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BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Down Straps - 43" Long - 833 lbs - Qty 2

Code: IMF08893

737 reviews

Our Price: $92.82


Product Specs:

Boat Tie Downs


501 - 850 lbs

1-1/8 - 2 Inch Wide

Ratchet Strap

2 Straps


0 - 5 Feet Long


Premium 2" wide straps secure your boat's stern to your trailer quickly and easily. Simple to hook up, they retract automatically, and offer a permanent mount, helping you to get on and off the water in a flash. 2,500 lbs Max load.

Video of BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Down Straps - 43" Long - 833 lbs - Qty 2

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

BoatBuckle G2 Retractable, Ratcheting Transom Tie-Down Straps - 43" Long - 833 lbs - Qty 2 - IMF08893

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (737 Customer Reviews)

Premium 2" wide straps secure your boat's stern to your trailer quickly and easily. Simple to hook up, they retract automatically, and offer a permanent mount, helping you to get on and off the water in a flash. 2,500 lbs Max load.

by: Doug 08/25/2021

These boat buckles are awesome! I wish I would have known about them sooner

It is awesome. Couldn’t be any happier with this purchase
Doug - 08/26/2022

by: Robert 03/05/2021

The old Rod Saver cam-type hold-down straps on my boat trailer had become increasingly difficult to properly tension. After a 15 minute installation of these Boat Buckle straps, I know why others like them. They’re super quick to hook and properly tension, and I no longer have to carry straps to my truck before launching our boat.

After spending 5 to 10 minutes to get my oil cal straps to the proper tension each time I loaded my boat, these ratchet straps take less than 15 seconds to hook and tension on each side. Great product!
Robert - 03/06/2022

by: Kenny12/08/2022

I ordered this for my new Tracker Boat and I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. Loading and unloading my boat is quicker now and there’s no more dealing with the straps that you have to take off or put on.
These are super sturdy.

by: Rickey06/24/2018

Awesome product easy to assemble and use
the heck out of fooling with loose straps
Wish I has bought this sooner.
Got here sooner than I expected
Thanks etrailer !!!

Still working like a new one they secure my boat to the trailer with ease. This was one of the best additions I have made to my boat trailer. Highly recommend for anyone.
Rickey - 06/24/2019

by: Sven03/10/2020

These were easy to install and made securing the stern of our boat to the trailer fast and easy. Bolted right to the trailer, not in a bucket somewhere. Take seconds to tighten and release. Great product. Did two winters in and out of salt water in Florida and no problems.

by: James05/17/2021

One of the best things I have ever bought. No more hassling with tie down straps. You can tie down untie your boat from trailer in seconds. Definitely recommend.

Above remarks still stand
James - 05/17/2022

by: Max 08/04/2022

Fifteen minute install using the existing tabs on my Skeeter trailer. Installed this morning but have not used them other than to strap my boat down after replacing the cheap factory tie downs.
Seem to be decent quality and the weight is far greater than expected. I think these will last a long time if not abused.

by: Tammy B.11/14/2016

I ordered tires in the past from etrailer for our boat I ordered tie downs for back of boat to avoid bouncing on rough roads..they came within a week..I was so surprised..they are fast delivery on standard shipping..very nice quality products..carton has directions for quick release.. very pleased and will order more from them in future when we need something..thank you etrailer..

by: James S06/26/2020

Boat buckles are a great product I have them on all my boat trailers they are easy to use and no more fussing around with storing your transom straps

Boat buckles are a great product I have a set that’s 15 years old and still work great
James S - 07/01/2021

by: James02/26/2023

The package says 2500 lbs per ratchet so need to correct the description.
I replaced the ones that were worn out with another brand last year and they just didn't work good, were heavy enough, but decided to change again. These should last a while. I've had many sets over the years

by: Michael 11/21/2021

Great product! Durable , easy to install and easy to use.

Durable and reliable Product
Michael C - 11/22/2022

by: Jeff10/13/2022

Product was nice, unfortunately I had to return it because I ordered the wrong thing. The return process was fast and easy

by: Lonnie 11/30/2021

Easy ordering on line fast delivery!

The retractable ratcheting transom strap have been a plus and maintenance free for my boat trailor. I would Recommend this Product to anyone.
Lonnie P - 12/02/2022

by: Joseph03/13/2022

This makes securing your boat to the trailer a snap. Easy on and easy off without having to carry the strap. But best of all, no more getting your fingers pinched in the snap buckle!

by: Michael 09/24/2022

Best Ratchet tie down I’ve ever used!! Works good!!

by: Benny B11/18/2014

New boat didn't come with Boat Buckles, it was my first purchase for the new boat. Outstanding product, I had these on my previous boat. Etrailer has always provided fast shipping at great prices..thanks!!!

by: Gerard11/16/2018

Where have you been with all my boats over the years?
I no longer have to worry about where to put my straps after we launch the boat. The retractable strap is quick-out of the way- don't have to scrounge getting the straps anymore. The bolts are heavier enough to hold my 26' cutty cabin.
Best investment ever

Hey! When you got the best, need I say anymore. They look as if I put them on today
Gerard W - 11/17/2019

by: Robert 05/14/2020

These are the same straps used by a few of my friends and they are solid and work well.
I chose to install these to my Tracker Trailer for my old Nitro. They seem to work well.

I am very happy to have gotten this type of rod strap.
Bob L - 05/16/2021
Still working well
Bob L - 05/16/2021

by: James 01/21/2023

Excellent service and very prompt delivery. Great product.

by: Anthony07/12/2021

Mounted easily with included hardware. Work as advertised.

by: Danny11/24/2022

I had one break the strap. The others are holding up pretty well.

by: Dave 07/15/2022

Should be way more convenient than regular ratchet straps!

by: Big J11/09/2022

Absolutely great! They couldn't be more convenient.

by: Jerry O.08/31/2019

Excellent product. Been wanting to do this upgrade for years, and when one of my straps broke recently, etrailer made it fast and easy to make this happen. Thank you etrailer

They have been great. Saves a lot of time at a busy boat ramp.
Jerry - 09/01/2020

by: Jim And Pam05/11/2022

Got mine delivered on May 10 and installed it. Used them on May 11 since we went fishing. They work GREAT. Much better than the old straps with the clinch bar. Great product!

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CargoBuckle G3 Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down Straps - Bolt On - 2" x 6' - 1,167 lbs - Qty 2

Code: IMF18800

503 reviews

Our Price: $78.16


Product Specs:

Ratchet Straps

Truck Bed


2001 - 3500 lbs

1-1/8 - 2 Inch Wide

2 Straps


6 - 10 Feet Long


Securing large, heavy cargo is quick and hassle-free with these ratcheting tie-downs that permanently bolt onto your trailer. Heavy-duty straps have a quick-release, self-retracting design for super-simple loading and unloading. 3,500 lbs Max load.

Video of CargoBuckle G3 Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down Straps - Bolt On - 2" x 6' - 1,167 lbs - Qty 2

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

CargoBuckle G3 Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down Straps - Bolt On - 2" x 6' - 1,167 lbs - Qty 2 - IMF18800

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (503 Customer Reviews)

Securing large, heavy cargo is quick and hassle-free with these ratcheting tie-downs that permanently bolt onto your trailer. Heavy-duty straps have a quick-release, self-retracting design for super-simple loading and unloading. 3,500 lbs Max load.

by: Robert02/13/2022

I mounted these straps on my 5x10 trailer. I love these straps. Work very well. They pivot making them very versatile, to hook to, and mount at different locations on the machines I transport. I installed with a very large fender washer between trailer and strap, with grease on both sides. Tight, but still moves. Not to loose to cause extra noise or problems. Only negative comment I have, is regarding the mounting bolts, washers and nuts. One package was open when I unboxed it, and all mounting hardware was missing. I purchased additional bolts, nuts, and washers, (stainless steel), and mounted the straps. I am awaiting a response from etrailer regarding this matter.

These straps are a big time saver, and more importantly, secure the load on my trailer better for peace of mind.

I will have our customer service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/19/2022
Ratchet straps are still working great. I enjoy them. Great purchase. etrailer did send me the missing mounting hardware that was not present when it arrived at my house. I will order from them again.
Robert - 02/14/2023

by: Chad11/02/2022

I had a couple of these on a trailer we sold. As soon as I ordered new trailer, I ordered another set of these straps. So easy and quick to tie my side by side down with these mounted to my trailer. I will not have a trailer without these!!! All my hunting buddies have them on their trailers now as well!!

by: Nicholas11/18/2020

Excellent quality and great hardware included. I really like the retractable aspect and the nice firm and tight ratchet mechanism!! Far far better than a similar one I bought that was rated for 1000lbs!!!!! I’m very very happy with this product!!!

After a year of use and abuse my straps are still going strong, be sure to not over tighten or it can bend the internals and cause some issues. Just gotta be careful with it and it still does it’s job, lost the plastic housing on both of them somehow, but hey still working great. Highly recommend, had a buddy buy 6 for his new trailer, he loves em.
Nicholas - 11/22/2021

by: e.g.bell06/03/2022

These devices are everything I hoped when I did my research. I have used them several times and they made an impression on the merchants to whom I was bringing devices for service/repair and the people helping me with loading.

The straps retract as advertised. I was a little concerned at first that the springs would eventually weaken and fail to retract but that has not happened. I don't use these that often, but they consistently work well when I do.

I had some difficulty locating them on my trailer. I positioned them with my UTV loaded, and should have spent a little more time with the location. They all work but the ratcheting handle is difficult to use because of some parts of the trailer frame. My fault. On the tail gate, I have to clamp them down with the gate lowered. I could grind out a bit here and there to address this but I don't feel it is worth the extra trouble and I don't want to introduce any structural weakness or sharp edges.

There are offset brackets I could have purchased but I opted against them. These straps have a rating for weight. So do the offset brackets, which is lower than the ratchet straps, and I figured I could only count on the lower of the two ratings. This was confirmed by someone at the company. I am probably being way too sensitive, and the offset brackets would have provided (my opinion) a better angle for the strap as it comes off the ratchet device. This is NOT a problem, just something I considered while doing my research.

I really love that I have these on my trailer at the ready whenever/wherever needed. I have also considered getting two or four more for the sides of the trailer. I often haul lumber on my trailer and the straps front and back of the trailer are not as easy to use for that. I hook them together crosswise and it works. With a 10 foot trailer and six foot straps, I'm at the limit of the straps as they are installed.

I was concerned about where to drill into my trailer frame to install the straps. I was afraid that this would weaken the frame at the attachment point because of the drilled hole. Tech support said this was not an issue. I'm not an engineer, but I try to consider everything. It has not been an issue for me.

My trailer has a 2x6 treated wood floor. This was a bit of an installation issue. I had to chisel out some of the wood at the attachment points for the bolt holding the straps onto the trailer. There was no mention of this in the write-up. No videos or suggestions. Again, I got it done and have not had to give it further thought.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the product. On the first contact, no one responded to my email for info. After that, I got quick response and an apology for the first experience. I had questions and they were answered quickly and satisfactorily.

I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Winters were a concern at first because these are exposed to everything. Weather has not been an issue.

I can recommend the straps without reservation and also the tech support for answering questions. I have had no issues at all. I would buy these again, and I may for the sides of my trailer. I don't have photos of the installation, but every one is going to be unique anyway so I don't think they would add much to this review.

by: Frederico01/11/2023

I’m so glad now I have a retractable ratchet tie down straps. It’s so easy to lock down and go. I always wanted to get something as great as this retractable tie down. I been using tie rope all my life and it keeps breaking on me. It’s takes too long to tie down . I’m very happy now to have what is now safe for me. Thank you for having a great product ALOHA,from,Frederico

by: Greg 10/28/2021

One year ago I bought (4) of these. I mounted them on my 6x12 trailer to haul my Polaris Ranger. I have been very satisfied with the purchase. I use them no matter what I’m hauling, they work good for lumber. Very satisfied.

Ratchets straps are holding up well. No problems.
Greg - 11/01/2022

by: Jeff12/28/2022

Tired of hassling with loose tie down straps for my SxS, I bought 4 of these to mount on my utility trailer. Best decision ever! Been using for a year now and loading and unloading my SxS couldn’t be easier.

by: Chris Fisher01/04/2020

Strap tore. Had to have it cut then sewn. Ordered second set of straps so I could have one repaired.Pic attached. 2nd strap is tearing. Pic attached. Not impressed with product. Use straps daily to hold ladder in place.

One option to help preserve the life of your CargoBuckle straps when using them against the rough edge of your ladder is to put the BoatBuckle Protective Pads # IMF13180
BoatBuckle Protective Boat Pads for 2" Wide Tie-Down Straps - Qty 2
between the strap and the ladder. While these pads are designed to help prevent a strap from rubbing against a boat, they will also help reduce the pressure put on your CargoBuckle strap. Another option is to secure the ladder without running the strap along the rough edge of the ladder. If there is a tie down anchor near the CargoBuckle mounting location, the strap could run up the the ladder, over the rung, and back down to the anchor.
-- Etrailer Expert Victoria B - 01/20/2020

by: Jeff 11/17/2022

These are awesome. 1 complaint would need to be a bit longer. I use them for mu mower--tractor-side by side no issues at all--quick and easy. When I use it to hold a load in y truck I need to use 2 of them at times. I own 8 of them, 2 are stationary on a trailer in the elements and no issues with those as well. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

by: Jeff12/02/2013

These Retractable G-3 Tie-Down Straps are GREAT!! Very east to install and Operate. No more fumbling with loose straps! These Straps stay in place and they look Very nice on my Boat.

Just a bit of advice, I put sealant on the treads and on the bolt head to make it harder for someone else to remove.

by: Myron K12/30/2014

Cargo buckles installed easily and are easy to attach and secure.

I am very happy with my cargo buckles after having them for a year
Myron K - 12/30/2015

by: Susan S09/19/2016

Replaced worn cargo buckles with this retractable ratchet tie down system. Works great! They are so strong they can bend the frame on our wheelchair lift. So once they are tight, pay attention to item you are securing, as cargo buckles are extremely strong!Perfect fit and arrive ahead of schedule. Thanks!!

I continued to be very satisfied with the cargo buckle. My husband has since passed and I no longer have the lift, but again, the new buckles were all the old lift needed to make it great!
Susan S - 10/17/2017

by: John02/25/2022

I was very happy to receive my order. It was exactly as advertised and they fit perfectly. Thank you

Works much better than the other set I had.
John - 02/26/2023

by: Chad 01/25/2023

They work great and really simplify the process of tying down loads on the company truck rack. Highly recommended!

by: Eric 08/10/2022

Expensive, but well worth the money. This makes strapping my boat to the trailer soo much easier. High quality straps

by: Frank 12/12/2022

Love these straps! Easy on and off! Easy to tie down a side by side!

by: Wayne 09/30/2022

We received exactly what we ordered and the delivery came 2 days early. That worked great as the Cargo Buckle products are used on our trailer to hold our ATV's and we leave on a trip in two days. Great product and delivery timing.

by: Mike 10/21/2022

Put on my boat for rear tie down works great

by: Jeff 07/25/2022

Great product, use on 16' aluminum trailer to tye down polaris ranger, takes about 1 minute to do with these straps vs any other straps on the market, I use 4, two on front and two at back, Ranger 6 seater never moves. Ive have the same ones now,just relacing them and putting used ones on another utility trailer. I Highly recommend e trailer products. Delivered fast and on time again.

by: Mark05/13/2022

These are perfect to strap down a golf cart on a trailer. The short handle keeps people from going overboard on the tension and breaking things. This has been a real problem with some of our other tie down systems for equipment. My main concern was how these would hold up out in the weather on an open trailer. Well it's been over 4 years since I installed the first set and they still look and work great. I just got enough to do two more trailers making a total of five using these straps. I can't ask for more from a tie down. I just wish there was a stronger version for some of our heavier equipment.

by: Al C08/30/2017

Great product! Makes securing my motorcycle
To the table lift real easy- no more tangled straps
Will buy more for different applications
Thanks Al

by: tomtom10/06/2017

used on open trailer to tie down a spec miata race car... traveled over texas and Oklahoma for last year with no problems.. love that i can drive the car on the trailer. attach the hooks rachet quickly and be done.. no searching for the tie down as they are bolted to the trailer.. many racers have taken pictures and ordered some themselves after seeing how fast and easy they opperate especially after a long day at the track

by: Aaron 12/09/2022

Holding up very well and no issues with the lock or restricting mechanism.

by: Tanya06/14/2022

Love this product. We can load our UTV in a matter of minutes with the cargobuckles.

by: Ronald 06/28/2022

These are absolutely the best straps on the market. So much easier than other products, and loading ATV on trailer takes less than half time. I’ve been very impressed.

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