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CE Smith Multi Sport Boat and Kayak Trailer w/ Bunks - 8" Wheels - 12' Boat - 800 lbs

Code: CE48810

36 reviews

Our Price: $1,438.66


Product Specs:

Kayak Trailer

Bunk Boards

2 Kayaks

Galvanized Steel

4-1/2W x 12L Foot

12 Feet Long

800 lbs

CE Smith

Multipurpose trailer lets you haul your jon boat, kayak, or personal watercraft. Adjustable bunks can be set front to back or side to side to hold various boat types. 11' 8" Long trailer with 8" wheels supports boats up to 12' long.

Video of CE Smith Multi Sport Boat and Kayak Trailer w/ Bunks - 8" Wheels - 12' Boat - 800 lbs

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Customer Reviews

CE Smith Multi Sport Boat and Kayak Trailer w/ Bunks - 8" Wheels - 12' Boat - 800 lbs - CE48810

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (36 Customer Reviews)

Multipurpose trailer lets you haul your jon boat, kayak, or personal watercraft. Adjustable bunks can be set front to back or side to side to hold various boat types. 11' 8" Long trailer with 8" wheels supports boats up to 12' long.

by: Patrick05/31/2022

The trailer is wonderful. It met my needs for towing a RIB dinghy for our sailboat. The dinghy is 11 feet long with a 20 HP outboard. We received three boxes that were pretty banged up - no fault of etrailer or CE Smith but the boxes came about 2 weeks before the estimated due date. I was impressed and psyched to get it that fast. The trailer was well packed and the entire shipment came without any hassles.

We were short one lock nut but I had enough 3/8" nylon lock nuts around to easily deal with the loss. Now, here is where etrailer shines. I contacted them just to alert them of the missing part and they jumped on it right away. There are few online companies that are good with customer service. To the best of my knowlege there are even fewer with GREAT customer service. etrailer is one with great customer service. I enjoy working with them and find every product they sell is top notch.

Here are a few pics that show me slowly assembling the trailer.

For those who are interested in time estimates:
Collect necessary tools - 15 mins + 1 beer
Assembly - 2 hours + 2x 1 Liter Nalgene water
Test drive - 10 mins on highway after beer and water out of my system

All told, if you are handy and read the instructions (carefully) before trying to assemble it, I think you can easily come under the 3 hour mark. Take your time reading the instructions.

This trailer is beefy. I had a 14 foot sailboat that weighed 1700 lbs and that trailer was hardly sturdier than this beast. For our new dinghy (Highfield 340), this trailer is perfect.

by: Edgar F04/07/2020

I’m very pleased with the Smith boat trailer.It is well made and rugged . It also was easy to assemble . I have been building a sailboat on the trailer so even though I’ve had the trailer for a year it hasn’t gone on the road yet but I feel confident it will go well. My boat is 13’ long and so is longer than they recommend for the trailer but it only weighs 350lbs is well within the weight limit, but you definitely don’t want a longer boat than that on this trailer.The one thing I think would make this trailer much superior is if it had stainless steel hardware . The Galvanize is very well done but the hardware is just Galvanize plated .I will only use it in fresh water but I don’t think it would do well for saltwater use . For the price it is certainly a great value.

It has been another year with the trailer and it is holding up well. It toes very well and even though I had reservations about the hardware , it still hasn’t started to rust . I’m very happy with my purchase.
Edgar F - 04/08/2021

by: Robert 06/11/2019

Bought this trailer to hold my inflatable from Costco. Fits perfectly and is very nice. Works great and is not too heavy. A great addition to it would be some tie down hooks attached.

by: John M04/17/2018

The trailer I purchased is exactly what i needed and it works great on my 10 ft. bass hunter boat. I would recommend anyone wishing to purchase a trailer to look into what etrailer has to offer on your needs.

by: Bill03/27/2022

I have just finished putting my 12ft boat trailer together, it took me 3 days to do it. Considering I have a bad back and I'm 79 years old and doing it by myself. I'm not what you might call a handy man but with the video and the instructions I was able to finish it. All the people I had talked to at etrailer before and after I bought the trailer were great they all seam to go out of there way to answer all my questions and even called me back to give me the answer if they could not answer it on the phone. I would have given them 5 stars except for the fact that the manufacturer sent me the pink slip in one of the boxes and it had ripped at the bottom of the slip,then I had to send it back to etrailer for them to sign off on it and then have them mail it back to me. So I'm unable to get my license plate until it's sent back to me. I would recommend buying a trailer from them.

by: William S01/04/2022

I bought this for a 10 foot inflatable I got for the grandkids to use when we went camping. With the bunks placed at their greatest distance apart it fits the boat perfectly and holds it securely. The trailer went together easily and quickly on my garage floor and was a fun project. It’s a sturdy well engineered product that tows equally well behind my Mazda CX-5 or my Mercedes Sprinter van. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Add to that the great price and what’s not to like?

by: Mark05/08/2018

I am still waiting for the trailer. Two of the five packages were received and I understand the last three packages will be delivered the end of this week. I would like to recognize Nick, your service representative. Nick was the 3rd representative I spoke with the first lady, failing to complete my order, I understand the call was disconnected. I then spoke with Gwen who completed the order but said the trailer was back ordered and I would not receive it until mid June? I was trying to review the parts that were available and being shipped and the call was abruptly ended. I called back to review the order and shipping dates and was lucky to connect with Nick. Nick has been excellent. He called the supplier the next business day (Monday) and called me that same day with an update. Nick confirmed the supplier will ship the trailer direct to me later this week, great news for me. Nick made himself available, answered my questions, confirmed packages to be shipped and when so I could plan for the time needed to assemble the trailer and customize it with the other packages for my inflatable pontoon. Thank you Nick! Looking forward to receiving the last three packages in a couple of days.

Its a solid trailer for my inflatable pontoon and easy to store upright in my garage. Thank you again for this quality product!
Mark - 05/09/2019

by: Jonathan04/30/2018

Bought this kit to haul an 11-foot inflatable boat. Overall nice trailer for the price. Took me about 5 hours to assemble and adjust to fit my boat. Frame made well and like that bunks and bow/winch support are customizable. Have used it a couple times on side roads and highways - travels well but with only 225 pounds of boat and motor on top of a 200 pound trailer it does bounce easily. One thing to know is that I also bought a pair of guide-ons that were tough to mount to this trailer because there isn't much space left on the frame around the wheels to attach it. Only other minor concern is that the license plate holder is only made of plastic and sticks down low to the ground so I am afraid it could break off on road or at the boat ramp.

by: William06/06/2018

I purchased this trailer in order to haul an unfinished 12 foot Kit Boat from the fifties.
I found it easy to assemble, made of quality materials and exactly what I needed for the task.
I drove it almost 2000 miles to its new home in Wisconsin and encountered no problems whatsoever. It tracked well and handled well even during strong side winds.
That's why I gave it 5 stars.

by: Ruben Carbonell08/16/2019

I purchased the Smith Multi-Sport Trailer (Model 48810). The package arrived promptly, complete and well packed, and the instructions were very clear. I ran into two small problems during assembly and the folks at Smith responded immediately with replacement parts with no cost and no hassle. I completed the assembly and now I am using it to move a 12' wooden skiff at the beach. The trailer is well-built with quality materials and looks like it will last forever.

by: Dick03/24/2017

I ordered the trailer to avoid putting my 8 foot Walker Bay on top of my truck - gettin' old. It wasn't too difficult to assemble although I had to get a missing package of hardware re-shipped. I suspect that it was lost in shipment as the outer carton had a tear in it.

Not a lot of use as lake fishing here only lasts through April but the trailer is in great shape. Had a little trouble trying to find bearing buddies to fit the hubs but called and got the correct size and ordered from them!
Dick - 03/24/2018

by: Jon11/25/2016

Very, very happy with my trailer. Great price, fairly easy to assemble (took me maybe 4 hours). Exactly what I was looking for!

by: Adam03/19/2020

Awesome trailer! Had a bum tire when trailer arrived though (damaged during factory mounting - small slice in side wall). I contacted and they shipped me a new tire with wheel No questions asked.

Trailer took 4 hours to assemble but im very happy with the design and quality! Was going to get a cheaper trailer but im glad I went with the ce smith 48810. I ordered trailer guides which are great - highly recommend them with this trailer.

by: Stephen07/31/2019

Very nice product
Just what I needed

Seems complete and of good quality
Only have problem with title
Received it not filled out or signed by manufacturer
Have to send it back and wait
Otherwise I am very satisfied

Very satisfied with this trailer It has held up great and is adjustable to my needs Quality product
Stephen - 08/02/2020

by: Tony05/02/2019

I really enjoy my trailer. Smooth drive on the highway. Also etrailer was most reasonable price compare to other competitors. Thanks

by: Artem11/08/2017 is a company I'd recommend to deal with. Self-assembly of the product is fairly easy due to detailed instructions. Delivery was done perfectly in time.

The trailer works fine, and Im really satisfied with that purchase.
Artem - 11/08/2018

by: Javier10/03/2020

The trailer got to my home very fast, surprisingly fast. I put it together in about 7 hours. I'm old, fat, and out of shape, well i'm shaped round but that's not the shape I should be in. Anyway, it wasn't complicated but fairly easy to build. It would have been much faster if I had a partner to help me out. All was great until I went to register it. Well it seemed that the MCO wasn't endorsed. So I called etrailer and they were very attentive and helpful. They asked me to send the MCO to them and they would endorse it and send it right back. I sent it and received it back in a couple weeks. All in all that was good. So now thanks to the Virus I have to make another appointment and get another appointment date...I'll keep you posted!

I do recommend this trailer and this company and I hope that in the future this potential issue gets resolved.

by: Munirul03/16/2022

Good purchase, good instruction and dur able.

by: Dennis04/22/2022

good quality

by: Glenn03/14/2018

Purchased a C.E. Smith sports utility trailer. Perfect transaction. Best price on the internet. Website made it easy to complete the order. Shipping was free and the trailer was delivered to my home is two days. Outstanding in every way.

by: Phil S09/21/2017

Product seems were missing in initial shipment relating to trailer tung, tail light lenses was broken in initial shipment, paperwork to license trailer was omitted in original shipment.

by: EB06/19/2017

Looks well manufactured and solid . I have yet to put it all together, I am extremely pleased with it so far . Shipping was fast from manufacturer although one box was torn on corners ....... all parts appear to be there.

by: Joseph12/03/2018

Perfect size for my 12 foot rowboat. Clear assembly instructions with no missing parts. Used many times this year with no problems and remain satisfied with my purchase

by: Fossil04/09/2020

Great trailer for my SunDolphin 120 Pro. Went together well, takes some time, but well worth it. Just be sure to take the time and make sure it's fitted to your boat - it's also worth it.

by: Forrest L.05/28/2015

I give your product a five star rating. It's just like baking a cake. If you can follow the directions everything will turn out just right.
I like how every group of components had it's own bag of hardware to assemble it.
I wouldn't change a thing. I would recommend this product to a friend.

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  • Differences Between CE48810 and CE48870 CE Smith Multi Sport Boat/Kayak Trailer
  • The wheel/tire size is a little different, but there are a few other subtle differences. • The # CE48810 can handle boats up to 12 feet long, while the # CE48870 can handle a boat up to 14 feet long. • The # CE48810 is 11-1/2 feet long, while the # CE48870 is 13 feet long. • The # CE48810 has a winch with an 850 lb capacity, and the # CE48870 has a 1000 lb capacity winch (although both trailers are limited to an 800 lb capacity).
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Malone MicroSport Trailer - 78" Crossbars - 800 lbs

Code: MPG460G

65 reviews

Our Price: $1,799.10


Product Specs:

Kayak Trailer

Crossbar Style

2 Kayaks

Galvanized Steel

6-1/2W x 13L Foot

20 Feet Long

800 lbs

Extra Long Tongue


Heavy-duty trailer is perfect for hauling canoes, kayaks, and SUPs. 78" crossbars offer plenty of space to carry cargo boxes and other accessories. 13' Long marine-grade trailer with 12" wheels supports boats up to 20' long.

Video of Malone MicroSport Trailer - 78" Crossbars - 800 lbs

Customer Reviews

Malone MicroSport Trailer - 78" Crossbars - 800 lbs - MPG460G

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (65 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty trailer is perfect for hauling canoes, kayaks, and SUPs. 78" crossbars offer plenty of space to carry cargo boxes and other accessories. 13' Long marine-grade trailer with 12" wheels supports boats up to 20' long.

by: Keith07/15/2019

Good quality trailer. Went together easy, had all the parts even though the main packaging was torn open from shippment. Got it licensed with no problems.
I will be hauling my 2019 Hobie Outback on this trailer. Also mounted a 6" tube for
my fishing poles. Will also be adding the storage box. Have not had it on the road
yet. I like the size of this trailer, not very heavy or to large.

Its been working out great! Diffidently was a good purchase. It handles my Hobie Outback kayak with ease. I can loadunload it easily by myself. I haul it with my Jeep wrangler. The trailer is lite enough that I can move it around myself. I did not install the storage box, because I feel that it needs support from the bottom. Im afraid with to many bumps on the road could cause it to fail. So I keep it inside the Jeep instead. Still Im glad I purchase the storage box, very handy.
Keith W - 07/16/2020

by: Geoffrey03/11/2022

I used this for the full 2021 season on at least 20 trips. I use it for quick trips to local lake withe kayak, works perfect, leave boat on trailer, drop on hitch and go. Cust load and unload times in half. The order was complete Fubar, misteaks by all UPS< Malone and etrailer. Extra parts, wrong parts. But I was able to get a real person at etrail and it was all straighened out. Including the title and paper work I needed to register in MA. Assembly takes a bit, but if you pay attention to the directions, it is straight forward. The issues I had was because I didnt pay attention, mounted srpings backward, and did discover till much later, then you have to disseble much and redo to fix. Just go slow and check each step before proceeding.

by: Bill10/31/2018

The search for a trailer to carry our two Hobie Kayaks was extensive. My main concern was finding one that could carry the two heavy (83 lbs. ea.), travel at highway speeds and be easy to use. This Malone MicroSport trailer has turned out to be great. It is easy to get our kayaks on and off the trailer at the lake. Rhino-rack Nautic roof rack carriers were installed to carry the kayaks because I wanted them to provide conforming support for the hulls. They have proven to be capable of carrying the weight of the Hobie kayaks and the kayaks can be slid on them when loading/off-loading. This was a primary concern because capacity is not listed with most carriers. Assembly of the trailer was fairly easy and I would rate it requiring moderate mechanical skill. Before doing this assembly I watched a fantastic video online, walking you through the assembly.

I would add just a couple things. Those include: 1. It would be easier to do most of the assembly on a table, until you get to the wheels. Especially true for us older folks that don't bend so well. 2. Be sure to read the wiring harness installation a few times before installation. It is tricky, but will work if you follow the instructions correctly. There is barely enough wire to connect the tail lights. I wound up having to splice some wire because of problems I had. 3. You will need to get some grommets to protect the wires going through the holes in the frame. They are not supplied with the kit. Other than that the trailer works great,very solid and have had no issues traveling at highway speeds. Attached is a photo of the trailer with the kayaks.

by: Raymond 05/23/2020

Excellent Instructions made assembly straightforward without miss-steps. In my case, 6 hours and assembled.

Its great. Even better than I imagined. Perfect for my needs.
Raymond A - 05/24/2021

by: Gerard10/29/2021

Only thing I would suggest would be adding a video on your website about backing the trailer up from various angles. I still have problems with that.

I found a video on our site that will help you:
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/04/2021

by: Alton B.09/17/2021

Great little trailer. Perfect for what I needed...something to haul my 16 1/2 foot canoe and 13' 8" kayak. Instructions were clear and there were no components missing.

by: Robin03/19/2022

Fairly easy to assemble, works well transporting a sunfish and 2 kayaks. Good quality trailer overall

by: Glen08/14/2018

Great trailer for my Hobie PA12 kayak. Pricing for this item is the same everywhere so service makes all the difference - etrailer and their rep Kathy delivered. They provided excellent communications and updates on shipping and a timely receipt of the MCO made it easy to title. Overall a professional experience. Thank you!

by: Jo11/09/2019

The trailer assembly was easy. The most difficult part, if any, was centering the support bars. We just wish it was 'Made in the USA' instead of China. etrailer expediently shipped the (4 total) packages. We were pleasantly surprised how quickly we received them. FYI: The registration documents are mailed separately. We look forward to loading up our kayaks and going fishing. Cheers!

by: Mark 06/10/2021

Sliding tongue and ability to store vertically against garage wall is great and very easy to do. Use trailer to haul a pair of 14 foot sit on top kayaks; hauls them well and is easy to load and tie down the kayaks.

by: David10/20/2020

Only problem is various boxes arrived over a 3 day period, assembly 3+ hours, but all parts present, trailer works well

by: William07/13/2020

This was the perfect solution for me. I needed a way to transport kayaks with a vehicle that did not work with rooftop racking systems. Not to mention much easier to load/unload than a roof rack. Customer service is very nice any very helpful. All and all, a great experience!

by: Brent And Liberty06/03/2020

Easy to assemble with minimal tools. Grandkids Ivan and Jeanette did the work, grandpa checked mechanical integrity. Ready to go and play by the afternoon.

by: Jerry 06/08/2020

Excellent is an understatement. Very easy to order on line. All questions answered without hesitation. Product shipped and was received in a timely fashion. Great company

by: Daniel12/03/2020

by: Jeffrey 02/23/2021

by: Candace 04/30/2021

by: Russell11/17/2020

Review from a similar MicroSport in Kayak Trailer

This is a great trailer for the price.
found the packaging and instructions pretty straightforward and easy to follow.
Once together it seems quite solid and I really like the LED lights.
The crew at were in constant contact and very supportive throughout the entire process and all the paperwork for registration came within a week .

It has been a busy season. I love having the ability to change the racks easily as we have 3 kayaks, 1 canoe and a sup and are always changing as moods change and different people visit.
Russell R - 11/18/2021

by: Daniel11/11/2020

Review from a similar MicroSport in Kayak Trailer

Due to the pandemic, I waited 2 months to receive the trailer. It all arrived in good shape and I was able to assemble it easily. I was pleasantly surprised that the hardware and wiring harness had been upgraded to be more robust. I am waiting for plates and then I will see how it does on the road.

The trailer is everything I had hoped it would be. I mostly use it for transporting kayaks locally for my boat building business. I have not taken it on a long trip yet but my little car pulls it with ease.
Daniel T - 11/12/2021

by: SB305/15/2022

Review from a similar MicroSport in Kayak Trailer

Love this trailer! Works perfect for 1 to 4 kayaks. Easy to Tow! Used on multiple trips & is still working great! Purchased in 2021.

by: Bill 05/27/2020

Review from a similar MicroSport in Kayak Trailer

I researched a number of different trailer options for my pair of Hobie fishing kayaks. Due to their weight, proper support was crucial to prevent long term sagging. I liked the multiple options available with the Malone Microsport trailer and went with the twin bunk option.

The Microsport trailer is sturdy and easy to assemble. The instructions were detailed and easy to understand. I also took advantage of assembly video on the website. All this being said, I found the estimated 3 hour assembly time to be overly optimistic. (It took me about 5 hours.)

I like the fact that all of the parts are galvanized. Living in a rainy area and using the trailer to store the kayaks when not in use, rust prevention is important to me. I'm confident the trailer will last a long time.

I've already towed my kayaks over 100 miles to our vacation home without incident. The trailer towed like a dream. The LED lights are bright and easy to see from behind, even though the kayaks overhang the back of the trailer by at least 4 feet. I was not concerned about drivers behind me not being able to see my turn signals and break lights.

All in all, the Malone Microsport trailer is great, reasonably-priced trailer for kayaks and canoes. It also makes a great rack to store them on, if you have the space.

Im still completely satisfied with the Malone trailer. It hauls well on the highway and is easy to maneuver by hand into tight spaces, even with two fishing kayaks loaded. Ive been asked several times at the launch where I got it and Ive sent them directly to etrailer.
Bill - 05/28/2021

by: james11/29/2020

Review from a similar MicroSport in Kayak Trailer

I started building the trailer yesterday afternoon and just finished it an hour ago after spending three more hours on it today. It went together very well. Institutions were very clear. I am very happy with it. I am attaching a photo.

I have used the trailer for over a year now, and I still love it. I’ve had absolutely ZERO problems with it. I store it outside, so it’s always exposed to the weather. But the only wear and tear I see is in the foam pads of the cradles which are not part of the trailer kit and which are probably caused by kayak installation and removals. I can load and unload the kayak in seconds. I am very happy I bought this trailer. Other people are quick to complement it, which allows me to boast that I put it together from a kit! Note: I just saw my initial review and noticed that the spell control software substituted “institutions” for “instructions “. Sorry about that.
james - 11/30/2021

by: Donald L09/03/2019

Review from a similar MicroSport in Kayak Trailer

Can't say enough about the quality and prices. Ashley and Bridgette in CS were extremely helpful in helping me get what I needed in a Kayak trailer, and their follow up was extraordinary. Malone trailer is very sturdy, assembly instructions were right on. Paper work for title and registration was sent to me asap after delivery of the trailer. Trailer tows and tracks very well.

Trailer has performed beautifully for a year now since purchasing. Makes loading and unloading for us being retired very easy
Donald L - 09/04/2020

by: Jeffrey01/10/2020

Review from a similar MicroSport in Kayak Trailer

Trailer directions straight forward. All materials identifiable, quality made and on hand. Take your time to do it right. Taking on kayak trip this weekend!

Great trailer for kayaks and bikes. Easy loading and towing.
Jeffrey R - 01/11/2021

by: Gerald06/18/2021

Review from a similar MicroSport in Kayak Trailer

This trailer makes lifting my kayaks and bikes an easy alternative to putting the kayaks onto the top of my higher SUV. THe latching and tiedown points make safe travel for my adventure trips. Easily handles 2 kayaks very well. Bike tie downs are very easy also, and feel very safe taking these at highway speed on road trips to adventurous destinations. Very pleased with this highly usable product. Not bad to assemble and can easily move it with kayaks and bikes on it. Well balanced. So glad summers here again!

Still working out very well for me!
Gerald - 06/19/2022

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