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Curt Discovery Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Time Delayed

Code: C51120

313 reviews

Our Price: $64.95


Product Specs:

Trailer Brake Controller

Time Delayed Controller


Up to 360 Degrees

Digital Display

Up to 4 Axles

Automatic Leveling

Under-Dash Box

Dash Mount


An easy-to-read digital number display, 10 power levels, and a slide-bar manual override make this time-delayed brake controller easy to use. Installation is quick and simple with no mounting restrictions. Activates brakes with a preset intensity.

Video of Curt Discovery Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Time Delayed

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt Discovery Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Time Delayed - C51120

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (313 Customer Reviews)

An easy-to-read digital number display, 10 power levels, and a slide-bar manual override make this time-delayed brake controller easy to use. Installation is quick and simple with no mounting restrictions. Activates brakes with a preset intensity.

by: Bernie12/13/2022

No packing material what soever in shipping container. Contents were raddleing like nuts in a box. No physical damage on contents. Have yet to see if controller is functioning! Picture clarity of Sant Cruz dash plug location leaves a lot to be desired, Still trying to find under dash plug!

I do know that the plug is located on the drivers side of the steering column and is a cream colored 4 pin plug. It can be tricky to find. I also wanted to make sure that your 2023 Hyundai Santa does have the tow package included. If you are not sure you can contact the dealer with your VIN number to verify.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 12/14/2022

by: Peter 06/22/2021

I purchased this controller to install in my daughter's 2013 Ford Explorer. It is the exact same model as the one I have in my 2010 Ford F150. The "slide" adjustment on this one does not have as much resistance to adjustment as my original so setting it is requires a very delicate touch. I would probably would have asked for a replacement but I did not have time to make an exchange as she needed to use it right away. However, it appears to be operating fine and did not move from it's position once it was set. I would have rated it as excellent except for this one weakness.

So far it has been working just fine!
Peter - 06/23/2022

by: Paul03/11/2023

Would of gave a better rate if it had the harness or told me I needed a separate harness I really don't want to cut the connector off.

I do see that this does have plug in options where you dont have to cut off the connector. If you have the factory 7 way on your vehicle, you can use part # C51312
Curt Custom Wiring Adapter for Trailer Brake Controllers - Dual Plug In
. If you do not have the factory tow package, you can use part # C51515
Universal Wiring Adapter for Curt Trailer Brake Controllers
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 03/14/2023

by: David03/30/2021

I finally got a chance to hook up to a trailer. Everything works fine. I figured it would. I had bought a Curt controller years ago (2006?) And pulled many heavy trails with no worries.
I was dismayed by the packing. There was so little bubble wrap in the box that the controller bounced around so much in its clear plastic that contents of that clear box were spilled out into the shipping box. Room for improvement there.

The controller great!. Works perfectly on my 67 Chevy C10
David - 03/31/2022

by: Robert07/30/2022

Sent me a unit that was open, dirty, and had fingerprints on it. Obviously someone tried installing and it didn't work or was incorrect . There responce from the photos I sent were it is a new unit and opened from bouncing around in shipping, and they could tell that from the photos.
I replied send me a return label and crickets from them. I've purchased many items in the past totalling hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Never again if this is how they do business!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for reaching back out. I have sent your information to our customer service team and they will be in touch soon.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 08/25/2022

by: Robert02/15/2023

Received all contents in perfect condition, Ann E was great at her job. All the information for installation is included. And it only took about 8-10 minutes. Have not used it yet so hopefully everything will be terrific when i apply my brakes on my new ozark 1650 bkh RV.

by: Paul07/05/2018

This Curt Discover controller works great. Super easy to install if you get the pigtail for your model truck. I especially like the fact that you can install the bracket under the dash on my new 2018 Silverado using factory screw under the dash. No drilling required. As always wonderful pricing and delivery from E-Trailer.

by: William 03/02/2023

I am very happy with the Brake controll er.

by: Tacoma Stan09/11/2016

Fit nicely under the dash on the left side. Also installed a 7/4 pin connector in the bumper, replacing the blank plug from the factory(etrailer p/n HM40975-11998)

by: AT08/19/2022

Right part and the instructions on the wiring (was half done by GM but tucked away out of sight) made the install a breeze!

by: Tom 02/27/2023

Awesome product and just what I needed. Simple plug and play,install took less than 30 minutes. Fast shipping on top of excellent service. A++++

by: Brian12/15/2022

I had this same controller on another vehicle a few years back and loved it. But i feel like the quality of this one is not what it used to be ,it doesnt feel as good and the manual trigger sticks ,but for the price it works fine

by: Greg 09/02/2022

Works great, easy to install as a replacement for older controller

by: J.palm04/19/2022

Fits almost perfect

by: David09/24/2022

Easy to install and functions as it sho uld.

by: Lynn 10/04/2022

I think mine works great. After a year I think it's better thean ever. Might be something better out there but for the price its great.

by: Larry 09/27/2022

Did what we needed it to do. They installed it on our vehicle quickly and professionally

by: Bob R02/05/2016

I bought a new car dolly with electric brakes to pull with our motorhome ( Fleetwood FlAIR 2001 ) as all states require brakes on trailers at all different weight levels. I called E trailer and spoke with Danna and after talking with her about different models I choose the C51120 time delay control, as it can be adjusted to work well with the tow vehicle . I received the control with in 3 days of the order and went to put it in and found under the dash wire a harness by Fleetwood which told where each wire on the controller went on the harness. I was able to hook it up sitting in the drivers seat. Completed the hook up and started to test the operation, to find I was not getting the proper readings. I talked with Tom and he said he would bench test a like control and report back to me, at 6 pm he left a message on our phone that he believed the problem was along the blue wire to the trailer on the tow vehicle . I started at the back of the, motorhome and moved forward testing for a brake signal, I found that the butt connector had pulled apart and was not getting current to the plug in at rear of coach. Hooked it back together and re taped the wires and it works like a charm. I want to thank all off you for the prompt and knowledgeable service, I would recommend E trailer to anyone who wants to deal with a great staff and company Thank you

I used this controller to pull ma car dolly to AZ and back through all the mountains and it worked GREAT I am very happy with how it worked Great product
Bob R - 02/04/2017

by: George D10/17/2015

the brake controller with all the wiring plus the 7 pin plug was better than i thought . it even has great instructions and easy to read. the price was good . the 7 pin plug even has the 4 pin connector mounted in with it very glad that i bought it is everything that you need to make it work . everything about it is excellent very glad that i found it here at a good price . even fast shipping . again thanks for good product

Use it for pulling camper works great even a good price fast shipping . Its been a year and still working great.
George D - 10/16/2016

by: James 09/07/2022

Very happy with this controller, and with the proper adapter cable it was quick and easy to install.

by: Kenneth 03/18/2023

Prompt delivery. Easy install!

by: Joshua 03/03/2023

Excellent product

by: Bob C06/22/2020

We purchased this for our 18 ft camper
is very good working brake system.
We did have a wire fray but no fault of the system. We called the help line and they helped us diagnose it . Customer service is very good****

Like it w
Bob w - 06/23/2021

by: Deana03/02/2023

It was good and prompt service, but I really didn't know when to expect delivery

by: Michael 03/23/2023

Works great,and it was super easy to in stall.

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Ask the Experts about this CURT Trailer Brake Controller
Do you have a question about this Trailer Brake Controller?

  • Comparing Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller To Curt Discovery Trailer Brake Controller.
  • The main difference is the Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller # C51140 is a proportional brake controller while the Curt Discovery Trailer Brake Controller # C51120 is a time delay controller. The proportional controller will automatically adjust power sent to your trailer brakes based on how hard you are braking, while the time delay always sends the same force no matter how soft or hard you are braking. Those with time delay controllers will often have to reach down to crank up the...
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Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Code: C51140

513 reviews

Our Price: $119.95


Product Specs:

Trailer Brake Controller

Proportional Controller

Electric over Hydraulic

Up to 90 Degrees

Digital Display

Up to 4 Axles

Automatic Leveling

Under-Dash Box

Dash Mount


Simple and compact, this proportional brake controller has an intuitive design that's easy to use. Includes a simple digital display, 9 sensitivity settings, a slide-bar manual override, and built-in safety features.

Video of Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt TriFlex Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - C51140

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (513 Customer Reviews)

Simple and compact, this proportional brake controller has an intuitive design that's easy to use. Includes a simple digital display, 9 sensitivity settings, a slide-bar manual override, and built-in safety features.

by: Scott08/23/2021

Works well and not a bad install with the etrailer videos, my 97 Dodge Ram Sport 1500 5.2 is a””Wood” truck so I installed the truck flex where the ashtray was, works well

Worked so well I bought another for my Silverado
Scott - 08/24/2022

by: Logan08/25/2022

I purchased the trailer brake controller for my 02 Tahoe. Right out of the box it had issues. This controller required a very high setting before it would even work. No less than 7.5 on the screen. Even with all the other settings set to max. The screen also would randomly flash while driving and change the settings. All of my trailers are serviced regularly and brakes start working around 1.5 or so on the other controllers. I have verified all my electrical connections on my vehicle and compared them to another Tahoe, the issue has to be inside the controller. I contacted etrailer about it and they did offer to bench test mine and replace if necessary, but unfortunately I needed to haul trailers almost every single weekend and couldn’t send mine in to wait. The controller has never stopped working which is a plus just very annoying.

I recommend replacing the controller under warranty.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 09/08/2022

by: Mark10/27/2022

Bought a Kurt TriFlex brake controller. The switch on the side had been broken. So I returned it and received another one. I installed it and my trailer brakes didn’t work. I pulled all four wheels checked all the brakes checked all the wiring spent hours on the trailer found nothing wrong. Then I had to get another controller from the manufacturer as etrailer did not want to send me another. I install that my trailer brakes did not work I inspected everything on my truck and found nothing wrong. I then purchased a prodigy brake controller and everything worked fine I would never buy another curt product in my life

by: Don03/03/2022

Had same brand unit prior to this one on an earlier truck. Different trucks and trailers. Both hooked right up to truck wiring and adjusted perfectly to get the trailer stopped without drama. Easy to get the trim just right,good confidence builder.

Like a trusted tool, its a quality item and after installation it just gets used without worrying about it. It gets the job done.
Don - 03/09/2023

by: Scott M04/09/2022

Wonderful product and product support, I bought a second for my newest truck a 2014 Chevy Silverado LT and the installation was very easy thanks to the videos. I put it where the ash tray would go if they still had them and when closed you cannot see it.

by: Howard S.04/06/2017

I bought a 7 pin trailer wiring/brake connection for my Dodge pickup. I installed it myself, the instructions were absolutely clear and correct. It was an easy installation. In the year since, I've pulled my trailer (tandem axle, 16') many times. The brakes continue to work perfectly as well as the lights. The connectors are solid, all work just like new. I recommend Etrailer parts and their people 100%!

Still using the products no problems, everything’s works great.
Howard S - 04/06/2018

by: Jason J.06/24/2019

Easy to set up and operate. The controls are less than intuitive. There’s a sensitivity dial and a force level slider that seem to affect the application of the brakes. It’s not exactly clear which one is more important or has the most impact. The unit works well at highway speed but at low speed operations seems to apply the brakes aggressively to the trailer. This is my first experience with a brake controller so can’t compare with other units. It does make parking lot operations somewhat clumsy. It definitely gets the job done though.

Poorly. The tekonsha prodigy is so much better than this unit.
Jason J - 06/25/2020

by: Richard09/11/2022

I've towed my camper on 4 trips this season and this brake controller has worked without an issue. A very easy setup and then it just works. I live in the mountains and having reliable trailer brakes is a must.I have this installed in a 2011 Nissan Titan.

by: Paul 11/03/2022

Great product, plug and play with adapter cord. Install was 10 minutes. Fast delivery with tracking. Price was lower than anywhere else.

by: Jack 11/05/2021

All products came fast and the customer service was great!

Product works great!
Jack m - 11/05/2022

by: Michel04/22/2019

Installation was easy with Adapter cable and Controller which I installed on top of dash board cover and required only one hole to be drilled. Installation location allows for easy access to adjust settings, apply the trailer brakes alone and see the display.
Tough part was locating the 2010 Ford F53, Wennibago, Vista, OEM connector which was out of sight. Remove the dash board cover, which was easy, then look for the big harness (see pictures) and the smaller cable which splits away from it. None of the literature explained that the connector is gray for six pins although only for pins are in the connector. Once found, just plug things together and it all works.

by: Bill A.04/06/2020

Fairly easy to install and set up. I set it up in a 2013 DODGE Durango and pull a 5200# camper with electric brakes. Stopping is very smooth and controlled.

Still like it
Bill A - 04/07/2021

by: Brian04/21/2021

Great controller! Easy to adjust even on the fly. I had the controller adjusted a little aggressive and as I was trying to get out of Buffalo to go south for the winter we ran into some snow accumulation and was able to quickly dial back the controller to avoid locking up on thick snow covered roads. Literally a potential disaster! Very happy with the controller

by: Alan11/17/2017

2003 Ranger XLT
Installation was fun!
I tend to ignore instructions especially when those instructions mount the device where my knee is constantly banging into that device. See the photo. Would loved to have a longer extension cable to reach into engine compartment. If you are not mechanically and electrically gifted, have somebody that is do the installation.

Had the device not initialize once at the beginning of a trip. After thirty minutes of trouble tracing, decided nothing was wrong, unplugged the cable for a few minutes then reconnected and initialization completed correctly and I had brakes. Now I unplug the device whenever I'm not towing.

by: Tammy H.01/01/2017

I connected the Curt Brake controller into my 2007 Toyota 4runner. It took 5 minutes to hook up using the curt wiring adapter for my vehicle. I pulled a 16' aluminum stock trailer with one horse in it. There were no problems with braking and the braking action was very smooth on the trailer. I also have a weight distribution on the trailer which helps with using the Toyota in an "emergency" tow. The horse had an easy 3 hour tow with smooth braking and no swaying. Thanks etrailer for all the tools that make farm life easier.

by: Bruce D.08/09/2020

Watched one of your installation videos. With the factory wiring harness adapter, that came with the Curt Tri Flex controller, installation was a breeze. It took longer to decide where to mount the controller, than it did to make the electrical connections. Used it with my tent trailer on a 2 day trip, worked perfectly. Very pleased with performance and price. See attached photo of finished installation.

by: Mel08/21/2019

I got home early today from work and found my brake controller waiting for me.(The one thing I did not like seeing was that, although I have a drop box for all parcels next to the fence, it was placed on top of the box. LAZY DELIVERY PERSON! ) Anyway, I took it in and looked it over and decide to do the install. It took longer for me to get the cover off the box where the plug goes,then to do the entire install. Since I didn't want to drill any holes(yet) I used an existing screw down low. Now, I'm just waiting for my son to bring his dump trailer over,which he will leave with me for a few months. Stay tuned,more pictures and review still to come.

by: William g09/22/2018

Fortunately my F150 had the trailer package so the pigtail plugged right in. Only snag
was I had to fabricate a piece to attach to the instrument panel (lower right) to get the correct angle they specify. That took some work. But it all came together nicely.
See attached picture. The brake control works great. Good price.

by: Joe B. 11/21/2015

Easy to install and set up. I can't believe the difference between this proportional controller and the simpler time delay type. Between the power output adjustment and the sensitivity adjustment, you can quickly and easily adjust the controller for your trailer. It took me about 5 minutes to dial it in perfectly! No more jerky trailer brakes! Thank you E-Trailer!

by: Robert 02/06/2023

The Curt brake activator was easy to install after some telephone direction from a most helpful Karen. And well-made video on Etrailer's website. Great people to deal wigh.

by: Tom and Anita09/19/2016

Yes I received my order and installed the brake controller. All seems to be
fine, although I have yet to tow with it yet. Here are a couple photos of
the installation in my 2010 Toyota Tundra.

by: Leroy A04/23/2021

Worked as desribed,I had no problem installing after watching video.After taking fuse box cover off my wires were hooked up already,no work to do there.For me a straight up easy install that seems to work great.Drove 130 miles after install ,no issues.

by: Lance 12/18/2022

Good communication. Pkg arrived in perfect condition. Will use eTrailer again

by: Pedro R06/20/2020

I'm really satisfied with this brake trailer controler works perfect also has good value.

by: andrew S08/26/2020

this product nearly killed me. in February of 2020 I was towing from Philadelphia area to Miami. Getting off the ramp of 95 at S.O.B. I depressed the slidding button for added braking and I heard a tiny snap and the button stuck in. we skidded to a stop and put flat spots on out tires. turns out the return spring inside snapped off its tiny plastic tab and the brakes locked on. cheap [foreign] crap strikes again. when will we pleas make this stuff in amarica again ??

Andrew S - 10/01/2021

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Customers compare C51140 to these similar products

Ask the Experts about this CURT Trailer Brake Controller
Do you have a question about this Trailer Brake Controller?