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Malone SeaWing Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - Saddle Style - Clamp On

Code: MPG107MD

42 reviews

Our Price: $134.95


Product Specs:

Watersport Carriers


Roof Mount Carrier

No Load Assist

Clamp On

Rear Loading


Aero Bars
Factory Bars
Round Bars
Square Bars
Elliptical Bars


This saddle-style kayak carrier lets you transport 1 kayak on your roof rack. Rear-loading design lets you push kayak onto the cradles from the back of your vehicle. Includes load straps, tie-downs, and mounting hardware.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Malone SeaWing Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - Saddle Style - Clamp On - MPG107MD

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (42 Customer Reviews)

This saddle-style kayak carrier lets you transport 1 kayak on your roof rack. Rear-loading design lets you push kayak onto the cradles from the back of your vehicle. Includes load straps, tie-downs, and mounting hardware.

by: Mike L07/04/2022

Easy loading with a secure tie-down. This is the kayak carrier you should get the first time.

I've used flat bars with foam pads - they deform the hull of plastic boats. I've used J-hook style carriers which work well and hold the boat securely without hull deformation, but they increased the windage and are too hard to load on the top of a 4WD pickup.

The Malone SeaWings let me slide the kayak on from the rear of the cab while standing in the pickup bed. I use an old bath mat to protect the cab and I can have the boat loaded and tied down in about 5-10 minutes. I also think the load is much more secure than any of the other carriers I've used, especially if the tie-down strap is wrapped around the load bar. The design of the SeaWing puts the main load out on the curved portion of the hull rather than across the flatter area of the bottom and totally avoids deforming the hull. In 90-100 degree heat this is very important to me.

Great product. I'll probably get a second pair so I can load two boats on the truck.

by: Michael07/28/2022

We are very pleased with this product. My wife's 12.5" and my 17" kayaks are easy to load, tie down and, hold them both securely for highway speeds. Once we are at the launch site, kayaks are just as easily offloaded. Great design, simple and elegant.

by: Robert 02/15/2023

I use these when towing an RV and they work perfectly. Seems like ratcheting straps could be built into the wings for simplification.

by: Maggie04/29/2022

Exactly as advertised. Easy to install. The bolts were not long enough for our rack (ADARAC) requiring us to buy longer bolts. Not really an issue. We purchased one SeaWing Kayak carrier and one with the load assist for the 12 footer.

The Thule Compass Item # TH890000
Thule Compass Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - J-Style - Folding - Clamp On
usually fits most Adarac ladder racks if you did not want to search for other bolts.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 05/03/2022

by: William10/30/2020

Our kayak club has many members that use this carrier. Since I have back issues, I will use mine on a Malone Eco Light trailer toted from to/from the water using a kayak carrier. Note: Being on a low trailer and so 'accessible', instead of the wingnuts, I bought metric hex nuts to double-nut the bolts to add some security.

by: John05/25/2022

These racks were exactly what I wanted them for. I have slightly heavy fishing kayaks, so this design is so much easier to get my kayaks on my shell of my Tacoma. I have traveled over 600 miles with kayaks on these racks without a single problem they stay perfectly in place. I would definitely recommend these racks!

by: Stephen 01/26/2023

Nice design, seem durable, easy to install and use.

by: David01/29/2021

Overall this has been a great acquisition. I live in a townhouse in a largely retirement community where restrictive covenant are...well restrictive. I have a modest sized garage and I would be obliged to store my Hobie PA14 and trailer in the garage or take it off site. The retractable tongue has made storing the trailer a breeze.

I have had no problems with the trailer structurally whatsoever. I had an issue initially with the wheels being badly out of balance but chalk that off to my inexperience. I changed out the tires to another set that was rated for max speeds of 80 mph. My son in law and I put both his kayak and my Hobie on the trailer and we take off to the eastern NC coast or HHI and I've never had a problem. Added a DrawTite hitch silencer which really quieted things down when pulling in my Outback. Malone mounting blocks really work well for my Hobie water wings. Also added a recent spare mounting bracket which also has worked well.

Absolutely no problems with the electric circuits and lights in salt water.

Overall great trailer. Couldn't be happier. Malone makes the best kayak trailers out there. etrailer has been great too with ordering, service , and overall reliability.

by: Paul 08/22/2021

It works as well as I expected it to. The kayak straps to the carrier instead of the rails of the car and movement from wind can be encountered. I found it profitable to add straps that tie the unit and kayak to the car's rails.

by: Ron03/09/2022

Easy to install and low profile allows me to leave it on and still park car in garage. Wilderness Pungo 12' kayak loads easily from rear of Subaru Crosstrek. No wind noise.

by: Dennis 06/19/2020

Love these malone kayak saddles. Have two on square bars on our Toyota Rav 4. Easy to load from rear of vehicle, which is great for older person like me. My two Pungos look good and are solid on saddles. Better than J style. Recommend!

by: Henry 07/19/2020

First time using etrailer and was very satisfied with their service. Ordered Malone's SeaWing and can't wait to try it out this weekend. looks like a great product that will serve me well.

by: Mark 02/11/2021 arrived it only a few days (great) but UPS left it at top of my 180' driveway...standing in a snow bank, near the road and I only realized it was there when i walked out to get the regular mail (bad).
Opened box and all looks to be in order.
Cannot install it till spring but am very much looking forward to that time.
I had spent a week looking online and wanted a rear loading unit...this one checks all the boxes and appears very well designed.
I would like to have seen one of the t knobs been some type of keyed lock setup for security reasons but not having one is easily resolved once i install product in the spring.
I believe i will be very satisfied with my choosing this Malone product once i am able to
install it in the spring.
(sorry guys...can't do a five as it is WINTER!! and product is sitting in the box till April)

by: Gregory04/23/2022

Very easy to install Will be a little learning curve to use the lift assist.

by: Dave 08/21/2022

Never a complaint with any of my purcha ses!

by: Theresa 09/07/2021

Replaced my Malone J rack with this SeaWing and have found it much easier to load my kayak by myself! I load from the rear of my Subaru Outback and pushing the kayak up flat is much easier than up and twist; especially after a long paddle!

by: Joey 11/21/2020

customer service gets an A+. I am working with a slightly different application for this setup where as I will be installing into the truck bed floor. Have Yakima round bars and need adapters to mount on inside walls of truck bed. Do not want the Kayak sitting high on the bed, just 6 to 10 inches off floor. will update with project

by: William 09/25/2018

I have purchased 2 sets. of the Malone Sea Wing's. They are the best. 2015 Ford Explorer. 2 10' Kayak's. 3000 miles & no problem's.

by: Jesse C07/22/2020

Has been excellent. I unmount during winter, but during the spring, summer and early part of fall, it stays on my car the whole time outside in the sun, etc... I have not had any problems at all

by: George04/08/2022

Excellent product. Easily installed

by: Max 05/19/2021

Great kayak rack. We bought 2 for our 2017 Nissan Rogue and they fit perfectly.

by: William 07/23/2021

Great fit for kayak, hardware holds great on round bars. Just what I needed!

by: Donald 07/26/2021

Delivery was really fast and the product quality is outstanding. Thank you it was a pleasure to be a first time customer.

by: Vicki 02/13/2021

good bumper
Vicki - 02/14/2022

by: Vicki 02/23/2021

easy install, easy order and will be just what we need to haul our kayaks to the lake!

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Customers compare MPG107MD to these similar products

Ask the Experts about this Malone Watersport Carriers
Do you have a question about this Watersport Carriers?

  • Difference Between Malone SeaWing and MegaWing
  • So the big difference between the Malone MegaWing part # MPG207 and the SeaWing # MPG107MD is the weight capacity of either. The MegaWing is rated for up to 150 lbs and the SeaWing 75 lbs. You'd be fine with either as your Pelican Catch 100 has a weight of 65 lbs. Since the price is very similar going with the higher rated MegaWing seems to be the best value though.
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Malone MegaWing Fishing Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - Saddle Style - Clamp On

Code: MPG207

49 reviews

Our Price: $143.95


Product Specs:

Watersport Carriers

Fishing Kayak

Roof Mount Carrier

No Load Assist

Clamp On

Rear Loading


Aero Bars
Factory Bars
Round Bars
Square Bars
Elliptical Bars


This saddle-style kayak carrier is reinforced to let you transport 1 fishing kayak on your roof rack. Rear-loading design lets you push kayak onto the cradles from the back of your vehicle. Includes load straps, tie-downs, and mounting hardware.

Video of Malone MegaWing Fishing Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - Saddle Style - Clamp On

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Malone MegaWing Fishing Kayak Roof Rack w/ Tie-Downs - Saddle Style - Clamp On - MPG207

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (49 Customer Reviews)

This saddle-style kayak carrier is reinforced to let you transport 1 fishing kayak on your roof rack. Rear-loading design lets you push kayak onto the cradles from the back of your vehicle. Includes load straps, tie-downs, and mounting hardware.

by: Ronald10/18/2022

Shipping was super-fast which is normal for etrailer. The MegaWing is very solid and mounted to my Yakima cross bars easily. I have an Old Town PDL 10.6 which is heavy and has a flat bottom (kind of a pontoon shape). Getting the PDL mounted on the MegaWing was a bit of a challange just due to the shape of my hull. And - I'm an old guy putting an 80 pound kayak on top of a rack on a camper shell on top of a Chevy Silverado HD diesel - tall truck, heavy boat, slick flat bottom = challenge. This is in no way a bad mark on the MegaWing. Those things look like they could carry a tank. It might be a good idea for the sales info to mention that flat bottom kayaks are a bit of a challenge. But - once mounted properly, they carry my kayak solidly.

by: Greg02/18/2022

True story- I purchased this product 2x from [online] and both times it came with mismatched/different size T-nuts and Bolts so I tried contacting seller who sent me to [online] where there is no live human being to communicate with. So I had to return and wait for refund but after the same experience with this item 2x I looked elsewhere. I am sure glad I did! Same price! Superhero fast shipping, ordered and received in 3 days!!!!! Live human beings to communicate with if there is a need.
All of the parts are correct so now I just have to wait until the temps warm up a little to get this installed and my new fishing kayak home. My new kayak is currently on a table in my office waiting for this roof rack carrier because I made the mistake of ordering from [online] and going 2 weeks trying to get a defective product straightened out and now it is cold again.

I wish I had found sooner but definitely have them in my bookmarks now!!

by: Mark08/01/2021

The service from etrailer was great. I first called to confirm availability. The agent was polite and to the point. He quickly verified stock and that they could ship right away. No hold times, no guessing or let me check like you find at some places. I placed the order at noon on the 26th of July. By 11pm I had an email it had shipped with a link for tracking. That link showed me the name of each agent that was a part of processing my order. The order was delivered on 29th of July. Sturdy packaging, no damage to shipping carton or product. There was even a note in the inside flap of the shipping carton that they don't want the bottom of the box to be the end of the relationship and listed contact options in case of problems or questions.

We still have to mount the racks and load the kayaks so it's too soon to speak to the actual product but the service from etrailer is some of the best I've seen.

Weve now used these mounts for a year, taking our kayaks to springs near us and all the way to Key West on the interstate. We are in Jacksonville, FL so it was about a 500 mile trip at highway speeds. The mounts have worked great. We are using them on a Jeep Wrangler JKU. Our kayaks are 60 and 75lbs so weve worked out our best way to load, unload etc. and once strapped in the kayaks are held firmly in place. I have not had to reach out to etrailer for anything but based on that one interaction when we made our purchase Id not hesitate do buy from them again.
Mark E - 08/02/2022

by: Brian09/17/2022

We have a 21’ wooden double kayak that we carry on top of our truck. The MegaWing rack is very stable and sturdy. Perfect for our needs.

by: Josh10/29/2021

Best solution i could find for a 95# 12’ fishing kayak for a F150 with a roof rack (i have a thule removable). It performs really well. Only complaint would be rubber coating on brackets that go under the truck rack rail cracked so i worry ot may come off with age. I still recommend this. I pull a travel trailer so I couldn’t use a bed extender & the roof was my best solution.

by: Nick 08/09/2021

I have a wide Crescent Crew tandem kayak (35"). Bought the MegaWing secure it to my CRV. So far so good after two trips. Kayak didn't budge even on windy roads. Easy to install. I really could only find this product on Crescent recommends using the mega and seaWing for securing their kayaks to the roof

This product is awesome for large wide kayaks. Easy to install on vehicle and easy to load and unload your kayak. I’ve used it on a Honda CR-V and Toyota Highlander
Nick - 08/10/2022

by: Douglas07/19/2021

My kayaks are 2 predator 13 kayaks they weigh 90lbs each. I have both on my truck racks. They work great. I just needed longer mounting bolts.

by: Craig06/01/2020

I am very happy with this purchase. I ordered two sets to hold my two large ocean kayaks on my roof rack. The kayaks are approximately 34” wide and I was concerned how sturdy the mounts would be but the reinforced plastic feels very durable and accommodated the width of my kayaks easily. Mounting to my Yakima aero bars was no problem with the hardware provided. I used the longer screws and there was plenty of length to thread on the nuts and the screws have plenty of clearance from my roof. The included straps are also of a heavier webbing than I expected. I assumed I would use my own but the kit straps With locking adjusters are nicer. I did not use the Included front and rear rope straps as I do not Trust the knots and takes too long to get it tight enough to feel secure. An additional set of ratchet straps does the trick. Overall I am super satisfied with the quality and value of these kayak holders and very glad I went with these over some of the J-style options which would have added substantially more height to my vehicle.

by: Daniel11/27/2020

The product is great and the shipping service was on time. I had one problem and customer service handled it quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to use your e-trailer again. I have one suggestion and that is the boxes that the product came in was flimsy and damaged in transit. In the first order all of the accessories were missing as they fell out the large hole in the box. Customer service sent me a new one almost immediately in a very heavy double box. I ordered a second set which arrived in a timely manner and another box that was heavily damaged, however this time the product did not fall out. So two out of three arrived damaged so I think perhaps you might consider better boxes.

Works fine Buckles on tie down straps get hard to operate around salt water
Daniel - 11/29/2021

by: Jim12/13/2022

This helped me to load my kayak on my roof racks. I have a kind of a high truck, and the mega wing helps to guide the kayak on two racks without it sliding somewhere it should not go. Very helpful!

by: Derek 07/24/2022

One year later review...these things are awesome! They were the only solution to get two large sit on tops to fit on my roof rack. Highly recommended!

by: Wayne 09/15/2022

They look great on my trailer. Haven't pulled it anywhere at this time. Hope to get a trial run in this weekend.

by: Carlos10/22/2020

The package came bit up, but the product was intact. Looks it fit well with Thule Aero cross bars. I'm going to use it for the first time this coming weekend

Im very pleased with the quality and the ease and how secure my two kayaks are in the roof of the SUV. Highly recommended
Carlos G - 10/23/2021

by: Justin12/30/2021

Great tie downs for the BKC 12.5’ tandem kayaks! Somewhat difficult to fit flat hull yaks, but we make it work. Works really well on the Subaru Ascent. Seems to be more secure than I-racks for these large kayaks. Also keeps the height from getting too tall. Would recommend for for large kayaks. Only 4 stars because of some difficulty with the flat hull.

by: db05/29/2021

This product has held up well in the year we've used it. We do keep it out of the sun as much as possible.
We have it on a Subaru Forester and it makes it SO much easier to load and unload kayaks compared to J hook racks!

by: Nathan03/01/2022

Worked well and is sturdy. For my setup I did get a set of the longer bolts as I'm using thicker crossbars.

by: Adam10/09/2022

I can now load my 14' tandem kayak by myself. Excellent product.

by: West TX Yak08/26/2021

These work great, holding my kayak steady with no trouble. The only complaint I could make is they they generate a LOT of wind noise if they are left on my roof rack when I am not transporting my kayak. The install and removal of them is not that time consuming, though, so I generally just put them on when they are needed.

by: Patrick 01/23/2022

very easy to install and makes loading a snap, very secure after strapping kayak down actually have two we carry both boats on the roof.

by: Steve02/08/2022

This is a very secure kayak rack. My only complaint is the plastic coating on the bottom clamp is peeling off.

by: Mike M.08/24/2017

Great product, gave it a 4 because bolts weren't long enough, even though they gave 2 sizes. Bolts were for standard car top racks. My bars are 1.5" square tubing. Other than that they're great. This is my second set, first were Sea Wings, since I have heavy kayaks I changed to Mega Wings.

by: Jessica03/25/2018

I fell in love with kayaking three years ago, and purchased my own kayak two years ago. Since I am not far from the area where I kayak, I have just been folding down the back seat of my SUV and sticking the kayak in the back, with two feet of it hanging out of the rear window. I can still do that, but with this roof rack, I can now also explore places that are farther away from home. I live in Michigan, and there are kayak opportunities all around because we have a great deal of water, but driving long distances with a kayak hanging out of the tailgate is not the ideal situation. This rack will solve that problem very nicely! I have already attached it to my roof rack, and it seems to work like a charm! I'm very much looking forward to using it this summer. The price was excellent and it arrived within a week.

by: Eric 07/27/2022

Great service !!!

by: Peter05/29/2019

Very pleased with the quality and fit of the Malone Megawing kayak rack. The service and follow up are outstanding as well.

by: Homero01/30/2021

Tried out the malone kayak carrier and it worked great. It was easy to set up. Used the straps it came with and one more strap that I had, did not move or slide around.

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Customers compare MPG207 to these similar products

Ask the Experts about this Malone Watersport Carriers
Do you have a question about this Watersport Carriers?

  • Differences between Malone MegaWing and SeaWing Kayak Carriers
  • The Malone MegaWing, part # MPG207 and the SeaWing, part # MPG107MD are extremely similar and come in Malone's distinctive red styling, but have different applications. Its not the wrong picture, just not a great one to notice the differences. I contacted Malone directly for more information. They are made with the same mold but different plastics. The MegaWing has roughly double the weight capacity of the SeaWing, coming in with 150lbs of capacity and designed for use in larger applications,...
    view full answer...