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Coil SumoSprings Custom Helper Springs for Coil Spring Suspension - Rear Axle

Code: CSS-1168R

326 reviews

Our Price: $219.99


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Jounce-Style Springs

Standard Duty

SuperSprings Intl

Get the cushioning power of SumoSprings for your coil springs and keep your ride comfortable. The wedge-shaped springs fit between the individual coils of your existing springs and help support heavy loads on your rear suspension.

Video of Coil SumoSprings Custom Helper Springs for Coil Spring Suspension - Rear Axle

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Coil SumoSprings Custom Helper Springs for Coil Spring Suspension - Rear Axle - CSS-1168R

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (326 Customer Reviews)

Get the cushioning power of SumoSprings for your coil springs and keep your ride comfortable. The wedge-shaped springs fit between the individual coils of your existing springs and help support heavy loads on your rear suspension.

by: David11/24/2022

About all I can say for these is that they did raise the back of my Expedition EL about a 1/2". However, they didn't stay in place for even a year. As far as helping the ride of the truck with the travel trailer, I *think* it helped, but I really don't know if it is anything more than the placebo effect. I removed them before having Bilstein 5100 series shocks installed, with the spring collar set to raise .4", which did make a noticeable, positive difference in the way the truck handled when towing.

by: Thomas09/19/2020

Installed the CSS-1168R Coil SumoSprings Custom Helper spacers on a 2011 Honda Ridgeline 4 wheel drive rear springs. Installation took about 45 minutes including removal of tires. Once spacer was started the installation was easy.
Zip ties were a little more difficult because of the dust strut covers installed by Honda.

Excellent product. Holding up great. When towing my camper, the squat is less the 1. Much better then before when 3 was the norm.
Thomas - 09/20/2021

by: Greg 03/03/2023
2019 Ford Expedition

Did a great job helping with squat and not impacting unloaded ride quality. I have these installed in my 2019 Ford Expedition FX4 with a leveling kit so any sort of load really highlighted rear squat. I am pulling a 36' long 7000lb loaded travel trailer and I would consider these a must have. Install was pretty straight forward, take the weight off the rear tires, soap them up a little bit and they slide in with a little effort.

by: Michael T.08/14/2014
2004 Toyota Highlander

I could not place the SumoSprings in the middle of the coil springs to start installation. Rather I had to start lower on the coil springs, where the spacing is wider, and then slide the SumoSprings up to the middle.
I used a screwdriver run into the holes for that purpose to help slide the SumoSprings to the middle of the coil springs. Otherwise, the installation went well. There seems to be less squat in the rear of my '04 Highlander when my camping trailer is attached.

There still seems to be less squat with my camping trailer attached. It is leveled out a bit.
Michael T - 08/15/2015

by: Alfred 11/18/2022
2014 Ford Expedition

I have a 2014 Ford Expedition EL Limited that had tail squat while towing a 30 ft travel trailer even with a popular top of the line load leveling hitch set up. Air bags are a very expensive and difficult install for this model of large SUV. I followed the directions and with enough soap and a good jack to raise the car and extend the spring to its most extended position it was an easy install for each side. all I needed was about 1-2 inch to get level and it worked. Nice and level ride and a great feeling also not to blind everyone with my headlights while towing in the dark.

by: Bryan12/14/2022
2015 Ford Transit Connect

Didn’t fit my 2015 Ford Transit Connect cargo van. , my fault I didn’t return it I tossed box before trying to install part. Then I forgot about it while dealing with family emergency and having to move. Again maybe I looked up and ordered wrong part

I am looking at this and am also puzzled as to why it did not fit, because it should have. Were you able to jack up the van so that the axle hung free? I can see trying to install it without following this step and it not working. I am wondering if this step was overlooked by mistake?
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 12/15/2022

by: Suresh07/06/2018
2007 Honda Odyssey

I received the Sumo Springs Coil Helper yesterday and was able to install it in less than an hour on my 2007 Odyssey. May be even quicker if I had a better jack(i had to lift one side at a time). My van now has raised significantly. With a three Mountain bike rack, camping gear loaded with the roof box, the van's rear end was too sagged. I gained close to two inches after installation. I do notice a difference in the cushioning, but that is very marginal. Overall, I am very happy about this product and would recommend if your car's rear end needs a lift/ support. Installation was very simple with the hand soap applied. I will do a follow-up review after few weeks when I put a few hundred miles for my summer trips.

by: Seth 10/11/2022
2016 Toyota Highlander

We put these on our 2014 Highlander a year ago and it makes hauling our airstream Basecamp 16 so much better. We were looking at getting a wieght distribution hitche but they were so heavy they would’ve put our tongue weight over spec. this has been a perfect solution

by: Britt07/01/2020

I put these on my 2016 Expedition EL Ecoboost after buying a travel trailer. The truck had plenty of power but as anyone could exped the IRS Sucks under heavy load and our first trip from east bay to Anehime made everyone sick from all the sway. I'm here to tell you this is the best $80 I have every spent upgrading any of my vehicles. I have since sold that trailer and now tow a heavier 28' TT and it pulls amazing. surprisingly it only affects the spring rate at fuller compression which is great for towing. Normal driving with no trailer feels exactly the same.

by: Mark06/05/2022

Did exactly what I needed it to do.
I am supper strong to put this on.
Recommendation: Read the instructions, I did and took 1hr maybe. Also, use a dull wide screwdriver and slowly work around the coil.

by: Kacz07/10/2017
2014 Ford Expedition

I installed on a 2014 Ford Expedition EL. I should have done this last year, it made it handle like it was new again both loaded down and when it was just me driving. It also retained the stock ride feeling with no harsh or roughness to speak of. For the folks that have a strut style rear suspension and put any kind if weight in their suv's and/or pull a tralier, this is a must. Also, no mentionable increase in ride height.

by: Joe 03/01/2023
Ford Expedition

They leveled out the Expedition with the 1985 Avion on the back of the vehicle for towing

by: Joe 01/26/2021

Installation was a little challenging, but once I figured out the trick to get the spring installed the installation became easier. The springs off set 4 passengers and two bicycles that we also added with a hitch to our Honda Fit.

The Sumo Springs were a little challenging to install on my Honda fit but was able to get them installed. The Sumo Springs were installed in conjunction with the Draw-tite hitch and Swagman bike rack to level out rear of car with to ebikes installed. The sumo springs handles the roll and pitch during lane changes and turns.
Joe O - 01/27/2022

by: Bishop06/21/2022

I drive a 2022 Ford Expedition Max. Installation was a breeze; it took longer to take off my wheels than to install these. Be sure to soak them in soapy water and they'll slide right on. The plan is to tow a 30' trailer. I have not towed yet but will update after some experience.

by: Daniel 08/14/2022

Products were as described and the install video made it a cinch!

by: Jim C08/14/2020
2009 Honda Ridgeline

I installed the SumoSprings on a 2009 Honda Ridgeline to be able to tow a Winnebago 2106 trailer. With the springs installed I have had no problems towing. The Trar as I call it, part Truck and part Car does not dip / sag with the trailer connected. Practiced emergency braking and did not have any problems. I would recommend this product. Did not take any pictures with it connected, sorry. They were pretty easy to install, the soap and water helped a lot.

by: CH08/25/2022
2019 Ford Expedition

Excellent product, 2019 Expedition tows with much more stability.

by: Chris12/10/2019

Installed on the rear of a 2018 Expedition, I pull a travel trailer thought these might help out. Very easy to install. Raised the vehicle about a 1/4” in the rear.

by: Alan 10/06/2022

Install was bad and they helped raise the back of my van. I would have given them 5 stars if they raised the back of my van even higher.

by: Doug 10/05/2022

Worked great and didn’t affect the ride quality.

by: Mark07/24/2021

These were a big help on an overloaded minivan. I carry a heavy hitch mounted bike rack and 4 mountain bikes, and then load up for a normal week's vacation of camping. The Helpers worked like magic, and kept the back end from bottoming out and helped give a little extra clearance when it comes time for backing out of descending driveways and speed bumps. They installed easy, and greatly improved the ride, and performance of the van. Well worth the time and money spent. Go for it, especially if your packing too much fun into a family minivan.

by: A. frank08/20/2018
2009 Ford Expedition

Not as easy to install as noted in the documentation; Otherwise, they are performing as advertised. I have not lost the ride quality yet I noticed a difference pulling our fully loaded trailer with the Jeep or the bikes. Much better handling. I would have preferred air bags, but these are doing the job.

Excellent! Working as advertised all this time. Thx you.
A. f - 09/01/2019

by: Brian M10/02/2019
Ford Expedition

I have had these for a year now. They were easy to install. I pull a 6500lbs. travel trailer with my Ford Expedition. And a 3500lbs. enclosed trailer. After install I have noticed less rear sagging in rear. And I have not noticed a big difference in ride Quality when not towing.

by: Tony 09/15/2019
2017 Ford Expedition

I installed the SumoSprings on my 2017 Expedition. I have the heavy duty towing package, but the weight of my travel trailer is close to the limits for the Expedition. I bought these to raise the rear of the vehicle under load and to reduce bounce on the roadway. Installation took about an hour and following the directions they went in fine. Note: Use soap and water to clean springs as they say but also make sure you have the spring wet with soap and water to ease the installation. Taking the tires off, definitely helps in installation. Taking measurements before and after showed that I gained 1.5 inches height on the rear of the vehicle under load. I look forward to taking the trailer on the road to see if there is an improvement in handling. I expect an improvement since the front is now lower under load.

by: Josh G08/12/2016
2015 Toyota Highlander

I have a 2015 Toyota Highlander with a hitch mounted cargo box and am moving and vacationing at the same time. Therefore have a lot of weight in the vehicle, though not even close to the max vehicle weight or axel weight. However the vehicle significantly sags in the rear. I'm glad I found theses helper springs as they did make a significant difference in reducing the sag (probably by an inch) and therefore handling of the vehicle (steering, body roll, etc.). I was actually very surprised at the difference it made in the handling. To note, I drove with the load without the helper springs from VA To SCand then with the helper springs from SC to OH before reviewing. They were also very easy to install. I only jacked up the rear end and slipped them on (without soapy water) in less than 15 mins with zip ties. The results from the product were well worth the purchase and will be recommending to friends and family.

In regards to Etrailer, they ended up being out of stock after I purchased the item and they quickly called to let me know and when they'd become available (only a couple days for them to get the product, no big deal). Always great customer service.

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Ask the Experts about this SuperSprings Intl Vehicle Suspension
Do you have a question about this Vehicle Suspension?


Air Lift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear

Code: AL60818

871 reviews

Our Price: $136.22


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Air Springs

Light Duty

Air Lift

1,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's rear coil spring suspension with this kit. Molded polyurethane air springs fit inside your existing coil springs for added support when hauling heavy loads. Improves handling, braking, and overall ride.

Video of Air Lift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Air Lift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear - AL60818

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (871 Customer Reviews)

1,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's rear coil spring suspension with this kit. Molded polyurethane air springs fit inside your existing coil springs for added support when hauling heavy loads. Improves handling, braking, and overall ride.

by: Scott W.04/01/2017
2012 Ram 1500

Installation was super quick and easy in my home garage. The hardest part was finding a way to jack the truck high enough to hang the rear axle. My test was 25 bags of mulch. The before installation picture shows the rear squat. The after picture is of the exact same load with 30psi in the air bags. Super happy with the results. The ride is much better with a load in the back. Can't wait to hook up my camper to see how much better the ride is on a long trip.

Still pleased with the product. Towing my camper is so much safer and easier now that the truck is level.
Scott W - 04/01/2018

by: Nicholas04/26/2021

The fork lift operator couldn't reach far enough to center them over my axle, but it didn't matter, because I installed air lift air springs and the Timbren bump stop spring enhancements. I can't believe how well they performed together. It was only a short trip with this load, and I'd never haul this heavy of a payload in a 1500 unless it was a short trip, but it wouldn't have been an option without these enhancements. The fork lift driver was even impressed. He asked me what I was using. These products kick serious ass! AMAZING!

by: David09/15/2017
2017 Ram 1500

I received my air helper springs yesterday and today I got them installed, with no issues. I removed the wheel well liners and jacked up the frame, one side at a time. I did not remove the wheels. I folded the bags and zip tied them as recommended and stuffed them between the top of the coiled spring. Jacking the frame up 4 inches helps spread the coils on the springs. After I ran the hose out the top of the spring perch (or whatever you call it) I found an oval hole in the top of the frame about 8 inches back. I ran the hose into this hole on each side and all the way out the back end of the frame. This should help protect the hose from the exhaust pipe. I drilled two holes not far from the passenger side of the license plate and put the valve stems there. Job done. I will be pulling a 24 ft camper trailer in about a month and look forward to seeing how these work.

by: Chris02/02/2018

This product was very easy to install and works like a charm. The boat I tow is about 8000 lbs and with the airlift installed it levels out my truck perfectly. Now I know that I am able to stop properly with all the weight evenly distributed.
I would recommend this product to anyone who tows a lot of weight.
Of course the next truck I purchase will be getting these installed immediately!
As you can see from the pictures, I don't think I need to explain which picture is pre Airlift.

by: Hunter H02/03/2017
2009 Dodge Ram Pickup

I installed these on my 2009 Ram 1500. The product was exactly as described and even with being located in Alaska, they arrived super quick! I haven't had the chance to test them out loaded yet as I just installed them last night, but plan on revising my review after the load testing goes! I will note that I installed these differently than stated in the instructions. I lifted the truck off the ground with the axle hanging and removed the rear coils completely and installed the air bag. This seemed like a much quicker and easier route than trying to fish the bag through the coil on the truck. I also routed my air lines in the rear bed stake pockets and under the edge of the bed to protect the valve from the weather.

I will add that I have the Tuf-Truck 1223 rear coils and not the stock coils in the rear. I was hesitant to purchase airbags as its not the factory coil, but it worked out perfectly! with the HD coils and Airbags I should have no issues with sag. Overall I am really satisfied with this purchase. Every ram 1500 with coils should have these.

by: Ryan05/20/2020

Received my order promptly. customer service is top notch. I was excited to get the air springs installed. installation was a snap. I have not yet towed my camper with them as I just got them in the truck. I will have more input after I put them to use. I added some pictures to hopefully help any future buyers.

by: Robert05/05/2018
2016 Dodge Ram Pickup

Purchased for 2016 Ram that sagged do to a fiberglass cap and boat tongue weight. They level out truck and reduce the number of high beam flashes I get from oncoming traffic. I run 20 psi normally and 25 with boat. I have never had a leak nor problems with truck on a frame lift. Thus is my second vehicle with a set. Highly recommend.

by: Aaron J.09/25/2014
2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

I just installed my airlift 1000 kit in my 2014 Ram 1500. The installation only took about 90 minutes and only required a pair of pliers, a knife, a jack and some jack stands.

I warmed the bags with my floor heater to make them more pliable and softened the air lines with hot water so they install on the nipples easier, as suggested by etrailer's tech tip videos.

So far this seams to be a quality kit and is holding air. I haven't tested it under a load yet so I can't speak to that, although I am optimistic based on other reviews.

Etrailer's customer support is outstanding and their shipping is quick. I couldn't be happier at this point.

by: Mike H03/12/2017
2014 Ram 1500

I wanted to stop the droop when towing my 21' trailer. Works great. Read the reviews before you start your install. There are many good tips there that are not in the instructions. When folding the flattened air bag for insertion into the spring use zip ties to hold it in the folded position. Even though the second opening the in the spring looks bigger than the bottom opening, use the bottom one as it has a better angle. When applying the air hose to the fittings soak the hose 30 seconds or so in hot water so you can seat the hose all the way onto the fitting. Removing the tire and wheel gives you better access when putting the air hose on the bag fitting. Dropping the spare tire makes routing the air hose to the back a lot simpler.

After one year I am still satisfied.
Mike H - 03/12/2018

by: Daniel08/24/2018
2017 Dodge Ram Pickup

Shipped quick, boxed well, simple instructions. Installation was a bit more difficult than expected, but not impossible. If I could do it again, I’d remove the fender wells like the etrailer video suggests. I do recommend using zip ties to fold the bags down prior to slipping them in the coil springs.

Hooked up my camper, hooked up the weight distribution bars, added air, and it significantly reduced the sag and raised the camper to a level position on my 2017 Ram Big Horn 4x4 towing a 26’ forest river camper 5750 lbs.

I had no leaks after a 16 hour leak down test at 35 psi.

Just a fantastic and inexpensive upgrade that drastically improves ride quality and stability.

No more sweaty palms while driving!

by: David06/06/2019
2016 Ram 1500

If you tow trailers or carry heavy loads in the bed of your truck or van, you can use Air Lift Helper Springs to keep your vehicle level and free from sagging. It does not affect the ride or steering negatively and is easy to adjust with a compressor, battery-operated inflator or hand pump.

I forget they are there! Its only when towing trailers or putting something heavy in the bed of the truck, I am reminded that its a very practical upgrade to the trucks suspension. When checking tire pressures I check the airsprings pressure. Pressure s are minimal.
David - 06/07/2020

by: F. Lee Holly07/05/2014
2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

Installed Air Helper Springs on my 2014 Ram 4X4.
Would recommend anyone to first remove the rear tires/wheels and pop out the plastic inner fender wells.
Makes it a lot easier installing the air line on top of the air bags.
Other than that, have bought numerous products from etrailer and "ALL" have been excellent products!

I use the Air Helper Springs extensively and they have been holding up great. Great products from a Great Company!
F. L - 07/05/2015

by: Joe06/11/2022

My bags work great for pulling my heavy trailers. They have never leaked and perform flawlessly

by: Capt Jerry08/01/2019

Easy install and bags do exactly what I wanted them to do.
I pull a 6600lb travel trailer. Around 750 lb of tongue weight.
I bought these for a little extra support to stop porpoising with dips in
the roads. It does exactly that. I run 5lb without the trailer and 13-15 with.
Very pleased

Still perfect, still happy
Jerry A - 08/02/2020

by: Leif02/01/2020

Great video installation, fits perfectly, easy installation and fast delivery.

by: Jeff06/16/2020

After one year of use I learned my initial installment was not done correctly which resulted in a severed tube to one side. Since I chose to use one air valve for both sides, pressure would not build on either side.

I "cheated" by doing the initial installation by reaching over the top of the tire and attaching the hose to the bladder by mostly feel. Today I removed the rear tire and the plastic fender line on my Ram truck where I could see the tube was being pinched by the coil and the plastic donut that came with the kit. With full access I was now able to re-route the tube down through the top support of the spring and down to the brass fitting on the bladder. Fortunately there was enough extra tube to do the re-routing.

Feeling pretty good about the fix of the leaky side I decided to work on the "good" side where I noted the tube was pinched but not severed. Performing the same method I re-routed the tube to a safe position.

Now with confidence I am taking my camper on a nice trip!

Yes, I recommend this product. Just be careful on the tube routing. (The instructions likely told me so, but living it makes it all more real.)

by: Will Johnston04/15/2020
2019 Ram 1500 Classic

I cant speak to how they haul yet but installation was a breeze.

by: Donald 10/04/2022

Works great. We only used it twice pulling the camper.

by: Andrew 10/03/2022

excellant communication with company

by: Cliff 09/19/2022

Work great kind of a pain to get in

by: Peter06/22/2021

Funny you should send a survey about those tie downs now. Due to an injury I never got to use the tie downs. They were heavy duty and probably would of done a great job. I had them installed, but never put my camper on my truck to use them Recently I just bought a new 2021 Dodge 1500 Ram and took those tie downs off to see if they might fit the new Dodge. Unfortunately they don't. So I never got to use them and you don't sell any for the 2021 Dodge 1500 Rams with a factory built tube step.

by: Robert05/20/2018
2016 Ram 1500

Installation was easy, and that’s really all I can comment on at this point as I am yet to use it. I’d recommend going from the top of the coil down when trying to install the folded bag.

by: MIKED.04/19/2022
2012 Ram 1500


by: Randy R.11/14/2013
2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I received this in just a few days and had a friend help me install it.
I am VERY pleased with it!
I had installed a leveling kit to the front end of my 2011 Dodge 1500 Sport, and after loading the bed with tools that I use for work, it sat down in the rear. These air bags are perfect. I put about 25lbs in to level out the truck. The truck rides better and looks great.
We drilled out one of the bolt holes that secure my tag and installed the valve stem there. Works Great

After having this product for a year, I can honestly say that I will never be without it! With the addition of this simple inexpensive product, other than just the looks I have noticed that my tire wear has dramatically improved! you know how cheap tires are... In the last year I have put about 40k miles on the truck. Im in the Agriculture business and see a lot of dirt roads and drive out into fields daily.I check the system air pressure any time I notice a change in my tire pressure. I havent seen any leaks and that was my main concern.Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product and believe it was worth every penny.Bottom line, if you are reading this review and are thinking about purchasing this product DO IT!
Randy R - 11/14/2014

by: James S08/19/2018

Installed yesterday took about 2 hrs taking my time using the lift at the Base auto hobby shop. I did not even pull tires, just fender liners, I ran the lines individually through the upper license plate bolt holes. Ride felt a little stiffer on way home ride was kind of soft with topper in my opinion prior to airbags. Held air this morning after pumping it up to 35 over night, Only improvement would be to upgrade the T from plastic to metal I did not want to use that plastic T.

all good no leaks helps pulling trailer
James S - 08/19/2019

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  • Advantage of AirLift Air Springs That Include Internal Jounce Bumpers
  • The advantage of the AirLift air spring systems that have an internal jounce bumper is that in the event of an air leak your Ram 1500 would not lose all of the extra suspension support. You would still have the internal jounce bumper as a fail-safe to absorb some bumps and shocks, although the adjustable leveling ability of air bags would be gone until you could repair the fault. Kit # AL88365 which fits both 2WD and 4WD versions of your Ram 1500 includes these jounce bumpers. The two...
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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Single Path or Dual Path Compressor System for Air Springs
  • Your understanding of how the air in the bags will operate is correct. If both bags are on one valve the air will shift from one to the other while turning with a heavy load. However, if the load is distributed evenly it will also return to even once you straighten out. So it isn't really an unsafe situation unless the load is much heavier on one side compared to the other. With dual valves if one bag was to lose air for some reason your ride would then be uneven. If the other bag...
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  • Differences Between Air Lift 1000 and 1000HD Coil Helper Springs for 2016 Ram 1500
  • The difference between the two is how much weight they can support. The Air Lift 1000 # AL60818 can support 1000 lbs, while the # AL60818HD can support 2100 lbs. Going with the higher rated option, # AL60818HD is recommended. Because the system is very adjustable according to how much air pressure is added to the system, there's nothing wrong with going with a little overkill. I've linked to product description and install videos.
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  • Comparing Air Lift 1000 and Air Lift 1000HD for 2014 Ram 1500 with Weight Distribution System
  • The Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs will work in the exact manner you want; improving the ride and how your 2014 Ram 1500 handles when you are towing. These air springs will reduce the strain on your Ram's suspension and you will be able to readjust your weight distribution system; just note that you will want to inflate the springs before adjusting your weight distribution. In regards to the difference between the Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs #...
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