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RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit

Code: RAS4611

580 reviews

Our Price: $539.00


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Leaf Springs

Standard Duty


2,000-lb Capacity. Convert your vehicle's leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. RAS adjusts to your load to level your ride. The system also increases stability, handling, and control by improving traction and reducing sway.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit - RAS4611

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (580 Customer Reviews)

2,000-lb Capacity. Convert your vehicle's leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. RAS adjusts to your load to level your ride. The system also increases stability, handling, and control by improving traction and reducing sway.

by: Rick Maybury03/26/2021

I have a 2020 Silverado 1500 6 cyl Duramax with the Diesel Off Road package (3.73 diff). Travel trailer loaded is probably about 6,000 lb. I took several measurements during and after the spring kit installation. All measurements increased about an inch including the stock suspension with trailer and equalizer bars and with the spring kit installed at 1 mm spacing. A one inch improvement overall. I took the truck on a short drive and didn't notice any difference in ride (wasn't stiffer) which is what I wanted. Good to know that I can adjust the springs to the 2 mm spacing if I want to increase the suspension assist. Going camping next week and looking forward to see how it improves handling and porpoising.

After a year I am still pleased with this product. I had been adjusting the spring tension higher when towing and then back down after a trailering trip, but now just leave it adjusted to the trailer towing tension as the unloaded ride doesnt seem to suffer when the springs are tighter.
Rick M - 03/27/2022

by: Michael06/21/2022

Overall, very happy with the product. GMC didn't have any way to improve the truck from squatting when I hooked up my trailer. This kit didn't stop the squatting but significantly reduced the bounce on bad dips in roads, bridge/road transitions and bad railroad crossings.

by: Larry03/10/2022
2020 Chevrolet Silverado

The install was straight forward, no lift so it took a couple hours, no problems following written directions. Drove my 2020 Silverado 1500/Diesel around and didn't notice any significant change in the unloaded ride. Very happy with the product, we'll see how it performs when I get my RV behind it.

Still a top notch product! Better ride on the freeway while towing, less bounce. Smooths out rough roads when not towing. Love it!
Larry - 03/11/2023

by: Sergio08/12/2020
2011 Nissan Titan

The bed of the truck measured 37.5" with a tool box weighing 200 lbs. The truck felt weighed down with passengers weighing 600lbs. Total weight 800lbs with a tank full of gas. After the install the truck rides smoother and certainly " like new". The stopping distance and acceleration distance have shortened drastically. I'm planning on loading up the bed and the Roadmaster Active Suspension RAS4611. My wife even drive it and she could feel the difference. "It drives like a muscle car." Buy it. Install time at a reputable mechanic shop was a 30 min. Install. I received them today at 1 pm and got it installed at 3:00 pm and finished the install at 3:30pm. It's an investment worth the price over traditional air bag system. Mechanic installed this on 2011 Nissan Titan SV.

What can I say. After a year of constantly driving through Texas roads and highways. I have moved twice and loaded the bed of my truck plus U-Haul 6x12 trailer and thy truck has not felt the load of it. The Active Road Suspension Leaf Spring is constantly sort of speak sensing if theres load so it can actively push it upwards. I have even driven up to the crazy roads of Pennsylvania and my pick drives smoother than when I got it from the dealer. Im telling you these things work. As any cautious driver upkeeping his own vehicle, I have periodically checked the bolts and location of the resistance in between the spring and it has not deflected or moved from its original installation. I believe every pick up must have these. It beats constantly putting air on the air bags especially in inclement weather like up here in Pennsylvania with the snow. I couldnt be more satisfied with this purchase. Thank you etrailer for offering this superb product.
Sergio R - 08/13/2021
Just like when I bought it.
Sergio R - 08/16/2021

by: Mr Nick08/14/2022

I installed these springs on my 2007 Silverado 2500HD that is used for towing a bumper pull horse trailer. With two or three horses in the trailer plus camping gear in the bed, the truck tended to squat more than I liked. These springs totally fixed that issue. I was concerned that they would cause a harsh ride when unloaded and not towing, but I honestly haven't noticed a difference.

To install the springs, the rear of the truck needs to be raised by the frame high enough for the axle to hang freely from the leaf springs. This would be easily done on a lift. It was a little tricky lifting it high enough in my driveway, but it was doable with a large jack and some tall jack stands placed under the forward leaf spring mounts.

To set the tension, I tightened them to the thinner 1mm shim, plus an extra turn or two. It seems to be fine for my purposes so I intend to leave them there.

by: Jeff S07/15/2022
Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Installed this on my 2020 GMC 1500 Denali. The one thing I hated about my Denali was how much a small amount of weight made it squat. The Denali is meant for smooth ride not towing! These springs brought the back of my truck up by an inch. Truck doesn't squat when being "exuberant" leavin red lights. Ride quality when empty hasn't changed. These springs are AMAZING but, are not a cure for all your hauling needs! When I'm hauling my 1800lb side x side on my trailer they work great! Hauling my 4500lb tractor... Load stabilizer hitch still recommended!

by: Michael 03/05/2023

Tha RAS Suspension Kit made towing way more enjoyable. Glad I purchased it.

by: Michael 01/17/2023
Chevrolet Silverado

This system allows OEM ride in my 21 Silverado Z71 when a trailer is not being pulled. I have pulled an 8000 lb work trailer, and a 5000 lb travel trailer, with barely noticeable squat of the truck. This kit really seems to stabilize the back end when pulling a trailer. I'm very pleased.

by: Gary 03/04/2023

They definitely work. They stiffen up when loading heavy stuff in the bed of truck. Help the sway when pulling heavy rv camper.

by: Michael02/28/2020
2007 Nissan Leaf

The RAS arrived on time and was super easy to install. It took my son and I about 45 minutes to install. It helps when you have all the right tools handy. The only thing I didn’t anticipate was the Allen wrench needed to reinstall the cross bolt in front of the leaf spring shackle. Fortunately, we had the right size on hand. So far so good. Haven’t had a chance to hook up to my RV yet. I’m optimistic it will take some stress off the leaf springs.

by: Kim 11/03/2022
2018 GMC Sierra 1500


by: Mike05/29/2022
Chevrolet Silverado

2005 Silverado 1500 4x4. Best suspension upgrade including trying multiple shocks to cure rear hop and shake. Wish I had done this a decade earlier. Improved travel trailering stability as well.

by: Dave p10/03/2017

I order these on Friday afternoon and I received them Monday afternoon. I had watched the clip on installation before ordering and it looked pretty easy. The installation instructions are very self explanatory and they were easy to install. From the time I starter until I had the tools picked up and put away it was about an hour and that was with taking a few phone calls. My initial ride after installing these was very good. I drove over a fairly rough road and tracks. My real test will come when I hook up to my trailer and load my tractor or car. I may have to readjust to a heavier setting but it is there if needed.

by: Steven03/27/2021
2008 Nissan Titan

I am on a Nissan titan 08. The roadmaster active suspension is really easy to install here for someone who has very little knowledge when it comes to stuff like this. I was able to do it on my own. I’ll write another review in a couple of months see how it works out here in the Coachella Valley California here we get to 123° weather sand storms so I’m gonna put it thru trials see how good it is.I own a landscaping company and I haul a lot of rock, and DG, boulders.

by: Bill06/29/2018
2017 Nissan Titan

I installed this kit on a 2017 Nissan Titan and can be installed very easy. The handling on my truck has improved tremendously. I would recommend this product to everyone.

When I installed it I set it up for 25 load and I pull a 9000 lb dry weight 5th wheel. The suspension kit is still doing its job.
Bill - 06/29/2019

by: Joel10/28/2022

Item was exactly as advertised and easy to install. Item was delivered earlier than had been estimated. Service from etrailer was excellent and etrailer had multiple videos showing installation and product performance.

by: Carlos08/14/2022

This are soo awesome!!! Still working them, they held up towing out 30ft rv with no sagging.

The only issue i did see is when they change my back tire, the mechanic raised the truck at the differential with the ground jack and I noticed the springs were bent from the height raised… dont known if its a concern but it was noticed

by: Mark 09/13/2022

I would describe myself as a novice in mechanical skills, yet the website instructions and written instructions were easy to follow and I was able to complete the installation. When hauling a heavy trailer, the vehicle seemed much more in control, especially when required to take an evasive move to avoid an oncoming driver that unexpectedly swerved into our lane.

by: Chrstopher09/24/2022

Had them on for a month and the ride was absolutely horrible. Had them set at the lowest setting and it rode like a empty dump truck. Switched to a air ride suspension

by: Jim09/16/2018
1997 Dodge Ram Pickup

I bought this based on I think the same product I bought several years ago for a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500. At that time, I bought a kit for for a Ram 2500 and was very impressed. I put a truck camper on the Dodge and I don’t think it settled an inch and when I drove it I hardly knew the camper was back there at all. No sway and no handling problems at all. This time I bought the kit for a Nissan Titan, pulling a 25’ travel trailer (about 7000#). The truck rear still settles and is not in a level attitude in transit without the weight distribution hitch. The suspension kit makes it better but not as much as I expected.

Working just fine.
Jim - 10/02/2019

by: Thomas 09/08/2021

Great service as always from! Item was easily installed by myself in 45 minutes. The improvement in handling exceeded my expectations and sway has been eliminated. I have recommended it to several others.

This is a great product! It makes a huge difference particularly when towing. I have recommended it to many others.
Thomas - 10/19/2022

by: Troy06/10/2022

Ok well so ce I have put it on my truck I haven't haul a whole lot with extra weight but I did put a very heavy trailer on it and it did make a big difference in sag the ride is not affected by the system either glad I put in on my truck

by: Kurt 01/07/2023

They have made a difference on the gravel roads, not having as much wheel hop. Been satisfied, only have them on the lowest setting.

by: Keith 01/18/2023

Easy to install and changed everything! I will always use these springs on my future trucks.

by: Rick05/14/2018
2008 Acura MDX

ordered on tuesday arrived on friday Free shipping that was fast. Installed on Saturday morning. after I got the truck on the Jackstands took all if 20 minutes to install. haven't towed anything yet going camping this coming weekend will report more, truck rides better unloaded that before, great customer service

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Do you have a question about this Vehicle Suspension?

  • Comparing Suspension Stabilizer Kits For 2006 Chevrolet Silverado Towing Enclosed Trailer
  • Both of the systems you mentioned, part # RAS4611 and part # SSA5MTKT are designed to give you more stability and balance when towing. The biggest difference is the load capacity with the weight capacity of the # RAS4611 at 2,000-lbs versus the capacity of 950-lbs for part # SSA5MTKT. Both require no drilling and are simple installations. Between these two systems I would go with the RoadActive # RAS4611 system because of the increased capacity. This system would help if you decide...
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  • Heavy-Duty or Standard RoadActive Suspension For 2021 GMC Sierra 1500
  • That's a good question, and in regards to the standard vs heavy-duty (HD) RoadActive Suspension Kit for your 2021 GMC Sierra 1500, the answer really comes down to the amount of sag, as well as the tongue weight you have. For towing 7,000 lbs you are likely to want to go with the HD. The reason for that is, the HD is best for tongue weight of 600+ lbs or squat of 2+ inches, while the standard duty is for tongue weight under 600 lbs and less than 2 inches of squat. So I do recommend the...
    view full answer...

  • Choosing Between Standard and HD RAS Kits for 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • The answer to your question depends on your application. If you will be towing heavy trailers and hauling heavy loads with frequency then the # RAS54FR would be the better choice with a higher capacity. If you're occasionally hauling or towing, and you won't exceed the 2,000 lb weight capacity, then you should get the # RAS4611. If ride quality is your concern, you probably won't notice a difference between the two. However, it will be easier to fine tune the support on the # RAS4611....
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  • Correct RoadActive Suspension for 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • There are two different RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kits for a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, part # RAS4611 for standard duty or part # RAS54FR for heavy duty. The standard duty is best for bumper pull towing whereas the heavy duty is best for in-bed gooseneck/fifth wheel towing.
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SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Code: SSR-209-40

1772 reviews

Our Price: $274.99


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Jounce-Style Springs

Light Duty

SuperSprings Intl

1,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's rear suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation.

Video of SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle - SSR-209-40

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (1772 Customer Reviews)

1,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's rear suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation.

by: William05/03/2022
GMC Sierra

2009 GMC Sierra CC 2WD
Installed after
my wife came home with a 600lb decorative stone from a one hundred year old high school being torn down. Not having a good way to unload it, I decided to use it for winter weight last year. OEM springs were not sagging but my longer mudflaps did contact pavement at times and wanted more support on the curves. SumoSprings brought it up to factory height and gave the support in the corners.

by: Leonard06/18/2022

These definitely helped with the sag when hooked up to my trailer but caused terrible bounce when unloaded and driving over whoops on highway. I replaced them with air suspension after 2 months. Much better setup.

You can also take off some of the washers so that they do not hit as soon.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 06/21/2022

by: 05/25/2021

2018 silverado z71 crew cab 6'6 bed
air bags with 1000# sumo springs. Do a lot of offroading and bags limited travel. With these I can use my suspension and stay level on the trip with all my gear. Nicer ride unloaded and even sweeter when loaded. Easy 40 min install if you're use to working on your own stuff. A definite upgrade.

by: Bobby H (louisiana)05/10/2019
2006 Chevrolet Silverado

I installed these sumo springs on the rear of my 2006 Chevy Silverado. The installation took approximately one hour and a half from start to finish. I pulled my travel trailer having a Tongue weight of approximately 392 pounds with a 492 pound Honda scooter strapped in the bed of the truck which still did not exceed the weight rating of the truck. The bounce the truck had prior to installation was eliminated completely. I highly recommend the sumo springs for anyone needing a more stable ride with a load (sumo springs make direct contact and provide stability) or without a load ( sumo springs ride approximately 1/4 of an inch above rear end bump plate). I have had experience with air bag suspensions and they are fine too; but, with sumo springs you can, “set it and forget it” because you have no air lines to worry about air leaks and uneven load distribution due to a lack of air on either side. Thanks etrailer once again!!!!

by: Jesse08/16/2020

Replace the failed original bump stops today. After figuring out that I had to remove the old bump stop brackets from the top, the installation only took about 40 minutes. The back of truck used to sag quite a bit when boat was hooked up, now it only sags 1 3/4 inches. I have not hauled the boat on bumpy roads or highway speeds yet so the ride quality is yet to be determined.

by: Claude S10/22/2020
Chevrolet Silverado

I hated pulling my camper with my 1500 Silverado. It swerved at every puff of wind, especially when a tractor trailer would pass me. It took me maybe a half hour to install the sump springs and what a difference they've made. No swaying and I can now enjoy pulling the camper. Worth every penny!

Works way better than I expected. Cant believe something so easy to install works so well. Took out the fear of pulling a heavy camper!
Claude S - 10/24/2021
Works way better than I expected. Cant believe something so easy to install works so well. Took out the fear of pulling a heavy camper!
Claude S - 10/24/2021

by: James06/11/2022

Helped calm down the bounce when my utility trailer or camper were hooked up. Super easy to install, maybe took 15 minutes.

by: John 01/19/2022
2015 Chevrolet Silverado

I installed the new springs a month or so with out any problems on my 2015 Silverado 1500. They raised the tow hitch height 4-5 in
And stiffened the rear suspension. There is now less bounce and sway on the rear end of the truck along with a smoother ride

by: Jonathan12/13/2021

Added these to my 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 (regular bed, regular cab) after noticing the original bump stops were missing. I use my truck frequently for hauling, and occasionally for towing.

Pros -- really tightened-up the suspension. When towing and when the truck is loaded, it performs much better. I don't doubt these have increased the amount the truck can safely carry and tow. The truck even seems to corner better.
Cons -- These really tightened-up the suspension. When driving unloaded, the truck rattles you more than it used to. Though they are called "helper" springs, they are basically constantly helping, even if you are unloaded.

Ultimately, it's a trade-off, and if you use your truck for its intended purpose, then it's a good trade. But if you primarily want comfort driving an empty vehicle on the interstate, then this upgrade is not for you.

by: David 05/27/2020
Nissan Leaf

Sumosprings are simple to install. And seem to work great. If you need a little help from squishing your leaf springs, these are great.

This is a great product for assisting your leader springs. Makes the ride a bit stiffer when empty. Air bags are a better choice, but cost a lot more too. Honestly, if your factory springs cant handle the weight, you need a bigger truck.
David - 05/28/2021

by: Steve N.11/13/2019

I Received the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs shipment today and installed them on my 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 standard cab long bed truck. It took about 30 minutes to install the helpers springs. I watched the install video and read the installation instructions on the etrailer website while waiting for the shipment to arrive. They were easy to install without jacking up the truck, I laid flat on my back and slid under the truck on my garage floor and had no problems at all. After installation I hooked up my 20 ft travel trailer and went on a test drive. The helper springs made a big difference and gave a more solid stable performance with the truck while towing my 5,000 lb travel trailer. I've installed airbags on previous trucks and I believe for the money and easy installation this is the best option to improve towing performance.

Steve N - 11/14/2020

by: Jim 10/21/2021

Made an instant impact on the way my truck handled towing my trailer!

by: Gus11/30/2020

Gus W.-Great product, very easy to install. I'm towing a 5730 lb. trailer with a 1500 pickup.
It swayed before and the sumo springs took care of that problem also took some of the sag out of the suspension. With the sumo springs I never have to worry about a torn air bag.I would definitely recommend this product.

by: Chris04/21/2018
2010 Chevrolet Silverado

My work truck (2015 Chevy Silverado 1500) is regularly loaded with 800 to 900 pounds of tools. Before installing the Sumospring the ride was kind of mushy. Now there is a nice spring to the ride, it feels like an empty truck. Installation was easy except that the 10 mm washers provided did not fit. A quick trip to the hardware store was the remedy.

by: Ralph C08/23/2020
Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Installed the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs on my 2020 GMC 1500 4x4 today and "Wow", what a difference. Handles like a completely different truck. No more constant bouncing over minor bumps and dips in the road. No more leaning into the turns. Didn't alter the ride height or stiffen the ride. Best money ever spent on this truck.

by: Boyd06/09/2018
2017 Chevrolet Silverado

Received excellent advice from Darren at etrailer. Based on my specific needs he recommended a low maintenance solution and less costly. Had only one installation question when product arrived. A different etrailer rep could only advise a 24 hour turn a round time to respond. Called the manufacturer to get the questioned answered to complete the install. For a 2017 Chev Silverado there is no need for the washers or the spacers for install. They will update their install instructions for newer model trucks. Would have rated a 5 if install question was addressed. Thanks Darren for your recommendation about this product. It is more preferable than a air lift system. No more sag when towing an occasional trailer.

by: Mark R10/23/2019

Worked very well tamed the porpoising when towing the camper. I removed them when not camping during winter because they are a little stiff riding when truck is empty. Very easy install and removing 15 min.

Excellent still working very well would recommend to anyone looking to boost the suspension in the rear of your truck15 Silverado
Mark K - 10/24/2020

by: John S05/18/2018
2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I giving a 5 star rating and haven't installed yet. All the help I received from etrailer was terrific, plus all the reviews were a big help, plus I have bought from them before info was great shipping very fast, and carry quality products. Will definitely purchase from etrailer in the future.

by: Tim08/22/2019

Installed in 10 min. Easy install.Have not tried them yet.Boat is at the dealer.Will know when I pick it up.

Tim - 08/23/2020

by: Ronald F09/21/2018

Works great easy to install, trailer rides level just like I wanted.

by: Richard11/28/2018
2013 Honda Fit

Works great, easy install, quick ship by etrailer.

by: Barry 03/19/2021

I received in a timely manner and was installed in minutes. Truck still squats but only 1-2”s . So far very pleased

by: Gary 08/08/2021
2003 GMC Sierra

Installed the next day. Great service at a good price.

by: Charles10/06/2018
2006 Chevrolet Silverado

Excellent product, the install instructions to me where confusing. I am an experienced suspension person. End of the day I installed for best fit and was satisfied. Price was right and ride was great after install. Have not had time to experience with tow but am not concerned.

by: Ernesto11/09/2018

Fit was great and super easy to install. They work really good.

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Customers compare SSR-209-40 to these similar products

Do you have a question about this Vehicle Suspension?