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RockyMounts MonoRail Bike Rack for 3 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Code: RKY10004-10005

236 reviews

Our Price: $699.90


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Tilt-Away Rack
Fold-Up Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

3 Bikes


This lightweight, 3-bike rack is perfect for carrying e-bikes, fat bikes, or bikes with a carbon frame or custom paint job. Front bike position can be easily removed if you only need to carry 2 bikes.

Video of RockyMounts MonoRail Bike Rack for 3 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

RockyMounts MonoRail Bike Rack for 3 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - RKY10004-10005

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (236 Customer Reviews)

This lightweight, 3-bike rack is perfect for carrying e-bikes, fat bikes, or bikes with a carbon frame or custom paint job. Front bike position can be easily removed if you only need to carry 2 bikes.

by: Isaac09/14/2021

Poor quality. It doesn't securely lock the screw bolt.
The nut which is attached in front tire guard is spinning with a screw bolt and it grinds it's hexagon shape hole.

This defect is covered under warranty. Please contact the manufacturer at 1-303-402-0190.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 09/24/2021

by: Chris06/16/2020

This is a really well-made rack that much sturdier than my last hitch-mounted rack. My only concern, before purchasing, was whether or not the 3rd bike, because of its distance from the hitch, might put too much of a load on my suspension, but my 2020 Outback only squatted a 1/2" or less with all 3 bikes loaded. (Note: the bikes are roughly 30 pounds each. See pics.) I only wish that RockyMounts would have included better locks. I know that locks only keep casual thieves from stealing, but these are really, really cheap. This likely isn't as problematic for the hitch pin (which is hard to see/get to) as it certainly is for the locking cable pin--which is much more visible. Still, this one shortcoming aside, I'm very, very pleased with this purchase. Plus, and I know this might not be the best reason to buy the rack, but it looks really nice in the folded-up position. Finally, I really appreciated the wonderful videos and email answers provided by, which helped me understand the numerous racks and pick the one that best fits my needs.

by: Max03/28/2022

This is very solid, no rattling. It's very easy to mount the bikes too. With a bike only in the second rack the tailgate on our X1 opens.

by: John 09/26/2022

This bike rack is the easiest to load and unload bikes that I have ever used. I highly recommend!

by: Carrie 01/30/2022

So far so good! I haven't loaded bikes yet but it is put together and on the car! I won't be storing it on my car because my backup camera beeps nonstop with it attached to the car.

by: Robin in Colorado04/06/2018

RockyMount makes a quality, full-featured bike rack at a very reasonable price.

Rack accommodates any size tire, carries 3 bikes (extender for third bike included, as shown), bikes lock down tight and don't move much on dirt roads, rack tilts up easily when not in use, and down when loaded in order to access trunk, comes with a detached cable that can be locked to the frame, and a keyed security nut that locks the rack to the hitch receiver.

I am very happy with this bike rack. It pairs very well with my Curt Trailer hitch and my 2016 Hyundai Tucson.

Great package from, and they were one of the more outstanding online retailers I've ever dealt with. They have my business now.

Second mountain biking season and this rack is great. Figure Ill still be hauling our bikes on it in another 10 years. It will probably last longer than several cars! Thanks for your great service and really tight operation. My review and recommendations stand, 100.
Robin i - 04/12/2019

by: Harley05/24/2019

Really like this bile rack, it is easy to put on the hitch, hold the bikes secure and like the handle to raise the hitch up. Hitch had a cracked brace but call Rocky Mount and sent a replacement part.

After a year still love this bike rack it is easy to install and like the way it hold the bikes
Harley - 05/25/2020

by: James M03/30/2020

Awesome rack! No complaints whatsoever. I would have liked the rack to have integrated cable locks like the more expensive racks but I'm cheap and could not see spending more money for that feature. The cable lock that comes with this unit is very good for it's intended purpose. I transport two road bikes and two kids bikes with this rack. I worried alittle about the exhaust heat melting my carbon wheels but it has not been an issue as it seems the exhaust is not even close enough to do that. I have a Hyundai Palisade and a Chevy Silverado I use with this rack. Bikes are very secure and very little movement while secured in the rack. It might be a little heavy for some users but I'm 5' 8" and fairly strong for a 52 yr old. Rack was very easy to put together and I bought the 2 bike additional rack. I have a lot of confidence in this rack and am the type who is very conscious about whether a rack would compromise the condition and aesthetic of my bike or not. So, to sum it up I wanted a solid rack to transport my carbon fiber road bikes and my kids' bikes to various organized rides. I didn't want to give up my left arm to get it and I wanted to be easy to work with. This rack did all that and more.

by: Jeffrey05/13/2020

This is the second hitch I have bought from Etrailer. Great prices, great products and free shipping! I received my 2" Draw-tite hitch for my 2020 VW Tiguan SEL R-line. The hitch fit perfectly with no real installation problems. If you have a Tiguan you may need to shave some of the undercoating near the bolts to make installation easier. I also only cut a 3" x 3" square for the hitch to fit through on the rear bottom valance. It's not necessary to cut a 3" x 6" rectangle. The 3" x 3" square makes a much better appearance. There are two plastic screws you can take out which will let you pull the valance down so the hitch can fit through.

I also purchased the 2" Rockymounts Monorail 3 bike hitch rack. Some assembly but took about 20 minutes. This is really a great hitch rack! Very well made and they supply all the locks etc. I like it much better than the older version of the Kuat Sherpa 1 1/4" hitch rack that I had.

If you need a hitch or a bike rack look no further than Etrailer!

by: Craig04/05/2018

Quick and easy installation. Good quality material....

by: Mike05/21/2018

I have only had this product for a few weeks, but have used it about 4 or 5 times. So far it has worked really well. It feels sturdy and the bikes are very easy to get on and off.

by: Todd07/23/2019

Very solid rack. I like it better than Yakima, Thule and Kuat. It works great and was super easy to install.

by: MnMarcus10/18/2021

Everything seems good except price is high like every other rack, but paint seems soft. We'll see if it rusts.

by: Robert 01/07/2022

by: John 09/19/2021

by: Kenneth 10/03/2021

by: Mark-Indianapolis05/09/2021

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

This thing is rock solid. Once I figured out the directions and put it on my 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee is was so impressed with how stable it was. With two hybrid bikes on the platform rack it didn't even wiggle in the slightest! The only negative comment I can make was in lack of information in the directions. I had the platforms backwards and didn't know it until I tried to fold the rack completely up. I reviewed the directions again and no mention or illustration is available. However the fix wasn't that hard and it now functions exactly like the videos. Customer service from etrailer was remarkable though both times I called I thought the wait time was a little long. I would recommend this product and this retailer to anyone. Great service, great product!

Have had this product for a year now and I stand by my earlier review. By far one of the best if not the best bike rack on the market. We drove from Indianapolis to Upstate New York last fall and the rack performed great. Would recommend this product to anyone.
Mark-Indianapolis - 05/10/2022

by: Allen05/18/2021

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

It was very easy to assemble the MonoRail 2. All of the parts were in the box and nothing was damaged. I would recommend etrailer to purchase from as they were the only ones to have this bike rack. Also I would recommend the MonoRail as well.

I really like the Rockymounts Monorail 2 but I also have a slight problem with it as well. But the problem that I have is going to go will all hitch type racks. The problem that I have is with the backup sensors so I bought the 53201 Curt Auxiliary LED Indicator Lights and some magnets top attach it to the rack. If I were to say anything is that I think all bike racks should come with something to plug to prevent the sensors from going off. there then that the rack is gray and I have had no problems with it at all. This is a great rack for the money.
Allen - 05/19/2022

by: Al04/21/2021

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

Very well made. Much easier to load bikes than the hanging rack we used before.

After using our bike rack all last summer and fall have not had any issues with it. Very satisfied. Ease of use, keeps our bikes very stable and especially like can it down with bikes loaded and still access the truck bed. Would definitely recommend. Would buy again.
Al - 04/22/2022

by: David04/19/2022

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

The rack came damaged and could not be assemble without first repairing the damage. The mounting bracket for one of the cross arms was bent (see photo) which prevented the cross arm from being installed. The bend had to be hammer out straight before the cross arm could be installed, which also cause the area of repair to need repainting.

Otherwise, the rack appears to be functional and well built.

The website specs for the rack list its weight as 38 pounds, but the actual weight is 45 pounds.

by: George05/01/2022

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

At age 75, I have purchased many bike racks over the years…..this one has no equal in loading and unloading…

by: Rob12/24/2021

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

I ordered it for my girlfriend and she HAD to use it the 2nd day because she was so excited. It wasn't hard to build, there were only 3 main pieces but 5 total and the tools come with the kit. Her first test go went great, she was extremely happy with it and that she could finally get into the trunk of her SUV with the bikes still on the bike. Only concern is the locking mechanisms, they are cheap so I'll find a better way to lock the rack and bikes to the vehicle. Otherwise, as always,thanks for the great service etrailer. I would purchase again if needed!

by: Leslie 09/03/2022

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

We have been using the rockymounts bike rack for a year now for our two ebikes and it was a good choice for us. It’s easy to put on and take off the various vehicles we use, comes with locking accessories. For me it’s easier to load the bikes when the rack is tilted down (I’m 70 and not that tall and those e-bikes are heavy!) then I just push them to the correct level position to drive. I highly recommend this rack.

by: Rick02/13/2018

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

Well built, solid bike rack. Like the additional strap extensions for fat bikes. Holds bike well. Only minor issue was that instructions did not reference the rear wheel straps, but easy to figure out. I like that the rack tilt allows access to the rear hatch of my Subaru Forester.

working out great. Had issue with partial melt of one of the shepards hook melting due to proximity to my car exhaust. Able to get new part from manufacturer, repositioned hook, and all has been well since
Rick - 02/13/2019

by: Ray09/15/2021

Review from a similar MonoRail in Hitch Bike Racks

Easy assembly. Since this is made here in Colorado (USA), the assembly tools provided actually fit the bolts and work as intended. My only issue is even with bikes off the rack you can not open the tail gate on a jeep. Will need to completely remove rack from hitch to do so. Bike mounting is easy although the supplied locks feel a little flimsy.

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Yakima HoldUp Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Code: Y02443

289 reviews

Our Price: $478.95
After Instant Rebate


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Fold-Up Rack
Tilt-Away Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes
Electric Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes


Safe for carbon frames and strong enough to carry your heavy bikes, this hitch bike rack will handle road bikes, mountain bikes, and anything in between. Ratcheting hooks and wheel straps hold your bikes by their wheels with no frame contact.

Video of Yakima HoldUp Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Yakima HoldUp Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Y02443

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (289 Customer Reviews)

Safe for carbon frames and strong enough to carry your heavy bikes, this hitch bike rack will handle road bikes, mountain bikes, and anything in between. Ratcheting hooks and wheel straps hold your bikes by their wheels with no frame contact.

by: Scott11/02/2021

Works well for transporting two 29" wheeled mountain bikes. However, after one year it's starting to rust in several areas (see attached photos), and the front wheel arms are becoming increasingly difficult to raise and lower. Finally the locking cable is extremely rusty as you can see in the attached photo. I'm not sure how durable this rack will be long term.

This has a limited lifetime warranty but rust is not covered under warranty. With most aftermarket products like this one, it will need taken off when not in use, lubricated often, and filed and repainted once you noticed rust forming. Here are some tips in this attached article:
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/03/2021
One year later and the rack frame continues to rust and deteriorate. It has been removed during the winter and when not in use and lubricated per etrailers previous comment but this did not slow down the rust.
Scott - 11/28/2022

by: Blaine 02/02/2022

Great service and quick delivery. I haven’t used it yet because of the cold weather but my best friend has the exact same one and loves it. Like the fact that it can lock the bikes in and lock the rack to your vehicle. Plus the slant down feature makes it easy to load e bikes. Would definitely recommend trailer to anyone looking for an awesome bike rack!

Works great! Took a few minutes to get just right the very first time. After that a breeze. It’s very secure with the bikes on and off. Don’t worry about the bikes or the rack being stolen.
Blaine - 02/03/2023

by: John01/02/2023

We have had this bike rack for one year and use it every week-end. My wife has a Trek e-bike (52 lbs) and I have a regular Trek hybrid (23 lbs). The rack is very sturdy and I have no issues driving at highway speeds, there is no movement of the bikes. Very easy to load and unload.

by: David11/10/2022

Love my Yakima rack. Now I can take two bikes and all my fishing and camping gear on all my adventures. Thank you etrailer for tye great service.

by: Vladimir12/13/2021

It's quite expensive bike rack which made in China with problematic quality control.

I have to disassemble one of the bike bases in order to remove the metal shavings inside of the end of the arm which were interfering with cable lock preventing it get fully retracted into the tube.

Inside tube, there are no coating and metal started to rust already. If you leave it mounted on vehicle and this thing gets into the rain, this will greatly accelerate the rusting process. And rusting is not covered by warranty as stated in different post. So you warned...

When I told etrailer about the quality problems... Customer support answer was hilarious. Quote from Odelia K. : "I am sorry but I do not know where you may be able to order this for shipping to the UK."

Btw, they just shipped my order to GA, USA... where did I mention UK?
I have unpleasant experience with I would not recommend it.

I have not seen this metal shaving problem before. I do see that customer service is in contact with you to replace this item. Also, it sounds like Odelia mixed up her emails. I apologize for the confusion.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 12/16/2021

by: Richard02/21/2022

A well made bike carrier. It holds 2 bikes securely. The locking hitch bolt and locking bike cables also give it security. It is a little heavy to to move around, but I assume most are.

Happy to have it.
Richard - 02/28/2023

by: Edward10/09/2022

I purchased the hitch and bike rack from you guys for my wife's 2021 Nisssan Rogue. The instructions were easy to follow. Also, seeing the videos online helped a whole bunch. The end result was amazing... Will continue doing business with etrailer

by: Tracy10/16/2021

I was excited to finally get the bike rack after a long back order...but it was well worth the wait ! It took my husband and I about 35 minutes to assemble it. It was very easy. I had been having to lift my bike in and out of my truck bed and it was taxing on my back. I have used it everyday since installing it and love it. Thank you to the Customer Service department for being so nice when I called several times for updates on my order.

by: Brad 10/14/2021

We got a great price from this Vendor. The item was on back order for a few months. The vendor kept us informed of the order status and even offered other items throughout the process. The original bacame available in October and was immediately shipped to our door. Tracking was available and delivery was made. I would recommend e trailer for any kind of vehicle,bike carrier need.

Great. Bieng a right handed person I would have liked the hitch bolt threads on the left side if the hitch. Other than that small factor the bike rack has been very adequate and carried our e-bikes with no problems.
Brad F - 10/15/2022

by: Steve11/02/2021

I just assembled this rack and loaded my bikes. I immediately saw a number of flaws in the design I didn't see in any of my investigating or review videos, including etrailers on this rack. Thinking I did something wrong, I went back and checked out another [online video] review I hadn't before and wish I had. This video shows all the flaws I noticed after my installation perfectly. This review is dead on. I have purchased it, unfortunately, so I'm stuck with it. Knowing the flaws, I hope I can make it work satisfactorily. Do your self a favor and view [all review] videos before you decide to buy.

After having the rack a year, Im very happy with it, the only thing I still dont like is no ratchet tie down for the front wheel. I purchased a couple Velcro straps that I use now. Other than that, Im happier than I thought I would be. I would up my rating to a four, but it seems I cant.
Steve - 11/03/2022

by: Ken 04/29/2021

Really glad I found your web site before I decided on my E bike rack. The Yakima holdup rack I purchased is a quality item and has really nice features for a good price.

I like the fact that it clamps down on the tire to hold it tight. I also like the way the rack moves down to load and unload the bikes. It takes a lot of load off my back. The locks ore outstanding as well. This rack has everything I needed. Thank you Ashley for your help when I ordered it.

Really good company and staff.

Ken from Downey, Calif.

I have had my Yakima bike rack over 1 year now. It is still delivering all that I had expected in a bike rack. It has helped me ride my Bike over 1000 miles in that year. I, Still, highly recommend this bike rack to anyone that has an Ebike and wants to take it to new places to ride.
Ken - 04/30/2022
After a year and over 1000 miles ridden, my Yakima Ebike rack has worked perfectly for me. I have not had any issues or concerns with my rack carrying our bikes safely. It is a well built product. Kudos to Yakima. Ken from Downey, Ca.
Ken - 05/03/2022

by: Dale01/28/2013

This is a great rack and extremely well made. The consumer assembly is only the two cross arms with two bolts each. I debated between this and a similar Thule. The cable with integrated lock and the lockable hitch pin sold me on this one. I have two K2 29'ers and they fit well in the tire saddles. The pivot arm locks down tight on the front wheel as does the strap on the rear wheel making the bikes are very stable for traveling. The large threaded hitch pin dampen all the slop in the hitch receiver. The only con I have is the 20 degree fold down does not allow my 2009 Town & Country rear hatch to fully open. This may not be a problem with other vehicles. For all the pros on this rack I can live with the con.

by: Dennis04/21/2021

Awesome. Easy to load and unload.

Great made two trips to Floridawith my 2 ebikes in tow. Strong snd steady.wish there was a way to store. They are akward when lying down and no way to hang them .any ideas
Dennis - 04/23/2022

by: Thomas05/10/2020

It only took a couple of days for the rack t arrive after I ordered it. I was impressed how sturdy the rack is. My wife rides a Trek Townie E-bike which is heavy (48 lbs) that I needed a sturdy rack to carry it in addition to mine. My hanging rack in no way would handle the weight (Total with all the gear, 70 lbs). My new rack handled it easily.

This rack has some nice features that I looked for in a good rack. It was easy to put together and install on my car. It is fairly heavy but fits perfectly in my 2" hitch. With all the bikes loaded, there isn't any sway or movement with the rack as I drive. The rack sits nice and tight in the receptor. It has security locks that make hauling bikes a safe and secure experience.

The cost was a little higher than I wanted to spend but I was glad I did. I know I bought a great product that will last for many years of riding. I highly recommend this rack to anyone looking for a quality rack for their bikes.

by: Matthew09/19/2019

This rack is your best bet if you’re looking for an economical and quality platform rack. The comparable Thule and Kuat models do not have an integrated lock system like the Yakima. It was very simple to assemble and even easier to hitch up and load my bike. Works great with a Tacoma. I used to have a hanger-style rack and this platform is far superior.

by: Marcee07/27/2013

The bike rack exceeded my expectations! Well-designed and sturdy , yet not so heavy that I couldn't install it on my vehicle myself. Also E-trailer delivered the product as quickly as promised.

Entirely disagree with the light enough comment- I purchased the 2 2 version and it has to weigh the most awkward 125 lbs Ive ever carried. Pay the extra $$ and get the KUAT aluminum version. Makes it even more of a PITA when trying to lift it up to vertical. Takes two people and cannot expect my wife and 7 yr old to manhandle it. Enginerds should have used a coil spring to assist with the lift. Also- after owning for 8 months, theres significant pooled corrosion i.e. orangered liquid oozes from every nook/cranny after a rain. They clearly did not protect the interior and expect that very soon the powdercoating will give way to flaking leafs of corroded metal. A huge shame for something that set me back so much $$$.KUAT- lighter and wont rust!
-- comment by: John F - 02/10/2014
I spent nearly $800 for the 2 up with plus 2. Light enough, maybe if you only use the 2 bike version, it weighs over 50 lbs. I have the older grey 2 up along with the 2 plus making it hold 4 bikes. Combined they weigh about 100 lbs. No way one person can put the receiver in the hole. Very difficult for one person to raise up the unit from horizontal also. Two different size wrenches needed to take on and off bike as I have to remove the plus 2 first, 34 wrench then a 15/16 is needed on hitch. The plus 2 also does not come with a lock to secure it to the 2 up or a cable to lock the bikes to the rack. You will need to purchase them separately, another $50. I have also had two of the arms fail in a little over a year now, they have a lifetime warrantee but that gets old replacing them.Rack does hold bikes very good, but I am not happy overall with my purchase. Other models out there for this kind of money take a look.
-- comment by: Bill S - 04/07/2014

by: Erv04/27/2021

The rack is good, but...if you have a 29 inch front tire, you will need to secure the tire to the seat. I use velcro on the front and rear of the tire seat. It will (and did) pop out. The tire is too large for it to properly fit. I wish all the "joints" we're a bit more snug to stop the sway! Overall it is good...heavy, but good. I'd buy it again!

I pretty much stand by my first review. However, the tire clamp that was sloppy at the time got much worse. I contacted Yakima and they sent me a completely new tray with rear tire holder and a better front tire clamp. Great customer service.
Erv - 04/29/2022

by: Scott04/23/2020

Just finished installing my new rack. I am VERY happy with the rack from installation to loading and unloading the bikes. Also I was very impressed with etrailer. I was looking for a specific rack and and only knew of one company that offered a rack that could be expanded to hold 2 more bikes. I was about to make my purchase of the very expensive other brand when etrailer suggested I look at the Yakima. I was very impressed with their videos and could see how the rack fit on my car so I purchased the rack and everything was exactly like they explained. I look forward to using this rack for a very long time.

by: Mark01/09/2020

Just received my Yakama 2 bike rack for my 2012 VW Tiguan. It is very well built and simple to install. I especially like how it folds up close to the car when not in use. The rack is not heavy like the Rola that I had before this one. This was my second purchase from e-trailer and will definitely buy from them again. The staff is so friendly and eager to help. The web site is incredible, with install videos on the products.

by: Carroll 08/20/2022

I looked at a lot of various carriers at on-line sites before deciding on this one. It seemed to have all of the features that I wanted.
I have been extremely satisfied with this product since I received it. It is easy to use and holds our bikes “very” securely. I like the built in cable straps that lock the bike to the carrier and these are keyed alike to the hitch pin lock. The carrier will pivot down for access to our truck bed and pivots up to provide less overhang when not loaded with bikes. Folding the carrier up before removing it from the hitch also makes removal and carrying easier. I am well pleased with the quality of the unit and the powder cost paint seems to be very durable.

by: Jim 01/25/2023

Sturdy, locking pin tightens to dampen sway.

by: Rick 03/04/2021

The bike rack has held up well for the first year of use. Well designed. We use it for two Specialized E-Bikes. The rack is heavy to install and uninstall on the truck but that comes with a sturdy design.

2nd year of use with two Specialized e-bikes. And the rack is still working like a champ. No signs of wear issues on any components at this time. Usage rate of about 20 times a year.
Rick - 03/05/2022

by: Ashley07/23/2019

Love this product so far! I’m using this with the Yakima Backswing for my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU. Makes loading and unloading a breeze and uninhibited access to the rear hatch. Installation was a breeze. Sturdy set up that also looks good!

by: David 08/26/2021

We're totally satisfied with this rack. It works perfectly for transporting our ebikes between MI and FL each year. The built-in locking mechanism is a nice feature.

Weve been very happy with this rack. We keep it mounted on our van most of the time. It doesnt even interfere when we need to carry our kayaks, extending out the back of the van.
David - 08/27/2022

by: Ann05/31/2018

Great bike rack. Bought a new RAV 4 and needed the rack ASAP for a bike benefit in Milwaukee. Ordered it on Tuesday, got it on a Thursday left for Milwaukee on Friday. Highly recommend ETRAILER for their exceptional advice and follow up.

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  • For your 2017 Lexus NX, the best bike rack for you is going to depend on the type of bikes you have and how often you plan to carry them. Both the Kuat Transfer 2 part # KU74FR and the Yakima HoldUp 2 part # Y02443 are excellent bike racks that will work well for you. However, I recommend the Yakima HoldUp as it has a bit more features that will work with your bikes and vehicle better than the Kuat Transfer will. For starters, the HoldUp can carry bikes weighing up to 60 lbs each whereas...
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  • Between the Yakima HoldUp 2, part # Y02443 and the Sherpa 2.0, part # SH22G, I personally like both, however, they are built around different bikes and uses. The Yakima HoldUp is a better rack if you have kids bikes, heavier bikes, or could possibly need a 4 bike carrier in the future. The rack is expandable to carry a total of 4 bikes with part # Y02446, or the two out of the base model. The HoldUp is also able to carry bikes with 14 to 29 inch wheels, covering a wide grouping of family...
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  • Comparing the Thule T2 and Yakima HoldUp Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Racks for a 2011 Mazda CX-9
  • Bike racks are not vehicle specific there are just some that vehicle owners purchase more often for certain vehicles than others. Since you have a 2 inch trailer hitch on your 2011 Mazda CX-9, you can use the Yakima HoldUp, # Y02443. The Thule T2, # TH83GC will also fit. I have linked video reviews of both racks for you. The Holdup has a capacity of 60 pounds per bike and the T2 has a 50 pound per bike capacity. The HoldUp will accept 14 to 29 inch bike wheels. The T2 will accept 20...
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