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50mm Hitch Ball - 1" Diameter x 2-1/8" Long Shank - Chrome - 8K

Code: EH53C-C

493 reviews

Our Price: $31.75


Product Specs:

Trailer Hitch Ball

Trailer Hitch Ball

Standard Ball

8000 lbs GTW
Class III

1 Inch Diameter Shank

2-1/8 Inch Shank Length

Chrome-Plated Steel

50-mm Diameter Ball


Chrome ball has a 1" diameter x 2-1/8" long shank. Wrench flats ease installation. Chrome is attractive, provides superior strength, and resists rust and corrosion.

Video of 50mm Hitch Ball - 1" Diameter x 2-1/8" Long Shank - Chrome - 8K

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

50mm Hitch Ball - 1" Diameter x 2-1/8" Long Shank - Chrome - 8K - EH53C-C

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (493 Customer Reviews)

Chrome ball has a 1" diameter x 2-1/8" long shank. Wrench flats ease installation. Chrome is attractive, provides superior strength, and resists rust and corrosion.

by: Mark05/15/2022

50mm ball with 1" shank is kind of hard to find. I'm glad etrailer could provide it. I was hoping that the brand C.R. Brophy Machine Works, Inc. of Clackamas OR and Germantown TN was an indicator that the hitch ball would be Made in USA but unfortunately it is not - it's made in China like everything else.

by: Matthew 09/19/2022

Hard to find size for a European trailer; quick shipping.

by: Ernest J09/22/2016

All companies should be ran like Etrailers,
needed a 50mm ball, 1 7/8 to small 2" to big...for my car hauler.
Etrailers received the 50mm on Monday, shipped it out the same day and I received it this Thursday morning.

Guess what, when calling you actually have a person on the other line... I'd like to give a special thanks to Shery T and Chris.

Ernest J

by: Ellen 07/13/2022

hard to find size for euro trailer but US hitch! very happy with it

by: Glenn 10/20/2022

I was a little skeptical at first ordering a 50mm ball, but it fit perfectly. I had previously used a 1 7/8 ball, but it had a bit of movement. Nice bright chrome ball.

by: TowsALot03/03/2023

Looks like a good ball. Marked "Brophy 50MM 8000 LB"

by: Jeff G.04/06/2017

Product as stated, excellent service and fast shipping. I'm stationed in Germany (APO AE address) and the item was shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I already had a class 3 6,000 lb U.S. style hitch, so the item 1 inch diameter shank fit perfect in the 1 inch hole that is on the hitch. The ball is 50mm so it is a perfect fit for all of the European trailers. Now all I need is an adapter from the 7 pin U.S. that is on my U.S. Spec 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee to go to the 13 pin EU plug for European trailers. A guy that I work with has already made one for his Jeep, so I'm waiting for him to make me one.
Very satisfied with the and would buy from again.

by: Ryan10/24/2020

Works; stationed in Germany and needed a euro size hitch to work with my Thule European bike rack... this along with a euro to US electric adapter I picked up online and I had everything needed to transport our two electric bikes ... thanks

by: Margaret07/19/2020

I have a german trailer and we replaced the whole coupling system. It was supposed to have a regular North American 2" coupler. But it had the Euro one.

It is really hard to find a 50CM ball in the US that has an 8k tow rating. This one worked like a charm.

My only caveat is that when I called eTrailer customer service to ask if they had a European sized 2" ball they didn't know what I was talking about. I figured it out on my own by looking at another online retailer in UK.

But it shipped relatively quickly (for 2020) and it worked perfectly.

by: Joe Joe06/28/2021

Perfect fit for our BMW X5 and Thule bike rack in Germany

by: Cornelis12/11/2022

Prompt processing of order and fast shi pment

by: Christopher04/03/2019

Outstanding hard to find 50 mm hitch ball. This ball is pretty much a European standard for smallish travel trailers like the Hymer or Eriba .
etrailer was the only provider to offer 50mm balls and were absolutely helpful with the order.
etrailer are pros, I recommend them to all U.S. Veterans won’t be disappointed!
Semper Fidelis!

by: Lewis 12/01/2022

As described

by: Bogie 5209/16/2020

This ball is of good quality as expected, but most important it solved a problem for me, finding a ball here in the USA in the 50 mm size which is common in Europe but almost unknown here. (it is a tiny bit smaller than the common 2" which will not fit the trailer I own!

by: Vanessa02/09/2018

Very fast shipping, good packaging and works beautifully with our hitch mount Thule bike carrier that we ordered from Germany.

by: Leonardus10/14/2021

Fast delivery. It would be great to have a detailed (with measurements) on the website. I am looking for a ball with the dimensions as in the picture attached. It is for a European bicycle rack make Uebler P31.

by: Matthew01/05/2022

etrailer was the only one that had this euro sized ball for my buddy in Germany

by: Wolfgang10/29/2018

Great product. I have a European trailer which requires a 50mm hitch ball. Etrailer was the only company I found in the USA which offered a 50mm hitch ball. I just returned from a 2,500 mile trip with no issues with this product. I highly recommend Etrailer for quality products.

by: Michelle 07/08/2022

Great ball, perfect fit

by: Carl10/06/2021

Seems like a nice product. I am glad I found it for sale with reasonable shipping to Canada. Hard to find a 50mm ball with 1" shank in Canada. Need the 50mm to match a new 50mm coupler. Don't want regulatory issues with a mismatch.

by: Damien 06/23/2021

It is a very good quality product and the proper choice for 50mm European type couplers. This was the only place I could find this size!

by: Geoff E11/12/2019

After trying to find a metric hitch ball locally I found

the 50 mil ball has worked perfectly for the year and the simplicity of getting it from made for a pleasant transaction.

by: Scotty 09/02/2021

Was exactly what I was looking for, arrived within days. Will keep using etrailer.

by: Rodolfo B.07/15/2016

Excellent product and a perfect fit for my Trailer Metric Hitch Coupler, I love the 1" diameter Shank instead of the original 3/4" with spacer

by: Daryl 02/02/2022

All is perfect: exceptional customer service, order processing and shipment. Please thank all involved.


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2" Hitch Ball - 1-1/4" Diameter x 2-5/8" Long Shank - Chrome - 10,000

Code: A-90

3192 reviews

Our Price: $17.24


Product Specs:

Trailer Hitch Ball

Trailer Hitch Ball

Standard Ball

10000 lbs GTW
Class IV
Class V

1-1/4 Inch Diameter Shank

2-5/8 Inch Shank Length

Chrome-Plated Steel

2 Inch Diameter Ball


Durable, chrome ball has a 1-1/4" diameter x 2-5/8" long shank with wrench flats. It's chrome finish provides superior strength and corrosion-resistance.

Video of 2" Hitch Ball - 1-1/4" Diameter x 2-5/8" Long Shank - Chrome - 10,000

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

2" Hitch Ball - 1-1/4" Diameter x 2-5/8" Long Shank - Chrome - 10,000 - A-90

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (3192 Customer Reviews)

Durable, chrome ball has a 1-1/4" diameter x 2-5/8" long shank with wrench flats. It's chrome finish provides superior strength and corrosion-resistance.

by: Bruce 12/23/2021

A friend who has towed 9000lbs+ boats, recommended you, and thankfully, I took his advice. The person who answered my call last year was very knowledgeable and gave ne excellent advice for my towing problem(front end sway) and advised me to purchase a proper sway and load hitch, which I did and installed(even made a roll-around" to store the heavy items when not in use).
Thank you for excellent service, bruce

Although I dont tow 10,000 pounds, the extra strength gives me piece of mind for a few more dollars
Bruce - 12/24/2022

by: DinoGramps07/10/2022

The FastWay e2 hitch arrived missing ALL the assembly hardware so I cannot assemble or rate this product. I like a lot but your shipping company is a constant let down. Clearly the box for the e2 hitch has a big rip in it that was cheaply taped up with a bit of weak packaging tape. I don’t think you shipped it that way. Several other times I paid a lot extra for fast shipping but that failed every time. My most recent previous order was paid for 3-day shipping only to arrive 6 days after you sent it out. This happened at least three other times so I obviously won’t try that again. Love the products. Love the videos. The best way for you to improve our customer experience is to get a decent shipping company. UPS just can’t do the job.

Wow I am so sorry to hear that you are missing all the hardware! I will send your information to our customer service team and get you squared away! I will have them look into the shipping costs as well.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 07/26/2022

by: Robert 03/23/2023

I got great support from etrailer on choosing the right ball mount and ball for my hitch. The product came in great shape and earlier than expected. I appreciate etrailer's excellent customer service.

by: BrianZ09/13/2020

Still working great after a year mounted on our Draw-Tite 4285 Ball-Mount/draw bar. Be aware that it may require professional help to mount it to the required 450 lbs of torque. I managed to use a "cheater bar" plus torque wrench to do it myself with 75 lbs of arm strength applied to the wrench, as shown in pics. I had to support our hitch on blocks, since 450 lbs of force exceeds our hitch's 350-lb rating.

by: Al M.07/12/2014

Excellent hitch for the price. Just what my minivan needed after struggling with other types. Made a big difference in pulling my 3000 lb camper. Very easy to set up. I ordered the correct 1 1/4 inch ball shank for a proper fit.

by: Jesse D09/14/2020

What can I say - it is a towing ball. I have a rather large landscape trailer and this is just the ball needed to pull it with some safety margin above the trailer's GVWR -- this is about the highest rated 2-in ball I have seen before jumping up to the 2 5/16" balls usually reserved for campers and other larger bumper pulls. The only negative I have seen on this is the torque rating, which is what it is.

450-ft-lbs -- you better have a [**] beefy torque wrench, be willing to buy one, or know someone who does. Given the cost of torque wrenches above 300 ft-lbs it would be a really nice option if etrailer would offer service where the ball can be delivered pre-torqued on the drop or raise shank of your choice.

I stand behind my initial review though point of clarification. I ordered the ball in 2019, posted a 1 year review in 2020. And now they are asking me for another 1 year update....well 2 years later it is still solid.
Jesse D - 09/14/2021

by: Steven 08/14/2021

Still looks great. Only problem I had was finding someplace where I live that would tighten the nut to the recommended torque amount. It was way higher than any torque wrench I had

still doing great.
Steven - 08/15/2022

by: Richard 12/11/2022

I needed a longer receiver for my bass boats so that when turning on the boat ramp, the bass boat steps i boat would hit my bumber. The person how helped me took his time and found the products I needed. Everything was great heavy duty, perfect!!!!! Gone fishing

by: Kevin03/15/2023

Good quality, works great.

by: Roger09/01/2022

The smaller items were just tossed in the larger box with the receiver. So the box has several holes in it and the wiring harness was laying on the ground next to it when delivered. Also, the locking pin was well overpriced.

by: John10/25/2022

It is just what I needed for my hitch fits perfectly. I have been buying all my trailer needs for many years from etrailer have never been disappointed with any purchase.

by: W11/05/2022

Quality is good enough; needed the larger diameter shank to fit an aluminum hitch I bought for my UTV. I'd buy it again if I needed it again, but don't see that happening...

by: Dwight 02/16/2023

Solid ! Needed a heavier capacity 2" ball - This meets the need.

by: Roger12/13/2022

It is heavy duty and works great! Thank s!!!

by: Anna05/19/2018

After balking at the cost to have an auto-shop add a trailer to our Toyota Highlander, we found and decided to take a chance. The "how to" videos factored considerably in our decision to buy ... they made it look so easy! And surprise! It really -WAS- that easy. We used standard block-type ramps (the kind you can buy for $40 ) to get the SUV up off the ground high enough to get underneath to do the work. Everything came off as easy as it was showed in the videos. Other than the fact this bar is a heavy so we had our teen daughter help hold it steady while we bolted it into place (i.e., get help for when you go to lift it), it went super smooth. Thanks for saving us $280 over the cost the car dealer quoted us! P.S. - be sure to watch the linked videos so you get the right trailer lighting attachment and ball hitch for your new hitch.

We are very happy with our trailer hitch, and all the accoutrements that we purchased with it. Your videos were enormously helpful, the hitch went on easily with a bit of help from our teenage daughter to lift it up into place, and we recommend your business to friends when they express an interest in getting a camper.
Anna - 05/20/2019

by: Allen03/05/2023

Hitch is fine, packaging is smashed due to how was tossed in un-secured into huge box with receiver.

by: Jim 12/13/2022

ordered and received your products very quickly and am totally satisfied!

by: Jeff02/04/2018

The ball is perfect fit for 1-1/4 receiver hole. A couple of taps to the top of the ball to get it fully seated and yiur ready to torque the nut down. If your looking for a heavy duty ball, this is rated at 10k lbs and should do the job. I was impressed with not only fulfillment but also the speed of shipment and the price was unbeatable! Customer service was also top notch taking time to contact me throughout the order and shipping process. No doubt this will serve my purpose of hauling around my trailer used for cars, tractors, motorcycles and other miscellaneous project items. I've included a couple pictures so you can get an idea of how heavy duty this ball is built.
Great buying experience all the way around.

by: Michael 01/13/2023

Heavy duty ball. Great for what I need.

by: John 07/30/2022

I'm finding it refreshingly rare that etrailer reps make it obvious that customer support is just that - supportive! It's personal, and availability seems to have been made a priority (e.g. with usable contact info volunteered before being asked for)

by: John B.07/06/2016

Great trailer ball for my use on 1985 Casitas trailer, weighing about 1300lbs.
WhIle I got a shank diameter about 1/8" small, I filled space with silicone caulking to deter movement, and applied two lockwashers.
Great price!

by: Jeffery 01/11/2023

Great Transaction, seems like very good products

by: Todd 03/10/2023

Fast shipping

by: Michael 12/01/2022

Bearings should have been protected in better packaging, otherwise ok.

by: Barry 10/01/2022

Great products and great service. First box was delivered by UPS empty with a hole in the side. Called customer service and talked with Alex. He ordered a new one and it arrived five days later. Great Service!!!

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Do you have a question about this Trailer Hitch Ball?