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Reese Steadi-Flex Weight Distribution System w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 10K GTW, 1K TW

Code: RP66559

213 reviews

Our Price: $783.04


Product Specs:

Weight Distribution Hitch

WD With Sway Control

Prevents Sway

600 lbs
700 lbs
800 lbs
900 lbs

Allows Backing Up

Fits 2 Inch Hitch


Includes Shank

Electric Brake Compatible
Surge Brake Compatible


Friction in brackets and in head works to prevent and correct trailer sway. Chainless brackets with automotive-style friction pads hold spring bars firmly in place to help keep trailer in line with your tow vehicle. Adjustable shank included.

Video of Reese Steadi-Flex Weight Distribution System w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 10K GTW, 1K TW

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Reese Steadi-Flex Weight Distribution System w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 10K GTW, 1K TW - RP66559

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (213 Customer Reviews)

Friction in brackets and in head works to prevent and correct trailer sway. Chainless brackets with automotive-style friction pads hold spring bars firmly in place to help keep trailer in line with your tow vehicle. Adjustable shank included.

by: Bruce 12/23/2021

A friend who has towed 9000lbs+ boats, recommended you, and thankfully, I took his advice. The person who answered my call last year was very knowledgeable and gave ne excellent advice for my towing problem(front end sway) and advised me to purchase a proper sway and load hitch, which I did and installed(even made a roll-around" to store the heavy items when not in use).
Thank you for excellent service, bruce

This has been a savior for my previous front end sway, and stores nicely after I made a compact roll-around for it.
Bruce - 12/24/2022

by: Matthew 11/18/2022

I have driven across the country 4 times with this system and it has worked like a dream. Set up takes a little while and adjustments as you drive and stop to make these adjustments, but when your done it works flawlessly! It took me four stops to make these adjustments and I have not touched it since. 20,000 miles plus and counting!!!

by: Brian L.09/07/2020

I LOVE this hitch. Truly transformed my towing experience. I had a Reese distribution hitch before with separate sway bars, but I still had a ton of sway. I read a ton of reviews and this hitch seemed to meet my requirements. I have a F150 with max tow package and I pull a 27 foot travel trailer, about 7800 pounds max capacity. I had never pulled farther than about 100 miles prior to having this hitch, due to the white knuckle swaying. Now I have pulled my camper from Indiana to Panama City Beach, Florida and from Indiana to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I have almost no sway 98% of the time. If it is still a really windy day, you might get a little, but on a normal day, no sway at all, no semis sucking me into them. Pulls straight as an arrow down the road. Reminds me of when I had a 5th wheel and how great it pulled. I would 100% buy this hitch again and highly recommend it.

One year later, still LOVE this hitch! I have put almost 4,000 miles on my camper since May 2020 and have been to Florida, Tennessee twice, etc. from Indiana. The hitch is holding up very well given the amount I use it, still love pulling with this hitch as I have almost no sway.
Brian L - 09/09/2021

by: David02/10/2023

I'm using the steadi-flex with a 8500# trailer with 1000# tongue weight using a leveled F150. The performance has been great. When I connect the trailer the entire truck lowers with the weight. The hitch gives you control over how much weight is distributed forward on your vehicle. The sway control works good in the Columbia River Gorge which is known for high winds.

There are a few of things I don't like about this hitch. It is difficult to adjust the trailer bracket at the correct angle so the bars connect with the full friction pad. The front pad is wearing more than the rear. There are many nuts and bolts that must be monitored for safety due to the adjustments on the hitch. The lever for loading the bars is difficult to use.

by: Mike V08/17/2020

I had a 10K hitch prior to this with the adjustable friction sway bar on the side of the trailer frame which did not work well no matter on tight I got it. It also made loads of screeching. I had to watch myself when passing semi trucks because of the sway. That is all but eliminated with the Reese Steadi-flex! No more white knuckles.

Update: After one year I am still happy with the performance of this hitch. The only downside is the friction pads are flaking off on the edges. I will have to replace them soon to maintain the anti sway function.
Mike V - 08/19/2021

by: Elias07/30/2021

really nice system. I use it to tow a Micro Minnie 2306BHS with a 2009 Nissan Frontier. very beefy and no issues with installation or setup. the only thing I'd say is that the bars wear into the steel where they move within the hitch carrier. I grease these points regularly, but seems like abnormal wear on the bars. Pads are holding up just fine; had to tighten them down after a year of use. overall, a good product and I'm satisfied with the shift to the Frontier's front suspension and overall sway and distribution control. Very easy to set up before our camping trips.

by: Victor08/04/2018

Purchased this Reese Stedi-Flex Weight Distribution System with Sway Control to use on our 2016 Silverado pulling our new 26' Winnebago Travel Trailer. Just returned from a 300 mile round trip and really enjoyed the way it handled as we drove both flat ;land and Arizona mountains with steep grades and curves. Really handled well. Hook up with the spring bars was a snap and feel rally safe with this system. This was the first trip with our new trailer and we were most delighted with the way that the truck and trailer worked together. Always knew Reese made good products and would happily recommend this system and etrailer. Thank you --

Working good however, I get some up & down bounce in the front of the truck. Checked with customer service and determined that I needed to change the head angle to put more weight on the front of the truck. Made that change but have not yet pulled the trailer. Will in about two weeks and then will know if I helped it or not. I feel sure that I have made the right adjustment., Thanks etrailer for your help.
Victor - 08/04/2019

by: Samuel05/02/2019

This hitch worked amazing! Not the easiest to install, but worked really well!!! Definitely leveled the truck and made the load easy to tow!

by: Joe02/15/2018

Outstanding Job to the etrailer team on communication, all the way from receiving my payment to hitting my doorstep they let me know where my order was. I was impressed with the hitch setup the way it’s designed. Now the only thing I was disappointed about was the way the Ball nut sets up into a cavity and if you don’t have a socket to get to it , you better round one up before it gets delivered. I think that information needs to be added to the description.

Joe, A 1-78” socket and torque wrench capable of manufacturers specified torque is needed for assembly. If needed, your nearest body shop or RV dealer will have tools necessary for hitch ball assembly. A fee may be applicable.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 02/16/2018

by: Reid02/10/2019

Works extremely well on a 20' enclosed trailer pulled with a 2007 GMC short bed half ton. I have never owned a trailer where one of these was needed, so this was a first experience.

Read the instructions before I picked up the trailer and did the measurements carefully before and after hook-up at the dealer. After hook-up, truck and trailer sat perfectly level. Now for a 2-hour (empty) road test.

Almost felt like the trailer wasn't back there. Normal creaking around slow, 90 degree turns in town; no noticeable sway on the highway.

At home, after unhooking, I noticed the bars were only touching the back edge of the brake pads and starting to chip the edge slightly. Loosened the frame brackets and tilted them bottom-forward as far as the bolts would allow. Didn't need much. Another test run, and the bars lay perfectly parallel to the brake pads.

Made two trips at highway/freeway speeds last summer, not quite fully loaded. Still, absolutely no unnecessary sway to speak of, even while passing or being passed by tractor trailers. Quite stable and never felt dangerous or unsafe at all. Brake pads are no longer chipping at the rear; appear to be wearing evenly as they should.

My trailer dealer was impressed with it enough he asked for the model number so he could consider stocking them himself.

by: Bill07/16/2020

This hitch is awesome. I haul a 24' enclosed aluminum trailer to tow a race car. Total loaded weight is about 7800#. I pull it with a new 2019 Ram 1500 5.7 now. Prior was with a 1500 Sierra with 6.2 motor and also a F150 3.5 EB.
I almost forget the trailer is there when I am towing. Sway is very controlled in windy conditions.
It is a little noisy when turning in a parking lot, but that is the only downside I can think of. One other may be the weight of the hitch itself. It is pretty stout and heavy.
Love this hitch... have towed well over 1000 miles with it on 3 different trucks (all 1/2 tons).

by: Michael03/25/2018

I installed this hitch while my trailer was in winter storage. The instructions were very good, and it was not difficult to install. A few weeks ago I got the trailer out of storage and was able to verify the measurements of the setup were exactly correct. I then towed my 25 foot travel trailer more than 2000 miles and could not be happier with the ease of hookup, unhooking and towing. The weight distribution was perfect and sway control was much better than with the old pro-style chain and torsion bar system I had used for about 30 years. I wanted a hitch that required less physical exertion to hookup and unhook, and I wanted better sway control. This hitch is the answer. It makes some noise at slow speeds, sometimes sounding almost like a horn or a low-pitched squeal, but I believe it is less noisy than other similar products, and it less noisy than my old system. I bought this hitch after doing considerable research, then talking with a very helpful salesperson at etrailer. When I called back with a followup question a couple of hours after I placed the order, I talked with a different salesperson who was equally as helpful. I received the hitch within days of the order. I then sent an email to etrailer with a question. Within about a day, they replied with a message from the manufacturer that answered my question. Over the years, I have purchased several items from etrailer and have always been pleased with their service. I strongly recommend this Reese Steadi-Flex hitch and etrailer.

by: Bill B08/14/2019

When I upgraded my trailer, I was told the Pro-Series #800 hitch, with a separate sway control would be fine. I apparently don't set the sway control tightness the same everytime, so I experienced various levels of sway and bouncing with that hitch. So, I did some research and I bought the Reese Steadi-Flex 1000# w 6 point sway control. It was a night and day difference. No more anxious moments and my confidence even grew when the trailer behaved in gusty cross-winds and when the big trucks would pass. I had to do some running around to complete the assembly, since I didn't have all of the right sized tools; But, so happy with the results.

by: Curt02/27/2019

I purchased the Reese Steadi-Flex WD w/ sway control system about a year ago. I towed my 6500# 31ft camper on 18 trips covering over 3200 miles. The hitch performs flawlessly, its easy to install, and easy on/off. The connection process only takes a few minutes and a few people that have helped me hitch or unhitch the camper have commented on the hitch about how easy it is to use.
The brake pad material has flaked off a bit, but I don't see this as a flaw, rather as a function of the design.
Again, the hitch is fantastic and allows the camper to tow like a dream with my 2013 F150 Super Cab.
I would recommend this hitch to anyone.

by: Robert 01/22/2023

Delivered 2 days early. Good package.

by: Richard03/10/2018

With this hitch I now feel safe towing my 6k lb, 26' travel trailer with my 1500 pickup truck. Just finished a 2200 mile trip. Also I like the fact the new hitch puts the trailer a little further behind the truck because I can open my tailgate fully when hitched. Like another fellow, I had to drill out the hole for the spring bar cover pin.

by: Mike09/02/2020

Haven't had a single issue with it . Install wasn't that tough, but you need a special thin wall deep well socket to mount the ball. You can back the trailer up with this setup somewhat but if you need to make any sharp turns in reverse than just remove the friction bars before hand. Pulling a 23 ft living quarters.......26 ft total length Sonic Venture with a 2014 Tacoma and Firestone air bags.

by: Dean 07/18/2022

Hitch arrived earlier that stated, and I was able to install it and bring my new camper home early! Great service and a great product.

by: Eric K06/04/2020

I bought this using reviews on its simple design. I have never had a trailer that needed this type of hitch. After viewing the video install guidelines I went to work and the install went flawless. I did have to go to a garage and have them torque the one nut for me since I did not have a big enough socket. I would recommend this product highly. My trailer travels well and keeps my truck level.

by: VWils08/27/2017

Package arrived on time and intact.
Installation w/o problems, good quality hardware.
Hooking up took 1/2 hour the first time, now down to about 15".
My 28ft TT pulled by a 2016 F150 ext. cab w/ 3.5l eco engine was much more stable than with my old wt distributing hitch and one friction bar sway control. Felt passing trucks and crosswinds a lot less. Can actually use the cruise control. Glad I bought it, highly recommend it.

by: Rimas09/13/2021

Chrissy at etrailer had the foresight to advise me correctly on my choice of weight distribution hitch. It was perfect for my Rubicon set-up, and now it's still perfect for my new tow vehicle and travel trailer weight increase. I've saved hundreds of dollars!

by: Billy03/22/2019

I Read the manual twice and was able to install the hitch without any problems. All the parts went together great. The hitch grip carrying tool came in handy. Im 74 years old and weigh only 150lb. so I would highly recommend
the hitch grip if you plan to buy a hitch for WD with sway correction. In the future if I need a truck or camper item I will check first to see if E-trailer has the part, if they have it that's who I wii purchase it from. E-trailer shipped my parts to me fast-had a great savings in cost and provided me with more information about the items than any other company ever did. I also give E-trailer 5 stars. I hope this review helps you decide on your items.

by: Michael 02/26/2021

I've only used this product twice as I am new to RVing. These first trips were a nerve-racking ordeal, pulling a 30 foot trailer. But in these trips I've learned to trust the Steadi-Flex to keep me running straight down the road. I think from reviews I've read Reese is a company that makes a excellent product and etrailer had the best price. Very happy with my choice in etrailer and Reese.

by: Charles03/01/2018

Easy to install. No sway. Easy hookup and disconnect . Love being able to back up without unhooking the bars. I get positive impressions from fellow campers. You need to lmprove packaging. It arrived in a jumble of torn up cardboard and parts. Fortunately all the parts were thier.

by: Bob Sac09/02/2016

Thanks for the technical help and advise on selecting the proper hitch for my application. The hitch arrived on the date you promised-thank you again. It came in what appeared to have been a box at one time (lol) completely destroyed and open. Thankfully all parts appear to be there. I am very happy with the quality of the Reese Steady Flex hitch RP66559 and look forward to many years of towing. E-Trailer is anyones BEST on line source for your equipment needs. Thanks very much- Bob Sac

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Do you have a question about this Weight Distribution Hitch?


Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control - No Shank - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW

Code: EQ37101ET

674 reviews

Our Price: $725.00


Product Specs:

Weight Distribution Hitch

WD With Sway Control

Prevents Sway

800 lbs
900 lbs

Allows Backing Up

Fits 2 Inch Hitch


Shank Not Included

Electric Brake Compatible
Surge Brake Compatible


Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Shank sold separately. 2-5/16" Hitch ball included.

Video of Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control - No Shank - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution w/ 4-Point Sway Control - No Shank - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW - EQ37101ET

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (674 Customer Reviews)

Steel-on-steel friction works to prevent and correct trailer sway in this unique weight distribution system. Sway control brackets ensure that your trailer stays in line with your tow vehicle. Shank sold separately. 2-5/16" Hitch ball included.

by: Smithsonite11/22/2022

First 400 mile tow today, 50% of that way loaded. Performed flawlessly, although I don't think I have it set up 100% yet. Finding a perfectly level spot in MA is an exercise in futility. I did the best I could with the trailer level in my shop on concrete, but the truck hanging out and nose down and to the left a bit. I think I need more tension. Rides real stiff compared to the Reese SC system I was forced to retire early due to parts being NLA (lost a torsion bar on a recent tow - don't know if it broke, or just slipped out - either way, I'm DONE with Reese!). As of right now, the bars feel like they have unequal tension, too. When unloaded, the left bar sits tight to the L-bracket, while the right bar is easily lifted by hand. Could be that my receiver is worn out - she's got some miles on her. Don't think anything is bent anywhere, but who knows. Anyway, these parts are HEAVY, strong, American metal - I have no doubt this thing will outlast that Reese system I had. Now to put in some work to try and get the ride quality back like the old system.

by: Mark T08/11/2018

Product is well made and sturdy. Installation instructions were simple and easy to follow. Took about 2 hours from start to finish to install. The problems it solved for me were the truck sagging in the rear when my car hauler is coupled. Now the truck is level along with the trailer. Also when semi's pass by the entire set up is steady. No shaking or swerving. Wish I had put this on sooner. Very pleased.

After a year of use I can say that the Equalizer has lived up to its promise. It is extremely helpful when hauling autos around in our enclosed trailer. We consider it just part of the normal hauling equipment now.
Mark T - 08/14/2019

by: Wayne 06/17/2021

This hitch works great! Just got back from my first 300 mile round trip pulling a 25' travel trailer and I had no issues at speeds above 55mph. The hitch really helps lock the trailer with the tow vehicle and helps prevent sway! Set up was pretty simple, there were great instructions provided.

by: Mark 07/19/2021

Picked up my new trailer, traveled through rush hour traffic in heavy rain and wind. Trailer didn't budge an inch, pulled with ease and confidence. Phone Staff was extremely helpful with getting the right product for my needs and it was shipped out immediately putting me on schedule. Excited to hit the road. Thanks etrailer!!

by: Kyle 08/29/2022

Great product. Working great. Would recommend product and supplier.

by: Michael B.10/15/2017

Drastically improved towing our Airstream with 2017 F250 than just on the ball.
Matched with 2 1/2 receiver 6" shank.
Easy to install, but need bigger tools than in standard toolbox.
Definitely would recommend.

by: Mike 12/15/2021

Very satisfied with this hitch. We used the hitch for a total 8000 miles last year. Once I adjusted the hitch to the truck it was a noticeable difference. Pulls that sag out of the back of the truck and leveled the truck. Feels tight in the high wind areas.

by: K. Mc08/15/2017

Had a Fastway e2 liked it and did a fair job, sure was easy to hook up. After research and RV being at 30 feet, ordered the e4 and it made a difference you can feel. etrailer is a place you can buy with confidence and you always know where your order is during transit . Perfect and I recommend the E4 and etrailer.

All I can add is it works and I want pull an every without it. Now that it is broken in it is quieter too.
K. M - 08/15/2018

by: Todd K04/30/2020

I have been highly satisfied with this hitch. we have been using this for a year now and have several trips with using this. I pull with a Ram 1500 and this hitch made night and day difference in the stability of pulling my 35 foot bumper pull camper. i would highly recommend this hitch to anyone.

by: Keith F.08/30/2017

Figured out on Saturday what type of anti-sway hitch I needed to order, receive and install by Wednesday night. Tried another site, they couldn't meet the deadline, turned to google and discovered etrailer. Called at 1 PM on Saturday and talked to Steve Z, he got the order placed, and promised to check the status and follow up with me on Sunday. Everything was delivered on Tuesday and that night the hitch was installed, a day ahead of schedule.

I don't expect to have a high need for towing / trailering, but when I do I'll be checking and calling etrailer first. On a scale of 1 to 10 their customer service is a 15.

by: Equalizer wdh10/16/2015

This is my second equalizer wdh. My new truck requires a 2 1/2 inch receiver and my old truck had a 2 inch receiver. Great reliable product. The experience with was top notch. I highly recommend the equalizer hitch and

by: Rob 06/30/2021

Great hitch. Fast and easy to use. has super fast shipping.

by: John E11/10/2017

Excellent buying experience, great web site and customer service. I have used the equalizer hitch before and am replaceing my round bar hitch which was marginally adequate for a 33ft. trailer.

by: Kennth03/15/2018

Little noisy, but very effective device. Much easier to use if you have an electric tongue jack on tour trailer

by: John h04/20/2019

Have a Suburban pulling a trailer with Mustang the product works exactly as states, very easy installation and absolute high-quality. Would recommend it with highest of recommendations and has made a significant difference in the balance of the car. Plus the staff was very helpful with some points of installation.

by: Jerry02/16/2018

Just received the hitch very heavy duty easy instructions. Bought it for to tow my 30 foot travel trailer. It should do a great job towing and controlling sway.

by: Douglas 07/02/2021

unit packaged great. Used the on-line instructions and once I found all my tools, it was relatively easy to do.

by: Guy06/22/2019

Thank you for your 10 Star customer service.
T took time and reassured me on my order was the right order for my set up. I tell you what it’s nice to know you both are giving great customer service. I will go out of my means to tell people about your excellent service!
Thank you

by: Andy 04/28/2020

Great customer service. I would definitely recommend etrailer.

by: John S. 03/10/2016

Great product. Does everything I want it to do. Etailer was great to work with and very fast delivery, 3 days ground shipping. Will use Etailer again.

by: Wayne 07/30/2021

Works well

by: William01/29/2018

Everything arrived in a timely fashion. The sales rep. (Cathy) was very helpful and easy to work with.

by: Kenny05/18/2018

Steve Z was a great help finding what I wanted
I got the product on time! Thanks Steve

by: Jim09/05/2016

Great service and price.

by: Jerry 11/13/2021

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Ask the Experts about this Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Hitch
Do you have a question about this Weight Distribution Hitch?

  • Does Ball Come Mounted on Equal-I-Zer Weight Distribution and is it Better than Reese or Husky
  • The Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution system # EQ37101ET does not come with the 2-5/16 inch ball already installed in the head. It is fairly easy to do though but you will need a thin-walled socket # EQ70-00-4800 to make it easier. We can do it here only if the system is also installed here. A shank is not included with this system. I have included a link to the compatible shanks for you. As far as what is the best weight distribution system it is really a matter of opinion. I would say...
    view full answer...