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ComeUp Cable Tensioner for DV-12, DV-15, and DV-18 winches

Code: CU881087

2 reviews

Our Price: $82.95


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Electric Winch


Cable Tensioner


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Customer Reviews

ComeUp Cable Tensioner for DV-12, DV-15, and DV-18 winches - CU881087

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

by: Walter10/24/2019

As advertised

by: Richard 02/06/2021


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Tensioner for Bulldog Winch Standard Series Truck Winches - 8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs - Wire Rope

Code: BDW20234

38 reviews

Our Price: $51.65


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Electric Winch

Rigging Accessories

Rope Tensioner

Bulldog Winch

Video of Tensioner for Bulldog Winch Standard Series Truck Winches - 8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs - Wire Rope

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Tensioner for Bulldog Winch Standard Series Truck Winches - 8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs - Wire Rope - BDW20234

Average Customer Rating:  4.1 out of 5 stars   (38 Customer Reviews)

by: Simon12/02/2020

Bought for my superwinch tiger shark 11,500lb winch - fits perfect and works well, make sure to wrap a complete layer of cable before to let it tension to avoid bending the plate on the cable.

Second one I bought for a champion 10,000lb and it looks good for fitment but will require washers on each side as the opening is 1/4” wider than the replacement tie bar.

Nice kits and has already prevented the cable from binding due to uneven wrapping around the drum.

So far so good, helps keep tension while spoiling my winch cable in. Not to tight which allows for reasonable free spool effort to pull it out. My specific which I had to grind some of the mounting bar that replaced the original tie bar but it was negligible. Highly reccomended to make life easier.
Simon - 12/03/2021

by: 06/04/2021

Assembly went very easy to follow instructions. This was on a Bad Land 9000 winch with control box mounted to top of winch so had to reverse control box mounting strips in reverse so as not to interfere with tension plate movement.

by: Willard12/08/2021

The device hit the attachment bolt for the cable and had to be ground away. It was not very effective in keeping the cable tightly wound. had a severe cabling bird nest that damaged the winch.

This fits a Bulldog 8,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs Standard Series truck winch. Is this what you have?
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 12/14/2021

by: Michael12/09/2022

The product itself appears well made. I have not yet installed it on the badlands winch. I was dismayed to find the screws had come loose but at least they were still in the bag. I'll update the review once it's installed.

by: t39racer12/31/2018

I installed this on a Smittybilt winch and modified the cable retaining plate to a longer and wider one to fit my application. The tensioner works GREAT very pleased with the quality and strength of the parts. I'm looking at upgrading to an even larger winch and will buy this tensioner again for it.

After a year and the tensioner still works good. Very happy with the quality.
t39racer - 01/01/2020

by: Lenny08/05/2018

Well made with good tension, a must for steel cable. Before spooling up cable care should be taken that the lower corner plate of the tensioner clears where the cable attaches to the spool. Would definitely buy it again.

have used the winch about a dozen times. the tensioner works fine. keeps the line tight when free spooling out. would still buy again.
Lenny - 08/05/2019
have used the winch about a dozen times. the tensioner works fine. keeps the line tight when free spooling out. would still buy again.
Lenny - 08/05/2019

by: Kevin06/14/2017

It works well but requires special attention. After installation I wound in the cable and damaged the tensioner when the corner of it caught on the cable securing lug. No biggie, I just trimmed the bent corner. Next I wound too much cable on one side and broke the mounting bolt that holds the two winch halves together on either end of the drum. This is the main bolt that the tensioner mounts to. I posted a video on YouTube about the installation under my user name "tinkering fox" in my opinion it's a decent product and the damages were both caused by operator error (my fault).

by: Ken11/15/2017

Largely ineffective for the Harbor Freight Badland 12K winch. The product fit perfectly, but spring tension isn't where it needs to be to keep drum from misbehaving during free-spool. The springs look to be a unique design, so I can't just add heavier ones. I may just try adding a rubber strip on the plate where it makes contact with the cable to see if that helps things.

I doubt this tensioner works any better on the standard series 12k 'Bulldog' winch (one of the winches it's meant to work with) as they both use 3/8" diameter cable of similar length. Lower rated winches which use smaller cabling, however. will probably work much better.

Product was shipped out very quick, but was not packaged well. Parts were falling out of box when I picked it up and a few apparently got lost in transit. I was fortunately able to source what was missing at a local hardware store.

by: Fred 07/26/2021

Easy to install and works as claimed

Exceeds expectation, no more cable all over the floor of the trailer.
Fred - 07/27/2022

by: 10,000lb Superwinch03/19/2019

If you winch on a regular basis you need one of these. The cable doesnt lay perfect but it keeps enough pressure to prevent the rats nest and damage to the cable.

I put this on a 10,000lb Superwinch and it fit like a glove. The springs are zip tied to the plate out of the box and directions say "dont remove" the zip ties until its installed. However the springs were attached backward to the directions picture right out of the box. I had to switch the left and right springs. DONT over tighten the screws that attach the metal plates as they will strip (I found out the hard way). You have to unspool the cable to attach but after attached DONT just start spooling as where the cable attaches to the spool can catch and damage your new tension plate. Use a large screw driver and piece of 2x4 to hold the spring loaded plate back while assembling. Dont get your fingers in there if you want to keep them.

by: Dennis07/01/2019

Product is well made and easy to install. How ever DO NOT get this for a Superwinch LP10,000. Because of where the cable attaches ty the drum it will not work. I bent the plate, had to take it apart, straighten the plate, grind a corner off and reattach. After a few tries I finally got it to work.

Per our product description, this item is a fit for Bulldog Standard series truck winches. We cant guarantee fit on other winch models.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 07/03/2019

by: Tony03/09/2018

Tensioner did not work.Appeared to have plenty of tension but not enough to keep cable from unraveling completely on free spool.Also plate interferes with cable mounting bolt.Total waste of time and money.I really wanted it to work and tried it with full,partial and one line spool,same issue when on free spool as without tensioner —bird nest mess of a tangle!!!

by: Ivan 07/02/2022

Great item

by: Steven05/17/2019

Cost effective design to make ya grin watching it work a neat treat. Caliee will check in to ask if ya like it or not of course. My winch was older rather robust design with too wide side plates for tension springs to straddle so beware of that factor. I was able to modify by attaching my own springs on bottom of rub plate. Wound up 150ft of heavy cable neat and tight like i'd never seen before even with the springs not fitted for full tension as designed.

by: Dan M04/10/2019

Product worked better than expected for my traveler(Tractor Supply) 12k winch especially since this piece is made for a different brand it holds the cable in place and removes the rats nest.

by: Michael09/07/2018

It did exactly what I needed it to do, highly recommend
I used it on a 9000 lbs Badlands winch

by: Tony02/15/2021

It does work like it should, however the screws keep backing out of the plate.

by: James 10/18/2021

Easy install as long as you follow dire ctions.

by: Seth 09/24/2018

Very nice add on to my winch easy to install and
Took all the back lash out of my winch

by: Jerry08/27/2021

shipping was slow was shipped ups but had to travel to post office to get it.package was damaged and open thankful every thing was there.Product looked fine.

by: John04/26/2018

The product gave a little hassle on installation but otherwise it works well.

by: James 08/06/2021

Very easy to understand directions and install. Great product and well made. I would definitely buy it again.

by: Christopher 06/17/2020

Is perfect. Works great. I highly recommend it to anyone with a winch that it fits. No more birds nest in your cable.

by: George09/30/2021

Looks like it should work as described

by: Sean 09/14/2020

Put an end to bird nesting the cable. Timely delivery, straight install, seems sturdy.

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