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Rack'Em Spare Tire Carrier for E-Track

Code: RA-16HST

179 reviews

Our Price: $63.19


Product Specs:

Spare Tire Carrier

E-Track Mount



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Customer Reviews

Rack'Em Spare Tire Carrier for E-Track - RA-16HST

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (179 Customer Reviews)

by: Bill H04/26/2014

I was concerned about putting the weight of a spare tire on the e-Track, but it really is not a problem. This bracket holds the tire up close and tight, so there's really no room for the tire to move once it is screwed down.

The e-track on the front of my trailer is screwed very solidly into the metal frame of the V-nose structure, so the weight of the tire goes right into the frame, and isn't trying to pull wood screws out of plywood.

In the pictures, I have the tire mounted low because that is the most convenient place for placing and removing the tire, but it works equally well on the higher tracks, and that gets it out of the way for loading most things in the trailer.

Nicely set up, what kind of lights do you have in there? That is very bright and I like it.
-- comment by: Bob - 10/12/2014
You can see my review on the lights ILL31CB.
-- comment by: Bill H - 10/14/2014

by: Mark M04/17/2017

The RackEm RA-16 works fairly well, but has a couple of design flaws, both of which have been noted by other reviewers:
1. The threaded nut is difficult to maneuver and not very long. This makes placing relatively large tires (16" 8-lug wheels in my case) difficult.
2. The main post is rectangular, unlike a wheel center which is pretty much always is round.

Both of these flaws tend to scratch aluminum wheels.
To deal with the first problem I used a plastic washer and a metal washer, which made it even more difficult to mount the wheel. To fix the second problem, I have a sturdy rag rapped around the post.

The wheel has been mounted in my trailer for a year. Getting it up there was such a hassle that it is going to stay there unless I need it as a spare. Fortunately, I can check the tire pressure with it mounted.

This product is a great idea, however, it would be MUCH improved this were a two-piece, or three-piece design with protection for aluminum surfaces. Perhaps inspiration can be found from a garden hose faucet.

by: Mark M.09/03/2013

I had my doubts about ordering this tire mounting bracket but I have to tell you that any doubts I had disappeared once the etrack was mounted on the interior wall of our trailer and the bracket snapped into place. The spare tire mounted on the bracket instantly and is held in place with the wingnut. The actual arm you see sticking out is what holds the weight of the assembly on the bracket. Now the spare tire unit is up and out of the way instead of under foot. Highly recommended. In the picture, see it up on the front left of the trailer? Just perfect for us:-)

by: Calvin P.05/15/2013

Works on my etrack just like it was designed. Awesome flexibility for location. Order Service by was top notch.

Calvin P - 02/05/2019

by: Kent04/04/2020

good product. helps remove tire/wheel out of way while loading up the trailer. tie-down screw (where you secure wheel down with lug nut) can stand to be a bit shorter. I split a short piece of water hose and protected the inside wheel hole from the square hook. Overall worked out well for my needs.

by: Kay and Jesse05/09/2014

Placed my order on Friday and received item on Tuesday – Really Fast Service! This was ordered for my husband who had extra E-Track installed in his new trailer just for the Spare Tire Carrier – it works great, looks great and will keep the spare tire out of the way. Thanks so much - you run a great business!

Kay and Jesse/North Carolina

Also, added a piece of PVC on the rod to protect it from the rim wearing on the threads (inset on photo).

by: Jeffrey02/25/2018

This is a great product that helps keep my spare tire secure and off the floor of the trailer. I like it so much that I am going to get another one when I purchase another spare tire/rim. Highly recommended...

by: BR07/18/2021

I have been carrying my spare tire on top of the cabinets in the front of my cargo trailer and was looking for a way to use my horizontal e-tracks to hold the tire. The Rack'em Spare Tire Carrier fit the bill perfectly. Now my spare time is securely stored and out of the way. Great product and would highly recommend!

by: Dale04/10/2018

My Rackem Spare Tire Rack has been mounted on my hauler wall for a year. There have been no problems with it. The tire stays in place with lots of trips, it's a very easy product to install that works.

by: Robert 09/24/2020

I put my alloy trailer wheels on backwards. The fit great. I mounted two, stacking my spare tires.

Still works great!
Robert - 09/24/2021

by: Corey C02/23/2020

I bought this to mount a spare tire in my 5X8 enclosed Trailer. In short, I love it. I can move it anywhere on my railing system on either side and can even remove it if I have an extra big cargo load. My trailer gets pulled long distances and having the spare was a must. Getting the spare out of my truck bed and or off the floor of the trailer to save room was a must. This was ideal for me.

by: Matt S12/12/2013

As requested, here are some pics of my e-track installation. I find the raised e-tracks in the floor very problematic and dangerous so I made sure they were recessed. This is now an extremely versatile cargo trailer.

by: James05/09/2022

It is difficult to get the tire on the the device because the the shaft that secures the tire gets in the way. The only way I can get tire on main post is to use a small bungee cord to hold it out of the way while i lift the tire onto the main post.

by: Paul11/08/2017

Great Products for both the spare tire/wheel and the carrier. Neglected to purchase a spare for my trailer when I bought it and this site had a great selection that allowed me to match my tires and rims. Carrier works perfect for my setup.

by: 68 C-10 KID06/25/2016

It took more time to get the bracket out of the box than it did to install. It's perfect. Great product to get the spair tire off the floor and rolling around. No more hassle. The great thing is it's not a permanent mount. You can simply back off wing nut, pull tire and choose another location. So excited to clean up trailer floor space.

by: Adam 08/26/2018

Works as it should. I had to trim about a 1/4 off the top of the mount to make my trailer spare tire slip over it easier, but no big deal. Works great in my horizontal e-track on the trailer wall.

by: Jason 11/29/2021

Worked as advertised. Unfortunately the weight of the spare tire was heavy enough to pull the track away from the wall of my trailer. We are going to add a short piece of track so the weight of the tire can be on the floor of the trailer.

by: C Murdock 01/06/2015

I rigged my enclosed trailer with products from E Trailer. I'm Happy with the pricing free shipping and professional services. the ETrack makes everything secure and extremely versitile.

by: ADKDogWalker08/08/2019

I have had two of these break on me so far. The company did replace the second free of charge but when it snapped, the spare came down on the car I was hauling inside my trailer. You can see the two tabs on the top that hold the bracket in the E-Track are not substantial. That was the point of failure on both. Perhaps it is just not strong enough for the weight of full size 15" wheels.

by: Thomas06/24/2016

I needed this within the week so after placing my online order I called etrailer and spoke with George who was able to push my order to ship on Monday. Come Friday I checked my mailbox and low and behold, there it was just sitting there.

I quickly tore open the box and installed the spare tire on the etrack. Mounted perfectly fine on horizontal etrack. Very happy. For $[...] you can't go wrong. I can move the tire anywhere on the etrack given my cargo load.

Thank you George for getting this to me quick. Repeat buyer and will continue to be.

After a year the spare tire holder is still working great. Havent needed to move it from where I initially placed it back of trailer. Very happy with my purchase and
Thomas - 06/24/2017

by: Robert10/28/2017

Yep perfect ! I be been using it everyday in my race trailer . Thanks

by: Boerne B03/20/2019

Allows an easy placement of the spare and the bolt securly keeps it in place

by: Sam B06/05/2015

I had my spare tire bungee corded to the inside wall of my trailer. Now it's mounted to my E-Track about 4 1/2 feet up the wall. It really is nice to have the extra floor space.

Its been a year since I mounted my Spare Tire Carrier for E-Track. Ive been over lots of dusty trails and so far, my spare tire hasnt budged an inch. That is good for two reasons. Great product quality, AND no flat tires!!! P.S. It also is a great place to hang a wet or dusty riding jacket.
Sam B - 06/04/2016

by: tr04/01/2017

the piece is well made and will help neaten up the trailer by getting the spare out of the way.Plus factor is it is inside the trailer,no rusty bolts to undo.

Thomkid - 04/01/2018

by: Kevin07/28/2014

Very good item for e-track I can mount the spare tire where I have room the only reason I am not giving it a five is the bolt is hard to get through the lug nut hole. It is not really needed though because of the angle of the holder. Great product and I would recommend it to anyone who has e track and needs a spare tire holder.

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Rack'Em Spare Tire Rack for Enclosed Trailers

Code: RA-16

52 reviews

Our Price: $97.43


Product Specs:

Spare Tire Carrier

Wall Mount




Video of Rack'Em Spare Tire Rack for Enclosed Trailers

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Rack'Em Spare Tire Rack for Enclosed Trailers - RA-16

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (52 Customer Reviews)

by: Joe 08/29/2022

Does exactly what you'd expect. Ordered 2, 1 for trailer spare and 1 for UTV spare. Took a little adjusting to get it to work correctly with the UTV spare but it's not the intended purpose so no complaints. The wingnut is a little clunky because of the angle of attack but it just has to hold it back from bouncing off, so again, no complaints.

by: Dirk08/11/2021

Very well constructed mounted it on 2x6 cut 45° 3inch wide. Also watched your video.

by: Paulie S.01/27/2019

Attached is a set of photos of my new “Rack-Em” interior tire hanger. I bought both the new spare tire and wheel from etrailer and it was SUPER easy on-line. I watched it track on my phone and both items arrived AHEAD of schedule. I installed the hangar and the tire in MINUTES!

Thanks Bros and Sis’s at etrailer, I’m as they say: “Miles Ahead with etrailer!”

by: Ryan07/14/2019

Followed the installation recommended in the etrailer video and it works fine. I would suggest adding some wood blocks on each side of the tire to limit wobble.

Works like a champ. Had no issues with it so far. Nice and sturdy.
Ryan C - 07/21/2020

by: RICHARD02/11/2022


by: Mike R11/01/2020

This spare tire rack is a great accessory for inside an enclosed cargo trailer. Remember to place this inside near the side walk-in door for easier access to remove when you have a flat. I also found that a 2x4 mounted on each side of the tire keeps the tire from wobbling and keeps the tire stable. I would recommend this to anyone to get the spare tire up and out of the way but easy and quick to get when you need it.

by: Neil02/11/2018

This works great. My only complaint is that I wish the etrack went even higher (or the install bracket was shorter), I would like to get the tire as close to the ceiling of my trailer as possible.

by: Tony05/26/2016

The product was simple to install and seems to be a great fit for my trailer.

by: Alan08/05/2022

works great!

by: Wade H.10/16/2017

First the service - - prompt, very well packaged, arrived faster than I expected. Now the products - - tires and wheels look fine and installed correctly - -I will update on how they do on and off the highway. Spare tire rack was EZ to install in the enclosed trailer. Great experience with etrailer!

by: Denali HD Duramax07/07/2021

Quick shipment, easy to install and good quality. Inside enclosed trailer spare tire storage.

by: Mike B04/29/2017

Very impressed with the quality of the RA 16 spare tire holder. Installed fairly easy requiring some addition wooden panels to shim up the walls to ensure a flat fit against the wall. Would have been nice to have included at least some 1 inch self tapping screws for installation. Would recommend the product to my friends.

by: A. J.07/07/2011

Installed the RA-16 Rack in my trailer and stowed the spare wheel assy. on the new rack. Excellent product, well made and easy to install using the helpful interior trailer photo found on the website. Thanks.

by: Scottie07/05/2016

Gosh it's great. Mounts perfect, and have zero trouble with it. Looks great in my trailer. I recommend it to all. Everybody that sees it, just love it, and the way I mounted it. 6 stars from me. I'll have to send a picture from my I phone.

by: James l05/02/2018

Looks like it will be very useful for a spare wheel which now just lies on the floor of the trailer getting in the way.

Will install later this spring.

by: rainman 03/21/2015

Just as listed, very nice well made item. very fast shipping and very well packed. will order any other needs from

by: Joe03/01/2017

All products i have bought from this company I have been extremely pleased with. I have over 8 Peaces of enclosed trailer organized products and all build durable! Highly recommended!!

by: Chris 09/13/2021

East to mount and so nice to get the tire off the floor.

by: Rob 09/11/2020

Really great product. Sturdy and easy to install.

by: Robert11/13/2017

Easy to install. Keeps the tire up on the sidewall and out of the way. Simple to remove and replace tire.

by: Kirk 10/01/2020

Works great. Very easy to install. And etrailer is very very fast with shipping. Thank you!

by: Jon05/13/2018

Yet again good to go, good pics to what you're buying

by: Gregory. C.06/11/2019

Great product can't wait to install it in my enclosed haulmark 6 by 12 trailer great price

by: Wayne08/02/2018

Love the product, exactly what I needed to store my spare up and off the floor of my enclosed trailer. Easy to install.

by: Kevin01/14/2019

Awesome product. Fits nice in the v of my trailer..

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