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Leveling Scissor Jack Set - 24" Lift - 10,000 lbs - QTY 2

Code: JSC-24

347 reviews

Our Price: $128.01


Product Specs:

Camper Jacks

Fifth Wheel Camper
Pop Up Camper
RV Motorhome
Teardrop Camper
Travel Trailer

Stabilizer Jacks

2 Jacks


24 Inch Lift


9001 - 10000 lbs

Scissor Jack

Stromberg Carlson

These 2 leveling scissor jacks with a combined 10,000-lb capacity each will keep your RV level and stable. Each adjusts from 4" to 24" inches as your situation requires, and the bow-tie base steadies the jack on soft surfaces.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Leveling Scissor Jack Set - 24" Lift - 10,000 lbs - QTY 2 - JSC-24

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (347 Customer Reviews)

These 2 leveling scissor jacks with a combined 10,000-lb capacity each will keep your RV level and stable. Each adjusts from 4" to 24" inches as your situation requires, and the bow-tie base steadies the jack on soft surfaces.

by: Douglas11/09/2022

The leveling scissor jacks (2) had good mounting flanges and extra wide bottom pad for uneven surfaces. Mechanically it operates well, but with in a couple of weeks the black finish on the body of the jacks began to fade and the hex end where the drive socket attaches started to rust with in days of use. I spray the whole unit with WD 40 every time I bring it home from storage (out side) to clean and service it and or before a trip. This seems to hold off serious rusting. Bottom line is knowing this jack sits on the outside of the frame behind the wheels you would think the manufacturer would paint it to hold up better.

by: Phillip03/10/2022

After installing these on my camper, when I went to jack my camper up, the welds had broken that stops the screw and my trailer would not jack up during to the cranks just spinning. Fortunately I had hydraulic jacks to help level my camper.

You mentioned that the welds had broken and i wanted to ask if you would be able to send a picture of them?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/28/2022

by: Jeffrey03/09/2022

This is poor service I bought and paid for 10,000 pound 24 inch lift scissor jacks and recieved 5,000 18 inch. Unacceptable

I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/22/2022

by: Gary05/20/2022

Arrived yesterday and everyone who reads this needs to know you are getting 2 5K jacks and that added together is your 10K weight. I am disappointed and maybe it is ignorance on my part, but other websites state they are 2 5K jacks. I paid freight to Alaska for 2 boxes of these when I could have just went down to the local store and get them off the shelf

by: Kenneth 07/31/2022

These jacks are superior to the factory installed jacks. They raise and lower much better and are made of superior materials. I'm so glad I replaced two of my trailer jacks with these! If I had kept the trailer longer, I would have replaced all four with these jacks. They are perfect for this application.

by: Dew4111/11/2016

Received shipment next day after added charges. Shipping package arrived in excellent condition. Scissor jacks look good and work smoothly.

by: John03/22/2019

Installation was easy. Parts are good quality. These don't come with the bolts. I had to drill new holes since the old ones didn't line up.

by: Edward Leprechaun Owner04/04/2022

Very sturdy. The Finish is durable. Smooth operation every time,

Including a Drill adapter would've made it Excellent

by: Nickolas06/28/2019

PLEASE, do yourself a favor and DO NOT buy these jacks... These are cheap Chinese crap. I'm not really sure what they think there good for ie; don't Jack a frame or axle. WTF? Right out of the box they are a good looking piece of equipment. Don't be fooled. These Jack are incapable of lifting 50% of stated load. And quite frankly, etrailer customer service was rude when contacted. Don't say nobody warned you!

Were sorry to hear that you werent happy with your purchase. As stated above in the product description, the jacks arent designed to lift your trailer or RV. Doing so will exceed the capacity of the jacks. They are meant as stabilizers to prevent the trailer from rocking or bouncing around from people walking around in it.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 07/01/2019

by: Wayne 01/21/2022

Great people to work with to resolve which product would fix my issues. They are very knowledgeable about the products they sell!

by: Phillip 12/12/2022

good price ,very friendly to speak with and very fast shipping

by: Patrick S07/11/2020

I installed the 4 jacks on my 32' camper to level the camper. I am very pleased to how well they work. But I would caution that you use them to stabilize and not to jack the camper completely off the ground as this puts a bind on the camper causing the doors to not close properly. When used for stabilization, they work very well. It's a lot more convenient then using boards under the tires to level. I purchased an impact driver at Harbor Freight with a socket adapter to operate the jacks. Now it takes minutes instead of 30 minutes to get setup.

by: David 08/12/2022

good product. Better equipment then what the manufacturer supplied.

by: Tim 01/18/2022

This was a huge upgrade over the factory jacks. Much more stout and able to improve ability to level and stabilize our trailer

by: Susan 10/22/2021

Jacks are well built, better than originals that came on the travel trailer. What’s best about etrailer is the customer service. Original jacks I ordered online were out of stock. Received an email the same day offering a comparable replacement. I agreed and received my order two days later. Excellent company to do business with!!!

by: Sue R09/03/2016

We bought these to put on our vintage 1948 Spartan Manor travel trailer, the old fashion type are cool, but as we are getting older we are getting tired of climbing under the rig to put them up. These scissor jacks are awesome!! They mounted beautifully and look really nice. We are very pleased with their quality and ease of use.

Working just fine, plan on buying two more for another trailer.
Sue R - 09/03/2017

by: Hutch08/03/2018

Although these are sharp, heavy items, they were well packaged and delivered in perfect shape along with some smaller items.
They are a perfect fit and direct replacement for the ones that came on the trailer...(which I dragged and bent). Four bolts per and I am good to go!

by: Joe06/06/2021

worked quite well to eliminate shaking/vibration in a 19ft dual axle travel trailer which only came with 2 rear stabilizer jacks. so far, these have held up well in high desert environments and expand/contract smoothly. over time i'm sure they'll need to be cleaned and lubricated.

by: Dan B.08/02/2015

I've bought a few times through etrailer and have been satisfied with their service. Quick delivery, and great prices.
I bought trailer tires and jack stabilizers.

The Jack stabilizers are working out great on my camper, I had them welded on and I use a socket on my cordless drill to crank them up and down.
Dan B - 08/01/2016

by: Bob C.09/05/2016

Great heavy duty replacement for OEM stabilizer jacks. Easy to install. Had to drill a couple of new hole in the frame, but I don't think that is unusual. Used self tapping screws. Excellent product.

No problems. Product works great.
Bob C - 09/06/2017

by: MICHAEL A.08/05/2015


I just returned from a month long vacation trip on which I used the Stromberg Carlson jacks every day except two. I have not had any issues with the Stromberg jacks as they are the quality I am wanting.
MICHAEL A - 08/04/2016

by: David05/28/2019

The rear OEM stabilizer jacks on our trailer were nothing but rust after just 5 years. They had never worked well, either, so I was happy to replace them with heavier Stromberg-Carlson jacks. Etrailer had the replacements in shipment the same day I ordered them, and they arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Removing the old jacks took a bit of work, but replacing them was quite fast and easy. It was easy to tell by weight and feel that I was using a far superior product, and although they haven't been field tested yet, I'm sure that they'll do a better job for a much longer time than the OEM equipment.

by: David 08/07/2022

excellent product

by: Guy02/11/2019

These jacks worked out great. Replace old single foot OEM jacks that kept benting on a 2005 Outback trailer after flipping the axles for better ground clearance. Would recommend these to anyone looking for a solid jack.

by: Scott 05/14/2021

Very satisfied with construction of new jacks. Little heavier made then original. Had to drill 2 new holes(out of the 4) to mount to rv because these come with much longer mounting brackets. Pricing very reasonable. Would recommend for replacement.

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Ask the Experts about this Stromberg Carlson Camper Jacks
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  • What is the Difference Between a Stabilizing Scissor Jack and a Leveling Scissor Jack
  • There is no difference, that is just what the manufacturer decided to label it as. They both do the same job. Both Leveling Scissor Jacks, like part # JSC-24, and Stabilizing Scissor Jacks, like part # TJSCHD-24, are used to keep your RV level and stable. The only thing that you really need to keep an eye on is the weight capacity of each as these kinds of jacks are not meant to lift weight, just to hold it.
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Trailer Jacks and Stabilizers
  • Jacks and stabilizers differ in that jacks like # PSEA20000103 are intended to lift part/all of the trailer tongue weight while stabilizer jacks like Ultra-Fab Ultra Scissor Jacks # UF48-979002 are intended to support weight and prevent motion (but not to do actual lifting). Even though these stabilizers are each rated for 6500-lbs (far more than your camper's actual weight) you do not want to use them to lift the trailer. Keep in mind that the mounting point where you install them also...
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Stabilizer Jack - 6-1/4" Drop Leg Travel - 18" - 650 lbs - Qty 1

Code: tj01rt

740 reviews

Our Price: $19.06


Product Specs:

Camper Jacks

Pop Up Camper
Teardrop Camper
Travel Trailer

Stabilizer Jacks

1 Jack



0 - 1000 lbs

Drop Down Jack


Heavy-duty jack stabilizes your lightweight cargo or camper trailer. Leg telescopes to the ground when you release the lever. Jack swings up for storage. Black powder coat finish resists corrosion. Handle (SJ-100-HD) sold separately.

Video of Stabilizer Jack - 6-1/4" Drop Leg Travel - 18" - 650 lbs - Qty 1

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Stabilizer Jack - 6-1/4" Drop Leg Travel - 18" - 650 lbs - Qty 1 - TJ01RT

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (740 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty jack stabilizes your lightweight cargo or camper trailer. Leg telescopes to the ground when you release the lever. Jack swings up for storage. Black powder coat finish resists corrosion. Handle (SJ-100-HD) sold separately.

by: Mark11/30/2021

The part works perfect. The description and measurements on the site were spot on. Can’t wait to take out to the woods snd put it in action. The photos are shot upside down from the bottom of the trailer. Easy to install once I figured out how to access the attachment points.

Everything is working great. No issues at all after an entire camping season.
Mark - 12/02/2022

by: Tyler12/06/2022

Using this as a tongue stand for my small utility trailer. Its been working well for that, no fear of it slipping down or giving out. The only modification I have to do is space it down off the tongue because it is hard to lock into the stowed position (clearance too tight against the tongue bar).

by: 11/02/2022

I needed to support my 5x8 trailer after installing the Fulton Fold Away Hinge, this stabilizer was the answer. I installed it sideways because it was easier to access when needed. My trailer is very light but if my trailer were heavier I might have installed it in the proper orientation. It's very east to operate.

by: Paul C.08/12/2020

Nice jack. Holds up the front of the trailer. I checked it the other day, and it still moves and slides freely. Sad thing is, I installed it a year ago, and hadn't moved the trailer since. So I haven't tried it with a load on the trailer, but I normally don't leave anything on the trailer when it isn't attached to the car anyway. One thing I would do differently is that this is meant to bolt onto a flat surface. I bolted across the gap on the bottom of the trailer tongue, and it did bend in a bit. I should have used another piece of 1/8 inch thick steel bar to go between this and the trailer tongue, same as the piece I made and put inside the trailer tongue, so this clamps onto the bottom flanges of the tongue. (The bottom of the trailer tongue is a box shape, but with the bottom only having a 1/4 inch flange on either side, not closed like the other 3 sides). But that is an issue with how I mounted it, and not a problem with the jack.

It has been a year since my review, and 2 years since I installed the jack, and it is holding up no pun intended nicely. The trailer is stored outdoors, so the jack is exposed to the weather, but I dont use the trailer much, so it isnt exposed to much road grime.
Paul C - 08/14/2021

by: Greg11/22/2021

I use these for trailer tongue kick stands which work perfect for the light duty old fashion looking trailers I build to display pumpkins at our farm stand. I usually drill & pin them to proper height while on display to prevent customers from messing with them. These don’t leave the loose play that traditional screw jacks do which leave the tongue wobbly and they don’t rattle in transport

Still holding up very well
Greg - 11/23/2022

by: Dave07/18/2022

Gave it a three due to the modifications that had to be done to make it fit. I had to grind down the outside of the pad about 3/16" to make the stabilizer fit up into the bumper of our Scamp. In addition, I shimmed the top down about 5/32 so it would lock into place without forcing it. One stabilizer had epoxy which looks very sloppy. This on the edge where it should be spot welded - hope this is the case! Fortunately, I'd read reviews indicating that this was not a direct replacement for Scamp 13'ers. Folks should be aware they may have to do some work since the stabilizers may not fit out of the box. Once modified, they work as expected.

by: Douglas 11/04/2021

I had to place washers between mounting bracket and trailer to give it enough clearance to work. The mounting location is perfectly flat/straight. Without the washers the piece indicated by arrows fit so tight against the frame I could not get the bracket free to lower or get it to lock in the up position without excessive force. Hope this helps!

by: Jeffrey12/04/2022

Perfect, just what I needed for my small trailer.

by: Willard11/03/2021

While the product is no doubt pretty durable, the packaging for shipment was definitely lacking. The two stabilizer jacks were simply thrown loosely into a box, and a small wad of crumpled kraft paper was dropped on top of them. Needless to say, the two jacks scraped on one another on their journey during shipment, and I will need to re-paint them before I install them on my trailer. Surely, you can do better than that.

Thank you for your feedback. I will have our customer service team reach out to you. You can use a rust resistant paint to touch up the jacks.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/04/2021
The trailer jacks have been working like a champ. The stability they provided to my trailer has been excellent.
Willard - 11/04/2022

by: James S.01/02/2013

I received these 3 cool stabilizing jacks a couple of days ago and installed them today. I am impressed with the leveling jacks and they are just what the doctor ordered for this trailer. This 4’X8’ trailer was built in 1975 and has a ’66 Olds Tornado rear axle. I mounted 1 jack on the tongue and 2 jacks on the rear for stability and so I don’t have to be hooked up to load the trailer. They will work great. I will attach several pictures and use what you wish. Great communication on this purchase and fast shipping on the items and quite reasonable. I will purchase from etrailer again.

The leveling jacks are still working just as good as they did the day they were new. Ideal support jack for small trailers. etrailer good people to do business with.
James S - 07/03/2014

by: Justin 11/01/2022

I bought this to support the tongue of my small utility trailer instead of a wheeled jack, mainly to save money. It's worked pretty well--the trailer is light enough to just pick up the tongue and roll it around when its empty. I will probably switch to a wheeled jack simply because when the trailer is loaded it becomes very difficult to move around without a vehicle. Also, this stabilizer jack is just a little light for the use--it leans and wobbles under weight. Also, after sitting outside for 6 months its starting to stick a bit from corrosion. I don't think that's a real problem with this jack--it has no protection from the weather in my application. I will clean off the rust and lube it up and it will be fine again.
I think this jack is very good for its intended use of stabilizing camper trailers and so on.

by: ron Presdorf11/01/2022

One of the first pair tha I ordered over adjusted and dragged the drum got hot , but fortunately not enough to damage anything else. I had to pay for the return. I explained that I was committed to leaving by a specific date. When no tracking came up I called. Returns said that the were behind and it would be several days befor it would be prosessed and a replacement shipped. I call customer service and got a sorry but that’s policy. I then got an automated call asking I was satisfied with customer. Service and did I need to talk to asuppervisor.. I got results, although it still could have faster even after that, I managed to get on the road only a couple days late.the replacement was ok. After several hundred miles the brakes are still ok.

by: Charles B.05/14/2013

I purchased this load stabilizer for my light duty trailer so the hitch wouldn't have to lay on the concrete when nor hitched to my tractor. The quality was great and it functioned as advertised. Great product I would recommend this to a friend.

How did you mount your stabilizer? In the pictures you put on of your application, I cant see any bolt holes in the trailer tongue, but it appears you installed the stabilizer on a plate of some sort mounted underneath the trailer.
-- comment by: Blane K - 10/06/2014
I cut 2 pieces of 1/4 inch thick aluminum plate one to fit inside the trailor tongue and the other one to fit between the trailor tongue and the mounting bracket on top of the load stabilizer. I machined a shoulder on the bottom face of the aluminum plate inside the trailor tongue and I also machined another shoulder on the top face of the aluminum plate between the stabilizer and the trailor tongue. I also transferred the two holes on the top of the load stabilizer to the aluminum plates and drilled through holes to match that size in both plates. Now to mount you put the one plate inside the tongue with the shoulder facing down lined up with the gap in the underside of the tongue the other plate goes on top of the load stabilizer with the sholder faceing up to also line up with gap in the underside of the tongue now put 2 bolts through the holes in the load stabilizer mounting bracket faceing up through both aluminum plates and install lock washers and nuts then tighten down after sliding the stabilizer forward or backward to your desired location. The reason for the shoulders is so the whole unit wont twist when mounted. Also the shoulder thickness of both plates added together cant be thicker than the thickness of the tongue material or the mount wont tighten up enough to prevent it from sliding back and forth on the tongue. I hope this helps. This system works without having to drill any holes th the trailor tongue and also looks good and clean mounted.
-- comment by: Charles B - 10/09/2014

by: Brody M10/29/2021

Received the product in a timely manner. Have not installed or used yet. Appears to be fairly light duty, but should work ok as I only need it to stabilize a small 6x12 cargo trailer.

Not the best quality jacks as I suspected Kinda wishing I would have gotten a little better jacks last year so I didn’t have to get new ones again. Probably a good value but, but I do think I’m going to get some more that are a bit more heavy duty.
Brody M - 10/30/2022

by: Kerry10/30/2022

It functions as advertised in that it stabilizes the trailer. However, it is terribly tight in its manufacturing and requires two hands to operate the mechanism while laying on your side. Not fun for a senior citizen. One should be able to grasp the holding clamp with one hand and see the support drop easily. It works, but not efficiently.

I know that part # ARK94FR
Ark Drop Down Corner RV Stabilizer Jacks - 30" Long Corner Steadies - Black - Qty 2
is more expensive however they have a strong reputation as being easier to use once installed. I recommend considering them for the future.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/03/2022

by: Don 10/08/2021

These things are amazing!! What these stabilizer jacks do for your campers, RVs and trailers of all sizes is just great!!! And you will NOT beat their price on these either anywhere!! I've looked!!

Im EXTREMELY happy I bought a set of these trailer jack stands!!! Once you have them you'll wonder how you ever loaded and unloaded something the way you did!! These make the trailer 100 SOLID for loading and unloading!!! 100 STABLE!!! Especially if you're loading unloading an 800lb or so motorcycle!! I HIGHLY highly recommend them!!! : Don't think, buy them!!! You'll be VERY happy you did!!!
Don W - 10/09/2022

by: Mike 12/07/2021

It'sidentical to the one that was original equipment on my trailer.

Its working as designed. Just be sure to lubricate it now and then.
Mike A - 12/08/2022

by: Kian03/30/2012

Ordered 2 of these for my 6.5x10' enclosed v-nose trailer to help stabilize the back end when loading motorcycles and when camping in the trailer. They work well and were easy enough to install. I'd recommend buying the adjuster bar. You could use some heavy gauge steel round stock, but the etrailer one is inexpensive.

There are a few things I think could make this stabilizer jack perfect: a pivoting foot plate, more positive clamping mechanism (ratcheting vs. friction/wedge) and a rubber foot pad. That said, its still a good jack; does the job and I would buy again.

by: David07/19/2022

These scratched up my electric jack by being in the same shipping package

I am sorry to hear this. Customer Service will reach out.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 07/22/2022

by: Cindy12/01/2022

Good for light trailers <3500 lbs
A little
wobble to them once trailer
Weight in on them they are somewhat sturdy
Easy to install Easy to operate

by: Bill 10/13/2022

The jack was easy to install (drill some holes & attach with some bolts) and adds great stability to my popup. The only issue is finding an appropriate size rod to operate the jack.

by: Michael 11/30/2022

Built a camp trailer with a rtt and bought a couple of these for the rear when i unhook. Works perfect for me and couldn't beat the price

by: Jeff C03/12/2017

Product arrived as promised. I've used these in years past on my 25ft travel
trailer...(They were the same jack but with a much higher weight rating).
This is an old standby jack stands the test of time and I
wouldn't hesitate at buying it again if ever needed. Simple to use, quality
built, long lasting....Just an all-around great product.

Thanks for taking the time to follow up with me. No complaints and the stabilizer jack stand still works as it should.
Jeff C - 03/12/2018

by: Robert 09/29/2022

This is an easy to install jack and very useful for stabilizing our trailer when people are walking around in the unit. Thanks for a good product.

by: Linda10/15/2021

Perfect replacement for a bent jack. Great price and it arrived a day earlier than expected. Thanks!!

Excellent replacement for original. Holding up well
Linda - 10/16/2022

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