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Pack'Em Wheel Tie-Down Kit for Truck Beds and Trailers - 30" Tires - 800 lbs

Code: PK-WTD

54 reviews

Our Price: $45.75


Product Specs:

Car Tie Down Straps

501 - 850 lbs

Wheel Net

6 - 10 Feet Long


This easy-to-use tie-down kit keeps your ATV, mower, construction equipment, or other wheeled machine from rolling during transport. 1 Polyester strap and 2 steel wheel chocks secure 1 tire to your truck bed or trailer deck.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Pack'Em Wheel Tie-Down Kit for Truck Beds and Trailers - 30" Tires - 800 lbs - PK-WTD

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (54 Customer Reviews)

This easy-to-use tie-down kit keeps your ATV, mower, construction equipment, or other wheeled machine from rolling during transport. 1 Polyester strap and 2 steel wheel chocks secure 1 tire to your truck bed or trailer deck.

by: Eldridge04/12/2019

Works really well for a quick tie down. Using this type of strap allows you to not preload the suspension so the suspension can still work for the bike while it is on the trailer going down the road. Using ratchet straps preloads the shocks and can potentially damage your ATV / UTV suspension. I opted for four for added security. The only improvement I would suggest is, most tire bonnets for cars have two additional pieces of material. One that goes inside as well as anther that goes on the outside of the tire so that the strap cannot simply slide off the top of the tire. I have only had this happen one time on one tire but if there were these additional two pieces of material incorporated into the system it would eliminate the possibility. I have trailered my unit for thousands of miles since purchasing and have not had any issues what so ever. Over all I am very satisfied and would purchase them again.

by: Karl 03/13/2023

Overall these worked very well. I used them to secure my wife’s Can Am Ryker for a x-country trip. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5, is that you do have to get these things tight, I mean, tighter than you would expect, otherwise they shift off the tires due to vibration. Once that’s done though, they are very secure.

by: Mike03/24/2022

I like this product for the most part.
is made with quality engineering, from the metal strength to the strap.
Why I don't give it a higher rating, then?
I bought these straps for my off road side-by-side.
I take it to places with uneven, rough road on the trailer.
As I navigate over these roads, especially with washboard, the vibrations (around 30mph or higher) cause the straps to slide off the tires. Now, why don't you make the straps tighter then? I tried, but I don't have strength in the arms/wrists to make them tight enough. The latch is very hard to lock then.
The result is that 2-3 straps have slid off the tires by the end of a 5 mile stretch of rough road. (don't have pics, but easy to visualize)
I would do better with basket straps in that case.
So, perhaps a future design could be to add a simple basket-over.
Then, I would repurchase this.

In order to keep the strap from losing grip, there are numerical instructions marked on the side of the cambuckle on how to thread the strap. Following arrow 1, you the strapping above that portion number following the arrow direction. Arrow 2, the strap comes down under the cambuckle. Arrow 3, thread the strap up and around the pin in the cambuckle. Arrow 4, you thread through the top spacing of the center buckle. Then arrow 5, it shows that the strap will go back through the buckle using the spacing under the top space of the buckle, under the bottom of the buckle and out the back of the buckle pulling tight to secure the threading.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 04/12/2022

by: Scott03/10/2018

Simple yet very effect means of securing equipment to a trailer (in my case).
Last thing anyone needs is to have items located on their trailer come thru their back window in the event of panic/abrupt stop.
Need I mention securing the load is required by law.
this product has a lower profile which is important if you have a fixed mower deck which could otherwise scrape every time you load that equipment.
Lastly, just because you now have it install if the effort to use it is not put forward then anything could and will happen.

by: Markus 09/11/2022

Great product. Worked like it should ha ve.

by: Brandon C04/22/2017

These work great. I gave 5 stars because they perform exactly as indicated. I haul 2 Polaris RZRs on a 20' wood-deck trailer - with confidence. These work great, allowing the RZR suspensions to work in conjunction with the trailer's, to keep the tires firmly planted on the deck.

I use two per machine - front tires only.

For product improvement, beyond what is advertised, I suggest engineering a decent way to make them quickly removable so the trailer deck can be flat for hauling Sheetrock, etc.

After one year of use, I still would rate the PackEm Tie Down Straps very high. Great product and retailer.
Brandon C - 04/24/2018

by: Bob R09/08/2016

Works very well for securing a golf cart sideways on an open trailer. Need to purchase at least two in order to properly secure the cart or four wheeler. Once front or rear is secured with this item you can use regular ratchet straps for the other end. Cart stays secure and this tie down system is easy to install and use. Worth the price, even for two.

by: George02/21/2017

Great product, easy to install if you are handy and have drill bits and power drill. Belts attach easily and hold your machine tightly in place. etrailer delivery was quick with the goods nicely protected and packed. This is an excellent provider with good prices. I've bookmarked their website for future purchases. Thanks.

The tie down straps work great, save time.
George - 02/21/2018

by: Lee Armstrong10/27/2016

We have found these wheel chocks to be the perfect solution for our organization. We are a non-profit that supports a large (200+) high school band and when we travel, besides the 7 buses and 3 panel trucks, we also pull a new 24' trailer with among other things 2 golf carts inside. These chocks not only hold the golf carts securely but because of their low profile design we are able to easily drive the first golf cart over the second golf carts chocks to position it before we load the second one. The mechanism on the strap makes locking and unlocking the wheels a breeze. Once you set-up the tire strap the first time you merely unsnap/loosen the strap set it to the side of the tire and drive the golf cart out. upon return you lift the strap up and around the tire and re-snap it securely in place.

by: Mike V.07/02/2015

I have bought a lot of products from and they have never disappointed me. Three reason I buy from

1. Great Products
2. Great Prices
3. Fast delivery

Works well after a year
Mike V - 07/01/2016

by: Gary B.09/19/2016

I use two sets of these to secure my open wheel roadster in an enclosed toy hauler. They work great, pull front wheel over first chock, lock strap in place, operate cam over latch and go. Suspension of roadster free to move during transit and no movement in trailer.

by: Seth03/25/2018

I was hoping for the unit to be an ‘end all, be all’ for tying down the UTV. Well, it’s not. It requires much tinkering to place the tie down anchors. The trailer structure can get in the way of an ideal location.
Look at where the strap is riding; if you get it slightly off center or some movement puts it off center, the strap comes off.
The ratchet is very limited. You really can’t tighten it down as much as you like.

by: Jimmy D07/18/2016

This system will secure your load but it requires constant inspection. The straps will stay on the wheels. I find it helpful to utilize bungee cords to hold the strap in the center of the tire.
The trailer section is very secure.

by: David reed09/04/2019

I hauled my bike to Florida and back from sault saint marie ont and the wheel tie downs working excellent very good investment

It works outstanding I would recommend it
David r - 09/05/2020

by: Jim B.10/30/2014

I bought this product to hold my atv's down on my trailer. They were very easy to install. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to feed the straps thru the cam buckle. Hint (there are numbers and arrows on the side of the cam buckle) just follow that and you will be fine. After I completed the installation I strapped down my atv's and this system worked excellent and holds the machines in place. This is much easier, faster and more secure then tying them down with ratchet straps. I am extremely satisfied with this product and recommend this system to anyone needing to hold down there toys.

by: Jay06/13/2016

This product is used to secure my John Deere GX85 riding lawnmower in my trailer as I maneuver up a very steep and rough driveway. It has never failed to hold the mower in position and prevents it from smashing into the ends or sides of the trailer. The mower becomes a part of my trailer bed.

by: Mike G.03/15/2016

A quick and easy solution to secure my golf cart to the trailer with no rails.

Awesome product.
Mike G - 03/15/2017

by: Robert 06/28/2017

Works excellent. Holds golf cart firmly in place sideways on an open trailer.

Very well. Easy to use. Durable
Robert - 06/28/2018

by: Ricky04/23/2018

These work really well. Can quickly and securely anchor down a four-wheeler. I store my four-wheeler inside a cargo trailer. The added benefit of these versus almost any other method is that I can leave them attached and tightened down without the suspension being compressed on the four-wheeler.

by: Jason C01/23/2016

First and form most I have the old version of these straps from 4 years ago and they have done great. They hold my 61" SCAG zero turn mower down like a champ. I bought 2 pairs of the new straps for my side by side I just purchase and they are better than ever. Pack'Em wheel tie down kits are worth the money. Thanks etrailer for the fast shipping.

by: Jfitz04/17/2013

Great product,fast shipping holds down my utv with ease

Works as good now as the day I installed it on my trailer.
Jfitz - 04/17/2014

by: Tim07/20/2018

They're ok. They do seem to fall off fairly regularly. Thankfully, usually one falls off and the other stays on (not always the same one). I only feel confident that there won't be damage if I have another means of locking my UTV in in addition to this product.

I contacted rack em and they mentioned there is a certain direction the strap has to feed through the cam buckle. There is a stamp on the cam buckle with arrows that shows you which way to feed the strap through. If they are not fed through properly the buckle will not lock all of the way causing the straps to fall off.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 07/25/2018

by: Gary W.10/01/2012

This product also has other uses. I intalled it to hold the spare tire to the inside wall of our cargo trailer. Works great. I used screw to mount to the plywood wall -v- the though bolts provided.

by: William G05/02/2020

Used for the first time today; very pleased; feel much more comfortable now towing the S by S on my car hauler type trailer. Good product & recommend. Good service from etrailer, too!

by: Robert Kruk07/18/2014

The staps really hold the ATV on the trailer. No more loose straps or stopping all the time to check the staps.

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Erickson ATV E-Track Tie-Down Kit w/ Ratchet Straps and Wheel Chocks - 1,500 lbs

Code: EM09160

297 reviews

Our Price: $49.85


Product Specs:

ATV-UTV Tie Downs

E-Track Ends

1201 - 1500 lbs

1-1/8 - 2 Inch Wide

E-Track Strap
Ratchet Strap

1 Strap


6 - 10 Feet Long


This tie-down kit secures your ATV or other wheeled equipment to your trailer. The ratchet straps have E-track fittings that clip into the E-track anchor slots on the wheel chocks. Includes 4 wheel chocks and 2 straps. Fits 10" - 30" tires.

Video of Erickson ATV E-Track Tie-Down Kit w/ Ratchet Straps and Wheel Chocks - 1,500 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Erickson ATV E-Track Tie-Down Kit w/ Ratchet Straps and Wheel Chocks - 1,500 lbs - EM09160

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (297 Customer Reviews)

This tie-down kit secures your ATV or other wheeled equipment to your trailer. The ratchet straps have E-track fittings that clip into the E-track anchor slots on the wheel chocks. Includes 4 wheel chocks and 2 straps. Fits 10" - 30" tires.

by: Brandon06/12/2022

Fast shipping and great price. Although I haven’t hauled with it yet, it seems to be well made and better than traditional straps. I should have used all grade 8 hardware but that will have to wait for now. The hardware needed was 1/4” bolts. I used 2 1/2 “ length for my trailer that has standard 2x6 pressure treated lumber.

by: Michael05/27/2022

Pretty well put together kit. However it does not include nuts and bolts. I used 3”x5/16 grade 5 hardware. Did have to drill out the mount a little to fit the bolts . It fits my 30” atv tires with room to spare

by: John05/19/2022

Don't forget-- the load capacity depends on the abilities of the screws or bolts holding the plates to their surface!!! Bolts with backing plates are recommended (by me). One inch wood screws in a treated lumber trailer deck should be avoided! They are perfect for my Diamondback cover and ATV. I'm often on rough roads, so I prefer to have all four corners (of the ATV) anchored, so I got two pairs. Also, "etrailer" ROCKS - consistently excellent service and products!

by: Lani05/04/2021

Wheel chocks plus straps over all four wheels immobilize the side by side on the trailer. Ratchet straps allow you to cinch up the tension to a higher level than cam lock straps. The Erickson systems provides worry free transportation of the side by side. etrailer price and service can’t be beat.

Ratchet mechanism needs a little oil or wd40 to keep it functioning smoothly, but great system to secure atv or ax’s.
Lani - 05/05/2022

by: Kenneth06/16/2021

Very quick to get Ranger on and off the trailer. From that standpoint, I am very pleased. The strap does tend to loosen from vibration and I have to check it periodically and tighten the straps or re-attach if they slide off the tire. It is a little more involved getting the Ranger positioned on the chocs (lined up centered on the tire). The metal ends require careful monitoring to make sure they are seated correctly in the slots and will not detach.

by: Dan 10/26/2021

Tiring the side by side down with your product is the best. Quick and easy so u can load and go. I’ve showed friends and strangers that seen how quickly I’m ready to go. They’re all in now. Great system.

It the perfect system for me and my hunting unit
Dan - 10/27/2022

by: Greg M09/21/2017

I bought this tie down set up about a year ago. I've used them hauling an 850 Polaris ATV and a Polaris 1000 RZR. They work great. I've not had to worry about tie down straps getting loose on a trip anymore. These straps have never let me down and it's much faster and convenient than using regular straps. The Service at etrailer was excellent also.

They are still doing great. I would recommend them. They save huge amounts of time and they eliminate the stress of constantly checking your rear view to make sure your ATV is still securely strapped down. Once you tighten the straps, you no longer have to be concerned with it moving or coming unstrapped.
Greg M - 09/25/2018

by: Mike M04/23/2017

After years of tie downs that caused my UTV to move back & forth on my trailer while transporting, this Erickson product worked great....No Back & Forth while driving !!!, They held tight, holding my 1300 lbs UTV in place....Thanks ETRAILER for this great product and price !!!!

Still working Flawlessly, very happy....
Mike M - 04/23/2018

by: Dennis05/26/2018

I’m a Shriner in Pittsburgh Pa. My unit the Camel Wheels ride 1968 All Sport Tri-wheels in parades raising money for our hospitals that provide free care to children. We started using these as an alternative to plain ratchet strap tie downs. They work great! Easy to install, lock the trikes in place, no more load bouncing on the highway and the straps don’t loosen up on the way to a parade. I wish we discovered these things years ago.

by: Mike 11/18/2022

These are a good quality product. THe only two things I don't like is being a single strap, they can come off the tire during transport. The second thing is that the Chocks can be hard to get over if they are muddy or have snow on them. Other than that, this method is very good and secure way to tie down your SXS.

by: Brady04/04/2020

This is a fantastic product! For over 30 years I’ve struggled with exactly the correct placement for tie down straps on any ATV I’ve owned. Manufacturers do not recommend where to anchor the vehicle for liability reasons, so as owners, we receive no instruction in how to do so. Problem now solved. Also, I’ve experienced straps while traveling which become loose, detached, or torn and ripped in half chiefly because of poor placement of straps.
Now with this product, you’re machines are safely secure. No longer will you ‘overcompress’ your suspension system springs and shocks unnecessarily while in transit. Your ATV freely ‘rides’ on your trailer as it should, still secure should your load experience extreme braking. Although I wouldn’t test this, but I believe if you could invert your trailer, your ATV would remain securely attached.
Simple and easy to install with directions included.
Great value and protection for your favorite toys.

Buy it, install it and better invest your traveling concerns of where you’re going to ride next!

Thank you!

by: Chris G08/10/2020

Works great, fastest way to tie down your rig.

Been using these for a while now, they have worked awesome! No issues at all, I travel hundreds of miles to our vacation home and has held tight every time. Takes me 10 minutes to tie my rig down. Absolutely love them.
Chris G - 08/12/2021

by: Roger10/09/2022

I've used the tie-down about 10 times a n d experienced two complete failures on one tire. The straps fall off the side of the tire even when strapped completely tight. I suggest the straps have a web that goes over the top of the tire to stop this from happening. People I travel with are modifying their straps using pop rivets and strap.

by: Chris H.10/31/2016

Best value on the market for quick, easy-to-use wheel tiedowns. My friends are envious.

I didnt think these chocks could withstand the repeated abuse I put them through, but theyre as solid and as straight as the day I installed them. Theyve been recommended to several friends and acquaintances.
Chris H - 10/31/2017

by: Robert 08/13/2022

Placed these at the front of the trailer. Great for locking down the vehicle when loading, but if the vehicle won't start its a real pain to rock the car out of these and get it out of the trailer.

by: JimP04/24/2017

Purchased 2 sets for my new SxS. Install was simple. They hold my SxS down tight with no movement. Very quick and easy to load and unload now.

I actually own two sets now. I got another trailer and purchased them for the new trailer. I really love them. They are super quick to tie down and keep the SxS planted in place without worrying about it working the straps getting loose due to suspension bounce. Ill be using them on our upcoming trip to Utah. That will be an excellent test since it will be about 6k miles round trip.
JimP - 04/25/2018

by: Cesar07/26/2022

Excellent product, easy to install and it keeps my UTV and mower secured to the trails.

by: David 09/04/2022

I like this product it made it lot easier to secure the golf cart on the utility trailer. It was better then using bunch of straps.

by: Doug H09/09/2018

Best tie down system I have ever used. Just got back from a 3600 mile trip using these to hold down our UTV. Held tight the whole trip.

by: Holly09/11/2015

Trailered 2 UTV's to go riding on the other side of the state. Last year, it took us over 45 minutes to get them both tied down and we cut to tie downs by the time we got 30 miles down the road.
This year with the ATV E-Track tie downs and wheel chocks, it took us 10 minutes to load both and neither one budged an inch for over 350 miles!
5 Stars!

by: Troy07/20/2022

Great tie downs just got to remember to get them real tight on the tires. Going through mountains and altitude changes can loosen the straps cause of tire pressure change.

by: Brian12/06/2022

So quick and easy to tie down my sxs.

by: Linwood04/06/2021

I actually use them for CAN AM Ryker and Spyder and they work very well for both. The Spyder rear fender is too low to allow the use of the provided strap so I just use other ratchet straps for the rear. Very satisfied with this product. I am certain it will also work just as well for my ATV but I haven't used it for that yet.

Linwood - 04/07/2022

by: Jerry Hebner09/10/2016

I waited to test this product before I reviewed it. I bought these straps to carry a Kawasaki Teryx on my trailor and they hold it with no problem. I bought 2 sets to hold all 4 tires. I love the quick on/off time this gives me now instead of fighting the ratchet straps like I use too and having to check them during my trips.
The only issue I had installing them is my trailer is built with 2x6 boards and the brackets hole pattern is roughly 5.5 inches apart, so if you try to install the bracket onto 1 board the drilled holes fall out way to close to the edge of the board. I just move the bracket over to center onto 2 boards instead of one which gave me plenty of edge distance from the drilled hole. Now this sets my Teryx slightly off center on the trailor but nothing too noticeable visually and definately not functionally. Price for the product is cheap cheap cheap! Brackets and straps are top notch! I bought stainless steel hardware which cost more than the brackets but they should last for many many years. Well worth the investment with less hassels. Ill take pics later and post if this will let me. Jerry

Straps still working as advertised. Love them and will strongly recommend them to friends and anyone who asks ??
jerry h - 09/10/2017

by: Jim F07/10/2016

The order of the Erickson ATV E-Track tie down kit works just as I had hoped it would, I also ordered extra 2' horizontal E-Tracks for my utility trailer to secure another ATV without the wheel chocks and my zero turn lawn mower. The customer service representative (Erika), was courteous, knowledgable, and very much professional in my order. With her help I was able to simplify the tie down process of these machines.

Outstanding! The process of securing my atv is very simple and easy yet secure. Ive had several people come up to me after seeing how quick and easy it was to tie down my machine.
Jim F - 07/10/2017

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Do you have a question about this ATV-UTV Tie Downs?

  • Packem Wheel Control Versus Erickson Cargo Control For Polaris 800 Sportsman ATV
  • The Erickson ATV E-Track Tie-Down Kit, # EM09160, and the Pack'Em Wheel Tie-Down Kit, # PK-WTD, are fairly similar to one another when it comes to design. The Pack'Em kit is rated at 800lbs and Pack'Em recommends using a minimum of two straps per vehicle. The Erickson kit has a working load limit of 1,500lbs with two straps, or 750lbs per strap. The biggest difference is that the Pack'Em kit includes the mounting hardware. Both products have received great reviews and we have not had any...
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