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Dexter Bronze Bushings - Qty 4

Code: K71-291-00

247 reviews

Our Price: $25.92


Product Specs:

Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension


Boat Trailer
Snowmobile Trailer

1-3/4 Inch Long

9/16 Inch ID x 11/16 Inch OD


Bronze bushings are designed for use with trailer suspension systems. Insert into the eye of a leaf spring or equalizer to ensure proper sizing for suspension bolts.

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Customer Reviews

Dexter Bronze Bushings - Qty 4 - K71-291-00

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (247 Customer Reviews)

Bronze bushings are designed for use with trailer suspension systems. Insert into the eye of a leaf spring or equalizer to ensure proper sizing for suspension bolts.

by: Doug01/27/2023

I think Dexter, and by association, etrailer is selling junk parts. These are supposed to be "bronze" bushing. Even the Dexter packaging states "BRONZE". They ARE NOT bronze. They're cheap'azz steel bushings. Well I take that back they certainly aren't cheap.

You can see in the first photo the old bronze bushing(these are Dexter original bushings that came with the HD wet bolt set-up several years ago) compared to the steel bushing now included in the HD shackle kit. Still doubting? The next photo shows the Dexter "BRONZE" bushing firmly held by a magnet. Still have doubts? How about a picture of the "BRONZE" bushings still in the Dexter packaging firmly attached to a magnet?

We have checked our stock and they are indeed steel, instead of bronze like advertised. We are working on getting this information updated on our site to prevent any of this confusion in the future.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 03/14/2023

by: Phillip01/16/2023

These should be included in every order for the wet bolt kit, the never fail plastic were worn out. Need bronze bushing with the wet bolts kit

by: Joe09/02/2022

While this is exactly what I needed, I believe I should be refunded a portion of the shipping costs. When I placed the order Monday August 29th I needed and paid for next day air. Kimberly said I had ordered too late on Monday and that it would not ship until Tuesday. George or whoever processed the order fooled around and did not ship the order until Wednesday August 31st. The order did not arrive until Thursday September 1st at 9:15PM, at the same time as the equalizer shipped by ground. Please look into this matter and figure out what went wrong. Again, the problem was not UPS nor Kim but whoever failed to process the order in a timely manner.

I am sorry the order did not arrive on the day that it was expected to. Customer Service will reach out.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 09/19/2022

by: Brian01/03/2023

I have never used these to comment. I carry them in case of a catastrophic failure, to have on hand to do a road repair.

by: Michael 08/30/2022

when upgrading your tandem axle equalizer, use these as well. they replace the factory nylon bushings, and are grease-able. makes for a smoother ride.

by: Brent 08/17/2022

These bushings are fantastic! I needed to insert something into a hole, but the hole was just a little to large. I didn't want to have to deal with the banging and clanging or risk my hole getting worn out. These bushings will definitely protect my holes from the wear and tear of everyday use!

by: Abner08/02/2022

What an improvement over the stock nylon bushings. The fit perfectly and make me feel better about the springs.

by: Jarrett 08/20/2022

great improvement to the nylon bushings that came with my leaf springs

by: Mitchell 03/18/2023

Exact replacement for my 2019 Grand Design Solitude 310GK

by: David11/01/2022

The product appears to be a good value. I am impressed with the availability of product,the cost and time of receiving it to my home in Canada. I haven't actually installed it yet but the videos offered on your site make it appear pretty straight forward. Thanks I will definitely return to your site for future products.

by: Gary 10/05/2022

Arrived on time. All the parts were accounted for. However. The wet volt kit does not cole.with the two longer bolts that bolt through top of equalizer.
The difference in stability is definitely recognized.

by: William02/27/2019

I purchased this set in order to replace a new bushing that was deformed by an under-sized eye on the OEM spring. I also bought a set of replacement springs at the same time. All went together as it should have.

by: Bob09/25/2021

5 stars- for having the right item.

star - for quality, as some of the parts were missing, and one of the grease zerts was broken, also the studs with the grease zerks were not seated properly or completely in the shackles and crooked.

1 star - Having to wait for the parts again.

1 star for no instructions for assembly.

Not really happy with service.

Thank you for letting us know and for leaving a review. Our customer service team should be reaching out to you in the near future.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 10/18/2021

by: Robert 08/30/2022

Great products

by: Bob Broome02/22/2022

I really like e trailer and all the people who helped me with my purchase. Your technical advice has been great and the arts department was equally splendid. I have recently placed another order with you and have recommended e trailer to several RVers. I look forward to doing business with you for the foreseeable future.

by: Michael 01/26/2023

I can't thank Chelsie and Julia enough for all their help when I am ordering parts,they contact me via e mail or actually by phone personally to check the order and any problems they take care of themselves,its nice to deal with a company that cares about the people that place the orders enough to go that far,it makes a customer feel good to know,again thank them both very much.

by: James02/16/2022

Better than original. Be careful swapping out that you don’t damage the end of the bushing use a 9/16” inch bolt inside the bushing and hammer it in place.

by: Keith05/30/2022

Very good item. I replaced old plastic bushings with these on 2 trailers.

by: Ned05/15/2019

The brass bushings were excellent. They were fine. The instructions for the kit were not complete. I had to use a wheel puller to get the greasable bolt properly seated.

Ned - 05/16/2020

by: Jerry04/16/2019

Yes I did receive my order yesterday and it couldn't have got here any sooner it was great I have yet to use the brass bushings.
Thank you

I need to put more miles these brass bushings before I can give you an honest report.
Jerry - 04/18/2020

by: Frank 01/25/2023

Old ones definitely needed replaced.

by: Jim 09/28/2022

Excellent turnaround in processing and shipping the order. Thanks eTrailer!

by: Marvin03/23/2018

George J; Thanks for expediting these bushings, got them a day earlier than quoted, need drier weather to install them. Broke a spring a couple years back and need to replace the plastic bushings it came with and to match the rest of the bronze bushings in the suspension.

As far as I know they are great. This the only way to go with this product, replace those NYLON s with something more perminet.
Marvin - 03/24/2019

by: Perry 10/03/2022

All worked fine and seemed to be similar quality as replaced items

by: John 07/24/2022

The bushings were just what I needed, and they worked great!! Shipping was fast, they arrived early. Great to work with, Answered all my questions.

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Ask the Experts about this Dexter Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension
Do you have a question about this Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension?

  • Comparing Bronze and Nylon Bushings for Trailer Suspension
  • It really just depends on what you are looking to get out of the bushings. Bronze bushings, like part # K71-291-00, will last longer but are more noisy and it is recommended to use wet bolts like part # 126B2 to keep them lubricated. Nylon bushings, like part # SP05-060, are much quieter and can be used with regular bolts like part # 166081 since they don't need to be lubricated as much. As far as lifespan goes the bronze will last longer but not so much longer that they are much better...
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Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long

Code: TRBU11566

356 reviews

Our Price: $3.38


Product Specs:

Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension


Boat Trailer
Car Hauler
Snowmobile Trailer
Utility Trailer

1-3/4 Inch Long

9/16 Inch ID x 11/16 Inch OD


Nylon bushing is designed for use with trailer suspension systems. Insert it into the eye of a leaf spring to ensure proper sizing for suspension bolts.

Video of Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long - TRBU11566

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (356 Customer Reviews)

Nylon bushing is designed for use with trailer suspension systems. Insert it into the eye of a leaf spring to ensure proper sizing for suspension bolts.

by: Archie10/27/2022

Excellent service and quick delivery and great price, all looks good, thanks for helping me out with these items that I can't find around my area anymore,AES

by: David K07/10/2022

Fantastic! Shipping was fast, it fit and the replacement is finished. Only flub was me ordering four instead of 6.

The attached pic shows how bad the old bushings were and why I was getting tread wear down on the inside of the tire.

by: David06/23/2021

I replaced leaf springs on my trailer , springs , unbolts and leaf eye bolts were perfect fit and the job when easy the hard part was getting the old springs off. I know now to keep them siliconed up from now on for future problems.

Great no issues
David E - 06/24/2022

by: Travis08/17/2022

Came with the bushings all individually in the box vs an all in one bag/package. Ordered 8 but in the box was only 6 clearly lost from transport which is very frustrating and now unable to finish the project in time before our travels. Do not buy from etrailer buy the same ones from Michigan Truck for a 1/3 of the price.

I am sorry to hear that your order arrived in this condition. I have sent your information over to our customer service department for them to better assist you.
Katrina B - 08/29/2022

by: Chris06/10/2018

I Waited Too Long to Replace Trailer Bushings
past few years I would hear “clunking” sound (different than “squeaking”) from my boat trailer, but I got concerned this year as it seemed louder.
-With the boat off the trailer I could see wear around the shackle bolts
-I called eTrailer to order the parts and was helped by Kayla to order the bushings/shackles/bolts/nuts for my tandem axle trailer
-After trying to press the bushings in I realized I measured poorly and had two different bushings, the equalizer had 1 size and springs had a different size.
-Amanda helped me get the second set of bushings (delaying the project for 5 days…but my fault)

Right or wrong:
-I applied anti-seize compound to the shackle bolt threads
-I pre-loaded the “wet” bolts with marine grease to fill them up before inserting them into the suspension, adding grease when everything is installed
-I tightened the bolts very securely and they backed off the nut ½ turn to allow for suspension movement

Lessons learned:
-Look for different size bushings in equalizer/springs and measure correctly ID & OD precisely
-It takes some time to do this job (about 4 working hours per side) so try to do it when you are not under pressure
-If you want the re-paint some parts, allow for primer and top coat drying time, i.e. overnight which adds time to the project, but it comes out better
-Have a big breaker bar & extension/enforcer to help get the nuts on & off. My ½” impact gun could not tighten them all the way
-A large “C” clamp will press the bushing in smooth & straight instead of using a hammer & block of wood “caveman style”
-Annually inspect your trailer suspension for signs of wear and listen for increased noise

Thanks again to Kayla, Amanda and eTrailer for help with this project.

by: James03/19/2018

I had one broken leave Spring Shackle so i Replaced All of the Shackle Brackets & Bolts & Bushings everything worked Great finished project in no Time Thanks for Everything

by: David 01/25/2023

Have not installed the bushings yet but did get correct size, quantity that I ordered promptly.

by: John03/16/2023

Bushings quiet the trailer for a short period of time. Bushings wear out and squeaks return quicker than I expected.

by: Ray02/08/2023

Yes, thanks for a great product. Installed easy after a little labor of disassembly of all springs attached to my fifth wheel. but sadly to say I only experienced a few trips before breaking a spring and then having to replace all four springs that came with new bushings. Thanks again.

by: Duane 12/12/2022

Perfect fit for my 5th wheel suspension rebuild!

by: Justin12/02/2014

I ordered 8 of these, and 2 came with cracks longitudinally. I called customer service (on a sunday, which is nice), and they are getting 2 new ones out to me. Otherwise the 6 good ones were fine and installed with no issues. Once I receive the other 2, i will bump this review up from a "2" to a "3" or "4".

by: Lynes Special Delivery 09/20/2017

Couldn't be more satisfied! I change from 5 on 5 to 5 on 4.5. I've been rolling on these hubs about 2500 miles. Every time I jack up the trailer I spin the tire, smooth as ever. Thankx LSD

by: #1 S Guy09/21/2020

easy to install once you're able to remove the nuts off of the rusty old shackle bolts, Ahhh Michigan winters.

Just fine.
Doug W - 09/22/2021

by: Lloyd 03/25/2023

My Oder arrived very quickly. Exactly what I need and ordered. Will use etrailer again

by: Paul 07/08/2022

So far so good. I have no idea what the life expectancy is, will have a look at them in 2 more seasons. Or a set of tires, I assume they are the sacrificial part of the system.

by: Frank 01/17/2023

Very sturdy, hopefully will last another 20 years lol!

by: Steven 01/26/2023

Fast service and will order again in the near future

by: Wade 12/13/2022

fast shipping

by: Michael 08/17/2022

Yep! they're bushings.
Arrived in good
shape. No complaints.

by: Michael02/02/2017

Spot on bushing for my leaf springs. Only suggestion would be to include instructions for lubrication. I wasn't sure, so I coated them inside and out with a thin layer of hi-temp grease.

Michael, thanks for your review and your business. You will probably find it easier to the shackle bolts into the bushings if you lightly grease the bolts. A small amount of lubrication will both aid installation and provide a degree of lubrication for the whole assembly. You can use a general-purpose lithium grease like L11316.
-- Etrailer Expert Laura E - 02/07/2017
The parts I bought from you to repair the suspension on our live stock trailer did the trick of getting it roadworthy. We dont use it often, but the couple times weve had it on the road since the repairs have been uneventful and thats a good thing when you have a couple tons of beef on it.
Michael - 02/05/2018

by: Edward09/25/2022

Excellent service- product is just what was shown online- product arrived quickly

by: Steve S.09/09/2019

I had a trailer spring break this summer on the way home from a 2,700 mile trip. Our small luggage trailer just couldn’t take anymore rough roads. One of the springs broke through the centering bolt. The website and Tammie P. came through with replacement springs and accessories. Thank you Tammie P. And!

by: CK05/14/2022

Trouble free. Easily replaced well worn bushings with more than 13000 miles on them.

by: Dennis06/14/2021

These will do the trick. They seem to be robust nylon - perfect for my older trailer. For a new trailer, I'd opt for brass probably. Speedy deliver - even considering the border crossing into Canada.

by: Larry06/05/2017

You really need to replace these bushings when you do any work on the springs,
They are very easy to push out and reinstall.
Most of the bushings I replaced were very out of round. This should make my 5th wheel trailer track much better.

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Customers compare TRBU11566 to these similar products

Do you have a question about this Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension?