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MaxxFan Plus Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - Smoke

Code: MA00-04500K

157 reviews

Our Price: $269.72


Product Specs:

RV Vents and Fans

Roof Vent



14W x 14L Inch

Powered Lift

3-3/4 Inch

With 12V Fan
With Reversible Fan


The rain sensor on this powered roof vent automatically closes the dome and shuts off the fan in rain or snow. The reversible, 10-speed fan has a thermostat to regulate airflow inside your RV. Ceiling fan mode circulates air when vent is closed.

Video of MaxxFan Plus Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - Smoke

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

MaxxFan Plus Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - Smoke - MA00-04500K

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (157 Customer Reviews)

The rain sensor on this powered roof vent automatically closes the dome and shuts off the fan in rain or snow. The reversible, 10-speed fan has a thermostat to regulate airflow inside your RV. Ceiling fan mode circulates air when vent is closed.

by: Liza10/20/2021

So far so good. The fan arrived on time, and despite being shipped without the benefit of an outer box, there was no damage to the fan. The installation instructions were clear, and the installation was not overly complicated. The fan itself is very quiet, allows a good amount of light in, and swiftly pulls heat and presumably propane exhaust up and out of the kitchen. It’s a huge improvement for our 2011 Keystone Raptor both in terms of safety and convenience. The materials and construction of the fan appear to be of high quality, but time will tell how well it will hold up to daily use and occasional travel.

Overall the fan is still working well. However, it has failed to respond as it should to rain. It’s supposed to stop and close when moisture is detected in order to prevent rain from coming inside the RV. Although we don’t usually leave it open if nobody is here, I forgot it was on once when an unexpected rain storm suddenly drove a lot of rain through the fan to the kitchen floor before I realized what was happening. One other thing that I haven’t yet addressed is that I can’t adjust the degree of the fan cover opening as it seems we should be able to do. It’s either 100 open or closed regardless of the fan speed setting. Nevertheless the fan does the job that we bought it to do, and it’s very effective. I also love that it lets a good amount of filtered sunlight in which helps brighten up our kitchen and living room.
Liza - 10/21/2022

by: Jillian Davis10/05/2019

I purchased 2 MaxxAir fans about a year ago & I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase!
My husband and I installed them ourselves, which was a bit of a task but still doable. Removing the old adhesive before installing the new fan was the hardest part.
They aren't cheap, so I was a little hesitate before buying, but they have proven to be worth every penny! I'm actually on a cross country road trip right now, using these wonderful fans everyday since I hit the road in August.
They're great for blowing out the hot air after a hot day, cooling off the rv when it gets a bit too warm inside or when you just need a little circulation. The rain sensors are so incredibly helpful and work great! The lids are a bit noisy when they open and close, but once the lid stops moving, the fan isn't that distracting at all, especially on the lower settings. I highly recommend the MaxxAir Fans!

Under 2 years old & both fans started giving us major problems. One fan regularly scream, flashes & shuts off for no reason, & the rain sensor stopped working yes I clean it, causing a terrible rain flood in my RV. The other fan will not run at all, it just screams & closes instantly. Ive called MaxxAir several times, was told twice they were going to send replacement parts & nothing ever arrived. I am no longer a happy customer & would never recommend MaxxAir Fans to anyone. Their product & customer service has failed me.
Jillian D - 01/20/2022

by: Jonathan01/25/2022

I installed this in my 1999 Ford E350 ambulance-to-camper conversion last year. Absolutely phenomenal product! We are both light sleepers, and the fan is right over the bed, but on the three lowest settings it is virtually silent, yet still moves enough air to provide a nice, cooling breeze. On high it really moves some air, and being reversible and having 10 speeds you can pretty much have whatever you want. I bought two, but only used one. When a buddy saw how well mine worked, and found out I had another one, he bought it from me at full price.
It has a remote control in addition to the controls on the fan, and a manual "crank" in case you lose battery power. Oh yeah, the rain sensor works too!

by: Ross02/20/2022

Fits as advertised, straight replacement for standard inexpensive bathroom fan.

Hardest part of the job is getting all the sealant off. LOL

Awesome,vents steam and humidity out of the bathroom and even aids is drying out bathing suits and towels hug in the bathroom.
Ross A - 02/21/2023

by: Ken02/01/2023

It Ok remote stopped working and the top yellows/fads in the Las Vegas sun

In case that you do want to replace the remote, we have it available on site as part # MA00A01150K
Replacement Handheld Remote for MaxxAir Roof Vent Intake/Exhaust Fans - Qty 1
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/03/2023
In case that you do want to replace the remote, we have it available on site as part # MA00A01150K
Replacement Handheld Remote for MaxxAir Roof Vent Intake/Exhaust Fans - Qty 1
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/07/2023

by: MiKe G.08/16/2018

I ordered and installed a MaxxAir 4500K Vent fan to install in our cabover area of our Class C motorhome from . This is the second one we installed, the first one in the RV bathroom is still working great after about 1 years time. Reason I installed a 2nd one is so we can have one fan exhaust air while the other fan pulls air into the RV and thereby create a wind tunnel through the RV so we can close and lock the windows but still cool the RV in moderately warm weather when we want to leave the dog in the RV and go somewhere with everything locked up. I chose Etrailer for this purchase because they had a good price and they show MaxxAir as one of their partner brands and state the fan has a 2 year manufacture warranty right on the page where it is listed. The fan was shipped quickly and I was pleased it wasn't old stock, the model label on the fan showed 2018 manufactured. I also bought a Maxx II cover for it.

by: Benjamin06/04/2020

I love etrailer about 90% of the time. The other 10% is when I attempted to order keyed alike locks. It all ended ok but was a pain. In any case this is a review about a maxxfan 4500k. Let me just start by saying etrailers price was $125 higher than a competitors and they were willing to price match it. So a solid A+ on price matching. The box came just as it would if you bought it off the shelf. No additional packaging which is fine. I’ve had this same fan before and it works great. Thanks again for the price match etrailer. The fan will go in next week when I redo my RV roof on my Montana 3750fl.

by: Bobby 11/06/2022

Fairly easy install. Hardest part is getting the old one out and all the sealant cleaned off. Two wire hookup. What I really like about our new fan is the one touch operation. Once you get it adjusted the way you want, one touch of the power button opens the lid and starts the fan. Reverse is true when you turn it off. Major upgrade from the small fan that came with our 5th wheel.

by: KGB09/17/2017

Product design is aesthetically pleasing and construction appears to be very durable. Purchased this particular fan over another popular brand because of its low profile when closed and because it has dual actuator door support arms. Product will be used in my teardrop trailer build so I was wanting something compact yet attractive. I'm not to the point where I can actually test the operation of the fan at this time. Hopefully soon. Thank you for another great product at a great price and as usual, superior costumer service.

by: Colin10/05/2022

Great upgrade

by: Timothy 10/19/2020

I watch a youtube channel called "Big Truck Big RV." You sponsor this channel. This person speaks very highly of your company. I know he is compensated to, but he always gives his honest opinion. I respect his opinion and when I need to replace a faulty MAXX Air Fan, I decided to look at etrailer. The price seemed fair. It was pulled from the warehouse, shipped, and received within days. I have not opened the fan yet because I am waiting for a time when I can install it. I have confidence that if I have any issue that etrailer will help me. I am looking forward to working more with your company.

Great, no issues
Timothy - 10/20/2021

by: David 10/20/2022

Like everything about the unit, excepting one minor thing. The delivery time was better than good, ease of installation was simple and direct, wire for fan was labeled "power", all actual fan functions seem as advertized. Call to e-trailer was short and accurate with my Q's about what was to be included. The "fall short" aspect has less to do with E-trailer than the manufacturer. Appearantly, the remote is an I.R. unit and will only operate the fan with a direct line of site. Can't use it unless I can see the fan.

by: Gary08/29/2022

I really like all of the features and they move a lot of air. I especially like the automatic closure if it rains while they are open. I have two fans and one of them quit running but otherwise the lid opened and closed so I knew the power was okay. I took the circuit board out and found that the transistor that powers the fan was bad, I replaced the transistor and it is working great again.

by: Ray 09/27/2022

Excellent upgrade from the standard bath fan that comes with most new RVs. Trailer was great and the shipment came fast.

by: Janet07/04/2019

Received products quickly! I did have a question regarding the wiring and called to verify since our old bathroom fan had more wiring. Within minutes it was hooked up and ready to go. They only product I would suggest to get is Butyl Tape or proper sealant before starting, saves time. We used Butyl Tape and its working great. The features on this fan are wonderful and love having a remote control. I did mount the base for it just beneath the existing switches, as the original on/off switch needs to remain on for remote to work properly. When the remote is in the holder it covers the switch. There are two features that I have experienced and love about this unit. 1) Temperature control settings and 2) Fan can be reversed bring in fresh air. We also installed the
MaxxAir II RV and Trailer Roof Vent Cover - 22-3/4" x 18-1/2" x 9-3/8" - White - MA00-933072 because we like leaving the vent open at times when rv is not in use and not hooked up to electricity. This prevents weather elements from entering and also keeping birds from using it as a nesting site.

This fan is wonderful! It is working as well as the day we installed it. Highly recommend this fan!
Janet - 07/05/2020

by: Richard 05/28/2020

This beats Fantastic in my opinion. Just took the motor apart to clean, that is a good thing. The features and remote are everything I could want. If you want to really clear the air 100% really works, but it can also run smoothly and very quiet at 10%.

I would put a hole in my roof for this fan.

Clear the air. No problems at all. I am always amazed when the rain or wind sensor just close the cover. I did not have space to put a vent cover on. I you have the space I would recommend the additional cover. It will allow you to run the fan even if it is inclement. Cleaning is pretty easy. the screen is simple to remove but if you wish to wash the fan blades, quite possible, it is a bit more work. Keeping it clean helps and is easy. I expect my fans, yes I have two, to last as long as my RV.
Richard - 05/30/2021

by: Richard12/08/2022

worked out well for the customer

by: Steve 04/20/2021

easy to install.Much nicer than the one I had.Big difference in air movement in my trailer.

Great I have had no problems with the vent.
Steve - 04/21/2022

by: Ted03/30/2022

Great price, fast shipping. This product is of excellent quality and works how it's supposed to with no surprises or hitches in installation.

by: buford10/11/2022

Nice Video but it would be nice if they made a fan with two screens so bugs dont get into your fan because in the fall its bad they get hung up bad...but other then that great fan!

by: S Jackson06/03/2017

As an owner of 2 RV's, I discovered in the process of maintaining my 2006 Komfort travel trailer. I required 2 Maxxair fans. After shopping on the net, I found etrailer to have the best prices and they also had, that I couldn't find anywhere else, stainless steel braided LP gas supply line for my LP tanks. After placing the order they have stayed in touch with me about every process of my receiving them. They were packaged very well to held avoid shipment damage. These folks have shown me a great deal of respect and appreciation and I will be a loyal customer because of this. Great web site, and a good selection of products at great prices. What more could anyone expect.
By the way, in my opinion, the Maxxair fans are great. I chose the 4500K.

GREAT! My wife and I both love them.
Stephen L - 06/03/2018

by: Fred07/24/2018

I delayed writing this review until after I installed the vent fan. Having used other brands over the years, I was reluctant to change to Maxxair. Besides the cost savings, the quality of the new vent is far superior than expected. East install, quiet operation and complete without having to purchase "extras" to finish out the project.
Model numbers are CLEAR and easily understood when price shopping. When my other two fans quit, (and with todays quality, they will), I'm going with the Maxxair MA00-04500K.

Still working well, even with outside temps over 110°.
Fred F - 07/24/2019

by: Freddy B11/05/2021

I replaced our factory vent and fan with this new large multi-speed fan. Keeps the bathroom from steaming up with the great air flow. Moves a large amount of air either into or out of the bathroom. Installation was very easy, hardest part was removing the old Dicor from the roof opening. Not difficult, but took the most time of the entire installation.

by: Bill 08/20/2018

Replaced a 14 year old, Top of the line at the time, Fantastic fan . the 4500K is equal to and in many ways much better. Very Quiet,has a Better range of speeds ,10, and on low speed you cant even hear it. The double lift arms are much more substantial than the current Fantastic models. Remote is very handy to use. Time will tell. So Far very happy.
etrailer was fast, and as usual my go to source.

Still operating very well . Quieter and very convenient to operate from bedside at night if I need to. Much better construction it seems than the fantastic. Price with etrailer was outstanding ..
Bill - 08/28/2019

by: Robert 09/22/2022

Works great!!

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Ask the Experts about this MAXXAIR RV Vents and Fans
Do you have a question about this RV Vents and Fans?

  • Comparing the MaxxFan 00-04500K and Fan-Tastic 803350
  • The MaxxFan Plus Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan part # MA00-04500K and the Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan part # FV803350 are pretty much two different companies take on the same vent fan. They both have a powered lift dome, can be thermostatically controlled, and have a rain sensor. However they do have some key differences which I will point out for you below. You can then use these to see which vent fan would be a better fit for you. MaxxFan MA00-04500K Pros: - Dual Lifting Arms...
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MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 4 Speed - Smoke

Code: MA00-06401K

726 reviews

Our Price: $203.39


Product Specs:

RV Vents and Fans

Roof Vent



14W x 14L Inch

Manual Lift

5 Inch

With 12V Fan


The built-in rain shield on this manual roof vent protects the interior of your RV or camper from rainwater. The 4-speed fan provides efficient airflow inside your RV. Ceiling fan mode circulates air when vent is closed.

Video of MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 4 Speed - Smoke

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 4 Speed - Smoke - MA00-06401K

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (726 Customer Reviews)

The built-in rain shield on this manual roof vent protects the interior of your RV or camper from rainwater. The 4-speed fan provides efficient airflow inside your RV. Ceiling fan mode circulates air when vent is closed.

by: Misty09/26/2022

I installed this myself on a vintage camper. It fit perfect in the space where the old vent was. Wiring was simple, and cutting down the bezel was easy. I have left this open for months and even in storms and no rain gets in. Being able to keep it open keeps the camper from getting musty. I also like the tinted skylight effect it gives.

by: William08/15/2018

Work great, no problems with rain, snow or leaks. With solar panels we leave both fans on while Class A is unoccupied to keep humidity down and temperature cooler inside rig. We are very satisfied

Still works great, no issues. These fans are the best
William - 08/16/2019

by: Jason 09/27/2022

Added two of these to my travel trailer. Had to run electrical to both vent locations. These were well worth the effort to install. I can vent the hot air out of the trailer in about 30 seconds by running these fans with the side windows open. A great option for interior temperature control without having to run the AC. The fans can be noisy at the higher speeds but I usually run them effectively at lower speeds. I have been able to run these open in the rain with no issues. Love that they are low profile when closed during our travels.

by: Zachary06/02/2022

Within a week after purchase the fan was rendered useless due to a very loud high-pitched squeaking sound on every speed setting. Not to doing some research I found that this is not a new issue and there's plenty of other people that have experienced the same. I contacted them and they said they would send me a new motor that I would need to install, I did not receive the motor until 3 months later causing me to have to delay a trip. I installed the new motor and am having the same issues. I cannot describe how disappointed I am having spent so much time and money now on this product. I live in a travel trailer and now I'm wearing ear plugs to sleep every night as the fan is my only way to regulate temperature.

I have contacted the manufacturer and they suggested that you should run the fan on high for 24hrs straight.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 06/20/2022
That sounds awful! I have contacted the manufacturer and they suggested that you should run the fan on high for 24hrs straight. This should get rid of the loud high-pitched squeaking sound.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 06/20/2022

by: Stirling02/24/2023

I'm hoping this product is "excellent". The brand is touted as the go-to vent. I'll chk out your video/info before I cut a hole in my Sprinter roof...

by: Ronald 09/17/2022

Product arrived on time as promised. Ordering was easy. Etrailer videos etc. Are a great help in understanding the product and its installation. I highly recommend etrailer as a vendor for RV products.

by: Anthony 03/09/2023

Looks to be high quality but haven’t installed it yet. If it performs as well as it looks this will surpass my expectations.

by: Cyril 03/10/2023

The install was easy and the fan works as expected. It's raining now so I was able to confirm dry operation while raining which is an improvement over my old fan.

by: Claude 09/26/2022

Great fan this makes two fans one in the bathroom and another in the living room. They create great airflow when we do our initial setup at the campsite. Cools the camper off very well.

by: 02/14/2022

Great upgrade for our travel trailer. Our trailer only came with a vent in the living room, no fan. We replaced the vent with this MaxxFan Deluxe which is really awesome. The biggest hassle of the install was removing the old vent, but that was done in about 30 minutes. Use a plastic putty knife to slowly scrap the old LAP sealant away. Then slowly pull up the old vent or fan, again using a plastic putty knife to work away any butyl tape under the old vent/fan. Clean the roof with isopropyl alcohol. Then put new butyl tape under the MaxxFan flange, stick it down. Cover the edge with Dicor LAP sealant. Install the fan on top of the flange. Go inside and connect the wires. Then install the trim piece, trim if needed. Overall took me two hours and I was leisurely with a lunch break.

by: Chris P05/27/2022

Trustworthy company in my opinion. My product arrived on time and in good condition. Easy to install and haven't had any problems with the fan for this first year. I can not comment on customer service since I didn't have any issues or concerns, but they seem to be on top of their game with follow-ups and whatnot. I will do business with etrailer in the future.

by: Dale 03/25/2021

the fan is very quiet, in fact I had to look to even make sure it was on. The hardest part was peeling the old butyl tape off and prepping the area for the new one. I like it a lot and it defiantly beats just a plain old vent.

Dale - 03/28/2022

by: Don G.04/22/2019

This fan really is whisper quiet we love it. Pat thank you for great customer service and follow up.

This product changed our camping experience. We have constant fresh air flowing through our trailer. Thanks for a great product and thanks etrailer.
Don G - 04/23/2020

by: Robert03/20/2022

Just installed and so far so good. It’s almost silent on speeds 1 and 2 (out of 4). Installation was no problem but one tip: before you place the fan assembly down on the flange, ensure the holes in the metal clips are aligned with the holes in the flange. I pushed my clips all the way down so the holes weren’t aligned and I had to remove the fan, raise the clips up just a hair and then put the fan back on. Not a big deal but a minor pain when also trying to avoid touching the still-wet lap sealant. Otherwise, great upgrade!

by: Joey 11/11/2021

Dependable and looks good

works perfect!
Joey - 11/11/2022

by: David05/18/2022

Good product at a good price. Easy to install. The box was damaged and the interior shroud was cracked. I was able to trim the damaged section off as it turned out to be excess to the installation process

by: Aubrey M08/22/2022

Great product! It's now our new standard roof vent. Lead times are minimal as well.

by: Michael 05/18/2020

I fell in love with this as soon as it was installed. I only wish i could have afforded the remote control unit as it would have worked out a lot better.

Still an awesome piece.
Michael L - 05/19/2021

by: Timothy12/08/2022

did not come with remote control the box was open with the tape inside of it ???

by: Lawrence05/08/2019

MaxxAir fan arrived on time. Installation was easy, just follow the enclosed instructions. Hardest part was removing the old vent, that takes the most time. Total time start to finish was about 3 hours.
Unit is good quality and workmanship. Very quiet running and easy to operate.

by: Chris 09/02/2022

Just showed up and it was fast for free shipping. Don’t know about the fan yet. I’ll install it later today. Looks great though.

by: Vincent05/05/2022

This is the fan that should be initially installed in every new RV. On low speed you can’t even here it run. The volume of air that it can move is fantastic.

by: 05/17/2021

MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent is a great product. The price from etrailer is great. Shipping was very fast. Received within 2 days of the order.

by: Steve04/01/2022

Easy install; hardest part is removing old one. Very quiet on low speed; nice to run when away. It makes a bit of sound on high, but moves quite a bit of air. I would NOT call it loud by any stretch. Great product!

by: Xavier09/21/2022

Great product and service! What more could you want?

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Ask the Experts about this MAXXAIR RV Vents and Fans
Do you have a question about this RV Vents and Fans?

  • Which is Quieter the MaxxAir Trailer Roof Vent or the Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent
  • The MaxxAir vent # MA00-06401K and the Fan-Tastic Vent roof vent # FV801250 will be close to the same decibel level when running but I give a slight edge to the MaxxAir because it moves a little less air (900 cubic feet per minute versus 920 on the Fan-Tastic) and because it has a sealed ball bearing 12 volt motor which would theoretically be quieter. Honestly you may not be able to tell the difference. As far as wind noise on the exterior I would go with the MaxxAir vent again since...
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