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MagnaFlow Stainless Steel, Straight-Through Universal Muffler - Satin Finish

Code: MF12761


Our Price: $108.39


Product Specs:


2-1/2 Inch Inlet Diameter

2-1/4 Inch Outlet Diameter

Satin Finish

Gas Engine

27 Inch Body Length


7 Round x 33 Long Inch


Featuring a single, perforated core that runs from the inlet to the outlet, this muffler vastly improves exhaust flow, thereby increasing engine performance. Stainless steel mesh and acoustic fiber insulate the core and deliver a smooth, deep tone.


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Classic Accessories Custom Fit Spare Tire Cover - Model 3 25-1/2"- 26 -1/2" Snow White

Code: 052963751208

39 reviews

Our Price: $17.84


Product Specs:

RV Covers

Tire and Wheel Covers

Spare Tire Cover


26 Inch Tires

Classic Accessories

Video of Classic Accessories Custom Fit Spare Tire Cover - Model 3 25-1/2"- 26 -1/2" Snow White

Customer Reviews

Classic Accessories Custom Fit Spare Tire Cover - Model 3 25-1/2"- 26 -1/2" Snow White - 052963751208

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (39 Customer Reviews)

- 052963751208

by: PHIL DEEMS05/04/2015



Hi, yes the tire cover looks great and fits perfect with no wrinkles. I am very pleased

PHIL D - 05/05/2016


- 052963751208

by: Tom S03/04/2017

I am giving 4 stars because this is supposed to fit 25 1/2" to 26 1/2" tires. I have 25 1/2" tires and it not only was it a giant struggle to get it on but the cover only covers the front and the edge of the tire. It doesn't pull around the back more than 1/2". There is no way this will fit 26 1/2" tires. That said, once I got it stretched over the tire it looks just about like the picture. If you want one to go around your tire a little more than 1/2", get the bigger one. I just put it on so I don't have any road time or sun time on it to give a more complete review. Maybe I will address that further on down the road. 348455

- 052963751208

by: Ted A.06/14/2017

Hello, George. We installed the tire covers on our trailer and they seemed to fit ok. We haven't gone back to the storage yard and checked them yet. We will go over in a few days and see if they are still in place after the wind gust we had. We get a lot of wind in Kingman, Az.. We will go over and check on them in a few days. They were very easy to install. Thank you, Ted A. P.S. I will send pictures when we check on them. 396238

- 052963751208

by: William D.03/17/2014

A good product at a GREAT price. Price plus shipping was less than most if not all RV Dealers wanted just for the cover and IMO, a much better quality. Arrived promptly, intact and was just what I ordered. This is a replacement cover for the spare tire of my Travel Trailer. The tire size chart told me exactly what I needed so I didn't have to "settle" for what they had! 121030

- 052963751208

by: Pete G.12/13/2016

Good product at a fair price. Selected size based on tire diameter (only selection info provided) but fit was very tight. The chart on the package actually recommended the next larger size, based on the tire size molded on the tire. If I had this information to use when ordering and ordered the next larger size, the rating would have been Excellent. 324679

- 052963751208

by: Alan Freeman05/16/2015

I have bought 6 new tires & 7 new tire covers from etrailer in the past couple of weeks & everything is exactly what I wanted, add to that great customer service, free shipping, I know they will be the only company I call for my trailer needs & I will highly recommend them to all who ask for trailer parts/needs. 193470

- 052963751208

by: Bill08/27/2013

This spare tire cover fits perfectly, looks great, and seems to be made of high quality material and should last a long time. Shipping speed and comunication was wonderful as well as the price. I really appreciate the fact that this vendor lists the cover size in inches and also which size tires it should fit. 97122

- 052963751208

by: Darl B.08/13/2015

I bought a tire cover at an auto parts store. I thought I would have it for our camping trip, but it was way to big, so I took it back. I knew I could get one on line. The size chart/Guide was great. I had measured, but it was great to have the wheel size chart also. Thank you etrailer! 218857

- 052963751208

by: Earl C.07/09/2017

Cover fit is okay, albeit rather tight. Helps to go back and tug on it from time to time to get better fit. Black bead on white vinyl cover is a good idea; helps tremendously with aligning it correctly. Appearance is very good, hope it lasts. All in all, a very satisfied customer. Thank you. 403448

- 052963751208

by: John M.06/11/2016

This product fits just as advertised in the photo. Tight with no wrinkles. (advertised measurement was right on) The elastic strap that secures this cover is also much bigger and stronger than the one it replaced. Fast shipping and a great price from etrailer made this purchase a no-brainer! 260227


Still looks like its new! No problems at all!

John M - 06/11/2017


- 052963751208

by: Richard04/15/2013

This seems to be pretty heavily built for the price and fits snugly so it should stay in place on the spare on my trailer. The last one that I owned was from a different manufacturer and held up pretty well as well as helping to make my spare last far longer than ones exposed to the sun. 76202

- 052963751208

by: Ol Mugsi08/27/2014

Great looking, great fit! 148870

- 052963751208

by: Becky S.03/15/2017

Am very pleased with this tire cover - strong material, adjustable and the piping on the edges make the cover look custom! Very reasonable price and quick shipping - thanks! 352991

- 052963751208

by: Bob11/08/2015

Works great to cover boat trailer spare tire. This is my second purchase of this product. Original lasted many years (I can't remember how long--at least 6) in full sun. 231602

- 052963751208

by: Dave10/27/2014

Don't get excited! Everything fit perfectly but I credit it to my outstanding ordering and product interpretation. How come I can't get stuff from Amazon this fast? 158150

- 052963751208

by: Dick L08/10/2017

The spare tire cover arrived promptly and in good shape. It's a tight fit, but with help I got it on. It looks good, and I hope it stays on in the weather. 418448

- 052963751208

by: Andy C.10/21/2013

I didn't know what kind of cover to get. I found this site which told me what cover would fit. Order it, fits great. Thanks for the help. 104536

- 052963751208

by: Ralph K. Wischer11/25/2014

Great price, timely delivery and superior product. I am very pleased with the tire cover I purchased for my new boat. 162437

- 052963751208

by: RAZ07/27/2016

Tire cover although very tight to install, this cover has remained in place and looks great a year later. No issues. 276651

- 052963751208

by: Mike A.12/06/2013

I received the tire cover in a very short time and it fits good. Good quality at a good price.. Thank you. 109377

- 052963751208

by: Joe W.05/04/2012

Looks good. Good quality. Fits snug. Hope the warm weather will help to stretch it a bit. 39396

- 052963751208

by: Patti O04/22/2014

Fits beautifully. Excellent quality for the price. Love shopping with this company. 126675

- 052963751208

by: Earl08/28/2016

One year later, these tire covers ae holding up quite well. Excellent product. 288715


They are still fine.

Earl - 11/01/2017


- 052963751208

by: Dan06/16/2015

Light weight, but durable. My wife will paint our logo/family name on the back 203745

- 052963751208

by: Jesse10/30/2016

A very high quality wheel/tire cover. I have used it for two years now. 312093

- 052963751208

by: Dave J07/27/2014

Fit the spare tire well. It is holding up great for last month. 143096

- 052963751208

by: jim s04/27/2017

fell apart in 4 days, low cost didn't warrant time to replace 373318

- 052963751208

by: Randy B.06/17/2016

Great transaction, great product. Durable and fits perfectly. 262094

- 052963751208

by: Dave B.05/09/2011

Fit Perfect, Fast Shippping, Good folks to deal with 13121

- 052963751208

by: Tom I09/12/2012

Very good product for a very good price. Thank you! 54453

- 052963751208

by: Mr. Jim04/07/2015

Very Nice. Fit was snug, happy with my purchase. 183746

- 052963751208

by: Rob P10/22/2013

exactly as ordered, very prompt delivery. Thanks 104778

- 052963751208

by: Shawn R05/26/2017

Model 3 fit perfect on a ST205/75/14 bias ply. 385293

- 052963751208

by: John C03/13/2017

Great product would recommend this prod uct 352507

- 052963751208

by: jwssr04/07/2014

Perfect fit, dpendable service 124178

- 052963751208

by: C L02/18/2017

Perfect fit, quick delivery. 343072

- 052963751208

by: ron hershey06/20/2016

nice tire cover looks good. 263008

- 052963751208

by: Josh06/20/2015

Great fit! Great product! 205945

- 052963751208

by: Pete A03/03/2017

works great 348046


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