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Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2

Code: RG04-010

1067 reviews

Our Price: $4.33


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps



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Customer Reviews

Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2 - RG04-010

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (1067 Customer Reviews)

by: Jim C06/30/2014

I tried this product for an aviation application. I own a DHC-2 Beaver aircraft that has a tail wheel axle that is 1.125 inch ID. I wanted an end cap that was removable because the axle tube is used to steer the aircraft with a hand held bar during some ground movement. So far the rubber cap seems to work. It has remained on during several flights. It is easy to remove and insert. The only problem may occur if the cap mounting area of the axle become oily or greasy which may allow the cap to slip off. It seems to need a friction fit to stay on.

Same as described above.
Jim C - 06/30/2015

by: RS06/15/2022

Not all my order was delivered. I ordered 4 sets of ez lube dust caps. They only sent 2 sets. Online the order tracker showed the order had been changed to 2 sets. So someone thought thats is what i needed, despite the order clearly being for 4. I've got multiple trailers these are used on and they go bad over time. The brakes are yet to be installed, but they look good out of the box.

I will have our customer service team reach out to you. I do see that four of part # RG04-010
Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2
were ordered which would mean that you would receive eight plugs in total.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 06/20/2022

by: Randy 03/02/2023

These were exactly what we were looking for. I received them a day early and already have them on my trailer. Great products and absolutely great service.

by: Mark 01/29/2023

Parts fit perfectly. Quickly shipped out by etrailer. Thank you!

by: Mitchell 03/09/2023

Exact replacement for our Solitude

by: Mike 10/01/2022

I have always found etrailer excellent to work with. Not only do they offer a wide range of products, but personal interaction is available and always helpful. It is tragic that this is a thing today, but the availability of a live human being that actually gives a s$%t about your needs is increasingly rate. Etrailer still offers this and they should be recognized and rewarded for it in my opinion!

by: Michael 09/17/2022

Worked perfectly. Fit perfectly. Have held-up on a light trailer for multiple trips.

by: Gregory 09/15/2022

Purchased bearing races, tapered roller bearings, seals and dust cap to have for spares for our 2012 Catalina Santara 281BHS travel trailer. Quality products .

by: Rodney 11/13/2022

The product is exactly what I needed. I was most surprised with the speed that my grease caps were shipped. I ordered them and about an hour later I received and email showing that my items had shipped!

by: Edward 03/01/2023

Great replacement for my worn out plugs. Fast delivery

by: Joseph 09/29/2021

Exactly same as original equipment. Great product and price.

Due to high mileage use of trailer, the hubs are greased every 3 months. The caps are doing great.
Joseph - 10/01/2022

by: Roger 03/29/2023

Great product works as advertised. I would recommend.

by: Anthony05/06/2014

These are the caps that get removed to pump grease into an Ultra-lube hub. Perfect fit on my trailer with AL-KO 8490 axles and 10x2.25 brakes. Very nice price for a product that can be hard to find locally.
I can't prove it, but my research suggests these cross reference to:
+ 85-10
+ AL KO #568067
+ Hayes #09213611
+ TruRyde RG01-010
+ Dexter 085-001-00

by: Daniel 03/24/2023

Fit fine , work good.

by: Danny 04/20/2021

I've used eTrailer before and they've always had what I needed and my CSR - Ashley E. has been very helpful. Product is what I needed, shipping was on time, could not ask for better service

They have started to leak some but I have found that you need to replace them on a yearly basis as they dry rot and crack...No problems tho after replacing them...
Danny - 04/21/2022

by: Adam03/17/2023

Factory fit.

by: Louis 11/02/2020

This is the second time I have ordered items from etrailer and am extremely pleased with the way sales staff assisted me then and now. The sales staff member assisting me with the order of grease cap plugs was Mariah A. She was great. I received my order as ordered on November 2nd,2020 and did the simple install right away on my ATV trailer. I will definitely do business with etrailer again. Thanks again Mariah A.

The grease plugs are performing as expected.I am very satisfied with this product.
Louis R - 11/04/2021

by: RobertOscar02/14/2018

I cannot honestly give these a good rating as I cleaned up my old ones and will be putting them back into service. While the rubber on these is soft and pliable compared to the original equipment, the tolerances are all wrong to be able to get a snug seal. The groove in the seal that fits over the sheet metal cap is too wide in the first place, something like 1/16" with the metal being probably half that. Second thing is the hole is slightly larger then the center of the rubber when it is installed meaning this plug does not make a tight seal, my old stiff ones make a tighter seal and will be reused. Also, the part of the rubber plug in the inside has a much smaller lip the catch the metal then the old ones which probably makes it easier to get off and put back on but also means it can fall off much easier as the tolerances are such that it moves around and does not seal tight. In my experience I cannot recommend these.

Nothing has changed, my opinion is still the same and they still sit in a parts bin unused solely to be used as backup in case of emergency.
RobertOscar - 02/14/2019

by: Brian06/04/2022

I bought these against future need. I was taking the trailer on a long trip to from Tennessee to Minnesota and ending in Pennsylvania. Turned out I didn't need them (or the bearings bought for the same reason), but It was reassuring to have them.

by: Zach 08/14/2018

Perfect fit. Does what it is supposed to do. I put these on a 1988 Bass Tracker boat trailer.

by: Joseph 02/07/2023


by: Bryan 02/13/2023

Excellent. Fit tightly and are a much better quality than the original

by: David 03/10/2023

Arrived early and items were as I asked for

by: Eddie 03/06/2023

A-1 transaction

by: Jack 07/24/2022

I bought these mainly to take advantage of the free shipping my purchase of the cargo rack earned me.

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Grease Cap, 1.99" OD EZ Lube Drive in with Plug - Qty 2

Code: RG04-040

713 reviews

Our Price: $9.53


Product Specs:

Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps


E-Z Lube Grease Cap

1.98 Inch O.D.


Grease cap fits EZ lube trailer hubs with 2" inner diameter. Includes rubber lube plug for EZ Lube axles.

Video of Grease Cap, 1.99" OD EZ Lube Drive in with Plug - Qty 2

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Grease Cap, 1.99" OD EZ Lube Drive in with Plug - Qty 2 - RG04-040

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (713 Customer Reviews)

Grease cap fits EZ lube trailer hubs with 2" inner diameter. Includes rubber lube plug for EZ Lube axles.

by: WT H.02/06/2014

A perfect replacement for the battered and worn caps on my EZ Lube axles. Order dust cap driver p/n 290-991 for easy installation and removal during service.

Thanks for taking the time to follow up with me. Ive only put a few hundred miles of use on the trailer but everything is working great. Ive actually recommended etrailer to my father, a friend of mine and anyone at work who would listen made easier by the fact that I had everything I ordered shipped to my job instead of home. Barring an emergency situation that requires an immediate solution you have my business in the future.
WT H - 02/20/2015

by: Harold11/29/2022

I am very impressed with your courtesy and efficiency... I have found a supplier for the rest of my days! Thank you it means a lot

by: Bob W.10/05/2019

I use these caps on my boat trailer which is used only in salt water. Even with thorough rinsing after every use, the zinc plating on cap rusts out and the rubber plug cap gets dry rotted from sun exposure in less than a year. Still works OK if you smear a coat of grease all over the outside of the cap and the rubber plug.

by: Steve03/06/2023

This is nothing but a cap to give access to the grease bering. Nit sure why anyone would want this item and it was not returnable. I thought it was a spring-loaded “bering buddy” with a zert for filling with grease.

If you have EZ lube spindles which have the grease zerk fitting built into the end of the spindle then these grease caps are what you need. The black plug in the middle is removeable to give access to grease the spindle through the zerk fitting. If you have a standard spindle then using a Bearing Buddy will add a zerk fitting that you can then add grease too. For a Bearing Buddy with the 1.98 inch hub bore size look at part # BB1980A-SS
Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 1980A-SS w/ Auto Check - Stainless Steel (Pair)
. It is a stainless steel option.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/07/2023

by: Gregory 09/15/2022

Purchased bearing races, tapered roller bearings, seals and dust cap to have for spares for our 2012 Catalina Santara 281BHS travel trailer. Quality products .

by: Jeff 09/14/2022

I should have shopped at etrailer before I drove all over town to 3 different stores to not find the size I needed. Etrailer has always come through for me. Happy customer…again.

by: Mark 11/06/2021

Products always fit

everything working just fine
Mark - 11/07/2022

by: Derek10/06/2022

Nothing wrong with trailer, these hubs suck in general and are terrible at keeping water out.

by: Charles12/13/2022

Arrived with D washers and all looks good. Thanks

by: Stuart B.01/12/2019

It was time to repack the bearings on my 12 foot utility trailer and I needed a dust cap with simple / clean access to the grease fittings. The RG04-040 was the perfect solution, easy to install and looks great too!

by: Bob Maison11/03/2013

Grease Cap fit perfect and the rubber plug fits nice and tight. No water or dirt is getting inside. I highly recommend you purchase the Dust Cap Driver Tool as I did. They fit tight and the tool puts equal pressure all the way around. Your going to flatten the edge out if you don't use this tool for sure. Do it right the first time.

by: Steven05/03/2022

Shipping with etrailer was very fast. After having these grease caps for a year I can say that I am very happy with my purchase. Fitment was perfect and quality is good. Would purchase from etrailer again.

by: Jim H07/28/2017

I'm a "Return" customer & have been completely happy with the products & service provided by etrailer. They have met & exceeding my expectations!
When I have trailer needs they are my go to resource moving forwards!
Keeping my trailer in Great Shape!

by: David 07/22/2022

the grease caps i ordered are great.they fit my trailer hubs great. will let my friends know where to get great trailer parts.great job guys.

by: Peter 09/24/2022

As a pleasure to do business with E-trailer. Great customer service, quick delivery and they even follow up.

by: Dave U11/14/2012

Once again I made a purchase without knowing exactly what I needed and customer service gave me advice,which I took, and it fits perfectly.


Still working just fine. I bought some extras and theyre still in the bag.
Dave U - 05/15/2014

by: AL08/11/2022

Fit perfectly and rubber seals appear to better than what was installed by OEM!

by: Ron C.04/04/2014

I was more than satisfied with my first experience with etrailer.
The product was reasonably priced and when received was of excellent quality.
The shipping of my product was received well within the expected time.
The part was just what I needed for my Harley Trailer!

I will certainly recommend etrailer to anyone needing their products and will also order from them the next time I need any products they carry!

by: William05/15/2022

This product or the one this replaces is a great savior of wheel bearings. I check mine every time i go out and when properly greased and cap seated it has eliminated bearing failure.

by: David04/23/2021

Very good experience and nice selection. Spent the winter restoring boat trailer. etrailer had spring eye bushings, shackle bolts, u-bolts and hub seals. Then topped it off with new LED lights. couldn’t be happier. Even had to exchange some lights because I ordered wrong size, no problem.

by: Dale 03/06/2023

very good product fast shipping

by: Mathieu10/04/2022

Fits my wheel on my Rockwood Roo 183 20 20.

by: Lorin06/09/2022

The rubber centers deteriorated in my original caps. These fit perfectly! Excellent value for the money.

by: James07/30/2022

Put some miles on the trailer - no issu es

by: Preston 08/02/2022

Nice and tight. Cover was a great fit. My other grease cap where a little beat up. Lost one I think I going through construction.

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