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Curt 4 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting

Code: C18030

280 reviews

Our Price: $205.28


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Hanging Rack

Tilt-Away Rack
Fold-Up Rack

Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
Fits 2 Inch Hitch
Fits 1-1/4 and 2 Inch Hitch

Class 2 - 3 Compatible

Frame Mount

Locks Not Included

4 Bikes


Carry up to 4 bikes on the back of your vehicle with this sturdy bike rack from Curt. Anti-sway cradles provide a secure hold. Tilting mast lets you access cargo area. Includes a 2" hitch adapter, anti-wobble hitch pin, and a support strap.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt 4 Bike Rack for 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting - C18030

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (280 Customer Reviews)

Carry up to 4 bikes on the back of your vehicle with this sturdy bike rack from Curt. Anti-sway cradles provide a secure hold. Tilting mast lets you access cargo area. Includes a 2" hitch adapter, anti-wobble hitch pin, and a support strap.

by: Big B10/21/2021

Nice bike rack ! Saddles are well made and none of the ears that hold the straps in place have broken like they have with other brands I've owned.
It came with 1 strap for each saddle and the straps seem just a tad stretchy. I looked on line and found that Home Depot has a good price for the straps so I now have 2 straps on each saddle.
I've got it on a 1&1/4 hitch, but it came with an adapter for a 2 inch.
It holds 3 road bikes. I used it all the time.

still holding up very well. None of the saddle ears of broken. I did have a problem with the saddles slipping back on the arms so I bought some radiator clamps and locked them in place.
Big B - 10/24/2022

by: William12/13/2020

Order the curt 4 bike hitch rack and have not tried it yet. The ordering process was simple and I also used the toll to determine which hitch and rack capacity’s would fit my vehicle. Outstanding! Once ordered, I was told who picked and shipped the product and tracking information motion was provided. The shipping was fast and free. I would highly recommended etrailer for your towing and carrying needs.Their customer service, knowledge, shipping and price are the Best. Highly recommended!

I would surely buy this again after using for a year! Great product.
William - 12/25/2021

by: Mike 08/26/2021

I havent used it yet. But I will definitely buy from again! Great Customer Service. I like getting the emails from 'George' and 'Carol'

I now use this rack at least two times a week. I keep it in the back of my SUV and installremove so that it wont get stolen. Thanks Seattle. I am using it in a 2in receiver, so it is not tight. This could be fixed, but I remove and install it fairly often. So thats fine.
Mike - 08/27/2022

by: Steven07/23/2020

Received the bike rack in about 3 days! Assembled and had it on the car in less than 30 min. Very sturdy and I love that it came with the 2inch adapter. Our last bike rack did not fold down. This one does. Great feature so I don’t have to remove it

by: Miriam06/22/2020

Everything about the hitch itself is as-advertised. Installation was straightforward, and the end result looks great on the back of the car (2015 Passat). It is tucked in and not intrusive. The 4-bike rack, based on our bikes, does not really hold 4 bikes at a time. It has straps for 4 bikes, and they adjust, but with adult size bikes, it unfortunately is not enough room. I could imagine them working if a couple of the bikes were small child size, but our youngest is now over 5 feet tall, so we are all on adult size bikes. Also the bike rack when installed drags the pavement backing out of our driveway, which is not steep, even when not loaded with the bikes. The bottom of the bike rack should angle up from where it inserts into the hitch more steeply, instead of coming out square from the hitch as far as it needs to to clear the bumper. The rack does seem to hold 3 bikes securely, though, and it tips out of the way while installed on the car to allow for trunk access, so while not perfect, is reasonably useable.

I believe that if the bike rack curved up from where it attaches to the hitch, it would solve the problem of scraping on drivewayssloped entrances. The hitch by itself never hits anything, only the rack. Even with the occasional scrape, though, the rack is holding up well after a year.
Miriam - 06/23/2021

by: Glez10/06/2022

Not too happy with rack. Hard to mount bikes. Rubber to hold bikes to Hard to use.

by: Tim 05/05/2020

I didn't know to pay attention to the 1 1/4" vs 2" hitch adapters. A 2" hitch would be much more stable. Needed to buy an additional tie down strap for side stability. Overall good product; weak point is the 2" hitch necked down to 1 1/4".

Its been a year now, and the bike hauler is working out well. We have taken it on some longer 100+ mile trips, and it is good with the second tie down strap for lateral stability.
Tim Z - 05/06/2021

by: John07/27/2021

Poor design. Huge wedge shaped bicycle supports make it almost impossible to mount a bike to the rack. If you can get the bike to mount, when removing the wedge support will grab the brake cable and give it a good twang. Bought a replacement unit.

by: Mark P06/14/2017

Assembly was good. Directions were a little sparse and need work but got it together. Good fit on receiver hitch and is sturdy. One pin is very tight but should wear in. Have not put bikes on it yet but pleased so far.

I have been using the rack for over a year now and it works great. It is getting ready to go to the beach again and has been on many trips around town as well.
Mark P - 06/14/2018

by: Paul07/16/2022

Super sturdy but SO heavy! I’ve reverted to strap-onto-hatchback-door style, much more manageable for me

by: Juli10/07/2021

MADE IN CHINA!!!! I researched for days to find a bike rack not made in China. Curt advertised their products were made in USA! False advertising! China has destroyed our economy and lifestyle...NO ONE should sell products from China in this country! I'm beyond livid!!

I understand your frustration. Some Curt products are USA made but their bike racks are not. This 4 bike rack is our most affordable one that is indeed made in the USA if you are still looking for one: Item # TH934XTR
Thule Hitching Post Pro Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 10/15/2021

by: Justin M.06/04/2018

The shipment came to us quickly. I found that assembling the product was fairly easy (using a few of my own tools) and the components were shipped in good condition We just used our rack for the first time this weekend on a long interstate trip to a metro area, for a long weekend. Weather dictated that our bikes ended up staying on the rack arms most of the time, through all kinds of road travel and rainy conditions; it held up well while doing a pretty fair job of protecting the bicycles. There was a little "bounce play" of the bikes with each other while traveling at high speeds, but the overall performance of the rack was pretty good for a product at this price-point. I would recommend it to others.

by: Kelly06/15/2020

The bike rack can accommodate 4 full bikes. We use this for BMX bikes so I am not sure if larger bikes would fit. With 4 bmx, it is maxed out. It is very sturdy and fits on my chevy cruze nice. I am still able to open the trunk when bikes are on the rack.
The down side is that the rubber securements do not last long. With in a month of usage several times a week the rubber tore on a few. I contacted the mfg directly and they sent me a dozen out without argument - great customer service. I keep them in my trunk so if one gets worn I can replace it on the fly. All in all, good product. I would purchase it again. 4 stars, just because of the strap issue.

by: David02/09/2019

Works great. Only problem I found was some of the smaller adult bikes have trouble fitting on the bars. Sorry I didn't get a rack with the bars closer together. Having said that, they do make an adapter for kids bikes that i may spring for.

by: Cy01/07/2022

Great product for a biker. Can be used for two bikes with ease, and adding two extra bikes is also very easy. The stabilizer keeps everything from moving.

by: Mark 08/25/2021

There are probably higher quality bike racks out there, but this one is a good quality for the price. It works. It is strong. IT is heavy. it accommodates 4 bikes. It pivots for hatch back and tail gate openings. it gets job done.

by: Thao07/09/2021

We have had the curt 4 bike rack for a year and it works well. It fits our Honda Pilot 2016 and is easy to install/uninstall.

by: Alyssa 07/31/2020

I have a Buick Encore 2020. I wanted a 4 bike rack. I read all the reviews on this site and others. The bike rack was easy to put together - my 15 year old and I did it. Did take some time but we managed it. It is heavy so an extra person that can lift is helpful. A Buick only allows for 1 1/4 hitch. So true to what others wrote the bike rack does sway when the bikes are on. This is a bit nerve racking. We took several test drives to try it out. Speed bumps are killer. It looks like the bike rack is going to heave the bikes over the front end of the car. If you can stomach this then you are okay. We don't plan to go off road or up hills. We just want to be able to take surface and freeways to some nice bike rides.

by: Joanna06/21/2020

Our first adventure with this or any bike rack was across the country. There was some side to side swaying, but the bikes arrived safely. They did get a little scratched when one of the holders moved, but we were able to readjust it and it hasn't moved since. For the trip back we bought a "stabilizer" piece to help and the bikes did not sway as much. The way back caused less anxiety for us. Around town I do not use the extra piece.

by: Jeffrey10/31/2017

For the price I thought it might be a little rickety but it is sufficiently sturdy and works like a champ. Easy on/easy off. Fits snug in the hitch and the clamping screw makes it nice and tight. The straps are similarly snug and heavy duty. I have only used it with 2 bikes. I've never put the 4 bike extensions on. That seems like it might be quite a bit of stress for it, but if they were light-weight bikes it would probably handle it.

by: Jennifer 12/03/2021

Bought this bike rack a year ago, and it has been very good!

by: Keith07/30/2020

More expensive then the class 3 hitch,heaver then the hitch.The bushing that convertes the hitch from class 2 to 3 is very chessey,wobbly like you'd never bealve an will not except a regular hitch pin. You can't use a locking pin!

by: Evelyn08/09/2018

The bike rack is quite wobbly when the car is driving . The straps that come with it do not adequately hold the bikes on the rack. They need to be secured with other methods to keep them on the rack. The rack is also very heavy, so you would think it wouldn’t be so wobbly, but it is.

by: Joshua 06/14/2021

This bike rack appears to be very well put together. I’ve used it a few times and it does work good. etrailer is also good to deal with.

by: Tom Osinska12/20/2020

First time buyer and the service over the phone with Korren was exceptional. I told her when I needed the items and I paid a little more but the items were on my door step exactly when she promised. The first item that I ordered was not in stock and I received a email telling me that. I called and Korren answered explained what was available, she asked if there was anything else that I needed and I explained to her that I was looking for a hitch pin and she told me that the one that was available already had one with it. The experience dealing with Korren and your company was awesome. I will definitely be recommending you folks to anyone. Thank you. I also don’t normally do these reviews but I had to with you guys. Thanks again.

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Thule Hitching Post Pro Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches

Code: TH934XTR

1070 reviews

Our Price: $272.29


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Hanging Rack

Tilt-Away Rack
Fold-Up Rack

Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
Fits 2 Inch Hitch
Fits 1-1/4 and 2 Inch Hitch

Class 1 - 3 Compatible

Frame Mount

Locks Not Included

4 Bikes


This 4-bike rack is perfect for the occasional rider who likes to hit the trail with their family or friends. Anti-sway cradles fold up, so they're out of the way while you're loading your bikes. Tilts with bikes unloaded.

Video of Thule Hitching Post Pro Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Thule Hitching Post Pro Bike Rack for 4 Bikes - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - TH934XTR

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (1070 Customer Reviews)

This 4-bike rack is perfect for the occasional rider who likes to hit the trail with their family or friends. Anti-sway cradles fold up, so they're out of the way while you're loading your bikes. Tilts with bikes unloaded.

by: Matt08/30/2022

The good: I like the way the bikes are held in and the ability to add the upright adapters to the bike frame holders. The straps are quality too. For a jeep with a spare tire, this is the perfect length to clear it. This rack is 5 stars from the bike holders to the base of it.

The bad: the 2"receiver adapter and bolt are insufficient. I wish they made this in a solid 2" hitch. The entire setup is held into the receiver by a very short bolt. It only goes about half way into the receiver tube. So your hitch is only "secured" on one side. A hitch pin or bolt should go through the receiver tube completely imo so it can be secured on the other end with a retaining clip or nut. Because this only goes in the one side, the entire weight of the rack plus bikes are held tight to one side of the receiver by the undersized bolt and washer. A few bumps down the road and that bolt loosens. Now instead of distibuting the weight of the rack and bikes on the receiver and post, it's completely up to the bolt to keep you from losing the rack. The bolt threads get damaged too. I took this down a dirt road and nearly lost everything.

I had to buy my own bolt with hd fender washers and lock washers to correct this. Thule should've provided this from the start. The current short bolt design where only one side of the receiver secures the rack is unacceptable. This rack is 1 star at best for the connection to the receiver.

I recommend using an anti rattle device like part # RM-061 to help steady the bike rack in the hitch receiver.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 09/16/2022

by: Jonathan08/28/2022

Not what I hoped for. Didn't realize until afterwards that only the Thule locking hitch pin fits, as I ordered the eTrailer one, which is too large of a diameter. My bigger frustration is that I can only fit one adult bike and two kids, when I need two adults and two kids... The picture shows it's maxed out with three bikes. No way I could squeeze them tighter to fit a fourth bike.

Thanks for the photo, this lets me know you need the Swagman Bike Frame Adapter Bar - Small - 22-12 - 30 - 35 lbs # 64005
Swagman Bike Frame Adapter Bar - Small - 22-1/2" - 30" - 35 lbs
. This will let you mount the bike proper and you will be able to get all four on there!
-- Etrailer Expert David B - 10/03/2022

by: Joseph08/11/2022

Great product!! Real sturdy and not going anywhere. Just wish the Thule lock came with the rack instead of paying an additional $[XX] for it. In order for the tire and tailgate to clear the rack on a jeep you will need a hitch extender/ drop. I used one with a 4in drop and it works perfect.

by: Krisanna06/01/2022

I love this bike rack so much! Using the thule bike adapter it works really great. I have no idea how you could ever get 4 bikes to fit as I can only get 3 with my bike and two kids bikes, but I still love it so much. I also love that there is no wobble. It feels very strong and secure.

by: Daniel05/19/2022

The bike rack is great! etrailer had great customer service too!

by: Alena07/03/2018

I bought this bike rack back in April but wanted to make sure I used it to give the best review. First I want to say I did a lot of research on bike racks and found this one to be the best one to fit my needs. The best price I found was on, at the time it was When I called the customer service to place my order, I spoke to Dan. He was very pleasant on the phone and took the time and listened to what I needed and understood my concerns. I ordered the bike rack and also ordered the Thule Snug Tite Hitch Lock and Anti-Rattle Device and the Thule Cable Lock w/ One Key System Lock. Dan suggested I also get the Thule Bike Adapter Bar, which I never even thought of getting. Delivery was in about two business days, which was really fast and at the time of order they were running a special free delivery over $99. When I went to put it together I noticed I was missing the flat cap screw M6 x 16mm, part number #853-5787-02. I emailed Dan and within 24 hours received an email that the part was sent out and also in the email their was a link to track the order. After I received the part I did notice that the flat cap screw was actually in the 2 inch adaptor sleeve. The instructions were very easy to read, and it took me about 20 minutes to put together. I did have an issue when I positioned the stinger into the cradle, with the 8mm locking nut, it was not staying tight and when I took it off I noticed the threads inside were gone, so I ended up going out to Lowes and buying a new one and its holds perfectly fine. I also had a question about that part because it is not a locking part and was worried someone would try to steal the rack. I contacted to find if they make a locking device for this and they said no but I can contact Thule to double check, I'm still waiting for an answer back from Thule. The weather finally broke and we installed the rack onto my hitch, tightened it and it doesn't rattle. When I finally used the rack and put my bike on, it did sway a little but at 50 mph I was very happy with it. The trailer comes out just enough away from my car that I do not have to fold completely out and I can open my trunk with no issues. I am very happy with my purchase and had a great customer experience with Dan. Would highly recommend ordering from them to anyone.

After a year of use, I still love it! Easy to store during the winter in my closet and still easy to install when summer comes. Quality of the product is great, and recommend buying to anyone.
Alena - 08/11/2019

by: Matthew06/18/2018

Mounted on a DrawTite Class III hitch for a 2008 Outback. Assembly was VERY easy, and it seems pretty sturdy overall. I feel a little iffy on the sleeve that converts/fits it to a 2" hitch from a materials perspective - I wasn't expecting it to be plastic/nylon (not 100% sure what it is exactly so correct me if I'm wrong!) but I imagine it'll probably be fine. The small plastic bars that mount the anti-sway cages also seem like they could be subject to wear from the twisting motion to install them, so that's something I'll have to watch out for. Concerns aside, the test drives I did on suburban streets and a few miles of ~75 MPH interstate seemed to go pretty well with two 30-lb bikes on it. I will say that my wife's Salsa Marrakesh has a slightly compact enough geometry that it was a little bit of a challenge getting the top tube over the cradles, so I'd imagine anything smaller than that is going to be difficult to put on there as well, but my Cross Check fit on it just fine.

Successfully made it on a 800 mile trip with no loss of bikes this spring. Did get some small paint rub on the frame of one of the bikes where the anti-sway cage is located, but I probably could have done a better job of protecting it. Easy to take off and put on when needed. Overall, very satisfied with it.
Matthew - 06/18/2019

by: Dave09/12/2017

I'm very happy with this rack. I bought it strictly on the brand recognition and reputation of Thule. It's very sturdy and well built. It easily installs in my class III receiver and the anti-rattle bolt snugs it in very well. This rack is perfect for my frequency of riding (4-5 times per month). I also take out after each use. If you are a higher frequency rider or plan to leave the rack mounted for the entire season, I recommend a higher end rack. My only complaint (like many others) is the additional $50 fee to purchase a locking bolt for this rack. I still highly recommend this rack for my level of riding!

One year later, Im still loving this rack!!!! Ive used it nearly every week during riding season and its holding out well! Very pleased !!!!
Dave - 09/12/2018

by: Andrew G07/27/2014

Just used this for the first time and I'm happy to report a total success! I installed it in 10 minutes and loaded up all 4 of our bikes very easily (2 adult and 2 kid). Prior to purchase, I read a review stating that you could not fit 4 bikes on the rack--as you can see from my photo that is totally false-- all 4 fit well. I definitely suggest the tilting version because otherwise you probably won't be able to open your hatch to load. On the road, it was stable, no bouncing and quiet-- no rattling. Highly recommend this model! And thanks to Wayne H at etrailer for the great and kind help!

Thank you for posting pictures. I read the same comment about having trouble fitting 4 bikes, but those four bikes were all adult bikes which hardly compare to your two childrens bikes that are quite small. It would be good for the company to be more specific about what size bikes will fit if they say you can fit 4 bikes on a rack. I will have an adult bike and two kids bikes as well, but for older kids with bigger bikes. My sons being almost as big as mine, but your picture helped put that into perspective. My husband doesnt have a bike right now, but wanted the capability of the rack I purchase of holding 4 bikes if he decided to get one.Thanks for your picture!
-- comment by: Kristin - 11/25/2014

by: Todd 09/15/2022

I own an older model Thule bike rack for two bikes and was very happy with that one. So far this one seems great. A good bit heavier than the last but that just tells me it's very strong and durable. This one actually got better reviews than the latest model and this one was a very good price. I put one bike on it to test it out but there looks to be enough space to put four bikes on if you know how to put them on snug.

by: Tony 02/02/2022

Love this rack,sturdy,easy on n off from hitch,I use it every week,taken it on 100+ Mile trips,good edition to my SUV

Use it as much as I can,at least three to four times a month it’s great when I take the bikes on vacations or long weekends
Tony - 02/03/2023

by: Ben11/03/2021

It was super easy to install...maybe 10 minutes! Especially good for our 2018 Subaru Outback that has the smaller style hitch. Love it!

by: 09/12/2022

Good for 4 bikes

by: Gary L.04/15/2017

This is my first bike rack purchase ever and I am very pleased with my choice. I was contemplating between Thule or Yakima, I decided to go with this Thule because it holds 4 bikes and the value and price was just hard to beat. The quality and build of this rack is very nice. After installing it onto the hitch and inserting the anti-rattle bolt, this piece of hardware is going nowhere. It feels very durable and sturdy. Driving with the rack on without any bikes mounted, I did not even notice or feel that there was a rack mounted behind my vehicle. Very low noise and pleasant to drive with. With the bikes mounted on the rack, it holds each bike very tightly with its straps. Still, a pretty quiet ride with the bikes on. Not much of a rattle but you do notice and hear it slightly especially for rear passengers. As the driver, I barely noticed anything until I looked into my rear view mirror. I highly recommend this bike rack, it's easy to install and worth the price. It feels like a quality rack that can last for many years.

by: Margaret W.07/31/2016

This product has stood up very, very well. It is difficult to get four bikes on any rack but we have managed to do it a few times with wiggling here and there. I should note these are all adult-sized bikes, too, not little kid bikes. We have driven from SE Michigan to Madeline Island in Wisconsin and back with this hitch and had no problems whatsoever. That was a 12-hour trip each way. We also drove across the state of MI to the Muskegon area recently with all four bikes on the rack. Before any big trip, we check to make sure nothing is loose. So far, it has worked out really well for us. The best way to get them on is to kind of tilt them and wobble them back and forth, slowly rotating the frames back onto the rack.

We are very happy with the product. It's true we cannot open the back of our RAV4 with the rack up but we've discovered it's not such a big deal to lower part of the rack (with built-in pin) if we really need to access the back of the car. We do take the rack off during winter as there doesn't seem much point in having it on during that season.

by: Mike G07/09/2016

Ordered the Draw-Tite 24763 for my 2015 Honda Civic Sedan, and was very satisfied at the speed and detail of not only the correspondence and email between but also the shipping speed and condition of packaging. I received this in six days from start to finish of order. I did not spring for faster shipping and was satisfied with this type of time frame considering the size and weight of packaging. I also got the Thule Hitching Post TH934XTR four bike rack and THSTL2 hitch lock anti-rattle device. I had planned ahead by watching all of the great videos on etrailer and printed out some instructions from the site. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised with their attention to detail that this was unnecessary as they included a copy of the same instructions I printed in the box. The install went exactly like the instructions/videos said it would and if I hadn't been interested in getting the beauty plastic underbody piece back on I could have been done in fifteen minutes with a lift and another set of hands. All in all a very easy kit to install, and thanks to etrailer for the speed, quality, and including all the necessary hardware and instructions. 5/5 would definitely do business with again and recommend.

by: Amanda07/17/2022

The rack itself is very sturdy and heavy duty. However, the fasteners on the rack do not accommodate bikes with irregular frames. Also, the fastener straps on the rack are not reliable. We have had them come loose! The bike rack also sways more than I thought it would.

You mentioned that the fasteners on the bike rack are not accommodating bikes with irregular frames and are loosening up. I wanted to let you know that using a bike adapter bar could allow the bikes to be installed easier on the rack. You see the ion that we have in the link below. You also mentioned that the rack is swaying more than it should and I wanted to ask if it is wobbly in the receiver? If so then using an anti-rattle device like part # RM-061-125
Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 1-1/4" Trailer Hitches
for 1.25-inch hitches or part # MPG908
Malone Anti-Rattle HitchLock System
for a two-inch hitch would help to reduce sway.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 07/20/2022

by: Leanne09/13/2022

I had a damaged part on my bike rack. I was able to talk to a customer service rep by phone. They requested a photo of the damaged part and a replacement was sent very quickly. To my surprise, it was not just the damaged part but an entire rack replacement. I've purchased from etrailer before and they will definitely be my first go-to for vehicle accessories. Great customer service and quick shipping!

by: Barry 09/25/2022

I have this on my 2021 Subaru Forester and I honestly have to say it's the best bike rack I have ever had! It's crazy easy to use and folds with just a pull of a pin I absolutely love it! Thanks etrailer for another quality product.

by: Tugba02/26/2023

Pretty banged up when receiving it . Also the nut for connecting the rack to the hitch doesn’t go through the entire thing it stops half way, is that the correct piece ? I’ve only ever had racks where the entire nut went through the hitch . Also this rack is p small not sure how someone would fit four bikes on this

I am sorry that it arrived banged up. Customer Service will be in touch with you. For this bike rack the anti rattle bolt does not go through to the other side. You have have the correct bolt for you. We recommend alternating how the bikes are hung on the rack. With one facing one way and one facing the other way.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/27/2023

by: Jose 01/11/2023

Bought for my motorhome and it fits great, even with the spare tire mounted on the rear of the motorhome. Very easy to assemble and feels safe and sturdy.

by: Fran08/13/2020

I love this Thule bike rack!! It is strong and sturdy. I especially like the cradles, anti-sway arms and tilting mast. I just remove the pin and can easily access the rear cargo area of my vehicle. I usually have 1 bike on it, but have had anywhere from 2 to 4 and they fit, a bit snug perhaps if you have 4 bikes. This is a replacement from one I purchased in 2012. I was recently rear ended by a large vehicle and luckily had the bike rack on the car ( with no bikes) and the rack and hitch sustained all the damage. The rack got a minor crack in the weld & the mast bent a little, but it prevented the rear end of my car from getting damaged. Had the rack not been on the car, it would have sustained a lot of damage. Being made in the USA is even better. I was only able to find this specific Thule rack on as well.

Great and no problems
Fran - 08/16/2021

by: Timothy 09/24/2022

It's a good product. So far I've only used one bike on this rack, but so far so good. The bike does not swing around when using the anti-sway pieces that come with, which is good.

by: John Rodriguez Jr06/20/2020

This is an excellent bike rack. I love its design and how you can fold the bike rack down if needed to open your hatch. I highly recommend this bike rack.

by: Sara O.06/12/2017

I purchased the Thule 4 bicycle hitching post pro and I am completely satisfied. The rack mounts to the receiver easily with one simple bolt. I purchased the Thule STL2 locking hitch pin for extra security when traveling. I use this rack often and have never had an issue. There is plenty of clearance from the rear of the vehicle. I drive a 2016 Subaru Outback and it folds down easily without the bikes on for quick access to the rear of the vehicle.

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  • What Is The Difference Between Hanging And Platform Bike Racks
  • The difference between a hanging bike rack like # TH934XTR and a platform rack like # HR1400Z, is that platform racks are easier to load, hold bikes more securely, and some don't touch the frame which means it won't interfere with the bike frame paint. Additionally, platform racks are usually heavier than hanging racks, but there are some options available that aren't as heavy. I recommend using a platform rack like # HR1400Z which can hold up to 4 bikes weighing 50-lbs per bike, and...
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  • Is Threaded Hitch Bolt or Hitch Pin Better for Hanging-Style 4-Bike Rack
  • A hitch pin is absolutely a better option than a threaded hitch bolt for a bike rack because it is much easier to use and does not have any comparative drawbacks. A 4-bike hanging-style rack such as the Thule Hitching Post Pro # TH934XTR is a very high-quality rack but because of its threaded hitch pin you would also need to carry around the Ratchet with 3/4" Socket for Anti-Rattle Hitch Bolts # PTW38106-24 to tighten it down. A similar bike rack, the Yakima RidgeBack 4 Bike Rack # Y02458...
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  • Differences Between Thule Hitching Post Pro # TH934XTR and Vertex # TH9029
  • Other than the outward appearance of the more modern-looking Vertex, there are a few other differences between the Vertex # TH9029 and the Hitching Post Pro # TH934XTR. To fold the arms down or to tilt the rack back away from the vehicle, the Hitching Post Pro uses snapper pins that need to be removed, while the Vertex uses quick release latches. Both mechanisms serve the same purpose, but the Vertex latch is easier to use. Since the Wrangler has the rear mounted spare tire, clearance...
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  • Thule Hitching Post 4 Bike Rack #TH934XTR vs. Inno Aero Light 4 Bike Rack #INH640
  • The Inno # INH640 Aero Light weighs about 40 lbs, minus the shipping packaging, while the Thule # TH934XTR Hitching Post Pro weighs about 5 lbs less, at 35 lbs. In terms of quality, I'd place both on the same level but in terms of how easy they are to use, I'd certainly give the nod to the Inno product. The Inno rack tilts rearward using a foot pedal and the arms fold down flat using a thumb latch, while you'll need to remove pull-pins on the Thule rack to tilt it and fold down...
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  • Thule Hitching Post Pro Bike Rack And Thule Camber 2 Bike Rack Comparison
  • The Thule Hitching Post Bike Rack - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting Item # TH934XTR and Thule Camber 2 Bike Rack - 1-1/4" and 2" Hitches - Tilting - Steel Item # TH9058 are fundamentally the same. The only differences are aesthetics and very slight measurement differences and the Hitching Post Pro can carry 4 bikes. The bolt will thread into the receiver and will need to be checked occasionally for tightness. The Replacement Hex Bolt 1/2" x 3-1/4" for Thule Hanging Bike Racks - Qty...
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  • Comparison Of Hitch-Mounted 4-Bike Carriers
  • Both the Thule and Yakima racks hold 4 bikes and have anti-sway cradles. The Thule Hitching Post # TH934XTR folds and tilts, the Yakima LongHaul # Y02476 only folds. The Thule Hitching Post # TH934XTR will work with both 1-1/4" and 2" hitches, The Yakima LongHaul will work with only 2" hitches. The Yakima # Y02476 comes with both a cable lock and an anti-sway hitch lock, the Thule Hitching Post # TH934XTR does not come with locks. Finally, the Yakima is rated to be used with motorhomes,...
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  • Which is Better For My Vehicles, The Thule Hitching Post Pro or the Reese Eclipse 4?
  • In this case, I recommend going with the Thule Hitching Post Pro, part # TH943XTR, over the DISCONTINUED Reese Eclipse 4 Bike Rack 63124. The primary reason is the flexibility of the shank itself. The Hitching Post Pro can convert between 1-1/4" and 2" hitches, giving you the ability to use it on the available hitches for both of your vehicles. Additionally, the added Anti-Sway cradles on the Hitching Post Pro allows you to keep your bikes steadier and have less chance of damaging...
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  • Is there a 3 Bike Thule Hitching Post Pro?
  • Thule only offers one hitch mounted 3-Bike Rack, the Helium Aero, part # TH9043PRO. This is a lightweight rack that includes a one-key security system and integrated cable lock for superior security of your bikes. I'd recommend the Saris Bones 3-Bike Carrier, part # SA883 it is similar in price range to the Hitching Post Pro, with a 3 bike capacity instead of 4.
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  • Choosing a Thule Hitch-Mount Bike Rack for Use on 2007 Toyota Corolla
  • To transport 3 bikes on your 2007 Corolla S you will need to use a trunk-mount type rack. Your 2007 Toyota Corolla S can be equipped only with a light-duty 1-1/4-inch Class I hitch. This type of hitch has a 2-bike capacity only, even if the bike rack itself can hold 3 bikes. A Class I hitch just doesn't have the strength to handle the load of 3 bikes; hitch and/or vehicle damage could result. The linked article will give you additional background on hitch classes and capacities. The...
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