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Lippert Electric Trailer Jack with Footplate - A-Frame - 18" Lift - 3,500 lbs - Black

Code: LC285318

173 reviews

Our Price: $242.02


Product Specs:

Camper Jacks

Pop Up Camper
Teardrop Camper
Travel Trailer

A-Frame Jack
Leveling Jacks
Tongue Jack

1 Jack



3001 - 4000 lbs

Electric Jack


Powered A-frame jack has 2 toggle switches for operation. Jack has a retracted height of 10-3/4", an extended height of 28-3/4", and 18" of travel. Extends 6" in 41 seconds with 1,000 lbs of tongue weight.

Video of Lippert Electric Trailer Jack with Footplate - A-Frame - 18" Lift - 3,500 lbs - Black

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Lippert Electric Trailer Jack with Footplate - A-Frame - 18" Lift - 3,500 lbs - Black - LC285318

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (173 Customer Reviews)

Powered A-frame jack has 2 toggle switches for operation. Jack has a retracted height of 10-3/4", an extended height of 28-3/4", and 18" of travel. Extends 6" in 41 seconds with 1,000 lbs of tongue weight.

by: Bill D10/20/2021

The order shipped quickly and arrived when promised (via UPS). After removing the old tongue jack, the new Lippert jack installed in less than 45 minutes. Installation was straightforward due to the clear instructions included with the product. I have been very happy with all products purchased from etrailer.

The tongue jack is still working as advertised. No problems whatsoever.
Bill D - 11/07/2022

by: Roy06/13/2019

The bolt pattern matched my trailer so it was very easy. No skill needed. I soldered a connection on and hooked it directly into the battery. I had to drill a hole for my foot extension. So far so good. 23 foot travel trailer.

I wish I would have purchased it the same day I purchased the trailer. It’s super!!!
Roy - 06/14/2020

by: Roger05/21/2020

Love it! No more hand cranking. Installation was a breeze. The trailer tongue has nut plates so it was a easy swap. No extra wrench to loosen the bolts.
I just crimped on a connecter on the end of the power wire, ran the wire through the factory clamps of the camper and put it on the positive side of the battery. Done! I kind of wish it had a slow and fast speed but no biggie. I really like the LED light on the front with its own switch. It adds to the “wow” factor. Thanks again etrailer! I never shop anywhere else.

by: NK06/01/2018

My electric tongue jack arrived in two days, was easy to install and makes hitching an unhitching so much easier.

I’ve not had any problems in a year of constant use. This was a great purchase.
NK - 06/01/2019

by: Roy03/02/2023

Great product, quitter than the old works great works good. Thanks so much to Amy the customer service agent who help me when UPS showed no movement for 3days, she was great in getting it moving and emailing me information on the tracking.

by: Paul08/21/2018

First of all , My compliments to the shipping department. I was actually impressed the way that the trailer jack factory package was secured in the etrailer outer shipping box.
Since I was basically just replacing a old jack that I damaged with a new one, the installation was easy. All works great, exceeds my expectations .

by: John05/29/2022

I had my trailer tongue jack fail. I thought (hoped) it was just the actuator switch; replaced that but no luck. Found the exact same product through etrailer and purchased it (why not, the first one lasted for 8 trouble free years). The price was very reasonable and I received it a week sooner than promised. Installation was a snap- 3 bolts and connect a wire. Now on to more camping adventures!

by: Thomas09/16/2020

I purchased a used trailer that came with a cheap "Made in China" copy of the Lippert 3500 lb electric jack which the dealer had installed. It currently retails for $70.00. It failed after 3 years (trailer only 3 years old). So I bought the "real" deal this time. I had read previous views that said the Lippert 3500 was noisy. Mine barely makes a whisper and compared with my previous jack it doesn't make any noise at all. Etrailer even matched a competitor's low price. I couldn't be happier. Installed it yesterday and it moves up and down with ease. I'd give it and Etrailer 10 stars if I could.

My Lippert 3500 lb electric jack is still working greatsmooth, quiet, and powerful. I am still very happy with it.
Thomas - 09/17/2021

by: Charles06/29/2018

Within an hour after receiving the Jack I had it installed and wired up , it’s a very easy installation , and it’s going to be a great timesaver

It’s working just like the day I install it just fine
Charles - 06/29/2019

by: Geoffrey02/27/2022

After installation it functions as expected. It raised the tongue of our Casita easily and quietly. It was easy to install on our Casita. It bolted right in. Most of the time taken for the installation had to do with routing the wire from the jack to a power source. I found a suitable power wire in the closet. I used a 10 gauge quick splice connector to make the power connection. It took some effort to get the wire from the jack into the closet. I was able to push a Phillip’s screw driver through to the outside after removing the cable clamp. I cut the red wire from the jack on the diagonal and used pliers to push the red wire through from the outside into the closet. Aside from using the jack today I can’t speak to longevity. It sure was nice not to have to manually perform this task.

by: Minthillbill12/30/2021

Awesome, works great , installed another for a friend highly recommended

Excellent, no change from day 1. I have assisted with two other installs as well, their jacks continue to perform flawlessly.
Minthillbill - 12/31/2022

by: Michael 10/06/2022

Have a 20/20 arctic wolf and this Jack is more stable and more efficient than what came with the trailer

by: Craig03/22/2018

It will be a while before I can install. Winter storm coming. The order was filled in a timely manner and I relied on the company from a previous order for a brake controller/cable to fit my Jeep Grand Cherokee.
The factory packaging however, was insufficient to restrain and prevent the triangular mounting flange on the lower end from punching through the cardboard packaging. The result was minor scratching and removal of paint on a corner tip of the flange.

There was no evidence of anything in the package to restrain the lower end from traveling vertically up and down toward the area where it punched through. So..I'd blame it on Lippert for insufficient product package restraints.

The Jack initially worked fine with the exception of the LED light. I reported my trouble shooting information to etrailer pinpointing the LED board. You were able to have a new board sent to me for replacement and everything worked well all summer after the replacement. The technical guidance you provided on how to open and access the case was first rate, but in this case, I needed to buy a longer screwdriver for the deeply recessed screws.
Craig - 03/22/2019

by: Joe06/29/2019

Fit perfectly easy to install. I used it on my 2013 keystone sprinter travel trailer.

by: Carl 10/29/2019

While I researched the large selection of trailer jacks on etrailer before making my purchase, what I tended to see (by a LARGE margin) at RV campgrounds was this product. So I bought it....quick shipping and super easy time for our latest camping adventure. It worked flawlessly on our Minnie and was a nice change from having to manually lift and lower my RV off/on my truck tow ball. I really liked the gearing as it was the perfect operating speed for me.

The jack continues to work flawlessly. the only thing I see to improve on is a slower full stop when retracting the jack and not the awful noise it makes when it hits its upper limit.
Carl - 10/30/2020

by: Andrew04/14/2022

As always a big help in getting what I need, and wanted. Good tec help, fast service. Already installed.

by: Steve 03/02/2023

We were very surprised at how quickly the part came

by: Cory Moore05/12/2022

A great jack, works really well, powerful, good lift height, had a great fit onto the trailer itself, and seems very reliable.

by: Cathy09/12/2021

Happy with etrailer transaction as always. Disappointed with Lippert jacks as they do not hold up very well, but very aware that does not reflect on etrailer! Thanks for the service!

This does have a 1-year warranty. Please call Lippert for more details: 574-537-8900
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 09/22/2021

by: Paul S01/25/2018

Well, thanks for following up with me. I haven't installed the jack yet but will in a few days. I have noticed that the instruction sheet is not very helpful especially when you need to know the gauge of wire to that you can buy the right connector. It look so be 8-10 gauge. Also, in my set up, the length of wire provided is too short. So am going to have to splice a and additional piece in to reach my junction box. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to do that? It will be an easy install my problem is that I have removed the batteries for winter storage and the only way I can test the unit once installed is by hooking up the electricity. Hard to do when your RV in covered for the winter. I am waiting for a warmer day to do that. Anyway, thought that you would to know. Only a 3 for now but I would expect to change that to 5 once I have the wiring situation figured out. I'll let you know.

Thank you for your review. Typically the powered jacks are wired straight to the battery but wiring it to the junction box will work. You would need a 10 gauge wire such as part # 10-1-1
10 Gauge Primary Wire - Blue - per Foot
and heat shrink butt connectors such as part # DW05745-10
Deka Heat Shrink Butt Connector - 12-10 Gauge - Nylon Insulation - Yellow - Qty 10
. I am not sure what connections you have on your junction box but we do have ring terminals you could use. Such as part # 44-5310A
Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/16" Ring ID
or part # DW05705-1
Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/8" Ring ID
. I hope this helps.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 01/26/2018
The product worked as advertised and I am completely satisfied with it. Winter is harsh here in Utah so we will see how it goes when we pull out the trailer and start camping again. I do not expect that we will have issues but if we do I will let you know.
Paul S - 01/25/2019

by: BL08/27/2022

It does what it needs to. Seems a bit slower than the original. After a year (and several months between use) the switch did act up but after several flips back and forth it did engage and work normally.

by: Dennis05/31/2022

The jack was a direct replacement of what was on the travel trail and it fit perfect and operates just fine

by: Michael05/15/2016

Great jack, works every time flawless. Very easy to install with simple hand tools.

by: Eric 10/28/2021

Replaced a Lippert jack that came with our RV after it died. Install was simple as this Jack gad the same footprint and wiring. Hardest part was using jack stands while I was doing the swap. This jack has been flawless since the install a year ago.

by: James 08/17/2022

Perfect replacement for disontiued model that wore out.

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Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 24" Lift - 3,500 lbs - Black

Code: JET-3755

543 reviews

Our Price: $189.76


Product Specs:

Camper Jacks

Pop Up Camper
Teardrop Camper
Travel Trailer

Leveling Jacks
Tongue Jack

1 Jack


24 Inch Lift


3001 - 4000 lbs

Electric Jack

Stromberg Carlson

Use this electric tongue jack to lift your trailer with the flip of a switch. The steel jack has 19" of travel and a 5" drop leg for extra lift. Extends 6" in 32.2 seconds with 1,000 lbs of tongue weight.

Video of Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 24" Lift - 3,500 lbs - Black

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 24" Lift - 3,500 lbs - Black - JET-3755

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (543 Customer Reviews)

Use this electric tongue jack to lift your trailer with the flip of a switch. The steel jack has 19" of travel and a 5" drop leg for extra lift. Extends 6" in 32.2 seconds with 1,000 lbs of tongue weight.

by: Morgan12/24/2021

This is a quality made jack, super easy install, lifts my trailer with ease, I like the fact that it has a backup handle Incase of dead battery. I used a different fuse holder, I'm not a fan of glass tube fuse, the contact area is minimal compared to blade style, and I keep spares of that style being that is what my truck and trailer both use.

Jack is still working perfectly, no issues,no complaints!
Morgan - 12/25/2022

by: DeNomolos06/04/2022

One year in the jack still works well. The level bubble promptly failed soon after installation, with the liquid inside disappearing even though I have a leatherette cover protecting it from the elements. That being said, it's a bit gimmicky anyway and not really needed.

Cons I would list after a year's service are: 1) jack is SLOWWWWWWW...I ended up getting an Ox Block to minimize the up/down travel. 2) LED night light is so weak its pretty much useless. The switch is redundant with the up/down one and you'll fumble with both.

All in all minor quibbles and I still rate four stars; it sure beats hand cranking!

by: 02/01/2023

Easy install and made our adventure that more enjoyable,
Outstanding service, availability of products, advise and follow up. Top Notch !!!
Palmerfam Alaska

by: Morgan 01/20/2022

Great Jack, lifts trailer with ease, I'm using it on a toy hauler that has 1000lb tongue weight, better to have enough power than overload and burn up motors.

Still works as it did the day I installed it, perfect! Im sure it will work for years to come!
Morgan - 01/21/2023

by: JackofAllTrade11/28/2021

The trailer jack is a well built item. It runs smoothly and is very quiet. The jack came with a fuse assembly that I was not aware was included. Pricing was very good compared with local stores and other internet sites.

The only complaint is cosmetic. The motor unit on the part received does not line up directly above the center bolt. The motor assembly is off about 10 degrees from dead-center above the forward, center bolt hole.

Still going strong.
JackofAllTrade - 11/29/2022

by: Jimmy c09/13/2017

Ordered my electric tongue jack on Monday was told would receive on Friday which I thought was pretty quick received two days later two days earlier than I thought. Was excited went out removed manual jack put new jack on and was done less than twenty minutes easy hookup and works like a dream. Thanks e-trailer for the fast and courteous service. Will do business again with you no more manual connecting and disconnecting

Love it! So does my back.thanks
Jimmy c - 09/13/2018

by: Laurence 10/28/2021

So far so good. Very smooth operation and reasonable speed. Install was easy, but directions were just a bit unclear. Images in the manual could be more legible. The in-line fuse holder came in an unbroken loop and needed to be cut and stripped in order to install, and this step (though obvious) was not in the instructions. Overall I would order this product again and recommend to others.

Jack died while boondocking in Colorado. Our tongue weight was about 1100lb and we travel with a loaded f350 srw gas. Jack used to set Wdh bars and had to lift both trailer tongue and truck bed. Not sure if a 3500 lb jack was enough for that purpose. Replaced with a heavier jack same mfg.
Laurence - 10/28/2022

by: Jeff T07/15/2019

I am very happy with my power jack. Works great, looks good & was easy to install.

The electric jack is still working great! We have had no problems with it at all since we bought it.
Jeff T - 07/16/2020

by: Nathan T07/15/2019

Part came in good styrofoam padding, screws, washers, extra fuses & connector. Nothing missing. Video on line and on email was clear and easy to understand. I am really happy I bought this product.

Ít still working great, I loved it. Thanks
Nathan T - 07/16/2020

by: Cort C.02/19/2016

The product was great. It is just what you said it was. If you notice the mouting plate, the extensions are to raise the jack up because this trailer sets really low. The origial hand crack jack was bent when I purchased the trailer. Problem solved. This power jack compared to hand jack is the same distance from mouting plate to bottom of foot, both colapsed all the way. My wife loves it, no more hand cranking. Ran power wire inside to battery. Crimp terminal on wire. Hook to battery. Done. Installation, 20 minutes. I purchased cover (bag) to go over power head too. On another note, All 3 tire covers fit like a glove. Now to get a price on 3 new tires. Then we can enjoy it. Thanks etrailer. other products I puchased were great also.

by: Kenneth 11/16/2022

works great - easy install - great customer service from etrailer and follow-up after sell - and aways the best price for replacement parts

by: Jim 10/22/2022

Working good so far. However, don't run the jack all the way up or down until it stops, you'll blow the fuse. I've gone through three fuses so far. There should be automatic stops in place before this happens, but there's none. Otherwise good strong jack.

by: Mark 10/13/2022

Fit perfect on 2002 Weekend warrior , after I moved the propane tanks further back to clear (WW issue, not Stromberg).

Unit cleared tailgate of 2003 F250 just fine.

by: MNCamper10/26/2022

Big upgrade over hand cranking. zero problems with it since installing. If there's one thing I'd say wasn't perfect is that it's sorta slow but even that isn't a big deal.

by: Jeff 08/27/2018

I bought this jack to replace a Lippert unit that seized in 1 1/2 years of light use. This was my first purchase from Etrailer and I am really impressed with the service! Order was shipped immediately and free along with a tracking tool that showed exactly where the jack was while in transit to me. The jack arrived in great condition and had everything I needed for installation. The install was a three bolt operation and a one wire connection to my existing relay. Saved a bunch by doing it myself and it was easy. I am really going to like the bubble level on this jack! I used to run back and forth from inside to out while balancing. The bubble level shows you right at the jack. I have a 21 foot travel trailer and this jack works great. Can't speak for durability yet as I just installed. Look forward to ordering anything else needed for my trailer from these guys. All the good reviews they have tell you the story! Thanks, Jeff

by: Zachary 10/10/2022

I love the electric trailer jack. It works flawlessly/.

by: Bob H07/14/2020

It does it’s job. I use it with a weight distribution system so it’s actually lifting my suv and camper works well. But I believe with any electric toy he jack u should use a cover regardless of what the manufacturer says.

I bought this jack to replace the one I bought locally from a camper store. After the second one of theirs stopped working just past the warranty period. I moved on to this one. I truly think adding a cover over the tounge jack made all the difference in the world. The jack works great, never any problems. I even had to use the manual crank once too. that worked great as well. I would suggest this product.
Robert H - 07/15/2021

by: William 09/29/2022

the round mount plate had to be trimmed about 1/8 inch to fit. Other than that the jack arrived on time in good condition. I have only used it once, everything worked good.

by: Jeff M07/03/2017

I purchased this product and the cover at the same time due to the features and a small part the level on the top. This was after speaking with Troy in depth about it. etrailer, Troy and the videos are great and the product was delivered when Troy said it would and in good condition. I installed it in a relatively short amount of time with my wife cheering me on with a glass of wine.

The one aspect to consider is the mounting plate of the product is round and my original manual tongue jack had a triangular plate. When I tried putting the product on, the battery box was in the way of the round mounting plate. I had to move the battery box back a couple of inches and reattach it for the mounting plate to fit correctly. This only delay the install a short amount of time. Otherwise no issues.

I went camping for 1 1/2 weeks at 2 different campgrounds and I utilize a weight distribution/sway control system to pull the trailer. The jack lifted the trailer and the rear of the truck up high enough to attach the system to the trailer without issue.

So far the product is working fine with no operational issues, however the bubble on the level has grown to where it is not giving me a better idea of how the trailer is leveled. So I am not sure if there is a small leak to cause this or was it from the heat.
Jeffrey M - 07/09/2018

by: Daniel10/01/2022

The mounting plate is flimsy, and the electric never worked no matter how many times I followed the directions to the letter

by: Charles04/18/2019

Ordered this electric jack based on reviews (and the simple fact that the gears in my manual crank jack were junk and I needed an excuse to get an electric one). Installation was a breeze. Old one out and this one installed in under 20 minutes. It’s great that you can get a product that comes with ALL of the necessary install accessories (bolts, shrink tube butt connector, extra fuse, etc). Only used twice today, but I expect a long life out of this jack.

Still works great. I did have one life lesson with the jack...we store the camper at a storage site for the winter. I winterized the camper at home, just before I pulled out of the driveway I remembered I didn’t pull the camper battery, so I did camper was already hitched to the truck. Got to the storeagensite and couldn’t get the trailer off the truck. No power to jack. Had to rig the jack power to the truck to work the jack. The manual crank was in my tool box I leave at home for the winter. Oops. I have a note on my trailer keys to bring the battery when we get the trailer this spring. Other than my own goofiness, it works great and makes life so much easier.
Charles - 04/19/2020

by: Karen 11/08/2022

Jack worked as expected all last year and then RV sat for awhile and wasn't working about 2 weeks ago. I called company and rep said it could be a ground problem and to unbolt jack from trailer and sand down to bare metal for a good connection as that is how the jack is grounded. It worked.

by: Robert05/19/2022

Installed this motorized unit to replace my hand operated lift jack.
Hookup was simple. Works perfect.

by: Al10/21/2019

Very easy install. Lowered my trailer onto two 2 ton jacks and dropped this right in. Torqued to 20 lbs, wired and done. Pretty quiet and not as slow as others I’ve researched.

by: Eric 08/03/2022

Quality product easy to install and shipping was fast and very good
Should work well on my 20 ft enclosed car trailer

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