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RockyMounts MonoRail Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Code: RKY10004

236 reviews

Our Price: $499.90


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Tilt-Away Rack
Fold-Up Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes


This lightweight, 2-bike rack is perfect for carrying e-bikes, fat bikes, or bikes with a carbon frame or custom paint job. There is also a 1-bike add-on available if you want to take an additional riding partner to the trailhead.

Video of RockyMounts MonoRail Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

RockyMounts MonoRail Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - RKY10004

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (236 Customer Reviews)

This lightweight, 2-bike rack is perfect for carrying e-bikes, fat bikes, or bikes with a carbon frame or custom paint job. There is also a 1-bike add-on available if you want to take an additional riding partner to the trailhead.

by: Mark-Indianapolis05/09/2021

This thing is rock solid. Once I figured out the directions and put it on my 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee is was so impressed with how stable it was. With two hybrid bikes on the platform rack it didn't even wiggle in the slightest! The only negative comment I can make was in lack of information in the directions. I had the platforms backwards and didn't know it until I tried to fold the rack completely up. I reviewed the directions again and no mention or illustration is available. However the fix wasn't that hard and it now functions exactly like the videos. Customer service from etrailer was remarkable though both times I called I thought the wait time was a little long. I would recommend this product and this retailer to anyone. Great service, great product!

Have had this product for a year now and I stand by my earlier review. By far one of the best if not the best bike rack on the market. We drove from Indianapolis to Upstate New York last fall and the rack performed great. Would recommend this product to anyone.
Mark-Indianapolis - 05/10/2022

by: Allen05/18/2021

It was very easy to assemble the MonoRail 2. All of the parts were in the box and nothing was damaged. I would recommend etrailer to purchase from as they were the only ones to have this bike rack. Also I would recommend the MonoRail as well.

I really like the Rockymounts Monorail 2 but I also have a slight problem with it as well. But the problem that I have is going to go will all hitch type racks. The problem that I have is with the backup sensors so I bought the 53201 Curt Auxiliary LED Indicator Lights and some magnets top attach it to the rack. If I were to say anything is that I think all bike racks should come with something to plug to prevent the sensors from going off. there then that the rack is gray and I have had no problems with it at all. This is a great rack for the money.
Allen - 05/19/2022

by: Al04/21/2021

Very well made. Much easier to load bikes than the hanging rack we used before.

After using our bike rack all last summer and fall have not had any issues with it. Very satisfied. Ease of use, keeps our bikes very stable and especially like can it down with bikes loaded and still access the truck bed. Would definitely recommend. Would buy again.
Al - 04/22/2022

by: David04/19/2022

The rack came damaged and could not be assemble without first repairing the damage. The mounting bracket for one of the cross arms was bent (see photo) which prevented the cross arm from being installed. The bend had to be hammer out straight before the cross arm could be installed, which also cause the area of repair to need repainting.

Otherwise, the rack appears to be functional and well built.

The website specs for the rack list its weight as 38 pounds, but the actual weight is 45 pounds.

by: George05/01/2022

At age 75, I have purchased many bike racks over the years…..this one has no equal in loading and unloading…

by: Rob12/24/2021

I ordered it for my girlfriend and she HAD to use it the 2nd day because she was so excited. It wasn't hard to build, there were only 3 main pieces but 5 total and the tools come with the kit. Her first test go went great, she was extremely happy with it and that she could finally get into the trunk of her SUV with the bikes still on the bike. Only concern is the locking mechanisms, they are cheap so I'll find a better way to lock the rack and bikes to the vehicle. Otherwise, as always,thanks for the great service etrailer. I would purchase again if needed!

by: Leslie 09/03/2022

We have been using the rockymounts bike rack for a year now for our two ebikes and it was a good choice for us. It’s easy to put on and take off the various vehicles we use, comes with locking accessories. For me it’s easier to load the bikes when the rack is tilted down (I’m 70 and not that tall and those e-bikes are heavy!) then I just push them to the correct level position to drive. I highly recommend this rack.

by: Rick02/13/2018

Well built, solid bike rack. Like the additional strap extensions for fat bikes. Holds bike well. Only minor issue was that instructions did not reference the rear wheel straps, but easy to figure out. I like that the rack tilt allows access to the rear hatch of my Subaru Forester.

working out great. Had issue with partial melt of one of the shepards hook melting due to proximity to my car exhaust. Able to get new part from manufacturer, repositioned hook, and all has been well since
Rick - 02/13/2019

by: Ray09/15/2021

Easy assembly. Since this is made here in Colorado (USA), the assembly tools provided actually fit the bolts and work as intended. My only issue is even with bikes off the rack you can not open the tail gate on a jeep. Will need to completely remove rack from hitch to do so. Bike mounting is easy although the supplied locks feel a little flimsy.

by: Scott12/06/2022

Very easy to assemble and to mount the bikes. Bought the rack to transport bikes to FL for the winter and took a short highway test drive to see how the rack reacted. Very stable and no noticeable shifting/movement of the bikes. So far so good - I think it should be fine for my 1,500 mile trip.

by: Bill 01/31/2023

I have used this 2 bike rack for a year on the back of a camper and so fr it has held up great. My only wish list is the rack sits 10 inches higher than the hitch which makes lifting an ebike more difficult.

by: Clark05/07/2021

Easy to assemble nice quality. Bikes are very solid on rack.

Great bike rack. Works well for both fat bikes and skinny tired bikes. It is a bit tight on fat bike 27.5 tires. Wish the uprights were an inch longer.
Clark - 05/08/2022

by: Ralph 03/09/2023

Works great and it’s simple to put on and take off of the vehicle. It’s seems to be well made and keeps the bikes stable while on the road. Having a locking cable is a plus too.

by: Dan M06/16/2018

Exceptionally solid hitch mount / tray platform type bicycle carrier. I
The instructions were very clear and complete - with one exception of the the tray straps and strap extenders (not shown/mentioned). Some basic assembly was required - again the directions were very clear and everything need was supplied in the package. I took my time and it only took 15 minutes.
The bike rack is outstanding in design, quality of materials, construction and function. It's very solid in all 3 positions (carrying bikes, laid 'down' to open the tailgate, and 'stowed' in the up/close position when not carrying bikes.
I've had bike racks from other 'big name' vendors - this Rocky Mounts rack is much better, and less expensive.

by: John 12/02/2022

Very sturdy rack for 2e-bikes. Had to adjust fenders on bikes though. Over 2400 miles usage. No problems. was looking for turn signal and brake light combo for rack. No package available. Went to harbor freight and installed theirs.

by: James 01/24/2023

Best bike rack for the money.
Used to
take 1 ebike and regular bike to Florida from Wisconsin and all around the Midwest area love it

by: Nancy 11/19/2022

Love this rack, easy to use. I always have my bike loaded quicker than others with more expensive racks.

by: Daniel03/22/2022

This rack is Rock Solid!! I live in Michigan and we travel to the Smoky Mountains for a week every September, since buying this rack we are now able to bring our bikes along with us. It works like a champ!! Not one issue with it going there or coming back, we've used it to go to some Metroparks to ride there as well. I have a Ram 2500 pickup and the tilt feature on the rack allows me to completely open my tailgate without hitting the rack or the bikes! It's a great rack and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality rack.

by: Sue06/30/2020

I ordered a tilting Rocky Mount bike rack from After receiving notification of the ship date of the bike rack, I realized that the product wasn’t going to arrive until after a bike trip I had planned, I spoke to Jenny, a representative from She worked with me in selecting another model that would be available and arrive in time for my trip. I am impressed by the professionalism and service excellence I received from my phone experience at

by: mark08/10/2020

The rack took almost 2 months to arrive due to backorder issues. However,we were pleased with the easy assembly. We have used several times and are comfortable with the rack. We are planning a trip with our grandson and will let him help assemble the addon so we can carry his bike as well.

by: Mary 09/09/2022

This is a very good product and does what it is supposed to do- carry my heavy ebike safely. Not too difficult to put together. I wish there was a little ramp - but I’m not sure any rack has one at this doable price. I feel this was a great purchase

by: Steven09/21/2022

Works well. Originally came missing one or the split washers although both e trailer and Rocky Mountain were helpful. No issues otherwise.

by: Robyn 09/03/2022

Great bike rack! Well worth the money for securing bikes on the long RV treks around the country. The only negative is that arms that grab the tire tend to rub against the frame and take off paint when traveling so far.

by: Jan 09/03/2022

excellent rack. very easy to use. only problem is lock location on back of rack but really a small issue. Install was a snap and removal quick and easy.

by: K09/11/2022

The rack itself is awesome, but it is very curious that such a well made rack would have a plastic lock mechanism - the lock should be the same quality as the rest of the rack.

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  • The RockyMounts MonoRail # RKY10004 is a solid choice for a bike rack and I'd go with it over the Curt Bike Rack # C89JR (the same as 18088) any day of the week. Curt isn't a huge bike rack manufacturer so I'm not very confident in their recreational products to be honest - when it comes to towing though, Curt is right at the top with others. In regards to bikes wobbling this shouldn't be the case if they were installed properly. You might see the bike rack wobble some during travel but...
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  • Difference Between RockyMounts Monorail Bike Racks
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  • Comparing the RockyMounts MonoRail Part # RKY10004 to the Thule Helium Aero Part TH9042
  • The RockyMounts MonoRail 2 Bike Platform Rack part # RKY10004 is a platform style bike rack that holds the bikes by the wheels and the Thule Helium Aero 2 Bike Rack part TH9042 is a hanging style rack that holds the bikes by the frame. A platform rack will be easier to load/unload the bikes as you don't have to lift them up as high. Another very important distinction to may when comparing a platform and hanging style bike rack is the use of an adapter bar. If you have an alternative...
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Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Gray

Code: SH22G

524 reviews

Our Price: $629.00


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Tilt-Away Rack
Fold-Up Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes


This premium 2-bike rack is perfect for the serious cyclist who cares as much about style as performance. It's safe for carbon frames and the front-mounted foot pedal makes it easy to access your cargo area without removing your bikes.

Video of Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Gray

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Gray - SH22G

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (524 Customer Reviews)

This premium 2-bike rack is perfect for the serious cyclist who cares as much about style as performance. It's safe for carbon frames and the front-mounted foot pedal makes it easy to access your cargo area without removing your bikes.

by: S.W.12/16/2022

So after much research into bike racks, I decided on pulling the plug on the Kuat Sherpa 2.0. I've looked into the Kuat NV and other brands, but they were just too much for my needs. If you've got "regular" bikes and not the heavier eBikes, then this rack is perfect. I wanted a hitch rack that was user friendly and not overly complicated. I have a mixed bag of bikes and this rack can handle them all, from mountain bikes, street bikes, and BMX bikes. I like that this rack comes with an adapter piece for 20"-24" wheels. Assembly of the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 is really a no-brainer. I think it's only 4-5 bolts really. Everything else is ready to go. The anti-rattle hitch ball mechanism is simple to use with just a twist of the dial, easy. The tilt pedal/lever is also easy to access should you need to open your hatch, a solid "click" assures it's in place. So far, loving this rack. Fit and finish is superb. Thanks to Jerred and etrailer for answering my questions, always helpful.

by: Griz604/23/2022

OMG!! I have been researching and pricing bike racks for a month. Every time I thought I was ready to pull the trigger, I have a question or review that through me off the trail. I was ready to purchase the rack from outdoor retail store and drive 2 hours to pick it up from store to save the $75 shipping, when I thought about etrailer that I had used when I had a travel trailer. Checked them out, they had the exact rack I decided to buy, with $[XX] discount and free shipping. Life doesn’t get any better. It was delivered right on time and in great shape. BTW etrailers website description and videos were better than the racks manufacturer site. You are Rock Stars in my book. Overall, start to finish was above and beyond expectations.

by: Bill11/05/2020

I would have given 10 stars to Kuat for this product if possible! The included assembly instructions were not the best but I watched a couple online videos and was able to assemble and install on my Outback in 45 minutes or less! Ingenious how they used the box for easy assembly and the tools were awesome (not cheap metal cutouts that I've gotten before). I am amazed how light yet how solid the rack is. I did a test drive with our 2 Beach Cruisers on it and they barely budged. GREAT product and one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Since purchasing our Kuat bike rack from etrailer a year ago my lovely wife and I have made several trips from the NC mountains to the coast with our Beach Crusiers in tow. At 68 I’m no spring chicken anymore and the Kuat rack never fails to amaze me at how easy it is to load our bikes on and off. And I’m so relieved when I look in my rear view mirror and see our bikes barley moving as we wind down the road! And the rack still looks like the day I got it! Thanks etrailer & Kuat!
Bill - 11/05/2021

by: Jamie01/22/2021

always qualify products from etrailer! love this bike carrier

great product, still like new holding up great
jamie m - 01/23/2022

by: Tim R.08/22/2017

Took my time to pick out just the right platform rack. Absolutely hate to have to buy things twice. etrailer was just the place to do the research and eventually place the order. Can't find a better website with more objective information. That said, we are loving this choice. The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 is exactly the right fit for the truck (F150 4X4) and how we plan to use this unit to camp and bike. One of the critical features for us was that the platform rack, minus bikes, had to fit under the tailgate when gate was dropped fully down. Many, many of the otherwise very nice platform racks will not meet this requirement. Many of these will scrape your paint and dent your tailgate. With respect to the Kuat Sherpa, there is a full 2" clearance with the gate fully dropped, so no sweat there. Next, the unit had to be lightweight and with an easy on and off system. Heavy racks that require a ratchet to complete the install simply were not going to work for us. The Kuat is made out of tough tube aluminum, with a nice powder coat finish and weighs just over 30lbs, plus there are no tools required to install and secure it to the hitch. The rack locks in place with a simple hand-tightening cam system using a single, easy to get to, well-designed knob. Finally, carbon frame maybe in your future? Okay, again the Kuat fits the bill. This is a "no frame" contact, extremely easy bike load design. No exaggeration, the rack goes from garage to truck hitch, bikes loaded/secured, and then we're backing out of the drive in under 15 minutes. Did I mention how lightweight it is? Love the fact that I am thinking about the bike ride and not worrying about how I am getting the bikes there.

Absolutely love the Kuat bike rack. My wife uses it easily by herself whenever she wants, which happens to be almost daily, and we use it all the time to take the dog and bikes to the park. Cant imagine not having it and if that were the case, wed have to buy it all over again. In sum, my guess is that the preceding dialog subtly reveals how much I think of the product.
Tim R - 08/23/2018

by: Randi12/12/2021

Very happy with this rack. The shank fits perfectly into the 2” receiver on our 2016 F150 and snugs down securely and easily. The rack is light enough to be easily handled (I’m 130 pounds and 72 years old), and easily carries our two gravel bikes. I would recommend this rack.

Still very nice. Havent used it a lot but mounts easily and firmly to the trailer hitch and the bikes seem to be secure.
Randi - 12/13/2022

by: Edward 09/30/2021

Looking for a quality light weight rack. This is it! My wife can handle it as well. Not too difficult to assemble and it held the bikes securely. Very pleased with this rack!

Still extremely pleased with the rack! Used many times and it functions as it should. Light weight is very much appreciated
Ed - 10/01/2022

by: Miguel J10/13/2021

Got the KUAT Sherpa2 from etrailer website, got excellent service from them, got my bike rack in time as they promised. I have been ordering from them because of the quality products they carry.

by: Charles02/18/2023

We like the hitch and it has been just as we expected. We use the hitch primarily to hold our Kuat bike rack which also has been a good purchase for us.

by: Frank 04/15/2021

My order was received on time and seems to be in good shape. I unpacked the bike rack and it seems to be a quality product, very sturdy. Because of work I have not assembled the rack or tried it out yet. Will have to give another review when I get to use it. But it appears that it will solve my bike transportation problems and allow me to use my bike more often. I am planning on taking my bike to work with me, so I can go riding after work. Before I would have to remove the front wheel from the bike to put it inside my Subaru. This should make life a lot easier on me, thanks Frank.

I love this bike rack, looks good. Works even better. My bikes are secure even on long trips or when i go off-road.
Frank - 04/17/2022

by: Corinna02/09/2023

A great looking, light weight rack!

by: Berezay06/23/2020

Absolutely love it! This bike rack will mainly be used on the back of our RV to transport our bikes from camp ground to camp ground!

excellent! so glad I went with Kuat Sherpa
Berezay - 06/24/2021

by: Oldcoot04/13/2020

Comments here are about the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 (2 inch hitch) mounted on a 2019 VW Tiguan SE fitted with a Drawtite 76192 trailer hitch (also purchased from etrailer).

Positives: This is a great bike rack! It's super light, easy to use, very well built, and it works just as it should.

Negatives: Security is weak, just as with most other racks. (But security is easily improved.)

Details: etrailer delivered the rack with lightning speed, of course. (Thanks!) Assembly was a breeze, and learning to mount and secure bikes was equally simple. The hitch cam works much better than I had expected --- no need for a wrench to get a steady-riding rack. And with two bikes mounted, there's no sway, no wobble, no noise, no worries. A great rack, really.

One concern (pre-purchase) was about ground clearance. Photo #1 shows 2 bikes mounted. The vertical distance from the ground to the bottom of the rack is exactly 12 inches. That's more than adequate for negotiating my driveway, as well as all for the roads I've travelled so far.

Another concern (pre-purchase) was about interference with the backup camera, mainly when the rack is folded up. Photo #2 shows the hitch in that position. The camera is located near the center of that yellow rectangle, so there's some clearance both above and below the outer (upper) tray. Photo #3 shows the Tiguan's camera display as I back into a parking space. So, yes, there is some interference but it's really not bad at all. If you're adept at using your backup camera, the folded up Sherpa 2.0 won't cause major difficulties.

Negatives about the Sherpa 2.0 have to do with security. I've got little confidence in the Kuat hitch pin lock, and the cable for locking bikes to the rack is, per the cliche, best at keeping honest people honest. But, a lot of shopping around uncovered few (if any) competing racks that are much better about security.

Therefore: Choose your rack based on other criteria, and plan to spend extra money to deal with security. Given that view, the Sherpa 2.0 is an easy winner. 5 stars!

On security: I leave a bike rack on my car for 9 months of the year; hence my concern about the backup camera. Photo #4 shows a closeup of the Sherpa 2.0 on my Tiguan. That's a Big Brand high security chain looped around the inner (lower) tray. The padlock passes over the Kuat hitch pin lock (protecting it a little) and then passes through the chain ring of the Drawtite hitch. It will take some effort to steal my Sherpa 2.0.

The chain is 100 cm long --- just enough that the rack can fold down to carry bikes. But it's too short to allow the rack to tilt downward fully, so tailgate access is impacted. Photo #5 shows the situation with two trail bikes mounted. That's actually more than enough room to get at the cargo area, and with road bikes mounted the tailgate opens fully. So it's a very minor problem; a slightly longer chain would avoid it but look sloppy most of the time.

Typically, I don't need to lock the bikes to the rack, but for those times when I do, I've got two more Big Brand chains each 160 cm long. Each chain can lock one bike's frame and the other bike's front wheel to the chain that protects the rack.

This is not ideal, I know. But it's a big improvement over the security of any well-known rack. And the cost of those three chains is tiny compared to replacing a Sherpa 2.0 plus two bikes.

by: Scott09/23/2020

I have had the Kuat rack for a year and find it to be a solid way to transport my bikes.
Build quality is top notch. Bike rack has been mounted to my car for the entire year and not stored inside the garage. I ride 4 times a week and wanted to keep it on the car at all times. The rack has shown no signs of fading, rusting or feeling like it’s getting wore out. Bikes mount ok and remain seated while driving lever different kinds of material.

This is just a small gripe due to the bikes I ride. When mounting large enduro style bikes figment in the cradle area for the tires can get pretty tight and awkward. I run 2.6 inch wide tires and had to add an additional strap to keep the tire from popping out. Yet again, just my own observation due to wide sized tires.

Bottom line up front, best bike track for the money and long term investment.

by: Marci I11/12/2020

It was so worth the wait for this beautiful, lightweight bike rack. Really liked the in-box assembly directions. Easy to slide rack into the hitch , and love how it can be easily bent back to access the trunk with bikes still on rack. I bought this basically for it's lightweight feature, but it has so much more. Highly recommend!

by: Mark B.04/22/2018

I'm very pleased with the Kuat Sherpa 2.0. Fast delivery, and straightforward assembly. Some reviews noted having trouble inserting the bolt in step 5, but the assembly video from Kuat shows that pivoting the rack a bit makes it trivial (Search for "Sherpa 2.0 - Assembly" on YouTube). It is very well constructed and solid on the hitch. The back up camera on my 2017 VW Tiguan SEL is obscured a bit, but still usable. Even with the wide bars on my mountain bike there is plenty of clearance between the bikes, and to the back of the car, including tilting it down to open the hatch. It fits the 3" tires on my 6Fattie perfectly. The cable lock is long enough to secure both front wheels and frames of my bikes. I also use the cable to secure the rack in my garage to deter casual thieves. Highly recommended.

by: Emily10/21/2021

Excellent bike rack. Very easy to install quickly, very secure, no problems.

Best hitch rack ever. Still like new after tons of use.
Tanner L - 11/11/2022

by: Nathan 01/04/2022

Secure, easy to use, lightweight, looks nice. Assembly instructions are accurate.

Great bike carrier. Premium finish and disability on all components. Ready assembly. Easier use! 1010 would buy again.
Nathan - 01/04/2023

by: Jeff06/28/2019

I had been interested in a Kuat rack for some time based on reputation, light weight, ease of use and that it just looks good. It realized it would not work on my JK wrangler with an over sized spare tire so I needed to also use the Kuat Hi Lo extension.

First off when this rack was place in my cart the price dropped to an amount I had not seen anywhere!!! More than offset the extension and the sales tax - Sweet!

The rack came quickly on the day it was stated and with free shipping, Usually large items get beat up in transit but this was packaged very well.

TIP!!! Don't pull everything out of the box like I did. The way it is packaged is designed to make assembly easy - very cool! I had to put things back into to do what they recommended and it worked great. (Needed a torque wrench for the installation)

For my application using the Kuat Hi Lo I needed 2 locking pins other wise the rack and bikes were not a secure as I would like them to be. Since the Kuat Hi Lo extension did not come with a lock I used the rack pin lock on the Hi Lo and bought another after market lock to use on the rack itself.

It is incredible easy to use and even looks good on the Jeep.

by: Dominick10/17/2022

Almost perfect...

The rack is well-designed
and well-made. Looks good and works quite well.

My only reason for not giving it 5-stars: Even though this rack is recommended for my vehicle (2022 Hyundai Sante Fe), I cannot drive with the rack folded up. It puts the plastic parts directly in front of the exhaust pipe, where they start to melt. So this limits the functionality of the rack a bit.

Aside from that failing, I like it very much.

by: Thelma12/12/2021

Great rack easy to use light weight and safe.

Very good, practical an durable
Thelma - 12/13/2022

by: Ed07/22/2018

Installed this on my 2018 Nissan Leaf. Excellent product and extremely light weight. Makes loading and loading the bikes super easy, I can even get into the hatch with both bike loaded by tilting the rack down. Wish I would have had this years ago!

by: Dustin04/16/2021

Super easy to put together and I love it, keep in mind the max wheelbase of your bikes for this rack is 47in

by: Mary 08/12/2021

I got this for my husband for his birthday. He is very familiar with this rack and loves how easy it is to take on and off and holds the bikes securely

We have had the Kuat 2.0 for over a year now. We love the sturdiness and versatility of it. It can carry one ebike and a road bike or 2 road bikes easily. Wheels are well secured, and bikes also secure with little movement. It is very easy to raise to store and lower to use or to open back hatch. This rack is worth every penny
Mary - 10/20/2022

by: BJLinKaty09/02/2019

The bike rack arrived on time and in great condition. The box indicates what’s inside, so if you are purchasing as a’ve been forewarned. We used the rack today for our two bikes and it was great. We love the appearance of it and it’s not unnecessarily heavy. We hope to get a lot of use out of it in the coming years.

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  • The Sherpa 2.0, part # SH22G, and the NV 2.0 Base, part # BA22B, are the 2 inch models that fit a Class III hitch with no adapter. Also, they do both includes locks for the rack to the hitch and for the bikes to the rack. One difference is that the NV 2.0 Base has the option of adding a bike repair stand, part # TDKB, or the 2-bike add-on, part # BA02B. The more notable differences come down to the weight of the racks and the weight of the bikes they each carry. The NV 2.0 Base is...
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  • Comparing the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 and Saris SuperClamp EX 2
  • The Kuat Sherpa 2.0, part # SH22G, and the Saris SuperClamp EX 2, part # SA4025F, are both wheel-mounted bike racks. However, the more robust design of the SuperClamp's wheel cradles (front and rear) along with their straps WILL allow the rack to work with bikes with fenders as confirmed by Saris. The wheel hooks will contact the front and rear tire just below where it meets the fender (see photos). I've also linked a video review of this bike rack for your consideration.
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  • Kuat Sherpa # S101 vs Saris Freedom SuperClamp 2 Bike Rack # SA4025
  • When it comes to a battle of build quality and features between the Kuat Sherpa, # SH22G, and the Saris Freedom SuperClamp 2 Bike Rack EX2, # SA4025F, the winner in my opinion is Kuat. Although the Saris Freedom SuperClamp 2 Bike Rack EX, # SA4025F, is a great bike bike, the Kuat Sherpa, # S101, just seems to be built to higher quality standards. Since you also mention that you will be removing the rack after each trip, the tool free installation would be a plus. In order to make...
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