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Pollak 7-Way to 12 Volt Power Outlet Adapter

Code: PK11896

39 reviews

Our Price: $19.63


Product Specs:

Trailer Wiring

Wiring Adapters

Single-Function Adapter

12 Volt

Plug Only

7 Round - Blade


Video of Pollak 7-Way to 12 Volt Power Outlet Adapter

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Pollak 7-Way to 12 Volt Power Outlet Adapter - PK11896

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (39 Customer Reviews)

by: Lon09/22/2022

the cooler plug wiggles in the hole which makes the contact not good.
the cooler plug has to sit a certain way for it to stay on if it gets bumped it stops working.

by: Tsunami03/10/2022

A nice quick and easy way to utilize the 7 pin trailer electrical harness hookup for 12 VCD uses. I use it to power my Engel 12 VDC compressor refrigerator and 200 watt DC to AC inverter when hunting/fishing in the boonies.

by: Bill 08/20/2021

This is exactly what I needed to power my electric air pump. The cord is too short to reach the trailer from the cab, so being able to plug in at the hitch is perfect. I can also easily inflate my air bags from this location, since my valve is on the back bumper. E trailer shipped this item fast, and I had it in just a few days. Great job!

by: Jason 10/29/2021

A++++ super fast shipping

Doing great when I need it
Jason - 10/30/2022

by: Jim 08/10/2022

delivery was 3 months waiting for rest of order

by: BSB04/29/2015

Product is handy for using it to power portable 12v air compressors without having to plug them into the cab. Excellent service as always from etrailer.

by: Mike H07/10/2014

This nice little device makes it easy for me to run my 12v accessories while outside at the rear of my vehicle. My main goal for using this adapter is to enable the use of a small air compressor for either my vehicle's rear tires or to pressurize the air bag suspension.

by: David C05/02/2016

Great item, just remember that GM typically does not tie down the 12V for the trailer connectors. In late model trucks its coiled and taped under the master cylinder. It ties to the 40 amp lug on the front of the main fuse box on the drivers side engine compartment.

by: Larry07/25/2014

Great product. Allowed me to use my 12V fridge without running additional wiring and installing another plug. For anything related to trailering and towing, I have found etrailer to be the go-to place to shop. Great selection of products, good prices and excellent customer service.

by: Wayne 08/17/2021

Fantastic product . Does exactly as advertised. In fact I have to buy another one.

by: Jimmy B.03/08/2016

Works just like it should. I Plug it into my 7 way RV plug in the the back of my F350 when on trips without an RV to run a 12V cooler. I have also run a light that runs off of 12V power while camping.

by: Scott04/09/2022

Worked as stated....Thanks!

by: Delbert C08/05/2015

I bought this because the new tractor I bought has a 7-way outlet on it. It doesn't fit, too big for the outlet. I will keep it in my truck for my worklight. I guess receptacles are a different size in Korea!

by: Mike C04/16/2014

Exactly what I was looking for - use it to run small compressor to inflate air bags.

by: Deron01/10/2016

Very fast. Item as described. Always impressed with shopping experience at

by: Joe09/26/2015

Spoke with Tori by phone to complete my order. It arrived on time and was shipped economically. I have placed orders with E Trailer before great prices and excellent customer service.

by: Gary H.10/19/2017

Simple 12V slide in connection. Great quality.

Product works fine after one year of use.
Gary H - 10/19/2018

by: Steve W11/11/2013

Plugs into 7- way and seems to be a quality product. So far so good.

by: Robert 10/18/2021

Works exactly as indicated with quick d elivery.

by: Brad05/01/2017

Fit into truck plug - A+
Delivery -
Packaging - A+
Working as described - A+

by: Tom B12/12/2020

The adapter works just fine for any of my 12 volt accessories .

by: Chad M.12/09/2012

plugged it into my 7way plug and it was tight, not loose and works perfectly. Good sturdy adapter

by: Thomas 06/05/2021

They had what I needed… Online ordering was easy…Price was reasonable… Delivery was punctual

by: Don Julio08/21/2015

Excellent product, works as described. The delivery was very fast. I Enjoy doing business with them.

by: Michael M03/15/2021

Working as expected
Michael A - 03/16/2022

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Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat/4-Wire Flat and 12-V Power Socket

Code: HM47675

104 reviews

Our Price: $24.58


Product Specs:

Trailer Wiring

Wiring Adapters

Multi-Function Adapter

5 Flat
4 Flat
12 Volt

Plug Only

7 Round - Blade


Adapt the 7-way trailer socket on your vehicle to work with a 4-way or 5-way flat connector on the trailer. Adapter also provides a 12-volt power source outlet. Great for tailgating.

Video of Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat/4-Wire Flat and 12-V Power Socket

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Adapter - 7-Way to 5-Wire Flat/4-Wire Flat and 12-V Power Socket - HM47675

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (104 Customer Reviews)

Adapt the 7-way trailer socket on your vehicle to work with a 4-way or 5-way flat connector on the trailer. Adapter also provides a 12-volt power source outlet. Great for tailgating.

by: Bob Borst, Rogue River OR11/06/2022

Works perfectly on 2023 Honda Ridgeline RTE-E truck. It goes on loose but is held securely in place by the connector cover.

by: Kevin08/15/2022

Very easy to install. Just had to remove the access cover on the drivers side and plug in the connector, then run the wire into the spare tire well. When towing simply take the wire out of the spare tire well and run it out the rear hatch.

by: Mark01/13/2022

Good solid unit that I expect to last a lifetime.
I purchased this unit primarily to provide a charging port for a float charger. The idea being that if I forget about it or if someone else drives my truck and is unaware that it is connected, it will easily disconnect when the vehicle is driven away.

by: Gordon 11/17/2022

as always great products and fast shipp ing

by: James 05/16/2021

Works great, the 12 volt power outlet is a nice extra that has power all the time.

Works great, I move it from one truck to the other weekly. Gonna order another right now.
James M - 05/24/2022

by: Craig S06/15/2017

Easy to insert in female recepticle. Fits 12volt plug on my thermoelectric cooler which is main reason I purchased it.

The weight of the large head does allow the large end to sag down slightly. Since I bought it to run my portable cooler in the bed of our pickup truck while we travel, I am hopefull that vibrations don't allow it to fall out. Even though it has a small tab to catch on recepticle cover, I'll probably secure it to the door of my female recepticle with tape or a bungie cord to avoid loosing it on the road.

Plan on using it first time next week on trip to VA.

Just fine, On a trip now and using it frequently when were in transit.
Craig S - 06/15/2018

by: David01/21/2022

This is a handy converter to have around if you need a 12v connector on the back of your car, or obviously to tow something with a 4/5 flat if your vehicle doesn't have both installed. My car had aftermarket wiring done and it was easier to wire the vehicle for the 7-way and put in an adapter if needed.

by: Bret03/07/2022

Product is great. Delivered extremely fast. has become my go to place to order items needed for our new 5th wheel. The customer service, website and shipping confirmation is the best around. Definitely a customer for life.

by: Curtis 09/15/2021

This item plus the extension cable I bought allowed me to have power going from my motorhome to the battery of my CRV to power up my brake buddy, while having my tow lights operating. Made things much easier on the 2k mile trip I just took.

by: John04/30/2022

Exactly what I need. Fast delivery. Great service from etrailer.

by: John09/04/2018

Solid and very well constructed. When attempting to use it in my 2017 F-250, I did not have 12V in the unit. After much angst, I determine that Ford did not install a 30 Amp fuse in spot 27 in the electrical distribution box. That circuit supplies the 12V needed to charge a battery on your trailer while driving. Heading to the dealer tomorrow to have them answer some questions. Product is solid. Recommend getting one it you are in the market

The 12-volt accessory circuit to the 7-way is frequently referred to as a charge circuit, but due to the small diameter of the wire feeding the 7-way and the distance from the alternator to the battery on the trailer, theres not going to be enough amperage through the circuit to charge a trailer battery. Itll maintain a charged battery, but wont charge one once its been discharged.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 09/05/2018
product works fine. However, the F-250 will not supply power to that receptacle until it detects a trailer attached to the truck.
John - 09/04/2019

by: John 08/28/2022

Got it on time and it was exactly what I needed.

by: Gene05/30/2018

Plugging this into my 7 pin pickup electrical outlet, I can tow anything from my utility trailer to my motorcycle trailer and not have to concern myself with checking the wiring to figure out how to get lights on different types of trailer configurations to work.

Ditto On The Original Comment. Mud, dusst, multiple vehicle washes and there still are no changes to the system. Still works like a champ.
Gene - 05/30/2019

by: Wes03/02/2015

I purchased this adapter for my 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad. It fits well and the door engages the plug tab, holding it firmly in place. I haven't hooked up the trailer yet, but did test the 12 volt outlet. It worked well on the shop light (10 watt LED) that I had on-hand.

Still working well. I dont leave it plugged in 24/7, and the new truck F150 has a flat four built it, but everything works as effectively.
Wes - 03/01/2016

by: John 06/13/2021

connector works good, Just be aware some times it takes several weeks to get your parts. website will say parts are in stock; when in fact the aare drop shipped from another company. i have 2 parts that are awaiting to be shiipped. It has been over 2 weeks and no shipping status. May not order from here again.

by: Bjay07/26/2013

I needed a 7 plug adapter and couldn't find one locally. Really like the added feature of the 12v plus this will convert 4 or 5 flat pin plug. Lotta bang for your buck. I paid for expedited shipping and everything around perfectly.

Bjay - 01/24/2015

by: Raul C.09/23/2015

Product will allow me to have 12V access at he back of the Motorhome for utilities and emergencies. It fit in the plug same way as my 7 to 4 old plug adapter.

It is attached to the MH fulltime. Has endured the elements and responded well to all connections. Protective cap keeps contacts like new, reducing failure.
Raul C - 09/22/2016

by: John 05/12/2020

We purchase from you the Hopkins wiring harness and can not be happier with it.
My wife's 2017 Honda ridgeline came equipped with the receptacle that ur plug was equipped for.
we keep it in the glove compartment for when we need to use the trailer for mulch.
Thanks for reaching out to us, but rest assured it works tip top, as billed.
Its nice when the internet and products ON IT work.
Be well and thanks for a great gizmo

by: James 10/03/2021

Seems to be well made. Fits tightly in 7pin socket and covers snap firmly in place. I haven't gotten to use this item yet, but it seems well made/designed.

by: David06/23/2021

I love the flexibility that this converter provides. It worked on my Honda Ridgeline and my GMC Yukon (including the 12V power socket) without modification.

by: Larry05/28/2017

This product works well for my application of needing to use a flat 5 connector. So far it has stayed in the 7 pin connector on a Tundra because the cover lowers onto the adapter's ridges on the top of the adapter. I only gave it 4 stars because the little plastic nub on the 4/5 connector door either arrived broken or broke after the first time I used it. To etrailer's credit they shipped out a new one very quickly. I have opened and closed that door 5 times without damage so I hope it continues without breaking. I have not tried the 12V power socket yet.

by: Eric O.12/30/2011

Terrific product(s)! Appeared and functioned as described online. I ordered this 7-way adapter (HM47675) to power a portable 12v air compressor (WC2592 ) to inflate rear suspension air bags remotely. After some very helpful and timely assistance from Michael H. in the EXPERTS department of eTrailer, I am up and "airing".

by: BC08/25/2013

Worked fine converting to both 5 & 4 way trailer plugs. Fit seemed a bit loose in the 7way connector that came on my 2013 Toyota Tacoma but once the connector spring cover comes down it feels secure.

by: W.A.Roy12/27/2020

Never fit never used it.

Nothing has changed
William R - 12/28/2021

by: Dave P.12/04/2016

Wonderful product works great for my trailors and use it to use my compressor to inflate my tires on trailor or another car if it needs it. Super product love your products great quality.

Great item very useful tool for tailgating, very great item to own. Very reliable.
David P - 12/04/2017

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