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RockyMounts BackStage Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Code: RKY10002

116 reviews

Our Price: $769.95


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Fold-Up Rack
Swing-Away Rack
Tilt-Away Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes
Electric Bikes
Fat Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes


2-Bike rack swings away from the rear of your vehicle with bikes loaded for complete cargo area access. It's perfect for carrying e-bikes, fat bikes, or bikes with a carbon frame or custom paint job.

Video of RockyMounts BackStage Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

RockyMounts BackStage Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - RKY10002

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (116 Customer Reviews)

2-Bike rack swings away from the rear of your vehicle with bikes loaded for complete cargo area access. It's perfect for carrying e-bikes, fat bikes, or bikes with a carbon frame or custom paint job.

by: Rick03/26/2022

It is everything I expected. It works perfectly with my 2 e-bikes or traditional bikes. I keep it permanently attached to my camper van and it swings away easily to allow access to the rear doors loaded or empty.

by: John 09/27/2022

Perfect rack for my Jeep Wrangler. Easy to assemble, easy to use, and it keeps the bikes well clear of the tailgate, even with a 35” spare tire mounted on the back. I use a small extension and an anti-rattle locking hitch pin to help it clear the oversized spare.

by: Elizabeth M.05/23/2018

Best bike rack ever! We received our bike rack in record time, earlier than scheduled, and in time for our trip! Love the fact that not only does it hold the bike down on the wheel and not my frame, but it drops down AND swings away for full access to our 2018 Mercedes Sprinter with the barn doors. The doors can swing all the way open and hold in place as designed, so we have a complete view out the back of our van without any obstruction whatsoever. This thing is solid, and it does not budge, we know because we watched it through our camera as we drove down the road. A great investment if you have bikes you want to protect from any damage or theft, as there is also a lock and cable that goes through the bike and also locks the rack to the hitch. Fantastic customer service from etrailer as well!

Thank you for your follow up. We love the RockyMounts Hitch Bike Rack and have shown it to and recommend it to many friends while traveling. We have it on our 2018 Pleasureway Plateau TS Mercedes 3500 Van base and it’s wonderful since it swings completely to the side with the bikes still on the rack, and both of our back doors swing open for emergency exit if needed. It’s well built, sturdy, easy to use, and as we travel, I look back and the bikes hardly move at all. So we are very, very happy with it. Thank you for having such a terrific product!
Elizabeth M - 05/23/2019

by: Norm S.08/13/2017

I ordered this on May 31st and finally got it on August 11th. We have two eBikes and the load capacity and tilt and swing functions made this rack the best one for our Rav 4 with spare tire on back. RockytMounts had to go into another production cycle before I could get it. But, totally worth the wait. eTrailer honored the original price on my original order and so I saved $xxx on the $xxx full price.

The rack construction seems very strong while I was mounting it to my Rav 4. The mounting locks did seem a bit "cheesy" though, as they are made of plastic. But, of course, one never leaves bikes for very long where "evil" lurks!

I haven't yet put the bikes on the rack but, if there are problems, I will update this review.

This rack has been so good for the transportation of our two eBikes. Its a heavy load but this rack handles it with ease. We live on the coast, Pacifica, where corrosion is a constant issue. This solid rack has not a bit of rust on it. So this rack is still 5 stars!!
Norman M - 08/13/2018

by: KC10/24/2017

So glad I found this rack! We bought it to carry two fat tire electric bikes while still retaining access to the back of our camper. This is the *only* readily available swing-out bike carrier that is both made to accommodate fat tire bikes *and* carry the weight of electric models (up to 60# each). It's very sturdy.

-Fat-tire bike ready -- it comes with extender straps and you don't have to buy any other pieces;
-It swings out -- for us, it allows access to our truck camper without removing the bikes or the rack. Great for vans or hatchbacks, too
-Rack also tilts down -- useful at times when you just want to grab something quickly from vehicle interior

-Assembly instructions were challenging. An assembly video would have made this a snap.
-Most of the parts were sealed in plastic -- except for the 32 pieces that make up the wheel bolts and washers which were, inexplicably, loose in the big box. Sloppy, but at least they were all there!
-The locks *feel* pretty flimsy. I would have preferred the ability to upgrade to something really stout. That said, I'm glad the cable and locks are included - even though they are only a modest deterrent.

Overall, this rack is a total winner and solves the issue of transporting fat tire e-bikes while keeping access to the rear of your vehicle. Fat tire e-bikes are growing in popularity and I'm sure this rack will as well. I'd expect the big makers like Thule and Yakima to take notice.

A year later, the rack has proven to be a solid choice for carrying heavy fat tire bikes and still access the rear of the vehicle. For vans or campers, this is invaluable. The one thing that would make it perfect would be a way to load bikes without having to lift them so high. This is not a rack failure per se, but having a load ramp for such a rack would make it more feasible for loading bikes that are 60 pounds.
KC - 10/24/2018

by: Becca D.08/16/2017

I am a 65 years old and will say I was a little intimidated by the weight the box that the rack came in. It comes in parts to assemble so after opening the box I realize I could get this together. The instructions were clear but photos of the process would have been easier for me to follow. I have a truck with a tall camper shell that has a custom built insert in the bed for camping. I decided on this rack because it looked easy to load the bikes on and it will swing out of the way when I need to access the camper. It took me about 2 hours to assemble. It was not that it was a lot to assemble but the drawings took me time to understand.
Got it put together and tested the movement range of the rack and it clears the back of my 2017 Tundra with 4" to spare. The bikes were easy to load and secure. I took it for a test ride and the bikes did not shift position. The rack flex slightly but overall it rode very smooth. This looks like a winner.
During assembly I thought I have not gotten a couple of small screws that I needed but after opening all the nuts and bolts packages everything was there.
The two photos I took may be helpful. I wish I had not been so focused and taken more while assembling the rack.

Have been on several long trips on gravel roads with the rack. The rack makes it easy to load and remove the bike. The access to the back of the truck is very convenient. My road clearance is great. I have had one issue of my own creation. I misjudged the distance to my back wall in my carport and rammed the handle into the stucco wall and cracking the blue plastic handle. The wall got the worst of it. Will eventual contact Rocky Mounts and replace it. It took the hit pretty well and still works. Im not in a rush to replace. A sturdy product.
Rebecca S - 08/16/2018

by: Delaware Dave10/09/2018

Fairly easy install. And now that we have tested it out on a few trips we can honestly say we really like this product. The platform style keeps the bikes from touching/damaging each other. The design is solid and simple to use. Easy to load and unload. The only downside is the lock is a deterant but not bombproof so we will probably add our own locks when needed. Other then that great product, great service from etrailer as always. Highly recomend this rockymount hitch.

Unfortunately, if the thief is determined enough, they will take your property regardless of the lock used. Providing a deterrent will prevent most thefts, by encouraging the thief to go after an easier target.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 10/09/2018

by: Arlee07/22/2022

Easy to assemble. I worked each function as soon as I completed the assembly. It works flawlessly. I set both the bikes in place with no problems. The rack is easy to load. Love at first site!

by: Karen 08/12/2022

We have it on our Jeep for our e-bikes Couldn’t have made a better choice. With the 8” hitch extension, it fits perfectly behind the spare tire. The swing-away feature allows us easy access to open the back of the Jeep.

by: Mark05/27/2019

Got the rack to fit on our Hymer Aktiv (Ram Promaster 3500) camper van. It arrived on date promised. Directions for assembling seemed a little vague but I was able to get it put together and on to our camper. Worked great and makes getting into the back of the van much easier with the swing out arm. Due to our spare tire rack on back and low level of the hitch on the back of our van, I am using a hitch extended to add 4 inches out and up. So far so good.

by: Keith M08/14/2017

Amazing customer service by the Etrailer team! There was a long back-order delay (from manufacturer) in getting this rack but Nikki kept me informed and up to date regularly, and Shannon provided a seamless checkout process once the rack arrived. 2 Days later it was on the back of my car.
This rack is definitely worth the wait and I'm very happy with it. The swing away function provides easy and unobstructed access to the hatch, which makes it so much easier for my dog to jump in & out, or loading larger items when the bike is on the rack. No more squeezing between a tilted down rack and the back of the car. Very intuitive design and sturdy fitment. The bikes fit easily and quickly. The quick release handle allows you to tip it down, or fold it up to the back of the car effortlessly.

by: Tommy03/25/2022

Product is very well made and serves it's purpose. I travel/camp with a 2500 RAM ProMaster HR van that I also carry a motorcycle inside. I needed a bike mount that would swing completely out of the way allowing me to download the motorcycle without a bike rack interference. I like the fact it is all one unit instead of two pieces like other manufacturers. Overall the one piece design is less weight in total verses the two piece designs, but those individual pieces weigh less so it is a little heavier to insert. Still, it is the best design for me. The rear van doors have adequate clearance to open over the BackStage Rack when swung to the side.
Rack is stout enough to carry two 60 lb. E bikes if memory serves, which will be a likely option in the future.

by: John08/14/2017

This rack is exactly what I needed on my pickup. I built a 6' long drawer in the bed of my Tacoma between the wheel wells and it's nearly impossible to use a normal platform style rack. I was able to use a Kuat NV but had to remove the bikes in order to open the tailgate. Even then, the tailgate rested on the rack and did not do the paint any favors. The swing style platform rack is perfect for me.

I got an awesome deal when etrailer had a 30% off sale on everything from RockyMounts. It shipped very fast once the manufacturer had supplied them. etrailer was also very good at keeping in touch about the production delay.

Putting it together was pretty straight forward, although I did have an issue with the blue T-handle bolt not threading properly into the rack to secure the swing arm. I was able to stop by the RockyMounts shop since it's about 10 minutes from me and they made a minor repair. This would have been a bigger issue if I did not live in Boulder, but I appreciate a company that stands behind their product like that.

I also had to file down the black lock to fit onto the hitch bolt. The bolt was not quite long enough for my hitch receiver. Again, annoying but not a major issue.

The one downside I would say in coming from a Kuat NV is not having a repair stand built in.

by: Jeff. 10/28/2017

Solid rack. Fits on Sprinter 3500 very well. You can open the door about 12” without moving the rack. The rack swings completely away and locks to side of Sprinter. Can open doors 90+ degrees. The trailer light plug in connection got in the way of the lock during install, so I had to take it off and then lock the rack and reinstall trailer plug in. It will make it harder to steal now. You should download instructions off site and transfer to iPad so you can expand them. That was clear and I could tell what screw or bolt went where. Instillation a little over an hour cause I didn’t know how it worked. Could do it in 20 minutes now. Best rack I’ve seen for Sprinters.

by: Alan 03/10/2023

I’ve attached it to my forerunner to go off Roading and I’ve also attached it to my Lexus GX 470 to go off Roading and over landing and it’s a perfect swing away set up.

by: Merry06/02/2020

This bike rack makes all the difference! I’ve had ones before that lean away from the car but being able to fully swing 180 degrees out makes accessing the trunk that much easier. I really appreciate it when I’m loading in a rolled up raft, dogs, or camping gear. The directions were clear on assembly and it came with spare straps and a spare handle. etrailer did a great video on it and it arrived at my door 3 days after the order with normal shipping. Love it!

by: Robert 09/28/2022

Great, dual, swing away, tilt down, bike rack. Very sturdy…. very well built. It is heavy, but manageable. Note that if your front brakes are attached in front of your front forks above the tire, the bike rack bike holder/stabilizer may put pressure on the brake mechanism. I used real dense foam to keep the bike holder away from the brake mechanism. I love this unit.

by: Michael B.02/01/2020

This is an extremely sturdy bike rack that swings out of the way when the back doors on the van are opened. We travel often in the warmer season, this rack enables us to take our bikes everywhere we go.

by: Steven01/11/2020

We were looking for a platform swing away bike rack. I was a little worried it would be heavy to get on the Edge. Not a problem! You have to expect some weight to be a good sturdy rack. Instructions are very good!

by: Pete L06/03/2019

Terrific experience so far. Perfect swing away for our sprinter.

Still a terrific product. Many successful trips with our bikes. Thank you!
Pete L - 06/03/2020

by: William04/14/2022

Good bike rack but way too heavy. I have trouble lifting it and installing on my jeep because of the weight. Should have been made of aluminum. Must have had a very conservative structural engineer design it.

The swing out feature that this bike rack provides adds to the weight of the rack overall. We do have other bike racks that weight less, for example part # KU84FR
Kuat Transfer V2 Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount
, which weighs approximately 48 pounds. It does not have the swing away feature.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 04/21/2022

by: Dale R.04/13/2022

I bought the RockyMounts BacSstage so we can take our Grandson and 2 Great Granddaughters with us on the trails. A 20 inch bicycle and a 2 child bicycle trailer lay flat under a tonneau cover. Just swing the bikes out to the side, drop the tailgate, unload and go. Perfect solution for us! I'm 65 years young and have no trouble lifting the rack into the 2 inch hitch. The folks at etrailer are great to deal with, great communication and fast shipping.

by: Al04/16/2022

This was a game changer for hauling our bikes. We fulltime RV and this allowed us to access our carry items in the bed of our truck without unloading the ebikes. We can just move the bikes off to the side and then open up our tailgate to get the items we need. Would recommend this bike carrier.

by: Jeffry 09/06/2022

Excellent product. Swings out of the way of the truck and jeep tailgates. Even moves far enough to extend the rear slide on the RV.

by: Alex01/24/2020

1- Product came very fast (under 5 days)
- Product is exactly as described
3 - Purchasing process was very easy
4 - Product was $100+ cheaper compared to the same product on Rockymounts actual site
5 - Packaging was safe/effective and allowed for no scratching during transport
6 - Great product and would 100% buy from etrailer again

The only complaint would be the directions...I saw one user compare them to Ikea directions and that is very accurate; pictures/steps were very poor. I would suggest etrailer do a video fully putting together the rack. They have several videos showing the install process, but that is the easy part.

Just as good as the day I bought it. Stays on the truck year-round in CO and gets used daily during summer months. Perfect purchase.
Alex - 01/25/2021

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Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Fold-Up Rack
Tilt-Away Rack

Carbon Fiber Bikes
Electric Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Wheel Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes


This premium 2-bike rack is perfect for the serious cyclist who cares as much about style as performance. It holds 2 e-bikes, it's safe for carbon frames, and you can install a work stand (sold separately) for on-the-go repairs.

Video of Kuat NV 2.0 Base Bike Rack for 2 Bikes - 2" Hitches - Wheel Mount - Matte Black

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This premium 2-bike rack is perfect for the serious cyclist who cares as much about style as performance. It holds 2 e-bikes, it's safe for carbon frames, and you can install a work stand (sold separately) for on-the-go repairs.

by: James12/10/2021

Hello Roger! I really enjoy the bike rack. I will give a review after I have had some time to try it on some trips!

I absolutely love the bike rack! It stays rock solid stable when secured to the rack and does not move. Kuat could not have built a much better bike rack! Securing the bike is SUPER easy. I am so glad that we purchased two of them.
James S - 12/13/2022

by: Michael08/17/2022

I've taken this rack all over New England on the front of my Dodge Ram 3500 pick up truck with a truck camper. I had no idea it was possible to love a bike rack so much. After one drive I didn't ever worry about it again. So nice that it locks up when I am camping or taking a quick stop for food on the road. So glad I bought it from etrailer. They totally help me pick the perfect rack for my challenging set up.

by: Dale02/19/2022

I purchased this rack to carry two e-bikes, which the ads say it would be sufficient for two 60 lb bikes. I always removed the bike batteries to lesson the weight and keep them below 50 lbs. After about a month of travel the bike rack began to fall apart. The bolts holding it together bent and broke and fortunately I was close to home when it happened. I beefed the entire rack up with heavier bolts and also bolted some aluminum square tubing across the middle section and to the cross sections so that it would stand up to the weight of the ebikes. I am now on an extended trip to AZ and NM and so far so good. Also, one of the tire hold down thingys has loosened up due to the weight of an ebike. I would NOT recommend this rack for ebikes, Kuat makes some that are solid across the middle section that would work much better. Personally, I would never buy another Kuat due to the many problems we have had with it.

I am sorry to hear that your bike rack has started to fall apart. I was wondering if you are using this rack on the back of a motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel? The Kuat NV is not designed to be used on a motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel because of the excessive movement while going down the road. Travel trailers also have a tendency to sway on the highway which can be rough on certain bike racks that are not tested for use on the back of a trailer. I was also curious which e-bikes you are carrying on the rack?
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 03/09/2022
Hello Heather, thank you for your response. I have been using the rack on the back of my pick up truck with an overhead camper. I don’t recall reading anywhere not to use it on an RV. Anyway we have a Himiway bike as well as a mini fold up rad. We remove the batteries when we carry them in order to reduce the weight. I also bought straps that attached to the back of the camper to help support the rack and minimize the movement. I think the problem with this particular rack is the fact that it is bolted together on the crossmembers rather than being a solid bar across which I have seen on other racks. I spent several hours making some adjustments to it and I think it’s OK now however I think it would be important not to advertise that rack as sufficient for 60 pound bikes. It definitely is not that. Once again thank you for your response.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 03/09/2022
We have not had any complaints about the durability of the construction of the Kuat NV so I am surprised to hear that you needed to brace the rack. It sounds like you are using your Kuat NV in the hitch of your truck. Are you using a hitch extender so the bike rack will clear the back of the overhead camper? Most extensions cut the tongue weight of the hitch in half so the e-bikes may be overloading your setup at that point. It sounds like your e-bikes may be around 70 lbs. The bike rack capacity is 60 lbs per bike so you may want to keep that in mind. You also want to keep in mind that using an extender creates more leverage on the setup and leads to more bouncing of the bike rack especially on the highway.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 03/09/2022
I havent used it for a year now, but after making my improvements I feel confident that it will hold up just fine.
Dale - 02/20/2023
I would like to ad that I did have an extension on the receiver to clear the back of the camper, however with the support straps attached to the upper part of the camper it should not have affected it. Heather wrote that I must have had 70 lbs per bike. NOt true. We always removed the batteries and the bikes are in the 50 lb range without them. having two little 516? bolts holding the wheel support to the center of the rack seems under strengthened IMO. I ended up putting aluminum tubes underneath the wheel supports and bolting it all together with heavier SS bolts. I will admit, however, that we do not just stay on paved roads and do sometimes wander onto back roads that are not always the smoothest, however with a big camper on top, we go slow and carefully on those roads.
Dale - 02/20/2023

by: Michael05/05/2022

excellent product; typical Kuat quality. bikes are sturdily held in place while driving.
locks for hitch pin and built-in locks for hitch pin for bikes well done.
I want to compliment the advice I received from etrailer representative Jon Griggs who provided great feedback every step of the way which was key in purchasing my hitch and bike rack.

by: Chuck S.06/19/2022

Still very new, but what an awesome bike rack! Assembly was a snap and the rack is rock-solid when you secure it to the hitch receiver. etrailer was amazing too - excellent communication, price and fast, free delivery. Overall I am extremely happy with the rack and service!

by: John12/06/2021

Drawtite front hitch & kuat NV 2.0 base
Bike rack added to our ram 2021 2500.
Purchase completes our set-up for pulling our camper. While the kuat not rated for rv's this will work for standard & electric bikes. Because etrailer's Excellent service & videos, we purchased both of these!

Please keep in mind that hauling bikes on the front of your truck can reduce driver visibility, air flow to the motor, and block your front lights, so you will want to use caution.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 12/07/2021

by: Tim11/06/2021

Excellent rack - rock solid, holds bike without wobbling. Fits 2021 Toyota Rav4 XLE with Toyota Hitch perfectly. Easy to tilt up and down (but it takes 2 hands to do so, which is a little annoying). At the risk of stating the obvious, it is a little annoying to leave it on all the time - I don't like leaving it horizontal for fear that a car will clip it when driving, so I keep it in the raised position.. But this means that I have to lower it every time I want to access my hatch. Lock works well also. The kids bike adapter seems to work fine (only tried once).

One downer - some of the fasteners are already rusting a little (see pic), and I've only had it on my car for 3 months (May to August in PA).

This product should not be left on the hitch all of the time. Leaving it on will cause excessive rust. Please view page 17 of the manufacturers User Guide under tips and tricks to see how to get the most life out of your bike rack: https:www.kuat.comwp-contentuploadsnv-2-user_guide.pdf
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/09/2021

by: Ken 11/25/2021

I've used a lot of different bike racks over the years, but this is by far the best. It is very solidly built, holds bikes of all sizes securely, and looks good too.

After a year, Im still very happy with this Kuat rack. It is well built and solid and holds our bikes securely. The integrated locks are really handy too. I only wish now that I had gone for the model with the attached bike stand. They would be handy.
Ken - 11/26/2022

by: Dennis 01/31/2023

Works exactly as advertised. Straightforward assembly with clear directions.

Have carried two 55# Ebikes 5,000 miles on vacations. Zero problems, easy to load.

Moving the 50# unit from garage to mount on car hitch is a lot for my 75 y/o back but still doable. Could not find a lighter one that seemed as solid.

by: Robert05/20/2021

Buy with confidence if you are here shopping for new bike racks you can already appreciate the vast amount of information provide to consumers to make an informed decision speak for an end user I love the Kuat NV 2.0 rack it assembled very easily 5 bolts to install and hex key is provided no additional tools are need the rack is very solid and sturdy the tilt feature is very smooth and works effortlessly as demonstrated on the websites video and as you can see for yourselves they are priced competitively what else can I say that etrailer hasn’t already covered other than the all black mat colored model finish on the rack isn’t the same as the grey and black with the orange rails it’s more rough texture finish not smoooth automotive like finish on the other two models don’t get me wrong this isn’t a con by any means this is exactly what I was looking for but I do have to say the smooth high quality finish of the other two models is very easy to clean just use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down dust.

by: Jasmine12/06/2022

Absolutely love it! Before the Kuat NV 2.0, I owned a Saris bike rack which I also loved. However, it was a hanging bike rack and I did not enjoy the lack of security or the lack of compatibility with certain bike frames. The Kuat NV 2.0 provides serious security and I love that I can leave it on my bike. It also takes less than 1 minute to get 2 bikes loaded. Within the first 6 months of owning, I was rear ended at a stop light and the durability of the rack is evident. There was more damage to the other person's car than mine with some minor cosmetic issues. Extremely happy with this investment.

by: Jerome06/18/2018

I recently bought the Kuat NV 2.0 Base 2 Bike Platform Rack from ETrailer.
It is a well-made and well designed platform bike rack. It was easy to assemble. Although the instruction manual needs a little bit of tweaking to
make clear where the other nut is. It took a while to find it and I ended up buying a similar nut at a hardware store. Other than that this is a great bike
rack. Easy to assemble and install. I like the built-in security chain lock too. It
is actually long enough to secure the two bikes together. The platform has a grooved area for the bike’s front tire for added stability. It also lighter than the Thule bike rack I was initially considering. We traveled from the Bay Area in California to South Lake Tahoe for the Americas Most Beatiful Bike Ride, the bike was very stable. My wife loves the looks and the ease of tilting the bike rack to open the tailgate area.
The etrailer customer service person, Stacey A, was awesome. The shipping notification and tracking was great too.
I have no qualms recommending this bike rack to my family and friends.
Thanks for all your help, Stacey A.

by: Randy 01/11/2023

This rack is amazing. I had a lot of concerns about hauling our electric bikes on any kind of rack. This unit costs a little more than many others but its definitely worthwhile. It is so solid and well constructed that I am no longer worried about hauling our bikes. I'm very glad that we spent the extra money to get a higher quality rack.

by: Owen01/03/2023

The hitch is great. Super stable. The bikes are locked in tight. Bent a few parts when the hitch was folded up in a parking lot. Kuat was super easy to deal with. Very responsive.

by: Dan S10/24/2019

I purchased the Kuat to replace a very similar Thule rack.(shown in photo).
I was pairing it with the Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk on the front of our trailer.
The Kuat was 7" closer to the trailer giving me the clearance I needed for the truck and the Kayaks on the truck rack. We traveled 6500 miles for 9 weeks and everything worked great. The Kuat works great on the back of our Jeep Rubicon as well.

by: Stephen06/27/2019

Best bike rack we’ve ever had! Easy assembly, mounted to a Draw-Tite hitch(also purchased from etrailer) on a 2018 Honda Odyssey. Swings free to open hatch. SWEET! I would recommend this bike carrier.

by: garyO10/24/2020

This bike rack is a beast! Took about 30 minutes to assemble, directions were straightforward and the materials are of the highest quality. Easily holds our Townie Electra (w/GeoOrbital electric wheels). The additional ramp (purchased with this order) makes loading the 48 pound bikes a breeze to load!

by: Scott05/19/2021

Easy to build, very sturdy! I haven't used it much yet, but so far so good! I had a Thule single bike rack before and I like this much better, even for just one bike.

by: Dana D07/31/2020

High quality materials. Simple enough to assemble. All the tools you needs are included in the kit, and they are actually properly sized for the job at hand. Instructions are maybe an 8 out 7 - better than most but could do with a little more illustrations. Three suggestions, if I may. 1) When the early step says to turn the unit upside down, the front tire cradle keeps it from laying flat on the ground. This makes it difficult to install the long connecting bolts. You should suggest that the assembly be put up on blocks or to hang the cradle off the end of something (see my picture with the end hanging off of a deck walkway). This makes the whole thing lay flat to ease alignment if the connecting bolts. 2) For that same step, a trimetric view would me more helpful than the plan view. 3) when tightening the long bolts, care must be taken so that the Allen wrench doesn’t chip up the rack paint. I fixed this by wrapping the wrench with some painters tape (see pic). You might want to add this tip as it was obvious to me that Kuat tries to make a great set of instructions.

The rack itself operates beautifully. I expect years of solid service from this unit. Ps. The ramp accessory works great too.

by: Mike D.08/06/2017

Absolutely bullet proof. The quality, durability of the Kuat NV 2.0 Base and ease of use will transport my bike (and others) for many years to come.'s customer service and speedy shipping is a definite plus.

by: Dianne 08/14/2022

I love the Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack I purchased a year ago! It is easy to use and extremely sturdy - the 2 bikes remain secure and movement free! The tipping feature is great when I need to get into the back of my SUV while my bikes are loaded. I recommend the Kuat NV 2.0 to everyone looking for a new or replacement rack!

by: Dr. Michael10/03/2022

Alawys have a great experience with etrailer. I ordered the bike rack late on a Friday afternoon and within 30 minutes, received an email from etrailer that the item was shipped. Wow ! that's fast. etrailer's instructional and products videos on the website help make the right buying decision.

by: William09/27/2022

It has been the best bike trailers i have used. Doesnt wobble. And with the locks, it gives you that peace of mind that you can run into the store for a quick moment without your bikes going missing.

by: Christy01/06/2022

Very pleased with this heavy-duty bike rack. In October, (approx 10 months after purchase) we noticed that the metal tubes on the tire scoops were all fading from the matte black color to a bronze color. I contacted Kuat online and, as always, their customer service was very prompt and awesome. They immediately shipped me replacement parts at no charge. We have 3 other older Kuat bike racks in our immediate family currently being used. My son backed into a short concrete pole once, and Kuat still covered the damaged parts and replaced them at no charge. We are lifetime customers of Kuat because of our experience with them.

The only con for me personally is the weight of the bike rack when putting it on and taking it off my car. It is very heavy/solid. I may look at purchasing a lighter Kuat rack in the near future and give this one to a family member.

by: Cary03/18/2023

Have had this rack for a year and completely satisfied. Carried two e-bikes from St.Louis to Florida and back without any issues or rattles. Love the ratcheting hitch and built-in bike locks. Our bikes have front fenders so I was worried I might have to remove them for the clamps to work but that wasn't the case. The fenders are flexible enough to be pushed down firmly with the clamps and pop back up when the clamps are removed.

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  • The Kuat NV 2.0 2 Bike Platform Rack, # NV22G, and the Kuat NV 2.0 Base 2-Bike Platform rack, # BA22B. are both very similar bike racks. Both racks can be expanded to a 4-bike rack, # NA22G add-on for the NV 2.0 and # BA02B for the NV 2.0 Base, and both racks have very similar specs. The NV 2.0 # NV22G does include,as you stated, the bike repair stand. The # NV22G, when installed in the hitch, will sit closer to your vehicle when folded down then the NV 2.0 Base bike rack. Both racks...
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