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Curt Double Lock, Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch w/ Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

Code: C607-604

551 reviews

Our Price: $502.77


Product Specs:

Gooseneck Hitch

Below the Bed

Manual Ball Removal

2-5/16 Hitch Ball

Wheel Well Release

7500 lbs TW

30000 lbs GTW

Removable Ball - Stores in Hitch


Get a little extra security when you are towing with Curt's double-lock, gooseneck hitch. Chrome-plated ball locks in place with two pins while towing and flips over for storage inside the hitch when its job is done. Installation kit included.

Video of Curt Double Lock, Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch w/ Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt Double Lock, Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch w/ Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs - C607-604

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (551 Customer Reviews)

Get a little extra security when you are towing with Curt's double-lock, gooseneck hitch. Chrome-plated ball locks in place with two pins while towing and flips over for storage inside the hitch when its job is done. Installation kit included.

by: roger04/20/2021

Thank you for reaching out. Definitely love the reliability and durability of this hitch, also the added clearance. I have it mounted on my 40 foot enclosed race car trailer. We towed using it 35 to 40 times to and from race tracks in 2019. Hooking it up and disconnecting it every weekend. Never gave us a single issue.

by: Joseph H12/19/2022

Have had this hitch in a 2004 F250 and had no issues with it. That’s why I purchased this hitch to go in my 2016 Chevy 2500HD only reason I didn’t give five stars is the box was damaged severely and the hardware bag was torn and all the hardware was loose in the box and falling out when the delivery driver brought it. Luckily all hard ware was accounted for.

by: Dan11/13/2020

Installed easily on 2015 GMC 2500 HD double cab short bed. Plenty of clearance under the bed when ball is flipped. This system makes for a clean useable bed. When I was purchasing this I was concerned about clearance of a gooseneck hitch and my transfer tank. I have a 40 gal tank that sits back from the cab a bit over 20 inches, there’s plenty of clearance for a gooseneck with a fuel tank on this short bed. The hitch has held up perfectly over the last year. I haul around 12k on steep, washboard, gravel roads.

by: Rick01/22/2018
2016 GMC Sierra 2500

I think this gooseneck hitch is the best for newer Sierra/Silverado HD trucks. I installed it a week ago with the help of my father-in-law and his car lift. Took about 4 hours moving slowly and taking our time. Everything fit well and bolted right up. I also reinstalled the foil heat shield after removing one mounting ear. I did not drop the exhaust or the plastic heat shield and still got everything in.

I chose this specific kit because it did not require notching the bed seam when installing the rails. It also has a higher tongue load rating than the others and was cheaper.

The only major criticism I have is the pull wire and carriage bolts. My chassis has weld nuts and I would have preferred to use those over carriage bolts pulled into the chassis. I am thankful there were access holes almost inline with the mounting holes. That made it easy to put pressure on the bolt heads so they didn’t fall back. I also think the gasket around the big hole should be one piece to make it look cleaner. I used black silicone rtv to smooth the transition and adhere the gasket in place.

Overall I am completely satisfied with the kit and the help of Shawn B who got my order in, had it shipped that same day and followed up with me after delivery. Thanks etrailer and Shawn B.

by: Christopher08/30/2020
2019 GMC Sierra 2500

I did the install myself on a 2019 GMC 2500 Short bed. I watched several videos before. I did not remove either mud shield or cut out/remove the heat shield. I chose not to install the chain holders since my Andersen Hitch has it's own tiedown bracket. My bed has a spray liner and therefore the edge covering would not fit the newly cut edges around the hole opening. So be sure to paint the exposed metal. In one of thg he videos a tech use a predrilled board as a guide during the drilling of the bed hole. This was a great idea. Since I chose to keep the heat shield installed I had to lift the main unit into place by sliding it up between the gas tank and rear differential unit. I think it would have been very helpful to have a tools required list before I started. Also, the tip about cleaning out the powdercoated threads was very good idea. Preptime, tapping threads, install and cleanup (tool put away) was over 6hrs....and I skipped a lot of disassembling a n.v d reassemble steps. Everything was straight forward and understandable. A lift would have been great but I used rear ramps which was enough. Make sure you get a step ladder for bed entry now. I expect it to work as expected. Seems very solid!

by: James04/05/2022
Chevrolet Silverado

My hitch was delivered very fast, all necessary hardware and instructions were complete. It bolted up easily in my Silverado. The only thing not provided was a 4 inch hole saw for the hole in the bed. Installation was very straightforward and it has preformed flawlessly since I installed it.

by: Will01/06/2022
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Haven't used it yet but I'm sure it will perform just fine. Install was a pain but not technically difficult as long as you follow the video, the provided instructions aren't very helpful. I managed to remove and reinstall the exhaust heat shield instead of cutting it unlike one of the videos suggested. But the provided template for drilling the hole in the bed is very helpful and confidence building (I don't think the comparable B&W provides one, just measurements). I also like the double latch system on the ball and especially the hideaway feature. It is finished nicely with chrome, rubber ring for the bed, and black cap so it looks great as well inside the bed. I was missing some bolts and washers but etrailer sent them out ASAP! The only gripe of the product I have is they didn't utilize the factory weld nuts on my truck's frame for the factory installed hitch which would make the install a little easier/cleaner, and instead make you fish a bolt an washer through the frame. Probably a reason for that or maybe an oversight. But overall happy so far

by: Tony05/20/2019
2017 Chevrolet Silverado

Install was straight forward on 2017 silverado 3500hd. I chose this kit because I don't have to trim any part of the bed to slide the cross rails in. Watching the video helps prepare you a head of time of what you need and to expect. Shipment was quick and undamaged.

by: James03/22/2018
2013 GMC Sierra

Wonderful customer service parts arrived as promised. The box was damaged doing ship but everything was still there. Very easy installation. The front rail and goose neck plate have a indention to clear fuel tank. The indention still rubs the fuel tank, I had to pry up on the rails before tightening the side mounts. Other then that everything else was pretty smooth.

by: Luis09/03/2019

Perfect fit, really snug and tight. Good to have a jack laying around to lift the gooseneck into the right spot to fit bolts into their spots. Towed a 15k trailer to Texas with no complaints. Great gooseneck so far

by: Phil09/14/2022

The picture enclosed show how package was received from UPS. Hardware was falling out of box and steel parts laying at bottom. Plastic bag that contained hardware had been torn open. It appears to be a customer return that was not probably repackaged. There are luckily only some washers missing. Customer service was very nice and apologized saying they would replace hitch but time doesn’t allow for that

by: George 01/26/2023

So far this hitch has suited us well. Easy to secure for travel and unsecure for storage

by: Roy D.03/31/2017
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Easy to install just follow the video on website. I did it by myself. Took about 2 hours. Thanks.

After one year the hitch is still working great. I tow my tractor all the time with no issues.
Roy D - 03/31/2018

by: Jorgen01/26/2023

It was good install and has been great. took a while to get here but I'm happy I went with the curt and with etrailer

by: Rsroosa12/18/2020

Great hitch Installation was relatively easy. Great price compared to some others. Highly recommend

Still Awesome, No problems.
Rsroosa - 12/19/2021

by: Bill G06/01/2022

Great product. Fast shipping. Great tutorial video. I installed this gooseneck hitch on my truck in about 2 hours. Works like a charm. Would definitely recommend e trailer to anyone.

by: Steve 12/27/2019
2018 Ram 2500

Hitch was as promised. Installed by myself and fit perfect in a 2018 2500 HD Chevy. I lost a u-bolt spring during installation and CURT replaced it free of charge. etrailer employees were great and hitch was delivered quick. I highly recommend etrailer, CURT and this hitch.

Still like it. I recommend it.
steve h - 12/28/2020

by: Greg 08/25/2022

Great piece of equipment and straight forward install.

by: Marianne06/09/2018
2011 Chevrolet Silverado

The video was extremely helpful. All holes lined up and installation went smoothly.

by: Eliseo05/29/2020

Instructions made this install easy for me. I am very capable and had no problems. Have hauled 14 foot dump trailer with sand or gravel and performance was excellent.

Has worked out fine. Tab for lifting out ball from storage broke off but does not effect performance. Also tore apart the rubber cover while loading a bundle of plywood on my truck. Again no effect on performance.
Eliseo - 05/31/2021

by: William03/27/2022

This item was well worth the time it took to install. A little sweat equity was well worth the investment. The installation instructions were spot on!

by: Norvin M07/09/2016
2016 Chevrolet Silverado-2500

Very satisfied with hitch . Installation was
Easy , except drill template was made improperly and extra measurements were required prior to drilling 4" ball hole.
Also would suggest that Curt should clean paint out of all threaded holes prior to shipping.

Great, have bought and installed one in my 2017, design improvements for drill template and frame flange mounting are great
Norvin M - 07/09/2017

by: Mitchell D03/23/2020

Still works great install was pretty straight forward and it’s a pretty clean unit (looks nice). My only complaint is the cover in the handle wore off in less then a year so it’s bare metal now.

Love the ball my own complaint is the rubber cover on the handle wore off very quickly. Still functions great otherwise.
Mitchell D - 04/04/2021

by: Ann12/07/2020

This is the second hitch I’ve ordered from etrailer. This first one back in 2007 I had a GM dealer install. This recent one I installed all by myself! Very easy and straight forward instructions. Hardest part is the contortions you have to get yourself into. I did have a bit of an issue getting the plate itself over the gas tank. Video suggests lowering the tail pipe. Instead I just took out the bolt on the rear cross rail drivers side and loosened the passenger side. Swung the cross rail back, slipped the plate in and reinstalled the rear cross rail. Oh and the shipping was fast! Very, very pleased.

by: Patrick06/03/2022

Best place to order trailer anything. Great prices and usually I’m stock. Excellent on time shipping.

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B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

Code: BWGNRK1012

2771 reviews

Our Price: $599.00


Product Specs:

Gooseneck Hitch

Below the Bed

Manual Ball Removal

2-5/16 Hitch Ball

Wheel Well Release

7500 lbs TW

30000 lbs GTW

Removable Ball - Stores in Hitch

B and W

Install this heavy-duty hitch on your vehicle so that you can securely tow your gooseneck trailer. Store the removable ball upside down in the hitch when you aren't towing to get complete bed access. Square ball base won't turn in hitch.

Video of B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs - BWGNRK1012

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (2771 Customer Reviews)

Install this heavy-duty hitch on your vehicle so that you can securely tow your gooseneck trailer. Store the removable ball upside down in the hitch when you aren't towing to get complete bed access. Square ball base won't turn in hitch.

by: Jake A.09/04/2019

Between the videos and the instructions it was very easy to follow. If you’re like me and don’t want to cut your fender liners I simply removed the front bed bolts and jacked one side up to slide in the mounting rails. The only fender I had to cut was the drivers side to allow for the latch pin lever. I really like just how “flush” the hitch really is once you turn over the ball. Overall very impressed with the hitch so far and have already recommended the hitch to other family members and friends.

I’ve had this hitch for about a year and use it daily around the farm from moving cattle to hauling hay to moving equipment around and just like the first day she works like a charm. Very good investment and still highly recommend for anyone looking for a good reliable hitch!
Jake A - 09/05/2020

by: Mark 03/11/2023

Read and followed the instructions, went in smoothly! Big plus being American made!!! Will definitely recommend this hitch!!!

by: Omni Fire01/16/2015

Hitch is exactly as advertised. Drilled hole for ball receiver exactly where the instructions said and it was almost spot needed 1/8" for perfect fit.
Otherwise installation went smoothly. Took me a little over two hours. Everything fit well. Took me awhile to master the bolt holders they sent with the kit. Installation looked good when finished. Picture isn't that good but will give you idea of what finished install will looks like. I am going to have the bed sprayed with Line-X and that should fix any rough edges.

by: Travis R07/21/2016
2012 GMC Sierra

Best gooseneck hitch period. I've had and installed several over the years, for myself and others. Best working mechanism for ball release. Easy installation. Did mine by myself, using a jack stand and a ratchet strap to hold the hitch head.

by: Alexander05/24/2018
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

I purchased my hitch and received it within 3 days. Fast and easy delivery service. I just wish the UPS guy would've at least placed it inside my gate.
etrailer has great staff, friendly yet profesional. All of my questions we're answered promptly.

The hitch looks great on my truck. I installed it myself in roughly 2 hours.
The nice B&W grey color definitely pop's from the black frame.
I also have the 5th wheel companion and it looks beefy! Can't wait to tow my toy hauler this weekend.

by: Bob 10/18/2022

The trailer hitch arrived quickly, the packaging was good, the video and instructions made the install quick and easy. The hitch itself works exactly and designed and I'm very happy with both B&W and e-trailer and would recommend them to others.

by: Wesley09/24/2022

Had a couple bolts that are a little difficult to install but overall great product and fits well.

by: Frank 01/28/2023
2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Very nice kit, I had one like it in my previous truck. Good instructions for installation, and only took a few hours to install. Fast shipping as well!

by: Chad04/10/2020
2011 Chevrolet Silverado

I ordered this hitch on a Tuesday and received it on a Friday! With free, standard shipping. Everything was packaged really well, in two boxes so it was very easy to handle. All parts were accounted for. And the kit came with very detailed instructions. Can't wait to get it installed.

by: John 11/12/2022
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Again etrailer had the items I need in stock and at a competitive price. Also I really appreciate the fast free shipping.

by: Nick06/13/2019
2014 GMC Sierra 2500

Product is very well made and has a nice clean installed look. Only thing I did different from the directions was instead of cutting a notch in the bed to install the X-members, I unbolted one side of my bed and raised it up and blocked it up. Overall good product and straight forward to install. Excited to see how it holds up.

by: Arlen O’Brien06/29/2022

Was happy with the B&W turnover hitch that I put on my previous pick up that I wanted on on my current pick up and it has been just what I expected love the ease of installation and the clear floor when not in use

by: Tristan 11/28/2022

Works great and pulls nice! I have had no issues with the hitch. The install was easy with basic mechanical skills and minor alterations to the vehicle.

by: Mark Smith11/04/2014

The B&W turnover ball underbed gooseneck hitch is the best hitch I've used. This is my third B&W gooseneck hitch. It is easy to install,and easy to use. I can take the gooseneck ball out, and set my B&W companion fifthwheel hitch in, in only minutes.
I would recommend it to anyone towing a trailor.

When you put the companion on for fith wheel,does it rack when towing your fith? O could possibly say chug,due to it only having one square hole that is truly holding .
-- comment by: Ray f - 01/31/2016

by: Tucker08/29/2022

The product is obviously exactly what I ordered and came in faster than expected BUT, I came home to find that the box was open and the rails that go from frame to frame were hanging out of the box, everything is luckily still in the box according to the materials list. I can’t really fault e-trailer for this since this is more of a UPS issue but I’m still not thrilled.

by: Scotty04/20/2022
2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Hitch arrived earlier than expected which allowed me to install this past Saturday. This is the fourth B&W Turnoverball I have installed but they have all been for friends. It took my son and me about 3 hours to complete the install. Very well made product. I would highly recommend watching the etrailer install video. I have not had a chance to use the ball to pull a trailer yet.

by: Edward09/02/2022

I watched the videos provided but I chose to loosen the bed and raise it slightly for the install . It all worked out fine !

by: Scott C05/12/2017

Excellent product and not that hard to put in yourself. If you have moderate installation skills you can have this installed in around 3 hours.

by: John 08/14/2022

Love the turn over ball and great servi ce

by: Dave D11/23/2019

Installed the B&W gooseneck turnover ball hitch in my 2015 Chevy 2500HD double cab. I installed it myself & it went smoothly. I did not have a lift which made the task even more interesting. The B&W hitch has performed well and I would buy again. I use the B&W in combination with a BlueOx SuperRide 5th wheel hitch. The combination has been excellent. Towing has been smooth with no bucking on noise from the hitch.

by: Harold02/11/2019

This is the second B&W goose neck hitch i have bought , had one in my old truck i used a lot over a period of ten years . Traded trucks and the B&W hitch was the first brand i thought about buying. I like the turnover ball and how it is not in the way when you need your bed. I installed it my self with no problems. Great hitch.

by: Eli11/05/2020

I've used the B&W turnover ball system on several other trucks and always been very happy with the product. This one was ordered for my 2013 Silverado 3500. was very helpful, sending me several update emails relating to the availability of a wiring harness I ordered with the hitch.

The hitch arrived a couple days after ordering, in two boxes. One box contained the hitch center section and ball and was in good condition.

The second box contained cross members, side plates and all of the hardware. The second box was badly damaged and looked like someone tried to tape it back together. When I opened the box, all of the large pieces were loose and rolling around in the box. There was one piece of paper padding inside, but nothing else protecting the parts.

The bag of hardware was torn open and there were nuts and bolts loose in the box and stuck to the tape holding the box together. The side plates and cross members had been beating together and were a little scratched up, but nothing too serious.

There were no instructions in the box. Not sure if they were not included or they fell out of the box when it was damaged. I found and printed instructions on the B&W website. I did an inventory of the hardware and found I was missing a couple bolts and washers. I picked up replacements at the local hardware store. Not a big deal, but mildly frustrating anyway.

The B&W installation instructions were pretty good. It took about 3 hours for my son and I to get the hitch installed. Everything went smoothly and all the parts fit well. I would definitely buy the hitch again and overall I was happy with

by: Dennis 02/13/2023
2011 GMC Sierra

Fast and easy!!

by: Kevin 08/12/2021

This thing is awesome. I am able to pull my 5th wheel toy hauler to/from camping trips and then use the entire 8' bed the rest of the time.

by: Jeff L06/22/2017
2015 GMC Sierra 2500

This is an excellent product! Let's start from the beginning. The ordering was easy and hassle-free. They shipped my order the next day and it arrived as promised. The only issue I had was when I opened the box. It comes in two separate boxes due to weight. The package that contains all the hardware had a slight tear. After inspection I realized one lock washer had fallen out and it wasn't in the box. No worries there, I simply picked up another at the hardware store. Installation was as difficult as expected. You're working under a truck with about 130lbs of steel... it's not going to be real easy but it's not super difficult either (use your head and read the instructions). The instructions are easy to read and understand. I recommend you lay everything out on the ground exactly as it is assembled. That way you can get a clear picture as to how everything will go together when you are under the vehicle trying to hold a 50lb piece of steel above your head. Bottom line though... this system was designed and put together excellently. If you follow the instructions it will install perfectly with no gaps or unsightly holes. This is my first in-bed trailer hitch system. I wasn't sure if I should go with just a goose neck or fifth wheel. This system allows for both. My only regret is that I didn't take pictures as I went along. It truly does go in as easily as they say.

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