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Demco Recon 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Above Bed - 21,000 lbs

Code: DM8550043

53 reviews

Our Price: $729.00


Product Specs:

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fixed Fifth Wheel

Above Bed Rails

15-1/2 - 18 Inch Tall

Premium - Single-Hook Jaw

5250 lbs Vertical Load

21000 lbs GTW

Double Pivot


Heavy-duty fifth-wheel hitch comes in 2 lightweight pieces for fast, easy installation. Sturdy wraparound jaw has a locking bar for added security. Pivoting head allows easy hook up and helps limit chucking. Polyurethane bumpers ensure a smooth ride.

Video of Demco Recon 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Above Bed - 21,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Demco Recon 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Above Bed - 21,000 lbs - DM8550043

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (53 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty fifth-wheel hitch comes in 2 lightweight pieces for fast, easy installation. Sturdy wraparound jaw has a locking bar for added security. Pivoting head allows easy hook up and helps limit chucking. Polyurethane bumpers ensure a smooth ride.

by: Samuel05/06/2022

This is a really nice hitch for the money. Extremely easy to installl for one person. I can’t wait to pull my camper with it. The only problem I had was how badly damaged the package was when delivered. Fortunately the hitch was not damaged. The picture shows how it was when I got it.

by: Harvey03/02/2019

The truck that got the install is a 2002 Ford F350 Super Duty 7.3 L Diesel dually. The Demco Recon 5th wheel hitch (DM8550043) looks like a well made, heavy duty hitch. All the welds are precise and well done. I like the single wrap around jaw with the real thick bar that backs that up. The handle that pulls out to unlock the jaw moves with ease and locks in the out position when the jaw opens. When the king pin comes in contact with the back of jaw, the jaw wraps around the king pin, the handle closes, you put in the safety pin and your ready to go RVing. I chose the Husky Custom Rails and installation kit (HT31405-686) for my install. The reason I chose these rails over the ones that etrailer had matched up for the hitch is, I had previously installed a set of Airlift Airbags and I didn't want the rail install to interfere with the airbags. It was a good choice, there was no interference at all. If I had not had the bags, I would have chose the rails and install kit that require no drilling. Drilling the holes went very fast and easy, it was torking the rear bolts down that was very difficult. There was not enough room to get a wrench of any kind around the nut. I wound up using a set of vise grips on the nut while a friend of mine torked the bolt slowly from above.

All and all I'm happy with the product and I'll give another review in a year.

This Demco 21K fifth wheel hitch is a great piece of equipment. I have pulled my 40 Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel as far north and west as Wisconsin and south and east as Florida. It has performed like I thought it should and beyond. I am sure glad that I chose the Recon over any of the more expensive brands. Its a real performer and it looks pretty cool too!
Harvey - 03/03/2020

by: Frank10/17/2022

Seems to be a well built hitch and the 3 piece design is VERY nice in the load/unload space. Why this received 3 stars is that it was missing parts and the base was beat up badly (cosmetic) when received. Missing parts included the pins to connect the base to the rails and the pin to connect the neck to the base. Not usable at this point. Etrailer is sending out the parts, and I'll contact Demco for new stickers. Will update review and photos once I have used it.

by: Ed10/11/2021

It was a SOB! getting it installed, welding process warped feet and did not just fit into place as expected. It took some coaxing with a nine pounder on the feet tabs to fit my rails, luckily mild carbon steel is workable, however it did upset the finish. A QA check needs to be done on final dimensions prior to powder coating!

The Recon is designed to work with industry standard rails however we have seen rails that were not installed correctly in the bed or shifted so that it is throwing off the hole positioning as the rails are independent of each other. I would recommend measuring the rails to ensure that the front to back measurement is 29 inches and the side to side measurement is 22 inches.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 10/19/2021
Worked great. However after being shocked by high fuel prices and a couple of trips we sold 5th wheel and down sized to a TT, You want to buy a slightly used Demco Hitch?
Ed - 10/12/2022

by: David N.08/14/2018

Rugged product, easy to install, quick latch system. easy to remove. Purchased the Reese adapter with this hitch, and installation was easy. Some minor adjustments with the cam over lugs, and setting the hitch posts into the adapter. Overall very easy set up. Looks good, and can be taken apart in pieces, for ease of removal and installation, after set up. Ordering was simple and all parts came in about a week.

by: Robbin06/17/2019

This hitch with the Airbourne Sidewinder worked great with the 2018 Ram 2500 Mega cab short bed with Ram boxes. Can maneuver a 90 degree turn without issue. Still have to get trailer lifted higher to get the trailer nose lowered, but for the complicated research we had on the right combo, this is tested and verified

by: John W03/01/2019

Ordered hitch late Wednesday evening and received early afternoon on Friday, that is super fast delivery. Two cartons received with no damage and all parts were there as expected. It looks exactly as advertised online and it was at a great price. AND FREE SHIPPING.
Also made in the USA.
I am replacing my Demco Hi Jacker Auto Slider that weighs approximately 300 lbs with the Demco Recon that according to the shipping labels weighs 91 lbs. It will be installed on a Ford F150 with 5 1/2 ft bed and fiver with a Lippert Turning Point Pin box.

by: Jeff09/02/2021

Looks great nice workmanship. Easy to install.

Packaging on large components should be changed??? Need custom molded styrofoam to slide on two sieds and hold product in shipping box. Will include pictures of delivered packages

by: Robert K11/10/2019

works every time has never failed, replaced a curt 20k that i used for 10 years,lots of times it wouldnt click and lock .easy to use no chucking.very happy with this hitch.3 years ago i installed air lift air bags ,love them too!!etrailer is a great place to buy from

real well,hooks up easily,the bolt that snugs up hitch head broke in half,called denco and had a new one in 4 days.very satisfied with hitch
robert k - 11/12/2020

by: Jess A.07/20/2017

The product arrived as scheduled and all the parts and pieces were in the two boxes. It installed quickly in my pickup and I hooked it to the fifth wheel and moved it forward and back. Seems to work well, takes all the slop out of the hitch. The hitch seems to be well constructed and the double latch is what I was looking for.

I love the hitch it is possitive locking and there is no movement when it is latched around the pin
Jess A - 07/20/2018

by: Robert02/28/2019

Haven't used it yet but it's unlikely to be anything but 5 stars. I'll update review if so. The hitch came in 2 boxes. The head was packages in a HD box. The box that the base came in was battered pretty bad. But, no marks in the base. All hardware arrived. Took about 15 minutes to assemble and get set up.

I am very happy with this hitch. Easy to hitch. Rock solid connection. Easy to disassemble to be removed. Great buy.
Robert - 03/01/2020

by: Steve M W03/17/2020

This was my first (and only, so far) fifth wheel hitch. I am towing a Jayco 25.5REOK Eagle HT, with a 2019 F150. (Before you all "go there", we ordered the truck especially for this purpose, with the max payload package, max tow package, FX4, etc. I've weighed the truck and trailer combination on certified scales, and actual payload, axle, and tow weights are under the rated capacities for t he truck. The truck sits perfectly level with the trailer loaded). Anyway, with a 6 1/2' bed, I wanted to use a rotating pin box, and the lightest hitch I could find that would satisfy that requirement. Enter the Demco Recon.

What I like: It is very light, as all steel construction hitches go - right at 100 lbs. And it breaks down easy into three primary component - the lower base, the head, and the thing in between. So not component is more than 40 lbs or so. Takes 5 minutes to break down and stow away, leaving the truck bed with only the standard hitch rails.

A few things I don't like (but have simple solutions for): The assembly has too much play, resulting in a very clunky operation and feel. The base assembly has too much play between the upper and lower parts of the base. There is a set bolt provided to take this play out, but the set bolt is located so that you can't access it with a socket, and it's tough to get to with an open end or box wrench as well. With some effort you can get it tight, but it loosens up after a couple hundred miles. My solution was to insert sheets of nylon (plastic) between the shaft of the upper part, and the tube of the lower part, so that the fit is tight, eliminating the play without use of the set bolt. Also the play between the lower base and the hitch rails are pretty generous. (I don't know how other hitches are, but this one has about 3/16" of play). My solution was to add leather pads as gaskets, between the base and the rails, which makes the J-pins a little tight, but eliminates the gap and play. Eliminating the play in these two areas makes the hitch much quieter and feel much better. The last complaint isn't an issue with the hitch per se, rather, the combination of the Sidewinder Pin Box and the hitch head. I am using the recommended locking wedge (SWW-05), but he hitch head has a rather steep ramp, and the wedge really doesn't "wedge" much of the head. That is, there isn't an abundance of contact between the wedge and the head. It's enough when the wedge is tight, but the the head will work the wedge back and out of the slot over time, even when tightened to the recommended 150 foot pounds. If the wedge moves more than a fraction of an inch, the trailer will start to handle poorly. You can feel it. And if you let this go, it will quickly become dangerous. So, I've leaned to recheck the wedge and retighten if necessary after every couple of trips, and I carry my torque wrench with the trailer.

Thanks for reading.

by: Jim S03/27/2017

First shipment had a problem, the box with the base was ok. The box with the hitch head was empty except the release handle. Etrailer promptly sent out a second box with the hitch head that arrived intact. Etrailer had me send some pictures of the damaged first box and then handled the problem with UPS completely on their own. Prompt service to resolve the problem is highly commendable.

by: Terry07/20/2018

love the three piece set-up of these hitches...makes them light weight and easy to handle...also when not in use there is a topper on my truck and the covertability of the hitch allows me to use my bed platform without removing the hitch...just remove two pins and back off the lock bolt and its low enough to use the two tier stacking feature of most trucks

by: Morris12/24/2017

The hitch was better than expected. It was simple and easy to install. It comes apart easily thus allowing for one person to install and remove the hitch. When you examine the hitch closely you can readily see that it is well-made and is high quality, plus it is made in America!

by: Clayton04/10/2018

Product arrived on time, correct and in perfect condition.

by: Randy03/20/2018

product delivered on time and as described. This hitch is easy to move in and out of the bed of my truck with it being able to come apart. Thanks.

I really liked the hitch as it was light and easy to use. I have purchased a new truck and needed a slider as it is a short bed. I purchased the rail kit from etrailer and as always it a superior product.
Randy - 03/21/2019

by: Travis T04/06/2017

etrailer got it to me 2 days they r great. The hitch seems very solid and put together well. The issue I'm having is it doesn't adjust down to the height I need to ride level or what my Reese was. Haven't hooked up yet but will find out shortly if it needs to be returned.

by: Cindy S04/13/2020

Fits great with our B&W hitch, easy to install, and easy to remove when we don't need. Highly recommend.

by: Goeffrey12/09/2021

Easily assembled and matted up with my existing super slide mounting brackets in the bed of truck.

by: Robert 09/15/2022

Quick shipping and excellent product.

by: Daves04/08/2020

This was an upgrade from the dealer installed hitch. Best purchase since I didn't know how much longer the old hitch would last. After purchase, I was at the dealership and saw they were now selling the same hitch. Solid and rattle free.

Jane S - 04/09/2021

by: Jerry 12/06/2021

Always a quality product from entailed. Thanks again

by: Dave11/02/2017

So far so good,have not had time to hookup to my camper. I like what I see.

by: Bob11/01/2017

I received the product earlier than promised and it was in perfect condition. All of the service I received from my first call on was above reproach (first class). I look forward to using it.

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  • Comparing The Demco Recon And Curt CrossWing 5th Wheel Hitches
  • The Demco Recon # DM8550043 and Curt CrossWing # C86JR have quite a few differences that separate the two similar designs. The Recon has an extra 1,000lbs of capacity and comes with a 15-1/2", 17-1/4", or 18" height setting. The CrossWing has a 16-3/8", 18-3/8", and 20-3/8" height setting so it can sit a bit higher, which could be beneficial depending on the height need for your trailer to sit level while towing. Both heads have rubber dampeners to help with ride quality, but the CrossWing...
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  • Demco Recon 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Comparison To Pullrite Superlite Model 2400
  • I recommend the Demco Recon 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Above Bed - 21,000 lbs # DM8550043. It mounts to industry standard rails and weighs under 100 lbs. It has a double-pivot, cushioned hitch head and is height adjustable to 15-1/2, 17-1/4 and 18 inches. It has a 5 year warranty and is made in the USA. We do not offer any Pullrite models, but this is a similar style that does not require the adapter so it will be a better fit to your 5th wheel king pin.
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B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Code: BWRVK3500

387 reviews

Our Price: $1,099.00


Product Specs:

Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters

Adapts Truck

Gooseneck Hitch to Fifth Wheel Trailer

Hitch Adapters

Fixed Height

No Offset

20000 lbs GTW

Connects to Gooseneck Hole

B and W

Quickly and easily convert your B&W Turnoverball gooseneck hitch to a sturdy 5th-wheel trailer hitch. Wide-stance base offers fore/aft and height adjustments to fit your application. Dual-jaw hitch removes without a trace for full bed access.

Video of B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs - BWRVK3500

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (387 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily convert your B&W Turnoverball gooseneck hitch to a sturdy 5th-wheel trailer hitch. Wide-stance base offers fore/aft and height adjustments to fit your application. Dual-jaw hitch removes without a trace for full bed access.

by: Daniel08/16/2022

It’s been a great gooseneck to fifth wheel trailer hitch. Easy to setup and remove when I need my full 8’ bed To haul items. Also like the feature I can remove the 5th wheel plate so easy. Been pulling my 5th wheel for a year and no regrets buying this product.

by: Blake09/29/2021

Very well fabricated addition to my truck. As stated, suggests two people during install. I didn't have that luxury, so install was a bit slower for me. Still doable by all aspects. Would happily recommend this product.

Excellent product. Easy to hook-up, and have yet to find a binding angle to where disconnecting is challenging. We have put many miles on our 5th wheel with my wife being a traveling ER nurse. This Spring, we went from NW Arkansas to South Dakota with zero issues. Will be relocating from SD, to Washington in a month. Amazing receiver. Do the regular maintenance on it, and it will provide years of worry-free use!
Blake - 10/01/2022

by: Big Jake09/24/2022

This gooseneck adapter has performed flawlessly, as I expected from B&W products. Installation was relatively easy and hook up has been a breeze.

by: Earl09/02/2019

I decided to buy the Champion fifth wheel hitch to pull a fifth wheel camper, my 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 already had a B&W goose neck hitch in it. The champion hitch allowed me to also have a fifth wheel hitch with out drilling and mounting more weight to the truck. The instructions for assembly were clear and easy to follow making the assembly of the hitch easy. The hitch fit snug and there is no play in it. The 26' fifth wheel camper pulled nicely, no surging or swaying.

Very good I have towed a fifth wheel camper, it tows very nicely, there is no play in the hitch in the goose neck adapter, and no slop in the fifth wheel at the trailer
Earl - 09/03/2020

by: Landon02/02/2019

Make sure to have two people for installation. The only reason this is a must is due to the weight of the items and safety. The installation was not bad, the only item that is worth mentioning to watch for is near the end of the installation instructions. The jaws release lever has two bolts to hold it onto the receiver plate itself. The top is a rounded head with allen wrench style fittings. Unfortunately even though it seems like the allen wrench would hold the minute you put any torque on the nut it spins. I ended up replacing both immediately before fully tightening to ensure the handle was solid in place. As both bolts have no load or weight to them this was an easy decision to make. Everything you can tell is built solid and is pure steel, this thing should not go anywhere! Also to note I have my height adjustment for the plate at the highest setting and my tonneau cover still fully covers the truck bed without touching!

It has been great, no issues and still pulling my fifth wheel without any incident. I did have to adjust the plate down all the way but that was to even out the trailer angle to raise backend of camper more so as not to hit back end on anything. Easy enough if you have a torque power drill to take all the bolts off and move, then just make sure to use torque wrench again to the 80lbs required.
Landon - 02/02/2020

by: Larry A.08/27/2017

I tow a 16000 lb fifth wheel and this adapter works perfectly. It's easy to hook up and I had a RV place in Arizona install it and they did so for less than $100. The tow rating on this is about 20 thousand pounds I believe so I'm well within the limits Towing this trailer. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who is towing a fifth-wheel within the rated tow range.

its been an excellent hitch. I pulled the trailer about eight to ten Thousand Miles without a problem with a hitch. Im thinking about getting a larger fifth wheel so I imagine Ill have to have a hitch that will pull a 24,000 pound trailer right? No doubt you have them no I havent checked your site. Its a little early yet. Thank you for your follow-up I appreciate it.
Larry A - 08/27/2018

by: Tom06/19/2017

Arrived in about 4 days. I ordered it on a Friday evening so that was pretty quick for free shipping. Installed it in about two hrs.took our first trip with the new 5th wheel hitch and it is awesome. It doesn't make any clunky noise when starting and stopping. Well worth every penny.

Its working great! Dont make any noise when starting or stopping or turning.
Tom y - 06/19/2018

by: Daniel01/17/2023

Love it!!.. easy to drop in and take out.. pulling is smooth

by: Phillip07/16/2022

Would have been great if i had received my complete order. Got the base but no coupler plate. The hitch comes in two boxes, i received one box. Yet you say my order was delivered. $[XX] dollars for something i can't use. Stick it to the retired people we normally don't complain. Thanks for nothing.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have sent your information along to our customer service team and they will be in touch.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 07/26/2022

by: Thomas01/06/2023

Well built hitch but the person who designed it needs to get their head examined. I'm old and no help in site. Assembly was a breeze. Lifting it was ridiculous. I happen to have a forklift in my shop. Without it the hitch would still be laying on the floor. Purchased this unit since I would like to use the truck for hauling without a hitch in the way but weighing as much as it does it will probably stay in the bed, This thing pretty much defeats the purpose of having a removeable hitch. Guess that's why so many people said to buy the Anderson

by: Robert02/27/2023

Easy to install. Tows well.
Highly recommend
etrailer and b&h companion

by: Kenneth 11/08/2021

Great product. I had a B&W goose neck hitch already installed in my truck. I needed a 5th wheel hitch as well. This product is designed to go into the exact mount that was already installed for the gooseneck.

This B&W 5th wheel adapter from gooseneck ball receiver is amazing. Very convenient and easy to switch out.
Kenneth - 11/09/2022

by: Mark C03/10/2018

I appreciated advice when ordering and decided on the B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th Wheel Trailed Hitch Adapter. Delivery was super fast. I ordered after 5:00 pm on Thursday and the package was in front of the garage by noon on Friday. My wife said that was faster than Amazon! Instructions were detailed well, so after purchasing a torque wrench, I was good to go. I watched a video also, as being from Missouri, I have to be showed! The quality seems to be great. By Saturday noon, I was able to hook up to our 5th wheel RV.
Thanks so much!

by: Tad01/31/2023

Everything arrived in excellent condition and was easy to install. Instructions were very good. Took me about two hours to install but took a break to eat. And last but not least Nicholas was fantastic very helpful
Thank you very much Nicholas!

by: Tyler 08/13/2022

Fast shipping! There is a reason B&W is the most recommended fifth wheel hitch. This hitch is solid. The mechanism makes hitching and unhitching a breeze. Super secure connection. Easy to install.

by: Ted12/20/2022

Unit arrived with parts missing, I contacted the seller, etrailer and was told the missing items would be shipped immediately. I have always had great customer service from etrailer

by: Jeff02/17/2018

What a great product. The installation was easy and the security you can feel when it hooks up to your fifth wheel is great with just a glance you can see that it is safely locked in place.

The hitch is fabulous, when it is hooked up it performs super, the security and solid hook up feels great. Upon our return from overseas we lived in our fifth wheel for a year and did a lot of towing. I did have to put a pulley in my garage to assist in removing and loading the hutch as its 220 lb weigh made it impossible for me to do by myself. With the pulley it’s a simple job.
Jeff - 02/17/2019

by: James06/12/2019

I’m very satisfied with this installation was easy best of all I didn’t lose the use of my gooseneck ball. This was a lot easier than replacing my pinbox

by: Dusky12/09/2016

First dealing with Erika W was great, good product knowledge and told me my product would be at my front door in 3 days - it was. I received the hitch and it took me about an hour to open up, assemble and install. Very straight forward and easy to work with solo. I have yet to connect to my 5th wheel but so far so good. Thanks Erika.

by: Margaret01/21/2023

Product just arrived. Installed yesterday. Heavy duty and sturdy. Won't hook up for another month, so I'm not worried about its performance.

by: Steve R10/28/2020

Well built was fairly easy to install. No slop in the hitch, fits tight on fifth wheel pin.

Working as promised, towed my Grand Design 303RLS from the west coast to Michigan without a problem.
Steve R - 10/29/2021

by: Ray02/27/2023

Excellent product. Extremely well built. Only complaint is the weight. Having to take it out of the truck so regularly is a bit strenuous. However having the release pin is way more convenient than the old way of unbolting the unit. Thank you

by: Tim09/27/2021

Assembly was easy Very sturdy.

by: John06/19/2018

Bought truck used with the BW turnover ball installed. Purchased Companion hitch the set-up and instructions are really easy to follow. It took me an absolute novice, less than an hour to put the whole thing together. The frame portion is heavy at 130 pounds so definitely a two person job to move it around but once it was put together I just dropped it in the hole and shut the latch pin and then tightened the draw bolt and it was good to go! When attaching the handle i noticed the flange nuts were crimped just enough that the bolt would not thread through, so I had to purchase two 3/8" flange nuts at the local hardware store to replace but 10 minutes and $1.20 to replace was no big deal. I did contact the manufacturer with the package lot number so they could check their inventory. They were very helpful and apologetic. They even offered to send out replacement nuts right away. Definitely a solid product and I am so glad I purchased this.

by: Jacob N03/25/2019

Love it. Fits and Works like a Dream. Love that it slides right into my Gooseneck Hitch.

Wonderful it never let me down working just as new as the first day I got it installed
Jake N - 03/26/2020

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  • What Is The Difference Between the B&W Companion RVK3000 and RVK3500 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • The B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter part # BWRVK3500 is just simply a newer version of the B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter part RVK3000. The head between each unit is the same but the Replacement Base for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch part # BWRVB3500 is made of thicker steel than the old base which allows it to have a 20,000 lb towing capacity compared to the 18,000 lb towing capacity of the B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel...
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  • Difference Between B&W RVK3500 and RVB3500 Parts
  • The B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # BWRVK3500 (RVK3500) is the complete 5th wheel hitch that will mount to an existing B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch socket in the truck bed. The part # BWRVB3500 (RVB3500) that you also referenced is simply the replacement base for this hitch without the head unit. I have attached a couple of short video demonstrations that you can check out as well.
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  • Comparing B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitches RVK3000 and RVK3500
  • The B&W Companion RVK3000 was an early model that has a max weight rating of 18,000 lbs, adjustable height ranging from 14-3/4" - 16-3/4", and used U-Bolts for the installation. The B&W Companion # BWRVK3500 was upgraded so that the weight rating is now 20,000 lbs, has a higher adjustable height range of 16-1/4" - 18-1/4" (which is more common), and has a single point for mounting which makes it easier to use. It wasn't that the older systems were bad, B&W just saw where they could...
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  • Comparing B7W Companion 3500 to Discontinued Companion 3000 Model
  • The B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs # BWRVK3500 has a higher weight capacity from the 3000 model and is also quite a bit taller for the taller bed rails. The 3000 had a capacity of 18,000 lbs and had a height adjustability of 14-3/4 inches to 16-3/4 inches. The newer 3500 adjusts from 16-1/4 inches to 18-1/4 inches. The other difference is the foot pads are now adjustable and there is some forward and aft adjustment in the post on the newer model. Based...
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  • Comparing B&W Companion and B&W Patriot 5th Wheel Hitch for 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500 without Prep
  • In order to use the B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter part # BWRVK3500 on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 without OEM Prep Pkg you'll need the B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch part # BWGNRK1016. In order to use the B&W Patriot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch part # BWRVK3255 on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 without OEM Prep Pkg you'll need the B&W Universal Base Rails and Installation Kit for 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches part # BWRVR3200. The Companion...
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  • Are 5th Wheel or Gooseneck Hitches Better for Towing
  • It really just depends on what the trailer you are towing was originally built for and what you plan on using the trailer for. If you have a gooseneck trailer then a gooseneck hitch is best but if you have a 5th wheel trailer then a 5th wheel hitch is best. Gooseneck trailers are generally used for off-road use (like around farms) and so the gooseneck hitch ball connection provides more rotation for the uneven ground but 5th wheel hitches provide a better towing experience if you will be...
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