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Replacement Shoulder Bolt Kit for Roadmaster Stowmaster Tow Bar

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Code: RM-910003-15

1 reviews

Our Price: $23.95


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Tow Bars



Nuts and Bolts


Customer Reviews

Replacement Shoulder Bolt Kit for Roadmaster Stowmaster Tow Bar - RM-910003-15

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)

- RM-910003-15

by: Todd J.09/11/2012

I called and spoke to John at etrailer. I described what I was looking for, and I had done my homework so I knew what the Roadmater part number was. John provided excellent customer service, and even added the new part number into etrailers part system so I could order. A couple of phone calls later, my Roadmaster parts package was on its way. It showed up on time and all ready. I have to say that I got better service through etrailer than I would have had going to the local hitch place and explaining what I needed. Top-notch job and glad to have a great first experience. Order follow up, etc. has been excellent. 54324


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Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 3 Axles - Proportional

Code: TK90160

760 reviews


Our Price: $67.92


Product Specs:

Brake Controller

Proportional Controller


90 Degrees

Automatic Leveling

Digital Display

External Box

2 - 6 Brakes


Proportional brake controller automatically levels when mounted within a 90-degree vertical range. Includes digital display, 3 boost levels, battery protection and continuous diagnostics. Easily transfer between different automobiles.

Video of Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 3 Axles - Proportional

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 3 Axles - Proportional - TK90160

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (760 Customer Reviews)

Proportional brake controller automatically levels when mounted within a 90-degree vertical range. Includes digital display, 3 boost levels, battery protection and continuous diagnostics. Easily transfer between different automobiles.

- TK90160

by: Jim H.06/11/2014

Shipping was great. Stared at it for a couple of days before unpacking. The trailer connector mounting was easy with the holes almost matching the existing holes on my 2013 Toyota Highlander. The first four wires are a snap, they are just plugged into the existing four pin connector. I routed the two wire cable towards the front using ty wraps and improvised L brackets fixed to existing chassis screws. I mounted the Circuit Breakers on the inside of the left fender making sure there was hood clearance (see photo). Then I hit a snag. There was no easy way to get the brake and 12V power wire to the brake controller inside the car. For grins, I goggled "brake controller video" for my car and came up with a video made by "eTrailer." (Thank you eTrailer) Three things from the video helped me: wire access from inside the car through the firewall, a place to mount the controller and how to locate the brake wire. After the installation I had 18" of two wire cable left over. The install took me about six hours. (I'm 71 and I took my time.) A couple days later I connected the trailer for a test ride. The brake controller worked like a dream. Things I liked: Retaining the four wire trailer plug setup next to the seven wire trailer plug. Controller display works but you don't have to look at it. The two wire cable was adequate for the job. Being an Engineer (retired) I worry about things like that. Thing I didn't like: The mounting plate for the trailer plug is a little weak. A stiffer plate would have been better suited for me. and, oh yeh, somebody else to install it. ;=) 135250

- TK90160

by: V Johnson10/02/2015

I have installed the Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller with the ETBC7 Brake Controller wiring kit on my 1990 Chevy Blazer Scottsdale. Everything that I needed was included and the installation instructions were simple. We will be trying it out for the first time in early November when we are going to rent a small travel trailer. If we like the experience we may buy a travel trailer to go with our brake controller! Before and after pictures attached. Thanks for the quick service and support. 228964


Brakes work perfectly. Our rental trailer worked out great for an 800 mile round trip and 4 nights at a Florida State Park. We bought a used 20 travel trailer in February and have taken it on two short trips and a month long vacation. We have had no problems at all and now have almost 3000 miles of towing behind us. One emergency stop was exciting, but the rig stayed perfectly straight and probably stopped shorter than the Blazer would have done without the 4 extra brakes behind it. Thanks for all of your help and support.

V J - 10/02/2016


- TK90160

by: J06/19/2013

THANKS for the Brake Controller unit from ETrailer. It arrived w/in 5 days from your MO location to my So CAL residence. Even as an Engineer/Scientist from the Delta IV rocket program and no experience with brake controllers, I was able to install this unit by myself. Your continued (live human) support and online video clips proved to be the key elements to this installation...without my symbolic pocket protector. I have attached a few images of the unit, mounted to the fuse-panel cover (3/16 attachments with locking hex nuts) in a 2006 Toyota 4Runner SR5 (with factory tow package). The placement of the unit onto the panel cover allows a new panel cover (no holes drilled) to be used when it is time to sell the vehicle. 85308


Thanks Patrick for the follow-up. The brake controller, for the camp trailer, installation went relatively easy and operation of the unit continues to be great. More importantly is your product follow-up for Customer Service...providing a r-e-a-l name vs. Customer Service dept. along with a phone number and email contact information all pretty rare in todays environment. E-Trailer continues to be my first-source for product information search.

J - 12/19/2014


- TK90160

by: Johnnie R.01/27/2017

I realy do not know where to start. 1) products and service were prompt and very curtious, but there was a major problem. 2005 tundra trailor hitch, break controller and wire harness. I first ordered and installed a trailor hitch on my truck. I needed the hitch for a tundra that had the drop down bumper with trailor ball holes drilled. Everything went as advertised. However it was necessary to use clips to pull the hitch to the frame to drill the aditional holes. 2. Here is the however. Before ordering a wire harness and controller I read the instructions on your web sight to determen if I had a tow package. I looked for the white plug behind and above and on the left side of the instrument panel to determine if I had a tow package. No white plug could be found. In all of my conversations with sells and letters to techneshions I said I had a 4 pin plug but no 7 pin plug. I had the step bumper with trailor ball mount holes but no white plug. Every one determined that with no white plug I did not have a tow package imstalled. I order a controller and the wire harness. I mounted the seven / four pin harness and the wireing from the rear of the truck to the engine compartment and mounted the fuses. The next day I removed the instrument panel lower trim and the air duct and begin to look for the wiring harness and the grommet in the left side of the firewall to rout the wireing into the cab. I looked and felt around the wire bundles and felt the white plug taped with black electric tape on the outside of the wire bundle. It was impossible to see the white plug even with the trim panel and air duct removed and black tape installed over it. After looking at other web sights I learned that if I had taken the VIN number to the parts department of the Toyota dealer I ould have learned that I had a tow package. If I had known that I had the tow package I would have ordered the upgraded brake controller with the less expensive wire harness. Johnnie Reaves 335964

- TK90160

by: David06/17/2014

Installed quickly an easily into my 2009 GMC Sierra 2500HD by wiring up to the factory harness. Be sure to watch the video to see which wires need connected at the fuse box in the engine compartment! (Easy hook-ups, just need to make sure you see which ones get hooked up and where.) And if you don't use your ash tray, these brake controllers squeeze nicely into the ash tray compartment/recess in the lower part of the dash. Makes a great place to keep most of the controller out of the way and it's easy to install (you will have to create 2x new holes in the plastic detachable controller mounting bracket but its very easy - you can see the mounting screws in the 'new' holes and the old holes go unused as shown in the photo). Only had a trailer hooked up once, but the controller functioned as designed. I think the 'Boost' function will come in handy if I use a well-loaded trailer and need some additional stopping power from the trailer. 135875

- TK90160

by: Erick S07/26/2016

IT WORKED PERFECTLY. This is my first time to purchase, install, and use a brake controller. Add to top it off, it was my first time to pull a trailer. It was on a Saturday, exactly six days before a scheduled tent-camping trip, when my wife found a good deal on a used pop up camper. The camper was equipped with electric brakes, so it was required to install a brake controller on my SUV. It was Sunday (next day) when I ordered the Tekonsha TK90160, along with the other necessary part numbers #118449, #A0500, #18136, #ETBC7. I was planning to take the parts to a shop to have it installed as soon as I received them. I was hoping I can get them on Tuesday, but UPS dropped it off to the local post office, which caused it to be delivered at 3pm on Wednesday afternoon. The shops that I went to either did not have an installer available, or were all booked for the week. I had to "take courage" and install it myself. I am so thankful that provides extensive videos of reviews, installation, and operation of the products that they sell. I made the connections as shown and hoped for the best. I picked up the camper on Thursday, and was sooo relieved that it worked perfectly. We took off on Friday and the camping trip was a success. We are looking forward to making more good memories with our camper. Thank you etrailer! 276385

- TK90160

by: Li Zhang11/09/2017

This is a great controller, recommended by my trailer manufacturer. I actually don't know too much about it, how it works, etc. But it doesn't require much knowledge to use it. Install it like instructed by etrailer it just works. You can see the number goes up as you apply more pressure on the brake pedal, and the trailer stops with no problem. It's magic. The only thing I wished they do is to supply a longer length of the thin wire to connect to the break line. For my 2013 CRV, the break line you need to tap into is on the left side of the steering column, if you want to install the break controller on the right side, the wire is a little so short; but you can make it, it's just a little tight. I want to install the break controller to the right side of the steering column because I don't want to accidentally bump into it every time I get in and out of the car. It's a great, the best product though. 450595

- TK90160

by: majusa10/17/2017

Installation was straightforward with help from the online videos. I also installed the ETBC7 universal installation kit. At first I thought etrailer had shorted some parts, but it turns out that the 18140 bracket is sold separately. Had to take back the choice words I uttered under breath. Ended up mounting the provided bracket directly to the hitch with screws which was a little more difficult. As a safety measure--and a little on the overboard side--I also used a dremel to cut a small slit in the center of the provided bracket so I could attach a hose clamp similar to the one in 18140. Space inside the cab for mounting the brake controller was tight. Nonetheless, all works fine per my test meter. Don't yet have a trailer to connect, but meter checks out fine. 443359

- TK90160

by: A happy, new farmer09/04/2013

I installed this on my 1997 Chevy K1500 pickup to pull my farm trailer, Kubota tractor, and it's implements (total of about 5500#s). I bought my truck new in 1997 with the towing package. eTrailer had a number of links related to the installation, but the most helpful was the one that identified the blue brake and orange power wires that, in my case, were preinstalled at the factory. That made the job significantly easier. What I thought would be the most challenging part of the install turned out to be simple, but only because of pure, dumb luck. Because I had installed aftermarket security and stereo systems shortly after I bought the truck, there was no way to identify/compare the pictures/discussions to identify the hot brake wire under the dash near the brake (other than that it was likely a white or gray wire). The circuit tester (purchased with my order from eTrailer) turned out to be a godsend. Unbelievably, the first white wire I tested turned out to be the hot brake wire! I was very lucky to hit the correct wire on the first try. The first time I hooked up to my trailer, the system worked flawlessly... exactly as the instructions described. And the performance is excellent. Note: I double/triple checked connections as I worked. I highly recommend doing this. Hunting down electrical connection malfunctions is not something you want to do. Overall, I'm VERY happy with my purchase and the support from eTrailer. I highly recommend this product and eTrailer. 98210

- TK90160

by: Linus01/30/2014

Pictures of the install. Approximately a 20 min job. First picture my finger is pointing to the factory plug with the etrailer supplied harness plugged in. Note the harness did not specify that the white common with the ring terminal should be connected to ground. But then again that SHOULD be obvious. I will be towing this weekend so I will rate the product then. One minor gripe is that there is always power to the unit which is a battery drain (as evidenced with the key out of the ignition and the unit stayed on) Not sure as to the impact but the controller can always be unplugged or removed. Sorry for the dirty floor mats in the photos. 115201


Just a quick note, there is an automatic shut-off on the Primus IQ. After 15 minutes or so of in activity, the controller will power down automatically. As soon as the controller detects movement, it comes back on. No battery drain, and you do not have to remember to turn the controller off or on.

-- Patrick B - 01/30/2014


what year Tundra in pics . I have a 08 and I am going to get an IQ for it . do you still like yours ? i guess a ground is needed ? I see what looks like a one white wire with harness

-- comment by: Les H - 08/09/2015


- TK90160

by: Howard H09/04/2014

Just wanted to follow up with you. I have an old 2004 tundra. I got rid of a 3 year old 3500 Chevy and got in that 04 tundra. I have had a goose neck hitch and pull a 24 ft. With a dove tail, 3 beam trailer with that tundra. I have always had e-brakes, but had a used controller which I had wires spliced into place for the controller. I pulled that trailer for 10 years with that tundra and never really felt comfortable with the e-braking system. I kept that tundra kicked in the ass for 10 years with the loads I pull and was always on caution due to my lack of confidence in the braking system of that setup. We'll, I bought your controller and factory ready quick connect wiring harnesses for my make and truck model. We'll let me tell you that I have never felt so confident pulling a trailer in my life as I do now with the flexibility and control I have on my E-braking system now. I'm still up in arms on deciding wether this is better advertisement for you and the breaking system with the quick connect wiring harness, or better advertisement for the 10 year old tundra that I have always had and continue to kick in the ass with loads that onlookers shake their heads at when they view the work that my 10 year old truck and e-breaking system handles. This new e-breaking system allows me to have the confidence that I can control the velocity of the load I'm hauling with ease. Thank you. 150117

- tk90160

by: Simon V.08/01/2017

2017 Toyota Tacoma dblcab SR5 w/v6 tow package. Pictures show location of factory connector, used a step bit to drill plastic to hide wires. 413397

- TK90160

by: Bruce Goosman08/18/2015

Have not had a chance to use this yet as we are picking up our trailer over Labor Day Weekend. HOWEVER!! Installation was a SNAP! It took me longer to find the screws I kept dropping than it did to install the cable and control!! SUPER EASY!! Installed it inside the useless hole in the lower dash to the bottom right of the steering wheel on my 1998 F150. Drilled a on inch hole in the back of the compartment and ran the wire through. Secured the metal bracket with the supplied screws and attached the control. I wish everything installed this easy!! Looks great, VERY easy to understand instructions and all the parts are there! 220152


Its now at home in a 2004 F150 and works fantastic! No adapters or relays needed. Plug and play! Controls the brakes perfectly on our 24 camper!

bruce g - 08/17/2016


- TK90160

by: alan01/18/2017

installed on a 2009 F-150 everything was as advertised. It was plug and play. My truck had the wire plug behind the dash so was easy to hook up. I installed it in the hole below the coin holder. To reach the pre-wired plug you have to remove the panel anyway. I don't like any wires showing or anything I might hit with my leg. So did not mount it on the lower dash. You have to pull the plastic box out to unplug the connector. So just cut off the back of the box off and run the connector through the hole and connect to the controller. This way you can remove the controller anytime you want. Also you can see the readout much easier then mounting it on the lower dash. See pics 333618

- TK90160

by: Steve M12/27/2016

Product was delivered on time. Installation vehicle was a 2012 Ford Expedition Limited with factory tow package and was a breeze. I purchased the pre-wired pigtail which fit the Ford connector with no problem. I used the snap-in plastic bracket, mounted on the knee panel as close as possible to the center console. I held the bracket in place using painters tape to check the mounting position before driving in the self tapping screws. Start to finish was less than 10 minutes. I pull a 29' tandem axel travel trailer which comes in around 7,000 lbs and so far, stopping has been smooth and even with no jerking. 328184


After a year of use I am very impressed with this controller. Previous controllers I have used tend to be too aggressive on applying the trailer brakes, especially in stop and go driving, but not this unit, it is very smooth. However, when needed, as in one emergency stop last year it pulled us up quickly and straight. I would certainly recommend this product.

Steve M - 12/27/2017


- TK90160

by: Bob D08/19/2017

Very easy to install, less than 10 minutes. Adjustable break settings will make pulling my trailer much safer. If it's the heavier utility tractor or lighter yard waste or furniture. 424495

- TK90160

by: L. Miller06/17/2015

The controller is super easy to install. I have the plastic bracket mounted low at the bottom dash board of my Nissan Frontier to get the proper angle for operation. When needed I just plug in the end from the wire harness and pop the controller into the bracket with a click. The instructions for operating and adjusting the controller are straight forward. Read them a couple of times or have them with you before you start towing for real. The "boost" feature is a great way to fine tune the controller and you can adjust it "on the fly". A great product all around. 204020


My controller still works great though Ive not used it lately. I still highly recommend this brand and model.

L. M - 06/16/2016


- TK90160

by: Chris Curtis05/30/2015

I bought the above brake controller, the ETBC7 brake controller wiring kit, and the Tekonsha plug in wiring adapter for my non trailer equipped 2006 Ford e150 passenger van. I already had the 4 wire plug installed in the van, but not done very well. I started redoing the 4 wire circuit to hide the wiring better, and then mounted the back plug and cleaned up all the wiring in about 45 minutes. I took another 1/2 hour to pull the wire forward to the battery area, and lock it down. It then took about 45 minutes to mount the brake controller inside. Buying the adapter cable saved me a good 1/2 hour or better. The entire thing done in about 2 hours and likely better than a shop could have done. My advice is watch the videos, they had one for a van very close to mine and it made the installation steps very clear to conceptualize. P.S. I'm an Amazon prime member. The brake controller was the exact same price as on Amazon. Amazon however did not have a well equipped wiring kit, nor did they have the harness adapter. I definitely would not have saved money buying on Amazon and I would have lost time due to not having the harness adapter. 198858

- TK90160

by: Tater05/13/2014

The Tekonsha Primus IQ controller is a well made compact unit that is perfect for my FJ. The ETBT7 wiring kit has all you need to go from 4 to 7 pin connectors. I was worried about how to remount the 4 pin, but the new 7 pin has a 4 built in it. It is a very clean install. The kit had everything needed to install, including a test light. The Tekonshcontroller and the wiring kit are high quality and have complete easy instructions, and had everything needed for the install. Etrailer didn't have the ETBT7 in stock when I ordered and I paid for expedited shipping. They followed up with emails and calls to inform me what was happening, and offered to refund the shipping fee. I told them just expedite it when it came in and they did, got to me in two days. I recommend trailer highly, they kept me informed, were prompt, friendly, and concerned, and paid attention to detail. If only other companies followed their example... Excellent prices, Great product line, great company, great staff. I will use them for all my trailer needs. I Recommend them highly. 130304

- TK90160

by: Mike R04/02/2013

I had one of these before and it worked well. Etrailer had a great price on it and when I needed to put one on a different vehicle I bought from them. I couldn't be happier. 73894


I sold the vehicle but kept the controller and my new truck has the factory brake set up. I need to get the wiring harness for it as I left it in the vehicle. Ill get around to it one of these days and probably end up selling the controller. Its a good unit and worked like a champ. Which reminds me, I was going to buy some LEDs for the trailer. On the list for this winter I guess.

Mike R - 10/02/2014


- TK90160

by: Cliff T10/19/2017

Not the simplest thing to install on a mini van (2012 Honda Odyssey Touring) but that's not Tekonsha fault and the etrailer guys have done a great job at explaining what to do. Had I not already had tons of wire and stuff laying around the shop, I would of bought the wiring kit they sell (ETBC7). You can not buy all the stuff that comes with it for cheaper elsewhere! Once all the wiring was installed, hooking the brake controller up was real easy. The instructions are real clear on how to set up the controller too. It's literally just seeing it to a number, driving, and pushing the controllers manual operation slider. It really couldn't be simpler. I chose this controller because it had a low profile mounting option. I knew keeping it out of sight of the wife was my number 1 priority. I was able to mount it right below the steering wheel so I could easily reach it and thanks to it but having to hang on a metal bracket, it's low enough of a profile that are didn't realize it was the until I told her. 444076

- TK90160

by: Sean08/05/2017

Had it for about a year now. Plug and play on my Ram 1500 with the adapter harness sold separately. All wires were long enough and I actually had to tie wrap them up to shorten them. Thats a good problem in my book when it comes to wires on vehicles. Installed it in the length of time it took to screw in 2 screws and plug the harness into the existing plug. I use it mainly to tow a 6000lb dual axle travel trailer. It did take some getting used to the Proportional control as it replaced a cheaper timed one. But once I got used to it I don't even notice its there. Brakes are proportional and stopping distance is about the same as without the trailer and dependent on how hard I hit them. Drove 1800 miles in the Appalachians last month with some incredibly steep inclines. Never failed and performed excellent. It is adjustable and I did have to dial it in, but once done I haven't touched it. Great product, dependable and you get good performance for the price. I'd buy it again. 415554

- TK90160

by: Arnie C.10/10/2015

This is a good product that etrailer sells at a fair price and ships to the buyer promptly. Plus, it seems they are the only vendor smart enough to automatically bundle the controller and the appropriate connection harness for various vehicles, which makes installation a snap. 229696


This unit has been used frequently since it was installed a year ago and it has been easy to set and reliable in operating under all conditions and grades.

Arnie C - 10/09/2016


- TK90160

by: Stanley L.05/01/2013

I purchased the Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller and the wiring kit for my Toyota 4Runner. It was simple installation and the customer service was EXCELLENT! They sent me extra schematics I needed by email and was very supportive! I will definately do business with them in the future. 78575


Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Brake Controller has worked great! Very satisfied with it and purchasing it from this company.

Stanley L - 05/05/2014


- TK90160

by: Gary G.07/24/2017

Hook up was easy on my 2017 Ram 2500. Decided to place the controller in this ash tray setup. Placement on the kick panel was not easy to get too. So this location seems to work. etrailer filled my order quick and I like how they keep you informed of your order's status. I have since ordered again from etrailer. 409857

- TK90160

by: Pam G.06/12/2013

I chose this device based on my trailer repairman's brand recommendation. He usually has them in stock but was out. I got mine before his order came in. He also did not have a wiring harness for my vehicle so I ordered that, too. This is the first time I've ordered anything significant that I knew virtually nothing about. From the descriptions and pictures on the etrailer site it was easy to look up what I needed. I also read on the site about time control vs proportional and then knew the proportional would be good for me. I have a new camping trailer that has electric brakes; need the controller to operate the trailer brakes. The product quality of the brake controller appears very good. The wiring kit is quite substantial. My mechanic will wire up for me this week end and I'll have his opinion then. I am very satisfied with the speed of the delivery and the quality of the products. thank you 84360

- TK90160

by: Greg D08/09/2013

Super easy installation. Clear, thorough instructions. Everything you need to install included. Digital display codes are a little quirky so you'll need to keep the quick start manual handy until you get used to them. 94094


We still like the brake controller. I was able to install it in about 5 minutes working in the rain at twilight. Its easy to set and adjust. Would buy another if needed.

Greg D - 03/03/2015


- TK90160

by: Sam S.10/09/2013

Like other reviewers the biggest challenge was getting the cover plate removed (and replaced) to access the factory connection. The connection was at the very top of the wiring bundle and I was able to cut about 1/2" of the tape holding the bundle together very near the connection to gain access without removing or cutting all of the tape. The ground terminal was easily accessed and the installation was quick and mostly painless. The instructions to set the braking level was spot on. I have a Sequoia with a knee airbag and tire pressure monitoring. I place the controller with the open back of the bracket allowing access to reset the tire pressure monitoring switch. 103222

- TK90160

by: Phil S04/20/2017

Used the Primus for a 2006 Cayenne Porsche. Had it installed by a Porsche dealer in Denver. There were some issues about a relay that needed to be installed. The relay issue was resolved by a second Porsche dealership in south Denver that discovered why my magnetic trailer brakes were pulsing and destroyed. Now Primus and etrailer know about this relay in the installation of the TK901160. Make sure you ask and install this relay or you will have issues with the trailer brake controller and your trailer brakes. The Denver Porsche dealership made good on it's mistake and the south Denver Porsche dealer corrected at no charge. Works very well now and I am happy with both Porsche dealerships. I believe a bulletin was sent out by Primus to all Porsche dealerships about this issue. Very good product from Primus and recommended by the Colorado Porsche dealerships. 370169

- TK90160

by: Hal J.05/02/2017

Just bought the Tekonsha Primus IQ and installed it. Haven't used it yet, as I pick up my first travel trailer next week. Product is solid, packaged with ample, clear instructions, wiring and mounting hardware. Lower dash on my Honda Ridgeline slopes steeply so I fashioned an L-bracket from 14 ga. steel bar and secured to side of center stack (see photo). Nice and level. Wiring to my harness was a bear, just because of where my connector was buried; needed the YouTube videos. Price was much lower from etrailer than any RV dealer around here. Arrived in less than a week. Think I made a smart choice. If it works as advertised it will get a fifth star. 376393

- TK90160

by: Lowell12/01/2017

I got the brake controller and installation went pretty good on my 2008 GMC Sierra except for one thing. I watched the etrailer video on-line It mentions there are two wires under the hood that get connected to the posts on the fuse box. I could only find one (one between fuse box and engine), I couldn't find the one near the fender/sidewall. I called etrailer for help and the person did have any advice. I went online and found the answer in an auto forum - the other wire was under the fuse box. You have to remove the 3 bolts on the fuse box and pull it to get the wire which is wrapped around a wire bundle under there. Please add this information into your knowledge database so you can tell future callers where to find the wire. Also the 2 nuts needed for those wires on the fuse box: one is 6mm and other is 8mm (1.25 thread). 456374

- TK90160

by: Bob P.05/23/2015

Installation was easy on my 2003 GMC Envoy that had the factory installed towing package. Setup for the trailer breaking force was also straight forward. Product works as intended. 195071


After this winters trip from Columbus, Ohio to Ft Meyers, FL and back, on curvy mountain roads, etc., we are very happy with the products performance.

Bob P - 05/26/2016


- TK90160

by: Rick B.08/12/2015

No problems with installation as cable fit existing connection perfectly. Not being that familiar with controllers it took a few times and some use of it to get the hang of it. Would recommend to anyone. 218751


Made about 6 trips so far and the controller works as expected. Easy to adjust for different situations and monitor.

Rick B - 08/13/2016


- TK90160

by: Paul S01/30/2017

I have several small complaints about the controller but the point I most want to make and thus the 4 star rating is that it works really well and instructions are top notch. My minor peeves involve the mount because I need to the controller off when I am not towing to have access because my Forester has almost no where to mount that is not in the way of something or the other. So when I am trying to lodge it back in place it is hard to attach the wire plug on the back and then get it to snap into the plastic mount. More often than not, I end up touching the settings knob and then have to reset. I now have that number memorized, but it should just not be that hard. Also for my vehicle the, I believe white wire was 3' short but I seem to recall that everything else that was needed was included. 336951

- TK90160

by: Bruce01/14/2018

I'm rating your product 5 stars. I appreciate the great service and continual follow-up contact. I did run into one problem when routing the cable thru my 2000 Dakota. I was 4 ft short of having enough cable to complete the install, and I expected that. I know that the amount of cable needed will vary based on the installer. I'm an retired aircraft maintainer with 42 yrs of experience, so that should tell you that I didn't short cut the routing of the cable. So, to correct the problem I purchase more wire to complete the job. Haven't had a chance to check out the system with towing, but all the lights work. Just a footnote, there's some redundancy in the tec writing in the last part of the instructions, which made it hard to understand. Overall I'm pleased with your product. Thanks! -bruce- 467151

- TK90160

by: Michael G09/06/2016

I completed the installation of the ETBC7 Brake Controller Wiring Kit and the Tekoncha Primus Trailer Brake Controller this past Saturday. The installation took about 2.5 hours, and I did not encounter any difficulties. Here, I am reviewing the Primus Controller. I did not install the controller in the recommended location, mainly because it would present a knee banging obstruction. The included instructions were clear and concise. I did not give it a "5 Star" rating, only because the pigtail provided was too short to allow me location options without extending the brake light lead to make the connection. The ETBC7 Wiring Kit gets a "5 Star" rating for product. Etrailer gets 5 Star Plus for service and for the video detailing the installation process. Etrailer has by business for good. 291825

- TK90160

by: Andy H.04/05/2015

Controller and wirering harness arrived in one night. Installed easy and clean in an hour and worked properly ever since. True plug and play with my 2013 E-350 xlt van. The OEM tow package connector is on the back of the coin cup in the dash. Great thing is that the Primus IQ fits perfect in the holder after you open up the back of the coin holder a bit for the connector. 183256

- TK90160

by: Jeff H09/21/2017

This controller does exactly what you'd expect it to do, and there's not really any configuration beyond the initial "burn in" to set the optimum brake power to the trailer. On my 2012 Pilot, we mounted it in the bin right below the radio to keep it out of the way of my legs and make it a little more accessible. Taking the center dash apart was the largest challenge and it had nothing to do with the product. Towed my new 2018 T@B CS home from the dealer and it worked as expected - and the less you think about your trailer the better the towing experience is. 434860

- TK90160

by: Al Rey12/11/2014

I received this brake controller and the cable designed for connection to my 1995 F150 truck within the time I was told. I hooked them up and I was ready to tow my trailer. It seems to work well, but I will not know until I take the RV trailer out for a run, soon. Thanks for the great service. Also, This was the second brake controller I tried. The first was a Curt brake controller and failed to work properly, so Katie of etrailer helped me pick out another brake controller (this Tekonsha Primus model). Installing the wiring and 7-pin connector was another story. Careful placing your order, if you make an error you will be responsible for return shipping. better to call in your order and verify that the parts you are ordering are correct for your vehicle. 164341

- TK90160

by: craigjjr09/28/2015

Outstanding, from start to finish. This was a super simple and easy installation process. I started by watching the e trailer video to see what the installation would be like in my vehicle. They give detailed instruction which allowed me to inspect my vehicle before purchase to see if this will fit "as advertised". I bought the brake controller and special pigtail for my truck and all I needed was to drill 2 holes in the bumper for the receptacle (trailer plug), plug in the trailer connector, install bracket under dash and plug in the pigtail and the project was complete. Very easy. Instructions for the setup to trailer are simple and clear and very easy to complete. I am completely satisfied and highly recommend this product and e trailer to everyone. 228080

- TK90160

by: Jon C.12/12/2017

this an installation review,, we haven't hooked it up and pulled a trailer yet, i mounted it with the adjustable metal bracket,, this allows me options for direction of the unit as to tilting up and down,, the snap on plastic mount only has the angle of attachment option,, the hardest part was screwing the unit into the bracket because of the short screws included,, my arthritic fingers and trying to get myself between the front seats and dash to put screws in was a chore but i didn't let it win :).. seems like a high quality/well built unit.. we are looking forward to many years of use,, chris w. was a real pleasure to work with,, etrailer is still the premier customer service organization,, everyone that works here is the best,,, thank-you 459517

- TK90160

by: Jimmy C04/22/2017

If ever there was a doubt in your mind about ordering from etrailer, erase that doubt because this is the best company around to take care of all your trailer needs. It is also helpful that they have best sales representatives to make sure your needs are met with the right parts. After this last transaction, my go to saleslady is Pat C. She took my order on Wednesday late afternoon, followed up with an email an hour later stating that my order was going to ship that evening. Well, Friday by noon, it was delivered. This part, along with the other parts in my order, were installed in just a matter of minutes and now my trailer can be pulled legally on any road. Thank you etrailer & Pat C. You've both made me a customer for life. 370968

- TK90160

by: Alan B01/08/2014

Purchased the Tekonsa Primus IQ controller with wiring adapter for my Dodge Ram. Shipment arrived quickly and was exactly what I needed. Installation was a piece of cake. Cut an opening in the plastic stock dash location. Plugged the adapter into the Dodge plug under the dash and into the Primus. Worked perfectly. No fuss. Installed in about 10 minutes which included the time to cut the opening.. Picture will be poster... I was so happy with the service from etrailers that I ordered the Blue Ox Swaypro hitch. Thanks! 112238

- TK90160

by: Umbra24203/30/2017

Owning a few landscaping and irrigation companies in the past, I've always had guys that knew what they were doing when it came to this stuff. However, not this time. I looked up the parts and decided to call so that I'd be certain to get the right setup for what I needed. Out of the package I had no problems following the clear and concise instructions to completion. Plugged in my trailer, checked the lights...good. Camper battery and D.C. fridge operation while plugged in to harness...good. Went for a drive to test breaks with some minor adjustments as the instructions eluded to being necessary...all good. Very satisfied and would order again in a heart beat. Thank you for your excellent products and respective instructions. 360676

- TK90160

by: Anton07/30/2015

Finally got to try this unit and it works awesome with my 21 foot camper. It only took 30 minutes to install and plug in, in my '06 avalanch. 215577


Still a happy camper. Works the way I want it. Nice and smooth! Highly recommended.

Anton - 07/30/2016


- TK90160

by: Matt L.09/22/2014

Quick, plug and play installation on my 2014 Nissan Frontier. This is the second Tekonsha brake controller I have owned- the quality continues. 152374


All working well. 100 of miles of towing and no problems. Thanks for checking in

Matt L - 09/28/2015


- TK90160

by: Ray B of Colo.11/18/2013

I purchased a Primus IQ from our local NAPA dealer and had already installed it in one of our Dodge trucks before I learned about Etrailer. Needless to say it cost a bit more than the one I ordered from Etrailer a couple weeks later. you cant return electrical products once installed. I received the one from Etrailer in a very timely manner. I was hoping it wasn't a #2 for it being so much cheaper, but it is just fine and installation was no problem because I already had Tenkonsha Voygers so just chop the wire and install new control unit. We have two trucks and pull various trailers, so am real happy with product and will further order trailer items from ETRAILER.COM. Thank you, just Ray 107693

- TK90160

by: Tim07/31/2015

This brake controler works very well.installation was very easy in my 2015 ram 3500.10 min and I was setup and ready to roll 215890


still working problems at preforms well pulling my 36ft camper

timothy b - 07/30/2016


- TK90160

by: Paul06/29/2014

This is very easy to install and adjust and the service at e-trailer is great Christy was a great help and shipping was fast 138221


It is still working fine would purchase another one

Paul - 07/05/2015


- TK90160

by: George K.06/06/2016

I installed the unit in a 2016 Toyota Highlander LXE. That year has no plug and play wires making a complete wire job a pain. The 7 pt. connector installed perfectly and the supplied wires were sufficient. I had heard getting through the fire wall to the engine/battery area could be done by removing a portion of the plastic liner in the drivers side wheel well to follow the hood release cable. That proved much to difficult so I got through via a computer wires grommet. (upper left). The controller is small and compact with an excellent plastic snap in bracket. It installed at the right knee area in a very limited available area. I expect good test results. 258141

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