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Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Code: C16140

349 reviews

Our Price: $898.95


Product Specs:

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fixed Fifth Wheel

Above Bed Rails

13 - 17 Inch Tall

Standard - Double Jaw

5000 lbs Vertical Load

20000 lbs GTW

Cushioned Double Pivot


Tow up to 20,000 lbs with this heavy-duty fifth-wheel trailer hitch. Interlocking jaws and a color-coded lock indicator provide safety. Torsion head offers easy hookup and quiet, stable towing. Rails and universal installation kit sold separately.

Video of Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs - C16140

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (349 Customer Reviews)

Tow up to 20,000 lbs with this heavy-duty fifth-wheel trailer hitch. Interlocking jaws and a color-coded lock indicator provide safety. Torsion head offers easy hookup and quiet, stable towing. Rails and universal installation kit sold separately.

by: Alejandro05/21/2022

Very nice piece!Arrived sooner than expected. I have the A16 version,that I used for a 10k Lbs 5th wheel and that handle very well but now I'll be towing a 16k tow hauler so I know this a20 will do just fine. And I love the locking jaw versions. I feel these are most secured in any type of towing.

by: Martin 10/02/2022

I did call for etrailer customer board for help upgrading my ride pulling my fifth wheel . After many questions on how was ride was at the present he coke up with the curt A20 trailer hitch.
I am not a experienced driver but feels the difference now, and etrailer customer service not only got my drive better but save me money buying the right equipment.
Thank you guys

by: Dave06/19/2020

I have towed with the Curt A20 for a few thousand miles. I really like this hitch. The visual hooked versus unkooked indicator is awesome. It operates flawlessly. I do get some chucking over bridge expansion joints. However, it seems like most people have this problem. On normal roads it pulls great.

Curt A20 still performing flawlessly.
Dave - 06/20/2021

by: Robert11/13/2021

Excellent hitch, took two of us 10 minutes, during a rain storm lol, to put together and install! As far as towing our Redwood 5th wheel it performed flawlessly, easy to hook up and the ride was super smooth and no noticeable bucking!

by: Jim05/13/2022

I ordered my A20 Fifth Wheel Hitch from Christian on Tuesday and it got here on Thursday so super fast shipping.
The hitch was boxed great and everything was there.
I read the instructions and the assembly was a piece of Cake, took me about 20 minutes to assemble and install the hitch,
This is going to be a great upgrade to me previous hitch which was 17 years old.
Thank you Christian, e-trailer and Curt products for a great product, now to hook up and go

by: Dave B09/19/2017

Hitch slid into existing rails after a very minor adjustment. Took my son and I about 25 minutes to assemble, torgue bolts and adjust rails in the bed of my truck. we have used it twice already and camper did not bang and pop like it did on old worn out receiver.
The ordering process was also very smooth. Kelsey took the time to explain the differences in the hitches before I made my decision!
I Would recommend both etrailer and this hitch if you are looking to change out!

by: Donald09/05/2020

Hitch came packed well even though the box looked banged up. Everything was still undamaged and in good usable condition, just minor scuffs. I think this unit will have more when I get done with it. Watched a you tube video from curt on installation and had little trouble installing the hitch following the enclosed guidelines. Everything lined up according to plan. I think the hardest part was getting access by the heat shield. Tough spot to work on but I had help from a younger, more adapt helper who was able to manage just fine. A creeper for underneath was super handy and a 6 foot ladder to climb in and out of the bed made it a whole lot easier. Really did not need to use a lift. Would have made it a bit harder to work in the bed. My truck is quite high which allowed nice working space underneath.

by: James B.07/28/2017

I already had a curt goose neck frame mounted in truck so I used the Curt adopter plate # 16220 an the A 20 curt 5 wheel hitch assembly was very easy with no issues looking forward to putting it to work with my G M C 3500 also purchased a curt bumper dual ball adjustable hitch

by: Amanda 09/24/2022

Highly recommend for all your trailer n eeds!

by: Donald06/21/2020

Seems like a good hitch, installed but haven't used it yet. The way the hitch is packaged is terrible. Even the bolt and bracket kit for the rails wasn't packaged very well. Heavy objects in a box flying around. Box was ripped open but luckily didn't lose any parts. Installed on a 2007 dodge 3500.

10,000 miles and a year later the hitch has been working fine.
Donald B - 06/28/2021

by: Val09/21/2021

Very good hitch, I'm pleased with durability and ease of use. I didn't give it 5 stars because of the base locking pins that are slightly smaller than the holes they fit in and make the trailer "clunk" when taking off or stopping.

by: Teresa11/02/2021

The hitch is very robust. It got pretty beat up in shipping, lot of scratches and the operation handle was bent pretty bad. I got it straight enough to operate time will tell

Customer Service will reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/03/2021

by: Allan 08/13/2020

Bought this as an open box item. I called on a Saturday to confirm a few details on the item and got my questions answered in just a few minutes! Thanks Brett! Was repacked great so arrived in great condition. etrailer has excellent service!

Super hitch, went from Wisconsin to Yellowstone this summer and hitch performed great over all road conditions.
Allan R - 08/15/2021

by: Tracy 06/16/2020

This Curt hitch A20 is by far the easiest to install and awesome to hookup and unhook. Money well spent!!!!

I think it’s the best hitch on the market.
Tracy - 06/17/2021

by: Daniel06/02/2021

Overall we are very happy with the hitch. We had a learning curve and it took a while for the product to sort of break in but it has worked well for us. The reason for 4 stars vs. 5 is: We were very unhappy with the way it was shipped. It was damaged but not so we could not use it. The packaging was destroyed and the product was dented and had to be painted due to all the scrapes. It arrived pretty beat up. Recently the safety pin chain broke and will have to be replaced. Braided cable might be a better option. The chain given was pretty weak for the abuse that it has to take.

by: James08/25/2021

product is great. I don't have the chucking I had with my pervious hitch. I would have rated this 5 but I wasn't pleased with the condition that the product arrived. However the etrailer customer service was more then helpful with the issue. The damage was only cosmetic.

by: David 07/10/2021

No where in the description did it say the center mount under the 5th wheel plate that the pivot was mounted in rubber. Personably I like this but it a wear item not sure how long it will last( it looks heavy duty). It would have not changed my mine about purchasing it, It should help the ride and take the shock load out of the trailer to truck

by: Rodney10/21/2019

Very nice product.....had some initial installation parts issues that etrailer quickly resolved....I've got 18K pounds on this hitch and all is well, including a few steep grade up and downs.....trailer rides nicely in hitch with virtually no chucking....hitch height just fits under the bed cover and I can remove the hitch
from the rails in two pieces by myself.... really satisfied....I'd recommend this product

by: Josh05/31/2017

I'm happy with the performance of the hitch. The color indicator is added piece of mind that I'm doing things right. It did come with a few minor scratches from shipping and a few scratches most likely came from the factory. Like most 5th wheels they're heavy, so you won't want to carry it far without a dolly. I'm sure the poor UPS guy got a work out. The 7 blade in the box, above bed rails, and hitch were in in 3.5 hrs, but I have a hoist, which helps but not needed to get things installed. I can't express how helpful the installation videos were.

by: William P.12/14/2017

The Curt A20 steel construction looks
real good. Simple to assemble and install on my standard rails . We plan to use it to tow our 5th wheel travel trailer to our winter destinations and back. We had a competitors hitch for the last five years and it was replaced under warranty once and several parts more often. major looseness was the issue. Not willing to put up with it anymore I did some surfing and bought a Curt A20.

by: Jimmy 07/25/2022

Can not wait to get on the road.This hitch is a far cry better than old one that I have

by: Ronald07/22/2018

The hitch is great . The only problem was shipping. When the order arrived the outer box was extremely beat-up. Upon opening, the inner box was so damaged it was not reconizable...the styrofoam was in pieces and the hitch paint was scratched-up. It was treated VERY badly in shipment...I took pictures and was going to forward to you but my phone crashed and that's when I learned my cloud back-up did not include my photos. I needed the hitch immediately for a trip, so I just installed it and chalked-it up as bad luck. With all that said, I owned Reese before but the Curt just seems more substantial

by: Juanita F07/12/2017

Received the Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch very timely from UPS. It looks very well built. We (my husband and myself) put it together and had it installed in about a half hour (Very easy with the right tools). We are going camping this weekend. I will take a couple pictures and will let you know how it does.....

by: Angel 09/20/2022

Easy hook-up and release. Easy install

by: TinkerV209/17/2017

I like the hitch so far, though I haven't used it yet. Easy assembly, only the 2 side plate need installed. Appears to be well made. The only problem I've encountered so far is I can't remove the upper hitch plate. I pulled the large pin that holds it to the lower assembly. I wiggle it back and forth and side to side. I feel resistance of the rubber isolator but it doesn't budge. I don't want to pry on it. Perhaps after a few uses it'll loosen. I wanted to remove it to lighten the hitch, to ease the installation. Now I have to struggle with the entire weight of the hitch.

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Customers compare C16140 to these similar products

Ask the Experts about this CURT Fifth Wheel Hitch
Do you have a question about this Fifth Wheel Hitch?

  • Comparing The Curt Q20 To The Curt A20 5th Wheel Hitch
  • The Curt A20 # C16140 and Curt Q20 # C16130 are very similar 5th wheel hitches with the A20 being the more recent addition. The major difference is the A20 has interlocking jaws to further secure your king pin as opposed to the Q20 jaw locking system that do not interlock. This interlocking design is intended to give you more king pin contact on all sides for less jarring and chucking. The A20 also has less zerk fittings to grease and only requires 1 pin to be removed so that you can...
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Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Code: C16536

490 reviews

Our Price: $1,244.45


Product Specs:

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Sliding Fifth Wheel

Above Bed Rails

12 Inch Fore/Aft Travel

17-1/2 - 21-1/2 Inch Tall

Standard - Double Jaw

5000 lbs Vertical Load

20000 lbs GTW

Cushioned 360-Degree


Heavy-duty 5th-wheel trailer hitch has a dual jaw, pivoting head and color-coded lock indicator for superb safety and security. Non-binding slider ensures proper clearance during slow turns. Rails and universal installation kit sold separately.

Video of Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs - C16536

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (490 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty 5th-wheel trailer hitch has a dual jaw, pivoting head and color-coded lock indicator for superb safety and security. Non-binding slider ensures proper clearance during slow turns. Rails and universal installation kit sold separately.

by: Ken 11/05/2022

The hitch was easy to install and has performed well. It fits under my tonneau cover too. Glad I got the slider because with my standard bed truck and some really tight campsites I’ve had to use it several times. Only drawback is that even with taking it down to pieces it still takes two people to get the base in and out of the truck

by: Erin09/24/2022

The product itself is great. The reason for the 3-star rating is that the first shipment came in beat up boxes and without all of the parts (and some of the parts were already put together - can anyone say used?). The Customer Service rep was great and escalated when asked. The manufacturer quickly sent new parts, however, they use UPS who beat the boxes up so badly that the post office returned them before they even got to us. This caused us to miss the pick up date for our camper. After I called again, they sent a new shipment, however, it also didn’t make the rescheduled time for us to pick up our camper so we had to borrow someone’s truck to pick it up. Once the parts finally showed up, the shopping boxes were again beat up and all of the parts were clanking together. Thankfully the parts we needed were usable. etrailer needs to work with the manufacturer on securing the boxes better and should find someone other than UPS to deliver them.

by: Kevin09/02/2020

Heavy duty!... pretty easy setup. Not the best instructions, but anyone with half decent mechanical ability can figure it out. You have to take the head off to torque the slider rails.

One year later… still going strong. Been up and down the east coast, from bar harbor, maine to key west, Florida… solid hitch here
Kevin - 09/03/2021

by: David07/27/2022

Too tall!! Had to replace with a lower hitch even after moving the pin box all the way up. Hard to slide, tends to bind if not almost perfectly straight.

When it comes to finding the right fifth wheel hitch for you, you will need to make sure that there will be enough room for the fifth wheel to fit between your truck bed and the king pin. The fifth-wheel hitchs height setting is taken by measuring from the ground to the king pin, then from the ground to your truck bed. Then subtract the second measurement from the first for the proper height setting. I have attached a link for your reference.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 08/04/2022

by: Ted H.12/27/2022

Purchased on 12/10/22, received 12/21/22, installed 12/22/22. Price dropped $[XX] on 12/26/22! Called on 12/27/22 and etrailer would NOT even entertain a price match and refund/credit to me. Very disappointing. Simply stating "We don't do price matching". I have always had excellent service from them.

by: Stan E.10/03/2016

Because of personal medical issues, I had the hitch installed professionally. I pull a 38' fifth wheel behind a Duramax powered Chevy. The hitch has served it's purpose well and looking forward to using it for many more years!! I purchased the slider version, but have found that I would NOT have had to purchase a slider because of the design of the front of my fifth wheel, as seen in the pic's. I am able to do 90 degree turns without any problems (without moving the hitch rearward).

by: Phillydb10/05/2016

The Curt Q20 with R20 slider hitch arrived just as promised in 3 days after placing the order. The Q20 head box was totally destroyed. The manufacture packaging was not made to ship individually using small package carrier such as UPS. Upon inspection I discovered that the bolts and washers were missing. I contacted Bill at E-trailer and told him. He explained that the replacements would have to come from the manufacturer and would take several days. I told him that I already scheduled an install and really needed those bolts and washers. He was able to round some up for me and shipped them out next day and they arrived on Monday just as promised. I also spoke with Bill about not being able to remove the head unit for the hitch. It needed to be removed to be able to install it on the slider. It seemed to be stuck and I could not budge it. I assumed that it may have been damaged in shipping, especially after receiving it in a demolished box. He explained to me that since it was new its tolerances were tight and I might try taking a pry bar to it. Well that did not make me feel real good. He was totally correct. Just a little more effort with a pry bar moved it just enough for the bushing to squeak loose and the head came right out. I am disappointed in the jaws on this unit. They look like they were forged by a 3rd grader. Not smooth and somewhat pitted. They are not machined jaws for sure. Had it all installed using the new Reese rail brackets for the 2017 F250. Everything went smooth. An added plus is the quiet ride when not connect to trailer. Can’t even notice the hitch is back there. My other hitch rattled and clanked all the time and was so annoying.
I just hooked my 38ft 5th wheel for the first time. It was smoother and easier than any other hitch I have ever used. I bought the sider unit which is recommended by all for the short bed. However I cannot use the slider as the king pin box slides too close to the tall tail gate. The new 2017 F250 is taller and the bed is deeper so I needed a hitch that would go up to 19 ½ inches. I will update after a my first run with trailer later this month.
Everyone at E-trailer was outstanding. 5 Star. I will keep using them in the future.

by: Karl G12/30/2016

Received product from ETrailer in a very timely manner. All went well with no hitch, play on words, that is what I purchased. Sandy was helpful beyond belief and answered all my questions. Some speak of the damaged boxes when these Curt Hitches arrive. Mine too were damaged but the product was unscathed. Shipping the 100 lbs products I didn't expect the boxes to last. ETrailer did a great job stuffing the shipping boxes all was well. I would recommend ETrailer just on how professional the employees are. I will being purchasing other items again. Thanks again Sandy!

by: Tim K07/15/2016

Love the new hitch. Nice and tight, quiet, no more clunking when starting and stopping. Great price and fast shipping.

Works great! Bought a new 17 Sierra 3500 with factory predrilled holes in the bed. Purchased the Curt removable rails and everything works great. Good product!
Tim K - 07/15/2017

by: Gil B01/28/2016

I purchased the Curt Q20 5th wheel hitch with R20 slider. Quality and Workmanship are excellent.
Etrailer folks best price around, and fast free shipping.

Gil B

by: Chris 12/01/2022

Excellent. Slide it forward or back (short bed truck needs) this prevents hitting cab on tight turns

by: Don02/12/2018

Looks good as advertised. All the parts were there and arrived in a few days. Installation took 4 hours in the driveway. Luckily I had a helper with small hands. It was the second hitch I got from etrailer. On the road we go. Very good retailer.

by: Richard 05/18/2021

I coupled this Curt Q20 sliding hitch with the Curt "Adapter Rails for Curt 5th Wheel Hitch w/ Slider - Ram Towing Prep Package Item #C16022", it fits and works perfectly.

etrailer's pricing was a welcome significant-amount less expensive than other online vendors' sites I researched for the exact same item.

The entire assembly, hitch and adapter, is heavy as expected, around 200+lbs. I installed a light-duty (220lb single line/440lb double line) overhead electric hoist in the garage with a kingpin attachment for lifting this out when an empty bed is needed for hauling something other than the RV.

The hitch works exceptionally well, provides the needed extra behind-cab clearance needed for the short-bed extended-cab Ram 2500 when set in "Maneuver Mode", tows over the rode exceptionally as if a regular hitch in "Towing Mode".

Be sure to be on flat ground when attempting to change the slider's mode, it will not allow movement of the slider if more than a few degrees of incline is present, probably a great safety feature. I found that my Ram 2500 was easily able to handle the non-optimal loading in "Maneuver Mode" when being driven at low speed a short distance (few hundred feet) for final parking maneuvers, from a flat area to shift the hitch to camping and parking areas.

by: Scott McC.05/21/2017

The slide portion of this hitch works very well with very little effort from truck. I have hooked and unhooked several times at our permanent campground lot and have not had any problem with the jaws locking or releasing . We have not taken the 5th wheel camper down the road for any distance, so I cannot comment on hitch rattle or ride.
The only issue I have had and it is negligible. It was hard for me to insert and remove the rail pins to remove the hitch from the truck because the rear pins are under the hitch frame.( and yes I mounted the rails perfectly square). If you're not going to remove the hitch often than its a non issue. The rubber dampeners just make the pins tight. I would recommend this hitch for sure just can't give it an excellent if we haven't taken it down the road for a distance.

We have taken our Fifth wheel to Arizona and back and the hitch performed perfectly. I make sure to keep the hitch lubricated properly. It is definitely quieter and less jerky. I would give the hitch a 5 star as I have not had a problem with this hitch.
Scott M - 05/22/2018

by: Mark S.05/13/2015

Thank-you etrailer for the fast free shipping! Ordered on Sunday evening and received hitch, mounting kit, and wiring package on Friday!!!! 5 boxes in delivery and all were received at the same time, great job. already tow 5th wheel with this hitch and it is great. Better than my old reese. Hook-up is easy and positve. Will say it does take all evening to install and measurements are extremly important to a good installation. Measured and checked square several times prior to any drilling and the mounting brackets are perfect. Thanks again for the fast, complete, and quality shipment. The only comment regarding shipment is that the hitch box had some damage when received and 5th wheel had a couple of same scratches, no big deal!!! The shipping box is not very durable based on product weight!

Have pulled my 38 foot toy hauler on 9 different trips now with absolutely no problems. Great fifth wheel. previously had a Reese and this on is a just as good if not better.
Mark S - 06/19/2016

by: Robert02/22/2018

The curt Q20 5th wheel hitch with the r20 slider performed exactly as it should. It fit the Ram puck system pretty well. The only issues I had was because of the slider I had to have the pin box on camper raised as it was nose high while hooked to the truck even on the lowest setting.

Really has worked exactly as it should. Almost found out the hard way when to use it as I was doing a u turn in a parking lot and stop the truck just as the camper touched the truck, pushed the slider back and all is well. I argued that I did not need the slider and the exact issue the sales lady quoted me, I got out of because she did her job and I bought the slider. Glad I did. Thank you very much.
Robert - 02/22/2019

by: James12/15/2022

Love it. Rides great. Pulled over 20 models with it.

by: SloMotion08/08/2022

Easy to install & remove when I need the space…functions beautifully & looks good too!

by: Cathi11/26/2022

Excellent hitch!

by: Jason M12/29/2020

Arrived fast and was easy to assemble. This is a HEAVY unit and installing or removing without 2 people will likely result in back problems! The slider bars are where most of the weight resides. I bought this 20,000 lb slider hitch form my 2004 F250 short bed and it worked great to pull my 16,000lb toy hauler. Slide function is easy to use and I like how the color coded handle identifies connection status. Even though I didn't use this hitch for long, I suspect the roller bearings on the slider bars will eventually get sloppy and create "play" between the truck and the king pin.

I have since upgraded to an F350 long bed truck with the factory puck system AND a B&W 5th wheel hitch (non-slider). Compared side to side, the B&W hitch is a superior product that's made in the USA (Curt is made overseas). The B&W has much heavier jaws and is just an overall sturdier design.

by: Divelaster04/14/2019

After the delivery truck driver just basically threw the hitch, sliders and adapter rails off the truck and dragged them through the door of our offices. (Even though we have a warehouse and a forklift). I got the forklift and a co-worker and we picked the destroyed boxes and parts up and put them up in the back of my truck. The entire hitch package weights around 280 lbs, be sure to have help to move and install it. etrailer and Curt replaced the stickers that were scraped off the hitch by the hard landing and after some re-painting of the black parts it looks alright and works great.
We have around 7,200 miles towing with it so far and it's just starting to get broken in.
Great product, very strong (but heavy)

by: David03/09/2019

This hitch has performed well. My 2 complaints are the handle sits a little high preventing a hard bed cover to slide over it. Secondly, it is very picky when trying to unhook. Almost need two people, one to try to release the handle (and trailer height) while the other moves the truck back and forth to get it to pop loose. I have read of other users with this issue. I haven't needed to use the slider due to getting a long bed after I purchased this. Not sure if I can remove the slider and have the hitch mount to the floor mount without additional parts. ??? I would consider buying again but would shop around for one that will accommodate the use of the bed cover.

by: Scott MC04/14/2018

I can only compare this hitch to one other that I previously owned . We pulled our fifth wheel from Illinois to Arizona and back. Up and down mountains and through a couple of snow storms and wind. The hitch performed as expected and was much quieter than our previous one. Also it absorbed the back and forth (I call it porpoising) effect very well. I also had to slide the hitch several times and was able to do this fairly easy. Just be careful on your accelerator and go slow while holding brake controller.
The only issues I had were disconnecting and pulling out the Maneuver Handle. It is hard to tell when the trailer is loose from the hitch plate. When lowering jacks to disconnect, it is difficult to see any clearances. When I needed to slide the hitch there were times that pulling the handle to release the slide was difficult. You have to keep in mind that not having any pressure on the mechanics of the hitch will help tremendously and also keep it lubricated.
I like the hitch and am going to keep using it. Its my opinion that the more you use a product the easier it gets to operate. CURT did a good job on this hitch.

by: Lew02/04/2019

This is a wonderful hitch. Very rugged but easy to use. I would recommend this for any fifth wheel owner.

My fifth wheel hitch Id still working flawlessly. I love how easy it Id to use. It is very rugged and well built. Great investment.
Lew - 02/05/2020

by: James 11/10/2020

I recently purchased a 5th wheel trailer and had to put a hitch into my truck. I purchased one through a Curtis dealer and installer after several reviews of different makes and models. Several weeks later I was still waiting for pieces of the hitch to come in. I was to pick up my trailer in a few days and the dealer was telling me they are still waiting for the parts and were delayed due to Covid-19 and several other customers where waiting on parts as well. I called etrailer and they had the parts in stock. I told them I needed them right away and they expedited shipping to my door. Not only did they expedite, they tracked my package for me day over day to ensure it was delivered in my 4 day timeframe. Everything fit and work perfectly. Thanks etrailer for your exceptional service and products.

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Customers compare C16536 to these similar products

Ask the Experts about this CURT Fifth Wheel Hitch
Do you have a question about this Fifth Wheel Hitch?

  • Differences Between Curt A20 and Q20 Fifth Wheel Hitches
  • The two largest differences are the limited warranty on the Q20 # C16536 is 10 years for the hitch and lifetime for the legs while the A20 # C16541 is a limited lifetime warranty. Also, the Q20 features the 360-degree movement with the spherical axial bearing to improve the pivoting of the hitch head.
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  • Comparing the Curt Q20 Slider to the B&W Patriot for towing a 2015 Voltage 3305 on a 2015 Ram 2500
  • I can help you figure out which 5th wheel hitch will fit your needs. Based on the specs of your gorgeous Voltage 3305 5th wheel either 5th wheel unit would be a great choice for your setup. I have personally put together both of these hitches and it was a tough decision, but if it were me, I would go with the Curt Q20 because it would be easier to break down and remove from the vehicle when it wasn't needed. The bar that connects the two slider legs can be removed and then each leg...
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  • What is the Difference Between the Curt Q20 and A20 5th Wheel Hitches for a 2017 GMC Sierra 3500
  • First off the Q20 # C16536 has a 10-year limited warranty as opposed to the A20 # C16541 which has a limited lifetime warranty for the hitch and a 10 year limited for the roller. Since the Q20 has a spherical axial bearing that allows it to move 360 degrees; not just side to side. This makes it easier to attach to your trailer and allows for a smooth ride. Even though the A20 has great comfort as well, the Q20 has an edge. Other than that the A20 is a little easier to use and maintain...
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  • Differences Between Curt Q20 and A20 Slider Fifth Wheel Hitches for 2017 Ram 3500 with Rail Kit
  • There are differences between the Curt A20 # C16541 and Curt Q20 # C16536. The two largest differences is the limited warranty on the Q20 is 10 years while the A20 is a 10 year warranty for the roller and a limited lifetime warranty for the hitch. Also, the Q20 features the 360-degree movement with the spherical axial bearing to improve the pivoting of the hitch head. Both hitches will install in your 2017 Ram 2500 using the Install Kit # C16022.
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  • Recommended 20K Sliding 5th Wheel Hitch and Install Kit for 2008 Dodge Ram 6 Bed Mega Cab
  • Reese and Curt both make quality 5th wheel hitches. At a given price point a Curt 5th wheel can tend to include more features than a similar Reese or Pro Series. For example, Curt Q20 Sliding 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # C16536 features a 360-degree pivoting cushioned head. The Curt will make hitching easier (thanks to the 360-pivoting head) and deliver a smoother ride (thanks to the cushioning). The Curt Q20 also has a smaller price tag AND a 10-year warranty, as compared to the Reese hitch's...
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  • Comparison of Curt Q20 and A20 Sliding Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches on 2015 Ram 2500
  • There are differences between the Curt A20 # C16541 and Curt Q20 # C16536. The two largest differences is the limited warranty on the Q20 is 10 years while the A20 is a 10 year warranty for the roller and a limited lifetime warranty for the hitch. Also, the Q20 features the 360-degree movement with the spherical axial bearing to improve the pivoting of the hitch head. Both hitches will install in your 2015 Ram 2500 using the Install Kit # C16427-204.
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  • What is the Difference Between the Curt A20 and Curt Q20 5th Wheel hitch for a 2022 GMC Sierra 3500
  • The Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # C16536 and the Curt A20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # C16541 do have 2 big differences. I am going to start with some things they have in common. Both hitches use the same Curt R20 Round Tube Slider # C16550 with 12" of travel and have a weight capacity of 20,000 lbs. With either the Q20 or A20 you will need the Adapter Rails for Curt 5th Wheel Hitch # C88KR, this adapter will drop into the pucks in your truck bed to provide the mounting point for either...
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  • Is The B&W Companion My Only Fifth Wheel Hitch Option For My 2022 GMC Sierra 2500 With Tow Package
  • There are a number of options for a fifth wheel hitch that is compatible with your 2022 GMC with the OEM tow package. Curt and Demco both have options. Your choice will depend on what features mean the most to you and compatibility with your tow vehicle. For example, the Curt hitch that consists of the following: Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs, part # C16536 Adapter Rails for Curt 5th Wheel Hitch - Ford and Chevy/GMC Towing Prep Package, part...
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