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Curt Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch for Ram 2500 - 30,000 lbs

Code: C60614

164 reviews

Our Price: $632.95


Product Specs:

Gooseneck Hitch

Below the Bed

Manual Ball Removal

2-5/16 Hitch Ball

In Bed Release

7500 lbs TW

30000 lbs GTW

Removable Ball - Stores in Truck


Designed specifically for your Ram 2500, this gooseneck hitch attaches to existing mounting points on your vehicle for a custom fit. Pop-In ball is easy to lock in place and easy to remove for full, unobstructed access to truck bed.

Video of Curt Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch for Ram 2500 - 30,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch for Ram 2500 - 30,000 lbs - C60614

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (164 Customer Reviews)

Designed specifically for your Ram 2500, this gooseneck hitch attaches to existing mounting points on your vehicle for a custom fit. Pop-In ball is easy to lock in place and easy to remove for full, unobstructed access to truck bed.

by: Junior 04/22/2014

Loved how eazy product installed instructions on hitch was great. Found on a video of how to install hitch. U will have to remove heat shild and exuast pipe to make much easier to in stall. The trailer ball is sweet u just flip up latch and turn then it's free to remove. Ordered hitch on Saturday free shipping and they called me to make sure it was shipping to right location. Then they emailed me when it shiped. It arrived on Tuesday on the same week. The price was great to. Will use hitch to pull 25 ft hay trailer and 24 foot stock trailer.

by: C. Elliott04/17/2015
2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

Very nice hitch, took me about 3 hrs to install on a 2014 RAM 2500 6.5 bed with help from the wife. The hitch is very thick steel, probably close to 1/2". The ball works great, very easy to secure and remove. Very happy with the hitch and glad I chose it over the turnover ball which seems to be slightly harder to install.

Some tips... remove spare tire, remove heat shield, drill the 3 1/4" hole, make sure to use a good hole saw made for metal, positition the nuts using the brackets, have someone get the bolts started while you hold the hitch. Tighten the bolts, you will probably have to remove the exhaust hangers to move the exhaust enough to tighten the passenger side bolts, torque to spec, drill the safety hook holes, install safety hooks and put everything back together...thats pretty much it.

I took my truck and had the bed Linex'd after I installed the hitch. They touched up around the holes. Looks awesome!

by: John01/27/2021

It bolted right up to my 16 ram 2500 it took a little longer cause I don’t have a lift . Didn’t remove the exhaust all I did was push to the side after removing last rubber bushing . There’s no holes in truck frame for the chain holders but with the right bits it went right through my parts got delivered and before I got an email to leave this review I already completed the job

by: Eric 07/26/2017
2016 Ram 2500

Ups dropped it off yesterday afternoon after supper I installed it. Looking forward to see how we like the ball with the release built into it.

by: Justin 04/25/2021

Anther great product sold by Etrailer. Super easy to install, took about 2 hours in my driveway.

I ended up with a newer truck than the 2017 I originally installed this on. The ball fits perfectly into the 2020 Ram 3500 prep package. Still holding strong
Justin - 04/27/2022

by: Timothy03/21/2018

Installed myself
Watched the vidio
twice to get it in my head.
Followed written instructions
No problems

by: Alan T.05/20/2017
Dodge Ram Pickup

Ordered the Curt underbed gooseneck trailer hitch for my Ram 2500 from The pricing was great and hitch was delivered quickly. Installation is easy with assistance from one other person. This is a quality hitch and will serve my needs.

Have had the Curt under bed gooseneck hitch in my Ram 2500 for approximately one year at this time. Have not had any problems or concerns with this product.
Alan T - 05/20/2018

by: Joseph11/07/2017

Some relatives have goose neck trailers that are very gently used ( out back in the weeds, not moved in years), so i asked if I could fix them up and use them. This hitch fit perfectly in my truck and installed in one day with help from my brother and some beer! We did have to drill through the frame for the chain hooks and had to buy a 3 1/4 hole saw for center hole . It works great and now everyone wants me to haul their old junk to the crusher.

by: Mark D.11/02/2016
Ram 2500

It was easy to install and it's easy to use so far I have had no problems at all. I would recommend it to anyone who needs one. I wished I knew about these gooseneck hitches when I had my first truck I would have bought one instead of making my own.

by: Joshua F.10/04/2018
2018 Chevrolet Silverado

As always great customer service from Etrailer. I did not research this hitch closely enough before I purchased it. Upon delivery I inspected the mechanism in the ball that locks it in the hitch. This appears to be way too light duty to me. It is two ball bearings that stick out maybe 1/4 inch that lock into a groove in the hitch. I don't really like this set up and strongly prefer the double pin lock like is on the hitch in my Silverado. I'm sure Curt employs people much smarter than me to design their products, and there is probably nothing wrong with the design, but for my own peace of mind I have decided to return this hitch and spend the extra money on the B&W. etrailer customer service was beyond polite and honored their no questions asked return policy, I will continue to do business with them in the future.

by: John03/19/2022

Curt products are top notch. Install in an hour without a lift.

by: Dave10/03/2018
Honda Pilot

Awesome quick delivery from etrailer and pricing fantastic. Hitch arrived undamaged and bolted right up to the truck. I have not towed with it yet but everything appears to fit well and bet very solid. Love the quick connect/disconnect ball, no reaching to pull a lever under the bed like some other systems. Only things I would recommend is a slightly larger diameter plug cover, as there is a small gap around the hitch. Also, a template for the 3 1/4" (pilot) hole would be great, I have seen this is included with other kits. It is a little hard to get the hole saw pilot started perfectly in the center of the crossmember hole. All in all very satisfied with the hitch install, ready to tow my new 5th wheel!

by: Ryan10/30/2018

The ball is very sturdy and easy to remove. Installation is very easy. I have had no issues and would recommend to anyone looking for a gooseneck hitch.

by: Gar K11/18/2014
2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

Ordered the Curt Gooseneck Ball for a 2014 Dodge Ram and the Rancher Hitch for my Camper and has it all installed in less than 4 hours. I did have the help of my cousin and it was very easy. Ordered it on Monday and got it on Wed. and had it installed on Thursday and pulled my camper on the same day... I couldn't have ask for any better help and service!!!!! Great company!!!!!!

by: Tom F. 07/05/2017
2015 Dodge Ram Pickup

Shipping was fast. I have never installed a hitch before but was able to install this in my 2015 Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi in just 46 min. I had watched the etrailer videos and had my tools ready. Works great with my Andersen Ultimate Hitch for my f 5er.

by: Rob B.07/27/2017

As before, etrailer delivered as promised. The parts were correct and the instructional videos are fantastic. Took about 4 hours to install hitch and wiring harness.

by: Artie03/26/2017
2017 Ram 2500

Searched many different places and etrailer was unbeatable. Received part on time and in good condition. I suggest going to u tube Instructions they were clear and easy to follow.

After a year I am not disappointed. I installed it in about two and a half hours with a little help from my neighbor visiting included. Very pleased with the hitch. Like the idea the ball cannot be unlatched with the trailer hooked up.
Artie - 03/26/2018

by: Jackie 03/24/2017
2015 Ram 2500

Reasonably easy to install, though longer than estimate unless you're a pro with a lift. No issues with the hitch, it seems fine and the pop out ball is very convenient.

by: angel chacon08/21/2016
2014 Ram 2500

Excellent easy to install

by: Van12/13/2018

I am extremely happy with this trailer hitch! The value far outweighs overpriced big-name products and, the service is excellent! I 10/10 recommend this company to any small businesses or farmers like us that are just trying to get by.

by: Db09/03/2017
2016 Ram 2500

Hitch is holding up great. Make sure u keep ball greased so the locking balls will work right and not stick. Great product

by: Ben07/28/2017
2014 Ram 2500

Hitch is heavy made. Heavier than expected. Installation was a breeze, dropped the spare tire, drilled hole in bed and installed four bolts. Love the design of the lock on the ball. Easy to remove and install.

by: Richard H.08/03/2016
2015 Ram 2500

I installed this hitch on my 2015 mega cab in two hours I'm very pleased with the product I would recommend this hitch ????????

by: K. S.10/12/2017

Fast shipping, straight forward installation. Approximately 2-3 hours for hitch and harness extension in bed to be installed.

by: John L11/19/2015

This product looks great and thanks to the istallation video and tips at etrailer went on easy.

Not only did I get a great product but, the service members of etrailer is beyond amazing.

It was easy to order with a guaranteed fit to my truck and arrived in just 4 days, including the weekend.

I found the product on another site cheaper and Judy m. Got me a quick credit of the difference plus 10% on the item.

The service is unbeatable. I am a etrailer buyer for life.

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B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

Code: BWGNRK1384

2771 reviews

Our Price: $599.00


Product Specs:

Gooseneck Hitch

Below the Bed

Manual Ball Removal

2-5/16 Hitch Ball

Wheel Well Release

7500 lbs TW

30000 lbs GTW

Removable Ball - Stores in Hitch

B and W

Install this heavy-duty hitch on your vehicle so that you can securely tow your gooseneck trailer. Store the removable ball upside down in the hitch when you aren't towing to get complete bed access. Square ball base won't turn in hitch.

Video of B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs - BWGNRK1384

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (2771 Customer Reviews)

Install this heavy-duty hitch on your vehicle so that you can securely tow your gooseneck trailer. Store the removable ball upside down in the hitch when you aren't towing to get complete bed access. Square ball base won't turn in hitch.

by: Leonard01/23/2021
2017 Ram 2500

This was my first order I placed with et etrailer. If one work could say it I guess it would perfect! I ordered on a Tuesday arrived on Thursday. I Placed the order got conformation and a name and contact to call if I had any issues, once it arrived I got another email letting me know if had been delivered. The installation video was perfect made it’s easy to install just followed the steps. When I need any trailer related items I will use them. As far as the B&W hitch i put it in a 2017 Ram 2500 with Ram boxes. The fit and quality of the hitch and design is what I have come to expect from B&W. I got this hitch to pull a gooseneck horse trailer. If your wondering if it will work with Ram Boxes it will.

Great product still love it works great with my Ram Boxes. No issues ever
Leonard - 01/24/2022

by: Mr. B07/20/2022

Great Customer Service!!! Great Product!!! Love the Installation Videos!! Very helpful!!

by: Peter11/27/2021
2016 Ram 2500

I put B&W turnoverball on a 2016 Ram 2500 crew cab short bed diesel,it has the factory prep puck. The change over was pretty simple. I used the same studs and nuts that came with puck goose ball. Tbe only hard part was trying to pry the 4" exhaust pipe down to slide the B&W plate into position. It took me about 2 hours to install by myself. I am going to use a 4" offset ball so I can use a reese goosebox hitch for my 5th wheel.

by: Sparky 03/03/2023

I love the open box that this 5th wheel and gooseneck mount give. Very quick and easy to put the hitch in or pull it out.

by: B&W error on items they told me I needed.11/18/2022

I’ve never used it. B&W told me the wrong parts to buy for my Reese Revolution 5th wheel king pin. I had to sell the B&W Companion hitch for the turnover ball system and install a rail system. They did send me a new Patriot hitch, but I was out a lot of money, time and frustration. etrailer was great!

by: Lawrence04/06/2020

Needed fifth whl installed, I dropped spare tire moved out of way, then sat in area under truck where spare tire sat. Marked and drilled center pilot hole, cut out ball hole inside bed. I did not remove exhaust or anything. Measured all for accuracy, and measured bed to verify turning capacity.Moved plate under bed, inside bed, put metal pipe on jack stands above center hole, tied wire from bottom plate up to rod in bed, pushed wire down, maneuvered plate on axle, used wire guide plate in location, tied off plate to hold it, tied wire around nut plate, pushed plate in, using wire to align it, used bolts for setup of nuts in location, removed bolts pushed plate back in location tightened bolts. In bed marked chain hooks, drilled and installed. Lubed up fifth, wheel attached handle release, applied herculin er on edges of hole,. Reinstalled all. 3.5 hrs install by 1 person. Ready for 5th wheel pull. Great price medium install level, need drill bits, air tools, jack, and plan the install.

by: Dave from buffalo12/14/2016
GMC Sierra

I have purchased 2 of these hitches. The first one was installed at my local shop. This time I decided to go at it myself in my garage. Super easy instructions made this a breeze. Took about an hour or so by myself to install. Love these hitches, super easy to operate and most of all with the flip over design BOOM the ball is completely gone and flush with the bed. I owned a gmc sierra 2500hd and installed a Pop-up hitch. Never again. The ball would not sit flush due to the slide arm running right into the exhaust pipe making a horrible rattlin sound when the ball was in the down position. Will never buy any other hitch but B and W again!!! Love this product.

by: Parks10/20/2022

This hitch worked flawlessly and the quality was excellent. I have sold the truck with the turnover ball hitch but bought another truck and a B&W slider hitch with pucks. Excellent products!!

by: Brent09/14/2019

Ordered on a Sunday evening and received it Wednesday. Install was straight forward and easy with a second pair of hands. The only problem I have is my exhaust is hitting the hitch plate and is causing a rattle. I faught with the exhaust longer then it took to install the hitch. I do have a 4 inch aftermarket exhaust and may go by a shop to see if it can be modified to clear the hitch. Haven't towed with it yet. I installed this to pull my fifth wheel with the reese goosebox.

by: Dave C.08/18/2014
2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Very happy with this product!! Installed on my brand new 2014 Dodge 2500 HD. Very easy to install, took me and a buddy, on a lift, about an hour and 20 mins total!! B&W really did there homework with this hitch and the ease of installation was amazing compared to some others I have dealt with. Absolutely recommend this product for do-it yourselfers!

by: Bill R08/06/2017

Solid product. Purchased to replace Draw tite 9067, which would not work with Draw tote Hi Rise 5th wheel adapter. Hitch installed exactly as instructions show, Only problem I had was breaking several still hits making holes for safety chain hooks. Seemed that the hits tend to bind up as they hit the next later of steel. Used a ratchet tie down as a second set of hands. I tightened the strap as I guided the hitch into place.

by: Chuck 10/04/2021

Great customer service and the hitch was fairly easy to install. I put it in and towed a 12000 lb trailer no problem.

Ive had this installed over a year on my 2014 ram laramie longorn towing a 40ft 13000 lb rv trailer across the country. I have a anderson hitch attached and have had no problems with towing. I really enjoy the fact I remove my anderson hitch and turn the ball over so I can use my truck bed to haul. 5 star performance
Chuck - 10/05/2022

by: JT09/09/2022

Very high quality part. This is the third underbid gooseneck hitch that I have installed and this one was by far the easiest of the three. Was able to install by myself. A second set of hands would have made things go quicker but it is possible. I much prefer the square design of the ball shank on this hitch compared to the round shank on other hitches.

by: Clay 10/02/2022

Great product and great instructions. Very simple installation for anyone mechanically inclined. Getting around the underside of the pickup might be a small chore depending on the workspace you have available. Highly recommend the product.

by: Michael06/08/2022

Excellent quality, Easy to install, Good Instructions. Online Video also very helpful. 2016 Ram 2500 Long Horn. Took about 3 hours

by: Leonard07/05/2019
2016 Ram 2500

Great product! This is the second under bed turnover ball hitch that I have purchased from etrailer to go along with my companion 5th wheel hitch. I previously owned a 2004 Dodge Ram that I put the first one on, and most recently I put one on my 2016 Dodge Ram. Both applications took a little work, but were pretty much straight forward. B&W hitches are extremely well made and you won't be disappointed by purchasing one of them. I use my hitch to pull a 32' 5th wheel camper and it works great, no issues whatsoever.

by: Shawn07/12/2022
2015 Ram 2500

Seems like a nice quality hitch. Sucks I didn’t get any of the hardware to install it. Shipping was fast so that’s a plus

Oh no, I understand that it is a disappointment that the hardware was missing. I will have our customer service team reach out to have the missing hardware shipped out.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 07/18/2022

by: Tony P06/17/2022

It is one of the best purchases ive done. very easy to operate and installation was a breeze. the only drag it took 4 months to get in my hand. Its vary nice to talk to personal at e-trailer (and i mean anyone ) that knows the product and how to accommodate the customer thanks

by: Thomas10/24/2017
2016 Ram 2500

The product I received was not the model shown on the website and the instructions did not match the product either. I was able to install it fairly simply when all was said and done. It works great and is really nice to be able to remove the hitch so easily. There were a couple of missing pieces from the package that I never received.

by: Kameron04/14/2022

No problems, excellent gooseneck hitch, installation was easy enough, I'd recommend it to anyone needing a gooseneck ball.

by: Bret11/16/2017

Amazing! The installation instructions are great, the product is great, and I installed it in less than 90 min. Works like a champ and sooo much better than having to crawl under the truck to remove the ball.

by: Scott S04/02/2020

This was super easy to install, although the heavy plate was intimidating. I crafted a hoist with a 2x4 and some nylon rope, then pulled the plate into place, rolled the rope around the 2x4, and had a 2nd person start the bolts. I could have tied it off and had the same results by myself. Very solid product and can’t wait to pick up my 5th wheel!

by: Tim S.07/23/2017
2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

Installed it by myself and my 14 year old son in about two hours very easy to follow instructions and the new Dodge Ram was already built for it very easy to operate and pulled the trailer like it wasn't even there and no need to pull out inner fender wells

by: John 09/02/2021
Dodge Ram Pickup

Great improvement over the model I installed in my 13' Ram. Much easier to install and great to use. The latch to hold the pin open seems to be much more positive than the old model as well. One gripe about this is the handle seems to rattle on top of the frame rail. Can't hear it when you are driving but definitely hear it at idle.

by: Patrick06/04/2022

Get carbide holesaw. Regular Milwaukee holsaw took forever..otherwise very nice clean kit

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