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Inno Wedge 660 Rooftop Cargo Box - 11 cu ft - Gloss White

Code: INBRM660WH

75 reviews

Our Price: $687.60


Product Specs:

Roof Box

Aero Bars
Factory Bars
Square Bars
Round Bars
Elliptical Bars


Dual Side Access

Small Capacity

Medium Length

Low Profile


80 x 33 x 11. Roof box with Memory Mount hardware requires one-time setup for easy repeat installation. Great for carrying luggage, groceries, skis, and other gear on SUVs, CUVs, and wagons. Locking, dual-side opening lid. ABS plastic construction.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Inno Wedge 660 Rooftop Cargo Box - 11 cu ft - Gloss White - INBRM660WH

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (75 Customer Reviews)

80 x 33 x 11. Roof box with Memory Mount hardware requires one-time setup for easy repeat installation. Great for carrying luggage, groceries, skis, and other gear on SUVs, CUVs, and wagons. Locking, dual-side opening lid. ABS plastic construction.

by: GK12/30/2022

This is an excellent box. The white color looks great, and the shape of it is sleek and looks better than in the pictures IMO.

I think it's really important to note, the measurement and size info on the website here is not right, at least not complete. It says max ski length is 183 cm diagonal, but the sticker on the product (attached to this review) shows that you can put 190 cm skis in front-to-back (or diagonal, but). This makes a big difference if you have a couple of 184 or 187 cm skis. I measured the box and the sticker is accurate. The interior lengths are the shortest inside dimensions, between the hinges etc, so you can fit in slightly longer items.

It also feels a little lighter than the listed 42 lbs

Locking mechanism seems good and easy to work, even with gloves.

Installation was super easy, the memory mount is really simple to set up and use, it's just a screw and cam lever.

Well, that does not sound good that the measurements are off. Our audit team has checked into the measurement of this and they found that the measurements align with the manufacturer sticker. I have sent this information over to our update team to get this updated on our site.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 01/03/2023

by: Zak D01/06/2023

This is a beautiful addition to my wagon! I have another ski box made by a competitor that cost significantly more that isn’t as good. Dual sided entry, accented handles, quiet going down the road (with the t-slot mounting system, part # inbrp12), and plenty of room for adjustment to fit without hitting the hatch. Regardless of price, this is the roof box I would choose. Also, amazingly fast shipping with zero damage at delivery. For reference: 2022 Audi A6 allroad in Glacier White.

by: Arthur11/26/2022

The Inno wedge after the first year of use has been outstanding. Great for ski trips and we used it for two golf bags one time. Holds more than expected and looks great on our white hero.

by: Scott11/24/2022

Good looking box. I was worried it wouldn’t fit our Escape but it fits nicely. Had to remove antenna. Love the white color

by: Alex04/21/2022

The box looks sleek and the proportions match my white Tesla Model 3. The memory locks are easy to adjust and install. etrailer staff was extremely helpful, especially Becky. The supply chain issues delayed the arrival of the cargo box but Becky kept me up to date on the status of the box and any unexpected delays.

by: Thomas with a Tesla.03/03/2023

The INNO roof box 660 was delivered yesterday without a scratch, a relief. After unboxing it didn’t take much time to figure out the amazingly easy clamping system. So easy! After I tested out the double hinge I drove 85 miles between 70 and 70 mph and it was stable and really quiet. Which is good because the Tesla is a really quiet car and excessive wind noise would not be good. Good purchase, would highly recommend. Now time to fill it with stuff…….White box on white car works really well also. Looks custom made….

by: Keith11/18/2021

Well-built and packaged. Fits my Subaru Crosstrek perfectly, allowing the back hatch to open fully.

Love the rooftop box. It holds 4 sets of skis and poles with no problems and is very aerodynamic.
Keith - 11/18/2022

by: Scott02/21/2023

Cargo box was delivered completely smashed and unusable. Outer cardboard shipping box mutilated with numerous holes and tears. Upon opening, top lid had a 24+” crack completely through. Somewhat comical as to how it looked upon delivery- but I’m not laughing having eagerly awaited several weeks for this Inno 660.
I’d give 5 stars for customer service. They handled this mishap in a prompt, professional manner. I will reorder once again.

by: Dean01/27/2023

Thanks etrailer! Product was as advertised. It arrived in perfect condition, and it was just about the easiest roof rack piece of kit I've ever installed. Did it by myself in about 1/2 an hour (including unwrapping). It is much quieter at 75 mph than the ski rack it replaced. Fit perfectly on a VW ID4 with Thule Aero Cross Bars. Free shipping and $[XX] bucks less than [online vendor]. Can't beat it.

by: Gary01/25/2023

The packing box was destroyed and I was sure the Inno wedge 660 would be in rough shape. But there was not a scratch on the cargo box. It was quick delivery by etrailer. The box itself is great. Because of the height restrictions in my condo parking the Inno wedge 660 was one of only a few boxes that would work. Just right for Skies,

by: Jose08/23/2022

The box came and it was as advertised , exceeded expectations, and looks great!

by: Yuen04/22/2022

Great product from inno, love it . This is my second one for my vehicle. Open it and was disappointed of the packaging of the cargo box, not enough inner protection or any kind of foam cushions to obsorbed the mishandling whiles in transit.My inno box had a large scratches and a noticeable dent underneath the left front .

I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 04/27/2022

by: Jack 09/02/2022

Hard to find product anywhere else but ETrailer had it in stock and was able to ship it out right away!! Great customer service, highly recommend!!

The Inno Wedge 660 is top notch quality, love it!!

by: Ronnie 09/19/2022

Product came wrapped and packaged well, but I was surprised to discover scratches outside and debris inside the cargo box. I'm not thinking this was a 'new' product. For the money, I should have purchased at REI to ensure it was brand new without blemish.

by: Wallace03/16/2022

I’m glad I chose this box over the other brands. It’s way more attractive, has a low clearance to fit in a standard garage, and I would say it’s better constructed. I did a careful mileage check before and after installing this box. The roof rack alone is noisy and has a 1.2 mpg drop. The rack with the 11 cubic foot Inno box is quiet and increased the mileage by 1.0 to 1.4 miles per gallon until 70 miles per hour. I checked this with the same vehicle load and also used the same route for these readings. It seems to work well with the shape of the Xt5.

by: David03/23/2022

The Inno wedge cargo box looks great and assembled very easy to the roof rack on the Dodge Caravan. This was ordered in the beginning of November 2021 and it arrived here in late March 2022. Its not the fault of chain issues abound. They did inform me every month or so as to the status and they did their best.

by: Kimberly04/22/2022

Shipping packaging was very good and on time of estimate!
Love the extra space on the car now!

by: Ryan01/22/2021

This is one of the best looking boxes on the market. Build is great. I was able to install on my own - unit weighs a little over 40lbs. Being one of the only factory white boxes was also a big selling point.
One caveat, the internal storage height is only 8.5”, so make sure that is enough height for your needs.

by: B in Colorado08/29/2020

Nice box. Very easy to install. Fits 2020 Rav4. No issues with rear door. Glossy white matches vehicle.
Etrailer customer service was great.

by: Michael M05/31/2020

Have to give it a 5 star rating for many reasons. It makes very little to no noise on the highway. Did I mention that I looks awesome? The aerodynamic shape gives a better look to our van. It's been a year already and the paint looks just as the day we got it. I love how easy and fast it is to install it and remove it from out van.

by: Francisco Barajas03/09/2023

Very satisfied, came in good condition.

by: Will11/06/2020

Perfect! Hard to find one that looks good and fits 2 sets of skis. This was exactly what I hoped for.

by: David 10/27/2022

My son checked delivery and all was great I got home and we installed it, I’ve yet to take a drive but will in an hours to check for sounds!

by: David 10/28/2022

It looks amazing, I love it, highly recommended buying it from your company, it came in 2 days, wow talk about fast delivery.

by: John 11/29/2020

The cargo box arrived in good condition, was very easy to install and looks very nice on my 2020 FORD ESCAPE. etrailer personal was very helpful in the selection of the carrier box. I needed a low profile box and still be able to transport my skis.This is the answer I was looking for, I still have two inch clearance to get in my garage.

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Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box - 11 Cu Ft - Matte Black

Code: TH613

30 reviews

Our Price: $608.07


Product Specs:

Roof Box

Aero Bars
Factory Bars
Square Bars
Round Bars
Elliptical Bars


Passenger Side Access

Small Capacity

Long Length

Low Profile


88-1/2 x 25-1/2 x 12-1/2. This affordable and aerodynamic cargo box holds skis, small luggage or other gear for 2-3 people. The Easy-Grip mounting hardware offers tool-free installation, and the SecureLock ensures the box is always closed properly.

Video of Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box - 11 Cu Ft - Matte Black

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Thule Pulse Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box - 11 Cu Ft - Matte Black - TH613

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (30 Customer Reviews)

88-1/2 x 25-1/2 x 12-1/2. This affordable and aerodynamic cargo box holds skis, small luggage or other gear for 2-3 people. The Easy-Grip mounting hardware offers tool-free installation, and the SecureLock ensures the box is always closed properly.

by: Donald 12/20/2021

if the box could slide up another inch the hatch would clear the back of the box. I have a 2017 Subaru Outback.
I just received the box today and have not taken it out on the road.

For the hatch to open fully with the box installed there must be at least 55.25 inches between the front cross bar and the line where the roof and hatch meet.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 12/28/2021
I found the toolbox easy to mount on the roof of the car, secure, quiet on the road. I wish I could slide 2 inches it further forward on the rack so that I could fully open the hatch. I have a Subaru outback.
Donald - 12/21/2022

by: Noah 11/02/2022

Very sturdy construction, yet light weight and slim cargo box. I have a P3 Volvo XC70 and it fits very nicely with the rear hatch open. I like the slim design of this cargo box which should minimize the reduction in MPGs while its on the vehicle.

by: Pam07/09/2021

my rooftop carrier! It was perfect for our golf clubs. etrailer was wonderful. Great communication and it arrived on expected date.

by: Robert06/05/2021

Love it. Fits perfectly on my 2014 Outback and 2017 Town and Country.

Easy to install and uninstall.


I like that you can not remove keys without locking. No accidentally driving off with it being shut but not locked.

Outstanding. Ive used it five times, one to two week trips. No issues in rain. On our last trip we were caught in heavy winds and snow. I did have snow accumulation inside. Speed of vehicle and wind must have forced the snow inside. Ironically Ive never had rain, under similiar driving situation, enter the carrier. After I got our stuff out I was unable to lock the carrier. Melted snow refroze in locking lugsnot the key lock did not freeze. The temperature never approached freezing....the high that week was about -5. So I took the carrier off and the same came out a few days the ice in the lug areas meleted. I was able to lock it and make it home, two days of driving, with no issues.
Robert P - 06/06/2022

by: Robert04/01/2022

The folks at your company where thoughtful, helpful and thorough. Thanks for everything and keep up your wonerful customer service. The Thule Pulse Alpine roof cargo box has been great!

by: Tim 12/19/2022

It was what I expected with a feature that I didn't expect. The quick mounting clamps make it very easy to attach.

by: David10/28/2021

The Thule Alpine turned out to be a great choice. It fits all of our roof racks and is easy to adjust. More room than expected and the low profile is great if you have a larger SUV.

by: Philip12/14/2020

arrived in a timely manner, freight company called to set up delivery, am satisfied with my purchase. Would buy from etrailer again!

Pod works great, got the long version 210cm, fits shovels and other tools, kayak paddles and our skis. glad I got it, keeps my truck bed free of awkward shaped things to pack it better. Got it during covid, took a while but worth the wait. etrailer is a great company Ive bought stuff from them before and will again.
Philip A - 12/15/2021

by: Anthony 08/11/2021

The product is good, a bit pricy for what you get but etrailer seemed to have the most competitive price around. The service and delivery is second to none and makes me keep coming back for my vehicle needs. I have had too many bad experiences with shipping items like this from the (online big tech store), but etrailer's delivery/carrier service is excellent every time!

by: William07/21/2018

Perfect for vehicles with limited space between bike carriers for mounting. This was the narrowest clam shell I could find. Fits 2 inflatable stand up paddle boards plus more. The only tricky thing with this unit was figuring out how to change the lock core (it's a different process than other Thule products) to match my other locks on the vehicle, but the etrailer video on this topic came to the rescue.

by: Doc08/23/2020

First, there we’re complications with the delivery which I caused and eTrailer reps worked with me and worked it out. Second, All products purchased fit and installed rather easily on my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. This outcome was a result of working with one of their reps to get the right in-stock parts that fit right. Finally, I reviewed installation videos which helped me get the job done right the first time.

by: Ian12/30/2021

Came earlier than expected not damaged. Customer service was excellent and the pod is working out great!

by: Bill 01/31/2019

Great rack. Low profile fits on Toyota Highlander into standard height garage. Stays on all winter for skis plus a couple times throughout the year for other trips. Fits at least four pairs of skis.

by: James 12/20/2021

great service and product

by: Hart12/12/2021

Great product and great service.

by: Stephen 12/06/2021

Everything as advertised. Thanks!

by: Douglas02/04/2019

Great product. Great company. Reasonable delivery time. Would do business with e-trailer again! Thanks

by: Robert H.10/02/2017

Love the low profile.= less wind resistance and better mpg. Lock keeps valuables safe and dry. Exactly what I wanted.

by: James 08/11/2021

Faster than expected delivery! Great product and price!

by: chris07/28/2021

It’s OK. The lock seems weak. Time will tell.

by: Todd 08/11/2021

by: Gary 12/23/2021


by: William 11/18/2022

by: Charlene 08/06/2022

by: Jeff 12/13/2022

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  • Comparing the Thule Pulse and Force Alpine Cargo Boxes for an Audi A4
  • The Thule Pulse Alpine cargo box # TH613 is the new economy, entry-level box. It opens on one side only, is constructed of durable ABS plastic, and has easy-grip mounting feet that mount in about 5 minutes. The Force XT, # TH6356B, is a step up from the Pulse. It features a diamond textured aeroskin for added durability. It is more sleek and aerodynamic. This box uses tool-free quick-grip mounting feet. The lid opens on either side. The Pulse is 11 cubic feet and 88-1/2 inches long whereas...
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