up which makes it a no-brainer whether or not to deploy it, always yes.
Here's a few tips after using it for a year...
If it's windy at all stake it down and if you have a buddy to help with setup all the better. These things are like giant sails and I've snapped a few of the hinge pieces due to big gusts and not staking it down. The GOOD news is that the hinges are designed to snap under load (instead of the more expensive arms) and are easily replaceable and you can do it with basic hand tools by yourself so keep the spares they give you in the stake pouch.
You can extend the coverage with the zip-on panels ...or just get some spring clamps and attach a sheet/tarp/towel/whatever for the extra shade.
I had someone come up and chat me up about the awning and he asked this simple question, "if you had to do it over would you buy this one again?". 100% yes.

by: Whitney07/20/2018

We received the Batwing Awning last week and immediately went to set it up. The packaging leaves a bit to be desired as it is mostly just the awning inside a box with no real protection. But ours arrived just fine. The installation supplies came in a separate box which for some reason wasn't delivered the same day. Not a huge deal but a bit of a bummer. We ordered the optional Yakima round bar install kit as well.

Installation is pretty simple and quick. The installation manual is a bit convoluted and not super clear in my opinion but really looking at the parts it is pretty easy to figure out how it installs. We installed the "L" brackets to the rack first using the Yakima mounting kit. We left the u-bolt a bit loose so the brackets could move a bit. From there, there are 4 t-bolts that slide in channels so we slide those in. Now for lifting the actual Batwing, it will depend both on your size and vehicle. We used two people and it was easy. We left one end on the ground and lifted the other till we could installed on of the t-bolts. From there one of us lifted the other end up and the second person slide the bolts to where they needed to be and installed the nuts. Then it was just a matter of tightening everything down. We did snug the t-bolts down and then loosened them a half turn which left the batwing slide in the tracks for positioning.

One thing to note with the mounting. There is only one spot for the U-bolt to go through the "L" bracket. Depending on how your bars are setup you might not have all that much adjustment possibly as to how far out the batwing will be. On our bars there is only about 2.5 inches of bar and then the Yakima "feet" that mount the bar to the trailer. The L bracket and u-bolt are such a design that we had to mount it to those 2.5" which has the batwing approx. 1" over the edge of the trailer. We would have liked to have it recessed over the trailer but the Yakima feet prevent this. This isn't a problem with the batwing but just something to consider.

After we had the batwing mounted we decided to open it up. If you have watched a really is that easy. Undo the end Velcro flap, unzip, and flip the cover over. Then just grab the front and pull the bar out. Then just start walking it out and it opens right up. It does sag quite a bit and I wouldn't leave it unsupported for long. Or if its windy I would consider doing one section at a time and staking it down before opening it up more. Once its open pull down the support leg and set it to the height desired. The legs are just tall enough to clear the rear hatch on our teardrop. Our teardrop is a "off-road" model and does sit a bit higher so regular height teardrops would have no issue. To put it away its pretty much the opposite. Though we started at the far end, folded the leg up, then moved to the next pole. Putting the Batwing away was overall simple and easy. The magnets hold the poles in well enough. We got it to zip the first try though it was a bit tight. When rolling the material to put it away try to spread it out instead of letting it bunch up in one spot. Overall for our first time setup/deployment took around 5 minutes and putting it away took about the same. Future times should be quicker.

Of note is to make sure you stake it down and use the guy-wires if its at all windy. We didn't for the driveway setup and a slight gust (around 10mph) was enough to lift one section up for a moment. it does act like a big sail so just make sure to have it properly secured if its going to be windy.

As for use, it provides a lot of cover. Especially for shade! For rain protection it will work well. Though you might end up with less "space" if the rain isn't straight down.

On our teardrop the edge by the door barely goes past the door so any sort of wind could most likely blow rain on the door. Same at the last section it barely covers the rear drivers corner so again it might not fully protect against rain. But it still does provide a lot of coverage. We do plan to get one of the available wall sections to attach for if we do need rain protection.

We are very pleased with both the quality and the ease of use of the Batwing. We recommend it!

by: Craig from Iowa08/12/2022

Upgraded the camper van

by: Sharon07/30/2022

Staff are very helpful and informative. I will definitely order from them again when I need any other equipment. Thanks etrailer

by: Joe06/27/2019

We just got back from our second long trip out west and I didn't want to give a review of the awning until we returned.

To be honest I'm not happy with the Rhino awning.

For starters the cover leaks badly. After every rain I need to open, drain and let dry to prevent mold.

The front of the support has already cracked. This doesn't effect operation but is disappointing.

The legs of the awning supports have also have broken and no longer adjust, not sure if I caused this or they have just seized in one of the pole sections.

The awning can not be set up in the lightest of wind unless it's fully staked out with guy lines. Doesn't sound like a big deal but negates the advantage of setting it up quickly, a $50 big box store awning can be set up as quick.

For the price it's not worth the cool factor and I wouldn't recommend to a friend for purchase.

Hope this helps

by: Clyde & Sandra06/18/2020

LOVE LOVE LOVE this awning!! It's absolutely perfect for what we wanted on the trailer! We use it for dog shows and wanted to ensure the dogs had shade all day and this means we don't have to take crates out of the trailer and move them around. It wraps down the side and fully across the back of the trailer giving them shade all day long!! We purchased a couple of extra side panels so that in the rain we could extend over our side door or down the back door of the trailer.

This is by far tied for the BEST INVESTMENT we have made into the trailer (solar panels)! Easy open for just my wife to use when she travels alone. And we get a ton of compliments on it too! The cost was super affordable considering the price of a regular roll out awning was the same so this was a much better deal! Shipping and contacting the company was a breeze!!

by: WayneS09/10/2019

Much improved over the previous Foxwing. It’s stable in strong winds if guyed out properly, love the integrated poles and guy and stake stowage
Recommend the tapered extensions with this, creates great wind/ rain barrier and additional privacy and covered living space.
Disappointed in the bag design. It leaks while stowed allowing the awning fabric to stay wet and mildew.

by: Alex D.05/14/2019

This review is directed more toward doing business with etrailer rather than reviewing the product itself. Although I'm sure the awning will not disappoint after reading too many positive reviews. I'm an active duty Coast Guard member serving in Southeast Alaska in a remote island where shipping is a nightmare more often than not. I contacted RhinoRack directly for this awning and asked about shipping. RhinoRack responded with saying shipping to Southeast Alaska would be $600!!! It was a pleasure doing business with etrailer. They were able to save me lots of money, and kept me informed on my purchase and shipping information. The item arrived on time and in great condition. Thank you for your help and support etrailer!

by: Art 09/11/2022

Awesome product! My wife and I love it!

by: Mickey09/01/2018

I live in a semi arid region of Southern California, so shade is pretty crucial for me. Since I intend to do solo trips in my Honda Element, I shopped around for an awning that looked easy to deploy solo, and the Batwing was it. It’s not installed yet, since etrailer’s shipping was so fast, it actually got here before all the parts for my roof rack were delivered!

by: Dennis03/02/2021

The Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning is amazing. It is easy to set up and will provide lots of shade at those hot camping sites. We were going to take it back east when our country got shut down. Hope to take it out this summer.

by: Adam S07/20/2020

Absolutely the best addition to my NuCamp Tag Boondock travel trailer. I got the idea from Josh St John. I highly recommend this is a requirement for your Tag. The cost of the awning is far outweighed by the benefit.

by: Kristopher02/21/2019

Fast delivery! Great product and very easy to use website! I will be an etrailer return customer!

by: Brian 11/05/2022

by: Lisa08/17/2021

by: Andrea 08/25/2021

by: Michael 10/02/2021

by: James06/14/2020

Review from a similar Batwing in Car Awning

The compact Batwing was just the right size for our camping trailer. The awning was easy to install and easy to set up. Very anxious to enjoy it this summer. I would definitely recommend for those seeking shade in a clever product.????

by: Dan07/14/2018

Review from a similar Batwing in Car Awning

Installed this Batwing on my Intech Micro Toy Hauler - Only thing I had to do was buy some 2" bolts so that I could bolt her to the rack. Easy to install and super easy to set up. In a few years I can tell you how well it holds up. From the looks of it my guess would be that it will hold up pretty well.

by: Kevin 02/12/2023

Review from a similar Batwing in Car Awning

Great product, customer service is the best!

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