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Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Code: C51140

551 reviews

Our Price: $107.94


Product Specs:

Trailer Brake Controller

Proportional Controller

Electric over Hydraulic

Up to 90 Degrees

Digital Display

Up to 4 Axles

Automatic Leveling

Under-Dash Box

Dash Mount


Simple and compact, this proportional brake controller has an intuitive design that's easy to use. Includes a simple digital display, 9 sensitivity settings, a slide-bar manual override, and built-in safety features.

Video of Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - C51140

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (551 Customer Reviews)

Simple and compact, this proportional brake controller has an intuitive design that's easy to use. Includes a simple digital display, 9 sensitivity settings, a slide-bar manual override, and built-in safety features.

by: Brian06/23/2023

2023 VW Atlas SEL w/factory tow package. I attempted to use my existing Curt Echo BT wireless controller. I was receiving error messages that directionals were nit working. All lights and brakes worked fine. VW had gor a week, found a bliwn fuse snd a bad “brake control module “, but they told me if I had the same issue again, it would be my responsibility. So decided to go the wired route. Install was easy, after I found the trim rivet behind the hood release lever! Need to pop that and driver side kick panel then comes out w/o having to remove hood release lever. Factory harness was hanging inside this panel. Curt VW specific harness (C29JR)plugged into this and Curt controller,no issues. Unit was simple to program, but I haven’t driven trailer yet so will update upon road test! Emily at etrailer was very helpful, I sent her a photo of my VW harness plug and she confirmed the wiring harness was a match

by: Scott08/23/2021

Works well and not a bad install with the etrailer videos, my 97 Dodge Ram Sport 1500 5.2 is a””Wood” truck so I installed the truck flex where the ashtray was, works well

Worked so well I bought another for my Silverado
Scott - 08/24/2022

by: Joshua 09/04/2023

Installed in a 2015 Jeep Grand cherokee. Tow package was already included with the vehicle so installation of the Curt triflex trailer brake controller was very easy. It was simply Plug and Play. Upon plugging in the trailer, the controller did its calibration and was ready to go Within seconds.

The only current issue I'm having is that the turn signals do not appear to be working, however at this time I cannot fault that to the trailer brake controller as the pop-up camper I am connecting is used, and was wired with the seven pin plug by someone other than myself.

by: Don03/03/2022

Had same brand unit prior to this one on an earlier truck. Different trucks and trailers. Both hooked right up to truck wiring and adjusted perfectly to get the trailer stopped without drama. Easy to get the trim just right,good confidence builder.

Like a trusted tool, its a quality item and after installation it just gets used without worrying about it. It gets the job done.
Don - 03/09/2023

by: Bill 08/14/2023

The brake controller worked very well on my 2020 ram 1500 classic. My other controller on another vehicle is the count down type which worked fine but this controller works like it is not there (on the same trailer, single axle, 5000 pounds). It arrived on time.
Installation was easy. Make sure to order the adapter cable for your vehicle. Videos for my truck showed removing the center dash piece with the radio/navigation/vents but I could have reached the connector without removing anything if I knew where it was and how it was "hidden". It was buried in the same foam the wiring harness is wrapped in. Sorry, no pics but you can try feeling around and pull out the connector and unwrap the sticky foam. It is a relatively large connector at the end of a 4 inch pigtail off some part of the harness. Mine was curled into itself and the harness so it did not stand out.

by: Howard S.04/06/2017

I bought a 7 pin trailer wiring/brake connection for my Dodge pickup. I installed it myself, the instructions were absolutely clear and correct. It was an easy installation. In the year since, I've pulled my trailer (tandem axle, 16') many times. The brakes continue to work perfectly as well as the lights. The connectors are solid, all work just like new. I recommend Etrailer parts and their people 100%!

Still using the products no problems, everything’s works great.
Howard S - 04/06/2018

by: Jason J.06/24/2019

Easy to set up and operate. The controls are less than intuitive. There’s a sensitivity dial and a force level slider that seem to affect the application of the brakes. It’s not exactly clear which one is more important or has the most impact. The unit works well at highway speed but at low speed operations seems to apply the brakes aggressively to the trailer. This is my first experience with a brake controller so can’t compare with other units. It does make parking lot operations somewhat clumsy. It definitely gets the job done though.

Poorly. The tekonsha prodigy is so much better than this unit.
Jason J - 06/25/2020

by: Logan08/25/2022

I purchased the trailer brake controller for my 02 Tahoe. Right out of the box it had issues. This controller required a very high setting before it would even work. No less than 7.5 on the screen. Even with all the other settings set to max. The screen also would randomly flash while driving and change the settings. All of my trailers are serviced regularly and brakes start working around 1.5 or so on the other controllers. I have verified all my electrical connections on my vehicle and compared them to another Tahoe, the issue has to be inside the controller. I contacted etrailer about it and they did offer to bench test mine and replace if necessary, but unfortunately I needed to haul trailers almost every single weekend and couldn’t send mine in to wait. The controller has never stopped working which is a plus just very annoying.

I recommend replacing the controller under warranty.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 09/08/2022

by: Scott M04/09/2022

Wonderful product and product support, I bought a second for my newest truck a 2014 Chevy Silverado LT and the installation was very easy thanks to the videos. I put it where the ash tray would go if they still had them and when closed you cannot see it.

by: Bill A.04/06/2020

Fairly easy to install and set up. I set it up in a 2013 DODGE Durango and pull a 5200# camper with electric brakes. Stopping is very smooth and controlled.

Still like it
Bill A - 04/07/2021

by: Deryl06/26/2023

Ordered an in stock item on Sunday. Part wasn’t pulled and shipped until the following Friday. Way too slow for todays options. Won’t shop at etrailer again.

by: Michel04/22/2019

Installation was easy with Adapter cable and Controller which I installed on top of dash board cover and required only one hole to be drilled. Installation location allows for easy access to adjust settings, apply the trailer brakes alone and see the display.
Tough part was locating the 2010 Ford F53, Wennibago, Vista, OEM connector which was out of sight. Remove the dash board cover, which was easy, then look for the big harness (see pictures) and the smaller cable which splits away from it. None of the literature explained that the connector is gray for six pins although only for pins are in the connector. Once found, just plug things together and it all works.

by: Tammy H.01/01/2017

I connected the Curt Brake controller into my 2007 Toyota 4runner. It took 5 minutes to hook up using the curt wiring adapter for my vehicle. I pulled a 16' aluminum stock trailer with one horse in it. There were no problems with braking and the braking action was very smooth on the trailer. I also have a weight distribution on the trailer which helps with using the Toyota in an "emergency" tow. The horse had an easy 3 hour tow with smooth braking and no swaying. Thanks etrailer for all the tools that make farm life easier.

by: Mark10/27/2022

Bought a Kurt TriFlex brake controller. The switch on the side had been broken. So I returned it and received another one. I installed it and my trailer brakes didn’t work. I pulled all four wheels checked all the brakes checked all the wiring spent hours on the trailer found nothing wrong. Then I had to get another controller from the manufacturer as etrailer did not want to send me another. I install that my trailer brakes did not work I inspected everything on my truck and found nothing wrong. I then purchased a prodigy brake controller and everything worked fine I would never buy another curt product in my life

by: Bruce D.08/09/2020

Watched one of your installation videos. With the factory wiring harness adapter, that came with the Curt Tri Flex controller, installation was a breeze. It took longer to decide where to mount the controller, than it did to make the electrical connections. Used it with my tent trailer on a 2 day trip, worked perfectly. Very pleased with performance and price. See attached photo of finished installation.

by: Alan11/17/2017

2003 Ranger XLT
Installation was fun!
I tend to ignore instructions especially when those instructions mount the device where my knee is constantly banging into that device. See the photo. Would loved to have a longer extension cable to reach into engine compartment. If you are not mechanically and electrically gifted, have somebody that is do the installation.

Had the device not initialize once at the beginning of a trip. After thirty minutes of trouble tracing, decided nothing was wrong, unplugged the cable for a few minutes then reconnected and initialization completed correctly and I had brakes. Now I unplug the device whenever I'm not towing.

by: Brian07/08/2023

Very nice unit, but I wish I had paid more attention to the install video prior to ordering, as I would have ordered the auxiliary harness (Curt part # C51352) at the same time for install in my '05 Avalanche.

by: Brian04/21/2021

Great controller! Easy to adjust even on the fly. I had the controller adjusted a little aggressive and as I was trying to get out of Buffalo to go south for the winter we ran into some snow accumulation and was able to quickly dial back the controller to avoid locking up on thick snow covered roads. Literally a potential disaster! Very happy with the controller

by: William g09/22/2018

Fortunately my F150 had the trailer package so the pigtail plugged right in. Only snag
was I had to fabricate a piece to attach to the instrument panel (lower right) to get the correct angle they specify. That took some work. But it all came together nicely.
See attached picture. The brake control works great. Good price.

by: Leroy A04/23/2021

Worked as desribed,I had no problem installing after watching video.After taking fuse box cover off my wires were hooked up already,no work to do there.For me a straight up easy install that seems to work great.Drove 130 miles after install ,no issues.

by: Mel08/21/2019

I got home early today from work and found my brake controller waiting for me.(The one thing I did not like seeing was that, although I have a drop box for all parcels next to the fence, it was placed on top of the box. LAZY DELIVERY PERSON! ) Anyway, I took it in and looked it over and decide to do the install. It took longer for me to get the cover off the box where the plug goes,then to do the entire install. Since I didn't want to drill any holes(yet) I used an existing screw down low. Now, I'm just waiting for my son to bring his dump trailer over,which he will leave with me for a few months. Stay tuned,more pictures and review still to come.

by: Richard09/11/2022

I've towed my camper on 4 trips this season and this brake controller has worked without an issue. A very easy setup and then it just works. I live in the mountains and having reliable trailer brakes is a must.I have this installed in a 2011 Nissan Titan.

by: Tom and Anita09/19/2016

Yes I received my order and installed the brake controller. All seems to be
fine, although I have yet to tow with it yet. Here are a couple photos of
the installation in my 2010 Toyota Tundra.

by: Joe B. 11/21/2015

Easy to install and set up. I can't believe the difference between this proportional controller and the simpler time delay type. Between the power output adjustment and the sensitivity adjustment, you can quickly and easily adjust the controller for your trailer. It took me about 5 minutes to dial it in perfectly! No more jerky trailer brakes! Thank you E-Trailer!

by: Vincenzo09/05/2018

Wow! All works to perfection ! From the Website wade of specification of what I needed for my set up to fast delivery and plug n play install ! This is my second order from etrailer & will be for all my needs!
I installed it to my right knee side , so not to hit it in & out daily, but any place will work - tie up extra wire securely. Safe journey !!

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Ask the Experts about this CURT Trailer Brake Controller
Do you have a question about this Trailer Brake Controller?


Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Code: 90195

5642 reviews

Our Price: $195.88


Product Specs:

Trailer Brake Controller

Proportional Controller

Electric over Hydraulic

Up to 360 Degrees

LCD Display

Up to 4 Axles

Automatic Leveling

Under-Dash Box

Dash Mount


The large buttons and colored LCD display on this proportional brake controller make it easy to see and easy to use. Store and customize your settings so you can easily swap out trailers and drivers and get towing.

Video of Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - 90195

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (5642 Customer Reviews)

The large buttons and colored LCD display on this proportional brake controller make it easy to see and easy to use. Store and customize your settings so you can easily swap out trailers and drivers and get towing.

by: Monte C.05/20/2023

This was a very easy installation of the hitch, wiring harness and trailer brake. Less than 2 hours with some help from my wife. All of the electrical was plug-n-play. I'm sure doing it myself (with help from [online]) saved me a lot of money.

by: Dale08/08/2023

Tekonsha P3 brake controller was easy to install. Stacey got me the right wire adapter f ou r my 2022 Frontier. Basically Plug and Play install.

by: Ronald04/25/2021

This Tekonsha Prodigy P3 was recommended to be by a friend who works at an RV dealership service center. This is my fifth trailer brake controller over a forty-year period, and my first progressive controller. I really love this controller. My truck has a factory towing package, but was manufactured prior to inclusion of integrated controllers. Since the truck has factory towing, the installation was very simple. The installation instructions were clear and complete. I would definitely recommend this controller to anyone looking for a dependable, easy to install and easy to use controller.

After a year of use, I am very happy with my beak controller. I would purchase this controller again, without any hesitation. I highly recommend it.
Ronald - 04/27/2022
What truck did you install this on?
-- comment by: John H - 08/04/2022

by: Wayne04/25/2021

I mounted my Tekonsha P3 on the dash just to the left of the steering wheel. Has very easy access to quickly activate the lever on the bottom of the unit to apply maximum trailer brakes. But I needed a wiring harness almost double the length of the Tekonsha Wiring Adapter so I just purchased two and spliced them together to make one long one......yea I could have saved money and just sliced in longer wires....Am very happy with the Tekonsha P3, With this mount it makes it easy to disconnect and put into my Ford F150 or my Tacoma.

Still lovin it! Works Great!
Wayne - 08/01/2022

by: Bob G07/15/2022

I’ve used a Prodigy P2 for 8 years and have been pleased with its performance. I now have a new tow vehicle and will use the P3. The detailed product information on your website and the availability of wiring harness adapters is a convenient bonus.

Superb. I’d buy it again and again.
Bob G - 07/16/2023

by: Douglas11/12/2022

The support bracket for this is unacceptable because the standoff from the dash is more than 1" and it puts the controller against my right knee. The mount for the controller in your video was almost flush against the dash and that's what I thought I was getting.

by: Dennis08/14/2021

The Prodigy P3 came on just as the instructions said it would. Although I have not used it yet it looks good in my ‘15 LX. I look forward to great service towing my 20’ flat trailer with tractor, rotary cutter and box blade. My to the staff at etrailer.

Rodigy P3 brake controller works good. It is especially helpful on the nearly mile long descent to the low water bridge crossed on the trip to the Woodz where I spend time maintaining the deer hunting acreage.
Dennis - 08/29/2022

by: Peter 07/13/2023

This product, the P3 Trailer Brake Controller, is replacing the in dash Ford brake controller. I was previously unable to get a dashboard readout, even though the brakes were working. I had replaced the brake controllers twice, the first one quit working completely, when I decided to install this one. So far I am very happy with it and it was very easy to install using the plug in wire adapter, #22292, I purchased with the brake controller. I installed it on a 2016 Ford F-150. We are pulling a 24 ft. travel trailer. Thank You!

by: JWS01/23/2023

The new controller is working great! Do like P3, better control than the primus. Chased 3 different issues getting brakes working again, all of which the online support from etrailer helped me solve.

by: Jim 06/23/2023

The Tekonsha prodigy brake controller has been a great purchase. I use the setting for a electric over hydraulic disc brakes on a gooseneck trailer . I also use it on standard drum brakes on a variety of trailers from a snowmobile trailer to a equipment trailer. One of my favorite parts about Tekonsha prodigy is you can have different brake settings for different trailers or conditions. I will definitely buy again.

by: Mark06/22/2023

Hanging the controller was pretty easy—removed my ashtray and used the ashtray support frame’s two screws to attach the controller’s hanger—almost looks professional.
Finding out which stop light wire (there are four on my ‘98 Tacoma) to tap into and then actually doing the tapping was challenging. The four wires are very short (took my dash apart including removing the instrument panel and even so could barely reach/touch the four wires let alone tap into all four to test) and they end in a four-pin female/male plug that forms the top half of the stop light switch.

My solution was to install an 8” long, four-wire pigtail from the female half of the four-pin connector to the male half thus giving me 8” of access to the wiring to determine which stop light wire the controller red wire should tap into. You can purchase said pigtail online for about $XXX plus shipping, or you can make your own using scrap wire and male and female wire ends that plug into the female and male halves of the truck’s stop light switch. That’s what I did, spending $20 in the process. Once your pigtail is installed, it’s short work to test all four wires. After tapping into the correct stop light wire, remove the pigtail and reconnect the halves of the original plug (it’s less likely to come apart than if you used the pigtail permanently).

On my first test drive, the controller read-out showed two to eight volts were being applied to the electric trailer brakes. Obviously this would have huge engine overheating and gas mileage implications if it were constantly occurring but on my second test drive the read-out stayed at 0.0 volts as it should when not braking.

by: Steve 06/25/2023

I’ve used this controller for a year, upgraded from the older red, yellow, green Tekonsha. This model has worked great on my 99 F 350 with both an older 5 ton flat bed trailer and a new 8 ton goose neck dump trailer. The proportional aspect works great and is a vast improvement of the on/off concept of older models. The manual control under the unit was also very helpful in breaking-in the new brakes on the dump trailer. I certainly recommend this unit based on my experiences.

by: Carl F.08/17/2023

This review is not on the controller as I haven't installed it yet but on the condition of the product as received. The controller came promptly but it was not packed in a separate box. The factory box was damaged in several areas and obviously handled roughly. Upon opening I realized as well that the only protection is a single layer of cardboard in the box, no foam or other protection. The controller appears undamaged but I won't actually know until I install and tested it. I would have immediately returned it without opening it but I need it for a trip already scheduled in two days.

by: Randy09/12/2022

Top quality brake controller. Automatic leveling. Get the wiring harness for your tow vehicle. This makes installation easy.

by: Robert04/13/2022

This is a great plug and play controller. Using it on a 2020 Chev Silverado 1500 towing a 22-foot Jayco Travel Trailer. It woke great. Its sensitivity adjustments are extra good. It is 10 times better than the unit I was using initially which was erratic and very jerky at slow speeds. This unit is very smooth at any speed. Great purchase.

Great product. Works as advertised. Using it with a 22-foot travel trailer and control is excellent!
Robert - 04/14/2023

by: teresa12/23/2020

I have a 2018 BMW X2 that did not come with a factory tow package. I had an etrailer hitch and 4 way plug installed last year and has been perfect since. I just recently purchased a camper and needed to have a Brake controller & Brake controller 7 way deluxe kit installed. My mechanic installed them with the detailed instructions that the units came with without any issues. The Tekonsha P3 is extremely user friendly and is working flawlessly. A bit overkill for my car being I can only tow max 3500 pounds, and my camper is 1 axel. this unit is rated up to 3 axles. I look at it like this way, when I trade in my BMW I will take my P3 with me. etrailer is amazing with the support & products they provide and I highly recommend them to anyone who asks me.

Love the P3, so easy to use and will be using this on my next vehicle when I trade this in. Highly recommend this unit.
teresa - 12/24/2021

by: Perpetual Traveler08/14/2022

Bought this for my 12 VW Golf TDI. Couldn't figure out the wiring. etrailer was very helpful but in the end had it installed. Has done the job flawlessly so far for a year. Love etrailers customer service.

After one year my Tekonsha brake controller has continued to perform flawlessly. I have trailered approximately 6,000 miles in the past year and when not trailering the controller remains on stand by which it should. I would highly recommend this product to others. I highly endorse etrailer also and have found their product descriptions, testimonials, videos and customer service to be outstanding. Great job!
-- comment by: P - 08/31/2023

by: Robert07/08/2023

I have owned this for a year now and really like it. I literally replaced my failed brake controller while on a trip with this unit. The P3 worked excellent out of the box and the adjustability is appreciated. I now have this brake controller on two truck with good success.

Thats great! We have heard countless good things about the P3. Glad to see yet another glowing review!
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 07/13/2023

by: Richard08/08/2023

Need to return not working!!replaced my prodigy 2 with this didn't change anything doesnt read brake pedal unless I tilt it manually. Thought it might be wiring harness so I bought a new one didn't help. Not leveling itself?

I see that Customer Service has reached out and is working on troubleshooting with you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 08/11/2023

by: Rob Pettis05/02/2011

First, a huge "Thank You" to Janice!!! You are the best, and the main reason I am the proud owner of Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller! (see, I initially had an issue with my standard online payment service and almost canceled my order because of it) So I went old school and picked up the phone, one with a cord and spoke to a human being. Her name is Janice, and she made me feel confident that I could trust her and etrailer. And as a result, 4 days after placing my order with her I received my package. That's incredible. I am very happy and will most certainly do business with etrailer again in the future because of Janice.

I don't have any experience with brake controllers. So I can't really comment on how much better or worse this one is to any others. But since I am new to the B/C scene maybe this can be considered an unbiased, non professional review of the Tekonsha P3.
My general skill level is "requires supervision around all power tools". But I do have some mechanical ability (snicker). So I will just say, if I could install this thing anyone should be able to do it. Of course I also bought the OEM wiring harness for my vehicle so even I was able to figure out which plug went where. On A scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 3 (I'm somewhat large and getting under the dash wasn't easy or it would be a 1). And as others have said, deciding where to mount it actually took longer.

I attached mine to the top of the lower dash cowl and it fits almost tight to the dash but still within the 180 degree limit. This positions the controller at the same height as my knee and puts it within fingertip reach while resting my hand on my knee. I can see the controller perfectly through the steering wheel spokes. I went with the green screen background. it seemed to provide the best view in all lighting conditions.

The controller itself works perfectly and the set-up was a breeze. Once installed all the functions worked as described. The real time vehicle diagnostics are a plus. I like being able to monitor my battery voltage to the decimal place if I want to. I'm sort of a techno geek so this is really cool. I set the B/C voltage per the instructions and will only use the boost feature if I am in a hurry or feel the trailer is at max load, but my truck is 8k lbs so you may want to set yours to suit your own conditions.

I highly recommend the Tekonsha P3 brake Controller if you want the latest and probably the best controller out there in this price range. I highly recommend the OEM wiring harness if your skills are not pit crew comprable and want the easiest install possible. And, I highly recommend you buy it from etrailer if you want to get it at the best price available (I checked them all) and want the added security you're buying from one of the best online retailers that sells this product. And do yourself a favor, go old school for a change, use the phone and call them, and ask for Janice, although I'm willing to bet everyone there is as nice as her.

How long is the wiring harness? I want to mount the brake controller on the right side of my steering wheel. It looks short in the picture. Thanks! Tom
-- comment by: Tom - 09/14/2015

by: John G. Smith05/04/2012

Installed this on my GMC 3500 Duramax with factory integrated brake controller. Not happy with the integrated brake controller on my truck, had problems from the start on 3 different occasions with "Service Trailer Brake" warning on DIC, which of course means NO TRAILER BRAKES. Decided the P3 was the perfect solution. Many more features than the IBC, plus the P3 will also work with electric over hydraulic disc brakes should we ever need that in the future. Fairly easy install on this particular truck, the most difficult thing was running the brake wire from the controller to the 7-pin plug. (This is only required when installing in a vehicle with a factory installed brake control) Well worth the extra effort.

Recommendation...dont mount it to low out of reach. When you have a trailer go astray...your seat belt will tighten and then you cant reach your controller to help you out. Believe me I mounted my too low and out of reach, and I was seconds from ditching the truck and trailer. Was very lucky. Just a recommendation.
-- comment by: Ernesto - 04/26/2015
What did you do to complete the bypass besides cut blue wire and wire to new brake control
-- comment by: Mel T - 11/11/2015
Mel THere is the link that helped us, Good Luck https:/
-- comment by: John S - 11/12/2015

by: Gary12/18/2021

A year ago, I switched from a "dumb" brake controller to this computerized one with numerous features. It really gives you proportional control, and knows to ease off as you come to a complete stop (my last controller would always give me a good jerk at the end of a stop).

Other features include letting you know if your cable is not making a proper connection with your trailer (if it comes out of the receptacle or you forget to connect it, you get a big red "No Trailer" message on the screen. That might help you avoid damage, embarrassment, an expensive repair, or a tragedy.

Been using this for a year, and still very happy with the purchase. Not the cheapest brake controller at $160, but I think this one might be the best. And the peace of mind and smooth braking is worth it.
Gary - 12/19/2022

by: James07/25/2022

Unit worked great tested with load force meter . Good out put . Always powered with key off . Hot in Vegas so will disconnect when not in use

by: Carl02/13/2022

We replaced a 30 year old Tekonsha Voyager with this P3. On the first test run to adjust, the brakes have never worked this well!! Easy to install! I’ve added photos of our project trailer that we have inherited. 30 years old, garaged its whole life, not many miles on it. With your help, we have been upgrading and replacing things that didn’t work, from lack of use. I can’t say enough good things about Etrailer! Your people are the best!! Thank you ETRAILER!!

Between this brake controller and the new self adjusting brakes, from trailer. When a 4 wheel PU cut in front of us and slammed his brakes on to stop. These parts saved our lives! We came within inches of crashing! We couldn’t be happier!
Carl - 02/14/2023

by: Bob 09/21/2023

This brake controller works flawlessly. Easy to install and easy to adjust. I do pull several trailers with electric/hydraulic brakes and it works great.

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  • What are the Differences Between the Prodigy P3 and Primus IQ Brake Controller
  • There are quite a few differences. The ones you can see easily on the outside are the display and control buttons. The P3, part # 90195, uses a multi-color LCD to provide more information where as the Primis IQ uses basic LED numbers like what you would have on your digital alarm clock. The P3 uses a rotary lever on the underside for a manual over ride where as the Primus uses the older slide design that some people have problems with the slide sticking depending on how they grip and...
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  • Which Brake Controller is Better, the Prodigy P2 or P3
  • The P2 part # 90885 and the P3 part # 90195 are both really great brake controllers that share many features and functions but I recommend the P3 over the P2 because it is overall easier to use, understand, and setup which will give you an overall better and less stressful towing experience. The P3 has a display on it that uses full words which makes it much easier to know what's going on with it over other controllers like the P2 that will require you to decipher codes. So the...
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  • Comparing the Tekonsha P3 and Primus Brake Controllers
  • I will be happy to compare the Tekonsha P3 # 90195 and the Primus # TK90160 for you. First, I will cover features that both controllers share. Both controllers: Will install the same in your vehicle Come with a universal pigtail Are proportional controllers (apply trailer brakes to the same amount as the vehicle is braking) Have automatic leveling Have limited life time warranties The controllers have several differences: The P3 has an LCD display. The Primus has an LED...
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  • Why Time-Delayed Brake Controllers Are Not Recommended For Ram Trucks But Are For Chevrolet Trucks
  • The newer Ram trucks computer systems have issues with a time-delayed brake controller and that is why you will not see it offered in our fit guide as an option for the Ram but is offered as an option for Chevrolet trucks. I recommend a proportional brake controller like the Prodigy P3, part # 90195. A proportional controller applies the brakes with the same intensity that the towing vehicle uses when the brake pedal is pressed. You can adjust the braking power and how aggressive you...
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  • Proportional Trailer Brake Controller Installation in 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty
  • Proportional type trailer brake controllers deliver braking that is more consistent with the slowing of the tow vehicle, which is generally preferred to the "one-size-fits-all" action of a time-delay type unit that applies the brakes with the same intensity no matter how quickly you're stopping. But since they rely on an accelerometer to sense the tow vehicle's deceleration, proportional controllers need to be set up within each one's operating angle range. The linked article may be of...
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  • Comparing and Contrasting the P3 and Prodigy Brake Controllers
  • Both of these brake controllers are made by Tekonsha and are high rated and popular models. The main difference between the two is that the P3 can be used with both electric brakes and electric over hydraulic brakes and can easily switch between the two systems as needed. It also has an LCD display and is supposed to be able to troubleshoot problems in the system. Basically, if you want more features, pick the P3. The main selling point for the Prodigy P2, # 90885 is that it does not...
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  • Does P3 Brake Controller Come with Wiring Harness to Plug into a 2005 Chevy Silverado
  • The brake controller does not come with the vehicle specific wiring harness for your 2005 Chevy Silverado. You will need # 3015-P to plug the P3 # 90195 into the truck. I did check your order and it looks like you have that harness ordered as well so you are good to go! I have linked a video showing an example installation using this wiring harness.
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  • Is the Functionality Different Between The Tekonsha Prodigy P2 and P3
  • The functionality of the Prodigy P2 and P3 is basically the same with the difference in the controllers being the LCD display in the P3. Both controllers can be used with both electric brakes and electric over hydraulic brakes however with the P3 all you have to do is toggle between the two functions whereas on the P2 you have go through a process to change modes. The P3 LCD screen also uses actual words for setup and troubleshooting versus the P2 which displays codes that you have...
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  • Will the Primus and P2 Brake Controllers Work with Standard Electric Brake Systems on a 2011 Tundra
  • The Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller, item # 90885, will work with both standard electric trailer brakes, and electric over hydraulic braking systems. I have attached a link to instructions for you to review. The Tekonsha PRIMUS IQ Brake Controller, item # TK90160, is not designed to work with electric over hydraulic braking systems, but will work great with standard electric trailer brakes, see instructions link. The P-3 brake controller is also compatible with both standard...
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  • Which Brake Controller Adapter for a Tekonsha Brake Controller on a 2020 Toyota Tacoma
  • The Tekonsha # 3040-P and the # 3031-P are designed to fit in different vehicles and will have slightly different plugs on the vehicle side; it's going to be enough of a difference that you will need to get the new plug, unfortunately. But I can understand why that's frustrating with Toyota changing the plugs between model years and trucks that are overwhelmingly similar. To install a Tekonsha brake controller like the P3 # 90195 on your 2020 Toyota Tacoma you'll want to use the # 3031-P.
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  • Which is Actually Better? a Proportional or Time-Delayed Trailer Brake Controller
  • Proportional brake controllers like the Prodigy P3 part # 90195 are by far the better choice over time delayed. Proportional controllers use internal sensors to determine how hard your trailer brakes should be applied based on how hard they sense you are applying the vehicles brakes. A time-delayed controller applies a set amount of braking force that ramps up over a set amount of time and then stays at that force till the brakes are released. If you think about how often you apply the...
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  • Is the P3 Brake Controller Better than the Voyager for a 1997 Ford F-250HD
  • The P3 brake controller # 90195 is several rungs up the ladder from the Voyager so it is very much worth it! The easy to read display is just one benefit. The P3 also has easy to read diagnostics, numerous setting options, and it is compatible with both electric brakes and electric over hydraulic brakes. And another benefit is that it can be mounted a full 360 degrees in the direction of travel (just not tilted or turned to one side). The P3 and Voyager do use the same wiring harness,...
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  • What are the Mounting Differences Between the Tekonsha P2 and P3 Trailer Brake Controllers
  • The difference between the single axis P3, # 90195, and the tri-axis P2, # 90885, is how they can be mounted. The P3 can be mounted between -90 degrees straight down or 90 degrees straight up (not tilted to the side and in the direction of travel). The P2 can be mounted a full 360 degrees in the direction of travel and not tilted to the side. As long as either controller is properly mounted according to the manufacturer instructions, they will perform well. The only difference you would...
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  • Do Exhaust Brakes On 2005 Dodge Cummins Cause Trailer Brakes To Overheat When Using Brake Controller
  • On your 2005 Dodge Cummins Diesel with exhaust brakes, using the Tekonsha P-3 Trailer Brake Controller, # 90195, will not cause your trailer brakes to overheat on a long downhill. It will only apply power to the trailer brakes in proportion to the vehicles deceleration. When using the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller, # 90885, it will apply power to the trailer brakes only when the vehicles brakes are applied. So the trailer brakes will not be applied until you touch the vehicles...
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  • Is the P3 Brake Controller Better than the P2
  • The P3 # 90195 is an excellent brake controller. It has an easy to understand diagnostic feature and a lot of different setting options that the P2 doesn't have so I think you will be very happy with it. The P2 and P3 install the exact same way. I have included a link to a video review of the P3 for you.
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  • Comparing the Prodigy Hensley and P3Brake Controllers for a 2009 Dodge Ram 3500
  • Our most popular model, the Tekonsha Prodigy Proportional Brake Controller with wiring harness # 3020P, has many of the same features as the Hensley controller. The big difference is that the Prodigy will not work with electric over hydraulic brakes. The features in the P3 Proportional Brake Controller # 90195 and wiring harness 3020-P are comparable to the much more expensive Hensley controller. Both allow full stop in reverse. Both will work with electric over hydraulic brakes. And...
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  • Comparison of the Tekonsha P3 and P2 Brake Controllers for Use in a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500
  • The major differences between the P2 brake controller, item # 90885 and the P3 brake controller, item # 90195, are that there is a 3 axis accelerometer in the P2 vs 1 axis in the P3. This means that the P2 has a greater range of mounting positions than the P3, which probably is not an issue in the 2010 Dodge truck. The P3 has more display capabilities and better fault detection. Basically, the P2 is a bit easier to use for those who are towing the same trailer, with about the same load,...
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  • Differences Between Prodigy P2 and P3 Brake Controllers
  • The biggest differences between the Prodigy P2 brake controller, # 90885, and the P3 brake controller, # 90195, are the display, buttons and look of the controllers. I like the buttons and display on the P3 controller because the display uses actual words for setup and troubleshooting rather than display codes like the P2 uses. This makes it easier to know you are adjusting the correct function or see the trouble shooting codes without referring back to the installation manual. I added...
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  • Comparing Tekonsha Proportional Brake Controllers for a 2003 Jeep Wrangler
  • When looking at the Tekonsha proportional brake controllers there are some differences that set each one apart from the others. At the low end we have the Voyager # 39510 with # 20127. It uses older technology to sense deceleration, only has an indicator light, no display or readout, and you have to manually level it. It also has a narrower mounting range than the other options. Next up from the Voyager is the Primus # TK90160. This controller has the guts of the original Prodigy...
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  • Prodigy P2 or P3 for a 2019 GMC Yukon
  • Well, we're certainly not going to let the decision of a brake controller keep you off the lake. That'd be a crime. First of all the easy stuff, to install either the P2, part # 90885, or the P3, part # 90195, use the adapter # 3016. It plugs into a connector in the cab of your new 2019 GMC Yukon and makes installing either controller plug and play. A linked a video of us using the adapter on a 2017 Silverado which has the same GM connector as your Yukon. It's not the same vehicle obviously...
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