Replacement Lube Plate for Reese Titan 20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - 20,000 lbs

Code: RP58457

2 reviews


Our Price: $64.71


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Fifth Wheel

Lube Plate


Replacement lube plate fits Reese Titan 20 fifth-wheel trailer hitches.

Customer Reviews

Replacement Lube Plate for Reese Titan 20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - 20,000 lbs - RP58457

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

Replacement lube plate fits Reese Titan 20 fifth-wheel trailer hitches.

- RP58457

by: Bud S.01/19/2017

The Reese R20 Pro hitch has an attached lube plate that form-fits the hitch. I broke mine by running it into the pin box. Replacement fits perfectly. The plate was ordered online and shipping was expedited. It arrived in a couple of days. 333835

- RP58457

by: JT12/24/2016

Direct bolt on replacement - the access to the original head is a challenge (Reeses's fault not etrailer) but fit perfectly 327716


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Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

Code: 3035-P

962 reviews

Our Price: $17.05


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Brake Controller

Brake Controller Wiring Harness

Vehicle Specific

Plugs into Brake Controller


Install your electric brake controller quickly and easily with this custom wiring adapter. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your brake controller and then plug the other end into the built-in harness beneath your vehicle's dash.

Video of Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - Ford, Lincoln, Mercury - 3035-P

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (962 Customer Reviews)

Install your electric brake controller quickly and easily with this custom wiring adapter. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your brake controller and then plug the other end into the built-in harness beneath your vehicle's dash.

- 3035-P

by: Ray12/18/2014

My F150 had an OEM 4 pin trailer plug and hitch. The 118242 - 7 pin connector with wiring harness is the ticket. The hardest part of the install was dropping the spare tire. The plugs connect directly to the factory plugs and the harness length is the correct length. The 3035-P brake controller connector harness was just as easy. Plugs right in to the OEM plug next to the ECM connector and the other end into the brake controller. The PK12711U-26 - 7 pin bracket and hardware kit fastens directly the OEM bracket that is on the hitch. My truck had an OEM 4 pin trailer towing set up with the hitch. The OEM hitch had the bracket welded on it to attach the 7 pin mounting bracket to it. These kits make this install very easy and professional looking. If I have one complaint, the hardware kit to attach the 7 pin connector bracket is set up to fasten the bracket directly to the bumper with 2 - self tapping screws provided in the kit. The kit also includes 4 #12 machine screws with toothed washer nuts to attached the 7 pin connector to the bracket. This is fine if your truck hitch doesn't have an attaching bracket welded to it. The kit should included in it 6 #12 machine screws and nuts along with the 2 self tapping screws. Since my OEM hitch actually had a bracket welded to it to attach the 7 pin bracket to it, I had to use two other #12 screws and nuts to attach the 7 pin bracket to the OEM bracket on the hitch. Not a big deal, just a thought. It took me about 2 hours, start to finish to install the 7 pin connector, trailer controller, and add the two relays in the OEM relay/fuse box under the hood. I highly recommend these kits. 322340

- 3035-P

by: John G.07/02/2014


The product turned out to be excellent. At first I thought it was totally wrong for my application, but through the help from a very knowledgeable tech support group at Tekonsha I was able to correctly install this wiring harness. How difficult can it be? I asked myself that until I learned that on my 2008 Ford E-450 motorhome chassis, Ford had TWO receptacles that the wiring harness fit into. Only one of those receptacles was connected to the trailer receptacle - who knows what the other one was for. The only obvious difference was that one was gray and the other was brown. The trick was knowing where to find the brown one and the Tekonsha folks came through with the location. I can't say enough about the great folks at Tekonsha. The wiring harness is very well made and is long enough to provide flexibility in locating the brake controller. It is truly plug and play. Etrailer was terrific in ordering, shipping and I received the order quicker than I expected. Packaging was excellent. I will definitely place another order with! 138847


No issues a year later. Out of site out of mind. works great.

John G - 07/02/2015


- 3035-P

by: Stan K03/12/2017

2010 Land Rover Range Rover

I ordered the trailer brake adapter harness for my 2010 full size Range Rover. It fit great and its well made to do the swap, for others that will read this here is how. I found the brake connector in the truck was hidden behind the fat harness thats next to the inside left kick panel, just behind the hood release panel By pulling on the OBD 2 wire harness, I found it was tied to the OBD harness. Some say that the connector is on the left side of the steering column , in my truck is was on the far side of the fat harness so it was hard to see. I had to remove the left side console, I removed the screw, then pulled the bottom of the wood panel towards the left door, the 2 pins released, then the panel slides to the rear of the truck to dislodge the top pin. 5 screws secured the lower panel , remove the lamp ,unplug it, then remove the OBD 2 connector from its mount , slide the gray collar to the left kick panel then the harness pushes up out of its holder. Plug in your new adapter harness for your trailer brake controller, Assemble is the reverse of taking it apart. in the picture the new harness is connected to the gray connector 351855


This harness works as it should, a good product,

Stan K - 03/12/2018


- 3035-P

by: Dan E...03/25/2015

2003 Ford Expedition

Received my Tekonosha Prodigy P2 electric trailer brake and free connector for my 03 Ford Expedition in a very timely fashion 3-4 days after ordering. The following day I received an Email from George J.,confirming delivery, there was an installation video included for my vehicle (I was going to take the brake to my mechanic for installation). I installed the brake in minutes, thanks to the video. Saved me some bucks and time too!, What a great touch!, I would recommend to anyone with a trailer. Thanks for the great service and the video. .A happy customer... 180838


All is well with product...

Dan E - 03/24/2016


- 3035-P

by: Michael04/15/2012

2012 Ford Explorer

I order the Tekonsha Brake controller and cable for my 2012 Ford Explorer. The customer service was outstanding. No automated answering systems. I was speaking with a human being in seconds and she was extremely knowledgeable of this product and the installation. I received the product in 3 days just as promised, received a confirmation, email, and email that the product shipped with tracking information, and an email indicating the product was delivered. I’m overwhelmed by the customer service. The product just as advertised is great it hooked up in about 5 minutes the cables fit and does an excellent job with my trailer. I haul a small stock car to and from the track and this controller is extremely easy to use and have very advance capabilities. The installation was on a 2012 Ford Explorer with the tow package. The wire to connect the brake controller is under the dash right next to the hood release level. Tow screws and an odd plastic push on is all that hold the black plastic cover to gain access to the Explorers cables. Again thank you to the outstanding customer service 37244

- 3035-P

by: Michael R.10/10/2015

I am a Certified Ford and Lincoln Technician, so I am used to working with quality products, especially wiring harnesses and pigtail kits. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and attention to detail in this vehicle specific harness. It fits perfectly and seems as Robust if not more so than the OEM kits we use on new vehicle repairs. 229692


After a year everything is still working great. As I stated when I purchased these priducts, nothing but quality. The harnes works perfectly and the Tekonsha Produgy P3 brake controller is simple to use and program.

Michael R - 10/09/2016


- 3035-P

by: Joseph A12/17/2012

Ford Ranger

Installation went flawlessly, with the quick connect and the car being “prewired” from the factory I was done in 15 minutes. I have not used the controller yet but this is my second Voyager, I have the same unit installed in my Ford Ranger, and have used that one without incident. Thanks etrailer for your fast prompt service as always. 61656


after a couple of years use this controller still continues to deliver smooth consistent trailer braking, I would recommend this controller to anyone who needs a reliable controller to work the first time every time.

Joseph A - 10/11/2014


- 3035-P

by: Tom M.05/12/2015

Ford F-150

I love it.... I purchased the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller with the vehicle specific wiring harness. It took 15 Minutes to install in my F150 and it works great. Setup was even easier and the trailer (12k dump trailer) handles like a dream. Couldn't be happier and the shipment arrived on time and well packaged. 192347


Excellent, have used it almost everyday and it works like a charm. I haul a 12k dump trailer and I dont even feel it behind me when braking. I will buy another for my next truck.

Tom M - 05/12/2016


- 3035-P

by: Geoff G07/03/2013

2013 Ford Explorer

Super easy install on 2013 Explorer Sport- just plugs in! Only reason I docked it one rating is it should have come with a couple of cable clamps and screws to hold the excess cable neatly & safely under the dash. I had to buy them separately - see photo. 87271


Continues to work perfectly!

Geoff G - 07/09/2014


- 3035-P

by: Jim09/23/2014

The trailer brake arrived very quickly. It was super easy to install. I started it with a fresh cup of coffee and finished it before I finished the coffee...and it didn't get cold. I haven't put a trailer on it yet. But looking through the instructions, I believe it will be pretty easy to setup on the controls. 152609


It worked perfectly. Put a vehicle on the trailer. Made a couple of quick setting adjustments and took off on a 800 mile drive. Worked perfectly.

Jim - 09/24/2015


- 3035-P

by: Bernard B.07/11/2013

A fast installment. Plug into Ford plug, and plug to brake controller, added 2 fuses, and 2 relays under the hood, and you're ready to rock. 89056


the brake controller works great. I pull a 9000 pound carry-on 12 foot dump trailer, and the brakes work great.

Bernard B - 01/09/2015


- 3035-P

by: Steve N.07/12/2015

I purchased a Tekonsha Prodigy P2 trailer brake controller based on my satisfaction with a previous puchase for another vehicle a year ago. Your representative (Kat) was professional and a good communicator. I am a satisfied, returning customer and will purchase from etrailer in the future. Thanks for the good products and excellent service. Sincerely, Steve 211211


It works well as intended. Thank you for your excellent service and follow up.

Steve N - 07/11/2016


- 3035-P

by: jyates09/20/2013

Product was simple. As easy as it looks in the picture. Plug it into the controller, and plug it into the truck in the only open connector it will fit in and everything works. Check the vehicle owners manual (or google "power distribution box diagram" for your year make and model) and make sure you have all the relays and fuses installed. My truck did not have the relays - fortunately I was wiring up the custom fit 7 pin trailer connector at the same time which came with all the relays and fuses needed to run electric brakes. Confused? Call the 800# before you order, tell them what you want to do, then listen to what they suggest. The lady knew exactly what I was trying to do, listened to me and then made suggestions. The local guys stopped listening when I started talking and sent me what they wanted me to have. So thankful oreilly, napa and autozone forced me to shop online at etrailer! 100773

- 3035-P

by: Paul Chick08/18/2015

The right harness- couldn't find it elsewhere; prompt shipping 220091


All the products work very well. We traded trailers and made adjustments to the hitch accordingly. Perfect results! The brake controller required only slight adjustments for timing and intensity. Everything works beautifully. I recommend you to all who inquire about these products, and your services with very competitive pricing!!

Paul C - 08/23/2016


- 3035-P

by: Wayne11/14/2014

2004 Ford F-150

This is the first trailer brake controller I have ever purchased or used so I don't have any past experience for a reference. However I think I hit the jackpot with this. The installation was easy and took me no longer than 15 minutes after a quick review of the installation instructions. I have a 2004 F150 and along with the Tekonsha Brake Controller I purchased the Wiring Adapter which made the installation very easy. Took it for a test run and it works awesome. Good product. 160902

- 3035-P

by: Robert H.03/24/2015

Works great. I plugged it in flipped the switch and walla it works, great. Had really fast shipping and received in a few days. It is so worth getting the plug in type in lieu of wiring. Also, etrailers had a video that showed me clear step by step instructions. Will definitely order from them again. 180654


Still going strong. Great product durable and lasts.

Robert H - 03/23/2016


- 3035-P

by: Robert W.12/17/2014

I haven't had a chance to use my product yet but etrailer had a good price, shipped out right away, and arrived just as described. Would definitely recommend you use them for your purchases. If I ever need customer service hope its as good as sales. Thanks 165916


It has worked well for me, I have no complaints and consider it a good product.

Robert W - 12/31/2015


- 3035-P

by: Erik06/08/2016

I spoke to Jennifer directly and was well pleased with the customer service I received. She helped me to make an informed decision in regards to the trailer brake controller that I needed for my application. I expressed to Jennifer that I needed the controller delivered by a specific date, the product was delivered a day earlier. I was able to install in about 10 minutes with no problems. Jennifer also advised me to get the factory direct wiring harness which made this a literal mount the controller and plug it in. The hardest part was figuring out where I wanted to mount it. I haven't pulled a trailer with the brake controller yet so I can't review the effectiveness or quality of the product but if you are looking for a product that sales, take my advice and do business with them you won't regret it 259268

- 3035-P

by: Ted F.04/22/2015

Vehicle specific harness made installation simple & quick. Arrived quickly. Customer support was knowledgeable & ensured I was receiving the right equipment for multiple vehicles. 187370


I liked the 1st two brake controllers so much that I bought another Tekonsha P3 recently. It makes driving with a heavy trailer so much safer

Ted F - 04/26/2016


- 3035-P

by: R.J.04/06/2015

Product is constructed very well. Length was adequate and no wiring issues when connected to the brake controller. Shipped and arrived as indicated through ordering information. Makes installing a brake controller about as simple as it gets. Mount controller, plug in harness. 183554


Still working with no issues.

R.J. - 04/06/2016


- 3035-P

by: John S.04/17/2015

2015 Explorer. Ford did a good job with their wire harness to accept a good controller with no additional wiring. This a well made cable that makes hooking up a Tekonsha controller real easy 185578


Its still spring and the trailer is still covered. It worked well all last season and not expecting any problems

John S - 04/16/2016


- 3035-P

by: Doug01/14/2013

Seems excellent. I installed in minutes and removed the Husky unit the dealer had included with my kit. I am happier with this unit by far and already sold the other one on Ebay. Night and day difference in features and quality and the wiring was instant plug into my dash with zero issues. Worked the first time I turned it on and I love the buttons on the front and the display options, didn't even have to read the manual to install or operate it. No drill holes either, it used the existing ones on my dash plate. I did not need the other quick disconnect mount or nice carry pouch but nice touch. 62933

- 3035-P

by: Rick N01/01/2015

Asked questions, got prompt accurate answers. Ordered product, got prompt confirmation & delivery communication. Delivery was prompt and on time as promised. Product installed easily with ample instructions. Product works well. How good can it get? 167478


Excellent. As they say plug and play

Rick N - 01/01/2016


- 3035-P

by: Ronjon05/27/2015

I received the package from Etrailer two days before I expected it. Installation was literally a "snap",as I purchased the model specific connector from Etrailer also. installation literally took less than five minutes. Highly recommend this product 198210


great product ,easy to install

Ronjon - 05/26/2016


- 3035-P

by: Tina Robertson07/23/2017

2017 Thor

We wrote etrailer with a question regarding our new 2017 Thor motor home and how to connect a tow dolly. We were new at this and did not know where to start. They told us where to look for the pre-wired plug (which nobody else, including the dealers maintenance dept. even knew existed). We were able to find the plug right where etrailer said it would be, and they had included the other parts pictures and part numbers that we would need to put it all together. We ordered those parts from them, they came just on the day they said they would be delivered and we were able to just plug in the parts and everything worked just as they described. We were on very happy customer as we had been getting lots of conflicting answers and advise previous to this. 409713

- 3035-P

by: Eric C.01/17/2016

Just as advertised it fits my factory wire harness on my 2004 Ford Excursion 4X4 with out having to splice wires together just plug into the vehicle and into the brake controller and you are done. Super fast shipping and it was at a very reasonable price. 235651


Great !

Eric C - 01/16/2017


- 3035-P

by: Jason W.07/06/2013

Perfect fit and plenty of extra lenght. 87916


The controller has worked flawlessly for the past year. I tow several different trailers and it is easy to switch back and forth between them. Take the time to calibrate to each trailer save the settings and life is good.

Jason W - 01/04/2015


- 3035-P

by: Garry B05/04/2015

this wiring adapter with plugs makes it a snap hooking up the brake controler to your car or truck. 189944


Im very pleased with the unit. Has a lot of options with fine tuning the brakes.If I need another one Ill sure order the same unit from your company.

Garry B - 05/05/2016


- 3035-P

by: John M.07/18/2017

Nice unit with multiple pre-sets that can be used for different trailers / loads. Even has a handy no-tool mount option and carrying case so you could use the same controller on multiple vehicles if desired. I ordered controller along with custom patch cord for my factory installed hitch. Patch cord fit perfect, true plug-n-play installation. I did check the patch cord wiring vs. my factory plug to make certain they were correct since some of the patch cord wires were a different color than my factory wires. All voltages and functions were correct, no issues at all. just had to drill two 1/8" holes for the mounting bracket, that was it. 30 minutes start to finish and 1/2 of that was getting tools out and putting them away. 407646

- 3035-P

by: Richard B.10/22/2016

2011 Land Rover Range Rover

Must admit to being a bit apprehensive about installing this but in the event it went pretty smoothly. When I bought my 2011 Range Rover I specified suitable for towing and sure enough there was a socket under the panel under the steering wheel. I scrwed the controller bracket under the dash to the right of the driver and arranged it so the bracket and wiring were left in position while the actual controller is normally in its case out of the way but can be connected very quickly. In use the controller performed very well. I am towing an 18' X 6" trailer loaded with ten motorcycles. The trailer towed well and the brakes worked very smoothly with the controller doing everything I wanted. Very pleased with the purchase. 309777

- 3035-P

by: Dan N.06/05/2014

This was an absolute plug and play hook up. It required no splicing---no tape, no wire connectors. I was IMPRESSED and happy. Thanks for a job well done. 134452


Still awesome. I used it just last week and it was flawless still.

Dan N - 06/05/2015


- 3035-P

by: Mike H08/09/2016

Product was exactly as indicated. worked perfectly for my installation; quick snap and we were in business. Price very reasonable; delivered promptly as scheduled. My installation was a Tekonsha Prodigy-2 into our Damon Challenger motorhome. The motorhome was a 2009 built on a 2008 Ford F53 chassis, so this created a little trouble in identifying the correct part, but etrailer's tech support was on the ball. Tech even provided information that clearly showed where the F53's connector was located under the dash - which was exceptionally helpful since it is very hard to find. Have purchased many parts from etrailer and none have disappointed. Always the first place I look for any trailer wiring parts. 281764

- 3035-P

by: Roy S.03/27/2015

The pigtail worked perfect, the one that came with brake assembly required wire match ups and was excessively long. This was a perfect fit and solution. Thank you for taking care of the shipping problem. 181130



Roy S - 03/27/2016


- 3035-P

by: Jose R.07/16/2014

I really liked the speedy processing and duration in transit to delivery. Product is just as I hoped, correct and working. I will order again from etrailer should any of their products fit my needs. 141571


Still working.

Jose R - 07/16/2015


- 3035-P

by: Glenn06/23/2013

Took the guess work out of which wires to use with what on my harness supplied by Ford. 85656


Worked out great. Took the guess work out of wiring. Price was great. Part came quickly. Definitely would recommend.

Glenn - 06/29/2014


- 3035-P

by: Stephen11/25/2017

2007 Ford F-150

I haven't towed with the it yet. But installation on my 2007 Ford F150 was pretty simple. The plastic panel I attached it to had steel behind it. So I removed the plastic panel, mounted the bracket, then trimmed the excess length off the screws, and reinstalled the panel. The wiring harness plugged right into the truck's plug under the steering wheel. It seems like a great product, and having the specifc wiring harness for my truck made it simple to install. Sheila was very helpful too. Thanks. 454728

- 3035-P

by: Brian L05/04/2014

Plug and Play...great product! The researched paid off. Installed it today and was driving off with trailer in perfectly. 128838


Solid, read to start another year of pulling family camper!

Brian L - 05/05/2015


- 3035-P

by: Sharon M.06/13/2016

Love! I bought this adapter because I switched from Chevy truck to Ford Expedition. Plugged it into the truck and the brake controller, tied it up with a few zip ties and done. They shipped out the next after I ordered on Monday and had it by Friday. Good price and quality! 260989

- 3035-P

by: Bruce04/10/2014

I just installed the Tekonsha Primus IQ controller and used the plug adapter 3035P to hook into my wiring harness on my 2013 Itasca Sunstar 26 HE. The chassis is a Ford F53 with a V10 motor, in case some one needs any reference to hooking into their motorhome wiring. Its was installed quicker than making my coffee! 124541


Question? Where did you find the factory plug? I will be installing Primus IQ in a 2014 Windsport which is also built on a Ford F53 chassis. Thanks.

-- comment by: John L - 04/12/2014


John the plug-in on my 2013 Itasca for the adapter plug 3035P was on the left side of the steering column. It is a grey male plug with four wires very easy to see. Hopefully yours will be in the same position. Good-luck

-- comment by: Bruce - 04/14/2014


Thanks for coming back to follow up with us!

-- Patrick B - 4/14/2014

- 3035-P

by: Bruce Goosman08/18/2015

Two clicks, one end in the truck harness and the other in the back of the control. YESSSSS!!!! THANK YOU!!!! 220153


FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Controls the brakes wonderfully on my 24 camper!

bruce g - 08/17/2016


- 3035-P

by: Frank H.10/29/2012

so simple to install, plugged right into factory harness and brake controller 58317


Thanks, everything is good. I have only pulled a trailer twice but everything performed as it should

Frank H - 05/16/2014


- 3035-P

by: Pedro F.01/30/2014

Thanks for the great service. I did indeed received the controller when and as promised. Thanks to the thorough directions on your website I was able to install in about 15 minutes. While I could have bought the controller elsewhere I chose to buy from you folks because of the support documentation for my application. I haven't actually pulled my travel trailer so I haven't tested the controller yet. Should find out Saturday. Not a great picture but one is attached. 115203

- 3035-P

by: Joe A10/19/2013

So easy to install. Set up was not to bad. I like this better than the one it replaces. 104359


Still love it. I like how it works with my two trailers. No need to readjust it.

Joe A - 10/19/2014


- 3035-P

by: Thomas G11/05/2017

2000 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty

I called eTrailer to ask several questions about the Tekonsha P-3 trailer brake controller. I was interested in an optional wiring harness, which would plug into my Ford F-350 factory wiring harness. I had seen conflicting information about which harness I needed, so I called in to ask questions. My lucky day! I was connected to Sandy J, who was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was not only exceptionally cheerful, she knew exactly what I needed. Sandy J put the controller and wiring harness I needed into a package and gave me a great price. I recoomend the company and this great employee without hesitation. You can't go wrong here!!! Tom 449212

- 3035-P

by: Samuel11/06/2017

Piece of cake! I was impressed with the very well-made, easy plug in setup. No stray wires, precise fit - nothing but good. Had everything up and running in seconds. I must mention that I am not only impressed with the product but with the service. eTrailer called ME to make sure that i had ordered what I needed and that they had my info correct BEFORE they shipped anything out. I appreciate their proactivity; it's always a hassle if you order the wrong part and then have to try to deal with returning it and getting the right one, etc. Everything fit right out of the box the FIRST time. I would definitely do business with eTrailer again! 449404

- 3035-P

by: SHEM W.08/06/2015




SHEM W - 08/07/2016


- 3035-P

by: Mark C05/08/2013

These guys were awesome. They took the order online very late Thursday (think 11pm here). I was leaving very early the next Tuesday on a long trip and needed the brake controller and cable. It arrived by priority mail Monday afternoon. Awesome. On the cable and Prodigy 3 brake controller: just great. The cable was truly plug and play. It was long enough and high quality. The brake controller had plenty of control, came with great instructions and totally controlled the trailer brakes in excellent fashion. Very happy with the purchase. The truck and trailer stop in very controlled fashion, very smooth, and the boost is great. 79515

- 3035-P

by: Joe S.04/18/2015

Product as described easy to install in my 2000 F150, works great!! 186212


Works fine no issues at all., just sold the truck it was a selling point.

Joe S - 04/17/2016


- 3035-P

by: Dave S.07/07/2014

Plug and play installation. Doesn't get any better than that. Well worth the money. 139809


Still very happy with everything. No regrets.

Dave S - 07/09/2015


- 3035-P

by: Jim10/31/2015

product received but not installed. excellent delivery time 231167


Product worked well. Easy installation. Highly recommend to others.

Jim - 10/30/2016

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