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Lippert Center Point by Trailair Air-Ride Suspension Upgrade - Tandem Axle

Code: LC1565391

18 reviews

Our Price: $1,916.09


Product Specs:

Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

Equalizer Upgrade Kit

Boat Trailer
Car Hauler
Snowmobile Trailer
Utility Trailer

Tandem Axle


Video of Lippert Center Point by Trailair Air-Ride Suspension Upgrade - Tandem Axle

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Lippert Center Point by Trailair Air-Ride Suspension Upgrade - Tandem Axle - LC1565391

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (18 Customer Reviews)

by: Herb09/16/2022

It did not fit my unit. It would not slide up in between the bracket on the chassis. Would have required cutting the bracket off, obtaining a different bracket and welding it in place. It's a nicely designed product and would have given it a higher review but etrailer made me pay return shipping at $129.00. This is the reason I no longer purchase from etrailer.

by: Jason 09/13/2022

These air springs were night and day difference on our Vanleigh Beacon. We cannot recommend them enough. We bought a couple spare bags in case one blew out we would not be stranded as it might prove difficult to find them locally.

by: Rhonda 11/13/2021

Before purchasing and installing these we were breaking leaf springs about once a year. Since adding this package, we are doing well (and the roads have not gotten any smoother!).

hey are holding up. Adding the air cushion package we also bought from your company seems to have addressed our breakage issue. Thanks for asking. Pleasant surprise!
Rhonda - 11/15/2021

by: James Stout01/28/2021

I had been looking at different equalizers with rubber components to give my 5th wheel a softer ride, then I seen the the Lippert center point setup, so I started watching videos of both, and after sometime thinking it over I decided to go with the Lippert center point because I used to drive a semi truck and trailer and both of them had air ride suspension, so for the money this was about as close to that setup as I could go without spending a lot more money, so for me I went with air ride 5th wheel pin box and Lippert center point suspension, I don’t have the suspension installed yet but I know it will make a lot of difference

by: Mark 01/19/2022

I absolutely love this setup, it takes almost every bump out of play when towing my 5th wheel. Speed bumps are almost non existent. I would highly recommend this product, it's well worth the investment.

by: Stephane 08/26/2022

Excellent service would highly recommend

by: Ken 09/16/2021

The product looks great. Very well built. Arrived on time. The air gauge was package with the heavy spring linkage and glass is cracked. Will add a picture. Will add a review after I get it installed. Ken

by: Jason11/27/2020

These really smoothed out the ride and added a couple inches of lift which I needed.

by: Blake 12/04/2021

Excellent customer service

by: Brent D12/06/2020

Very straight forward Installatlon and absolutely love the ride

by: David 08/05/2020

Delivered as expected. Just need to install and enjoy the nice smooth ride.

by: St?Phane05/11/2021

Exilent service

by: Bruce 11/01/2022

by: Antonio 10/11/2022

by: Yves 07/11/2021

by: Bria03/11/2021

by: David 06/08/2021

by: Keith06/17/2021


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Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Idler Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" Long - 3,500 lbs

Code: 35545I-EZ-89

309 reviews

Our Price: $289.52


Product Specs:

Trailer Axles

Leaf Spring Suspension

Easy Lube Spindles

No Drop or Lift

89 Inch Long

74 Inch

Idler Hubs

3500 lbs

5 on 4-1/2


Straight trailer axle measures 89" from hub face to hub face and 74" from spring center to spring center. Includes idler hubs - with bearings, races, and seals - for 13" to 17-1/2" wheels. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication.

Video of Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Idler Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" Long - 3,500 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Idler Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" Long - 3,500 lbs - 35545I-EZ-89

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (309 Customer Reviews)

Straight trailer axle measures 89" from hub face to hub face and 74" from spring center to spring center. Includes idler hubs - with bearings, races, and seals - for 13" to 17-1/2" wheels. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication.

by: Geoff03/20/2023

everything fit great, you need to package the tube of grease better, the one end of the tube was smashed from the box being dropped on one corner. was unable to use the tube of grease, so went to our local NAPA store and got a tube.

That would be a messy situation! I know that you replaced the grease however I will still have our Customer Service team reach out to you on this.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/22/2023

by: Wayne 08/22/2022

Axle is two inches longer than the original axle on a 1986 trailer but the tires still ended up neatly tucked under the fenders. It was shipped lightning fast, was easy enough to install and has worked flawlessly for just over 10,000 miles now. Excellent!

by: Ian 11/05/2022

Maria K. went above and beyond to get me my trailer parts. Shipping was fast and I am extremely impressed with the service I received. Thank you.

by: Bernard05/15/2018

I changed the axle on my boat trailer a year ago after finding the spindles pitted and leaking grease from the rear seals. Purchased an axle from e-trailer with bearings seals and spindles and was very pleased. etrailer has been a company that I would do business again as needed. Their products have been shown to be a good quality and have arrived on time and in good condition. Have been very pleased with the experience.

Have had no problems with product. Worked out fine.
Bernard - 05/15/2019

by: Randall 02/23/2023

Looks great came early too

by: Dustin07/30/2022

Arrived fast but was missing parts that I had to get before I could install the axel

I will have our customer service team reach out to you about those missing pieces.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 08/25/2022
I will have our customer service team reach out to you about those missing pieces.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 08/25/2022

by: Andrew 10/08/2022

Worked out great, fit perfect, hubs went together smoothly, I would recommend you guys to anyone who needs trailer repairs! Thank you

by: Ernest 04/29/2021

Thank You etrailer for the quick service and delivery. This axle and idler hubs EZ lube was an easy install and exact fitment needed. 1 yr. in service and doing good.

by: Timothy07/11/2018

Purchased a trailer axle with hubs. I had lost a left wheel, hub and all and was lost at a loss as to how to proceed with fixing the bent, now damaged left spindle.
Finding the complete axle and hub set up at etrailer was a God sent.
The removal of the old and installation of the new axle was easy. Slide it in, tighten up the u-blots and you're home.
A side positive was that my new axle had a pre-load bend in it and also preset for toe in. Toe In like on your car to keep it running straight down the road. ( you'll have to read they're information literature)

We haul the trailer to Chicago often. The axle is still in service and giving us no concern for worry. In fact, the trailer tracks better than it ever did using your axle setup.
Timothy - 07/15/2019

by: Aaron05/01/2016

Axle has worked great for the value. Came on time and we'll packaged. Have not had any issues with it since installed. Thank you for delivering as promised.

3 years later the axle has bent at the spindle. Has never been overloaded. Was hoping for a longer life from this product
Aaron - 01/31/2020

by: ken06/02/2016

EZ Lube axle, why didn't I have this last year? With a slight modification (weld new spring seats) 2"wider track, new hubs and springs the pontoon was back to the lake the same day. Now I never have to worry about repacking bearings again. Thanks etrailer

by: Bill W07/19/2016

The axle I ordered was successfully installed yesterday. One issue I had was with the spring seats. My spring centers are 72 1/2. Knowing that I ordered the Spring Seats TRSS238. I cut off the seats that came with the axle as I knew I had to do but when I went to install the new seats I found the cutout diameter was too large for the axle.
For that reason I did not use the seats. Fortunately I did a neat job of cutting off the original seats so I welded those at the location I needed. They worked fine and fit very well. It would have been a problem if I did not get the seats off the axle as neat clean as I did.
Other that that issue the axle arrived in 5 days through standard shipping and hopefully will work for years to come.

by: Fred L04/23/2015

Ordered an axle and 2 trailer tires mounted on wheels. Cost is very reasonable and items were delivered promptly. This was my first time using etrailer and I am very impressed with the service and quality of items ordered. Will be a repeat customer.

by: Loren04/21/2015

I get the impression that this review is intended just for the product below, which was excellent.
I want to make sure it is said that the sales rep I dealt with over the phone was excellent. When I had questions I was not able to find on the net, Mark M had the answeres, found what I needed and the complete package was delivered promptly. Even to the extent of a tube of grease which I did not expect.
I highly recommend etrailer!

by: Dean04/02/2015

I ordered several items for a trailer I am rebuilding. One thing i ordered was an axle with hubs. When the axle arrived there were no hubs and I was worried. But when the second box arrived there were the hubs I was expecting. Thank you your pics and shipping saved me over $200 on a single axle.

by: Kong06/03/2019

Great service with knowledgeable staffs, on time delivery.
good quality and a fair price for complete axle, hubs assembly, although i received the axle, bearing hubs in good conditions the inner seals was damaged from the boxes being bounced around during shipping. Yes i would shop again at

by: Tony06/01/2019

The parts were well protected and boxed during shipping. The parts were as described on the site. The bearings all came from China which would not have been my first choice but hopefully will be suitable. I would recommend this seller.

The center to center distance was 1 different for my trailer. I cut the brackets off and rewelded the brackets in the new location. The axle has worked well and I have had no problem. As I use the trailer only a couple of times a year the bearings that came with the axle have been fine so far.
Tony S - 06/01/2020

by: TJM10/02/2015

God the product in two days from the order day. It came in perfect shape and ordering the additional mounting brackets was very easy. Item is sturdy and was quite easy to install, especially using the helpful instruction video link (there is one missing step in the video, though. It does not show the mounting of the bushing that fits next to the inner bearing on the hub, but it was still pretty easy to figure out). Great purchase and the whole axle swap took less than 30 minutes!

by: Rich W.05/18/2017

Item I ordered arrived 5 days after I ordered. Everything ordered was received but unfortunately I ordered the wrong axle, my fault. Jennifer was very nice, checked if they carried the axle I actually needed...nope, and set up a return for me but at return freight price I'll see if I can sell locally. Etrailer prices are great, just be sure you order right or better yet call them.

by: raymond rowlands08/11/2016

Replacement axle for my landscape trail er

The axle is great. Before, I had a bend in the old one that I didnt know about until I wore out a new set of tires in 400 miles :. Now things are super.
-- Etrailer Expert raymond r - 12/11/2017

by: Roger05/31/2016

Regular shopper. Product was great. Reasonable shipping.
Dependable people selling dependable products at a fair price.
Need not say more. Thanks.

by: Marcus05/11/2019

Ordered an axle and ez lube hubs for my boat. Shipping was very fast and everything was packaged nice. Parts fit perfect and went together the way they should. Very nice axles and hubs. I will definitely return to etrailer in the future. Top notch products and service!!!

by: jeff m03/05/2017

The axle, bearings, hubs, and associated parts are, like the other parts I have purchased in the past, worked extremely well. All parts were a snug fit, and seemed to mesh well on the 17 foot homemade trailer. Thanks again etrailer for another job well done!

by: larry parker02/14/2015

I haven't used any of it yet but all looks OK. I expected the axles to be heavy than they are so they would be more steady and steady than they seem to be.I will find out when they are installed. service was excellent. as was delivery time.

by: Steve05/15/2018

The product was all around great. Correct items as listed, good quality material and well built. Cost was reasonable and shipping was fast. I do not have a picture, but the install went smooth and fast. Great company, great product.

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  • Difference Between Idler and Braking Axle
  • A brake axle would have brakes, either electric or hydraulic drum or disc brakes while an idler hub would have no brakes. Many times, a tandem axle trailer will have one braking axle and one idler axle. The 3500 lb capacity # 35545I-EZ-89 axle you were looking at comes with idler hubs, but because it has brake mounting flanges, brake assemblies and hub/drums could be added at a later date if necessary. To find a replacement axle, you'd need to measure the hub face to hub face dimension...
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