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Rack'Em Double Barrel Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist w/ Chain - 200 lbs

Code: RA-27C

180 reviews

Our Price: $199.90


Product Specs:



Tailgate Assist


200 lbs


This chain-driven tailgate lift assist makes it easy to raise and lower the tailgate on your open utility trailer. Compact unit mounts on just one side of your trailer, leaving more rail space available for racks, accessories, and trailer loading.

Video of Rack'Em Double Barrel Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist w/ Chain - 200 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Rack'Em Double Barrel Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist w/ Chain - 200 lbs - RA-27C

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (180 Customer Reviews)

This chain-driven tailgate lift assist makes it easy to raise and lower the tailgate on your open utility trailer. Compact unit mounts on just one side of your trailer, leaving more rail space available for racks, accessories, and trailer loading.

by: Dorothy07/24/2022

First time I lowered it half way down it went slamming on the ground. A ring attaching the spring to the chain gave way it was not welded. I took a pair of channel locks and squeezed it closed and was going to have it welded being someone forgot to weld it but I thought it's under warranty and wasn't going to put the money out to fix it. The ring is a smaller diameter than the others one installed. Waiting on Rack' Em to send me parts under warranty. Someone should me crediting me some money back being I was put out and have to fix it.

I see that our customer service department is assisting you with your options.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 08/05/2022

by: Art C12/09/2013

Received the product. Thanks for the speedy shipping.
I have installed the product and am very pleased with it's operation. It was very easy to install . Since it was placed on my trailer's side gate, I only had to make one small change. I drilled two mounting holes into the gate bracket and mounted it with the adjustment holes on the outside in order to keep the lift chain straight on it's sprockets. (shown in picture). I had to purchase nothing extra for the double barrel lifter and it works great. Friends are already commenting on it and getting the order info from me. More will come when the snow and ice clears.

Very quick delivery, with 1 modification, I had it installed and it works GREAT. Recommend it highly..
-- comment by: Bob F - 06/28/2014
Product works great as advertised.. Still happy that I purchased it!
Art C - 12/09/2014

by: Randy W.08/09/2017

I am very pleased with this product. I have installed this on my split tailgate and it works flawlessly. I have another trailer with the gorilla tailgate assists on both sides. I would pick the RA-27C double barrel over the gorilla springs, hands down. I have included some pics to help anyone else with a split tailgate. This is what I came up with and it works great!

I have had this product for a year now and it still is working very well. I am very pleased and would still recommend this to anyone.
Randy W - 08/09/2018

by: Dawson M.02/18/2015

I got my Rack'em double barrel gate assist a few days ago and installed it. My trailer has 16 inch side rails which I was told is too high for it to work properly so I ended up welding a piece of angle iron to the outside of my trailer rails at 13 inches high to solve that problem. This actually worked out better anyway as it puts the doublebarrel down out of harms way and left my top rail unobstructed for my hedge trimmer mount.
I had a garage door spring mounted in this location and it worked well for 20 years but the double barrel works much better. It can be adjusted so that the gate requires zero effort to lift and it also does not slam the gate closed if I don't hold onto it past the halfway point or let the gate slam to the ground if I let go of it below the halfway just works perfect!
It makes no annoying noises like the competing trailer gate assist units on the market do and is quite a bit shorter overall...Surprisingly, it's actually among the cheaper options in this category too.

Build quality seems good...The only concern I have is with the size of roller chain they used, I'm sure they've tested it extensively and determined that what they used is strong enough but I would feel more comfortable with a little larger size roller chain. Just a suggestion to the manufacturer if they happen to see this.

Can't say how it will hold up long term but initial impressions are great.

by: Paul f07/14/2018

You were very professional–
knowledgeable, easy to understand, and polite. The product was at a good price with free shipping, and I received it in 4 days. All a plus.
The etrailer video showed a simple installation with one finger lifting, and also the gate staying in a holding position between all the way up and all the way down.
My installation was simple, but I have an angle-iron constructed gate and it was easier to use an eye-bolt in place of the provided bracket to better line-up the chain. To take up the chain slack and preload the springs I moved the chain clip to a different link, but the lifting takes more than a finger and it will fall.
The Rack’em Double Barrel Trailer Tailgate Assist does help to lift the gate but doesn’t do it with the ease of one finger as shown in the video. If you have any suggestions they are welcome. Thanks.

by: David 01/21/2023

It was easy to install and now my wife can lift the tailgate while I just sit in the truck and watch!

by: Mike09/09/2022

I just installed it and it works great. One finger lift and lower! The packaging was pretty damaged, but all the parts were still there. If the top rail on your trailer is box tubing, the supplied bolts are too short. It looks like they are meant for regular angle-iron top rails. That's not the fault of etrailer, or Rack'Em though, and I had some bolts laying around that were the correct length, so I'm still very happy with my purchase.

by: Jonathan Sims10/20/2017

This is a very good product. I choose this product because of ease of installation and cost. I had read other reviews and liked what I saw. I thought about the gorilla lift but didn’t want to go thru the hassle of installation. The Double Barrel system works flawless. Installation only took about 45 mins at the most. This really helped me out a lot because, my trailer gate is very heavy and a pain to pick up. I run a small Lawncare company so I’m always letting the gate up and down. So this was a must in my eyes. I decided to do what I saw another person did and that was u a eye bolt instead of the plate and it worked great. I’m very happy with my purchase and know it is going to last along time.

Great no problems
Jonathan S - 10/23/2018

by: RAY M07/30/2014


by: Robert 01/20/2023

Excellent product! Easy to install, makes lowering and raising heavy lift effort less!

by: Travis 07/15/2022

I bought this for my 70 year old Father because the tailgate on his trailer was a bit heavy for him to lift by himself. He installed it himself and told me thank you 1,000 times. He said the install was a breeze and he sent me a video of him lifting his tailgate with 1 finger now. Pretty sure I solidified by position as the favorite kid after this gift.

by: Glenn M06/30/2014

I purchased the Double Barrel for our landscape trailer. The tailgate has a two foot extension welded onto it making it 6" long. One guy could lift it but it was an accident waiting to happen. I made a phone call to Customer Service and Katie helped me out. She put me in touch with the manufacturing facility. After they confirmed that it would "help" with the weight I decided to purchase one with the thought that I might need two. The installation is simple but I did have to add two half inch spacers to align the chain on the sprocket but every trailer is different. Although the tailgate is not one finger light, it is more than acceptable and can now easily be lifted by one man. Great product and great customer service.

by: Rod 03/26/2019

The Rack-em lift is excellent.
like this tailgate lift assist. Prefer the roller chain system over cables
Easy install on round tube trailer rails. Much simpler than the two side lift setup.
Took a little try & see to adjust for tension.
Price, ordering & shipping was good.
Will recommend this item to friends

by: Mark01/21/2022

Rack 'em works great on my trailer with a very heavy ramp. Installation instructions were not very clear. BUT, thanks to etrailer's excellent video instructions, the install went well. etrailer is fantastic. My "go to" source for all my trailers.

by: Andrew M03/25/2018

Pictures of the Rackem trailer gate assist (RA-27). I was told to take pictures and send them to this e-mail after install

by: Robert06/29/2020

I just finished installing the system on my trailer. And I love it. I would like to give a shout out to carol in customer service. I did have a minor problem with shipping. I called customer service and talked to Carol and she had it fixed in a few minutes.

Due to the design of my trailer and the 6 foot gate. The trailer is of my design and I built it. The gate weighs more than the average gate so I opted to install two lift supports. At 54 with two bad shoulders the gat was extremely heavy to lift at just over 250 lbs. I highly recommend etrailer.

by: Ted12/02/2017

Solid Product that works well.
instructions are very poor, but it is a simple install if you look at the video so it is okay.
I like the profile and ease of which it works.
I replaced the bolts that hold the bracket on the gate as in my opinion they are much too long and too small (5/16 x 2 1/2) and replaced with 3/8 by 1 1/2
Only issue is that it keeps the left corner of gate lifted, but only by an inch or so. It does not prevent me from driving the UTV on the trailer at all.
One thing to watch for is where the bolt holes will line up on side rail. I wasn't paying attention and the front one came out on top of angle iron vertical support. Shifted unit back and all worked well.

After a year of heavy use this unit is still working great and gets lots of comments from other riders we meet on ATV trail head. I like how quickly i can detach if i need to remove tail gate. I would definitely buy this again and recommend to others. Btw this lifts an extra large gate that is over 4 feet high so impressed with how it works and can be adjusted for the weight of different gates.
Ted - 12/02/2018

by: Steve W11/03/2016

The double barrel tailgate lift is a life saver. It has made lifting my tailgate much easier and also helps when lowering it because it slows it down. My gate was a beast to lift but not anymore. It is definitely a great item that is well worth the price.

by: Jack Hull05/01/2020

This was ordered for my dad. he & stepmom they were having a hard time lifting the rear gate. after installing it they said it was the best thing. Dad is 87 and he loves it.
Thanks again

by: dave mulvie10/29/2015

Great product and great response from support. Glen thanks.
Trailer has 3" dove tail ,mounted rail 15" above tailgate hinge point
eye at 46" took up 3 links, lift with two fingers.

by: Peter D06/09/2016

Fairly easy install. eTrailer videos were very helpful. Decided to use 3/8" Eye Bolt for gate instead of the gate bracket. Worked much better on angle iron built trailer.

by: Greg W05/04/2015

My parents are getting up there in age. My dad in his eighties, my mother in her 70's.
They still love to jump in their Polaris RZR and go for rides. However, the weight of the tailgate on their RZR trailer was almost more than they could handle. I worried about injuries.
I purchased the Rack'em Double Barrel Trailer Tailgate Assist hoping it would work as well as it did. My parents are ecstatic with the performance of the unit and the ease with which they can now raise and lower the tailgate.
The installation was straight forward, although the paper instructions were very rudimentary. Luckily I had watched an installation video prior to my purchase. Maybe adding real photos rather than line drawings and a list of included parts, by size and tools needed, especially drill bit sizes would be very helpful.
I did have to purchase one additional bolt, which needed to be shorter than the supplied bolt due to the unit butting up against the fender. No big deal, it would be hard to supply hardware for all contingencies.
Overall, not including time spent running to the store. The installation took about a half hour. Would have been faster but I had to ream out a couple of holes because I didn't have the appropriate drill bit.
I would recommend this product to anyone looking to save their back.

by: Tommy04/18/2018

Got the product 2 days ago & just got done mounting it on my trailer today. Pretty simple installation went on good. It does make the trailer tailgate Much lighter then what it was! My only problem during the mounting of the product was I had to make some shims on the bracket that goes on the tailgate itself. With out doing this the bolts didn't have enough threads to completely tighten the bracket. And with out doing this the tailgate bracket would have not been in a straight enough line to match up with the sprocket Assy on the trailer itself. Like I said just got done with it today. So far I am very happy with this product & I would recommend it for someone else!

by: Doug11/17/2014

Purchased this product over the Gorilla assist because they had a video on how to install, looked easy so I ordered it. I have a landscape trailer with 2" square tube and not angel iron as the one in the video. The hardware supplied was to short since the were 2" long bolts, had to buy 3" bolts and a eye bolt for the tailgate since my trailer has handles on the side where the tailgate plate was supposed to go. Call the company for and idea of how high to mount the eye bolt but the person was of little help and was kind of gruff about the whole thing. This company needs to include bigger hardware since most of the trailers I looked at had 2" square tubing frames. It's installed and works OK.

by: Alan04/06/2017

fit great, also makes the heavy tailgate lift with ease
Like that it is a double action, it is only on one side , and the width is the same as the frame,
The old trailer was custom made for a bobcat 500, in 1965, and had two heavy wood laminated plans for a ramp, we made a break-metal ramp (very HEAVY) to replace the wood, your lift assist did the job.

thank you for making it so powerful.

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  • Between the Rack'Em Double Barrel Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist # RA-27C and the Gorilla-Lift Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist # GL1, we do in fact sell more of the Double Barrel # RA-27C. As far as quality of the product, the Double Barrel # RA-27C and the Gorilla-Lift # GL1 are both good quality. As you mentioned, when it comes to installation the Double Barrel # RA-27C will require about half of the Gorilla-Lift # GL1 since there is only 1 lift rather than 2. The Gorilla-Lift...
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Gorilla-Lift Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist w/ Cable - 300 lbs

Code: GL1

265 reviews

Our Price: $178.71


Product Specs:



Tailgate Assist


300 lbs


This system uses stainless steel cables with sturdy springs to make it easy for you to raise and lower the tailgate on your open utility trailer. Units mount on both sides of the trailer to assist each side of the tailgate evenly, preventing warping.

Video of Gorilla-Lift Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist w/ Cable - 300 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Gorilla-Lift Utility Trailer Tailgate Lift Assist w/ Cable - 300 lbs - GL1

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (265 Customer Reviews)

This system uses stainless steel cables with sturdy springs to make it easy for you to raise and lower the tailgate on your open utility trailer. Units mount on both sides of the trailer to assist each side of the tailgate evenly, preventing warping.

by: Joe06/02/2018

Should have purchased this years ago. What a difference. I had to do a custom mount on the side of the trailer rails due to the location of my gate latches. Welded on 6 pcs of channel iron, drilled the holes and mounted. This allows you to use the tie downs on the top of the trailer rails and let's the cables stay online with the rollers with no side load. It now takes very little effort to raised and lower the 6'4" x 4'2" gate made with 2" angle iron. Could have gotten away with just one but two makes the gate super easy. The force needed to raise the gate from the ground now measures between 5 & 6 lbs. Product was as advertised and shipping was super quick and free.

A year later and this thing is great ! Trailers should come stock with these things. Should have bought it sooner.
Joe - 06/02/2019

by: Henry06/21/2018

I installed the Gorilla Lifts to my trailer following the directions included in the box.
The direction were easy to understand and follow. The lifts were easy to install, adjust and work great. The ramp on my utility trailer was heavy and hard to lift by one person. It is an easy, one handed operation now. I am very happy with the lifts and the service I receive from

The Gorilla Lifts I purchased from and installed on my carry-all trailer are fantastic. They have raked the strain off my back when raising and lowering the tall tailgateramp. I recommend them to everyone who has a similar style trailer!
Henry - 06/21/2019

by: Robert05/09/2019

I have been wanting this lift for some time and so glad I ordered it from They had the best price around, quick shipping and customer service is awesome. Total installation time was around 1 hour and easy to do. I have arm, neck and back issues so the trailer ramp was difficult for me to raise and lower. The Gorilla Lift made it so easy to use now, I can't believe I wanted this long to get it! Highly recommend this company and the product!

This gate lift is fantastic! One year in use and still works like a charm. No problems or issues in the last year nor do I anticipate any. Quality is 100 and this product has exceeded my expectations. Highly Recommend!
Robert - 05/10/2020

by: Michael01/17/2020

I've had two back surgeries so I was very hopeful these would help with raising and lowering a heavy tractor ramp on my new trailer. They have exceeded my expectations.. I can literally use one hand to raise and lower the ramp... I would like to offer a install tip.. use a adjustable wood clamp to align the two tubes when tightening the bolts and they will be perfectly aligned. Great product.

Great... bought s second one for my lawnmower trailer !
michael p - 01/18/2021

by: Doug12/19/2017

I could never go back to life without the Gorilla tailgate lift assist. It was tricky installing on a 15 year old 12 ft. PJ's single axle trailer due to structural side rail supports that just happened to foul the locations where the bolt holes were needed.

We worked around the problem but even with that frustration I love my lift assist and my back loves it even more so.

by: Chuck L04/07/2019

The Gorilla-Lift was installed on my almost forty year old utility trailer that I have recently dove tailed, painted and new wood. The tail gate is 5’ x5’ made of 2” tubing and expanding metal (heavier thanI wanted to lift). You can see by the pictures all it took was one lift with the larger spring to do the job. Was adjusted to where you take your hand off it stays put. The Gorilla- Lift was recommended by a friend that has one installed on a much heavier tail gate
that works great.
I would recommend the Gorilla-Lift to my friends.

by: Larry 09/14/2022

This product works as advertised. Easy to install. Makes it a lot easier to lift the gate. I do wish they would use nylon lock nuts instead of depressed center nuts for the rails. The depressed center nuts would start to heat up the bolt and then start seizing up and shear the bolt.

by: Robert 03/20/2021

I could not use an overhead spring with cable running down to the enclosed trailer ramp door because the cable rubbed the wings of my folding wing plane when I loaded it. I mounted three Gorilla lift tubes with internal springs to assist lifting my enclosed trailer heavy ramp door. The Gorilla Lift tubes are attached to one side of my trailer below the level of the wing and elevator so there is no interference during loading. All three Gorilla Lift tubes are on one side due to a door opening on the other side of the trailer.
I worry a little about the plastic coating on the Gorilla Lift cables drying, cracking and becoming a maintenance problem later.

The Gorilla Lifts are working well a year after installation
Robert - 03/21/2022

by: Paul08/28/2022

Saves on your back lifting and lowering trailer gates, I have one split heavy duty gate, it lifts both together without a problem 1 man operation, and on my other trailer it is a lighter gate literally use 2 fingers it is incredible.

by: Jerry 09/27/2022

Helps lift up the trailer tailgate ramp very easily.

by: Rebecca 08/19/2022

Love the tailgate lift assist system! I've gone from dreading using the trailer to making excuses to USE the trailer! Thanks!!

by: Gary 04/28/2021

The gorilla Tellgate lift is awesome! I can lift a tailgate with one finger and do the same as far as putting it down .It makes my life a whole lot easier lifting the tailgate!

Still performs as well as it did today I put it on I love it!
Gary D - 04/29/2022

by: Larry R06/13/2017

It arrived quickly, very heavy construction. Followed the instructions and installation was easy. When I was trying to adjust the tension for the gate it caused some frustration, fortunately there is a troubleshooting guide which addressed my problem. The lift works as advertised, effortlessly raises or lowers, and eliminates my concern about dropping the gate by accident. I highly recommend it

by: RD09/27/2022

I’m 82 years old and this neutralized the weight of the tail gate. The trailer is now much easier to use.

by: Martin S03/03/2020

My trailer had a heavy back braking tailgate/ramp. I installed one side and it was enough lift to allow anyone to operate the tailgate. I installed the other side cause I don't have a second trailer to use it on. With both on, the ramp has almost no weight to it. It's a simple straight forward product that works great. Quality is well worth the price. My installation was slightly more difficult due to the trailer having extended sides. I had to use a piece of flatbar to offset the yellow tubes slightly. I included a pic and you can see the offset bracket if you look closely.

by: Thomas 09/11/2022

Great product. Works as intended. Game changer on my back breaking trailer ramp!

by: Carl 08/05/2022

Takes the stress out of lifting the gate for sure. Nice install. Here's a tip on that, use spray paint to mark your drill holes :)

by: Franklin11/06/2022

I have a problem we the setup when I try to open the gate it tries to go up. I try to lower the wires but they don`t work.

You mentioned that it is not working properly and I wanted to see if you would be able to send pictures of it installed.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/10/2022

by: Phil W06/26/2017

Made the ramp on my trailer 5' long and extra heavy, could not pick it up, ordered a set of Gorilla-lift trailer tailgate lift assists what a difference they made! Great product, easy to install I would recommend this product to anyone building or purchasing a trailer with a tailgate will save your back.

by: Joseph04/17/2018

Easy to install, took less than 2 hours, and part of that time was looking for an 1/2 drill bit. My wife can open and close the tailgate easily.

love it, just use my foot to lift it back up
Joseph - 04/17/2019

by: Steve 02/18/2021

Great device for people with lifting limitations. I can actually raise my tailgate on my trailer with my foot

Great for heavy ramps and back problems
Steve - 02/19/2022

by: Gary06/10/2022


by: Phil M.10/23/2017

I have a utility trailer with a bi-fold gate that was too heavy to operate and the use of the Gorilla 1 helped with the ease of use. I had to make a cable guide that was mounted in the box tubing of the first section of the bi-fold gate and the cable end was attached about 4 inches from the hinge of the second gate. This allowed assistance in the weight of second section of the gate as was lifted to lower the first section of the gate.
From the lowered position, the cable tension allowed the weight balance of the full gate to retract with ease and automatically fold.

by: Ken03/09/2018

Makes lifting the tailgate ramp on my trailer so much easier. This is such a great product and I highly recommend it for anybody with a trailer With a liftgate ramp especially if you have back problems or want to avoid back injuries.

by: Tom W10/11/2019

The Gorilla lift works great. My tailgate was impossible to lift by myself, but now one hand does it easily. I needed to be creative to mount it on the outside of the top plate due to the rear post, but a piece of angle iron did the trick.

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